Our garbage men get some real incriminating videos of my wife and I and blackmail her into sexual slavery
Blackmailed by The Garbage Men

My name is Mike, My wife Ann and I live in a small town where, yes, everybody knows everybody else and anything worthy of gossip will make the rounds faster than a speeding bullet.

Ann and I met later in life when the kids from our previous marriages were grown and gone. She is 15 years my junior and fantastic looking. She said that her first husband never satisfied her and so when she had her first real screaming orgasm with me, I thought I’d killed her. She discovered, in her middle years, a sexuality that can be only described as explosive and all consuming. She had a lot of making up to do. She also had not had a drink in 10 years so the combination of nymphomania and drink created a monster albeit a beautiful and exciting monster. I think she became addicted to the chemicals her brain produced during her multiple, intense orgasms and had to have more and more and the alcohol lowered her inhibitions to near zero.

After a while, I approached the idea of adding other people to our sex life. Somewhat to my surprise and delight, for I have always been a kinky bastard, she was all for it and we started experimenting with a lifestyle involving swing houses (far away from our small town) and discretely adding an extra man or men, woman or couple to our lovemaking.
If the others involved did not object, I started taking porn pics and videos of our sexual activities to be enjoyed later. If they did object, I secretly filmed then anyway. As long as her face was not shown, she got a kick out of posting the videos and pics on the web and responding to the comments. We found a few of her male fuck friends this way. One of my kinks is to watch her getting fucked by other guys. Her jealousy prevented me from fucking the female partner of a couple but that was OK with me. Seeing her with both men and women (she is bi) and finishing her off while they watched or fucked, was more than enough. I started to get quite a library of tapes and pics.

One game we played was to go to an out of town bar in 2 cars and sit apart. Ann is beautiful, about 5’-3” with small perky tits with pencil eraser nipples, a spectacular ass and great legs. She sports a full bush because of my tastes. She would dress like a high class slut in a short skirt, no bra or panties and a filmy top you could see her nipples thru. She always got hit on and would respond big time if the guy was good looking enough. If they had music and dancing, she would press her tits into his chest, scissor his leg and press her cunt into his thigh and French kiss on the dance floor. While at the bar she would make out and let his hand roam up her short skirt. I would watch and get a hard on. If it was a go, she would say I was overseas and had been for months. She needed fucking. With a slight nod from her, it was on and I would leave first and set up my secret camera stand in the unfinished area above the bedroom, filming thru a modified smoke detector. They would arrive and she would do a slow strip to music and fuck his lights out. She would tell him the town was small and he could not stay over. After he left, I would finish her off. Later we would watch the video and fuck some more.

I noticed the garbage men checking her out (short shorts with cheek leak and a sweat soaked tee shirt with no bra) when they made their weekly pickup, so I suggested we leave them a present in the garbage can. It started with some of her nude pics and some of us and our friends fucking. I was careful not to show any faces. A favorite no face pose is her on her hands and knees facing away with her cheeks spread wide. I have an excellent Canon DSLR so the detail was spectacular.

If she was home, she would watch from the upstairs window. The loader would signal the driver that he had something, they would drive down the street, stop and the two or three of them would check out the pics and split them up. This turned us on. It was more personal than the internet since we knew these guys and she liked the fact that they were jacking off to her nude pics but fucking her was out of the question. She, like most women, love to tease. We would run into these guys at the local bar on a Friday night and they would really check her out. It felt safe enough because the garbage men did not run in our circle of friends and they could not say it was us because no faces were shown. Besides how did they come by them?

I started leaving videos of us and friends fucking with no faces shown or faces blurred. I can only imagine these being played on the garbage company’s big screen after hours to a hungry group of guys. I found out later this was exactly what was happening.

Then disaster. I still don’t know how it happened but flash drives with maybe 500 hundred pics showing faces and an entire set of vids, maybe 30 or so, faces and all got thrown out along with a bunch of letters from family and friends. They covered threesomes with some of the towns husbands, three and foursomes with a set of male friends, Ann between a woman’s legs, secret shots of the guys she picked up with our game, Ann with a big black cock in her ass and another in her mouth, stuff we did not want out there. I didn’t know this had happened at the time.

But I soon found out. Our route guy, John, and his brother Dave, dropped by the next Saturday for a chat. He and his brother own our small garbage company with about 8 guys total and an old lady bookeeper.They brought with them some of the pics and vids showing Ann’s face clearly, sucking one of the town husbands and other pics equally damning.

Ann went ballistic and thought I had done this on purpose.

I said absolutely not. That was crazy.

John “You know what other stuff we found? Just about everything we needed. Letters from family with return addresses, friends, employers. See if the list is complete and accurate”.

He handed us a list of names and addresses of her sons, my sons, many of our friends, the involved town folk and employers.

Ann “So you bastards intend to blackmail us.”

John “Not in the way your thinking beautiful. Were going to get a little payback for the years you have been teasing us. You’ll fuck and suck anyone we say, at times we say, in any hole we say and do other fun things we may think of along the way. We’ll film these events to prove no rape or force was involved. If you refuse, this stuff goes out to family and friends. We don’t want money but we may sell you to some of our friends for beer money. The guys at the company fuck free as a fringe benefit.”

Ann “Ah Shit. You guys can’t be serious.”

John “Serious as a heart attack beautiful. And remember, we have seen you in action. One guy in your ass and a second in your cunt. Weve seen you getting a load in your mouth and swallowing it. Three guys one after another. I didn’t see many condoms either.”

Ann “God Damn you”

John “Probably happen but that won’t change anything”

Ann motioned to me to join her in the kitchen.

“You son of a bitch, you planned this didn’t you.”

“I absolutely promise you I did not’. I don’t know what happened.”

“What the fuck are we going to do. Under no circumstances can I allow my kids to see those vids. I might as well kill myself.”

“Then we have no choice but to agree and negotiate the best deal possible.”

She started to cry, collapsed onto my chest and shook her head back and forth saying O no, O no. O my God, O my God.

I put a couple of ice cubes in a tumbler and filled it to the top with vodka. She chugged it, coughed and poured herself another shot to the top and tossed it back. I did the same. That is a lot for her in a short time. Actually we both have a drinking problem which has led to some very risky behavior. We returned and agreed providing that only John hold the pics, vids and mailing list. He agreed

John “There are no other copies of the pics and vids or addresses. The guys have been watching but I have not allowed any copies out. It will stay that way if you cooperate.”

Ann “If we cooperate when do we get them back?”

John “You don’t gorgeous. But they won’t go out as long as you keep up your end, pun intended.” I’m going out to the truck to get the cameras and then we'll have a little practice session and get to know each other better”.

I motioned to Ann to go into the bedroom.

“They are going to fuck you today, you better lube up with K-Y, both holes and a lot.
She glared at me but got the K-Y out of the night stand anyway. She dropped her jeans and panties, spread her legs and bent over.

Ann “Go ahead asshole, get me slippery. And while you’re at it, stick some up your ass. There may be a switch hitter in that crowd.”

“Don’t you dare suggest that.”

Ann gave me one of those half smiles that means maybe I will and maybe I won’t. Don’t push me.

I proceeded to insert a lot of KY with my fingers in her cunt and ass hole. She wriggled back into her jeans and commented how slippery her ass cheeks felt. She was slurring and having a little trouble walking a straight line. I thought good, maybe she will even enjoy this and perhaps forget some of it. I slipped little up my ass just in case.

Ann “Let’s get this show on the road.”

When John returned, he said “I am going to make the first of our little vids. The guys have a favorite at the office. It’s you, your husband and a friend in a threesome. We’ve played it a lot. It looks like the camera was hidden. The guys are facing the camera on this very sofa and you start with your back to the camera. You come in, strip him, you strip and suck him off. Then they both fuck you doggie. Do you remember this one?”

Ann shook her head yes.

So Mike, you start filming, Dave and I will be sitting on the sofa and Ann, you do what you did to your friend and Mike.

As she did that day, Ann got on her knees, pushed John’s knees apart and slid between them. She undid his belt and unzipped his pants. He raised his ass slightly and Ann pulled his pants and under pants down enough to free his dick. .It was impressive, at least 9 inches and thick. He was circumcised and his head gorged with blood seemed to throb in anticipation. Ann pulled her hair to one side away from the camera, turned her head for a profile camera shot and took all of him in her mouth. She has conquered her gag reflex and so his big cock head must have been down her throat. She would slowly raise her head until her lips were sucking his head. She licked all around his head and probed his urethral opening as far as she could get into it with her tongue. Then she would again take all of him in. She increased the full stroke tempo alternately jacking him off with her hand and sucking on him and John started breath hard. She would lick the full length of his cock and continue down to lick his balls. She took one ball at a time completely in her mouth and gently sucked on it. When she was sucking his cock, I could see she was really sucking from the hollow in her cheeks and the sucking noise. He was about to cum and pulled her off his dick by her hair. I assume so he could stay hard to fuck her.

Dave in the meantime was trying to undress her. He had pulled her T shirt over her head and was working, unsuccessfully on the bra snap. I put the camera down for a moment and undid the snap. . Ann stood and took off her jeans and panties. She stood naked in front of the two. Dave started to strip and Ann pulled John’s pants and underpants off. She pulled off his shoes and sox as he pulled his shirt off.

She straddled him on her knees and slowly impaled herself on his dick. I got a good closeup of it penetrating to the hilt. Ann leaned into John so he could suck on her tits which she loves and with her left hand she began jacking off Dave.

I set the camera down and stripped planning to be third. At about the 2 minute mark, Ann came hard, screaming “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard, slam me, please don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop” and bucking and slamming her cunt into John. When she had recovered, she stepped off of John, moved over and sank onto Dave’s dick, which was even bigger than John’s. Her right hand was pulling on John’s cock and Dave was sucking her tits. She came even quicker this time screaming and thrusting. She dismounted Dave and returned to John but turned to face me and the camera with her ass in John’s face. From a standing position she slowly lowered herself onto John big dick and in a squat position started to fuck by raising and lowering herself with her knees. She bent over and grabbed John’s ankles and I moved around to film her ass which was right in Johns face. He was thrusting his tongue in and out of her ass hole and then he had jammed his thumb up her ass and was thumb fucking her ass hole. I moved back around to catch her facial expression just as she exploded with a wild scream which continued for a long time. She would catch her breath and start howling again all the time writhing on his dick and thumb, sliding her hips fore and aft and around in circles causing his cock head to hit all the right spots in her vagina.

John lifted her off him and told her to get on her hands and knees in front of the sofa. He knelt behind her, spread her legs and rammed it home. Dave was on his knees in front of her with his dick in her mouth. John picked up speed and was really slamming her ass. Each forward stroke rammed Dave’s dick deep into her throat. Ann has firm and modest sized breasts but they were slamming wildly fore and aft. Each slam from John sent a ripple that traveled forward thru her butt muscles. John and Ann came at the same time with her screaming and gasping for breath. John pulled out and a big load oozed out her cunt and down her leg. John indicated she was to turn around and Dave would have his doggie turn. She complied. She took John’s dick in her mouth which had not shrunk at all.

John mouthed silently to Dave “in her ass hard”. He nodded yes and positioned his dick at the entrance to her ass. She did not know what was coming. He grabbed her hips with both hand and rammed his 10” cock all the way in her ass. She screamed at the top of her lungs and tried to get him out of her by dropping to the floor on her stomach. John pinned her shoulders roughly to the rug. Dave had his full weight on top of her and his dick was still all the way up her ass. He proceeded to fuck her ass hard while she screamed and cried for him to stop and that it really hurt. She was trying to claw John but he had her arms pinned. Mercifully Dave exploded in her ass and rolled off. She lay there crying on her belly. Her sphincter was stretched open to where it looked like you could drop a golf ball in. I have never seen anything like it in my life. They helped her onto the sofa where she continued to sob.

I made the mistake of commenting on her stretched ass hole. John asked would I like to try some stretching.

“Oh no please, I’m straight”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re going to find out now how it feels. I’m straight too so we will use a foreign object.

Ann was sitting up by this time watching what was going on.

Ann said. “I’ll get something for you”

She hobbled naked and bowlegged into the bedroom with cum still leaking out her ass. Her ass hole was slowly returning to normal size and she returned with her big black dildo with a smile on her face. I guess she did not appreciate my letting them ram her ass. She had a point. The damn thing is about 10” long and about as big around s a golf ball.

“Alright let’s get this over with”

I got on my hands and knees. Ann sat down in front of me to watch my face. She was smiling faintly.

She said to John “be sure to film this”.

Dave started the camera and John positioned the tip in my anus. I was thinking right then that the K-Y was a good idea. He gave a grunt and shoved the damn thing all the way in with the heel of his hand. I have never felt such pain. I swore I was not going to yell but I couldn’t help myself, I screamed. After about a minute, the pain subsided and john started stroking the thing in and out my ass. To my embarrassment I started to get a hard on. John indicated for Ann to start jacking me off. I have to admit it started to feel good. Ann got underneath me and started sucking me off. They got me on camera coming in her mouth while being fucked in the ass with a dildo by some strange guy. Shit.

John picked up Ann and carried her to the bed. She passed out almost immediately. He had Dave position her on her belly, legs wide apart with a pillow under her hips so her ass was up in the air and had Dave spread her ass cheeks and hold them open for some very up close and personal still pics. Her ass hole and pussy lips were cherry red and cum was leaking out both holes. You could still see up her ass hole. He took off his belt and gave her a few real hard whacks to raise welts, I guess for S&M fans at the garbage company. I’m glad she was out for this. We pulled a sheet over her and I hobbled back to the living room.

I asked if that wasn’t enough.

John: “We are just getting started”

“We have a boy’s night out every other Thursday. No women allowed except now for Ann. Usually 6-8 of the guys will show, bring a pizza and some beer or booze. We play poker, show porn flics and get loaded. Yours have been quite a hit by the way but we show pro stuff too. We meet at the maintenance shop out on Dixon Rd at about 7PM. You and Ann will show up for the next outing this Thursday. I’m not telling the guys about our deal. Instead, I’m telling them that Ann is a nympho and a drunk and can’t control herself and you are a pervert that likes to watch his woman get abused by anybody and everybody and deliberately gets her loaded. I'm saying she left the pics and vids to turn us on and I’m going to show them parts of the video from today to show how willing you guys are. That’s going to drive the guys wild. I’m saying you approached us offering Ann for your sick pleasure. You said that you will get her boozed up and bring her to our meetings so you can watch us fuck her blind and she will get her sex fix too.


John “Show up a little after 7. After you come in we will lock the gate. We have a break room behind the office with a large screen TV, sofas and chairs, a pool table, fridge with beer, wine and booze. Tell her to wear something sexy but old in case the boys get crazy and start ripping her clothes off. You should bring something to dress her in for the trip home.”


John “She was pretty slippery today. Did you grease her up?”

“Yea. Lots of K-Y”

John “you should do that for Thursday also. Maybe drive here with a big dildo stuck in her ass”

“ She will really love that”

After they left, Ann slowly came back to life. We climbed into our hot tub to sooth our flaming parts. She wanted to know what would happen next and I related John’s plans for next Thursday.

Ann “You know, I enjoyed some of today. If they would just slow up and not be so rough, I could get to like this.”

“Babe, I don’t think that’s going to happen with this much pent up sexual energy and anger. There is a class issue here. Their wives have probably all gone to seed or started out ugly. You are way above their social status, you are beautiful and they resent it. You have a sexuality they wished their wives had. They also want revenge for 2 years of taunting and flaunting. They want to tear you down to their level. They want public humiliation, degradation and I’m afraid some pain.”

Ann “I need another drink.”

Nothing else bad happened until Tuesday. Our garbage pickup is on Tuesday morning. She had called several times that day but I was in and out of meetings and didn’t return any of her calls .When I got home Tuesday evening, Ann was really upset.

Ann “I really needed to talk to you today. I wish you’d return my calls.”

“Sorry, what happened?”

“I had just gotten out of the shower when the doorbell rang. I wrapped a towel around me and peeked thru the glass. It was that scrawny, punk kid loader from the garbage truck standing on the doorstep. I thought maybe they wouldn’t allow something that was in the can like paint of something so I opened the door a crack. The little shit pushed the door open in my face, barged in and shut the door behind him. I yelled at him to get out with some other obscenities and he snatched off my towel. I was standing there stark naked, absolutely dumbfounded. Then he grabbed a big handful of my hair, banged my head against the wall and pinned me against the wall with his body. He’s filthy and he stinks. He was squeezing my tits with his grubby fingers and pinching my nipples really hard. They still hurt. He got one of those filthy fingers in me and was finger fucking me hard. He backs away and says “We own you bitch. Come Thursday, I’m going to make you cum howling like a bitch in heat for more.” He unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and started jacking off grinning at me and thrusting his tongue in and out of his open mouth. It was disgusting. He said that he was going to report me for not being friendly, slapped me hard across the face and he left.”

“O babe, I’m so sorry.” I hugged her.

Just at that moment, a car rolled into our driveway. Out comes John and the punk kid.

“O shit, look who’s here.”

I answered the door and they stepped in.

John “Ann and Mike, I’d like you to meet my son, Cody. Cody, meet Mike and your new whore, Ann. Cody said you were unfriendly to him this morning. We need to talk about that.”

They sat down on the sofa and John ordered Ann to bring Cody and him a beer. Ann shot him a furious glance but I shook my head no and mouthed “do it”. She got the beers and a shot of vodka for her and me.

John “Cody, you sit here a moment, I need a word in private with these two." We stepped into the bedroom.

John “First, I don’t think you are getting this so I got the idea to make the consequences more immediate. I finally got a hold of your oldest boys e-mail address. I have a text typed and ready to go which says that I’m sorry to be the one to bring this to his attention but you need to know that your mom is a whore and a slut. She’ll fuck anybody, anytime, anywhere, any hole. Signed: reluctantly, a friend. I’ve attached some choice pics. He’s some kind of Southern Christian I gather so he will really get a kick out of the one with you on your knees, a big black brother fucking you from behind and another of the brothers with his dick in your mouth. Mike you are standing around, jerking off. There are some lessie shots and a beaut of you naked, getting fingerfucked on a bar with about 50 people cheering you on. (This really happened at a bar in SF during the Folsom St Fair). I have it sitting in my out box and all I have to do is hit send. “

Ann had slumped on the bed with her head in her hands.

Ann “You son of a bitch”

Me “OK OK we get it.”

John “Second, about my son. He’s not normal. He is a complete mommy’s boy. I’ve been trying to toughen him up on the route. His mother breast fed him way past when she should of. Fucked him up. I finally put a stop to it. It’s unnatural. He also has a bad mean streak in him so watch out. He’s scrawny, not good looking and has had trouble getting a girlfriend. He may talk big but I’m sure he hasn’t gotten laid yet. So Ann, you are going to initiate him tonight.”

“Like hell I am”

John got out the phone, put his finger above send and looked at Ann.

John “What did you say.”

(After a while, eyes on the floor)“OK”

“That’s what I though you said”

I said that I would like a word alone with Ann and he left us alone in the bedroom.

“A germ of an idea is forming on how to get us out of this mess. I’ll bet his wife knows nothing about all this and would cut his nuts off if she found out. What if you bring Cody back here and we use the hidden cameras to film you deflowering her little boy.”

Ann “OK, go on”

I have a hidden camera setup in the bedroom to secretly film our friends and us. There are 3 camera angles and they can be remotely triggered from the kitchen.

“What if you say that you and he should be alone in here for his first time? I’ll entertain dad, maybe show him a flic he hasn’t seen. You strip and strip the kid. Have him suck your tits a lot. Then have him go down on you. Maybe 69. That ought to fry the old lady’s ass to see her little darling sucking on beautiful, perky young tits and cunt. I’ll bet her tits are dragging the ground by now. Then use our “secret” position and get off several screaming orgasms. Then get mommy’s little boy off too. When I hear him cum, dad and I will come in to congratulate the new man. We also need to film John participating in the scene.”

Ann was smiling and slowly nodding her head. She saw where this was going.

“Thursday night I am going to try to sneak my cell into the games and film dad fucking your brains out. I want you to use the “secret” position again and cum hard several times. Just when he is about to come, try to get him to say “I love you” Keep whispering in his ear “ Say you love me, say you love me, say you love me.” With luck, the stupid bastard may just do it. Wouldn’t that fry his old lady’s ass?”

By the way, our “secret” position is one that never fails to get Ann off in a hurry. First you need to suck on her tits for several minutes. Her nipples are hard wired to her cunt. She describes it as electricity flowing from her nipples to her clit. She starts to flow immediately, her eyes close and her breathing increases rapidly. She gets quite urgent about your sucking hard and wants equal time between nipples. In the early days, I’ve gotten her off by sucking on her tits only.

The position is with her on her back with her arms over her head pushing against the headboard. Her legs are spread and knees bent. You are over her on your hands and knees between her legs. You stick your hard dick in to the hilt and shove your belly against her cunt. She raises her hips from a position with her butt on the bed to a position where her thighs and belly are in a straight line and then returns her butt to the bed or a little higher. I think this puts your dick at just her right spot in her vagina and rubs her clit hard against your belly at the same time. It works every time with a reasonable sized, hard dick.

The “secret” part is a joke. When we discovered the power of this position, she said she wanted to reserve this for only us. The first time she fucked someone else she went right to the “secret” position because of her sexual and alcohol addiction.

On the way back to the living room, I started the cameras and brought out more beer and vodka. Ann grabbed the boy’s hands and pulled him off the sofa.

Ann “You guys relax for a while, We want some privacy.”

She led the lamb away to the slaughter with a faint smile and a very slight wink to me.

I put on a video that dad hadn’t seen where she was naked on a bar on her hands and knees and was actually being fucked by some guy while other patrons were pouring beer on her back. This really happened and several other people were filming. I’ve been waiting for the roof to fall from this one but so far so good. Crazy times. John loved the video.

We heard her scream several times and then he screamed. We went back to the bedroom. They were lying on their backs side by side with legs entwined, her hand on his dick and his arm around the back of her neck teasing a nipple. They were kissing. How sweet. Dad sat down on the bed with Ann between them, leaned over Ann and hugged his boy and then kissed and thanked Ann. He french kissed her long and hard and also teased a nipple while his son watched. He slid a hand between her legs and started to finger fuck her. He began to masturbate her clit and she came again. John rolled Ann over, spread her legs and spread her ass cheeks. Holding her cheeks apart He indicated to Cody to stick a finger in her ass. Cody had a big grin as he stuck his middle finger way up her ass while dad held her cheeks wide apart. She squirmed a little but didn’t complain too much. He began to roll his finger around in her ass exploring. He pulled his finger out and Father and son high fived. Great stuff huh mom.

The newly made man dressed and father and son left.

“Well, if we can pull Thursday off, we may have a way out. Can you investigate their marriage, church affiliation, community standing, other kids, schools etc. See if you can use your hairdresser intel network. For this to work we have to have overwhelming evidence and they have to have a strong enough marriage and community standing that he will be terrified to risk it. Best scenario, we have a standoff and both sides stand down retaining their nuclear deterrents. If it fails, we are fucked. He will retaliate immediately.”

Thursday morning at breakfast

“You know, why we don’t give them what they want. They can find a slut to fuck any Friday night. They want to fuck an upper class woman. Let’s dress you like an IBM exec. How about pale blue matching lace panties and bra, thin camisole, a sheer long sleeve top, panty hose, your knee length white skirt and the matching white jacket and thin black 3 inch heels. Before we leave, do a really good makeup job and wear a hint of Channel No5. ”

Ann “Kinky, I like it. I’ll go into town and get my nails, toes and hair done. I think I’ll have them put it into a professional looking bun. I’ll wear my Sarah Palin glasses. They better not tear my suit.”

“I can’t guarantee that but it’s a small price to pay if we can pull this off. “

This really improved her mood. She loves to dress up and kind of forgot what it was for.

She was embarrassed about the possibility of shit coming out her ass so a few hours before we had to go, she used an enema and cleaned out her colon. I got her dildo, plastered it with K-Y and lubed first her vagina and then way up her ass. She complained that she was going to leak. I told her that was the lesser of two evils.

My preparation was to tape my cell phone to my inner thigh next to my balls. I assumed John would collect cell phones and cameras at the door and I hoped he would give me a light pat down and leave my balls alone. I didn’t tell her but I put K-Y in my ass too, just in case. She’s right. It feels weird walking around with slippery ass cheeks like you’ve shit in your pants.

We left at 7 and she looked like a million. We both had 2 big shots of vodka and I had brought a quart with us. I knew she would need topping up during the night.

Their maintenance shop is at the end of a county road a few miles out of town and there’s nothing for miles around. Much farther out of town is the actual dump. They open the dump site to anyone on Saturdays and charge by the pound. I have been out there many times and always smiled when I was weighing in. The little weigh shack has several of Ann’s nude pics pinned on the wall. These were the no face versions but everyone weighing in must have seen them. Prominently on display was a shot from our deck with her on her hands knees facing away from the camera, legs slightly spread with great detail of her pussy and ass hole. This always turned me on. Everyone in the whole town had seen her naked cunt and ass but didn’t know it.

The maintenance yard is 2 or 3 acres surrounded by a chain link fence and has big steel containers for recycling glass, aluminum cans and cardboard. Customers can bring out recycling during the week which I have done on several occasions. The maintenance building has 2 large bays for the trucks on the left and an office to the right. I had been to the office but had not gone back to the break room.

We drove in and there were several vehicles parked, mostly beat up pickups. John came out to meet us and locked the gate. We were in for the evening. I had rehearsed the next part.

“John, we don’t want a feeding frenzy and rape when we go inside. Ann would like you to introduce her around and please tell the guys you have first rights. Maybe let Cody have seconds and your brother thirds. Then the rest can have a go at her. Please go slow and let her strip for you. She doesn’t want her suit destroyed. Everything will go smoothly if you can get her off a few times first. Once she has cum, the flood gates are open and she will cum all night long with anybody.

Let Ann tell you what to do.

Ann told John to let her strip without a lot of grabass from the guys and then he should suck her tits for several minutes. She described the “secret” position that almost guarantees an orgasm in a hurry. You could see John just about to bust. He was going to show these guys that this middle aged old fart could get a classy woman off big time.

He forgot all about any cell phone I might have. We passed thru the office into the break room. The scene was striking. They had removed the pool table and put the hideaway mattress from the sofa in the middle of the room. Bright Halogen work lamps were trained on the mattress. These are the kind on about a 6 foot pole with a small tripod base. You use them to illuminate an engine or whatever. The mattress was bathed in light and you could hardly see the rest of the room.

Lounging around the walls of the room were 7 guys; Cody, John’s brother Dave, three pretty fit young rednecks in wife beater T shirts and jeans, one fat older guy and last but not least, George, a huge fit black guy with massive arms, shoulders and thighs. The guys were stunned when they saw Ann. They had been watching one of our videos which was still running and they couldn’t put this gorgeous business woman in context. They were pretty polite as John introduced her around although they did each pull her up close and kiss her while running a hand up her skirt or squeezing her tits. She flirted and kissed back remembering their names.

John explained the protocol. Ann would strip naked and John would show them how it’s done. This got some catcalls. Then Cody and Dave would fuck her and then they could do what they pleased with her.

John” Some ground rules. After Cody, Dave and I are thru, you can have her, any hole you want. If a hole is available, take it. You can stick other things into her if you want like a beer bottle neck. You can whip her, pinch her nipples, tie her up but don’t draw any blood or leave any permanent marks. OK? We want her intact for next time.” The guys cheered and high fived. Some had their dicks out and were stroking already.

The dirty mattress was moved out of the way and Ann stood in the center of the bright lights and started to strip. She handed me her jacket and I handed her a tumbler of vodka. She slugged back half and asked big George if he would hold this for her.

“Yes Ma’am”

Guys were pressed in close all around as she removed each piece and handed it to me. They couldn’t keep their hands off as she stripped but it didn’t get too frenzied.

When she was naked, there were guys grabbing her everwhere.Hands were all over her body and she was pulling on the dicks of the ones who had their dicks out. The mattress was put back down and she pulled John into the spot lights.

All eyes were on Ann so I was able to step back and extract the cell phone. I started to shoot. No one noticed.

John stripped to cheers from the boys and sank on top of Ann. As scripted, he slid down and sucked on her tits for quite a while with the expected response from Ann. She started to get into the zone and I knew this was going to work. He then mounted her in the “secret” position and started to pump. Ann found big George’s ankles and used him as a headboard. She was whispering in John’s ear all the time “I love you, I love you, say you love me, say you love me” over and over again. At the 2 minute mark, she screamed and bucked like a bronco. She came 2 more times and then John got off. The stupid son of a bitch came screaming “I love you, I love you”. Huge cheers from the gang. All on camera.

John collapsed on his back and after a while slowly got up. Ann was laid back, legs spread, arms straight out like on a cross, cum oozing out, eyes closed. He dressed, picked up his video camera, went over to Cody and started to whisper in his ear. Cody smiled and shook his head, YES.

Cody stood on the mattress and told Ann to get on her hands and knees which she did. John came around in front of Ann and started to film. I too was still filming.

Cody “Ann, say “Cody, please fuck me in the ass, hard.””

Ann mumbled something we couldn’t hear.

Cody pulled off his belt, doubled it and gave her a vicious swat across her cheeks.
She screamed and sank to the mattress.

Cody “Get back on your hands and knees and say “Cody, please fuck me in the ass, hard”

She said it louder this time

Another hard whack. Welts were rising and turning all shades from red to purple to black. Little thin lines of blood were oozing at the edges of the welts.

Ann (screaming)”Cody, please fuck me in the ass, PLEASE FUCK ME IN THE ASS NOW. Please don’t hit me again.”

He hit her one more whack, harder than before. Great cheers from the gang. A smile and a nod from dad.

He dropped his pants and knelt behind her. Thank God for the K-Y. For a scrawny little shit he has a big dick which was swollen hard and ready to use. He smiled at the boys, grabbed her hips and rammed it home hard in her ass. She screamed and started pounded her fists on the mattress. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back sharply. He began to pound her ass with long, hard strokes which slapped her tits back and forth. With his right hand he was pulling her head back exposing her neck and his left arm was circling in the air like a bull rider. The gang was cheering. “Ride her hard Cody, Stay on for 8 seconds and you win. Fuck that cunt. Rip her new one. Split her open”

Ann was screaming and swearing, mascara running down her cheeks. Dad was filming the whole thing and so was I.

Cody finally came in her ass to great applause and collapsed on the mattress. Ann fell flat on her stomach spread eagle and just lay there with cum leaking out her swollen ass hole, but, she would be glad to know, no shit.

I called a time out and helped her into the tiny, filthy bathroom. She slumped on the toilet seat she would not normally sit on and let stuff drain out.

Ann”Did you get it?”

“The whole thing”

“Good. I can’t take much more of this.”

“I think big George is falling for you. Get rid of Dave; see if you can suck him off. Then pick George. You come hard for him, whisper you love him and get him off. I think he will get protective and keep the rest out of your ass and your cunt. Maybe fuck George and suck the other guys off if you can get away with it.

Ann”Get me the vodka”

I returned with the bottle which she upended.

“Pour some on my butt where that fucker hit me.” I did and she winced. She wiped herself and said “Let’s go.”
I love this woman.

Well she did manage to suck Dave off while the other guys were trying to finger fuck her, squeezing her nipples and pouring beer on her belly. She grabbed big George and laid him on his back. His dick stuck straight up about 12 inches and looked to be about the size of that cardboard tube at the center of a paper towel roll. It was black and pulsing. She straddled him and slowly impaled herself. The guys were on their hands and knees or bending down watching that thing go in. None of us could believe it, she took the whole thing to the hilt, smiled, leaned over and gave George a big tongue kiss and started sticking her tongue in his ear. He began to thrust into her and she loved it. He got her off screaming at full volume the first time in under a minute and it was more or less continuous orgasm after that for 5 minutes. Finally he exploded in her and she collapsed on his chest laughing and kissing him. George was laughing too. “Damn girl, you better than any black ass I ever had.” You got some black in you?”

Sure enough, George wouldn’t let anybody else in her that night. He got up again and while she was riding George, she sucked or jerked off the rest. They plastered her face with cum.

I looked at John with a look that said “isn’t this enough?” He nodded his head and called the meeting to a close. The guys were wiping her down with a towel and helping her dress. She only put on the skirt and jacket and I carried the rest. John walked us out and unlocked the gate. The rest of the guys gathered round to get a goodbye kiss.

John” Next time I have something different in mind for you. I think we’ll go over to an Etown bar where some of our friends hang out and sucker one of them. We’ll pick him out for you and you come on to him. Let him think he has really scored big this time. Maybe later fuck him in his pickup or in the men’s head. What do you think?”

Ann “Whatever. Goodnight George. I loved it.”


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