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Please remember to read up on the series as I don't want anyone to be lost on the plot. Also I do not condone real rape or slavery but fantasy is always fun to play with. Not for the person looking for a soft sweet sex story.
Kali awoke in a large bed chamber. She kept her eyes squinted so as to access her new surroundings. She knew she still had the heavy chain attached to her collar. She groaned when she realized she was naked laying on a marble floor.

She slightly tilted her head to be able to scan the room. A quick glance proved that she was alone. It hurt to move but she knew if she remained laying on the stone floor it would only prove to make her sorer. The first thing she noticed after sitting up was the various styles of torture/bondage/sex racks and devices bordering the room. Alot of it she didn't recognize. She didn't want to know what any of it did.

Glancing back behind herself she noticed the bed fit for an emperors bed chamber. It was made entirely of black marble instead of wood. Instead of four posts to hold up the canopy it had six. Each post had a series of various sized steel rings running up to halfway to the canopy. The canopy was a deep silver. The bedding itself was black, silver, and crimson red. She sighed in relief and leaned back against the bed, at least she was alone for the moment.

She wasn't alone for long though. All too soon the mahogany doors opened and Kalona stepped in. He paid her no mind as he gracefully removed his black silk shirt. He simply enjoyed making her squirm with dread and anticipation. He knew her feeble mind would be running down an entire list of things she thought he might be getting ready to do to her. Continuing to ignore her he set his shirt on his tool table.

Kali sat frozen in fear as Kalona came in and removed his shirt. When he walked to the table she started to tremble. She didn't want the attention of this evil demonic man. She didn't want to know what was going to happen. She just wanted this nightmare to end. She shrank back against the bed as he walked past her, disappearing behind a crimson and silver curtain. The suspense was killing her more than anything he would actually do to her.

A few minutes later he re-emerged dressed in a deep lavender shirt with lavender pin-striped pants to match. His hair was down and much to Kali's surprise It was much thicker and longer than her own waist length hair. It flowed around him as a dark sensual deeply mesmerizing cloud that you would be content to lose yourself in eagerly.

After retrieving something from his night stand, Kalona sat down on the edge of the bed behind her. Kali was somewhat relieved that he was behind her and she didn't have to look at him. She tensed in fear as he grabbed her hair. She relaxed, if only just a little, as she felt the brush running through her luxurious mane of hair. Before long he had her hair done in a very elegant french braid running down her back.

"I'm pleased to have found you awake my pet."

She contemplated not replying to him, but a firm tug to her freshly plaited hair quickly served to change her mind.

"Why is that Master?"

He chuckled, a little disappointed that he had no excuse to reprimand her further.

"It would have been much harder to fix your hair had you been still sleeping on the floor. It would have made us late for our plans tonight."

She froze, him having plans didn't spell out anything good for her. She was still sore from him pounding into her last night, not to mention her own father deflowering her.

She was shocked back to reality as Kalona reached around and somehow effectively slapped her.

"I....I.....I'm sorry Master. What plans have you graciously decided to allow me to join in Master?"

He knocked her to the floor as he stood, stepping over her.

"Well my worthless little whore, we are going to a party, and your helpless, delicious, inviting, sensual body is the main attraction."


Ella was scared, very very scared. She had spent the night alone in a dark, windowless, cement room. She missed her mother and her brothers. She missed her dogs and she missed school, of all the things she actually missed school. She had lost count of how long it had been since she was taken.

She was helpless in this new place. She didn't like what the other girls in the cages had told her. She had heard things about the underground sex slaves but until a few days ago she had only thought people were trying to scare her, now she knew those things were true.

She squealed as the door opened. She backed herself into the corner. The man who had asked for her by name in the cages last night stood in the doorway. She couldn't help but look at him, everything about him screamed male model. His golden spiked hair, his deep piercing Ice blue eyes, he had a shirt on today but from last night she knew he had a very well defined six pack. She was scared and intrigued by this man all at the same time. She darted her eyes back and forth trying to find an escape as he was quickly moving towards her. He stopped an arms length away.

Jerry stood staring down at his frightened new prize. He appraised her anew today. He knew she stood out in the cages but now he saw just how stunning and innocent his new little slut was. Her blazing red hair fell to where the tips of her nipples would be if she wasn't dressed. The babydoll curls in her hair had to be natural. Her milky white skin and the freckles across her nose and cheeks made it very believable that she was of direct Irish decent. The outfit she was wearing made everything perfect, from her emerald top, to her black and green school girl skirt, all the way down to her Rainbow Chuck Taylors.

He was getting impatient though. He wanted to feel his new whore struggling against him. Except first, he needed to know a few things about her. He squatted down in front of her, trying to give her a false sense of comfort.

"Hey sweety, your name is Ella right?" He flashed her a friendly smile.

She was timid but relaxed a little. "Yes my name is Ella."

He nearly creamed himself at the sound of her voice, she had a slight Irish accent, so he knew she had grown up in Ireland for probably the first six years of her life, then relocated to America, it was just enough accent left to make her voice extremely mesmerizing. He mentally shook himself, he didn't want to end up in the same situation all over again.

"How old are you dear?"

She didn't know the exact answer at this moment, she had had a birthday coming up before she was taken but she didn't know how long she had been gone from home.

"What day is it sir?"

He was a little puzzled that she would ask such a question but he wanted his answers. "its the twelfth of August dear."

Oh god she thought, it was a week since she was grabbed, a whole damned week.

"Well sir, in that case I'm 18, my birthday would have been two days ago, on the 10th. Please sir, Please, I......I....I just want to go home, please let me go home."

Jerry chuckled, "I know you do dear I know you do. But you can't leave just yet. We need to get to know each other better first."

In one fluid motion, Jerry stood, bent over, grabbed her at the waist, and easily threw her over his shoulder. The cute fluffy plaid skirt she was wearing gave him a great view of her peach shaped ass and her nice fat pussy lips through her lime green lace thong. he knew her bra probably matched. He was going to have fun with this little cunt.

She kicked, screamed, cried, and begged for the whole trip up to the breaking room, the very room he had deflowered his own daughter in just the day before. He carelessly dropped her to the floor and locked the boor behind himself in another very graceful motion.

He didn't want her voice to control him, he didn't want her to talk anymore. He just wanted to teach her young body what it meant to belong to him. He grabbed a ball gag from the table and walked over to his little whore. Damn it felt good to be back in business.

He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet. He made her walk to the center of the room where there were two chains hanging from the ceiling with wrist cuffs on the ends. With no care for her feeling he roughly locked her left wrist into the left cuff. and toyed with her for a minute just like that.

"Please sir don't hurt me, Ill be good, please sir I just want to go ho..." He pleading was cut short by his left arm wrapping around her throat.

"Shut up you little Irish slut, I don't want to hear another word out of you."

He forcefully put her right wrist into the cuff hanging on the right chain. Stepping around her he enjoyed the sight of this dirty little whore helpless to avoid anything he would do to her.

"plea...." Before she could finish the first word he had the ball gag in her mouth and locked into place with her hair still free flowing.

She was taller than most girl, probably at 5'11'' so it wouldn't be hard for him to enter her from a vertical position.

He enjoyed the sight of this little girl, tears streaming down her face, gag in her mouth, the only thing wrong with this picture was the clothes were still on her. Jerry enjoyed knowing he was about to ruin her life.

He pulled his knife from his belt and toyed with it for a minute. Tossing it back and forth between his hands watching the fear in her eyes grow with each catch.

"Ella, you're about to learn what its like to only exist for someone else's joy. I'm going to enjoy breaking you."

In a flash he was up against her, holding the knife to her neck. He enjoyed the fear and hopelessness in her eyes. He smirked at his little cunt.

"Let us begin."

Swiftly, he cut through her thin T-shirt, revealing her lime green bra. Quickly he removed that to reveal her perky D-cup breasts. Sheathing the knife he stepped back and slowly undid his shirt one button at a time, slowly revealing his well toned muscles.

" Were even now darling" He said sarcastically.

It took a hell of a lot for him to drag this out as long as he had, his patience had dwindled down to just about nothing over the years. It seemed an eternity to him since he had left the business, now it was all back in place. Turning away from her he walked over to this rooms tool table. Scanning the various torture instruments he grabbed a couple of nipple clamps and a couple of 5 pound weights to attach to them. He scanned the assortment on the table one more time before returning to his worthless little whore.

Jerry didn't look at her face as he put the clamps on her large light pink nipples. What he wanted to see in her eyes was there as he attached the weights to the clamps. Her entire being shook as the weights swung for a minute. her entire face looked like she wanted to scream.

He quickly stepped behind her. Running his hands down her chest, he stopped to violently squeeze each large breast and tug lightly on the clamps. Running his hands down her amazingly flat stomach, he stopped to finger her belly button. Mentally he noted to have her naval pierced. He slipped his hands under her skirt, he easily tore her lacy green boyshorts off of her amazing ass.

The full realization finally ran through Ella's mind. This wasn't a dream, this was a very real living nightmare. He was going to rape her, and there was nothing in the world she could do to stop it. She shuddered as she heard him undo his pants, nearly fainted when she heard them hit the ground.

"I own you Ella. I own every part of you. You don't breath without my say so. You don't eat, sleep, dream, or even cry without my say so. You are nothing. You are a slave."

Jerry couldn't wait any longer. He reached down and hooked her left leg with his left arm. Leaving her weight on one leg and on her arms. He didn't care about how it would feel to her, he just wanted the sweet sweet release. With precision he lined his throbbing 11 inch cock up with her virgin hole. He grabbed her hair with his right hand, pulling back so that he could look at her face while he robbed her of the only thing a girl possesses to make a man go wild.

Ella had heard that the first time hurt. She had never imagined that it could feel like your entire body was being ripped in two starting at your crotch. She was only a minute into this and she hated it. She could feel every movement he made. He was tearing into her, only caring about himself. She wanted to pass out but the pain from it kept her barely above the cusp of unconsciousness.

Jerry was in heaven. He continued to hold her hair as he pounded into her. He let her leg drop as he reached up and tugged oh the weight attached to her left nipple. The result was astounding. Her entire body tightened. Her pussy gripped every inch of his cock, like a vice clamping down on a string.

Without removing himself from her he released her arms. As she started to fall he went down with her. In a few adjustments she was face down ass up with both of her wrists in his left hand. The longer he stayed in her the more he could resist her body begging him to cum and get it over with.

Ella desperately wanted this to end. Her arms felt like they were being ripped from their sockets. Her insides hurt from accommodating his large cock in her no longer pure vagina. She couldn't see past the tears in her eyes. She couldn't stand the taste of the ball gag in her mouth. Her nipples hurt from the clamps and weights. Eventually to her false relief, she felt Jerry pull his extremely large cock out of her body.

Without letting go of her wrists Jerry made Ella stand. He forced her to walk over to the windows on the far side of the room. On their way past the tool table he grabbed a spreader bar, ankle cuffs, hand cuffs and a ring gag. As they reached the wall of windows he cuffed her hands behind her back. She started trying to struggle in vein. In mere seconds he had her laid out on the ground. Taking advantage of her new position he attached the ankle cuffs.

"Spread you legs."

Ella was scared, but she wasn't going to let him do anything else to her with out a fight. That was a big mistake.

"I SAID SPREAD YOUR LEGS BITCH" Jerry was getting frustrated but when you picked a redhead you had to expect a good bit of defiance and fight out of the little whores.

She shook her head to tell him no.

"I'll give you ONE LAST CHANCE. Spread your legs of be punished."

Still she refused to comply. He was going to have alot of fun with this one.

He reached up above him and pulled down a hook. Grabbing her cuffed wrists he lifted her to her feet and attached the cuffs to the hook. Stepping back he lifted the hook to make her balance herself on her tip-toes.

"I gave you a few chances to be a good little girl, but you fucked up."

He removed her Chuck Taylors and tossed them across the room after checking her shoe size. Stepping back away from her he laid the small spreader bar back on the table and picked up a walkie-talkie. Stepping across the room he called for Vino.

'Click-click' "What do you need sir?" Came Vino's voice over the radio.

"Vino, can you bring up a pair of lime green stilettos in a size 8, and be ready to help me punish this little whore."

'Click-click' "Right away sir, I'll be there in 5."

Jerry was studding the assortment of spreader bars on a rack when he heard the lock click on the door. He smirked as Vino stepped over to him.

"Here's what you asked for sir." Vino said as he handed the shoes to Jerry.

"Thankyou Vino, while I go put these on that defiant whore Id like for you to pick a bar that will make her do a split. Then bring it to me."

Vino nodded, being the eldest son of Kalona made his life alot of fun, but he never got to participate in the breaking of a slut. This was a treat to him and he wasn't going to risk fucking it up. He grabbed a six foot bar and walked over to Jerry who had just finished forcing the shoes onto his whore.

Jerry smiled at Vino's pick. "Help me spread this whore out."


Kali filled with dread as they got closer and closer to the destination. She was already uncomfortable enough as she was entirely nude the whole ride. Not to mention the rope tied around her breasts and around her back binding her arms behind her as well. Kalona had done nothing but leer at her and toy with her helplessly exposed body for the whole ride as well.

As the hummer pulled up to a decent sized brick house in an upper class neighborhood she could only look out the windows and start to freak out. Lined up in the private circle drive had to be at least 15 private vehicles. Kalona barely waited for his driver to open the door before shoving her out of the suv.

"Get up and walk you worthless cunt, don't make me look bad in front of my friends."

She could barely get to her feet let alone balance on the 7" stilettos that Kalona had put her in but she did her best to stay right behind him as he led her to the front door of this very looming house.

Upon entering the house Kalona shoved her roughly through the walkway and dead center into the living room. Kali froze as her dread turned to pure loathing of her situation. Kalona forced her to her knees in front of a room full of 20 men.


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Ummmmmm Im the only writer on this site that does not turn from rape to pleasure. so go check on another story cause you just gave the wrong comment for my page

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2014-08-06 18:09:23
So far its amazing but it feels like instead of rape this story is turning into a woman pleasure club story. Like the girls her are seeming to like what is being done to them. i want more pain and less pleasure for the girls.

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