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An Eternal Dream of Pleasure is endowed upon a beautiful Kunoichi
Infinite Pleasure

The worst case scenario had finally occurred.

The one thing the entire Shinobi Alliance was formed to stop ever since the plan was revealed by whom all believed to be THE Madara Uchiha. A plan so maniacal and so devastating that it would leave the world all but an empty husk. That endgame was called Mugen Tsukuyomi, a Genjutsu of infinite power to produce a hypnosis upon every living person in the world.

Rings would form in the eyes of all those who would witness its alluring sight, both from the light and from the shadows. Nowhere would be safe for humanity. Not even shutting your eyes would render this Jutsu unable to bring you under its control.

Hinata Hyuga was finding this out the hard way.

Upon seeing the blood red sky shift she could feel a pulse, even beyond the hyper visual sense her Byakugan gifted her. The many-comma'd moon produced a seemingly neverending stream of rings down upon the world in a harmonic symphony of colors and sounds. Even the air felt ripe with a pungent taste and prickling sensation as much as one could smell it.
It was the perfect Genjutsu, and it bore through even Hinata's all-seeing Doujutsu.

The first ripple of violet light began to be emitted from her lavender pupil. It caused her skin to be layered with goosebumps and her body to shudder. It felt similar to one entering a warm spa during a cool day of autumn, not fully prepared to dive fully in with only one's toes touching its surface. Everything within her field of vision began to warp in depth and color, the subtle makings of change transpiring within her mind.

The second purple ring would form after the first, slowly etching its way up her lavender widened eyes. Her breath came out in shakey inhales and deep exhales, feeling the shivers turn into pleasant vibrations along her most sensitive patches of skin. Her gut twirled and knotted, the makings of butterflies began to be spread, ready to flow across her body. Vibrant colors of every kind began to swirl from every object and surrounding she saw, as if it oozed or bled from the environment she was within.

A small smile began to spread across her face, as the rings doubled in number upon her eyes. The cauldron of warm feelings began to be released from her stomach, spreading all around her bosom to her limbs and down to her digits. Pants became more frequent as her visage became flushed red with creeping mindlessness, as any worries or doubts she had when first viewing the moon were now melting away.

Finally, upon her eyes fully encaptured by flowing rings of violet, her smile stretched ear to ear as a hum vibrated from her throat. The world around her wasn't a battlefield filled with soldiers but now a beautiful rainforest filled with the most colorful flowers and greenest foliage. Nothing was bland or dark. Exposed was the world of beauty with just her and her alone within this reimagined Eden with her as its Eve.

Drool began to slide down the corner of her mouth as she practically gaped at the beautiful rings of light high up within the sky. It tickled her mind, feeding her happiness and contentment. Everything within her cried out in harmonious joy at being fed such love and pleasure, so much so that she ached inside for release.

As if summoned by her yearning, the tallest and brightest colored tree -practically painted like a rainbow of jewels and ember- leaned a branch down towards her. Vines draped down from the branch and began to descend towards her, lovingly entwining around her fingers, ankles, and neck, sliding down underneath her clothing.

"Mmmmmmm," Hinata purred with joy, feeling her skin entombed by the vines, molding so that it became a second skin for her. All underneath her flak jacket and jumpsuit one could make out the rustling distinctions of the silky smooth floral limbs moving, stroking and causing her to writhe on her feet. It felt like the softest butter with fingers rubbed her body in a caress that

Feeling her feet leave the ground, the sensations were all but magnified by feeling held on by the loving vines that entombed her beneath her attire. The oozing liquids being secreted down the leaven shaped partitions of the vibrantly hued branch snaked down her neck and over her bosom, under her sleeves and down her combat pants. What would result from this would be a perfectly outlined wettened Hyuga girl, from which the attire would swiftly evaporate and leave a near bare girl clung tightly by a revealing bodysuit of writhing tendrils.

Her breasts would be pushed out in rhythmic motions, causing her to groan and squeal with delight, feeling the floral muscles milk her physically. The underside of a dripping naked cleft between her legs was rubbed and teased, squeezing between her luscious buns, rocking back and forth between her two lower nether lips. Her hips consummated with the vines, her breaths coming out in labored grunts as her dreamy gaze held up high and her smile kept stretched across her immaculate visage.

"O-O-Oh go-go-go-DDDDD!" The cobalt haired woman cried out, feeling the rush of her first oncoming wave of ecstasy explode from her core. As this would happen, she felt her entire body buzz and the feelers seemed to latch onto her spasming skin. Something beyond simple perforation seemed to be absorbed from her being, causing her to feeling the warmth leave her and be carried away as a series of colors up the vines up towards the branch.

Before she could bask in such revealing emotions of relief and joy, the cocoon of moist tendrils began to stroke and lather up more to encourage such a feeling again. But this time half a dozen larger and differently shaped tendrils would slither down, dripping juice that sparkled like starlight. They'd flourish with hypnotic movement, moving in zigzags and criss-cross angles, seductively approaching her lusciously bound figure.

The first was a fleshy lipped tendril, with a slit running down its middle to imitate something akin to her own nethers. The pink folds would part and reveal a rainbow of spinning colors deep within the tight tube that made up the tendril's insides. Staring dumbly at it, Hinata practically giggled, feeling as if the air popped like bubbles around her field of vision in synchronization of the floral lips approach.

A swift latching motion and her entire face below her eyes would be thoroughly suckled into the rainbow hued bulb. Her eyes would roll up at half mast, still producing a dizzying kaleidoscope of rings, seeing nothing but a vibrant forest filled with joy and colors.

In no time at all, a series of small bulges would crawl along the protruding branch limb. Each bulge would wetly in ten second intervals be delivered into her mouth, causing a audible swallow that'd force the bulge of warm and sweet sap down her neck into her gut. Each gulp of delicious fluid caused her to groan with pleasure, feeling her entire body grow numb to all outside stimuli save for ecstasy.

Following this a spiraling tendril would flow into her navel, penetrating the flesh and fusing it with the bound Hinata. Upon occasion, after six or seven fully ingested swallows of fluid, a longing suck would occur over her belly, pulling up the tendril entombed belly up with its suction power. When a bulge the size of a ostrich egg would leave and flow through the leeching fused tree limb, it'd release its hold and wait again for another amount of fluid to be gathered.

Another pair of tendrils, appearing to be beautiful golden petaled flowers at their ends, would approach her massaged pair of mammaries. With pink feelers lining the inside of the petals, the flower mouth would wetly latch over each melon of pale flesh and begin to nurse upon Hinata's bosom. Gagged and reeling with pleasure, Hinata would moan loudly around her orally aligned feeler, feeling her lower regions salivate with hunger that only she could understand.

At this sight, a pair of enclosed flowers flourished swiftly under her wrinkled and moist nether entrances, contracted and wriggling excitedly underneath her bucking, groaning form. After what would seem ages, the pair of limbs would wetly dive into her cavities, flooding her rectum and birth canal with wet floral meat.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" Hinata squealed behind the flowery maw. Her rippling eyes absorbing more delightly lights that'd cause her to smile ecstatically behind her mouthful bounds. Every rocking contraction and bucking motion of the lower tendrils made increased all other pleasurable sensations by a thousand. Every meaty suck of her navel and mammaries would be countered by an ingestion of delicious sap through her lips and her nether regions below her bucking, bound hips.

The world of lights and forestry seemed to melt within her mind, swirling around her and conforming within her tightly bound frame. Beyond her spectrum of awareness wouldn't be a gorgeous rainforest vista of her wildest dreams. Instead she would be bound, gagged, and invaded by grey-hued slivers of moist living wood. Every pulsation and pump of juices coming from the mummified
Hinata's body would produce a visible series of cerulean bulged to flow back up into the branch.

Joined with her would be hundreds of bodies all hanging on the same branch. All would be wearing similar visages of ecstasy as they stared up at the dreaded crimson moon that created the Genjutsu nirvana they were all imprisoned within. The constant suckling of their own Chakra would be fueled by their own orgasmic bodily spasms, creating new Chakra and nourishing them just enough to keep steadily producing more.

An endless cycle of pleasure and feeding. While not many would have envisioned it turning out this way, none who were held captive would ever complain about it. The era of Infinite Pleasure begins now!

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