This story is a disgrace, seriously ;)
This is a revision of one of my earliest stories, from 2011. It's a novella length, in 10 chapters so you can put it down and pick it up.

I deleted the original because it petered out towards the end with too much verbiage, and I kept worrying about the ridiculous amount of rape in it. How well it works now, you can tell me.

All I ask is that if you are voting you read all of it, or at least the end. Like all my stories it is ultimately girl-friendly.


Chapter 1: Deflowered Daughter Defended (disgracefully)

“Do you think she’s alright?” My wife was looking anxiously after our daughter, who had just gone straight back up to her room after lunch, yet again.

“I know what you mean,” I sighed. “She has changed. Would she talk to you, do you think?”

“I’ve tried,” Sally shook her head slightly, “she just says no she’s OK. But she’s gone so quiet. What about you having a try?”

I went up and knocked on the door. There was no answer. I knocked again, waited a moment, then opened it anyway. Yvonne was thirteen, at a tricky time in her development. It wouldn’t do to let her shut us out too much, whatever she felt like.

I made no more headway than my wife, though. Yvonne just sat on the edge of her bed hardly looking at me; pale, slender and beautiful, her face half hidden in her long wavy hair.

“It’s OK dad, I just need some space.”

I leaned over and gave her shoulders a squeeze. She didn’t look up for a kiss so I retired, defeated.

I didn’t want to worry Sally, but it did seem to me the change had started not long after we’d taken on the housekeeper a couple of months before. Sally had seen a job and gone back to work, finally, and the house is quite large, so we’d advertised a room with car in exchange for the main housework. The house had a granny bedsit that the previous owner had used for an aged parent; it was ideal.

It had worked out well. We’d taken on a very nice young woman called Becky, who was twenty-two and studying for a higher degree by research. She was splitting her time between our housework and her research, a lot of which she did in her room. She was a good-looking girl with a winning smile, and we’d taken to her at once.

She was an athlete, playing a lot of different sports, and one of the things we’d hoped was that she’d encourage Yvonne to do some sports and build up a bit of muscle and fitness. Yvonne had been a bit on the skinny side. It had worked out well, with Becky taking her swimming and to some gym activities that we weren’t too clear about but had clearly given Yvonne’s body some tone. She stood better and her shoulders were bigger and straighter.

But recently that improvement had been overshadowed by a change in Yvonne’s attitude, which I had just tried and failed to get to the bottom of.

Sally and I kept on trying to talk to her, but we were making no progress, until a week later I got home unexpectedly at lunchtime, and discovered why.

Nobody seemed to be in, to start with. Then I heard sounds coming from Becky’s flat at the end of the house.

There was something about the sounds...

I went over to the connecting door and listened at it. The sound was gasping - the rhythmic gasping that meant sex. Then I heard a voice speak: “No more Becky, please, that’s three times!”

It was Yvonne!

I tried the door, but found it locked. I banged on it, then hardly waiting for a response I charged it with a shoulder. The lock wasn’t much and it burst off the frame straight away.

I staggered into the room, regaining my balance. It took a couple of seconds to register what my eyes were seeing: Yvonne’s slender body was tied to the bed, spreadeagle and naked. Her face was a mask of desperation.

Lying partly on her was Becky, also naked, just pulling her hand off a vibrator that was deep in Yvonne’s pussy.

I was instantly in a rage. A deep, total rage. Becky had been raping my lovely, delicate daughter. Jesus Christ.

I was round the bed in an instant, grabbing Becky as she was getting up. She was gabbling apologies. I gripped the back of her neck and pushed her down on the edge of the bed. I looked at Yvonne.

I couldn’t help noticing my daughter’s freshly developed body. She had a definite bush, not thick but there, and neatly plucked into shape. Her thighs had put on muscle since I’d last seen them, and flowed perfectly into her pelvis. Above that was a very small waist, then pert tits that were sticking up even on her back. Nice square shoulders, on the narrow side, and her long, slender neck.

My gaze took in all this in a second, then arrived at her face: a bit sweaty now but so beautiful, framed by her long light-brown hair, her big green eyes full of fear, gratitude, shame, all mixed in together.

I brought my attention back to Becky. The bitch. What was I going to do with her? Well for a start, she wasn’t going anywhere. I looked around the room. Next to me was Yvonne’s ankle, tied with a soft pink rope. It looked purpose-made for bondage. The bitch. With one hand I undid it and Yvonne quickly closed her legs. I grabbed Becky’s arms, pulled them behind her back and tied them with the rope.

I lifted her, turned her, and pushed her onto the bed next to Yvonne, on her back. “What do you think you were doing?” I raged at her.

“I’m sorry!’ she said, “I couldn’t resist. I tried. She didn’t want to do anything. I just...”

“Don’t you realise?’ I shouted, “what it’s like to be raped? Having all your control and dignity taken away? Being used for someone’s pleasure?”

“I’m sorry,” she wailed, looking up at me, “she’s just so gorgeous. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. In her swimming costume and her leotard. In the showers. Her face. I was lonely, I didn’t know anyone here, but she didn’t want to do anything with me, touch me or anything.”

“Well you can’t just rape people because you’re lonely!” I yelled. “Do you think just because you’re lonely and stronger than someone you can just enslave them?”

“I know, I know!” she yelped, “It’s me as well, it’s wrong, I know, I shouldn’t have. I just wanted to see her cum. Make her cum. She was so innocent. I thought once she’d cum with me then it would be different.”

“But it wasn’t different was it?” I was still shouting, but a bit less loudly.

“No, no, it wasn’t, but once I started I got off on it. I’m sorry. I just got off on making her cum, even though she didn’t want to. I forced her to cum, then I got myself off, stroking her and looking at her. It was wrong. But I couldn’t help myself. She looks so fantastic when she’s sexed up, and when she’s cumming, God, I couldn’t stop.”

I had to admit was finding it hard to help myself, as well. I was holding down a naked girl, right next to another naked girl.

In the middle of my rage and trying to work out what I ought to do about the situation, I couldn’t help noticing that Becky’s body was very gorgeous. Medium height, medium build, with very feminine proportions but carrying quite a bit of muscle. Good shoulders, pert tits, small waist, nice hips. Slight all-over tan. Short blonde hair, but thick, and blue-grey eyes in a very pretty face. Neat little bush.

It all came disgracefully together.

“Right!’ I was still shouting, “I’ll show you what it’s like shall I? You raping bitch! You can see what it’s like!’

I stood up and started tearing off my shirt.

“Daddy!’ Yvonne was appalled, “No, no, don’t! Untie me! And get this vibrator out of me!” The vibrator was still running.

I had to admit, afterwards, that I allowed my mind to play tricks on me. I eased the vibrator out of Yvonne and turned it off. “Just a minute, darling,” I said, more quietly now. “This is what she deserves and this is what you need, to see - it’s just bullying. Watch, you’ll see. It wasn’t your fault, you’ll see you don’t need to feel bad, it was just a bigger person doing something you couldn’t help.”

Becky was trying to get up, finding it difficult with her hands tied behind her back. I pushed her back down, pulled my shoes and socks off, pushed her down again, and took off my trousers and briefs. I pushed Becky down again and got on the bed next to her, glad we’d put a big bed in here so there was room next to Yvonne even tied in the middle as she was.

I pinned Becky by her neck and forced my knee between her legs. With that start I grabbed one knee, then slid my hand down to her ankle and forced it up and out. I realised my cock had gone rock hard. She was strong, kicking wildly, but I just held on till she tired and then did the same with the other leg. We both knew what was going to happen next.

I pushed her legs back and lowered my head towards her pussy. She bucked upwards, but it just brought her doom that much closer. I opened my mouth over her clit and followed it as her pelvis sank back down. I pushed her clit out with my tongue and then closed my lips over it. I was gratified to hear a despairing gasp as I started working her over.

I moved my mouth down to her pussy and pushed my tongue in. She was wet already - from raping Yvonne I daresay. Revenge was as sweet as her now reluctant pussy juice.

For a couple of minutes I teased her with my mouth, teeth and tongue, forcing arousal on her. I could hear her gasping and groaning, saying “sorry’ over and over again. Then the words stopped and she was just grunting and panting.

I lifted my head off and slid up, pulling her knees up with me. I’m not tall and my face was right over hers as I lined my big, throbbing cock up with her defenceless pussy. I moved my pelvis around to rub my cockhead over her glistening wet labia.

“So,” I barked at her, “you’re the helpless one now aren’t you? What do you think? Is it OK for me to rape you now, because I’m stronger than you and I happen to feel like it?’

“No! I’m sorry,” Becky was almost in tears, “I was wrong, don’t fuck me, please!’

“You don’t have any control now do you?’ I continued my barracking, “can you feel your dignity being ripped away?’ As I said that I pushed and my cockhead slid into her pussy.

“Noooo!’ she wailed but I wasn’t to be denied vengeance for Yvonne’s ravishment. Repeated ravishment, I reminded myself. I started pumping and my big cock slid in, an inch at a time, until all eight were buried in the helpless girl. It felt fantastic.

I started to fuck her, slowly. At first I left plenty of cock in her each stroke, in case her struggles should manage to get it to slip out, but gradually her pelvis stopped thrashing around. I increased the length of my stroke, fucking her with an irregular rhythm that would keep her aroused but not let her cum. She was going to cum when I made her cum, and not before. She was gasping with each stroke already.

I looked up at Yvonne. “You see, darling, anyone can get raped. It’s not you. OK? Can you see now?’ I managed a smile through my growing sex haze.

“You shouldn’t, Daddy,” Yvonne was looking shocked. More shocked, but less desperate and distressed.

But I was way past the point of no return anyway. I fucked and fucked, keeping Becky close to the edge for minute after minute, dragging it out. She felt fabulous, her pussy tight and creamy, her gorgeous young body starting to writhe with arousal instead of resistance. I gazed down at her, my eyes roving over her delicious smooth skin, her pert tits now flushed and her nipples sticking up, dark pink. I looked into her eyes, her pupils huge and angry.

“You bastard,” she spat, “I hate you!’

“You see?’ I lectured her as I kept fucking, “this is what it’s like to be forced. You’re going to cum soon, when I decide. Orgasm round my big cock and suck my sperm into your pussy, deep into your body. When I want.”

“Nooo,” she cried, “don’t cum in me, I’m not on anything.”

“We’ll get you a morning after pill,” I said, “it’s not a problem.”

“You bastard,” she repeated. She could only just speak now, in between the gasping breaths, irregular and in time with my pistoning fuck strokes. It had been about twenty minutes, I reckoned. It was time.

“You’re going to cum now,” I informed my gorgeous victim. “Ready?” I changed to a rhythmic stroke, steady, a long stroke from almost out of her pussy to a deep press right into her, held for half a second, a bump onto her vulva each time. It didn’t take long. One, two, three, four...after twelve strokes I could feel her start.

Her strong young pussy went grippy and pulsating round my cock, an amazing vibration, and she surged up into me, crying “Arrrggghh” as her pelvis lifted off the bed to meet my big, spurting cock that was pumping into her, squirt after squirt of my desperately dreaded sperm.

God, it was fantastic. I’d never had a fuck quite like it. She was gorgeous and, like it or not, her body was highly sexed. Strong and highly sexed. Gradually I slowed to a stop, the last spasms fading away, and propped myself on my arms over her.

“You total fucking bastard,” she was breathing hard, and angry.

“I know,” I smiled and kissed her forehead, my rage gone, “but we’re even now, what do you think Vonnie?’

“Yes Daddy.” Yvonne was looking a lot better I thought.


Chapter 2: Revelations

“Untie me, Daddy. Why aren’t you untying me?” My daughter asked plaintively.

“Just a moment sweetie, while I get my breath back”.

Looking back now, my mind was playing tricks on me, but at the time I felt it was something I had to do while Yvonne, my precious, beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter, was still tied to the bed. Something to help her get over the several weeks of abuse she’d suffered at the hands of Becky. Abuse that had seen her stop talking to me and my wife.

“So,” I looked at Becky, still under me, “ how did it start, and how did you stop her telling anyone?’

Becky looked defiantly at me, refusing to speak.

“It was at the leisure centre,” Yvonne said finally, “in the showers. She started trying to touch me and I didn’t want her to. It was really late and we were the only ones left in there.

“Then when we were getting dressed, just as I was putting my jeans on she pushed me, onto a bench. I couldn’t balance as my feet were in my jeans, and she’s so much stronger than me. She held me down, and tied my hands under the bench and she pulled my jeans and panties off. I hadn’t got my top on so I was all nude. I was too surprised to scream, then I didn’t dare as I didn’t want anyone finding me like that.

“Then,” she choked a little, “she tied my ankles under the bench as well, so I was all exposed. And she...molested me. With her fingers and even her tongue and mouth! In my pussy, over my tits, my clit, everywhere.

“And in the end I got wet, she just kept on and on. Then she got her phone out and filmed me, you know, getting off, writhing about and everything. She played it back to me. It was terrible. You could see it was me, and a girl getting me off, and I was all wet and having an orgasm, but not that it was Becky doing it. She said she’d put it all over the web if I didn’t do what she said and if I told anyone.”

“All right Vonnie,” I said getting up, “let’s see about this phone.”

I would have gone and comforted her, but my cock was half hard from listening to that story, while still in Becky’s pussy. It was so wrong, but I had been aroused nevertheless. It didn’t help that Yvonne’s naked body was looking so desirable: more slender girl than child these days, with pert tits and a waist, her little bush and delectable thighs. And she’s so beautiful.

“Keep telling me about it, while I look’, I said, starting to hunt through Becky’s bag, “what were your feelings, after it started?’

“Well she didn’t actually hurt me, but it was awful.” said Yvonne. “She came to me, when I was here and you and Mum weren’t, and made me come in here. Then she took all my clothes off, one at a time and taking ages over it sometimes. Then she stroked me and touched me, and I had to lie down and get tied up.

“It was the orgasms that were the worst though. It made be feel terrible, that she’d be forcing me and I’d get these feelings and, you know, cum, just as though it was something I wanted.

“And then I looked up about orgasms and rape and all the sites said you don’t cum when you’re being raped. So it seemed like I wanted it. But I didn’t, honestly!’

“Becky just orgasmed,” I pointed out, “and she was being raped, wasn’t she? I bet it depends what’s being done to you.”

“That means she wanted it,” Yvonne said, “otherwise she wouldn’t have.”

“No, honestly my love,” I hastened to reassure her, “I believe you didn’t want it. Becky knows you didn’t want it, you heard her. She made you, tied you up. It was forced on you.”

“I don’t care!” Yvonne was getting upset, “I came loads of times, loads and loads. Three times just this morning, and lots of other days it was two or three times as well, even more some days. So I must’ve wanted it!”

She wasn’t being too rational about it, but who could blame her.

“Vonnie, it must be that rapes are normally violent, or with drugs or something. It’s different when it’s like in here, and Becky basically was attracted to you and doing it especially to make you cum.”

“Daddy! What are you doing?”

I’d gone over to her, unthinking, to stroke her. I looked to see what she was worried about – my half-hard cock was waving around over her.

“Sorry!” I leaped away, and went back to hunting for Becky’s phone. I saw it, in plain sight on the bedside table. I turned it on and hunted through the contents, but there were no videos or even photos on it.

There was no point asking Becky. I saw her laptop and switched it on. While it was booting I turned and looked at her, trying to make sense of it all. There were some things that didn’t seem to add up. She was looking at me now.

“Becky, if you were lonely, why didn’t you go to a club or something? The way you look, you’d have had a whole crowd of guys you could’ve picked from.”

“Huh,” she was scornful. “Two kinds of guys in there: wimps who hardly dare speak to you and macho posers who want to be all Mr Big but aren’t.”

She was lying there, her hands tied behind her back, on her side now. There was an animal quality to her, an intensity. She wasn’t defeated at all. There was no fear, just anger at being overpowered and raped.

I went over to her, drawn by some magnetic force, and stroked a hand down her, from her shoulder, down over her waist, to her hip and then along her thigh. She didn’t make a move but I had the feeling she might bite me if I gave her the chance, it was like stroking a panther or something. Gorgeous but unpredictable.

I had to admit I liked being near her, even after what she’d done to Yvonne. Her body was an animal sort of body too; lithe and strong. She was about five and a half feet tall, with fairly broad shoulders and hips, but quite a small waist. Her frame wasn’t very deep, if you see what I mean, front-to-back. So she was quite light, and very lean, but she had an athletic strength in her.

Her legs were quite long, nicely muscled, and her back was correspondingly quite short, so the shape of her was incredible, with a huge taper from her broad shoulders to her tight waist, and back out again to her hips. Her high, pert tits jutted out from her lean chest. She was in terrific condition. I realised my cock was hard again.

I went back over to the laptop, aware that both girls were looking at my cock. It’s a big cock and I’m shortish guy: I’m only five feet eight and my cock is eight inches and thick, with a bulbous head even wider than the shaft, so even though I’m not that lightly built it looks a bit out of proportion. I turned away to the laptop, hiding it from the girls on the bed.

“So Becky,” I said firmly, “do you want me to go through all your personal stuff on here or are you going to tell me where the video is?’

I turned my head, to see her face looking unconcerned. I turned back – on the screen the password was being required. Of course. Bollocks.

I thought for a moment. Becky was a well-organised girl. I picked up her phone, and sensed a slight reaction from her. Aha. I went through her phonebook, looking for something that might be a password in disguise. “Potpal 01207767232’, there it was. Not that cunning, but then this situation was probably not what she was expecting.

The full number was rejected, so I worked through; it was the last four. I was in.

Where would it be? Not in BeckyVideos. I couldn’t see anything likely. I went to options and set hidden folders visible, and there it was : test13. Why would that be hidden?

Sure enough, in it were three videos. I ran the first video and up it popped in Media Player, with a pretty young girl tied on a bench and naked. The background looked like a changing room too.

It wasn’t Yvonne though.

What the hell?

I looked round. Becky’s face was red. Still defiant, but she’d been caught.

We all watched and listened as the girl was stroked and fondled by a hand. A young feminine hand with long, slender fingers like Becky’s. Then the back of a head came into shot, a head of thick blonde short hair, and pushed between the girl’s open thighs. The girl was lovely, pretty and slender, and just developed by the look of it, like Yvonne.

We watched the video to the end, about ten minutes. The girl didn’t cum, didn’t even get wet or aroused. She pleaded and cried and that was all. Then the video stopped.

I ran the next video in the folder. It was a different girl, same setting, same outcome: tears and no arousal. It was so pathetic, I almost wanted to cry myself. The bitch.

I ran the third video. It was Yvonne, in the same situation. By now I was dreading what I was going to see.

The slender fingers started stroking over her clit and her pleading was interrupted by a gasp. As the fingers stroked over her exposed labia the complaints stopped altogether, then the gasping turned to moans as the head of her attacker lowered into her crotch.

When the head was removed, Yvonne’s clit was sticking up, dark pink and aroused. The fingers dipped into her pussy and came out glistening with juice. The thumb dipped in, came out wet, and then the thumb and forefinger closed over the quite large erect clitoris. Yvonne bucked, lifting her pelvis off the bench.

The filming continued inexorably as the hand worked over my young daughter’s pussy and clit, now visibly soaking wet and distended. She was moaning sexily, in ecstasy.

The picture shook about but kept Yvonne in shot as the head of blonde hair lowered again - evidently Becky was holding her phone up in one hand as she ate her young victim. Yvonne’s moaning increased then turned to a wild gasping and the blonde hair rose up, propelled by the pelvis under it. Yvonne was cumming, hard.

After perhaps twenty seconds the head removed itself and the camera moved in for a closeup of the wet, distended young pussy, then moved up to Yvonne’s beautiful young face looking freshly fucked, flushed and excited, yet scared, all at once, before pulling back to show her whole slender, ravished little body, still trembling slightly and with the odd jerky aftershock.

No wonder Yvonne had done anything to prevent that being put on the web. But then, how much coercion had she actually needed?

It looked like the change Sally and I had seen in her and worried about was guilt. Rather than a sort of pure rape victim problem, as it were. Guilt at finding out she was a lezzie sub getting off on being bondaged and fucked by a dominant girl?

Then obviously she hadn’t wanted to admit that to me, or even to herself fully.

God! Could that be true of my beautiful only child? What on earth was a father supposed to do?

I stood up and went over to the bed. Both girls were staring at my cock, which was waving around at forty-five degrees, but I was past caring at that moment. I untied Yvonne’s other ankle.

“Thank you Daddy,” she said, shamefaced but hopeful, expecting me to go and untie her hands, but I took the pink bondage rope over to Becky, fought her kicking legs and tied her ankles with it. Then I walked out to get a screwdriver and some long screws to repair the lock with, and to try and collect my thoughts. And get a memory stick.

When I came back in I was struck afresh by the sheer sexuality of the situation. The room seemed full of tied-up naked girls, one twenty-two, one thirteen, both gorgeous. Both sexy. Neither of them as innocent as they seemed.

I fixed the lock and transferred the video files onto my memory stick, then deleted them from Becky’s laptop and cleared her recyle bin. I went over to her.

“Who are those other girls?” I asked. “What sort of state did you leave them in?”

Becky said nothing, not even looking at me. Yvonne answered though: “They’re my friends, Jilly and Sue. From the aerobics class. That’s what we were doing, with Becky, she’s the instructor.”

That was news to me, but it made sense. The phrase “sexual predator” came into my mind. I started to feel some sense of direction.

“Right!” I said to both of them, “you’re going to bring them here and we’ll try and make it right with them. You’re going to explain, Becky, that you were utterly selfish and weak and it was all your fault not theirs, and it’s never going to happen again. We’re going to tell them the videos are gone and will never be used against them. I’m sure they were scared by them even though they didn’t respond to what you did to them.”

I went and stood over Becky, still getting no reaction. Suddenly my anger returned. She was gorgeous, but a bitch. Or something. Emotional in a way I didn’t understand, but anyway I wasn’t going to put up with it. Confronting her with her wrongdoing and still being defied like this. The gorgeous, sexy bitch.

Coming into my house and dominating my daughter and raping her friends. I wasn’t going to have my Vonnie in court with this though, being challenged by the defence lawyer and called a liar and lesbian bondage fantasist or whatever - the police were not an option.

“OK Becky,” I said, “this one’s for Jilly.”

“Nooo,” she was suddenly willing to speak again, “I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself!’

“Maybe a second lesson will teach you,” I said, “a bit of suffering might give you a bit of sensitivity. Not that you seemed to suffer so very much last time.” I rolled her over onto her front.

I untied her ankles and wrestled with her flailing legs again, until she tired and I was able to hold them bent up to her ass. Her gorgeous firm, smooth ass, with a bit of a tan. I tied one ankle to one wrist, then untied the rope between her two wrists. I had to hang on for a couple of minutes while she fought to get the second wrist free, then I managed to tie it to the other ankle. I forced her over onto her back.

I pushed her knees apart, and there she was, defenceless.

Normally it would have been quite clear to me that raping a girl to punish her for raping a girl was absurd and wrong - indefensible. I can only say my mind was not working properly. The sexuality in that room was completely off the scale, and I am highly sexed, I have to admit.

I was half in control of myself, that’s all; the other half of me was in the control of my rampant cock. It’s not an excuse, I know. Eventually, later, I sought redemption, that’s all I can say.

Anyway, I ran a finger along her slit and up to her clit. She was wet. Freshly wet, I thought. She moaned. “You bastard, you fucking bastard. I’m not here so you can fuck me with your fucking cock, urrggghhhh.” I had entered her. I wasn’t hanging around, I needed to cum.

She was easy to enter, this time. I sank my big cock in to the hilt in one slow thrust. Wow, she felt fabulous. Tight, creamy, and pulsating. It occurred to me she was as turned on by it all as I was, though if so she was never going to admit it in a million years.

She kept looking over at Yvonne, who was still tied to the headboard, naked and looking like a pervert’s wet dream: young, slender and vulnerable, yet sexy as hell with her pert tits, tiny waist and little bush. And she in turn was looking intently at me and Becky.

I started to fuck the gorgeous hellcat. I gazed down at her stunning face, her perfect complexion, a blonde complexion with a light tan, some freckles, her blue-grey eyes, strong eyelashes, small nose and big cheekbones. She glared back at me.

Luckily for me her pussy had no deceit, it was totally aroused and not trying to hide it. I’d never felt a pussy like it, it was so strong, so reactive, giving my cock a working over as it squeezed and pulsed around it. When I banged into her vulva at the bottom of each stroke I could feel a jolt of sensation rip through her, her fit young body getting ready to orgasm already. God.

I speeded up, not trying to prolong things. I fucked the sexy girl faster and faster, harder and harder. I grabbed her shoulder as her body started to slide up the bed. I felt her tense.

“Urrhhhhhh” she groaned as the orgasm surged through her, gripped her, and took her over. She went rigid under me as my cock suddenly released the intense pressure and started spurting. I was cumming, cumming into her potent, spasming pussy that was awaiting my sperm.

I came and came, on and on and on; and so did Becky. The gorgeous bitch.


Chapter 3: Victim Vengeance

I eased my slowly deflating cock out of my tied-up young housekeeper and stood up, trying to collect my thoughts again and get a grip on the situation. There were several issues whirling round in my mind, all muddled up.

Somewhere in town there were two friends of my daughter Yvonne, about thirteen years old, who must need help or therapy or something because Becky had raped them in the leisure centre changing room, at the end of teaching their aerobics classes - where they’d made friends with Yvonne.

Becky had tied them to a bench, stripped them, and filmed them while trying to get them off.

It was all completely premeditated, as far as I could see. Jilly and Sue hadn’t been aroused by the fingering and eating of their pussies, so Becky had given up with them, but it must have been traumatic even so.

Then there was my lovely daughter Yvonne, who had been aroused, in that same situation; in fact been forced to orgasm, and had been more or less enslaved by Becky ever since.

Had been blackmailed with her video and reduced to being a submissive lesbian with Becky tying her up and fucking her with a vibrator, often several times a day. For several weeks - probably since the start of the school holidays when they’d been alone together the whole working week. I felt terrible that I’d let it happen.

Meanwhile right now Yvonne was still nude and tied to the headboard here in Becky’s room, pretty much just as I’d found her less than an hour before. She was traumatised with guilt, over her response to the assaults and the way she’d orgasmed so hard and so easily. Now here she was naked, tied up, with me here in the room.

She’d watched me rape Becky twice, objecting a bit but at the same time claiming Becky must have wanted it, since she’d cum. Actually Becky had cum hard; and fast the last time as well, and if we drew the obvious conclusion from the videos then maybe Yvonne was right

It was just percolating through to my confused brain that I’d been in here nearly an hour and hadn’t untied my precious daughter. I’d untied her ankles, one at a time, but not her wrists. And she’d stopped complaining about it.

The human mind is a funny thing; it can be very devious, deceiving its owner. And yet, it can be very subtle, realising things at some subconscious levels that are beyond the scope of the conscious mind at the time. I think that’s what had been happening to me that day. Both those things.

Becky was also on the bed, tied with each wrist bound to each ankle so I could fuck her, as I’d just done. I pulled her off and lowered her onto the floor, and got on the bed next to Yvonne.

I felt I had to help Yvonne account for the two extra videos, which unluckily had proved her right: her friends hadn’t been aroused by their rapes, but she had.

“So Vonnie,” I started, trying to sound as loving as I felt, “maybe you were right and there is a bit of you that is quite sexy, now you’re growing up, and that’s why Becky was able to make you cum.”

“Well I’m just the same age as Jilly and Sue,” Yvonne was nearly sobbing, “and the same stage, with periods and tits and everything, so I don’t see why it’s different for me. I must be a slag! A lezzie slut who’s just easy and anybody’s!’

“No no,” I was desperate to reassure her, trying to think of a way. I blundered on: “It’s a situation loads of people would get off in. Lots of people find it sexy being tied up, because it means you trust the other person and whatever happens isn’t your fault. You see what I mean sweetie? If you just had sex with someone now, as young as you are, it might seem wrong. Too sexy, at only thirteen. But if you’re tied up then it’s not your fault, you see what I mean?’

“But I come in here and get tied up, every day!” Yvonne was deep in her guilt trip, “I stand and let her strip me and fondle me, and I get on the bed and everything! So I must be a les and a skank!’

“But she was blackmailing you,” I tried to reason with her, “you wouldn’t have let her do it otherwise would you?’

“No, no, I wouldn’t,” she wasn’t giving up, “but I didn’t really think she was going to put the video on the web. Not really. I mean, what would be the point? Once I’d not let her do me, posting it online wouldn’t make me start again would it? ‘Cos she couldn’t take it down again, if I did start again, could she? It’d be all over the place the first day. So it wasn’t a way of making me, really. Well it seemed like it to start with, but then I realised.

“And I bet the police would’ve identified her hands and hair, once they knew who she was. It would’ve been so risky, to start posting it, she could’ve been in prison for years.”

I had to stop and think. Yvonne had always been bright. And not easily pushed around, normally. I tried to replay the expression on her face when I’d burst in and found her, but I wasn’t quite sure any more exactly what it had been conveying.

“But still,” I struggled on, “you wouldn’t let someone touch you, normally, would you, so it was just that situation, that Becky created, forcing you.”

“Yes but then in the end I quite liked it! The cums, they were awful but I wanted them too!” Yvonne burst into tears.

“Darling!” I rolled over to cuddle her.

“Get OFF me,” she yelled at me, “I’m not here to be fucked by your fucking huge cock, you total fucking bastard!’

I recoiled, aghast. I was nude, with an erection, but still. In all her thirteen years there had never been a hint of an attitude like that. The swearing, the abuse and hostility. What on earth had come over her? I stifled my automatic reaction and looked closely into her beautiful face, hoping to find a clue.

She was waiting for my reaction. Waiting. What did that mean? Something. In the depths of my mind there was a germ of something. Then from the floor Becky spoke.

“You total fucking bastard,” she said. “Don’t you recognise it, you raping fucking sex fiend?"

That was it. Jesus H Christ. Yvonne was echoing Becky’s words, from after I’d raped her.

So now what? I looked closely at Vonnie and put a hand on her leg. Her lovely slender leg.

“I suppose you think you can just have me now,” she said furiously. “Now you’ve walked in and found me all tied up and helpless. You raping bastard.”

My cock caught on more quickly than my overworked brain. It was throbbing.

My gaze ran over her gorgeous, slender young body. Pale and so innocent-looking, so very slender. Her long schoolgirl hair. The pupils in her amazing green eyes completely huge.

I tried desperately to fit this new revelation into my shaky picture of what the hell was going on. She’d just cried, that was genuine. She’d been consumed with guilt for weeks, shutting herself away in her room and not talking to me and her mother.

Two revelations to fit with that actually: one that she’d realised the video was a bluff (which put her way ahead of me), and one that she’d at least partly come to like what Becky had been doing to her. Well they fitted together, at least.

Maybe it made sense, if I accepted she wasn’t a sexless child any more but a sexually aware girl. A sexy girl. A sexy girl who was into bondage, but not happy about it. A girl with a bit of a compulsion, that Becky had tipped into something she did every day. Was she a victim? How much control did Becky have? That remained to be discovered.

Anyway, the image of my sweet, innocent Yvonne was blown to smithereens. There was no point denying it, or trying to persuade her she was something she wasn’t. She knew, on many levels.

The main thing, the really important thing, was not what she did, but how she felt about it. Sex, bondage, role playing, wasn’t harmful in itself, only the guilt was harmful; the guilt and the secrecy. Thirteen years old had nothing to do with it.

I had to turn it into a game.

“I’m afraid so, gorgeous,” I kept it deadpan, “I don’t think I can resist your delicious, sexy young body any longer. As long as your pussy’s wet, I think I’ll fuck you, as you’re helpless and can’t stop me. I guess I just have to hope you’re not really a les, or you won’t be wet.”

“You bastard,” said Yvonne, a bit less emotionally than before I thought.

I stroked my fingertips slowly up her leg, along the top of her thigh, then down the inside. She closed her legs tightly. I pulled my fingers out, then slid one down through her tempting, teenie bush, over her delicious cameltoe, and then pushed it down into the tight crevice she was trying to protect. She moaned. I was on the right track.

I moved down to her feet, grasped her ankles, and pulled them apart. She struggled, but even with her new muscle she was much weaker than Becky. I held them with my arms outstretched for a few seconds, then felt her relax. I crawled forwards, lifting and folding her legs as I went, homing in on her pussy.

Her pussy smelt deeply sexy. Well she’d been having sex for half the day. I loved the smell, it identified her as fuckable. I licked her clit, pushing it out and sucking it. She writhed about. I looked at her gorgeous young face, aroused and desperate, the face I’d watched grow up, my own child.

Suddenly, I had to stop. I couldn’t fuck her. The instinct just wasn’t there, after all. She was beautiful, sexy, but there was too much of myself in her, and she was someone I had to cherish and look after while she blossomed, not fuck and cum into.

I got up.

Yvonne stared at me, surprised. Was she disappointed or relieved? I couldn’t tell. She was in such a state I couldn’t read her at all. Anyway it was time to get her out of this. I reached over and undid the ropes tying her wrists to the bed, gripped her arms and pulled her up. She stood unsteadily next to me.

“Get dressed, Vonnie, and call Jilly and Sue. Invite them over, we’ll go and pick them up.” I was back in dad mode, my cock in abeyance for the moment.

I went round to where Becky was lying on the floor, lifted her by her armpits, and pulled her onto the bed. She was pretty light, considering how strong she was. God she was sexy though. The animal aggression, the predator I now saw in her, wrapped up in her perfect young body, behind her gorgeous face, made me mad to fuck her again. I fought the impulse.

I tied her ankles together, then undid one hand, wrestled it until she tired, and tied it to the headboard in Yvonne’s place. I repeated the exercise until all four limbs were restrained and she was securely strapped to the bed, spreadeagle like Yvonne had been an hour before.

I got off and let my re-hardened cock gradually deflate again while I got dressed. I’d heard Yvonne talking to her friends - it sounded like they were agreeing to be picked up and come over.

I locked the door behind us, leaving Becky as she was. I checked the time: still over three hours before Sally came home.

I drove round with Yvonne to collect Jilly and Sue. They looked different with their clothes on, I grinned to myself. But they were happy and smiling, with no outward sign of being traumatised or anything. Still, I was going to make sure.

They were lovely anyway, innocently pretty and sexy and nice to be with. Yvonne was happy and laughing with them; you’d never have guessed what had been going on. Evidently it was only at home that the effort of acting or blocking out the forced sex became too much to keep up.

We got home and all went into the kitchen, starting with a drink.

“Girls,” I addressed them seriously, playing up the adult role, “your aerobics instructor, Becky, is our housekeeper here, I don’t suppose you realised.” The smiles vanished; Jilly and Sue were horrified.

“We found the videos she made of you, when she attacked you. I’ve deleted them from her laptop so you don’t have to worry any more; she can’t use them against you. She attacked Yvonne as well, and we’ve been dealing with what that means.” Jilly and Sue started to look a bit less anxious as they took in the news.

“Now I want to make sure you don’t have any bad effects from being attacked. Even if you feel OK now, it’s the kind of thing that can come back and haunt you in the future. I want you to hear from Becky that it was her fault, her weakness not yours, and I want you to exert some power over her, like she did to you, so that you completely get past any feeling of being her victims. OK?

“We’re going to do that by making her your victim for a bit. I’ll be here to look after you, and I’ll always be here, whenever you need anybody, today, next month, next year or whenever, OK?” The girls nodded.

“Alright. One thing is what we’re going to do has to be between the four of us, no-one else. It’s not something you can tell anyone about, ever, OK? “

They nodded some more. “This way,” I indicated, and led the way to Becky’s bedsit.

I unlocked the door and we went in. Jill and Sue gasped as they saw Becky naked and tied to the bed, but with me in front and Yvonne behind they came all the way in and I closed the door behind them. Becky glared at us but didn’t say anything.

“Could you get the vibrator, Vonnie?” She went to the bedside table and opened a drawer.

“Which one?” she asked. She seemed quite keen.

“Choose one,” I said, “then get your clothes off.” I said it casually, starting on mine at the same time. Jilly and Sue looked scared suddenly.

“It’s OK,” I reassured them, “you don’t have to. Yvonne’s going to get her revenge for being raped, but you don’t have to, you can watch.”

“I want revenge,” said Sue immediately. She was a short, dark-complexioned girl, mixed race by the look of it, with a strong, compact body, soft frizzy hair and a very pretty face. She had a feisty look about her. I imagined Becky might have had a bit of a battle to overpower her, though I didn’t like to ask.

“Yeah, me too,” Jilly wasn’t so aggressive about it but I could see anger in her as well, staring at Becky. Jilly was the tallest of them, just a bit shorter than me. She was quite slender, though not so slender as Yvonne. She had tits that stuck out prominently. I was hoping she was going to get out of her clothes. I decided to help that along.

“OK,” I said confidently, as though this were a regular game, “to be on the bed you have to be naked, otherwise it’s up to you. You don’t have to do anything.” I smiled in a friendly way. I didn’t try to explain the rule, and no-one asked. Well I was thirty-eight and they were thirteen or so: they expected me to tell them what to do.

“You fucking raping bastard,” Becky started up. “this isn’t going to work.”

“You’re going to cum for us Becky,” I said calmly. “The girls are going to be the opposite of the victims you tried to make them. In the context, that means you get fucked. And then you’re going to stay fucked.” I got onto the bed.

From the other side Vonnie was getting on too, holding a big black ribbed vibrator. She knelt down next to Becky and stroked a slender finger up her thigh. She grinned at me, confident suddenly: “She taught me everything I know,” she joked.

I lay down to watch the amazing sight of my slender young daughter starting to inflict forced lesbian sex on a gorgeous bondaged girl of twenty-two. My cock swelled to its full size as I lay a leg over Becky’s and ran a finger over her defenceless pert tit. She shivered.

Sue was down to her bra and panties. I watched as she undid her bra and took it off, revealing nice-sized tits with large brown nipples. She and Jilly were looking at each other, giving each other confidence. They bent over together to pull their panties down, then stood up again. I made an effort not to stare, just registering Jilly’s firm C-size tits and both girls” lean, feminine shape – just the shapes you might hope for from teenage aerobics regulars - but turned back to Becky, who had gasped.

She was wet already, with almost no foreplay. Staring at the ceiling, refusing to participate, but not able to control her pussy. I reckoned she’d gone wet just with having Vonnie naked next to her.

Yvonne was sliding the big vibrator into her, in one slow movement. It was fat, with about six inches of ribbed part and four smooth but textured, to hold onto. Vonnie was looking intently over Becky’s gorgeous body.

“How do you feel, sweetie?” I asked.

“Better Daddy, thank you,” she smiled at me. “It’s about power isn’t it? You’re so clever. I can tell she’s going to cum. But you’re going to keep those movies aren’t you, just in case?’

“If you girls like, yes, I’ll keep them.” I took the opportunity to look across at Jilly and Sue, who were moving slowly towards the bed. “Becky already knows it’s the end of her career as a lesbian rapist though. Don’t you Becks?”

“Fuck off,” she said, “you’re all fucking rapists now aren’t you?’

“We’re all rapists together,” I smiled at everyone, “it’s just your turn to be the victim.” Jilly and Sue were grinning, quite into it now. I was wondering if Sue was looking a bit aroused, even. Yvonne was switching on the vibrator.

“What shall we do?” she asked, “a quickie, to start with?”

“Yeh, get her off,” said Sue, “fuck the bitch.” She giggled and got onto the bed, next to me. Her arm rested against my leg.

Jilly got on the other side, next to Vonnie, who made room for her then settled back with her legs against Jilly’s chest.

Here were four girls, all young, naked, and involved in forced sex; and me. My cock was like rock, except that rock doesn’t throb.

Yvonne started thrusting the big buzzing vibrator in and out of Becky, the entire ribbed section glistening with her juice. Becky started to gasp in rhythm with it.

“Does it really go in?” Sue was looking at my cock, “I mean, do you need a big girl for it?’

“Yes it goes in, even quite a small girl,” I smiled at her, “the girl just has to really want it.”

“I didn’t fucking want it,” Becky was just able to gasp out.

“Wow, you fucked Becky?” Sue was surprised, “She’s not very big. Very strong, but it doesn’t look like it’d go.”

“I’ll show you later, if you like,” I smiled at her, “you can decide if she really wants it or not.”

“Ooh, OK, thanks,” Sue held my gaze for a couple of seconds, then looked at my cock. I looked away, at Becky, and felt Sue lean a bit more against me. God. She was only thirteen, but she was sexy. It was hard to recognise the crying young girl in the video.

I have to admit I find young girls alluring, if they’re sexually mature with periods, pubes and tits, and ready and willing. For most women I reckon the most perfect age to be about twenty-three, but some develop to their prime earlier or later, and some are simply gorgeous for a couple of decades or more. But the perfect smooth skin and lithe, slender bodies of some teen girls is something that really sets the hormones off in me.

Sally, my wife and Yvonne’s mother, had been irresistible at only fourteen, and even though I’d been twenty-four I’d fucked her and got her pregnant – with a bit of help from a young teen’s forgetful pill-taking.

So Vonnie had been born as a love-child and I’d married Sally as soon as she was sixteen. Sally was still gorgeous at twenty-eight actually; a lithe and slender young woman. Yvonne took after her strongly.

Becky was starting to cum; Yvonne had been moving the big vibrator around in a slight circle as well as in and out, and her little hand had been banging against Becky’s vulva as she thrust it in. To finish her, Vonnie had wet her finger and thumb in pussy juice – of which there was plenty - and rubbed Becky’s clit between them.

We four rapists watched and listened as Becky thrust her pelvis up off the bed and groaned loudly, held it there for several fascinating seconds, then collapsed back, gasping and breathing hard.

Yvonne turned off the vibrator and slowly pulled it out. “It’s more feeling next time if you let her pussy get back small and then put it back in,” she grinned.

God, what had she been learning?

“Do you want to do her next, Jilly?” Yvonne was still grinning, enjoying the reversal of fortunes and the victimisation of their erstwhile tormentor. She passed Jilly the vibrator and they swapped positions.

Sue and I watched as Jilly tentatively offered the big black vibrator up to the hapless Becky’s pussy. Gradually she pressed it in, and we all watched the ribs on it disappear one by one. Becky stared wordlessly at the ceiling, but couldn’t stop her pelvis shifting slightly as the sensation started again.

I felt Sue move against me. She looked at me with a big smile on her lovely young face. I noticed her eyes were slightly different colours: one slightly more brown with green flecks, the other a bit more green with brown flecks. I stared a moment too long.

“They’re different colours,” she said, her smile becoming uncertain. It was something she was sensitive about.

Damn, I felt bad. “They’re gorgeous,” I said quickly without thinking, “I love them being a bit different, I could look at them all day.”

“Could you, really?” she said, and snuggled against me. She was looking directly into my eyes, holding my gaze. What could I say? “Yes,” I said, smiling at her. God, close up she was more than pretty. And aroused. I supposed all the nudity and forced sex was getting to her as well.

Her face was approaching mine; the atmosphere in the room was sexier than anything I’d ever even imagined. I moved automatically towards the kiss. In a moment I was on my back with the gorgeous teenaged girl lying on me, snogging me hard and rubbing her delicious young body around on my cock. She seemed to know what to do, not looking for any guidance.

Sue sat up and started rubbing her clit up and down along my cock. I could see on her face she was really sexed-up already. I lay back and let her make the pace. With my two cums earlier in the afternoon I could take a bit of stimulation without cumming.

However she wasn’t messing about: in a minute she lifted my cock with one little hand and started lowering herself onto it.

Her pelvis was slightly wider than, for example, Yvonne’s, but still it looked too narrow for my thick shaft and bulbous cockhead. It started to go in, though, and Sue didn’t seem afraid of it at all. I didn’t like to ask if she’d had other men, but anyway it was quickly clear she hadn’t had a hymen to worry about as my first few inches disappeared in a moment. Then in another few thrusts from her agile young body she was fully impaled on my entire eight-inch length.

Well these days - with vibrators, dildos and all sorts of videos online - virginity and “first time” isn’t what it used to be, so who knew. She felt fantastic, anyway, both her attitude and her tight, creamy pussy. I put my hands lightly on her waist and savoured the amazing feelings, gazing at her delicious pale-brown body with its straight shoulders, pert tits, and fine skin. And her gorgeous eyes.

I could hear Becky next to me, gasping again, and the buzzing of the vibrator as Jilly pumped it in and out of her. Sue was looking at me and across at Jilly, her grin gradually turning into a faraway look as the orgasm approached. Her pussy was pulsating around my cock.

In a very few minutes she was there. She didn’t wait around, she kept her rhythm going and went straight into a terrific uninhibited orgasm, taking me with her. It felt fantastic as my cum surged through me and I pumped my sperm into her, spurt after spurt.

I came down from the high and Sue subsided onto me, breathing heavily. I felt a glow of affection for her as I stroked over her head and down her smooth, firm back onto her pert ass.

I heard some extra gasping from the other side of the bed and raised my head to look over: Yvonne had taken another vibrator from the drawer and was getting off with it, looking rather practised I thought. She was close.

Jilly was speeding up with raping Becky, who sounded close as well. I cuddled Sue and in a minute we were watching Becky and Yvonne cumming, both together. I realised Vonnie had been watching Becky and timed hers to match.

“Mmmm, that was nice,” she said. “I think I’ll have a shower now. You don’t mind if I use yours do you Becks?” She was taunting, though not really hostile.

“I want a shower,” said Becky.

“OK,” I said, looking at Yvonne, “I’ll hold her, you wash her.” I’d decided the way forward was to get Becky really tired, exhausted even, to make her more suggestible, and then try to get to the bottom of her sexual predation, and at least make her apologise. I wasn’t going to have Yvonne in court describing how she’d been raped to orgasm for weeks, but I didn’t want to set Becky free and have her inflict that on other young girls either.

I still didn’t feel she was wicked, somehow. Lonely, as she’d claimed? Possibly, in some obscure way. Aggressive, definitely. Oversexed, also definitely. A sex addict? For teenage girls, that wasn’t impossible either.

“I can wash myself, thank you,” said Becky angrily.

“Fat chance,” I said, “with your hands tied.”

I untied Becky one limb at a time, retying her hands together before untying the second one from the bed, and took her into the shower. A nice big shower, with various grab handles for the previous owner’s infirm parent.

Vonnie washed her own slender little body, then Becky’s, spending a lot of time on her tits and pussy. I washed myself and took over with our next rape of her. Becky’s sensitivity was dropping a little and Yvonne’s fingers hadn’t been enough to get her to orgasm. We dragged her out of the shower, bent her over the basin, and I entered her from behind. I still fancied the sexy bitch, and being in the shower with her had recharged my cock.

She still felt fantastic, her pussy a bit less tight and grippy than earlier but still creamy and smooth. I fucked her slowly at first, then gradually built up the pace. It took about fifteen minutes but eventually she built to an orgasm and I came with her, lifting her with my thrusts as I spurted deep into her spasming quim.

When we got back into the bedroom we found Sue and Jilly kissing on the bed, their bodies pressed sensually together. It was very sexy and I’d have loved to stand and watch, but we had to get Becky re-tied. I had more tiring fucking on her agenda.

This time Sue took the vibrator and started off sliding it into Becky’s overworked but still wet pussy. I almost felt sorry for her, but she didn’t feel sorry for herself, starting a fresh round of swearing and calling us fucking rapists. Which we were, of course, though she had no right to say so! It was her sixth rape of the afternoon, but still she had energy and fight. It was hard not to be impressed. And turned on, I had to admit. I did find her deeply sexual, a predatory animal.

Jilly was on my side of the hapless Becky this time. I wondered if it was accidental. Was she following in the footsteps of her friend Sue? Having been sexed up and then been left hanging. She leaned into me slightly, her arm on my leg.

Gradually as I watched our sex-mad twenty-two-year-old getting fucked with the big black vibrator, by the gorgeous thirteen-year-old I’d just fucked, my sexy feeling returned. Jilly nudged into me as my cock started to swell to a slightly soft erection.

I found my eyes wandering to her remarkable tits, which didn’t belong on a thirteen-year-old – maybe she was fourteen. The rest of her, her young face, didn’t look fifteen, anyway. Her tits were not terribly large, they were more good-sized; and beautifully shaped, with the upper surface curving a bit then ending with a pointy nipple, and the lower surface curving down just a little before swooping up to the tip. Jilly saw me looking.

“I’m a bit of an early developer,” she smiled. It was a lovely smile, with her wide mouth and perfect teeth. She was slender and pretty - willowy. With those gorgeous tits erupting out of her narrow chest, high up, and a nice little light-brown bush. I smiled at her.

She reached a hand out to me and I took it, leaning back and pulling her onto me. We kissed and stroked for a few minutes, building our desire. I picked up that she wanted to go underneath and helped turn us over, as I heard Becky starting yet another orgasm. After I’d fucked this lovely young girl under me I’d start grilling her.

It was a long fuck, but glorious. Jilly was a little bit nervous and it took a while to get her really aroused and into it. Then once I was in her the orgasm took a lot of building until she was able to forget herself and let it happen. It was lovely though, her fabulous young body feeling and looking so beautiful, those fantastic tits flushed and a bit swollen as my big cock pumped gently in and out of her tight pussy.

Eventually I could feel her within range of a cum. I ramped up the pistoning and we both started our orgasms together. I came hard into her, pumping and spurting a dozen times, then sagged onto her as the post-orgasmic bliss overtook me. I slid off to the side, thinking I’d better not fall asleep.

I woke up with my usual woodie, trying to pull my arm to me, and not being able to. I pulled harder, then pulled the other one, to find that wouldn’t move either. I came fully awake to find myself on my back., tied to the bed, my legs as well. Yvonne was climbing onto me, her sexy little mouth heading for my cock. She sucked it for a few seconds, zapping me with its manic throbbing while I looked around in bewilderment.

On the floor I could just make out parts of Jilly and Sue, with their wrists and ankles tied together. What the hell had been going on? Where was Becky?

I felt Vonnie slide further onto me, her sexy, slender fingers on my cock. Then she started kissing me.

“Darling, Vonnie, you mustn’t,” I protested.

My daughter smiled sweetly at me: “I’m here to fuck your huge raping cock,” she said, “you total fucking raping bastard.”

God, I was stunned.

“Sweetie,” I stuttered, “ you mustn’t copy Becky like that. Where is she anyway?’

“I did a deal with her,” she said, “when Mummy came home early.”

“Yes but where’s Becky gone?” I was perplexed.

“Who knows?” Vonnie smiled, a smile that looked predatory all of a sudden. “She’ll have taken Mummy somewhere. Your bedroom perhaps.”


Chapter 4: Daddy’s Vengeance Goes Awry

I slumped back, trying to avoid the feeling of total defeat. My precious, beautiful young daughter, only thirteen years old, was raping me.

It seemed the forces of evil had prevailed over my muddled efforts. I’d fallen asleep, after five self-indulgent fucks in one afternoon, and woken up to find myself tied to the bed.

Now Yvonne was fucking me, working her gorgeous, slender young body to slide her pussy up and down, up and down, on my outsize and hypersensitive cock.

I was forced to realise it was my stupid, rampant cock that had made me vulnerable.

Not only had I fucked myself into a stupor, but now I wasn’t able to stop my cock cooperating in my own incestuous ravishment. But Vonnie was so sexy. She was grinning a wolfish grin as she fucked me, celebrating because I’d managed to resist her earlier – starting a rape game but then finding I couldn’t go through with it – but now she was in charge and I was paying the price.

It seemed she’d been corrupted by Becky, and was beyond my parental reach. Corrupted so deeply that she’d done a deal with Becky - a deal in which she’d untied Becky so that Becky would tie me up for her, and Sue and Jilly too, and could then, as her reward, take my wife. Yvonne’s own mother!

I could only imagine how Becky would be enslaving my beautiful, slender Sally who, like Vonnie, would be no match for the twenty-two-year-old aerobics instructor. Becky was only average height and quite light, but she was super-fit and possessed an animal strength. What was Sally was going through now? Certainly nothing in her twenty-eight years would have prepared her for a prolonged lesbian rape with a huge vibrator.

I found myself wondering, looking on the darker side, if the seeds of Yvonne’s susceptibility might even have come from Sally, and if Becky would be right now corrupting Sally in her turn.

If that weren’t all more than bad enough, the two sweet thirteen-year-old girls whom I’d brought here, to help them get over their rapes at Becky’s hands, were now tied up on the floor, naked, awaiting whatever fate Becky and her new sidekick Yvonne had in store for them.

However I looked at it, it was wall-to-wall disaster.

Though the sensations flowing from my cock were fantastic, it had to be admitted. If I blocked out the rest of it then Vonnie looked and felt like a dream, not a nightmare. She had been a bit on the thin side before, but with the swimming and aerobics that she’d been doing with Becky she’d put on some muscle and her body had gone from skinny to lithe.

She still had her tiny waist, but now she wasn’t bony; her thighs were all toned muscle that gave them a delicious shape, and they flowed into her pelvis in a way that made her look utterly born-to-be-fucked.

It was a small pelvis, not wide or tall, so my fat eight-inch cock looked really too big for it; then the pelvis in turn flowed narrowing up into her waist that was so flat, so lean, with ripples of muscle visible as she thrust her pelvis forwards and back over my cock. The pert young tits jutted right out, braced by her newly toned pectoral muscles, under lovely her straight shoulders, below her flawless slender neck.

And like the others girls, the aerobics didn’t exactly seem to have done any harm to her pussy either - it felt fabulous: reactive, grippy and pulsating. I could tell that whenever Vonnie came, I’d cum with her, incestuous rape or not.

She slowed down, close to orgasm already and wanting to prolong the fuck. “Daddy you’re so gorgeous,” she was half taunting me, “and so much better than a vibrator!” She giggled.

Well one little success I could claim, I supposed, was that she wasn’t a victim any more. And she wasn’t suffering with a guilty secret either, for sure.

“Sweetie,” I had to keep trying though, “you mustn’t be like this. Incest, rape, it’s wrong.”

“Well you were raping,” she gave me the obvious retort, “over and over. You raped Becky three whole times. And you got Jilly and Sue to rape her as well, and me. That’s six rapings, and this is only my second.”

Her logic was childish, but hard to refute. I had put myself in the wrong and now my moral standing was gone in her eyes.

“But Mummy hasn’t raped anybody,” I soldiered on, “and what do you think is happening to her?’

“Well if she cums then she wants it,” Yvonne was sticking to her simple view about that too.

“But what if she isn’t cumming?” I challenged weakly, “then it would be wrong wouldn’t it? And what about Jilly and Sue?’

“I bet Mummy’s cumming like crazy,” Vonnie was scarily confident, “and now you’ve fucked them and made them cum I bet Jilly and Sue will cum for Becks and me as well.”

Christ, my precious only child was turning into a monster.

“Vonnie, darling, you’re not going to rape your own friends?” I was appalled.

“If they cum it won’t be rape. They’re sexy, you proved it. You only just even met them and you fucked them, and they fucking loved it.”

“Don’t swear darling,” I admonished my rapist, “it’s not nice.”

“Sorry Daddy, that Becky’s a bad influence isn’t she?” She was mocking me.

She was right though, Becky was a bad influence, to put it mildly. And my fucking Vonnie’s young friends had sent entirely the wrong message, I could see now.

I’d validated Becky’s sex-predation in every possible way. And Becky was top dog in this house at the moment. No wonder Yvonne was following her lead. I was a complete failure.

Yvonne’s movements were becoming more urgent. I watched her long, wavy hair flow around her shoulders as she thrust her body to and fro, even her firm, pert tits bouncing with the movement, and her gorgeous big green eyes losing their focus as she drifted into the ecstasy of approaching orgasm. Jesus, she felt fantastic, looked fantastic, and .... uurrrrggghhhhh!!! I was having a fantastic orgasm into her.

Her fit young pussy was spasming round my cock as she slammed down hard again and again, pressing to get every last millimetre in, as though eight inches wasn’t enough for her craving little quim. It felt amazing.

I groaned and gasped, and so did she, as the incestuous copulation reached its shocking but irresistible climax. I pumped my sperm into my own daughter, eagerly, over and over, until eventually we were both spent.

She sagged onto me, gasping happily. “God, Daddy, that was so cool!” she panted, “I’m so addicted to your huge cock already. And you loved it, didn’t you? Admit it.”

“Absolutely not!” If you’re going to lie, lie glibly, I always say. “It was totally wrong. Not only rape, but incest too. Suppose you get pregnant? The child would be inbred, it could have all sorts of problems.”

“We’ll get morning-after pills,” Vonnie wasn’t worried at all, “we all need them anyway, after all your fucking and cumming in us left, right and centre.” It was a pretty thorough put-down. I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Yvonne you bitch,” Sue spoke up from the floor, “how long are you going to leave us here? It’s frickin uncomfortable you know.”

“Sorry Susie,” Yvonne rolled off me and sat up, “I just had to get fucked, you know how it is.” She giggled. I despaired at the change in her, so suddenly changed from a needy, tormented young girl to some kind of female sex fiend.

She got off and helped Sue to her feet, then helped her hop over to the bed with her tied ankles. Sue landed next to me.

“Yvonne, untie me!” Sue was not happy. Not that hostile either, though.

“Alright, on one condition.” Yvonne was sounding playful.

“Lemme guess,” Sue wasn’t cowed, “you’re going to fuck me.”

“Almost,” Vonnie was grinning, “I wanna try some lezzie stuff, you know, rubbing and everything, eating, sixty-nine and everything.”

“Fancy that,” Sue didn’t seem to mind, she just waved her legs at Yvonne, waiting for them to be untied.

“Sue,” I had to ask, “you don’t mind? You were pretty unhappy when Becky, you know, forced you in the leisure centre.”

“I didn’t like the forcing,” Sue said, “ that’s not what I’m into, it was like an attack, the bitch, said she was going to massage me and then she suddenly tied my wrists, with a cable tie, before I knew what was going on. And then, you know, I hadn’t done anything, with anyone. I’m only thirteen, you know. But fucking you was pretty tremendous. Feelings like that, I gotta have some more of.” She grinned at me, gorgeous and naughty.

“What about me?” Jilly was still on the floor.

“There’s space this side, hang on.” Yvonne went over and helped her up onto the bed on other side of me. I was surrounded by naked thirteen-year-old girls.

“What are you going to do, Jilly, if I untie you?” Yvonne asked.

“I’ll just watch, honest.” Jilly wasn’t a troublemaker. And she was curious.

Like me.

“OK, Becky’s got the key anyway,” Vonnie wasn’t going to rape them after all. I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched her undo Jilly’s ropes. God, what a state things had come to, when it was a relief she was only going to have consensual lesbian sex with another thirteen-year-old. And what about Sally?

“Vonnie,” I said, “what about Mummy? You have to untie me.”

“You think I should break the deal?” Yvonne was challenging me again, “I gave her my word.”

“Yes of course I do, sweetie, it’s not a normal situation is it, what do you think Becky’s doing to her?”

“Well she’s grown-up isn’t she, it’s not like me. A few more orgasms won’t hurt her will they?”

“Darling you know it’s all different if it’s forced. You understand that don’t you? Why have you done it anyway, got me tied up and handed your mother over to Becky?”

“I wanted you Daddy. You teased me and got me all worked up and then stopped. You fucked Sue and Jilly and Becky, I was the only one you hadn’t. And…I don’t know…’

Just then the key turned in the lock. We all looked at the door.

It opened and Becky walked in, leading Sally by a leash and collar. It was our dog’s collar and lead, from the hall, and the collar was buckled round Sally’s neck. They were both naked. They both looked tired, but Becky was triumphant while Sally looked fucked out. Slender and vulnerable; her hands were tied behind her back. I strained at my ropes but apart from a creak I made no impression.

I stared at my wife’s beautiful face, trying to see how bad things were for her. She smiled tiredly at me.

Becky looked at my cock, still glistening slightly with Yvonne’s drying juices. She looked at Sally. “See, Sally? Is that a freshly fucked daughter or not? You lose the bet, I’m afraid.” She turned and led Sally out, locking the door behind them. Too late I realised I hadn’t said a word.

I realised Sally had bet that I wouldn’t fuck Vonnie, and I had. What were the stakes? What had I cost her, with my incurably hypersensitive cock?

“Now look,” I turned back to try and lay down the law to Yvonne but she’d untied Sue’s ankles already and had her face buried in her pussy. Sue’s hands were still tied behind her back, but she didn’t seem to mind. She grinned at me: “I’m being so worked over,” she said happily between breaths, “this is some sexy family. What’s you’re name anyway?’

Bloody hell, I’d fucked her without her even knowing my name. “Roger,” I said, ashamed that somehow I hadn’t told her.

“You’re frickin kidding,” Sue laughed even as she gasped with being eaten, Jilly joining in too, “Rogering Roger, that’s my kind of cool dad.” I couldn’t decide if it was disrespectful or not, but felt I had to smile back.

I watched the beautiful young girl writhe and gasp as she was eaten out by another beautiful young girl – my own little Vonnie. It was all different when the rape was a game. My incorrigible cock thought it was great, anyway; it was absurd but after however many fucks that afternoon - five was it? - it was coming to life again, propelled by the unreal sexuality of it all.

Yvonne’s long hair flowed over Sue’s thighs – rather delicious meaty thighs – and her head moved around as she shifted her attention from one bit of unseen teenie genitalia to another. My imagination was going wild.

Sue’s gorgeous brown body squirmed about, her little tits looking flushed and her nipples sticking up with arousal. I gazed, hypnotised, at her beautiful young face, her gorgeous eyes with the pupils huge in arousal, framed in her lovely soft, frizzy hair. I wished I could bury my nose in that hair, run my fingers through it and sniff in her ear.

I felt fingertips on my cock and looked down: Jilly was touching it with a delicate, sensual hand. She was free, it suddenly dawned on me, and Yvonne was, er, busy.

“Jilly,” I whispered urgently, “untie me.”

“I mustn’t,” she whispered back, “I promised.”

Not another teenage moral dilemma, I groaned to myself. Before I could muster an argument Jilly had leaned over and slid her mouth over my cockhead, taking away my reason once more.

Jilly seemed inexperienced but not entirely clueless with cocksucking. I guessed she’d watched videos but not actually done it before. Anyway she kept her teeth out of the way, that was the main thing, and just the idea of it was arousing enough: the willowy thirteen-year-old with my parent-aged cock buried in her pretty, innocent-looking face.

And she didn’t persevere with it for long in any case. After a minute, with my cock at full size and almost full hardness, she slid onto me and started lining up her pussy.

“Roger me,” she joked as she slid her pussy onto my cock, much more easily than last time. God. All these teens were getting so cocky. She felt fantastic, anyway, her pussy tight and slippery like some kind of magic glove. Her face was lovely, with warm brown eyes, strong eyebrows and thick, straight brown hair. I wished I could stroke her.

I heard Sue starting to cum next to me, and vaguely watched as she bucked Yvonne’s head around. Then Jilly started to fuck me and my concentration drifted away. I was just aware of Vonnie and Sue shuffling round and starting a sixty-nine, with Sue on top and her pussy with Vonnie’s lovely young face in it right next to me.

I lay there, bound and helpless, while Jilly fucked me steadily, in no rush. She was savouring the sensations, experimenting a bit with her movements, flexing her lithe, supple back to move her pelvis around and try different angles with my cock. From time to time she stopped the pumping and just rubbed her clit around on me. Her face was a picture of youthful happiness, smiling at me.

After a while – I had no idea how long – her movements changed and became more rhythmical and straightforward. She started to bang down each time, speeding up. In reflex I started arching up to add my thrusts and increase the speed.

I gawped hazily at her lovely slender young body, her gorgeous tits and fine skin, as it humped up and down and she gasped louder and louder, while we pursued ecstasy together. After another half-minute of rising joy we both exploded, my cock pumping yet again into her tight teen pussy as it pulsated, once, twice, half a dozen times, and then I sagged back, and she sagged beautifully on top of me. I tried to kiss her neck, but without my hands I couldn’t get past her hair.

“Do you want me to untie you, Daddy?” Yvonne was smiling at me; still this new confident sexpot person.

“Yes sweetie I certainly do,” I answered.

“Well alright, but there are conditions,” she was grinning, and so was Sue who was now underneath her, hands untied and stroking her affectionately.

“Oh yes?” I groaned. I was going to concede, I knew. I was battered, defeated, fucked into submission.

“You have to fuck us whenever we want,” Vonnie informed me. “No arguing or anything, your gorgeous huge raping cock belongs to us, OK?’

I felt I had to put up some resistance after all; I couldn’t become the plaything of three thirteen-year-old girls, surely? “Now Vonnie...”

I stopped hearing the key turning in the lock on the door. The door opened again. Sally led Becky back into the room. Becky with her hands tied and the collar round HER neck!

Sally’s face was smeared all over with glistening, half-dried liquid and I realised she must have been eating Becky’s pussy. Becky looked furious. Sally, my beautiful Sally, was looking like I’d never seen her: still tired, but naughty. And victorious.

“She untied me so I could eat her properly; that was the bet,” she said with a grin, “so I gave her my best pussy-eating, twice; she came really hard, then she fell asleep!”

Sally surveyed the room, taking in the girls” confident, smiling faces and my no doubt fucked-out appearance. “Well it looks like you got the girls over it all, anyway.”


Chapter 5: Family Values

“So she told you then?” I asked my gorgeous wife Sally. I was referring to our young housekeeper Becky, and her ravishing our daughter Yvonne and her two young friends, who were now all here with me, naked.

Sally was holding Becky by our dog’s collar and lead, and looking incredibly cool about it all, considering I was tied to the bed with a freshly fucked thirteen-year-old girl lying on me - a slight change since Sally’s earlier visit to Becky’s bedsit, when it had been Yvonne. Sally didn’t seem bothered though.

“Yes she told me,” Sally wasn’t as angry as I’d expected about being overpowered and fucked by Becky. “She said she’s sorry. She wasn’t too sorry to tie me up and fuck me with a huge vibrator though, so I can’t say I completely believe her.” She looked mockingly at Becky and gave the lead a slight jerk.

“Mummy, these are my friends Sue and Jilly,” Yvonne was introducing them. At least her manners were still good I thought.

“Hello girls,” Sally smiled at them, “I hope you’re having a nice time.” Was she mocking me? How was she so confident and in control? Perhaps I was getting a bit paranoid.

“Don’t worry Rog,” she said to me, “I haven’t exactly been faithful either.”

My wife had been unfaithful? Well I supposed that at least ruled out the paranoia diagnosis. “How do you mean Sal?” I jerked my hands and feet around and she moved to untie one wrist. I couldn’t help noticing it brought her trim little bush quite close to Jilly’s pretty young face.

She saw my expression as I reacted to the news of her being unfaithful. “It’s not a man, don’t worry,” she smiled at me, “just some girls at the tennis club. A lot of lesbians seem to play tennis for some reason. Perhaps it’s the skirts. Anyway I’ve just got into a bit of fun with some of them. It’s nothing about you, at all.” She bent down and gave me a kiss as she untied the rope. I started on the other wrist myself.

“Yes yes I know it’s been a little bit of a secret life, but it’s not as if you have much of a basis to complain now, is it?” she laughed. I was at a loss. I’d been expecting her to be traumatised by her rape and outraged by my fucking our daughter and her young friends.

“So that’s how your pussy-eating was good enough to knock Becky out,” I observed, doing my best to play it cool as well. I had to go along with it while I tried to work out what had just happened to my neat, orderly life.

“We’ve done a bit of bondage and what-have-you as well,” Sally seemed quite proud of it, “so it wasn’t exactly my first time. And Becky wasn’t going to hurt me; in fact she was quite caring in a way, once I was tied up, even though she was a bit dominant and did wear me out. She’s very sexy. I gather you’ve found that out for yourself.”

“Well yes.” I had managed to untie my ankles and stand up. I gave Sally a kiss, partly out of habit and partly, I have to admit, to see how affectionate she still was. She was the same as ever, to my relief: a nice full kiss and a hand through my hair.

I looked at Becky, standing next to us on the leash with her hands tied behind her back. She radiated sex, even though she was tired.

“She does something to you doesn’t she?” Sally had felt some reaction in me, “Same here actually.” God.

“Anyway, time we all got cleaned up and had dinner; you’ll stay won’t you, girls?” Sally was back in mother mode. “Shower and call home then; Vonnie will show you the ensuite in the guest room. Becky you’re not going to run away are you?”

“We’ve got the videos and plenty of evidence to drop you right in it,” I added.

“So you’re staying put for now,” Sally concluded, “no new aerobics classes for young girls in some other town.” Becky looked a bit militant but nodded.

We untied her and all went off for our showers, then congregated back in the dining room for some hastily-prepared pasta. For a while there was no talking as everyone refuelled; it was quite late and everyone was tired and hungry. Then over the ice-cream Yvonne asked the question that had been in my mind and probably everyone else’s: “What are we going to do, then, now?’

“Well let’s take stock,” Sally was the least fazed of all of us. “Jilly, how do you feel now?’

“Well, I don’t know,” Jilly was embarrassed to be put on the spot but trying to be honest, “I was scared when Becky went for me, in the leisure centre, stripped me and tied me to the bench and everything, molested me, you know. I didn’t know what she was going to do to me, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. But I feel OK now, with everyone here.”

“So Becky would still scare you, if you were alone with her?” Sally probed.

“Yes, I suppose so. To be honest I’m not sure about being alone with anyone now. Apart from you obviously.” She smiled around, ending up on me.

“How about you Sue?”

“She is a bit scary, I suppose, but she tricked me the first time, then Von helped her the second.” Sue nudged Yvonne who was sitting next to her, to make it not serious. Sue was more of a fighter, really saying Becky wouldn’t have it so easy another time. She had a strong little body, too.

“Vonnie?” Sally asked.

“It was a bit of a shock, you know, to start with,” Yvonne was thinking carefully, having had weeks of quasi-forced sex with Becky, “and it was awful thinking about what I did. But it was me, really, more than Becks. She did force me, but it was the orgasms that were the worst, and now I feel better about them. ‘Specially now I’ve cum with Susie and Daddy as well. And I forced Daddy to cum, so that’s better as well, and you came didn’t you Mummy so anyone can be forced, if they feel like it.” She smiled at me, the little terror.

“Well Becky,” Sally was sounding a bit like a high court judge, “there’s some damage to be repaired isn’t there? You’ve forced the girls to grow up faster than they should, it seems to me, and Jilly will have to learn to be confident alone with people again. Now the whole family is turned upside down with all sorts of taboo sex.

“Underage sex, bondage, rape, incest, lesbianism, this is all your fault. And unless I’m misreading everyone it’s not something we can turn back the clock on and pretend it never happened.”

Becky had been hanging her head, but raised it again. “It’s not my fault everyone fucking likes it,” she said.

“It’s your fault the girls have found out about it,” Sally wasn’t to be deflected. “And stop swearing you naughty girl.” Sally was only twenty-eight, but having brought up a child she had authority over the twenty-two-year-old.

“You can’t be cast loose to do the same thing somewhere else, anyway, and we don’t want to have these girls in court describing their experiences if we can help it, so you’ll have to stay here until your demons have been exorcised, whatever they are.

“I think a home-grown sort of Community Service Order is appropriate. If Roger agrees, I sentence you to three months as our sex slave, subject to review.”

I nodded, feeling a slight tingle start in my balls, which were running a bit hot.

“You are so kidding,” Becky was almost snarling.

“Well it’s that or the cops,” Sally was strong as I’d never seen her. “We’ll put your dominant dark side under a bit of pressure and see if you can find a way of relating to people that doesn’t involve raping young girls and taking away their innocence. I don’t suppose you have victims in any other towns?”

Becky’s face gave that away; Sally had guessed right. “The leisure centre will know your previous employers, it would be an easy trail to follow, so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You’ll be safe here and we’ll do our best to keep you satisfied.” She grinned at her little joke.

“So you’ll wear what we tell you and do what any of us says. You can keep doing your research and aerobics classes but when you’re out you must be with us or our girls every second. Any use of force anywhere and you’ll be spanked raw. Can you sew?” Becky was surprised by the question but nodded. Sally stood up and started collecting plates. “Alright, give me a hand with clearing up please.”

I went through to the living room with the girls, trying to adjust to our new Family Values. In less than a day we’d gone from a nice conventional family with two parents and a daughter to one with...what. I had to think it through.

Sue and Jilly were bound to us by their experiences. I felt a bit responsible since it was our housekeeper who had abused them. Also I had fucked them, and that did create a bond, not to say that Vonnie had also had a cumming together with Sue. It was the school holidays still, so they had to be taken account of: if they wanted to stay here we couldn’t chuck them out to cope on their own.

We had the same good-looking young housekeeper but now she was an ex-rapist and sex slave. My wife was a double-lifeing bisexual bondage freak who had lezzie orgies at the tennis club and didn’t seem to mind if I fucked our thirteen-year-old daughter, her friends, or Becky.

My sweet, beautiful daughter had raped me and was into Sue and bondage, and for all her mere thirteen years was now a highly sexed girl who was used to having several orgasms a day with a big vibrator in her pussy.

We’d gone from being – I thought – upright citizens in the community to outlaws with a whole cluster of guilty secrets. I’d be locked up if the truth came out.

And we were all bound together by sex now, I realised. That realisation came even more strongly as Jilly snuggled up to me on the sofa and my nose found itself in her thick, fragrant hair. Automatically I breathed in, savouring it. I felt one gorgeous tit rest lightly on my chest and her lovely firm young thigh press against my leg.

Also automatically my ever-ready cock started coming back to life. My balls really were on fire though. “Sorry Jilly, I have to move,” I apologised, getting up, “my balls are too hot, after everything.”

“You could put on a robe, Daddy,” Yvonne seemed to think it was amusing, “then they can cool down.”

“Actually I’m a bit hot too,” Sue was grinning at Vonnie.

A nice cool robe was a very inviting idea; I went up and got one. When I came down there was a pile of jeans on the floor and all the girls were in T-shirts and panties. Well, possibly panties. I could see at least one pair in amongst the jeans.

Yvonne and Sue had been kissing, on the second sofa. They stopped to grin naughtily at me and Vonnie lifted the bottom of Sue’s T-shirt to reveal her fluffy brown bush again. Trimmed, but full. Very nice. They both giggled.

Jilly came back in from the kitchen holding a cloth. “Did you want to try this Roger?” she asked, “it’s damp.” She was a very sensitive, kind person I realised. I reached for the cloth but she pulled it back. “Can I do it?” she asked.

So when Sally and Becky came in from the kitchen they found Vonnie and Sue snogging on one sofa, their bare legs intertwined, and me sitting slumped on the other sofa with my robe open and Jilly just applying the cool, damp cloth to my balls. I knew what was coming but still I jumped when it made contact.

Jilly had opened out the cloth onto her hand and then lightly closed her hand to cup my balls with the cool sensation. My cock shot up as though the afternoon’s array of fucks had never happened.

There was a slight gasp through the room as all the girls surveyed its disproportionate size and bulging head. Jilly looked round nervously in case she was going to be usurped, but Sally reassured her: “Don’t worry Jilly, that’s yours sweetie, enjoy! But first, everyone, we should just make a start thinking about Becky.”

Becky was standing passively next to Sally in front of the fireplace, looking sullen. Sally started undoing Becky’s jeans. Becky made to grab them but had her hands firmly smacked.

“Have you done any fashion or clothing design at school?” Sally was looking at the girls, “I know you’ve done some haven’t you sweetie?’

“Yes we did some last term,” replied Yvonne, “fabrics and colours and things, and how to sew shapes, with darts and everything.”

“So did we,” said Sue, who was at a different school, with Jilly.

“Alright, good,” continued Sally, “we have to do some clothes for Becky now, so that she’s nice and sexy for us and so that there’s not a lot of endless undressing when we want to molest or fuck her.” Her smile almost turned into a girlie giggle.

“So we should look at her body, the shape of it, and think what clothes will suit her best. Everyone’s different, and clothes can reveal some bits, hide others, and hang in different ways.” As she was saying this she’d been pulling down Becky’s jeans to reveal her gorgeous long, firmly muscled legs. Sally pulled off the trainers, socks and jeans, leaving Becky in small white panties and her T-shirt.

My cock throbbed even more.

Sally lifted Becky’s hands over her head and pulled off her T-shirt. We all gazed at her incredible body in bra and panties – the fair slightly tanned skin, slender neck, broad, straight shoulders, short back with the amazing taper down to her small waist, then the flare out to her nice wide pelvis. It was super athletic, muscular without being at all beefy, and super feminine.

Sally unclipped Becky’s bra and pulled it off, exposing her high, pert tits; not quite as fabulous as the one I was lightly stroking, but very nice. The little panties came down last, with teasing slowness, revealing her prominent mons. There were no tan lines, the glowing skin was sheer and perfect.

Sally turned her round slowly so we could appreciate her firm, smooth ass and the shape of her back. I loved the way her frame was quite shallow, front-to-back, it gave her a delicacy to go with her athleticism.

Jilly was ogling Becky as intently as anyone. “She’s sexy, isn’t she?” I whispered in her ear. Jilly nodded, not taking her eyes off Becky and still lightly cradling my balls with the cooling damp cloth.

“So, where shall we start?” Sally was mistress of ceremonies, “we can dress her with existing clothes, or alter clothes, or make new. Let’s have some ideas, then tomorrow Becky can do the sewing.”

“We should hang something from those shoulders,” I offered.

“Something short, so we can see her tummy,” Sue was into it.

“Or see-through,” Yvonne chimed in.

“I’ve got a big chiffon scarf,” said Sally, “we could start with that? Make something simple with the fabric, a cape? Then something for lower down...”

“I’ve got my wrap-around hockey skirt,” Vonnie offered, “she’s a bit wider than me but it adjusts, and it’s nice and short.”

Becky was looking more and more angry with being treated like a doll. “Why don’t you fucking ask me?” she spat, “I’m the one who’s been dressing me for the last twenty fucking years.”

“Now Becky,” Sally was severe, “I’ve told you about swearing. Wait here and don’t move.”

Sally disappeared upstairs and Becky stood where she was, naked and glaring at everyone. We all ogled her shamelessly, fondling each other as we did so: Jilly and I, Vonnie and Sue. It was all very, very sexy I thought. This sex slave concept had a lot going for it already.

Jilly was moving gradually onto me, looking partly across me at Becky, starting to straddle one of my legs. “Are your balls cool enough now?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie, thank you,” I answered automatically, before I realised what I’d called her. Well she was so lovable. She nudged me and I shifted obediently to lie along the sofa on my back, and she climbed onto me. She pulled off her T-shirt, looking hopefully for my reaction to her incredible young tits, which were surprisingly developed for a thirteen-year-old.

I smiled at her and reached up to stroke and fondle them. They were really gorgeous, a C-cup size, attached over a large area of her chest, so they didn’t sag but just had enough volume for the upper surface to curve slightly down then up to her large, dark-pink nipples. They were firm but soft, and very sensitive. She gasped with pleasure as I ran my fingertips over them and gave them little squeezes.

I could feel the damp cloth against my ass-cheek where it had fallen. I took it and spread it over my hand, then lightly brushed it over Jilly’s tits and gave each one a slight squeeze. She took a huge, enraptured breath. “Oh GOD,” she groaned. This girl was deeply sensual.

I stroked the cloth down her back, feeling her reaction. Over her tight little ass. She was so slender, nearly as tall as me at about five feet seven, yet so light. I kissed her on the lips, then on the side of her neck. Every touch thrilled her.

She moved up, rose to a crouch, then lifted my big, throbbing cock and slid her pussy over it. Young though she was, it slid straight into her, swamping me with incredible sensation. Well, I reflected, this was her third time today. She worked it in with a couple of thrusts, then lay down on me, moving only slightly with it embedded deep inside. There was no urgency, just that ultimate connection.

I gazed for a moment into her lovely young face, at her wide mouth, perfect teeth and brown eyes with the huge pupils. I kissed her once more, then we both turned our heads to watch Becky again.

Sally had reappeared, naked herself now, with a small vibrator. I had no idea where it came from. I had a moment to admire her firm little body for the thousandth time, no taller than Becky but more slight, before she came up to Becky and stood behind her and slightly to one side.

“So Becky,” she pronounced portentously, “for swearing and being disobedient you’re going to put on a little show, for the benefit of your owners.”

Becky looked at me, perhaps gauging whether I would intervene if she used her strength to defy Sally, and I tried to look steadily back at her, hoping to put across that I wouldn’t mind giving her a damned good spanking. Not that I’m into spanking, normally, but it would be a real sacrifice to pull out of Jilly to intervene, and I probably would take it out on Becky’s firm, smooth buttocks.

Becky stayed passively where she was.

I looked over at Yvonne and Sue, to see them sitting slumped with their butts on the edge of the sofa, their legs overlapping, and their hands working slowly in each other’s pussies. They were certainly ready to enjoy the show.

Sally slid a sensual hand onto Becky’s shoulder then up her neck, and I saw Becky react despite herself. The other hand, the one with the small beige vibrator in it, Sally slid down over Becky’s pert right tit.

She crossed her hands over and turned on the vibrator. Then she slid it buzzing back across to the nipple, which was erect and begging to be played with. Which was what Sally proceeded to do.

She teased the nipple with the zinging tip of the vibrator for a while, then leaned forward and licked it. Blew on it, then licked it again, blew on it, then put her mouth over it. She pulled her mouth off, leaving the nipple really wet.

She put the tip of the vibrator back on, this time with the spittle to soften the vibration into the sensitised flesh. Becky couldn’t hold back a quiet groan. Sally continued to wet the nipple, blow on it and vibrate it for another minute, then she ran the vibrator lightly in circles round the whole firm breast. Another minute of that and then she started sliding it down towards Becky’s shaved pussy.

“Spread your legs,” Sally instructed, and after a second Becky did. Sally slid the vibrator straight in, and next thing our slave was being fucked in front of us, as Sally worked the vibrator in and out of her soaking pussy, gripping one thigh between hers so she could rub her clit on Becky’s gorgeous thigh.

Becky was too highly sexed to resist, though I could see she was trying. She was gasping in time with the fuck strokes, which Sally was making irregular, watching Vonnie and Sue, and me and Jilly. I realised Sally was going to time her slave’s cum to match ours. I gave Jilly a little nudge with my hands and a thrust up with my pelvis and she sat up and started to move, fucking me.

Over the next ten minutes we all gradually homed in on a group cum. Jilly felt and looked fabulous on me, her tight, creamy young pussy pulsating more and more strongly round my cock. Even more than the first two times she seemed to crave my sperm.

Vonnie and Sue were gasping away on the other sofa, their hands moving rapidly in and out of each other’s pussies and their thumbs rubbing vigorously on each other’s clits. They looked gorgeous; two beautiful sexed-up young faces next to each other, sharing their new sexuality. They were still in their T-shirts but it didn’t matter.

I started thrusting up into Jilly’s eager young pussy and she timed her thrusts to mine, getting more synced with the practice. I heard Becky start to moan with a cum, and looked over again.

Sally was now rubbing her thumb wetly over Becky’s clit with every stroke, and rubbing herself hard. It looked distinctly expert. In the middle of it all I was struck how I’d had no clue about what Sally had been up to at the tennis club. Though come to think of it she had seemed to want a bit less sex recently; less sex with me, anyway.

But I was having enough sex today, for sure. The lovely girl on me was getting there. Becky was starting to writhe around in Sally’s sexy grip, her lovely face taking on a desperate look as the inevitable cum approached. Sally slid a delicate hand up onto her throat, the other hand slamming into her vulva with each stroke.

Vonnie and Sue were there as well, and I heard and saw everyone erupt into orgasm together, gasping, groaning and writhing as the ecstasy took us over.

I pumped yet more sperm into Jilly’s tight young pussy, groaning with each spurt, again and again, till there was no more, and then flopped back, immersed in my post-orgasmic bliss. Jilly flopped onto me and I stroked and kissed her, feeling her almost purr. What a lovely girl.

I looked over at Sally and Becky; they were pressed together, mons to mons, tit to tit, hands in each other’s hair, kissing deeply.


Chapter 6: Pressure Treatment

Yvonne and Sue were giggling together, excited by their developing sexuality, or bisexuality I supposed, as my wife Sally helped the post-orgasmic Becky towards one of the armchairs.

Sally looked over at me, smiled, and blew me a kiss. A slight concern crossed her face. “Rog, how many fucks is that today?’

“Er, Seven? “ I was struggling to remember.

“Right; bed.” Sally was so in charge. “You’re exhausted. We all are.”

“I’m not exhausted,” Vonnie piped up, grinning.

“I’m not either,” Sue was still cuddling with her.

“Alright, are you two sleeping together?” Sally was quite matter-of-fact about it. The two young teens nodded enthusiastically, “OK, guest room for you then, it has a double bed.”

“I’m exhausted,” Jilly was clinging to me, not wanting to let go. I could see Sally weighing her need, sleeping in the same house as Becky, our twenty-two-year-old housekeeper who’d raped her.

“OK, spare room?” she said, looking at me for confirmation. I nodded. We’d bought the house for its garden and it had five bedrooms - part of the reason we’d taken on Becky in the first place.

So I slept with a thirteen-year-old girl, a sweet, affectionate girl who was getting quite attached to me, it seemed. Fortunately she was indeed exhausted and she fell straight to sleep snuggled up next to me, without tempting me to drain myself any further.

In the morning I came down to breakfast with Jilly, to find everyone dressed except Becky, who was just in a robe. She had the collar and lead on again, and was of necessity following Sally around, though even so the two of them were staying quite close together I thought. Sally caught my look.

“Well you didn’t expect me to waste her, did you?” she grinned at me. They’d slept together.

I tried to make myself not be jealous - that would make no sense whatsoever. Yesterday I’d fucked Becky twice - or was it three times? - Sue, Jilly three times, and Yvonne. Though it was more that Vonnie had raped me; but still, my cock had gone up for her.

Sally was as gorgeous as ever at twenty-eight (ten years younger than me) and given the choice I wouldn’t have shared her with anyone, but since she’d revealed she’d already been enjoying lesbian bondage games at the tennis club I could see it was something I was just going to have to get used to.

After breakfast Sally phoned our respective works with an excuse for the day, prompted Jilly and Sue to phone home again, and got us all organised. “Right,” she said, “who’s coming to the chemists? We need morning-after pills.” Vonnie said she did and then the other girls wanted to as well.

“Okay,” said Sally, “that leaves you here with Becks, Rog, do you want to carry on with the treatment?’

“Treatment?” asked Becky, sounding a bit disappointed.

“Sex slave treatment darling,” Sally stroked her shoulder and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “it’s what you need. We have to get to the bottom of your thing about innocent young girls don’t we? I can tell you’re a bit less hung up on these three already, now they’re not innocent any more.”

Becky looked mutinous but didn’t say anything.

The others went out and I took off my clothes and picked up the lead. A day with the gorgeous sexy Becky as my sex slave beckoned.

My cock was hard already as I towed Becky through to her bedsit at the end of the house and sat her on the bed, then I went through her bedside table with the vibrators in the drawer. In the cupboard below was a bottle of baby oil. Excellent.

I pushed the robe off her shoulders and down her arms, leaving her delicious lean, tanned body naked - apart from the dog collar round her neck of course. The bed had a headboard that was conveniently two planks going across, so I pushed her onto her back, swivelled her round and tied the lead round the headboard in the middle. My cock waved meatily around, tingling, its eight inches at forty-five degrees.

“Pervert,” she snarled, glaring at it. She really did not like being pushed around. I had to admit I admired her; there was something about her aggressive, dominant nature that made me really desire her.

I knelt on the bed next to her and squirted baby oil over her gorgeous pert tits. I started to massage her, working the oil over her tits and then out over her chest and up her neck, over her magnificent shoulders. She felt wonderful, so lean and muscular, yet feminine with her shape and her soft, fine skin. A blonde complexion with a light all-over tan.

I worked her torso and arms for a few minutes then moved down to her legs. Giving a massage to a girl is so sexy, and all the time I found it even sexier that she wanted to stop me but couldn’t. And sexier still that as I started on her gorgeous lithe but muscular thighs she couldn’t stop herself getting aroused: she was breathing a bit harder, and the scent of her pussy was in the air. She was sinking a bit too much into the bed though: it wasn’t really firm enough for massaging on.

Without saying anything I untied the lead and pulled her up, picked up the baby oil and dragged her through to the living room. I hung the lead on the doorknob. “Don’t move,” I said.

I went and got a couple of towels from the airing cupboard. When I got back I found Becky in an armchair, looking defiantly at me. “So!” I said, “you want to be spanked I see.”

“No I fucking don’t,” she snapped, “don’t you dare.”

“Dare?” I said. “You naughty slave, that’s no way to behave. And more swearing!’

I was starting to suspect she at least half wanted to be spanked and fucked, and had simply got impatient with the massaging. Otherwise why had she started the defiance only now? We would see.

I pulled her out of the chair by the lead and she fought me, punching and kicking, actually snapping at me with her teeth. It was something completely new to me, but I managed to turn side-on before my cock or balls got hit, and then to grab an arm and twist her round before I took too much damage elsewhere. I pulled her arms behind her and wrapped the lead round them and tied it off.

I pulled her round behind the armchair and pushed her over the back of it. She tried to somersault over to the far side but I just managed to block her legs with mine. It was hard to do much though, she was still trying to kick me. Also it was quite limiting having to stay clear of her teeth. What a vixen. But my cock was harder than ever.

Eventually I found that with my legs against and inside hers and a hand pressing her back down I finally had her under control. The angle was awkward for spanking but I gave her a few smacks on each ass cheek. “You bastard,” she seethed. I gave her a few more.

I ran a finger down her asscrack to her pussy lips. She was soaking.

My cock was automatically lined up. I pushed it forwards and my big, bulging cockhead slid into her. She felt really ready. I pumped slowly and gently and in three strokes I was fully in. She felt fabulous. I rolled my hips around, working my cock inside her.

“You total fucking bastard,” she gasped.

“I know,” I smiled at her lovely, shapely back, “I’m afraid naughty disobedient sex slaves just do tend to get spanked and fucked though.” I gave her a few more smacks on her ass, which was more gorgeous than ever bent over like she was.

I fucked her slowly, making it last. I was recharged with a night’s sleep, my cock hard and strong and ready to cum at any moment, so I had to be careful. It felt and sounded like my slave was ready too. I fucked on and on, denying her a cumming rhythm, for perhaps half an hour. I could feel her potent, clenching pussy working at my cock, tempting it.

Eventually I couldn’t resist it any longer. I knew how amazing her pussy felt when she orgasmed and my cock was becoming desperate.

I speeded up and started pressing into her on each stroke. At the same time I reached round with my spare hand and rubbed her clit. We were cumming. My sperm surged into her as the spasms gripped us, her pussy pulsating wildly and my cock thrusting and spurting, thrusting and spurting, again and again, until we were spent.

I held her pinned over the chair for a minute or two, then the door opened and Sally and the girls came in, all grinning at the sight of us, except Jilly I noticed, who wouldn’t look at me.

“Oh wow,” Yvonne was thrilled, “you’ve been raping her Daddy. Was she naughty, or did you just feel like some?” My darling daughter was changing before my eyes.

“She was disobedient,” I said meaningfully, then wished I hadn’t.

“So if I’m disobedient Daddy, what will you do?” Vonnie started undressing her gorgeous slender young body and the others copied her.

“I won’t do anything sweetie,” I hastily tried to back out of it, “because you’re not a sex slave who’s supposed to obey every wish.”

“Huh,” Vonnie wasn’t convinced but she had other things on her mind, mainly lesbian slave sex it seemed: “well we got our morning-after pills, and some fabric to make clothes for her.”

I slid out of Becky’s pussy and she came upright, not fighting any more. I untied her arms and Sally took her lead and led her in front of the fireplace again. Sally ran a finger up the inside of Becky’s thigh, collecting the juice that was running down, and licked it off. Becky went back to being sullen again.

“OK what shall we start with, top or bottom?’

“We could try the hockey skirt, that’s quick, and then look at the top?” Sue was quite keen.

“OK I’ll go and get it,” Yvonne went off. Sally disappeared and came back with her sewing machine, which she set up on the side table.

The rest of us gazed at Becky’s glorious body, and Jilly came and stood next to me. She leaned against me and put her arm round me. I put my arm round her and kissed her. Wow, she felt fantastic, so lithe and willowy.

Yvonne came back with her blue wrap-around hockey skirt and went confidently up to Becky with it. She fitted it on, enjoying reaching round. and stood back to look at the result. It did look very sexy.

Becky’s legs really suited it, and it just hid her pussy. The fabric followed the outline of her pelvis, not making it any wider, and her waist narrowed beautifully above it.

“Schoolgirl look,” I said. I didn’t think the chiffon scarf would go with it.

“Oooh yes,” Sally was into that evidently, “you can donate a shirt can’t you Rog?’

“Sure,” I grinned. None of the girls had anything that would fit across Becky’s shoulders.

“And long socks!” Vonnie was getting a bit excited too, it seemed to me.

In a few minutes Becky was looking like the very image of a pervert’s fantasy schoolgirl. One of my old white shirts had had the tails cut off and was tied round her middle, with the cuffs turned up and all the buttons undone. It was a bit too wide across the shoulders but that had the effect of showing more skin, helping the front to gape open so her pert tits were just about covered, but so loosely that you knew if you peered in you’d be able to see her nipples.

Her gorgeous legs were in colour-banded thigh-high socks, leaving a few inches of irresistible thigh showing at the top below the hockey skirt.

I wanted to fuck her again already. Actually it rather looked as though everyone wanted to fuck her, except perhaps Jilly. Jilly was with me behind the armchair, rubbing her naked young body on me.

Sally, Yvonne and Sue gathered round Becky in her schoolgirl outfit and started to molest her. She was furious, but couldn’t stop them.

I nudged Jilly in front of me, leaning on the back of the armchair, and she spread her legs to present me with her recently innocent thirteen-year-old pussy. My cock felt like it hadn’t had a fuck this morning at all. I slid the hard, throbbing member into Jilly’s entrance and it started to disappear into her slim pelvis.

I reached over her slender back to fondle her gorgeous tits, pumping my eight inches into her a bit at a time. She was gasping, one gasp for each thrust. Her pussy wrapped my cock in creamy, heavenly sensation.

Jilly and I fucked gently while we watched the others molest their schoolgirl slave. They untucked Becky’s shirt and untied it so her tits could be fondled by Yvonne, and Sue lifted Becky’s skirt and knelt down to start eating her pussy. Sally stood naked and imperious, looking at them.

“So Becks,” she intoned,” the boot’s on the other foot now isn’t it? Your young victims aren’t so helpless any more are they?” Becky just gasped reluctantly, saying nothing.

The action went on and on. The girls ate Becky to her first orgasm then dragged her to a sofa, where the skirt was pulled off again; Vonnie went off and came back with the big black ribbed vibrator.

I felt Jilly start to tense and I quickly speeded up my fucking to cum with her. We came beautifully together, gasping and groaning, then carried on watching. I combed my fingers through her thick, glossy brown hair, sniffed it, kissed her neck, and stroked over her fabulous tits and along her slender back. I could feel she wasn’t finished.

The others fucked Becky to another huge cum with the big vibrator. It was super erotic to see her legs in the socks half way up her thighs, and her arm and shoulders in the shirt, with the rest of her exposed: it really emphasised the fact that she was being used for sex.

After the next orgasm they pulled her onto the floor. It seemed to me Sally had intuitively come to the same idea that I’d been following yesterday, of completely exhausting Becky then trying to get her to open up more about her raping.

Meanwhile I could see Sally kneeling right next to Sue while Vonnie was fucking Becky. Well since Sally was bisexual she’d be pretty much bound to fancy Sue, it seemed to me: Sue’s gorgeous brown skin and sexy little body were too cute to resist, with her soft frizzy hair and fantastic eyes that were each a little bit different from the other.

Sure enough Sally started touching Sue, and Sue leaned back into her. Soon they were kissing, then rolling on the floor with their legs intertwined and their clits rubbing on each other’s thighs.

Yvonne seemed to be enjoying her fuck of the hapless, half-naked Becky, easing the vibrator in and out one rib at a time, then leaning over to lick and suck her nipples.

My cock was growing back to full hardness inside Jilly’s lovely pussy. I moved it a little and felt her respond. She was such a sensual girl, she responded to every little thing I did to her.

The rest of the morning passed in a sexual haze, Jilly and I fucking behind the armchair and Sally, Vonnie and Sue fucking Becky pretty much continuously, and having sex with each other on the side. It was only a matter of time before Sally and Vonnie got together for a bout of lesbian incest, and when they did it was deeply erotic.

They looked so similar, the same big green eyes and light brunette hair, average height and lean, slender bodies. Vonnie started it by just leaning an arm into Sally, who leaned back just a little, then in a moment they were kissing.

I could see Sally wanted to teach her daughter more about the joys of lezzie sex, and she did. The small vibrator reappeared from somewhere and Vonnie got the full treatment over her pert little tits and then in her tight little pussy. Sally brought her to a simmer, held her there for ages with all sorts of arousing little licks and touches to her tits, nipples, neck, clit and points in between, then twice finished her with a mammoth orgasm that had Vonnie almost unconscious afterwards.

Then they swapped over and Sally coached Yvonne until she was herself treated to a huge cum by her daughter. Vonnie was a very diligent pupil, I had to admit, with what looked like a lot of natural talent as well.

By lunchtime we were all pretty fucked out. I was really impressed that young Jilly had wanted as much fucking as she had, though I had been careful to pump her gently and not slam into her. We’d cum together every time, three times after the first one. At the end I eased out of her and she stood up, unsteadily, and I pulled her into a long, affectionate embrace, kissing her neck and running my fingertips through her hair and all over her back and her smooth, pert ass.

We all seemed to start thinking about lunch at once, and went through to the kitchen, still naked apart from Becky, who looked somehow more than naked in her socks and open shirt. Sally took her lead and led her through.

We organised sandwiches together and stood around eating them. There wasn’t much talking, though there was a bit of whispering going on between Sally and Yvonne, I noticed, with Sue seeming to have something on her mind as well and Becky listening. But with the delectable Jilly rubbing her gorgeous young body against me I didn’t pay much attention.

I was thinking how surprising it was that Jilly, who looked so young and innocent, seemed to be pretty insatiable. Well, I reasoned, the group of us was raising the sexual temperature through the roof, we were probably all going a bit sex-mad today.

When we’d eaten we all went and showered and then got back into the living room. Jilly pulled me behind our armchair again and put her arm round me. She seemed ready for more fucking while we watched Becky being “treated” with our homespun therapy.

Vonnie had been to Becky’s bedsit and come back with a bunch of pink bondage ropes though, and had other plans for me. “I think it’s time you raped Becky for a bit, Daddy,” she grinned. There was a murmur of assent among the others and we went out into the middle of the room.

Becky was pulled down onto the floor and her wrists were tied to each ankle. She didn’t resist as much as I’d expected. “I reckon you should eat her for a bit, Daddy, and then give her a good fucking,” Vonnie certainly seemed to know what she wanted. I pushed Becky’s knees apart and got down to start eating her defenceless pussy.

Sue and Vonnie knelt down on either side. I was thinking they were going to molest Becky’s lovely pert tits, but instead suddenly Becky’s legs were free and had me in a headlock!

God, she was strong. I grabbed at her knees to try and force her legs apart, only to feel something at each of my wrists. Something thin and cold. I couldn’t move my head to see, my face was squashed into Becky’s crotch, and then I felt a weight on my back, pressing me down. It was Sally.

There was a sensation of rope and a zipping sound then my wrists were being pulled together. Becky freed my head and in an instant was helping the others to force my hands together behind my back. I was tied up, again. I realised they’d put a big cable tie on each wrist with a rope between them.

“Now then Rog,” Sally was in charge of the conspiracy, “Jilly hasn’t been joining in. She’s been monopolising you instead.”

I toppled over onto my side and looked up to see Jilly in the grip of Sue and Vonnie. Jilly wasn’t very strong; probably only about as strong as Yvonne and quite a bit weaker than Sue. She was being forced down onto the floor.

“So,” Sally continued, “it looks like she still has some innocence left, as far as girls are concerned. A bit of kissing, Sue says, but no more. As it happens that’s just what we need for the next step of Becky’s treatment.”

It sounded a bit ominous for my lovely Jilly.

“Noooo,” she started wailing as her own friends were helping Becky - now free to do as she liked - to tie her up. I realised I had helped her alienate Sue and Vonnie a little.

Sally, Becky, Sue and Vonnie were a bit of a gang now, it became apparent, as they tied Jilly spreadeagle on the carpet, manoeuvring the two sofas to tie her wrists and ankles to the legs, wide apart. A gang with young Jilly’s innocence as their target.

“So what we’re going to do,” fortunately my Sally was still in charge, at least, “is let Becky rape Jilly, and talk about her feelings and motivations as she does it.”

“Noooo, you mustn’t, not again!” Jilly pleaded, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“It won’t hurt,” Vonnie was sounding a bit predatory I thought, “you’ll just cum, what’s the problem?’

“But I don’t want it,” Jilly gasped. She gasped because Becky had already run a finger up her slit.

“You’ll get into it,” Yvonne was unmoved, “you’ll see.”

Jilly looked despairingly at her friend Sue, but Sue only looked back at her, sympathetic but not moving to do anything.

“So Becks,” Sally was sounding like some kind of therapist, all kind and on her side, “what’s your feeling about Jilly’s innocence?’

The mood changed as Becky’s tone darkened. “I want it,” she said.

She hesitated then carried on, sliding a finger into Jilly’s defenceless young pussy, “I don’t see why she should have it. I hate it. All cute and useless, much better to have done with it. Why should she be innocent anyway?’

Then she went quiet because her mouth was busy in Jilly’s crotch, sucking her clit and tonguing her pussy. Jilly writhed around moaning “no, no,” but getting wet by the sound of it.

“What about yours, Becky?” Sally asked, “what about your innocence?’

“Who needs it anyway?” Becky surfaced, a bit angry, “That was a looong time ago.” She reached for the big black ribbed vibrator.

Despite myself I couldn’t help my cock responding to the sight of the delectable, helpless thirteen-year-old being ravished by the gorgeous twenty-two-year-old aerobics instructor.

I was just noticing that Sue had disappeared when she came back in, holding a cloth. I realised it would be the damp cloth like yesterday, destined for my balls. Well they were rather warm again.

Sue was catching the dominant girl thing as well, apparently, not asking me but grinning as she pushed me back on the sofa and wrapped the cold wet cloth round my balls. I was so helpless with my hands tied behind my back. I bucked upwards, groaning, and she took the opportunity to lick the head of my instantly rock-hard cock.

Next thing Sue was straddling me with her strong, sexy little body and lining up her pussy. I lay back while the gorgeous teen ravished me, filling me with sensation. Her pussy was stronger than Jilly’s and the differences made the fuck more arousing than ever.

I looked over at Jilly, who was now being fucked very slowly with the big vibrator, clearly close to a cum but being denied it. She was gasping loudly with each slow thrust.

Sally and Vonnie were standing together, an arm round each other, looking alternately at each couple. They looked so beautiful, mother and daughter.

Sue fucked me steadily for a few minutes, then started to speed up and slam down on me. I stared into her gorgeous young face, with the green-brown eyes and huge pupils, as we started to cum. Her potent little pussy surged and pulsated round my big hypersensitive cock and then I was pumping sperm into her, pulse after pulse, thrusting up, until eventually we wound down and she slowed to a stop. She leaned forward and rested on me for a couple of minutes.

“Roggie,” she said in my ear, “you’re such a fuck!” The impertinent little minx.

I was searching for a suitable riposte when I realised that I’d dimly heard Jilly cumming in the background. I looked over and there she was, breathing hard as Becky slid the vibrator out of her.

“What do you think?” Sally was looking at Becky, “did that tell you anything?’

Becky looked a bit puzzled. “It told me she’s a slut like the rest of us,” she said.

“I see,” was all Sally said.

“How can she be a slut?” I said, “she’s only had one man and now you.”

“Yeah she came though didn’t she? Even though it was forced. Anyone could just stroll up and make her cum.”

“Nah,” Sue was still Jilly’s friend, “she wouldn’t cum for just anyone. You are sexy, you know, and she has fucked you, hasn’t she?’

“Only 'cos I was fucking tied up,” Becky didn’t want to give up Jilly’s victim status just like that.

“Yeah but still,” Vonnie was loyal to Jilly as well, “she didn’t cum for you in the leisure centre did she? Now she just did, that’s 'cos she’d fucked you. You’re not exactly a stranger are you?’

I had to smile to hear Yvonne’s implacable logic applied to someone else. Sally intervened anyway, before the argument could heat up.

“Why do you say the rest of us are sluts?’

Becky looked a bit trapped suddenly. She didn’t say anything, so Sally continued: “How did you lose your innocence, anyway?” Becky still didn’t reply.

“OK, well how old were you?” Sally was being kind, but persistent.

Becky still wouldn’t say anything and Sally let it drop. There was something there, but it would have to wait.

“Alright never mind,” Sally picked up the baby oil and went over and lay down on the other side of the hapless, spreadeagled Jilly, “let’s share her for a bit.”

Meanwhile Vonnie was coming over. I’d made up my mind not to let her get me hard and take advantage of my tied-up state. Incest with her mother was one thing - they were both so beautiful it seemed quite natural they would be attracted to each other - but father/daughter was something else - something more taboo with its implications of inbreeding.

But Vonnie just stroked a delicate hand over Sue’s shoulder. Sue sat up, still straddling me, and Vonnie bent down and kissed her. Sue dug up the damp cloth from next to me and applied it to Vonnie’s pert tits, making Vonnie gasp with pleasure. She ran it around for a bit, stroking over her tits and nipples, up onto her neck, then slowly down to her smooth, pert ass. Vonnie was glowing and breathless with arousal; it was so sensuous.

Before I knew what was going on Yvonne was moving onto me and was astride my face, facing towards Sue, with her wet teen pussy insisting on being eaten. My cock was being brought back up by the activity in Sue’s strong little pussy, and I found my resolve fading. It would have been too rejective, I told myself, to just lie there inert and not eat my daughter when she was depending on me.

Vonnie anyway tasted delicious, and her moans as I ate her sounded delicious too. I could sense but not see the girls kissing and fondling each other with the damp cloth, as Sue started to ride my cock again.

We continued for some time until the girls closed in on their orgasms. We were all so connected I knew we were all going to cum together, and I put my best efforts into my pussy-eating. I felt the pulsating and vibrations build again around my cock in Sue’s potent little quim and I started to cum into her again, listening to the gasping and groaning above me and feeling the final desperate writhing of Vonnie’s labia on my face.

There was a minute’s winding down then the girls got off and I could see again. I looked over. Jilly was shiny all over with baby oil where the two older women had been massaging her. I could just heard Sally talking, very quietly, to Becky, but I couldn’t make out the words.

Becky was being uncharacteristically gentle, stroking Jilly’s amazing young tits, while Sally was slowly fucking Jilly with the small vibrator and playing with her clit. I got the impression Jilly had had a cum while Sue and Yvonne were fucking me, and now Sally was continuing with some kind of teaching Becky about sensual sex - as opposed to brute fucking with the big black ribbed beast of a vibrator that was Becky’s normal modus operandi.

Sally looked over at me with her beautiful smile, enjoying herself. It was high time I fucked her again, once I’d recovered from Sue. “Ready for afternoon tea?” she asked.


Chapter 7: Confession

The next day was a Saturday, and with no work to go to, and no school either of course, we all set about dealing with Becky.

The living room had become our HQ for sex, with plenty of space and two big sofas and two armchairs, and the only windows looking onto our private garden. We took Becky through there, took off our clothes, and fucked her all morning. I fucked her with my big eight-inch cock and the girls fucked her with the vibrators, massaged her with the baby oil and molested her to keep her aroused.

From time to time we dressed her in various sexy outfits - schoolgirl hockey skirt, chiffon blouse as a skirt and so on - to evoke echoes of young girls, then fucked her in them, stripped her, fucked her some more, and generally played sex games with her. By midday even her strong super-fit young body was tired out, after more than three hours of continuous sex with seven or eight big orgasms. Finally Sally slid the vibrator out of her.

Sally took the lead with the grilling, as she had yesterday. She’d become more dominant since this all started, I’d noticed.

“So Becks,” she’d changed to a therapist’s kindly tone, “tell us how it started. Who was the first young girl you raped?”

Becky glared tiredly at her, saying nothing.

“Alright,” Sally tried again, “what about the first girl you had sex with?”

More silence.

“We can keep going,” Sally threatened in the deceptively kindly voice, ”there are five of us and Roger on his own can give you a lot more fucking, he’s only cum twice and believe you me he can do plenty more than that.”

“Can I do her next?” Vonnie, thirteen or not, had been getting a bit dominant like her mother recently.

“It’s my turn,” the feisty Sue was competing for Becky’s sexy body as well.

Becky sighed. “Oh all right,” she seemed resigned suddenly, “it was four years ago.”

I settled back, feeling a long story coming.

“I don’t know why, I just went to the mall, and there was this girl, she looked about fifteen. Fourteen perhaps, I never found out exactly. She was walking around on her own, looking in the shop windows, killing time, and I just started following her.

“She was quite small, about five feet two or so, blonde, and very lightly built. I suppose I knew I’d be able to overpower her easily. She was very cute and sexy without knowing it, like she’d never done any sex but when she did it would really hit her.

“She had these great eyes, big and very light green, and she was wearing short shorts and a short t-shirt. You could see her tummy. It was really a sexy outfit, only a complete innocent wouldn’t even realise what she looked like. But she seemed to think she was dressed like a boy or something.

“Cos she had nice tits and hips and everything, a waist, legs, she wasn’t a child any more. But she seemed to feel like a child, was the impression she gave. Like she really didn’t realise how guys were looking at her.

“Anyway she went into the Sunglass Hut and started looking at the sunglasses, so I went in and stood opposite her at the stand she was at, and pretended to be looking myself.

“I tried on a pair of mirror sunglasses so I could look at her and she wouldn’t know. She had nice legs and a flat tummy, pert little tits in a bra, she was just so…lovely. So sweet. Little pointy nose, full lower lip, dimples, a few freckles, her eyebrows all full, young and not plucked at all, and huge eyelashes. No makeup or anything. Straight blonde hair with a centre parting, just onto her shoulders, it was like even her hair was so innocent.

“I dunno, I just wanted her. She was so fresh and pure. My pussy was wet with being near her. I had to make her cum. Strip her and fuck her and make her cum and cum. I wanted to feel her writhing about and watch her pretty face as she got sexed up and came, for her first time.

“So when she tried on some shades I took mine off and looked over and smiled and said they looked nice. And she smiled back, she was a sweet girl you know and friendly, so I went another step and said it was a shame to hide her eyes though as they were so pretty.

“She blushed but kept smiling at me so then I knew I was in with a chance. Well I have a nice smile don’t I even though I’m such a bitch. I went round and reached for her sunglasses and she let me take them off. I said something like “that’s better, you’re so pretty you really should let everyone see,” or something, and she was flattered, she hadn’t got a lot of confidence you know, so I knew I was in.

“It’s funny isn’t it, you’d think someone as sweet and pretty as that would have loads of friends and be all confident but it doesn’t always work like that.

“Anyway I touched her arm and said did she want to come and look round the shops for a bit and she said yes, so we did. Then I basically chatted her up, you know, and found out she was waiting for her parents but they wouldn’t be too bothered they’d just phone if she wasn’t there, so I got us to the end of the mall and said did she want to listen to some music in my car and she said yes.

“She was a bit lonely I suppose. So we got in my car and I put some music on then I moved it across the car park to the far end where it was empty and nobody around, with it being the middle of the week. It was an old SUV with dark windows and I parked it facing a load of bushes, with no-one having any reason to go past and look in, so at that point she was mine.

“I knew she wasn’t going to just let me fuck her so I’d decided I was going to take her. I flipped the door lock switch and they all clunked and she started looking a bit nervous.

“Then I reclined my seat, all the way, so it was almost flat, and tried to get her to do hers as well but she wouldn’t. Even she’d realised what was going on by then. She tried the door handle to get out but it wouldn’t work at the first pull, with the locking, and she didn’t know to try again.

“So I leaned over her and reclined her seat, got on top of her, you know, and pulled the lever, and it went back.

“She wasn’t screaming, I dunno, she was just a quiet person I think, so she struggled but didn’t yell or try to poke me in the eye or anything, she was just a victim.

“I grabbed her wrists and pulled them back over her head and got the rear seatbelt and tied them into it. She stopped fighting then. She was pleading, saying “no, no, please, don’t and stuff,” but I didn’t care. All I could think of was getting her off.”

Becky stopped.

The rest of us were agog, waiting. It was so wrong but my cock was big and throbbing. In the hiatus Sue and Vonnie moved together and started fingering each other’s pussies. Sally was starting to play with herself, and Jilly leaned onto me and and stroked my cock. I put my arm round and stoked her tit, and we sat there on the sofa, looking at Becky on the floor. I grabbed Jilly’s hand to stop her wanking me before I came and then she just held it lightly, which was alright: a great feeling that wasn’t going to make me cum just yet.

“Go on,” Vonnie was impatient, “what did you do then?”

Becky looked at us all getting off on it, and carried on. At the back of my mind was the thought that she could have told the story in a less arousing way, really. I didn’t think Sally had actually asked for all this detail.

“So I pulled her trainers and socks off, then I got her shorts down. I had to lift her a bit but she was really light. She was starting to wriggle and press her legs together, crossing them, so it took me a couple of minutes, and it dragged her panties down a bit as well.

“They looked really sexy, half way down her butt and with her little blonde bush showing over the top, so I left them there.

“I pulled her T-shirt up and left it up on the seat belt, above her hands, so she was in her bra and panties. The bra was a soft white bra, it wasn’t doing much because her tits were so pert, it was just keeping her nipples off the T-shirt more than anything.

“Anyway so I took a few photos of her like that, then I took off my own clothes. That was quite sexy, being in a public car park like that and nude, with an underage girl tied up.

“She started crying a bit, which was so not sexy, it was the photos that set her off I think, but I just didn’t say anything to her, didn’t look at her or anything and after a while she stopped. I suppose she realised I wasn’t exactly her mum going to go gooey over a few tears.

“I told her, Allison her name was, that I was going to show her about sex. She kept saying “no, no’, but I could tell she knew it was going to happen. She was just lying there with her arms tied over her head, part stripped, there was nothing she could do to stop me and we both knew it.

“I keep a vibrator in my bag, ‘cos sometimes I just have to get off, you know, so I got it and turned in on, then I started on my pussy with it, showing her. She was amazed, you know she hadn’t a clue. I had to explain pussy juice and clits and the whole thing to her.

“So I got myself nice and wet and started on her. I wedged a knee in between hers to open her up, and stroked her through her panties a bit, then I rubbed the vibe up and down over her, through the panties, over her clit especially. She sort of winced more than anything.

“Then I did it over her nipples, and after a while they came up. She was sooo embarrassed I almost laughed, but it was a start, her face was bright pink, but there they were sticking up.

“So I reached behind and undid the bra and then pulled it up her arms like with the T-shirt. Her tits were lovely, all conical and looking so perfect and untouched, not a bad size either, and so I touched them, obviously, and they were quite sensitive, like they were a bit of a guilty secret she’d been trying to get used to. “Cos they were a good B cup already, heading for a C even.

“So I licked them and sucked them and vibed them, for, I don’t know, ten minutes even, till they were lovely and flushed and the nipples were really twanging when I flicked them. She was gasping a bit and I knew I was on course, and she was going to cum for me.

“So I moved on to her innocent young pussy. I was going to have her virginity.” Becky laughed shortly. “Not her hymen, I didn’t want blood all over the seat, but her first orgasm.”

“I pulled her panties down, slowly, and she started pleading for me not to do anything to her. She knew vaguely what was going to happen. That her innocence was about to end.

“Anyway she just lay there while I lifted her a bit and pulled her panties from under her ass and down her legs. Then she was naked. She was very lovely actually.

“She had a little blonde bush, quite thin but it was there and it wasn’t trimmed at all, though to be fair it would’ve tucked in to a bikini all right.

“So I started on her properly, pushed her legs open and started stroking up the inside of her thigh to her labia, then up to her clit. She was dry as a bone, all tight and tense, little thing.”

“I should think she was,” Sue had been dry as well when Becky had raped her, “anybody would be.”

“Vonnie wasn’t,” Becky’s retort was quick as a flash.

“Well you were just dead lucky,” Sue was not giving in, “most people would be.”

“Heh, you’d’ve been wet if I’d had more time,” Becky was such a predator, “Jilly too. It was just that I only had a few minutes in the changing room. In my car your pussy would’ve been mine.”

Sue was too honest to deny it; she just looked defiantly at the older girl.

“Go on Becks,” Sally steered it back to young Allison’s ordeal.

“Alright. Well she was dry but I’d got her going with her tits so I kept at it. It was my first time as well, but I reckoned I had an hour and so I just had to keep going and try different things until one of them worked.

“The vibe didn’t seem to do much down there so I got down in the footwell and used my mouth and tongue. I pushed her legs wider apart and licked up her slit, over her labia, then I pushed her clit out and licked that and blew on it, and nibbled it a bit.

“I got my finger wet in my pussy and held it up to her nose, then I worked it into her, up to her hymen. So I kept on and on, and I kept rubbing it and nibbling and licking and then suddenly her clit came up and her pussy was wet and I was there.

“So I got up and lay next to her and she wasn’t trying to close her legs any more, I fingered her and rubbed her clit with my thumb, and rubbed her and squeezed her, and she was on the way.

“It still took quite a long time, I dunno, fifteen minutes or so, just frigging her with my fingers, rubbing her clit, all wet, till I thought to suck her nipples as well, and that finished her.

“So she was there, all young and fresh and perfect, with her lovely little body all sexed up now, writhing around, bucking up and down a bit, and she was gasping, and her gorgeous eyes were huge, her beautiful little face was even better than I’d imagined, all flushed and excited, with that distant look, you know, when sex has taken over.

“So I didn’t want to risk losing it, you know, losing the feeling, so I just kept on and she arched up a bit and went all tense and stopped breathing for a second, and there she was.

“Cumming for me, cumming and cumming, and I kept her going for as long as I could, quite a few seconds, twenty even, and then she just collapsed back onto the seat, all amazed and shocked at what she’d done.

“God, it was so what I’d planned. Better. She was all sexy. We both knew she’d never be the same.

“She just lay there panting, all flushed and fucked, and I got the vibrator and did myself. I was so ready I came in like a minute, watching her while I did, and she was amazed all over again.

“So then I started to worry, now it was over, so I took some more pictures and untied her and got her dressed and got my own clothes on.

“I came over a bit soppy at the end and kissed her and told her she hadn’t done anything wrong and she was lovely and sexy and it was over and I wouldn’t be back, and put her out of the door. I was pretty sure she wasn’t up to taking my number plate so I drove off as quick as I could.”

“And that was it?” I couldn’t help asking, “Did you see her again?”

“No I left town, it was too risky, if she had a big confessing session with her mum or something. I was eighteen and if she was only fourteen or fifteen, or thirteen even, it would've been trouble. If she didn’t see me again no-one could identify me so I just moved. And I’ve never heard anything.”

We all sat in silence for a minute, taking it all in.

“So that was the first time,” Sally was trying to be in therapist mode, though she was well wound up herself, having got her fingers out of her own pussy just in time before she came I reckoned, “now you’ve just done it again, four years later. How many times in between?”

Becky just glared at her. That was all we were getting.

We’d made progress, but there was still work to do.

Also it was hard not to see that everyone in the room had been getting off on the story of the hapless young Allison’s deflowering, even though it was disgraceful.

Well maybe it was just the way Becky had told it.


Chapter 8 Acceptance

After that we let Becky recover, then the next day, the Sunday, we fucked her all morning again, and Sally managed to drag out of her the admissions to another half dozen rapes that she’d inflicted on innocent young girls.

The victims were all quite similar: small or slight and naive girls whose bodies were just maturing but who had no experience of sex. The athletic Becky had overpowered them and forced them to orgasm.

She’d started to use the photos to blackmail them into keeping quiet, and added video as an even more powerful weapon, playing it back to them to terrify them. They dreaded her releasing the footage onto the web with their wet pussies, writhing naked bodies, and their young faces so identifiable and obviously being fucked, fingered or eaten to orgasm.

And up until she’d got carried away with my beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter Yvonne she’d got away with it.

Anyway the extra admissions gave my wife Sally and me the feeling that our policy of making Becky our sex slave was working. We had her blackmail videos from her laptop so she couldn’t run off, and Vonnie and her two fellow victims were all getting over their victimisation by victimising Becky in revenge.

Becky’s super-fit twenty-two-year-old body had been molested and fucked to orgasm by my fat eight-inch cock and various vibrators, tongues and fingers more times than I could count. It was definitely a lot better than having the girls go through the ordeal of giving evidence in court.

So on Monday we started on Becky again, in the evening after Sally and I got home from work. We had an early dinner then retired to the living room, where we fucked Becky more or less continuously until about half past ten. Finally she looked at Sally with an expression of weary defeat, her sixth huge cum having sapped the last of her resistance.

She was propped on one elbow in front of the fireplace, with Sally next to her having administered the last fucking, while the rest of us lounged on the sofas. Jilly’s slender young body was on top of me, my half-hard cock still in her, while on the other sofa Yvonne and Sue, who seemed to be an item now, lay with their lovely naked bodies intertwined.

“So, Becks,” Sally started, “tell us about your first sex. Where you were, how old you were, and who it was with. You may as well, now you’ve told us so much.”

That was so true, I had to wonder how much Becky had really minded being gang-banged by us in her sex-slave role. She seemed to accept straight away that now she’d told us the end she may as well tell us the beginning; so had she really needed to resist so long?

“I was sent to boarding school,” she started anyhow, “as my parents were abroad so much. It was a Catholic school, all very proper and rigid and boring.”

Her tone grew angry as she got into it.

“And so fucking righteous and holy. But they were the biggest fucking hypocrites ever. All preaching about being pure and celibate and the sanctity of fucking marriage, but when I developed they couldn’t fucking keep their hands off me.”

“Who?” asked Sally, “the teachers?” I noticed that the rule about swearing had been dropped for now.

“Yes the teachers. I got to fourteen and quite a few of them looked at me, you know, but three of them, they were like a gang. They started on at me, stopping me in the corridor to tell me something or trying to get me to take extra coaching or whatever crappy excuse they could think of.

“I had no idea. None at all. I thought they just liked me. I respected them, they were my teachers and they were supposed to me looking after me. But they looked after each other.

“So one of them, Miss Dugeon, was the tennis coach and one day, after practice, she tried to touch me in the showers. She was very good-looking but I wouldn’t let her. She’d been looking at me a bit funny for a while, holding me to show me racquet grips, and showering right at the same time, and next to me, things like that. I’d started to realise there was something about me now I had hips and tits.

“She didn’t push it but then a couple of days later she invited me to play a mixed doubles that afternoon, with her and the biology master and the head of science. I was so naive, God, I said yes. I was flattered. I’ve got a good eye and good timing and shoulders and everything, and I wanted to be on the school team, even though I was a bit young.

“But it was a setup. A total setup. The courts are all screened by hedges, because of the wind, and over behind the gym away from the main buildings. It’s four courts all inside a fence.

“We started and the teachers played really slowly; I didn’t notice that either: the time they were taking to serve and the way they kept the points going with hitting easy balls to each other.

“So it got into the third set, one set all, and it was late, everyone else had gone, and they were starting to joke about a bet on the match. So we played some points and they were talking about drinks and money and then the head of science, Mr Thomas, said what about an item of clothing.

“And they joked around some more, they obviously were pretty close friends, all thirty-somethings, and the idea went from an item of clothing for the match to one each game and then next thing they were talking about strip tennis – whoever lost the point had to take something off.

“Well I was starting to catch on, even innocent young me, so I said I had to be back for tea and made for the gate, you the courts were all inside one high fence to keep the balls in.

“But the gate was locked, with the padlock. I hadn’t even noticed them locking it. So I tried to climb it but it’s like ten feet high or something and I couldn’t get my shoes in the mesh, to get a grip, so I fell down again and I was just cornered there and the three of them gathered round me.

“I got ready to fight, though I hadn’t much of a chance, but they just said, you know, “play the strip tennis with us, it’s just a laugh, a game, we often play don’t be such a little girl, you want to be on the tennis team don’t you” and things like that, and so I did play. I had to. It was my only chance.”

Becky stopped and looked round, challenging us to judge her. We were all gripped by the picture she’d painted, of this gorgeous sexy blonde schoolgirl of fourteen, about to play strip tennis with three lustful and unscrupulous teachers. Locked in what amounted to a cage with them.

Becky surveyed our expressions and carried on.

”So we played, and did those fucking religious twats play fair? Like shit.

“They knocked the ball about so I was always trying to save the point. I was playing with Mr Setright, and he never played a difficult shot to the others, he made it really easy, and they just played it to me, all the time, so that I could just about get to it but couldn’t hit it back anywhere hard for them.

“So I lost the first point, after running around like a mad thing, retrieving. They all started up “go on, go on, just a shoe” but I knew if I tried to play without a shoe I’d just lose even more points so I took my top off and they all cheered and said how nice I looked in my sports bra.

“Then it carried on, and so next time I took off a sock and put the shoe back on, and the next time, and then it was my skirt.

“So then I was in my bra and panties, feeling really exposed, and they changed it and started losing points themselves, and taking their clothes off. And I realised that was just as bad as me losing, and it was all hopeless and whatever I did I was going to end up with them doing things to me.

“I could see the men’s cocks bulging out the front of their briefs, with their shorts and shirts off, and a damp patch on Miss Dugeon’s panties.

“So I stood next to Mr Setright and when the ball came I didn’t hit the tennis ball I whacked his balls as hard as I could with the edge of my racquet-head. He stood there a second and then folded up, yelling, and fell on the ground.”

Becky paused again, a slight grin on her face from the memory. I was looking at everyone else, seeing all of us on her side, because she was ours now. Our young heroine in desperate straits.

“That was it though, the others just came for me, so I ran. They were both bigger than me, so I couldn’t stand and fight, but I could hurdle the nets and they couldn’t, so I held them off for a while.

“There was a bench with jackets and bags, where we’d left them, and I was hoping the padlock key would be there, but I couldn’t get to it with enough time to start looking.

“In the end Mr Setright got up and running again and then he climbed over the nets and the three of them cornered me. I swiped Miss Dugeon on the head but then they grabbed my racquet and wrists and it was all over.

“They dragged me over to the bench and cleared the stuff off and pulled my bra and panties and shoes off and tied me onto it. It was so fast. Suddenly I was completely nude. They even had ropes in the bags. I started screaming, it suddenly occurred to me to scream, but they had a gag and so that was the end of that.

“So then they took the rest of their clothes off and Miss Dugeon started fondling and licking me, while the men started wanking over me talking about my body, saying things about my fine skin and pert tits and my little blonde bush and my shape and just discussing me like I was an object.

“One of Mr Setright’s balls was all swollen but it didn’t stop him at all, his cock was as hard as Mr Thomas’s and he was grinning just the same.

“They had my ankles tied under so my knees stuck out either side and my pussy was completely open to them, and Miss Dugeon got me wet, in the end. I didn’t know at the time but I realised later she was really expert.

“So she started eating me and finger-fucking me and in the end, after twenty minutes or something, she got me off. I’d been masturbating for a couple of years but it was the first time with someone else. The way she teased my clit and sucked and licked, and what she did with her fingers in my pussy, you just couldn’t not cum.

“It felt terrible, being used. Even though I realised they weren’t going to actually hurt me.

“Then I saw Mr Thomas with a video camera and I realised he’d filmed me cumming. So he grinned at me and said they weren’t going to hurt me but they wanted me to have some fun with them and as long as I did then the video would be our secret.

“Then they took the gag off and he carried on wanking and so did Mr Setright and then they came and their spunk landed on me, on my tits and face, and he filmed that too.

“He put the camera away and all three of them licked me, licked the spunk off, off my face and tits and neck. And there was nothing I could do about it.

“After that they stopped and had a drink from their bags, and gave me some even, but they didn’t untie me and I knew the men were going to fuck me.

“Mr Thomas started it, licking my pussy and rubbing his cock on me till he was hard again. Then he got on me and just slid it in. I thought my pussy could stop him but it couldn’t, only for a minute, then I felt my pussy slowly giving way and he started pumping and gradually he filled me up. I didn’t really have a hymen, it turned out, I didn’t bleed, his cock just went in.

“I didn’t really understand at the time but it was quite a big cock. I could really feel it inside me.

“The others untied my ankles and I tried to kick at them but they were too strong and they slid me down to the end of the bench and then they lifted my legs up and out so Mr Thomas could get his cock all the way in.

“So he fucked me, for ages as he’d already cum. And he was landing on me, getting it all in, every little bit, and landing on my clit, and so eventually it started know...and I got worked up and in the end I had to cum again. I had to. They made me.”

Becky’s voice caught; she was close to tears. That was not like her at all. I found a tear of sympathy even leaked out of my own eyes, and when I looked down I saw tears running down Jilly’s beautiful young face as well.

Becky got herself back together and the anger came back. Self-pity wasn’t really in her nature.

“So that was it. I was theirs. Mr Setright fucked me next, for ages, and made me cum again, and then they let me go.

“They said they’d keep the video secret if I did as I was told, otherwise it would be leaked all over the web and the sites would be leaked to some of the girls in the school so it would be all over everywhere.

“So I had to let them. I didn’t see what else I could do. They gave me morning-after pills and then put me on a Depo injection at my next period, and made me go to their houses and have orgies with them, the three of them, with the men fucking me and Miss Dugeon, and making me eat Miss Dugeon as well.

“And they took me to some woods a little way away and played chasing games with me - let me run and if I could stay away for an hour I’d be let off but otherwise I’d be fucked by whoever caught me. Things like that. They knew I had nowhere to go and had to come back to them.

“Hide and hump” they used to call it. And they made me tan nude with a sunbed and keep up my sports so I’d be sexy for them.

“Some days I’d get fucked for hours, if they were in the mood; taking turns. While one was fucking me the others would be recovering, ready for their next turn. They couldn’t get enough of me.

“Miss Dugeon used a strapon and vibrators, and the men could stay hard for ages, and get hard again time after time. They were just sex-crazed over me.

“In their rooms or the woods - they used to take a picnic sometimes. Eat the picnic and then fuck me on the rug.

“Or tie me to a tree in a blouse and short skirt and then go off and come back and pretend to find me, and then rape me against the tree, or untie me and play the wicked family pretending to save me but then raping me. All sorts of games. I was their sex toy.

“One weekend they borrowed a cottage from someone they knew, in Wales, it was really remote. But it had woods, in fact it was in woods, up a long track, and as well as that for the chasing and Hide and Hump it had a hot tub on the deck.

“They got a big rainwater butt, you know a drum for collecting water from a gutter, and put it next to the hot tub and filled it with cold water. Then they made lots of ice in the freezer, in pans and yoghurt pots and things, and next day they put it all in. They put a thermometer in and when it was down to four degrees they put me in it.

“It was so freezing, I didn’t think I could stand it. They pushed me down in it, up to my neck, and kept me in for four minutes. It was so cold.

“Then they took me out and put me in the hot tub, that they’d set as hot as you could stand. It was like fire. And then after four minutes in there they put me back in the ice cold, that almost stopped me breathing completely. After four minutes there I was put back in the hot tub, and so on for about six times, I couldn’t count I was in such a state.

“They were calling it ThermoPussy and laughing at me, as I went bright red and blue each time.

“Then they dried me and took me inside and massaged me. My body was like it was electrified, completely tingling everywhere, like ultra stimulated.

“So then they started fucking me, and I came and came and came for them - that was the point. Every touch was massive; my whole body was hypersensitive.

“That was the afternoon, and they just fucked me the rest of the day and all evening, taking their time and filming me, while I came like mad, writhing and bucking and groaning.

“You’d never know from the film that I didn’t want it, I just looked like the most sex-mad bitch ever.

“They kept a score of how many cums they gave me that session. They got it to eleven, that was their record; I couldn’t walk afterwards. But after that they started calling me Supergirl anyway.”

Becky paused again, reliving the experience, then her face set and she clammed up. That was it for this time.

I found my cock was rock hard in Jilly’s tight young pussy. And her pussy was wet and pulsating. I looked into her gorgeous young face: she was aroused, her pupils huge in her tearful eyes.

She moved on me; I pushed her pelvis up and then fucked upwards into her and in just a few strokes we were cumming, cumming long and hard. It was so wrong, but we were totally aroused.

We wound down and I realised Vonnie and Sue had got each other off as well, their young faces flushed and excited with their orgasms, and their fingers still in each other’s pussies.

Sally had pulled Becky into a kiss and was rubbing her clit on Becky’s beautifully muscled thigh. We watched as she broke the kiss to take some gasping breaths while her lithe body spasmed in orgasm.

Becky looked round at us all, then lay back and closed her eyes.

“Couldn’t you get help from anyone, your mum and dad or anyone?” Yvonne asked.

I was glad she’d thought like that. I liked to think, as any parent I suppose, that she would always be able to get any help she ever needed from me and Sally.

“I did tell Dad in the end,” Becky answered, opening her eyes again. “He came over and I went home for the weekend.

“I told him three teachers were bullying me into having sex; he thought I was telling a story, then when I kept telling him about it he said he’d talk to the headmistress, Dr Thackwell.

“So he phoned her, and went to see her, without me, and she said she’d start an enquiry. Then Dad went back to Singapore again and I had to go back to school.

“I was called to see the headmistress and she asked me about it and I told her some of it. Not all of it, not the woods and how many times they fucked me, but some of it, enough to get them in prison I thought, and she thanked me for telling her and said she’d conduct an investigation.

“So then Miss Dugeon and the others got hold of me and said I couldn’t prove anything, couldn’t prove it wasn’t just a schoolgirl fantasy, but they’d stop, as long as I shut up about it.

“Otherwise they’d post the video of me cumming and being cummed on, and carry on fucking me and this time they’d fuck my ass and bring some friends round too. That made me really scared; though I realised later it didn’t make sense, but at the time I was just so scared.”

I could feel the outrage building in the room as we all took in her terror and the betrayal by yet more people she’d depended on.

“So next day Dr Thackwell saw me again and said the teachers had denied it and did I have any evidence, and I said no and maybe I’d had a bad dream that seemed real and I was sorry.

“And she just told me off and said be more careful next time about what was real and what wasn’t. And that was it.”

“But what about your Dad?” Jilly was almost in tears again.

“He never asked. I suppose he never really believed me.”

“Well we believe you,” Sally had her arm round Becky. Becky let herself be cuddled for a few minutes, then eased herself free. She wasn’t someone who liked a lot of cuddling.

I was acutely aware that we’d treated Becky in a very similar way to her wicked teachers. “Sorry Becky,” I apologised, “what we’ve been doing is awfully similar. I had no idea.”

“It’s helped, to be honest,” Becky looked squarely at me, “This time I knew why, that I deserved it. You were pretty gentle with me really, considering what you saw when you broke into my room and found me raping Yvonne.

“And I’d blanked it out, in many ways, what happened at school. I didn’t really remember it clearly until just now. So I was reliving it in reverse, raping the other girls. I’m sorry.” She looked round at Jilly, Vonnie and Sue.

“We should get them!” Sue was on the warpath, the feisty little beauty. “I’m sorry Becks, sorry for what I did to you. I didn’t understand. But we should get those fuckers, get them and...”

“Kill them!” Vonnie chimed in, “That’s what they deserve. And that’s the only way too, the only way to stop them.”

“Now hold on!” I was aghast at the aggression in my thirteen-year-old daughter. But she had raised the question of whether those teachers had carried on abusing other innocent young girls in their care.

And if so, how to stop them.

“Well that is an issue,” Sally was looking pretty belligerent as well, “suppose they’re still doing it, to other girls? How can we tell? And what should we do? There’s no evidence to use against them.”

“We should get them, anyway.” even my sweet Jilly was bent on revenge.

“Let’s sleep on it,” I hedged weakly, and we did, though in my case not until I’d fucked Jilly’s gorgeous, needy young body again. After a nice cum I came down from the high feeling her delicate hands stroking down my back, pulling me to her.

“Will you take me to the woods?” she whispered, “For a picnic?” I felt her start to move, her pussy working on me, and amazingly my cock grew inside her and I started fucking her yet again. Eventually we shared another mind-numbing orgasm and then finally she fell asleep. “Eleven cums,” she mumbled as she drifted off.


Chapter 9 Planning

Breakfast the next day turned into a council of war. The girls, all of them, were bent on vengeance. Partly it was guilt, I suspected, and partly it was that all the sex had bound us to Becky and with the understanding and apologies all round she was one of us now. Plus to be fair I guess we all had a sense of justice.

Sally had checked the school website and all three of the blackmailing rapist gang were still there.

My new Becky-style Vonnie was still in favour of the ultimate solution: “Sex offenders always reoffend,” she pronounced, sounding as though she was quoting a website, “you can’t stop them by punishing them. They find some way to keep doing it, somewhere, even if it’s the other side of the world. The only way is to kill them. The fuckers. It’s what they deserve anyway.”

Jilly had needed another fuck before we got up so I wasn’t too alert yet, but I tried to see how on earth my beautiful young daughter, so slight and with her pale, perfect skin, green eyes and long, wavy hair, could be a killer. In the abstract at least.

The same features and the same ruthlessness were there in my wife, however, though I guess being twenty-eight instead of thirteen made it a little bit less extreme. “Well how about neutering them?” she suggested, “that would stop them fucking anyone else.”

“But how would we?” I had to object. “How about blood loss? And what do you have to do to a woman and why would that make any difference?”

“Exactly,” said Sue, “killing them is much better. Much easier and guaranteed to stop the fuckers doing it any more.”

“We have to do something,” said Jilly, who didn’t seem to have lost any alertness from starting the day with a fuck, and was glowing with health even.

“We have to find out if they’re still doing it.” Sally’s mind was always good at focussing on what was important, “then we’ll know if it’s just revenge or if we have to do something for the sake of other girls.”

“We could keep watch on the tennis courts.” Even as I said it I knew it was feeble.

“They might not be using them now,” Becky pointed out, “they only used it the once with me, then it was their homes or cars and they swapped about.”

“It’s not easy spying I bet,” Vonnie was a junior version of her mother in so many ways. “People’ll start reporting you if you hang around the same place for too long not doing anything. Specially in a girls’ school.”

I could see where it was leading.

“I’ll go,” said Sue, “I’ll go and be at the school and perhaps they’ll start on me and we can get them.” Sue had a mixed-race beauty that would draw the teacher gang like a magnet, I was sure; but private schools are expensive.

“What do your mum and dad do?” I asked. I was pretty sure that would stop the crazy plan in its tracks.

“Dad’s an accountant,” she said, “normally, but he’s being made redundant.”

“It’s too expensive then,” I said, “it’s over twenty thousand a year.”

Jilly clung to me, not saying anything.

“It has to be me,” Vonnie was definite. “I can do it and you can be late with the fees and then not pay. They won’t be able to do anything.”

There was some more discussion. The arguments didn’t stack up at all, for me, but Sally didn’t support me: things had been talked round to it being a given that someone should go and enrol, and at least our daughter was our own responsibility not someone else’s.

I thought it was too risky but I was a lone voice of reason; the girls were all in attack mode. I had to concede it was in some ways a girl thing: the crime was against one of their own.

After some more talking and arguing it was decided. Sally phoned the school and found that new pupils and their fees were more than welcome even at short notice. An interview was arranged; one that our bright only child passed easily.

So my beautiful, slender daughter, a mere thirteen years old, was going at the start of the new school year, in only two weeks’ time.

We bought a spy watch with camera recording, a separate spy camera that could transmit, and we signed up to a phone tracking service so we could always see where she was.

Sue and Jilly were determined to come, and had told their parents they were staying with Yvonne. Sally had phoned their school with a story about them being exposed to chicken pox and being in quarantine, and so my protestations about the risks and complications of having them there with us were doomed before I even found out.

We booked into a big chain hotel near the school, Sally saying we were spending the money the school thought they were going to get as Vonnie’s fees.

All too soon the big day arrived so we drove over, and Sally and I did the anxious parent act dropping off our daughter at her new school.

We went back to the hotel and waited. Vonnie texted that everything was OK, and we studied the little website photos of the three members of the gang among the staff. Vonnie streamed some webcam from her phone so we could see the room, but as we’d expected the school network wouldn’t stream webcam from her laptop.

We logged onto the tracking site and found Vonnie’s phone just as we’d planned.

In the evening we had Sue and Jilly do the positioning of the video receivers, since having a man prowling around the grounds of a girls” school at dusk would not exactly be cunning. The girls met up with Vonnie to catch up with the details of how it was going, and to give her some contact - some moral support for our spy with her lonely secret role.

We spent the next day waiting for word from Vonnie, but heard nothing until the evening, when she called and told us she had a tennis lesson booked for the following day, but she didn’t know who with: it might be Miss Dugeon or another teacher.

The next evening Vonnie phoned with the news that she’d had her tennis lesson but it wasn’t with Miss Dugeon. However she’d had Biology with Mr Setright and managed to sit in the front row and get his attention, she thought.

We discussed the possible courses of action endlessly. We’d pinned our hopes on the start of a new school year meaning that the gang, if they were still ravishing girls, would be starting afresh. But of course they might have an existing victim returning, or one in mind to start on.

In any case there would be no more tempting bait than Yvonne, I’d wager, in the whole school. But like a fisherman, having cast the baited hook we could only wait.

The days passed in the hotel, and we fucked and took it in turns to go out, or down to the exercise room where they had a couple of machines and some weights.

By Friday evening we were beginning to lose hope. Miss Dugeon had given Vonnie a tennis lesson on Thursday and been quite friendly, but no more than that. I knew what Vonnie’s legs looked like in a tennis skirt and as long as Miss Dugeon liked them slender then as far as I was concerned they were a 10 on the scale of temptation.

But no bite.


Chapter 10 Expedition

Then about nine thirty in the evening my phone went with a text and I picked it up off the bedside unit. It was from Yvonne’s tracking program - her phone had gone beyond the zone we’d set around the school!

I opened my laptop and we all hopped up and down getting dressed while the tracking site updated...Vonnie was a good fifteen miles away already! Heading West towards Wales.

Christ. We’d got all set up here and it was going to go off in some other place entirely.

“Mike,” Becky was thinking more clearly than Sally and me for the moment, without the weight of parenthood: “let’s get in your car. You drive, I’ll track. I might remember odd bits as well. Quick. Sally you take mine? I’ll phone where we’re heading, OK?” She tossed Sally her keys.

By the time I had the car out of the car park Becky had the laptop using my phone for its Internet connection. The tracking site was designed for companies to keep track of their drivers and displayed it on a map. It was beautiful.

We could see the road they were on, and they were indeed heading towards Wales.
I drove as fast as I could and we gradually made up time on them, though they were going quite fast too - no doubt impatient to start helping themselves to my daughter’s nubile young body. I could see we weren’t going to be able to catch up with them on the road, to save her.

We followed the signal for an hour, closing to within five minutes of them. We were right in the middle of Wales, a very remote area.

The signal held up at least, to my relief, and we watched the marker turn onto a lane, then into a wood, and stop. Now what? I’m reasonably strong for my size but I had no idea about fighting.

We drove along the lane anyway, and saw a track leading up into the wood, towards the signal. I drove past, turned right and circled round to the other side of the wood. Becky phoned Sally and we sat and waited for the others to arrive.

It was eleven o’clock on a warm September night. The bad guys had our delicate girl in a cottage, and Becky said both the men and the woman were bigger than any of us. We sat there worrying.

The others arrived half an hour later and we had a council. First thing: did we want to call the police?

“If they haven’t done anything to her yet they won’t get much,” said Sue who wanted an extreme punishment, “a couple of years at the most. With three of them they can make up a story.”

“And there’s you and Becky think of,” added Sally. This was the whole issue, of course, that if we involved the police it was inevitable they’d find out about her raping. And the rest of us too...God knew what we’d all end up being charged with.

We agreed we had to find out what was going on first. We climbed into the wood and headed in the direction of the cottage. Fortunately among the mountain of gear we’d packed were some torches.

Fortune continued to favour us as we found a track leading in the right direction, and it turned out to be a track right through the wood, with the cottage built next to it. We’d come from the other end on the same track they’d driven into. We took cover behind what looked like the central heating gas tank and peered across its little garden. I could dimly see a deck with a hot tub on it.

“Is it the same one?” I asked Becky in a whisper.

“I think so,” she murmured.

It was all dark, except for two lighted windows on the ground floor. Before I had a chance to do anything Sue was running in a crouch to one of the windows, where a shaft of light was showing the curtains weren’t drawn quite closed.

I grabbed Sally before she could go after her and we watched while Sue slowly raised her head to look in. At least with her lovely brown skin she was the best equipped to do that without being noticed, I realised.

I saw her stiffen in shock, then drop back down and scurry back to us. “They’re all fucking her, all at once!” she gasped, “in her ass and her mouth as well, all at once! Quick!”

Sally and I led the charge, not stopping to think. Our Vonnie being triple teamed! I tried the door but it was locked. I took a couple of paces back and shoulder-charged it, but bounced off. I tried again, with the same effect. Took a longer run, and bounced off again, hardly noticing the pain. Then it opened.

Standing facing me in the doorway was a man in a robe, about average size or a bit over. As I drew my fist back he jabbed me in the solar plexus and I collapsed, winded.

On my knees, gulping for a breath that would not come, I could only watch events unfold before me. Sally charged and the girls all piled into the man after her; the man who was Mr Thomas, the head of science.

He fell back and the girls ran into the house after him. I crawled into the empty hall, and looked into the sitting room, where everyone seemed to be.

I saw Becky being grabbed by a naked man, who had to be Mr Setright. He had her in a bear hug, from behind. She flung her head back, hitting him in the face, but he didn’t let go. She kicked backwards but her trainers softened the impacts. He was bigger than Mr Thomas and just held her tightly to one side.

Sally had fallen prey to Miss Dugeon, who was a good five feet nine and big-boned. She was pinning Sally down on a small sofa.

I watched Sue trying to poke Mr Thomas in the eye, but he outreached her by far. He gripped her hand and whirled her into an armchair, where he held her with one arm on her neck, from the side. With the other he was reaching into a pile of ropes.

I saw Vonnie, naked, tied face down to four ring bolts in the floor.

Jilly ran back past me and out into the night. There was nothing she could do against this overwhelming force, and she was a gentle girl anyway.

I managed to get one shallow breath, then another, and in a few more seconds I’d have been on my feet but Mr Thomas had been slick with tying Sue’s wrists and was on me before I could get up. He sat on me, then Miss Dugeon had tied Sally and came over to help him.

After a few more ineffectual struggles we were all as captive as the girl we’d come to save. I felt a complete idiot; I’d lost my head completely, then been a total loser in the fight. Not that I’d ever in my life had a fight up to now.

“Wasn’t there another?” Miss Dugeon asked when things had quietened down.

“I don’t think so,” Mr Thomas said confidently, “four I made it.”

“Three more girls and a man,” Mr Setright was gloating horribly, “how very suitable. And Becky, Supergirl, how lovely to see you again!”

“Just as well we brought the Viagra,” sniggered Mr Thomas.

God. What an unmitigated disaster.

“Looks like we have a mother and daughter,” Miss Dugeon observed, “I think we can have some special fun there.”

“Daddy too, I reckon.” Thomas must seen something in my face as I looked at Vonnie.

They went round us one at a time, stripping us and leaving us bound and helpless.

“Don’t think you’re going to get away with this,” I tried to sound confident and fierce.

“Well Daddy,” Thomas was a prick of the first order, “when we’ve got some video of you fucking your underage daughter you might decide discretion is the better part of valour.

“Darling Yvonne is going to cum for us anyway, with our special thermal treatment if not before, and once you’re full of Viagra it’s going to be you leading the gangbang. So just quieten down and enjoy it.

“Maybe Wendy will give you a bit as well, if you’re good.” He grinned across at Miss Dugeon, who smiled back at him. She was in good shape for what had to be late thirties, I had to acknowledge, albeit in a slightly Amazonian way.

I realised that with their hot-and-cold water treatment they could make any girl so hyper-sensitised that she’d cum hard even being raped, just as Becky had described. So they’d dispensed with the tennis-court shenanigans and just gone for plain forcible abduction.

Maybe Vonnie’s desperate text had been sent while she was being molested, or worse, in the car on the way over. I could only guess they’d let her bring her phone in case she’d arranged to call us, or we called her.

Once a girl was here they could rape her to their heart’s content, film her obviously cumming hard over and over again after a thermo treatment, and then with that blackmail hanging over her she wouldn’t say anything.

What an evil trio. As boarding school teachers they could abduct and ravish their young pupils for the weekend, and get away with it time after time.

Then some girls, like Becky, would go out into the world and inflict a similar ordeal on others, the damage rippling out from this viper’s nest. How many girls had they raped over the years?

They held all the cards though; I didn’t see how to foil them. Jilly was free but what could she do? Would she call the police? She might be worried about the underage sex she’d been having with me, or our raping Becky, or it coming out about Becky raping her.

It was unlucky that one of the others hadn’t escaped, I thought; with their more aggressive characters they might have done something. Though I was glad that my sweet Jilly was going to be spared what was surely to come.

My reverie was interrupted by Thomas lifting Vonnie to help Setright slide underneath her.

“Just going to finish what we were enjoying before we were so rudely interrupted,” he jeered. I could see Setright’s cock was hard again. It was a good seven-incher and none too thin. Vonnie groaned as he pushed it up into her pussy.

Miss Dugeon, the Amazon bitch, was putting on a strapon, though not too big a one fortunately. A much bigger one, a ten-incher by the look of it, lay on the floor near Vonnie’s head, where Thomas was kneeling down.

His large curved cock was hard again too as his eyes roamed over Vonnie’s slender, helpless young body.

“Now Yvonne,” he instructed, ”remember what we said: if I feel your teeth you get the big one up your cute little ass, OK?”

I watched Vonnie nod and then tilt her head back, opening her throat to allow the hard cock to enter her. Miss Dudgeon squeezed some lube out of a tube and regreased her strapon with it, then slid it slowly into Vonnie’s helpless butthole. We heard an agonised grunt as Yvonne’s passage was forced unnaturally open.

Sally, Becky, Sue and I could only watch as Vonnie, so slight, beautiful, and only thirteen years old, was triple-teamed by the wicked gang. She groaned as her lightweight body was pushed around, jerking against the ropes with the uncoordinated thrusting into her three tight holes.

Gradually I could see the inevitable start to happen. My pure but highly sexed daughter was getting aroused, against her will. As her pussy started to react Setright began to thrust harder and faster, and she started to gasp around the cock going to and fro in her mouth.

All three rapists speeded up, and Vonnie’s little body was bounced about even more. The gang was intent on their own selfish pleasure. It went on and on, with three sets of exultant gasps and groans mixed in with one set of helpless moans in the young girl’s voice I knew so well.

After about ten minutes Setright grunted and gave one big, steady push upwards, and we knew he was emptying his balls deep into his victim. Seconds later Thomas did the same thing, grabbing her head and holding it down, her nose in his pubes, while he pumped spunk down her throat. Dugeon had gone rigid as she too came, the strapon having rubbed her clit to orgasm.

They pulled out, leaving Vonnie degraded, gasping and spluttering. I couldn’t tell if she’d cum or not.

The gang took a short break, and the men took some blue pills that I assumed were Viagra.

For the next round of rapes they split up. The other girls had been tied with their wrists bound to each ankle, so the rapists just had to push their knees apart to have unrestricted access to their pussies.

“Think I’ll have some more young stuff,” sniggered Thomas, and pulled Sue onto the floor. He started eating her, but without getting any reaction. I knew Sue would be determined to hold out as long as possible, though I doubted she’d be able to resist the “Thermopussy” treatment. But still, a victory tonight would be worth having.

Eventually he had to give up and smother his cock in lube to fuck her, which he did with disgusting relish, teasing her about her eyes and then eventually making a great show of cumming into her.

Setright took Sally, pulling her easily onto the floor, forcing her knees apart and then starting to eat her. It took him a while but in the end, like Vonnie, Sally’s pussy was too sensuous and she got wet.

He emerged from between her slender thighs with a triumphant look on his sticky face - now with a fat lip from Becky’s head, though that was small consolation. Then he thrust his re-hardened cock deep into her. Sally gasped with the intrusion, but the gasp had a hint of unwanted arousal in it.

Her rapist seemed to revel in her humiliation. He lifted her pelvis and showed it around the room, taking advantage of her lightness to maximise her embarrassment.

“Mmmm, Mummy’s almost as tight as little daughter!” he mocked. Then he started fucking her hard and in a few minutes we heard the familiar sound of Sally in orgasm, though she tried to hide it. She’d cum as he finally pressed deep into her.

Setright was disgustingly proud of his “achievement’. “So sexy Mumsie likes a bit of rough!” he chortled.

Becky had been grabbed by the Dugeon, who seemed pleased to see her again. “Becky darling,” she was saying as she pulled Becky’s knees apart on the sofa, “I’ve really missed your amazing body.” She said something else but it was muffled as she buried her face between Becky’s thighs.

She didn’t get a response, Becky’s face looking dangerously devoid of expression, so the domme lubed her big strapon and forced it into Becky’s hapless pussy. She fucked her for a few minutes, then gave up and came over to me.

“What’s your name cutie?” she asked. I glared at her, saying nothing.

She waved the big strapon around. “This is Big Jim. Do you want to see it in your daughter’s ass?” she asked in a mocking sweet voice. I realised she’d do it.

“Roger,” I said.

“OK Roger,” she said. “Here’s the deal: everyone gets fucked, including me. We get some video of you fucking your daughter, and maybe her young friend as well. Maybe Becky “raping” her young friend. So that we know at the end of the weekend we can let you all go and not worry about you. You see what I mean?”

I registered the implied threat. God, they’d got more depraved in the years since they’d been raping Becky. She was seriously implying they’d kill us, by the sound of it, if they didn’t get enough blackmail material. We had to go along with it.

I realised that if they were caught they were looking at decades in prison for all their years of abducting and raping, from their position of trust, so they would be desperate. It was not to be underestimated.

“OK,” I said. I looked at Sally and the others to see they’d got it as well.

Dugeon brought a bottle of pills over and without asking forced my mouth open and pushed two down my throat with a finger. I gagged but they stayed down.

“So,” Dugeon continued, “I think I need a bit of a hand here. You, what’s your name?”

She was looking at Sue.

“Suzanne,” Sue glowered. She still had her spirit, I could see.

“Right Suzanne, wriggle over here and suck Roger’s cock. You can do it now or you can have your ass fucked with Big Jim and then do it, it's up to you.”

Sue duly came over and sucked my cock, Dugeon rolling me onto my side so the bound schoolgirl could reach it. After a few minutes I couldn’t stop it getting hard. The sensation, Sue’s gorgeous naked body, and seeing my cock in her beautiful young face, was too much.

My cock was always like that; I’d had my first erection at 10, my first wank at 11, and never had a day since without multiple cums. I’d been made oversexed and, to be honest, worked at it since.

Dugeon seemed to view me as an opportunity, anyway.

“Wow, Rog, baby,” she enthused as she surveyed my cock with its bulging head, “what a find you are. This way.”

She and Thomas untied Vonnie from the floor rings, tied her wrists to each ankle like the others, then dragged her over next to Sally.

They tied me face down to the floor rings, by my wrists, leaving some slack. They tied both my bound wrists to one ring first, then separated them, so my brief fantasy of getting free was dashed.

Thomas went over to Yvonne. His cock was still hard, with the Viagra working, and he slid it straight into her helpless pussy, grinning at Setright who was still inside Sally and, I imagined, still hard as well.

Yvonne groaned as she was invaded again, then the rapist best mates started fucking their mother-and-daughter victims in unison, side by side. They seemed to think it was a great game.

They pistoned slowly together, keeping time, making it last. Sally and Vonnie gradually started gasping together as well.

I turned away from the sight of my beloved wife and daughter being forcibly fucked. I knew they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves cumming, and they’d be less humiliated if I at least wasn’t watching. Anyway Dugeon was pushing me up and sliding under me.

She was big-framed and quite tall, maybe five feet nine or ten. A bit taller than me. She carried quite a bit of muscle and I had an idea my cock was going to get a serious workout.

She was attractive, at least, I had to admit. Lean and with good proportions - in great shape actually. She was a brunette with straight hair about shoulder length, and had a good face with a pointy nose, good lips and very blue eyes. Her eyes were lacking something though, empathy maybe. She sported quite big, firm tits.

Her pussy was shaved and there were no stray hairs to get in the way as she spread her thighs and manoeuvred my cock to her entrance. Then she put her hands on my butt and pushed me into her.

Automatically I started to fuck her. Cock, pussy, fuck was the limit of my thought process at that moment and my back and pelvis started to work as if by remote control.

Dugeon groaned and gasped appreciatively as she, in effect, force-fucked me. Her pussy was tight and strong, kept in trim I imagined by regular workouts. Becky had mentioned that she fucked Thomas and Setright, and I imagined she supplemented that with toys as well.

Anyway she gripped my cock ferociously and I knew I was in for a wild ride.

Dissatisfied with my efforts she slapped my ass, hard, and thrust back up to me. Using me. I felt humiliated and exploited. But nevertheless with its Viagra boost my cock stayed up and I cooperated in my own rape.

I couldn’t deny the sensations were incredible as she worked me over. She told me what she wanted and slapped me hard on my ass and back until she was content with my performance. She liked me to land hard in her, not too fast, piledriver style.

I fucked her to two big orgasms, but I didn’t cum in her; it seemed I just didn’t like her enough. Also I couldn’t entirely shut out the sound of my wife and daughter being ravished just across the room.

After her second cum Dugeon had finally had enough and crawled out from under me. I looked around. A clock on the mantlepiece said three o’clock in the morning; these guys were really into their raping.

Becky and Sue lay naked, bound but ignored, under the window. They looked cold.

Thomas and Setright had swapped over and were just getting up, Setright from Yvonne and Thomas from Sally. The men were grinning at each other, while the girls looked tired and horror-struck.

“That was great,” enthused Thomas, “what a pair, the family that cums together”.

“Yeah gorgeous,” Setright agreed sycophantically, “and Mummy’s well preserved isn’t she?” They sniggered at their weak little plays on words.

“Bedtime then,” Dugeon said, “hope we’ve got enough handcuffs!” She disappeared and came back with four sets, unfortunately.

They took each of us to the bathroom then chained us together with the handcuffs, including one round a central heating pipe, threw a couple of blankets over us and disappeared.

I reached for each of the girls to give them a kiss, then fell asleep. I knew the nightmare would continue in the morning.

And so it did. They put both Vonnie and Sue through the thermal shock treatment – four minutes in the hot tub alternating with four in a butt of icy water – swapping them over through three cycles.

Then they dried them, drove four stakes into the lawn in the late morning sunshine, and tied the two naked young girls down by their wrists.

“So Roger,” the twat Thomas addressed me, ”you understand what you have to give us and why, don’t you? So let’s get started. Fuck your gorgeous underage daughter with your big cock.”

Two Viagra were forced down my throat again and I was pulled over to the girls, surveying their delicious young bodies; Vonnie so slender, Sue so glowingly brown and with her potent action-packed little body. Both totally aroused now. I could see their eyes huge and dancing around as their overloaded nerve-endings jangled.

I was pushed down next to Vonnie, and Setright and Thomas transferred one handcuff to a post. Then they shoved me onto her and Dugeon started filming.

Vonnie writhed under me, unable to help herself. The feel of her, the sight of her, and her aroma, so precious and familiar, set me off too and as ever my cock rose unwanted to the occasion. Vonnie spread her legs, thrust her pelvis up to me and I was slipping into her.

Next to us Thomas started licking and fingering Sue, and this time her resistance crumbled just as Becky’s had years before. I heard her gasp as he entered her, and a satisfied grunt from him as he bottomed out in her wet pussy. He immediately started to pump her vigorously.

Sue’s head went back and then thrashed from side to side. Thomas gripped her legs under her knees, pulled them forwards, and began fucking downwards with his big curved cock, penetrating her like a drill.

Vonnie had spread her thighs and I was fucking her deep and hard and fast. It’s hard to admit but Sue’s ravishment was adding to my arousal.

The fucking went on for a few minutes then we all came together, the sound of a girl cumming being the extra ingredient that finished me. And Vonnie as well I had to suspect as her tight pussy surged around my pulsing cock.

Vonnie and I rested for a couple of minutes, my cock still hard in her, then gradually we just started again. Dugeon was still filming.

Next to us Setright took over and began to fuck Sue, spearing into her lovely, hapless young body with his seven-incher. I heard her groan in humiliated arousal.

Thomas went over and molested Sally and Becky, who had been handcuffed to the rail on the deck. Becky snapped at him with her teeth, so Thomas took the safer option and concentrated on Sally.

When Setright had cum deep into Sue’s helplessly spasming pussy he went over to help Thomas start dunking Sally and Becky in the hot tub and iced water butt.

The Amazon Dugeon moved Vonnie, cuffing her and Sue to the post by their ankles, then cuffed me face-up to the posts by my wrists. She mounted and rode me with her big, muscular pelvis, while forcing the girls to fondle her tits with the all too credible threat of being assfucked with Big Jim.

I could do nothing but lie there while my cock was used, looking up at the handsome, mocking face of our abuser and the despairing young faces of my daughter and her sweet friend, while the agonised gasps of my wife and young housekeeper floated over from the deck.

The Dugeon rode me slowly, enjoying the show as Sally and Becky were subjected to the Thermopussy mistreatment. After some unknown number of cycles they were draped over the rail and their wrists cuffed to their ankles, so that the rapists teachers could enjoy their crazily convulsing pussies.

The rest of the morning passed with the rape orgy unabated. The men decided to punish Becky for her hostile attitude by double-penetrating her, and after cuffing her hands behind her back they sandwiched her between them on the lawn.

The Dugeon grinned maliciously down at me as Setright’s big, Viagra-powered cock was forced painfully into Becky’s ass, drawing an agonised hiss from her hypersensitised body.

I, and Vonnie and Sue and Sally, had to listen, wincing as the pain transformed with ghastly inevitability into arousal, and Becky’s doubly impaled body was driven to one orgasm after another. I knew the rage that would be burning inside Becky, at cumming for them, and I feared for her.

Eventually, after four or five of her despairing convulsions, they’d had enough, and the rapists went in and made lunch, giving us some even.

“You’re going to need your energy,” Setright jeered at us, “one of you especially.”

It turned out they fancied a game in the woods for the afternoon’s fun. It was hard to believe they hadn’t had enough sex. Dugeon I supposed was in it for the humiliation, and the men must be taking a lot of Viagra, I could only assume.

Since it couldn’t be a chasing game, with the girl able to run away, it was going to be the one where they tied a girl to a tree and then 'came along and found her’. Whereupon they would rape her, obviously, Thomas sniggered as he told us.

After some discussion they chose Becky, as the most exciting option. “We can rely on you to fight can’t we, Supergirl?” Becky was beyond being blackmailed; she would fight, indeed.

None of the rapist trio wanted to be left out of it so they handcuffed the rest of us to the radiator again and went off with Becky, whom they’d dressed in a miniskirt and blouse that they’d had in the cottage. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, she had a gag in her mouth and a rope round her neck.

They locked the door and went off, leaving us trying to think of a way out.

“Becky’s not safe,” I worried, “they could easily think they can’t keep her quiet any more.”

“If only my hand was a bit smaller,” Sally was trying to get her hand out of the handcuff, but it wouldn’t go.

“They haven’t blackmailed me either,” Sue pointed out, “not yet anyway.”

Just then we heard someone try the door, several times. A moment later Jilly’s anxious face appeared at the window.

What a gorgeous face it was. We realised that Sue, on the end of the chain of us, could reach the window handle – an old cottagey non-locking handle. A moment later Jilly was inside and looking in all the drawers for a key to the handcuffs. Surely they’d have come with two keys? Would they all be the same or different for each set?

In a kitchen drawer she found all kinds of keys, including a bunch on a ring. They worked, and my confidence rose as we were free again and back in our clothes. Our keys and phones were in the pockets, even.

There was no door key so we all climbed out of a window facing the track, the opposite way from the direction they’d taken Becky. We ran across the track into cover.

“How can we rescue Becky?” I asked.

“If we’re in time,” Sally was thinking, “we can cut her free, off the tree, while they’re off pretending they’re walking.”

“We have to find the trail, then.” I said. We had a desperate energy now, in spite of the morning we’d been subjected to - none of us had had less than four orgasms and Vonnie, at least, had had quite a lot more. But Becky needed us, vitally.

How long had they been gone? Only quarter of an hour perhaps.

“Then we have to get them,” Sue said, “we can’t just go off, what would we do? Call the cops? They’d find all the videos.”

“Alright, what?” I asked.

“We ought to kill them, if we can,” I was appalled at Sally’s ruthless idea, but the others supported her.

“Yes we ought,” Sue had thought so from the beginning, “that’s the only way. They raped us anyway. They raped me so that’s it, they can’t expect anything.”

“I think so too,” Jilly added quietly, ”if you can find a way. It’s the only way to stop it and not get in trouble ourselves. You could be locked up if we go to the police, and Becky, or otherwise they’re not going to stop.”

“Yes Dad,” Vonnie set the seal on it, “they raped me, they raped Mummy and Sue and Becky and you even. And they’ve threatened to kill us haven’t they? So…we have to think of other girls. Ones who won’t have anyone to come and rescue them.”

I was starting to see the bad teachers had picked on the wrong girls this time.

“Alright,” I said. I felt they were my girls and I had a duty to them. My gaze fell on the gas tank.

Sue looked a bit tired but she was agile and had great focus. “Sue, back in the house would you please, and get any sharp knives and scissors, and any string if you see it.” She ran off.

I made up my mind, shaking off my tiredness. “OK you go and find Becky, cut her free, if you can. If you get spotted start yelling and one of you call me. Stick together, whatever you do. Wave the knives at them. Then when you’ve got Becky, head for the cars, don’t come back to the cottage, OK?”

We went back across the track. Sue came back out with knives and scissors, and a reel of string. Great. The string meant I wouldn’t have to go back to the car.

They ran into the wood, following the path the teachers had taken Becky down. I climbed back inside, hoping I had time.

I found the central heating boiler and pipe-work in a cupboard in the kitchen. Under the stairs I found the main electricity switch and circuit breaker. With a knife I gouged a groove in the circuit breaker switch lever so I could tie the string round it and it would stay on.

I led the string up and over the smooth body of the meter, then round the main cable, to hold it straight. Now a pull on the string from any direction would pull the lever to the On position. So far so good. Maybe five minutes had gone. How many did I have?

I shut that thought out. There was too much riding on the next few minutes to waste time like that.

I took the string over to the track-side window and dropped the reel through. It was modern synthetic string, I felt it would be strong enough. I just needed the bad guys to come in through the back door so they wouldn’t see it. That was the way they’d gone so it was a fair bet.

Then I went through the cottage looking for old-style tungsten light bubs. Most of the lights were energy-savers but I found three. I gently broke the glass of each one and pulled it away, then fitted them in the hall, living room and kitchen. I closed the window Jilly had got in through, and left all the inside doors open.

While I was at it I picked up a laptop, a camera, and a backup drive I found, and dropped them out of the window. I did a quick tour looking for signs of our presence, and picked up Becky’s clothes and Vonnie’s watch, dropping them out of the window too.

I went and tripped the circuit breaker off, then turned all the lightswitches on.

Lastly I went back to the kitchen and rifled through the drawers, looking for pliers. There weren’t any, but there were some nutcrackers. I bent the copper gas pipe to and fro until it broke. It started leaking, but the pipe now ended with a narrow slit rather than a hole. I took a deep breath to hold and quickly squeezed the end side-on with the pair of nutcrackers so it opened out.

The gas poured out with a hiss. I ran to the other room, climbed out of the window, retrieved the string and picked up the kit I’d thrown out. Then I pushed the window closed and walked quickly across the bit of grass to the side, paying out the string.

I kept going into the wood until the string ran out, and hid behind a tree and some bushes. I was looking at the cottage end-on, so I could see the teachers come back to the back door. If they did. And if they did I was hoping that the windowless gable end of the building would give me less debris to worry about.

I had to just pray the girls had got Becky and they’d all managed to get away. I had no idea.

Everything was quiet. I couldn’t hear anything. I checked the time on my phone: quarter to three.

It occurred to me to set my phone to vibrate. More endless minutes crawled by.

It dawned on me I could look on the laptop for the bad teachers' phone numbers. You never knew. It booted up and came to the password entry. Well that was to be expected. I had nothing else to do so I may as well try my hand at a bit of amateur hacking. I’d done it with Becky’s, after all.

Was it a shared laptop? If so it might relate to their activities, to be memorable. I remembered their corny sense of humour and their pride in the hot and cold treatment.

I tried “Becky’, “becky’, “supergirl’, “Supergirl” , then some more generic ones like “pussy’, “youngpussy” and about twenty others in that line. Then I tried “thermogirl’, “Thermogirl’, “thermopussy’’, “thermo’…and it accepted it.

I was in.

There on the desktop was a simple cardfile program. It needed a password but it was the same one.

I flicked through it. Under M was Mobiles, and in that card were their three mobile numbers, neatly labelled. Should have been M for Moron I thought.

I dialled the twat Thomas.

After a few rings he answered - with a whisper. They were searching. What did that mean? Anyway I’d try my idea.

“There’s someone in the cottage” I said quickly in a put-on voice, very low. Then I hung up.

It was a bit of a half-assed gambit I knew, but the longer they stayed in the wood the greater the chance they’d find one or all of my five precious girls in there.

I hoped that under their depravity they’d be a bit paranoid about having six people suddenly in the know about their guilty secret.

With the paranoia and fatigue hopefully they wouldn’t be up to thinking too clearly. I reckoned someone stumbling across the remote cottage must be something they feared, in the back of their minds, and now would be the worst possible time.

And I wanted them all rushing into the cottage together.

Anyway I could only put myself in the way of being lucky, and see. And joy of joys, in only three or four minutes I heard them.

They were running noisily up the path. The three of them, it sounded like. I steeled myself to do the worst and best thing in my life.

So many of my plans had gone awry, surely I was due a break, I thought. Just this one, please God, even though I don’t believe in you. Let me get these fucking fake disciples. Surely they’re an embarrassment to you.

My mind was running wild, trying to escape from reality.

There was a rustle behind me and I jumped. It was just Becky. Breathing deeply but easily after running. So the girls had got to her in time, thank Christ, but she’d disobeyed my instruction to stay clear of the cottage. She’d found me rather easily...

Well I knew I was hidden from the cottage and the path, but not from the open woodland behind me, where I could imagine she’d flitted catlike through the trees. Catlike and predatory, with the big kitchen knife she was holding. I felt pretty sure the teachers would stay on the paths though.

“What does the string do?” she whispered as she squatted next to me.

“Blow the cottage up, gas,” I whispered.

Her hand closed over mine, wanting to take over the string. I wavered. I didn’t want her to be damaged by killing three people...or would it give her closure? Her grip tightened and I let her make the decision. I let go.

The bad teachers emerged from the path behind the cottage, having run too hard, and ran raggedly across the little garden. My mind avoided identifying them.

They disappeared from my angled view, against the side of the cottage, and in the quiet I heard the back door open and then two seconds later some muffled shouting.

I watched Becky give the string a decisive pull. There’d been no doubt in her mind.

I pictured the process as I saw the string grow tight, stretch...then break!

Just as despair was kicking in the whole cottage started to move. My mind switched and raced in exultation. Milliseconds became seconds.

The power had come back on, the exposed tungsten bulb filaments had burned out in a white-hot flash, and the gas-filled rooms were going off like a bomb.

I watched the windows and doors blow out with flaming jets and the roof bulge and lift, until a huge hole opened with more flames. Stones from the walls rained down on the garden and their car.

A massive boom filled the air, hurting my ears. Large bits of slate rained down and we cowered behind the tree. It would be too absurd to be killed like that now.

We waited for the debris to stop falling before we got up. The roof had collapsed and flames were enveloping the remains within the walls. It would become an inferno. The car had been parked close to a window and its interior was starting to burn too.

I wound up the string, picked up the laptop, camera, string and clothes, got back to the track and walked off down it with Becky. She put her arm round my waist and took the clothes from my right hand, so I could put my free arm round her gorgeous athletic shoulders.

We smiled at each other.

I was half thinking how lovely she was, and half thinking about any DNA being destroyed in the fire, and that from a distance it probably hadn’t sounded too different from a gas-powered bird scarer. There was smoke but people had fires in woods all the time. We just had to get Vonnie discreetly back into the school and we were covered.

My strong, sexy housekeeper and I strode quickly down the middle of the track together. In a few minutes we rounded a corner and there were the rest of the girls by the end gate at the road.

They ran to us, all asking, and we told them in a few words, while they told me about finding Becky tied to tree, cutting her free and running for it. Details would come later. For now I just beamed at them all as they clustered round.

Jilly eased herself in and pressed herself against me. I let go of Becky to give Jilly a longer kiss and she slid her delicate hands round my neck. I put the things I was holding down and cuddled her.

Sally was pulling Becky into an embrace, while Vonnie and Sue stood together with an arm round each other’s hip.

Jilly moved round to my front and rubbed her lissom young body against me. She was so lovely. So gentle, so young, but she had waited and watched in the woods all that time until she could try to save us. No doubt scared, hungry and cold, but loyal.

I sniffed her gorgeous glossy hair, and felt her swollen vulva against my cock. I realised I was hard. Jilly was pulling me towards a tree.

“Me next,” I heard Sally say. “How long does that Viagra last anyway? It’s a good idea, really, don’t you think?”

“We ought to get some,” grinned Vonnie.

------- The End --------

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