A desperate husband tries to rekindle his marriage with his abusive, cheating wife. They have a vacation in Paris, but their car breaks down. They seek help at a mansion; however, there is something off about the residents.
Quick warning, since it’s not among the tag selection,
Other tags: Cuckquean and Asslicking (on a girl)

Lots of story in the beginning, but I promise, you will find erotic scenes. If you do not like these concepts or any of the ones above, then please do not read. If you like them or don’t mind, then please enjoy!

“Congratulations Mr. Clark! You’ve just won a trip for two at the Beau Cygne!”

The crowd cheered wildly as Mark Clark won his prize on a game show. He never expected such a turn of events. One moment, he was reluctant to even attend, the next, he was the one who was on top. He came out winning the grand prize. A trip to the Beau Cygne! A beautiful hotel in Paris. He couldn’t wait to use that for his vacation. He would take his wife Cindy and they would spend some more quality time together.

‘Geez, I wonder what Cindy’s thinking right now’

Mark looked for his wife, but she wasn’t there. It was quite peculiar. He just did a mental shrug and said to himself,

‘She must be in the bathroom or something’

As Mark and the audience celebrate his victory on camera, Cindy was off with a show manager in a back room that read ‘EMPLOYEES ONLY’. She moaned,

“Oh yeah! Give it to me!”

Cindy clung to the manager as he fucked her. She was enjoying every single moment. She checked the time and exclaimed,

“Oh my God!!! It’s probably already over!!!”

“Hey beautiful, there’s no need to rush. Don’t you like this?”

“I do, it’s just that I don’t want my husband to get suspicious”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m almost there. Also, you were pretty good. I’ll give you a spot on T.V.”

“REALLY?! Thank you!!!”

‘Hehe, I knew if I gave him a little pussy, he’d give me a spot’ Cindy thought to herself.

Cindy let the manager finish and quickly left to go see who won the game. She was rejoiced to find that it was her husband Mark. Mark spotted her and quickly ran to her to lift her. Mark couldn’t wait to spend some time with Cindy, but Cindy couldn’t wait for other things…

Mark and Cindy were driving home, both excited for the trip. Mark smiled as he drove and said to his wife,

“Honey, I can’t wait until we get there. We’ll…”

As he stopped his sentence, he let his hands do the rest. He reached for Cindy’s skirt and tried to rub his finger on her pussy. Cindy tried to avoid his hand and said,

“Hey you, keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel”

“Oooh aaalright” he said as he smiled at her reaction.

He took it as Cindy’s cute way of resisting. Playing hard to get. However, Cindy refused because of the cum inside her pussy. She had let that manager cum inside her. She didn’t want Mark sticking a finger inside and then putting it in his mouth. He’d know that she was cheating again. That’s how he caught her the last couple of times.

As they got home, Mark hugged Cindy from behind and started to kiss her neck. Cindy giggled as he affectionately kissed her. He started to press his erect cock against her ass. She knew immediately what he wanted. She turned her head to kiss him and said,

“Mmm, someone wants to come out and play”

“Mmm, don’t you know it”

“I need to shower, I wanna clean up first before I ‘reward’ my wonderful husband”

Mark kissed his wife and smiled at her,


As Mark undressed and waited for Cindy on their bed, Cindy was doing what she could to get rid of the cum inside her pussy. She couldn’t afford to let Mark find out she cheated again.

‘Wash out all the cum’
‘Make sure he doesn’t end up tasting it like last time’
‘I’ll be damned if he thinks of a divorce again’

As Cindy finished cleaning herself, she stuck a finger in her pussy and then put it in her mouth to check.

‘I’m good’

As Cindy left the bathroom, she saw Mark patiently waiting on the bed wearing nothing but his underwear. She could clearly see his erection. She was loving the sight of her sexy husband. She walked over to him seductively. He was enjoying every minute of watching his sexy wife. She climbed onto the bed and sat on his groin. She then said,

“Honey, my jaw hurts, I don’t know why. Can I not give you head right now? I’ll make up for it later”

“Oh, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, it just feels like I strained it for some reason. But can I just give it a break?”

“Of course, I’d never force you”

“Thanks honey, I love you”

“I love you too”

The two closed their eyes and kissed each other. Cindy was happy she could get out of that. She actually didn’t want to suck Mark off because she did strain her jaw, or at least, that’s what it felt like to her. She strained it sucking off that manager in the back room. She also was just feeling lazy.

“Well, if you can’t suck me off, then I guess we can just skip to the part where I eat you out”

That made Cindy wet. Most of her secret lovers would only fuck her or have her give them head. If they did eat her out, then they weren’t that great. Not as good as Mark. One of many reasons why she still stays with him was the fact that he was so good in bed. That and he really knew how to treat a lady. He’d always buy her expensive things like jewelry or electronics. What could she say? She had a husband who was good at spoiling her.

She also was still very attracted to him. Mark was tanned with short black hair, average height, blue eyes, and he was very well toned. His muscles turned her on. He wasn’t bulky, he was just ripped. There was a time when he gained a bit of ‘happy weight’, but she quickly fixed that with ‘drop the weight or I drop you’. To complete him, his cock was very thick and was 10 inches long. She loved big dicks.

Another quality was that he was so naïve. No other man was easier to deceive than Mark. He was also too forgiving. She knew that her marriage with him was very stable because he was a hopeless romantic. Divorce wasn’t even a last resort for him. She was caught cheating three times. She had done that for such a long time because of his trusting nature. Once she was caught, he was forgiving after a few days. There was no other man that she knew that was that selfless. She was not willing to lose a man like that.

To Cindy, Mark was a dream come true. To be married to a man who was always spoiling her, easy to cheat on, extremely faithful even after being caught cheating, super hot with a big cock, and beyond selfless.

“Oh Mark, I’m gonna cum! Finger me!”

Mark stuck his pointer and middle finger into Cindy’s pussy while he continued to lick her clitoris. That was enough to finish Cindy. She cried out as she climaxed,

“Oh God! Yes! Fuck! Yes!”

Once Cindy recovered, she got up and kissed him. Mark was extremely turned on.

“I love it when you kiss me after I eat you. It’s so hot”

“Yeah, well, I’m clean, so it’s fine”

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I love you”

Cindy began to blush. She loved when Mark kissed her ass like that. She honestly believed that she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. She was very insecure.

She was a blonde with a fit body, but it was equipped with B cups. She was never truly satisfied with her breast size. She wanted implants, but Mark wasn’t exactly Bill Gates. She figured that she’d let him make some more money for a year so she could ask for them for her birthday. Her ass was decent, but she didn’t mind a bit of enhancement for it too. Her face was very nice and she was satisfied with that. Everything else was average and she hated that, but Mark didn’t seem to mind. He’d always call her perfect and she loved him for that, but it’s just not enough for her.

“How much do you love me?” Cindy asked.

“No words would be enough to express how much I love you”

“Don’t give me that! Here, I’ll make it easy. What if I started getting warts on my face?”

“I’d still be with you”

“My boobs and ass went flat”

“I’d still worship them”

“I gain weight… 300 more pounds”

“You better drop that or I drop you” Mark joked. Obviously referring back to the time he had gained weight.

“That is NOT funny” Cindy pouted.

Mark chuckled. Cindy didn’t like what he just joked, so she decided to say something that would make him uncomfortable.

“What if I fucked someone else?”




“Tell me!”

“Please don’t joke like that”

“It’s your fault for bringing up a joke in the first place”


Mark had suddenly lost his arousal. He was very uncomfortable. He had caught Cindy cheating on three different occasions. The most recent one being four months ago. The first time, he forgave her and she was sincere, along with the second time. The third time, she seemed to be taking his forgiveness for granted a bit. That’s when he was contemplating a divorce and suicide for the first time. He didn’t want tension like that again. After he had told her that he was considering a divorce, she became overly apologetic and wouldn’t stop trying to sway his decision. It was a hard time for him, especially because they have been married for five years. Cindy began to speak,

“Hey, look honey, I’m sorry alright”

“Just, don’t joke like that again. I… I kinda lost my boner”

“…well, I guess I’ll have to get you back up then”

Cindy smiled and reached for Mark’s cock. He was completely limp. He wasn’t kidding. She began to play with him and he didn’t seem to be getting hard. Mark’s mind was elsewhere. He couldn’t get his mind off of the pain she had caused him those three times. It was hard for him to get aroused. Cindy was getting impatient,

“Come on babe, get hard! I need this cock!”

“I… don’t feel like it. Sorry honey” Mark sighed.

“What? Just because of a joke?! I was only joking and I already said sorry, what more do you want?!” Cindy responded angrily.

This made Mark angry. She had a complete lack of consideration for his feelings, more so than usual. He decided that the best way to not lose his temper was to just get up and leave. He did just that and Cindy began to raise her voice,

“I don’t believe you! Fine!!! Just go then!”

Cindy faced away from him and laid herself on the bed. Mark couldn’t look her in the eyes, so he never turned to look back. He was feeling extremely depressed so he decided to have some scotch that he got from his boss. A gift for being a good subordinate and friend. The label read ‘Black Dog’. He never tried it before, but what better time than now he supposed. Mark had already run out of all the alcohol he bought in the past four months. It seemed like he drank more and more by each passing day.

He put some ice in his glass and poured some in. He took a swig and then took a few seconds to judge the taste.

“Not bad, not bad at all”

He then took a bigger gulp. Before he knew it, he had a second serving, then a third… He decided to stop drinking after he finished almost half the bottle. By that time, he was already drunk. He was feeling much better now. He was thinking of things to say to Cindy. He figured to put the bottle away first. He then stared at the bottle. He started thinking of one of his favorite Led Zeppelin songs. He began to sing aloud drunkenly,

“Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove!”

He then attempted to imitate the guitar riff with his voice and continued on. Meanwhile, Cindy was starting to get irritated. She could hear Mark drunk and singing ‘Ah yeah, ah yeah’. Mark was finishing up, but began to weep as he sang the last verse,

“All I ask for when I pray, steady rollin' woman gonna come my way!”

He imitated the guitar riff again and then continued,

“Need a woman gonna hold my hand, won't tell me no lies, make me a happy man!”

Mark wept without even realizing the exact source of his unhappiness. He had always sung this song before and during the days when he dated Cindy. He always believed that this song was referring to her, but for some reason, he wasn’t happy. While Mark was singing and weeping, Cindy decided she couldn’t take it anymore. She marched outside their bedroom and walked up to Mark. She slapped him across the face.


She then yelled at him,

“Shut up!!! It’s annoying! And also, you ain’t happy?! Huh?!”

Mark was about to yell back, but then Cindy turned away from him and went back to their bedroom. He was hoping that the trip to Paris would help strengthen their bond. Would it work? … No! It will! It has to!

Chapter I: Crushed Hopes
Once the day had come for the trip, Mark and Cindy were extremely anxious. Mark had high hopes for rekindling the fire with his wife. A factor that increased Mark’s hopes was the fact that Cindy denied him sex since that night he got drunk. Cindy, however, had been contacting a couple of secret lovers to fulfill her sexual needs. She was excited for the trip to Paris, not for rekindling, but for sex with a man from Europe. It was always something she wanted to try.

The couple had left home and boarded the plane and were on their way to Paris. They sat there excited for what was to come. Mark took Cindy’s hand and smiled at her. She smiled back, pretending that she was looking forward to spending time with him. Unfortunately, Mark took her smile as a sincere one.

Once they got off the plane, they headed for the Hotel. The place was beautiful and the staff was friendly. As they got to their room, they were amazed by the view that it offered and the décor. The place had nothing but white cloth and shiny gold color on whatever was made of metal. Even the phone was gold. This of course was not real gold, but the two enjoyed the scenery nonetheless. Cindy jumped on the bed and enjoyed the soft touch of its comforter and pillows. Mark joined her by lying next to her. He put his arm over her and smiled as he said to her,

“I love you”

“I love you too honey”

Cindy smiled back, but it wasn’t a sincere one. However, Mark, again, took it as one. He was excited. He wanted to order room service and have a romantic dinner with his wife. It would be just the two of them.

Mark kissed his wife and she gave a gentle peck back. It was actually almost time for dinner and he asked her,

“Are you hungry?”

“Yeah! I’m famished. I looked up restaurants and found out that there’s a nice one close by. It’s actually walking distance”

“Oh… I was hoping to dine here. Just the two of us”

Cindy didn’t like that. There would be no way for her to meet anyone if she stayed in the hotel with Mark. She responded,

“Oh come on honey, don’t be antisocial”

“Oh no, I’m not trying to be antisocial, it’s just…”

“Good, then we’re going to the restaurant”

Mark didn’t want to mess things up now. He knew Cindy would be angry if he tried to sway her decision. So, he just went with it. He thought to himself,

‘Well, it would be nice to explore around’
‘Yeah, why not, what’s the harm in going to a restaurant instead?’

The two changed into much more dressy clothes and left their hotel suite. They walked according to the directions Cindy’s phone was giving them. Mark grabbed Cindy’s hand and held it firmly. She looked back to confirm what she was feeling on her hand and then quickly returned her eyes to her phone.

Cindy was more concerned about the restaurant than spending time with Mark. He could see it, but he took it as her being excited to try the place. Cindy stopped looking at the phone and looked forward. It said that her destination was right in front of her. She smiled as she said,

“I found you!”

The couple walked in and were greeted by the hostess,

“Bonsoir! Do you have a reservation?”

“Clark, table for two”

‘She made reservations?’ Mark thought.
‘She must have planned this one’
‘I guess she never intended to eat in the hotel’

The hostess checked and confirmed. She showed them to their table. Mark didn’t really appreciate Cindy’s one sided decision. However, he supposed it was the same thing as a man making reservations and surprising his woman. This was just the reverse. Sadly, Mark could not have been further from the truth.

Cindy looked at the menu and Mark did the same. Once he had found something he liked, he closed the menu and looked towards his wife. He smiled at her, admiring her beauty. Cindy noticed him looking at her. She smiled back at him. She gave him a casual smile, but it soon turned to a smile of lust the moment their waiter came. A man with a short black ponytail greeted them,

“Bonsoir! Monsieur, Madame, my name is Alexandre. I’ll be your waiter tonight. How may I serve you?”

Cindy ordered wine and Mark ordered some water. Wine wasn’t his thing. However, Alexandre began to jokingly call him a lightweight and compliment Cindy on her tolerance. Most men would take offense, but Mark didn’t. He just took it as the waiter joking around. What Mark did not approve of was Cindy’s flirtatious behavior towards Alexandre. He let it slide just this once, not wanting to make a scene.

Although Mark had put up with that, Cindy continued to flirt with Alexandre while they ordered their food. What made matters worse was that he was flirting back now. Once he took their orders and left, Mark studied Cindy’s body language and speech patterns. He spoke to Cindy,

“Alexandre is a cool guy”

“Yeah, he sure is” Cindy said with a smile.

Cindy wasn’t even looking at him while saying that. She was staring at Alexandre’s butt.

“Cindy… CINDY!”

Cindy jumped at Mark’s sudden increase of volume in his voice.


“I love you honey”

Cindy said in a half-assed tone,

“Love you”

Mark was feeling very uncomfortable. It was clear that Cindy wasn’t here for him. She was here for Alexandre. He began to lose his cool and asked Cindy in a distrustful tone,

“Do you mean it?”

Cindy turned to him and got angry. She replied,

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what it sounds like!”

“What? Do you wanna hear me say no?!”

“I want you to be honest!”

“It doesn’t fucking matter! You’re gonna get mad either way!”

“I see the way you look at him!”

“Here’s an idea, why don’t I fuck him and you can go fuck yourself!”

Mark slammed his palms on the table and almost yelled in the restaurant,


People around them looked towards them. Cindy turned away from him and said,

“Oh yeah, real mature…”

That made Mark even more angry. Couldn’t she understand that they still had trust issues? Mark just wanted to leave, but he didn’t want to abandon his wife. So he decided to excuse himself to the bathroom. He just couldn’t be around her right now.

Cindy mumbled,

“Good riddance”

Alexandre returned to the table with dinner. He noticed Mark wasn’t at the table and asked,

“Mademoiselle, where is your husband?”

“Oh who cares, say Alexandre, what are you doing later tonight?”

Cindy reached out and caressed his hand. Alexandre knew where this was going. He boldly responded,

“Please, call me Alex. And as for what I’m doing tonight, it’s a very beautiful American girl named Cindy”

Cindy’s face lit up. She knew she’d be getting laid tonight. She never really understood why a woman should be forced to have only one sexual partner in marriage. It was a joke to her. She gave him her number and he smiled. They noticed Mark coming back, having calmed down from earlier. Alexandre left the table and Cindy said to him briskly,

“Call me”

Once Mark sat down, Cindy greeted him with,

“Took you long enough”

Mark wanted her to stop, but he felt that he was in no position to demand that when he himself had let his emotions get the best of him. He apologized,

“Hey Cindy, I’m sorry, I let things get to me. I have no one to blame but myself”

“……uh… yeah, well you should be”

Mark and Cindy ate together, but Mark wasn’t enjoying himself. He was starting to get depressed again. He just wanted to drink his scotch. It was his favorite drink. Once they finished, Mark gave Alexandre a big tip and said,

“Thank you Alexandre”

“No Monsieur, thank YOU” Alexandre said, know that he’s getting an even bigger tip than Mark knew.

The couple walked back and Cindy was quiet. She thought about Alexandre while Mark thought about her. He gently took her hand and she looked at their hands touch, but she quickly looked away, clearly not caring.

Once they made it back to their suite, Mark threw himself on their bed. Cindy’s phone went off and she checked to see who had texted her. It was a new number, but the text read,

-cindy? this is alex

-hey sexy, when are you free?

-any time after 10, let me know when you are

-okay, just got to sneak out, maybe in an hour or so

-I’ll be waiting :)

“Who’s that?” Mark asked curiously.

“My secret lover” Cindy joked.


“God Mark! Take a fucking chill pill”

Mark couldn’t stop being bothered by Cindy’s cruel jokes. She had cheated four months ago and two times prior. She could be a bit more considerate of his feelings. He wanted to have his wife all to himself and didn’t want to share her with any other man. What was so wrong about that?

You vow to be faithful to your spouse… unless you’re a swinger, but that needs to be approved by your spouse and he doesn’t approve. He knew Cindy would never approve of him sleeping with other women. It was completely unfair. Why couldn’t he get some pussy from someone else if she’s getting dick from someone else. However, Mark didn’t need that. He knew that all he needed was Cindy. He saw no other woman the way he saw Cindy. He loved her and no one else.

Mark just remained quiet after Cindy’s chill pill remark. She then said angrily to him,

“You know what, if you’re gonna be a baby about it, then you can fucking sleep on the couch!”

Mark sat up and said,

“No! We’re both sleeping on the bed!”

“The bed is only for mature adults you baby!”

“Cindy, I’m not sleeping on the couch!”


Mark was quiet. Cindy yelled at him even louder now.

“I’m leaving!!! I can’t stand when you’re like this!!! When I get back, you better be sleeping on the couch!!!”

“Now wait just a min…”


Cindy had left Mark in the room to God knows where. The trip didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to be. Depression was kicking in and there was no booze to help him now. Mark was tired, so he decided against buying some and chose to sleep instead. It was a cheaper alternative.

Chapter II: Further Downhill
Mark woke up with a stiff neck. He knew it was from sleeping on the couch. He had fallen asleep on the bed and when Cindy came back, she kicked him off, literally. He decided to just yield and not fight. He wasn’t happy with how his little vacation was going with Cindy. The moment they get to the hotel, he planned to order room service, but what does Cindy say? She wants to dine at a fancy restaurant. He takes her there and what does she do? Flirt with the waiter. When he attempts to be reasonable and apologetic, how does she react? She accuses and blames him, which leads to him sleeping on the couch while she sleeps like a baby on the bed. He turned to find her sleeping on the bed alone.

Mark felt that coming to this place was a mistake. He loved Cindy so much, but she’s been mistreating him lately… more than usual. He went to the shower, making sure not to wake Cindy up. He turned on the shower and the moment the hot water hit his body, he felt better.

‘I think this is the best thing I’ve experienced since I got here’

Which really wasn’t much to say. Mark hated to admit that, but it was true. The rekindling of their marriage was something he truly looked forward to, but if Cindy was only interested in the waiter, then what could he do?

‘I got it! We could go sightseeing!’

Mark quickly finished his shower and got out. He dried himself and changed into a fresh set of clothes. He opened the door to find Cindy still sleeping. He always found her sleeping face to be the most adorable thing in the world. Cindy was cute to him no matter what way he looked at her. Mark made a couple of phone calls and he soon had a rental car available for them.

Cindy began to open her eyes, she saw Mark greet her with a smile. She wondered what he was smiling about.

“Good morning honey, I got us a car, we’re gonna go sightseeing today!”


“Yup, I wanted to take my beautiful wife around the place and spend some time with her”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?!”

“It’s a surprise! Just get ready and we’ll go”

‘Oh great! There goes my plans with Alex today!’
‘At least I was lucky enough to fuck him last night’
‘I better text him’

“Mark, honey, I’ll go get ready”

“Okay babe, breakfast is downstairs”

“Thanks honey…”

Cindy went to the bathroom and quickly texted Alexandre,

-hey sorry
-my idiot husband made a surprise sightsee
-last night was incredible though, we’ll continue it later today ;)

-not a problem
-let me know when you get back

-don’t worry
-I will ;)


Cindy put down her phone and took off her clothes. She showered quickly and was out the door with Mark in less than 20 minutes.

They got into the car and Mark was thrilled. Cindy gave him back the same enthusiasm, but it was all just a farce. First place Mark took Cindy to was the most stereotypical place: The Eiffel Tower. Mark had high hopes since Paris was a city of romance. However, during the drive, Mark could not help but notice Cindy checking her phone periodically.

He parked and took Cindy with him when they finally made it. Even during their walk to the Eiffel Tower, Cindy still occasionally looked at her phone and texted. It made Mark uneasy. When the tower was right in front of them, Mark asked her,

“Alright, you ready to go all the way to the top?”


“What?! Cindy, I didn’t just drive here just to see the tower up close and leave”

“I don’t feel like it”

This made Mark upset. Cindy didn’t have the decency to even look at him while denying him. Her eyes were glued to her phone. Cindy sent her text and said to Mark,

“Okay, we’re done, let’s go now”

“But… we just got here!”

“And now we’re leaving. Let’s go!”

“Come on Cindy, for me?”

“God! It’s always gotta be about you! If I don’t want it, then you can’t fucking force me!”

Mark could see that there was just no getting through to her. Her sour attitude seemed to have come back again from last night. He didn’t understand why she was so irritated with him. He decided to just leave. He really couldn’t force her. He drove to another location, the Notre Dame Cathedral. Unfortunately, Mark was met with the same cold behavior and attitude. Cindy was just genuinely uninterested. It actually really hurt Mark to see that. He took time in the morning to get a car for him to drive her around just to not be paid attention to. It was the same no matter where he went. From Centre Pompidou to the Louvre Museum. It didn’t matter. Cindy was too concerned with her phone.

The two finished their visits to the tourist attractions. However, Mark wasn’t happy with Cindy’s behavior. Once he started the car, he asked her without any attitude,

“Do you not wanna be here?”

Cindy finished texting and replied angrily,

“What are saying?! What? I’m a stupid bitch who doesn’t deserve you?!”

“No, it’s just…”

“Shut the fuck up!”

Mark decided not to talk anymore. It was just a waste of time at this point. He put the car in reverse and left. It seemed that his get away with his wife just kept getting worse and worse.

He looked on the road to calm himself. He got annoyed from the voice of the GPS, so he turned it off. He was not very happy right now. He continued to drive without knowing where he was going. He just needed to get his mind off of how upset he was. Soon, he found himself driving by the countryside. He was glad that they were driving in an area like that. Lots of fields and no cars to be seen but his own on the road. He noticed a black mansion standing all on its own to his right, but other than that, it was peaceful for him to see the countryside. Mark knew that if he kept it like this, his mood would be better in no time, but life can be so cruel sometimes. The car broke down with smoke fuming out of its hood. Mark complained,

“Oh no! Now what?! You gotta be fucking kidding me!”

Cindy just groaned in irritation. She asked Mark,

“What’s the problem?!”

“I don’t know!”

Mark wasn’t too much of a grease monkey or an engineer for that matter. So he decided to just call for help. He checked in his pocket for his phone, but it wasn’t there.

‘Damn! I must have left it on the bed!’

“Hey babe, can I borrow your phone, I forgot mine at the hotel”

Cindy groaned in irritation. She was about to give Mark a hard time, but then she saw that her phone just died. The sexting last night and all of today took its toll on her phone’s battery. She was pissed.

“Oh, you gotta be fucking joking! My phone’s dead!”


Mark hit the car’s steering wheel out of frustration, causing it to honk its horn. He then put his hands to his face, unsure of what to do now. He thought of his options,

‘The hotel number is the only number we know’
‘It’s the only contact that knew us’
‘What are emergency numbers in France?’
‘…what does it matter?…we have no working phone to begin with’
‘There’s no repair shop within a hundred miles’
‘No houses either…’

“Cindy, honey, I saw a mansion back there not too long ago. We can ask them for a ride”

“This is just great! God! I just wanted to visit a masseur today and relax! Why did you have to fuck that up?!”

Truth was, she was going to use that as an excuse to have sex with Alexandre again.

“You know what Cindy, fffffuu…”

Mark restrained himself again, then continued in a calm sad tone,

“I planned this for you. All of this was for you. I didn’t do this purely for sightseeing. The most important thing was to spend time with you. The reason why is because YOU are the most important thing in my life”

Mark was good at restraining himself and turning the conversation around. It was much like avoiding a war. Asserting yourself without being too aggressive to start a fight. Cindy was good at twisting Marks words and turning it into making her out to be the victim and him be the asshole. However, Mark had won this time. She couldn’t find a counter for that moment. If he had asked her ‘Doesn’t this matter to you?’, then she would say something like ‘What the fuck? You’re saying I’m a bad wife’ or something of that nature.

“……let’s just get to that mansion and head back to the hotel” Cindy said bitterly.

“Alright, the sooner we do this, the sooner we can get you that massage”


As the couple walked in the direction towards the mansion, 30 minutes had passed and they still saw no building. Cindy’s mood spiraled down exponentially,

“Are you sure there was a mansion?”

“Yeah, it was a big black one”

“You better not be making this up”

“I’m not, I promise”

“And why exactly are we out here anyways?! What does this have to do with anything you planned for today?”

Mark was unsure how to handle that question. If he told her that he was angry or even upset with her, then she’d throw a tantrum. However, he did blame himself. He thought in his head,

‘If I had just controlled my emotions, then this wouldn’t have happened’

“Hellooooo!!! Mark, answer me!!!” Cindy interrupted his train of thought.

“Oh, sorry, I… it’s my fault, I got sidetracked and ended up going the wrong way”

“WHAT?!!! Are you fucking serious?! You better know how to get us back! You better not be lost!”

“Everything will be fine, in the…”

“In the end, it’ll all work out” Cindy said, mockingly imitating Mark’s ‘catch phrase’.

Mark couldn’t take talking to Cindy at the moment, so he just stopped talking. Cindy, however, continued to beat on Mark verbally,

“God! If we just didn’t go out, then we wouldn’t be in this mess!”


Mark laughed in his head as he thought,

‘You’re the one who said to go out last night and not be antisocial while staying in the room’

“It’s all your fault!!!”



“There it is!”

Mark pointed to the familiar black mansion. Cindy looked and couldn’t believe it. There WAS a big black mansion in the middle of nowhere. She toned down her beating on Mark,

“Let’s just go already, the situation’s already bad enough as it is”


Chapter III: The Mansion and the Mistress
After a few more minutes of walking, the couple had finally made it to the mansion. Mark saw that they needed to enter a big gothic styled garden arch with doors in order to reach the front door. He didn’t want to trespass, so he looked for any door bells or intercom buttons. He found none, so he decided to enter the front yard garden. Luckily for him and Cindy, the doors of the arch were not pad locked. He opened them and entered the garden with Cindy.

The garden had quiet the elegant design. It was clear that the plants had been maintained. The hedges were well kept and there were plenty of black roses with a hint of dark red. Mark even thought that the black gothic designed benches were well placed. However, the stone statues appeared to be on the fragile side. They were gargoyles with cracks on them, which showed age. Mark supposed that they served to be the garden gnomes. There was even a fountain with a statue of Cupid in the middle with water coming out of his penis, going into the fountain. It seemed a tad bit more recent than the gargoyles. Overall, Mark was liking the scenery.

‘Man, the owner really took care of the front yard garden, but the statues could use a bit of replacement’ Mark thought to himself.

Mark admired the place, but Cindy was getting the creeps from it. Who kept creepy gargoyles and black roses of death in their garden? Once Mark was done looking around, it was then that he noticed it had gotten darker and thought to himself,

‘Alright, it’s probably around 7ish since its already getting dark and its summer’
‘Wait, the car broke down about 6ish!’
‘So… we’ve been walking for a whole hour?!’
‘No wonder why Cindy kept getting mad at me’
‘Well, it’ll all be over soon’
‘I’ll ask the owner of the mansion for assistance kindly and it should be smooth sailing from here’

Mark and Cindy approached the door. Mark could see the face of a fierce dragon in the middle of the door. It had a big ring in its mouth. Cindy found it to be quite scary. She thought to herself,

‘My God! Who would want this as a door knocker?!’

Mark smiled and thought to himself,

‘Man, I gotta get me one of these’

He grabbed the ring of the door knocker and began to knock.


The two waited for a few seconds and soon the door began to open. It was a beautiful woman who was dressed as a French maid. Her skin was a bit on the pale side, but it was still flawless. At least in Mark’s opinion. She had brown eyes to match her lovely long brunette hair and her breasts were without a doubt C’s. Her stockings and high heels were quite seductive as well. She greeted them in French,

“Bonsoir, puis-je vous aider?”

“Uh… hi… do you speak English?”

The maid said with a French accent,

“I apologize. Good evening Monsieur, may I help you?”

“Oh…Hi, my name is Mark and this is my wife Cindy. Our car broke down and we were wondering if we could get a ride or use a phone to get back to our hotel”

The maid looked hesitant. She apologized,

“I am sorry Monsieur, Madame, but…”

“Let them in Renee” a third voice said from behind the maid, having a French accent as well.

“As you wish Mistress. Please come in”

The maid opened the door to let Mark and Cindy in. The couple could see that the mansion’s interior design was that of a medieval castle, mixed with a gothic design from a heavy metal music video. Everything seemed black and white, with the exception of some red from candles and cloth from the furniture. There were even some red banners that reached from the ceiling to almost the ground. There was an indoor balcony right in front of Mark and Cindy. It had two identical curved stairs going from the balcony’s sides down to where Mark and Cindy were. Behind each curved set of stairs, there were hallways that led to other places of the mansion. Mark joked to himself,

‘Geez, talk about the Addams Family, haha’

As Mark looked up, he saw who the voice belonged to. The ‘Mistress’ that the maid referred to was very beautiful. Like the maid, her skin was a bit pale, but flawless. Her long straight hair was raven black. Her eyes were green and her figure was spectacular. She had a flat stomach and clearly a D cup. Her makeup was gothic, which went well with the contrast of her skin. She reminded Mark of Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark. Except, hotter and with a less funky hairdo. Not that he was trying to check her out. Cindy didn’t like her right off the bat. Nor the maid. There was something quite off about them to her. The woman spoke,

“Welcome. My name is Edith, Edith De Sauveterre and this is my loyal servant Renee”

Renee bowed and said politely,

“A pleasure to meet you”

Mark gave Edith a friendly smile and responded,

“Mark Clark. This is my wife Cindy. Our car broke down and we were wondering if you could help us get back to our hotel. It’s the Beau Cygne”

“I am sorry Monsieur. We have no telephone and we have no car. We do not even have any electricity. All we have here are horses”

“Oh, I see”

“But, you are welcomed to spend the night here. I would hate to turn down people who are in need of help”

“Oh, uh…”

Mark tried to think of what to do now,

‘Well, we could stay and then leave and walk back until we reach the nearest phone’
‘We could hitch hike, but there were no cars driving in the area but mine’
‘I don’t think she’s lying’
‘The only source of light here are flames from either candles or touches’
‘I doubt Cindy would want to walk during this time while it’s dark outside’
‘It would be too much to ask to borrow the horses’
‘I guess there’s no other way’

Mark gave his initial refusal,

“Miss De Sauveterre, I wouldn’t want to intrude”

“Oh nonsense! It has been a while since we had guests. Please stay. Are you hungry? I can have dinner prepared”

Mark didn’t want to be rude. He decided to accept, but then Cindy started to whisper to him,

“Mark! Let’s just go! I don’t like this place! I don’t like that maid! And I especially don’t like Dracula’s wife up there!”

“Cindy! Don’t be rude!” Mark whispered back.

“I would advise leaving later during the daytime tomorrow. You never know who or what may lurk in the dark” Renee informed them.

“Oh, then it appears we have no other choice then, if it’s not too much to ask, may we spend the night here Miss De Sauveterre?”

Edith smiled,

“Of course Monsieur, and please, call me Edith”

“Oh, okay, merci… Edith. You can call me Mark” Mark said as he smiled back at her.

“Very well, Mark, Renee will show you to your room. In the morning, we can ride back into town. The horses are likely sleeping right now”

“You will?! Merci Edith! Merci! Merci! Oh! Also, we ate not too long ago. Please don’t trouble yourself for us anymore than you already have”

“As you wish Mark, if you or your wife change your mind, please don’t hesitate to let us know”

Edith turned and left the balcony, heading to her chamber, which was to Mark and Cindy’s left. Mark couldn’t help but notice that Edith had quite the ass as well. It was nice and round, but not too big. It was very tight. It was actually a lot nicer than Cindy’s, but being the faithful husband he was, he didn’t want to think much of it.

“Maaaaark” Cindy grunted his name, obviously unhappy with his decision to stay.

“Right this way Monsieur, Madame”

Renee picked up a fancy black candelabrum with three lit red candles and led Mark and Cindy up. She took them to the right side of the balcony. Mark turned his head left to see what was on the side Edith left to. It was just an identical hallway to the one Renee was leading them to on the right side.

Once Mark, Cindy and Renee reached their destination, Renee pulled out a key and unlocked the door. She took a step inside and lit the candles within the room to reveal a queen sized bed with a glossy black bedframe, red bed sheets with a black comforter on top and white pillows. There was a fancy, glossy black chandelier on the ceiling. To the right of the bed was a black gothic dresser with a silver tray on top of it. Upon the tray was a silver bell. However, the shininess of the tray and bell appeared to have a hint of black due to the colors of the room. To the left of the bed was a big mirror with a black gothic styled frame. The whole room had nothing but black, white and a hint of red just like the rest of the mansion. Renee bowed again and said to Mark, while completely ignoring Cindy in the process,

“The bathroom is just down the hall and there is a bathhouse downstairs. Just head to the East wing, it’s the opposite side of the dining room. If you need me, simply ring the bell there next to your bed. There are some fresh clothes in the wardrobe. Please enjoy your stay Monsieur”

“Please, call me Mark, merci”

“As you wish, Mark”

Renee left the room and closed the door quietly. Once Mark turned around, he was immediately met with Cindy’s hand.


“What the hell is wrong with you?!!!”


“I told you I didn’t wanna stay here! This place gives me the fucking creeps and so do those French whores!”

“Hey! Don’t call them that! They have been nothing but hospitable to us and besides, would you rather walk at night and get robbed for all we know?!”

“Fuck you!”


“Ow! Stop that!”

“Fucking grow a pair!”

The two continued to argue. Mark could tell that Cindy was a bit jealous of their bodies. He knew Cindy was insecure about her breast size. That’s why she always liked to show off her butt. It was her best asset. However, Edith beat her in both departments and he figured that that was the reason why she disliked her more than the maid. Mark was losing his temper and couldn’t take it anymore. He started to raise his voice at Cindy, which only served to make Cindy yell back. The two argued with each other and neither were unsure of when it would end. The only thing they could agree on was that they were both angry at each other.

Outside the room, Renee stood there, listening to their argument. She then heard one of them get hit by something. Something blunt. It wasn’t a slap. Whatever it was, it stopped the argument. She then heard Cindy say,

“This is all your fault! Don’t blame me!”

The noise ceased to continue and Renee walked away. She was heading to Edith to report back to her.

Chapter IV: The Bathhouse
Renee entered Edith’s study room, which was located at the left hallway. Edith was sitting at her desk. It was placed in front of a 10ft tall window that was 5ft wide. The window had a gothic design with a pointed arch on top. It faced the door that Renee entered. The interior, like the rest of the mansion, was nothing but black and white with some red cushion on her furniture and red candles. Edith was staring at an open faded golden locket in her hand. She knew Renee was in the room, so she closed it and put it down on her desk, next to a human skull with a red candle burning on top of it. Before Renee could notify Edith of her entry, Edith asked,

“What do you make of those two Renee?”

“The woman doesn’t like us”

“Was that not obvious?”

“The man seems to be very appreciative of your kindness Mistress. That putain had the audacity to call us putains! However, the man defended us and called us hospitable”

“I see”

“What would you like me to do Mistress?”

“Just keep an eye on them for now Renee”

“As you wish Mistress”

Renee bowed and was about to leave, but Edith stopped her,


“Yes Mistress?”

“You did well, here’s you’re reward”

Edith got up from her chair and walked towards the front of her desk. She removed her underwear and pulled up her dress. She then sat on her desk and spread her legs, exposing her shaved pussy. Renee was excited.

“Oh thank you Mistress!!!” Renee said cheerfully.

Renee walked up to Edith and kneeled before her. She used her fingers to spread Edith’s lips and began to laps at her pussy. Edith cocked her head back and moaned to the ceiling,

“Mmm, Renee!”

Renee licked from Edith’s vaginal opening up to the opening of her urethra. She gave it a couple of small licks, then moved to her clitoris. She licked upwards and then moved around her clitoral hood in a circular fashion. Edith grabbed Renee’s head and stroked her hair in approval. She closed her eyes and continued to pet Renee as she went to work on her pussy. Edith was extremely horny today and wanted more than just masturbation.

“Oh Renee, that’s it!”

Renee stuck two fingers in Edith’s pussy and began to move them. Edith was extremely wet, making it all the more easier for Renee. Renee curved her fingers and massaged Edith’s G-spot as she licked her clitoris. Edith was close to cumming. She let go of Renee and busted out her D’s. She massaged them and then rubbed her nipples in a circular motion. Edith was close. She stopped caressing and switched to pinching her nipples. Edith opened her mouth and shut her eyes. She moaned loudly,

“Renee! I’m cumming!!!”

Renee stopped licking and pulled out her fingers. Edith began to squirt into her mouth. She obediently opened wide and made sure that none of it spilled on the floor. She swallowed Edith’s cum without hesitation. It tasted delicious to her as always.

Edith calmed down and opened her eyes. She looked down to see Renee licking up whatever she missed off the desk. Edith caressed Renee’s cum covered face and said,

“I think I need to take a bath now. Just fuel the boiler and you’re dismissed”

The two smiled at each other cleaned up what was left.

Soon after, Mark walked downstairs from the balcony with clothes that were in the wardrobe. He took a left as Renee instructed him. He could see the dining area to his right, so he knew he was going the correct way. He felt that a bath would make him feel better. His eye was hurting. It was swollen and extremely sensitive. Cindy had thrown a dragon paper weight at his face. It was the closest thing she could grab in the room and it was a direct hit to his right eye.

Mark checked a couple of doors but found no bathtub. He checked the last door to his right and finally found a bathhouse with torches inside lighting it brightly. Warm air immediately hit him. The bathhouse gave Mark a very tranquil feeling with its white color with some marvel stone. The tub was the size of a pool and pretty much looked like one. It was obvious that it was meant for more than one person at a time. It was a nice change up from the gloomy gothic design of the mansion. Not that Mark was really bothered by it. He was about to enter, but saw Edith in a black robe with a towel. Edith saw how swollen Mark’s right eye was and gasped,

“Oh dear! Mark! What happened?!”

“Oh, my eye? Uh… well, I tripped and my face hit the dresser”

“That looks pretty bad, let me put some medicine on that”

“Oh no, I’m okay. I took care of it. Thank you though. Merci” Mark smiled at her, trying to defuse her concern.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure, merci”

“Alright, please notify me if something like this happens again”

“I will, um… were you going to bathe?”

“Yes, but please, you can go in first”

“Oh no, ladies first”

“Such a gentleman… but you are my guest and I’d like you to enter first and experience the bathhouse” Edith smiled at him.

Mark, again, didn’t want to be rude, so he accepted. He entered the bathhouse and looked inside to see that it was much bigger than he thought. There were three showers that were to his left and the big tub that was on his right. There were counters on the sides and hooks on the wall to hang clothes and towels. Facing the bathtub was a counter with a big mirror on top of it. On top of that counter, in front of the mirror, were a bunch of jars, bottles and other containers. They appeared to be cosmetics. Mark liked the set up, but something bothered him. He noticed steam from the tub. He questioned in his head,

‘Steam? Do they really have electricity then?’

“If you’re wondering what’s the source of the hot water, it’s the boiler room. We burn wood as fuel”

Mark turned and saw Edith in front of the door he had entered. She closed it and put her towel on a counter. She undid her robe and it fell to the ground. Mark saw everything: her flawless pale skin, her large breasts with pink nipples, her sexy curves around her hips, her cute, shaven little pink pussy. Mark panicked,

“Ah! E! Edith!”

Mark immediately put his hands to his face to cover his eyes. He completely forgot about his swollen eye and ended up tapping the sensitive area.


Mark moved his hands out of natural response from the pain. He got another look at Edith’s perfect body. Edith said out of worry,

“You poor dear, let me get some medicine for that”

Mark shut his eyes in an attempt to stop seeing Edith naked, but that just gave him more pain. He opened them back up quick. He saw Edith’s ass move side to side as she walked to the counter with the different cosmetics. Mark decided to face away since he didn’t want to hurt himself accidentally anymore. He spoke to Edith as she walked back to him,

“Why are you in here with me?!”

“I wanted to take a bath with you and talk”

“I’m sorry, but I’m married”

“Mark, turn around, I’ll apply some of this medicine”

“Please put your clothes back on”

“There’s nothing wrong with bathing together. It’s no different from talking while eating”

“Please Edith, Cindy wouldn’t appreciate this”

“…very well then” Edith sighed.

Edith put her robe back on and let Mark know it was safe to look. He turned and saw Edith clothed, holding some kind of small jar filled with cream. She smeared some on her pointer and middle fingers and put the small jar down. Edith bent over to and reached for Mark’s right eye. Mark gulped as he got a full view of Edith’s cleavage. He was too distracted to see that Edith had her hand over his wounded eye. It began to glow white, but before Mark looked away from her cleavage and towards her face, the glowing had stopped. She saw that he was looking and applied the cream very gently. The sensation of Edith’s touch was very uncomfortable for Mark, but it wasn’t too painful. She was doing a good job at being gentle. She announced,


“Wow, already?”

“Yes, how do you feel?”

“Actually… the pain feels like it reduced significantly all of a sudden. Merci!”

“Great! Hey Mark…”


“You want to bathe with me don’t you?”

Mark looked into Edith’s eyes and immediately felt like he was in a hypnotic state. He soon lost all control of his body and his mouth moved on its own. It answered for him,


Edith smiled and removed her robe. Mark was conscious of what was happening, but he couldn’t control his body. He could see what was occurring.

‘What?! Why did I say sure?! No!… No! No! NO!’

Edith exposed her body to him and smiled. He could see her perfect body again. His body began to strip on its own. Mark yelled at himself, inside his head,

‘NO! What are you doing?! You’re married!!!’

Mark exposed his body to Edith. She stared in amazement. He was very well toned and his cock was erect. It was a full 10 inches. She began to blush. The room was silent for almost a minute as Edith stared at his cock. She snapped out of her trance and apologized,

“Forgive me…”

She sat in the bath and Mark followed. He sat next to her and faced her. Edith spoke to him with a sad expression,

“I’ve been very lonely… I’ve had no one but Renee keeping me company. It’s nice to meet someone new to talk to”

“Oh, I see”

Mark felt bad for Edith. She was in the middle of nowhere. It must get pretty boring. Edith closed her eyes and kissed Mark.

‘Oh shit!!! No!’

She began to stroke his cock and his body started to move on its own again. He kissed her neck and she closed her eyes.

‘No! This isn’t good! This isn’t good!!!’

She moaned,

“Oh Francis!”

‘What? Francis?’

Edith immediately opened her eyes and looked at Mark. Mark suddenly got back control of his body when that happened. He got out of the bath and Edith got out as well. She begged Mark,

“Mark! Wait!”

“I don’t know what I was thinking, but Cindy’s gonna kill me!”

Mark got dressed and Edith grabbed her robe to quickly cover herself with one hand. She used her other hand to grab Mark by the wrist. Mark stopped and said in a serious tone,

“Edith… please let go of me…”

“Please Mark, I’ll let you go, but please listen to what I have to say!”

“Fine… what is it?...” Mark sighed.

“I’m sorry… I don’t know what came over me”

She let go of his wrist and he stood there, unsure of how to respond to her. After the brief pause, he opened the door and began to head out. Edith then said,

“You don’t have to put up with her!”

Mark turned around and said in an angry tone,


“I know abuse when I see it. Cindy’s abusing you. I know because I was a victim at one time”


Mark wanted to yell at Edith for seducing him and having the nerve to accuse Cindy. However, he just remained silent, because she was right. Cindy did give him this swollen eye on purpose and she had been very abusive to him verbally as of late. More than usual. Edith apologize,

“I… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that”

“It’s… it’s okay… goodnight”

“…goodnight Mark”

Mark left the bathroom and headed for his room. He heard screaming coming from the second floor…

Chapter V: A Monster
During the time Mark headed to the bathhouse, Cindy decided to explore the mansion. She was getting bored and she sensed no real danger in it. It creeped her out, but it didn’t stop her from exploring. She took one of the candles with a metal handle and explored the hallway, but when she checked each door, they were all locked. So, she decided to see what was downstairs. She assumed that everything else on the mirrored hallway was locked as well. She walked down the stairs and took a right.

She saw the dining table. It looked like it was meant for at least fifteen people. The dining room was dark with all the candles out. She could barely make out a pathway through the dining room to the next room. Thunder roared with some lightning lighting the room quickly. Cindy jumped at the loud thunder.

‘God! Fucking scared me!’

She walked through the dining room, which led her to the kitchen. When she was in the kitchen, the thunder and lightning went off again. Cindy could see everything momentarily that she couldn’t see in the darkness. It seemed like an ordinary kitchen.

However, what she failed to see was the figure hiding in the darkness of the corner behind her. It held a dagger in its hand. Once the lightning ceased, the figure could be seen no more.

Cindy found a door to the cellar. She opened it and held the candle out to see if there was anything down there. She could only see the stairs leading to the bottom, but nothing further. The figure in the corner began to move towards Cindy. It took its steps quietly as it got closer and closer. Cindy retracted her candle when she felt a cold chill go up her spine. It felt like someone was behind her. She turned around!

Nothing… there was nothing. She took a couple of steps back due to this unexplainable fear she was starting to feel. She thought to herself,

‘Someone’s watching me!’

She took one more step back. Her heel went downwards. It was not on the step. She tumbled down the stairs and fell to the ground.


She got up quickly and hoped no one heard her. She found the candle to be still lit on the ground, miraculously. She picked it up and got back on her feet. She then saw something horrific. She gasped and said in her head,

‘Oh my God!!! Those are human skulls!’

On the table was a pile of human skulls. They all seemed old, like they were a few hundred years old. They had cobweb and dust on them. Cindy was speechless. If she didn’t want to leave, this would certainly change her mind. She turned around, but then heard footsteps. Cindy decided to hide under the table with the skulls on top. She blew out her candle and remained silent as she heard the footsteps approaching. She saw the person’s feet. They wore those all too familiar high heels with stockings. It was Renee.

She walked closer to the table. She was obviously checking to see if anyone was down here. She walked around the cellar, but found no one. She turned back towards the stairs and began to walk up. She closed the door and Cindy started to come out. However, she bumped her head on the table and one of the skulls fell off and shattered to pieces when it hit the floor.


The door opened and Renee walked back down to see what caused the noise. She saw the shattered remains of one of the skulls. She walked to the table and stopped right in front of it. Cindy was about to pee her pants.

‘Oh shit! Oh shit! OH SHIT!!!’

Suddenly, a mouse appeared from the pile of skulls and fell off the table. It quickly ran into the dark corner in search of a place to hide. Renee watched it flee and turned around. Cindy figured that Renee thought it was the mouse that shattered the skull. Once the door was closed again, Cindy waited for a couple of moments to time Renee leaving the kitchen. She then got out from under the table, this time making sure not to bump her head. She climbed the stairs and opened the door and peeked out to find no one there. She sneaked out quietly and made it through the kitchen. Then the dining room, up the balcony, to the hallway.

However, she saw that her door was open. She peeked in and saw Renee inside. Cindy panicked. She didn’t know where to go now. She thought,

‘All the other doors are locked’
‘The hallway on the left!’

Cindy quietly sneaked to the other side. She saw that one door was open. She peeked in to see if anyone was in there. There was no one. She sneaked in and peeked her head out of the room to see Renee leaving her room and closing the door to it. Cindy closed the door of the room she was in and turned around. This room had nothing but the moonlight from the window lighting it, but Cindy could tell that this room was different. It seemed like a personal study area. There were a couple of large bookshelves on the right wall. In the center of the room, there were a couple of couches and a small table. The chandelier was very elegant and there was a desk in front of that large window that let the moonlight shine into the dark room. The window had to be ten feet at the most. She explored the desk.

‘Is that another skull?!’

Cindy saw a skull with a candle on top of it. However, she took it as something that was probably plastic or ceramic. She then noticed a locket next to the skull. She picked it up and opened it. She saw an image of Edith in medieval attire on one side. On the other, she saw a man dressed in medieval attire. Cindy inspected the man’s face more closely and she realized,

‘He! He looks like Mark!!!’

Cindy then heard two footsteps in the room. She quickly turned around and scanned the room. She immediately spotted two ominous red eyes staring at her in the dark. It approached her and she froze in place. She couldn’t make out the face, just a black silhouette with evil red eyes.

“P ppp pp p p p, please don’t hurt me…”

As the figure got closer, she could see its hand in the moonlight. It was holding a dagger. Cindy screamed and ran for the door. The monster was on the right of the couches and table in the center of the room. So, she ran to the left and opened the door quickly. She heard it running towards her. She forced the door open and slammed it as she exited the room. She ran towards her room and then looked back to see the monster slam the door open behind her. She ran into her room and shut her door. She locked her door and leaned against it to brace it. The few seconds of waiting were too long of time for suspense. It began to bang on her door.



Cindy put her hands on her head and continued to scream. Then it stopped. It was quiet for a few seconds again. Then she heard it turning the door knob, trying to get in. She yelled at it,


“What?! What did I do?!” Mark yelled from the other side of the door.


She opened the door quickly and let him in. She hugged him and cried. He held her in his arms and comforted her.


Cindy jumped and they both looked at the door. It was Renee and Edith. Edith said,

“We heard screaming. Is everyone okay?”

“Yeah, I found the door locked and Cindy opened it for me. She’s terrified by something”

“Oh, you poor dear. What happened?” Edith asked.

“Don’t fucking pretend with us! You’re keeping monsters in this creepy place!!!”


“Monsters? Whatever do you mean my dear?” Edith questioned.

“Monsters! Monsters with red eyes and knives!”

“Red eyes and knives?...” Edith said with a look of suspicion.

“Ms. Clark, are you sure you just weren’t having a nightmare?” Renee asked.


“Cindy, please, calm down…”

“NO!!! IT WAS REAL!!!”

“Well, we could search the mansion for the ‘monster’ if you’d like” Edith offered.

“That won’t be necessary Edith, thank you”

Cindy looked at Mark in disbelief. He was siding with them. He didn’t believe her. Edith looked at them and said,

“Very well, if you need us, just ring the bell”

Edith closed the door and Cindy immediately hit Mark’s face with an open hand.


“I’m telling the truth!”

“Cindy, please, maybe you dreamt it and…”


“NO!!! It was real!!! These fucking bitches have skulls in their cellar and I wanna leave!”

“Babe, please, they’re not bitches! They have been nothing but nice to us! And what’s that about human sku…”

“Fine! Take their side! I don’t give a fuck!!! It’s because of their big racks!!!”

“Cindy! That has nothing to do with…”


Cindy began to insultingly mimic Edith’s accent,

“Oh! Mizz-zyell Mock! Get a load of my mon-stel teetez. Come let me sow-ffocate you wit zem!”

Renee was outside on the other side of the door listening to the couple argue again.

‘I really don’t like this bitch’ She thought to herself.

Renee then saw the door knob being turned. Cindy had had enough of this place. She turned the knob, but no one was on the other side. She hurried down the stairs, but heard some thunder and saw a flash of lightning. She didn’t care though. She wanted out and continued to the door. She opened the door only to find heavy rain outside. Mark was behind her. He was about to stop her, but quickly saw why she had stopped.

“Are you leaving?” Edith asked.

“Uh, no, even if we wanted to, it seems like we’d just catch our deaths out there”

Cindy couldn’t believe it. She was stuck here with two woman who were more attractive than her, her stupid husband and a red eyed monster that had a knife. Mark held her hand and gently guided her back to the room. She did not resist due to her extreme feeling of hopelessness. There was no way out. Mark sat her down on the bed and laid down on the other side. He tried talking to her, but she’d always respond to him in an angry tone,

“Don’t fucking talk to me…”

He gave up and turned away from her. He quickly fell sleep. Cindy laid down and stared at the ceiling, contemplating a way to escape her situation.

Chapter VI: Mark’s Feelings
The hours had passed and it was already morning. Cindy looked out the window but got a disappointing answer. It was still raining heavy. She felt Mark moving on the bed as he got up.

“Oh, you’re up early. How’d you sleep?”

“What the fuck do you think?”

Mark stopped talking to her. He got up to check his eye. It was a bit discolored but the swelling was completely gone, along with the pain. He then heard knocking on the door.


“You can come in” Mark said.

The door opened and Renee came in with breakfast. There, on two silver platters were pancakes with what looked like homemade syrup, toast with butter and some sort of shredded meat. Renee apologized to Mark,

“I’m sorry Mark, we may not have restaurant quality, but we did our best with what we had”

“No, it looks delicious! Merci Renee!”

Renee became bashful,

“Aww, it was nothing. I’ll leave you to enjoy it”

Mark quickly cut his pancakes and took a bite. The syrup was sweet, but not too thick. The texture of the pancake was superb. It was fluffy and warm just like how he liked it. He said to Renee before she closed the door,

“Oh my God! The pancakes and syrup are perfect!!!”

Renee opened the door a bit to peek her face in and smiled at him.

“Merci Mark”

“No, thank YOU”

Renee left with a flattered smile on her face as Mark gobbled down his food. It was one of the tastiest meals he’s ever had. Once he finished, he turned to Cindy and said,

“Babe, please come eat”



“Get the fuck out…”

“Cindy, babe…”


“Cindy! What is the matter with you?!”

“I got an unfaithful husband who always sides with his two fake breasted whores!”

Cindy got up to face Mark. She stood there in front of him and began to accuse him,

“I know you check them out! You stare at them with lustful eyes! This is all your fault! You selfish bastard!!!”


Cindy was about to slap Mark a fourth time, but he caught her by the wrist. It was his turn to yell. He had repressed his emotions and had put up with her verbal and physical oppression for long enough. He began to tear as he yelled at her,

“No!!! You’re the unfaithful one! You’re the cheater! I loved you unconditionally and have done everything I could to make you happy! IT’S NEVER ENOUGH!!!”

Cindy didn’t like Mark fighting back and she definitely didn’t like him holding her like that. She threw her knee out and it hit his groin. He fell to his knees and covered it. The pain was excruciating. He then fell to his side and Cindy stomped on him. She hit his floating rib and stomped again. She hit his ribcage this time and then ceased. She yelled at him,


Mark crawled to the door and opened it. He got up and left immediately. He then heard the door slam behind him. He slowly walked towards the balcony, but didn’t want to move down the stairs. His groin was still in pain. He decided to walk it off by going to the other hallway. He saw that all the doors were closed except one. He decided to look in as he passed it, but he saw Edith come out. She saw him and greeted him with a smile. However, it quickly left her face as she saw him limping.

“Mark! What’s wrong?! Are you hurt?!”

“I’m… I’m fine!” Mark answered quickly, trying to avoid alerting her.

Edith walked to him and touched his side as she said,

“What happened?!”


Edith ended up touching Mark’s fractured rib. She immediately retracted her hand, afraid of hurting him further. Edith could already guess what happened. However, she did not want him to avoid her by trying to get the truth out of him. She instead offered some medicine. He tried to decline, but Edith grabbed him by the arm saying,

“Come to my study and lay on the couch. I’ll apply it”

Mark wasn’t in any condition to fight her. The more he struggled, the more he tensed up, causing his pain to increase. He said to her,

“Edith, please…”

“I’m not going to do anything but heal you. It won’t be like the bathhouse, I promise. You need medical attention”

Edith knew that Mark was afraid of her seducing him again. She couldn’t blame him. Not after what happened in the bathhouse, but she was genuinely concerned for him. She wanted to help him, being a former victim of domestic abuse herself.

Mark resisted, but gave in shortly not wanting to increase his pain. He let Edith guide him to her room. He saw a large window shine light on him with heavy rain hitting it. In front was a black desk with a skull and a candle on top of it. The chandelier was a beautiful glossy black and he could clearly see she had quite the collection of literature on her black bookshelves. Edith laid him down on her couch. It was very comfortable. He saw a small table next to him and another couch behind it. Edith went to her desk and pulled out that same cream. She asked him as she walked towards him,

“How’s your eye?”

Mark remembered just now. His eye wasn’t even swollen anymore. It didn’t even hurt. It was just discolored. Mark immediately said,

“Hey, I never got to thank you about my eye. It’s all better now. Merci, merci Edith”

Edith smiled with content and replied,

“You’re welcome, now lift your shirt. I’m going to use the same cream”

Mark happily accepted, figuring that it would help. He lifted his shirt and Edith saw immediately where the fractured rib was. The area was red and she knew it would become a bruise like the one on his eye. She saw Mark close his eyes as she applied the cream and she immediately held out her other hand. It began to glow white. She then put it over the floating rib Cindy stomped and then over his groin. Mark could feel the pain in his ribs subside along with the pain in his groin. Edith lifted her hand before Mark opened his eyes to ensure he didn’t see anything suspicious. She said to Mark,

“Okay, I’m done, you can get up”

Mark covered his torso and sat up. He felt like a million bucks. How did Edith do it? It was as if he had never been hit in the groin or his side. His fractured rib still hurt, but the pain was significantly reduced. Edith walked to her desk and picked up what looked to be scotch. She offered Mark,

“Would you like a drink?”


“It’ll help with the pain”

“Actually Edith, a drink sounds perfect”

It would be around this time that Mark would drink. Every time Cindy made him angry, hit him or both, he’d drink. This was perfect. It was what he needed. Edith sat on the couch across from him and put the scotch down along with two glasses. She poured some for Mark first and gave it to him. He picked it up and said,


“You’re welcome” Edith said smiling back at him.

Before Edith finished pouring some for herself, Mark had already finished his glass and put it to the table. Her face wore a surprised expression as she saw the empty glass. She ask him,

“You’re quite the drinker aren’t you?”

“I love my scotch, this stuff is good”

“Do you want some more?”

“If it’s not too much to ask”

“Of course, coming right up. I’m not going to hold back then. I love my scotch too”

Edith poured a lot more into her glass and then poured an equal amount into Mark’s. He thought in his head,

‘Now that’s what I’m talking about!’
‘Edith is so cool’
‘If only she lived in America’
‘I’d make her my new drinking buddy, haha’

Edith spoke,

“First one to gulp it all down wins!”

“You’re on”

Edith did a countdown,

“trois… deux… un!!!”

The two began to gulp down the scotch in their glasses. Mark made sure to do big gulps. He was down to his last gulp and was about to slam the glass, but Edith finished and slammed hers at the same time as his. Mark complimented her skill,

“Wow, you’re good!”

“You’re not so bad yourself” Edith said with a flirtatious tone.

She picked up the scotch and ask,

“Round 2?”

“You bet!”

The two continued to drink until there was no more scotch. Edith shook the glass container upside down and not a drop came out. She and Mark were already drunk. They were both beyond buzzed or tipsy at this point.

“So how are you feeling?” Edith giggled.

“Much better! I’m fucking Superman!”

Mark began to imitate an electric guitar riff of the Superman theme. Edith was amused by what he was doing and the fact that he was drunk. Her being drunk with him just added to her amusement. She asked him,

“What are you doing? What tune is that?” She giggled.

“It’s called Rock baby! Playing the Superman theme on an electric”


“Yeah, you know, Rock n’ Roll”

“Rock n’ Roll?”

“You don’t know what Rock n’ Roll is?!”

“No, what is that?”

“Oh man! Alright, let me explain…”

Mark started telling Edith about the music genre that he loved very much. The two enjoyed each other’s company and laughed drunkenly. Edith had not been this happy in a long time. The more they talked, the more they found out how much they had in common. Mark showed Edith how to head bang and play air guitar. She didn’t quite understand why the people Mark referred to as ‘rockers’ did this, but she was still having fun doing it. She figured it was some kind of dance of these ‘rockers’.

“I REALLY like talking to you Edith, you’re just so cool. I hate talking to Cindy”

The room got quiet and Mark realized what he just said. He stopped smiling and sat on the couch. He couldn’t believe that he just said that and neither did Edith. Mark then tried to take it back. However, he felt like he was lying deep down inside. He exclaimed,

“I… I was kidding!”

“Mark… she beats you, doesn’t she? Please just tell me, I won’t judge you” Edith said with a concerned voice.

“No, how could a man get beat by his wife? Only women get beat by their husbands…”

“Mark, domestic abuse goes both ways! Wives get beat and husbands get beat”

Edith saw that Mark was about to cry. He finally admitted to Edith, saying very fast,

“She hits me!”

“Mark, you shouldn’t have to put up with the beatings. At least defend yourself”

Mark began to cry as he said drunkenly,

“I tried! One night, the neighbors called the police because they heard her screaming. She kept yelling at me and started to hit me. I tried to stop her from hitting me, but she lied when the police got there and they arrested me! I did nothing wrong! I didn’t even try to hit her!”

“That’s terrible!”

Mark put his hands to his face and wept. He then screamed,


Mark finally let his true feelings out. Edith hugged him to comfort him. He continued to cry on Edith’s shoulder as he poured out some more of his feelings,

“I don’t know what’s wrong! I buy her things she loves and she’s still not happy! She says she loves me, but she looks at other men and cheats on me! What am I doing wrong?!!!”

“You’re doing nothing wrong! It’s her! She has an amazing man and she’s too stupid to see it! When I saw you yesterday, I could see the goodness of your heart shining bright and when I saw her, I could see the blackness of her heart! She doesn’t deserve you Mark!”

She let go of him and looked him in the face. She saw him begin to put on a smile of appreciation. Once he did so, he said,

“Thank you Edith…”


Edith gave him a genuine smile back. However, their smiles began to fade as they looked into each other’s eyes. They moved their faces closer and their lips were moving towards each other, inch by inch. It appeared as if time had slowed down for the two of them. They closed their eyes as their lips were just millimeters away…

They kissed.

Chapter VII: Romance & Rape

Time had stopped for Edith and Mark at that moment. It seemed like an eternity before they finally broke the kiss. They stared into each other’s eyes, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Both were unsure of anything except that they really enjoyed kissing each other. They immediately kissed again. This time, it wasn’t a small peck, it was a kiss that was far more passionate. Edith sucked on Mark’s lips desperately as if her life depended on it. Mark did the same. Edith broke their kiss and begged Mark frantically,

“Leave Cindy and be with me! I’ll take care of you!”

Mark did not answer her. Instead, he attacked her neck, giving it small kisses. Edith moaned and continued to give promises to Mark,

“I promise I’ll never beat you! I’ll give you anything you desire!”

He attempted to remove Edith’s clothes. Edith helped him unzip and unbutton everything. She stood up and her dress fell to the floor. Mark saw that beautiful body again. He got off the couch and put her left nipple in his mouth. Edith gently stroked his head. She tugged on his shirt, trying to remove it. He stood up and began to remove all of his clothes.

Soon, they were both standing in front of one another, naked. Edith kneeled down and opened her mouth. She put his cock in and bobbed her head up and down. Mark felt the warmth of her mouth and did nothing but moan in ecstasy. Edith stared at Mark while she swallowed his cock. He could not help but get entranced by her beautiful green eyes. They were lovely. Edith was the same as she stared back at his blue eyes, which she found to be so beautiful as well. She popped his cock out of her mouth and he helped her to her feet.

He began to lift her and she held on to the back of his neck. He adjusted her body so the tip of his cock was pressed up right against her lips. She looked him in the eyes with a begging look. That look told him that she wanted this more than anything. He began to lower her body and she moaned softly. The head began to enter her warm wet pussy. Then, his whole shaft entered her. She screamed in pleasure and then kissed him. They kissed passionately, but did not move for a while. They enjoyed the sensation of staying connected like this.

Mark had not had sex in a while. Since that night he got drunk and wept at home. When Cindy slapped him. Edith was enjoying every single second of this as well. It had been so long since she had been touched by a man. She only had Renee to pleasure her. Her pussy contracted around his cock. It massaged it affectionately.

He moved over to the closest wall while holding Edith and slammed her back against it. They kissed again and he began to move his cock out of her. Once eight inches were out, he shoved it back in her and he repeated over and over. Edith closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Mark kissed her neck as he fucked her. Edith dug her nails into his back.

Mark felt Edith wrap her legs around him and he increased his speed. Edith could feel him fucking her faster. She moaned to him,

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Mark did as Edith requested. He pumped away at her much more roughly now. She loved it. She then felt him move her away from the wall. He put her on her back on the couch while still remaining inside of her. He started to fuck her fast. Edith was ready to cum and so was Mark. She moaned,

“Oh Francis! Cum inside me!”

Mark heard her, but ignored it. He moved faster so he could cum. He began to squirt in Edith’s pussy. Edith began to climax as well. Her pussy contracted as it was being filled up with Mark’s cum. She continued to moan,

“Francis! Francis! Francis!!!”

Mark released his last drop and collapsed on top of Edith. Edith hugged Mark and smiled with satisfaction. She was happy. The two passed out together while still connected.

Meanwhile, Cindy had eaten the breakfast Renee had made for her. It was actually quite delicious. However, it still didn’t change her opinion of her. She fell asleep around the time Mark and Edith began to drink. When she awoke, it had become dark. She looked at the window only to find that it was still raining hard. She wondered where Mark was.

“That fucking asshole. Abandoning his wife! The moment I get out of here, I’m gonna kick his ass at the hotel and fuck Alex. Hell, if I could, I’d fuck Alex right in front of him for being such a terrible husband!”

Once Cindy finished saying that, a strong cold gust of wind hit her and all the flames from the candles went out. She yelled in irritation,


Cindy got off the bed to find the matches. Her only light source was the moonlight again. She then remembered what had happened last night. She could ring the bell for Renee, but she couldn’t trust her. Renee had to have known about the skulls in the cellar. There was something suspicious going on here.

Cindy then froze in place. Something moved in the shadows. Her body began to quiver in fear. She then heard the sound of a blade being unsheathed. It was then followed by slow footsteps that were heading in her direction. It was coming from the front of the door. She knew it was the monster from before. She then saw those murderous red eyes again. Cindy’s legs got weak and she fell on her butt. She couldn’t run like last time. She was cornered now. She asked,

“W ww why are you doing this?!”

No answer. It took a step.

“Please! Please don’t hurt me!”

No answer again. It was getting closer.

Cindy decided to make a run for it. If she tried to evade the monster and then get the door, she might just make it out. She got to her feet and made a break for the door. The monster tried to grab her, but she dodged the attempted grab. She made it to the door and grabbed the knob. She turned it only to find that it was locked. She then felt the monster wrap its arm around her gut and the cold metal of the dagger against her neck. She screamed,


The monster threw her to the bed from across the room. There was no way this was an ordinary human being. Only a big muscle man could throw another body the distance she was thrown. From what Cindy felt, the monster had a normal sized body. Along with the super strength, the monster also had super speed. In less than ten second, the monster had stripped her naked. Her wrists were tied together and bound to the bed in about the same time her clothes were removed.

‘What the hell’s going on?!!!’ Cindy thought.

She then felt her ankles being tied with rope. Her legs began to lift and it became apparent that the rope tied to each ankle was tied to each bed post behind her head. Her pussy was now exposed to the monster. And she anticipated that it wanted to rape her. She began to feel it rub its finger on her clitoris. She was scared for her life as the monster held the dagger to her throat while doing this. She pussy began to leak. She did not moan, but remained quiet out of fear.

Although she was scared out of her mind, she quickly noticed that what the monster was doing to her clitoris felt amazing. The speed that it rubbed at was the same speed a vibrator would move. There was also something about being bound and helpless that turned her on. She was the poor innocent girl who had a monster that was about to have its way with her. It knew how to pleasure her.

The monster continued for a few more strokes and then it stopped. It got off the bed and Cindy wondered what it was going to do next. She felt her pussy secreting. It was leaking so much that it was starting to leak down to her asshole and crack. She then felt it climb back on the bed. It was now kneeling in front of her. She felt a phallic object press against her pussy. She knew that it was the monster’s cock. She stared into its red eyes as she was afraid for her life and excited for her pussy to be pounded. The monster pressed its cock to her pussy and it entered her. Cindy gasped. She did not want to scream and anger the monster.

The monster started to fuck her fast. She wasn’t sure if she should be screaming for it to stop or moaning for it to continue. To be safe, she just panted as it ravished her. The monster began to speed up. She found it unbelievable that the monster was fucking her at such speed. There was no way a human could screw this fast. Only sex machines with dildos could go this fast. Even the fittest man in the world couldn’t compete. As it fucked her, she became less scared, despite its intimidating red eyes in the dark.

Cindy’s rape, if that’s what it still was, felt so incredible. She was gushing her juice all over the bed. Never in her life, had she felt such intense fear and arousal. She lost count of how many climaxes she had. It felt like a really long orgasm to her. The monster continued to speed up as it started to put its face closer to hers. It breathed onto her face. It felt as if those menacing red eyes were trying to stare into her very soul and steal it away. Cindy was so afraid that she felt like she was going to pee herself. Or perhaps it was just from her getting fucked. She came as she stared into the monster’s eyes.

It seemed to stop a few moments after. It pulled out and got off the bed. It crept into the shadows and turned away. Cindy was no longer able to see her attacker. Then, the candles relit themselves and the bindings of her limbs released. She looked around the room frantically to see if the monster was still there. Wondering why it spared her life. Why it raped her. Why…

“…it didn’t cum inside me”

Cindy sat up and immediately felt that the bed was wet from her cum. She put her clothes back on and was ready to get the hell out of here.

Outside the door was Renee. She walked away with something in her hands. It was a used strapon and the very same dagger that was at Cindy’s throat only a few moments ago. Her eyes were red. As she walked away, they soon returned to her natural brown color. She smiled, proud of what she had done.

Chapter VIII: Edith’s Past
Mark woke up on Edith’s couch with her body on top of him. He had a minor hangover. She was sleeping peacefully with a smile. He tried to move, but she clung to him as if she was trying to keep him there. He decided to wake her up. He shook her as he spoke,

“Edith… Edith… Edith wake up…”

Edith opened her eyes. She looked at him and she smiled, but she soon stopped when she saw guilt written all over his face. Mark started to move and Edith got off him. He said in a panicky voice,

“Oh shit! Oh shit! What am I gonna tell Cindy?!!!”


“We shouldn’t have done this!”

“Mark… I’m sorry…”

“Why did I do this?!!!”

Mark put his clothes back on and sat on the couch, rubbing his face with his palms. Edith sat next to him, but did not dare to touch him. She covered herself up with her dress, but was still naked. Edith felt guilty for being so selfish. She needed to explain herself to him.

“Mark… I need to tell you something”

Mark did not look at her and she continued,

“You don’t have to look at me, but please listen. This is all my fault. I… I’ve been so lonely for so long… my husband passed away a long time ago. I haven’t had sex since he died and I selfishly had sex with you. The reason why I called you Francis is because that’s my late husband’s name. I’m sorry…”

Mark spoke while still not facing Edith,

“I’m sorry to hear that…”


Mark felt awkward, so he tried to think of something else to say, he blurted out,

“…was…was he sick or…”

“He was murdered” Edith said in a firm tone.

Mark looked at her and could see the seriousness of the situation. He apologized,

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that”

“No, please, let me finish. My husband and I were in love and nothing could tear our love apart. Nothing. However, one day, these men broke into our home and tried to rape me. Francis saved me and he killed them in self-defense, but he lost his own life in the process. Since then, it has been me and Renee”

Although Edith mentioned this to Mark, there was much more to the story. Her memories were as clear as a sunny day. She began to dwell upon those memories…

The year is 1418 A.D. King Charles VII had ordered for the execution of “demons” within the kingdom of France. There were few people who spoke out against it. Calling it unjust, but they soon quieted down when the first few people were executed. Edith and her husband Francis hid as they and their people were being hunted down. He was the spitting image of Mark. He had blue eyes, black hair and a toned figure. And like Mark, he had a good heart as well.

Edith could see the goodness in his heart when they first met. Before Francis, Edith was forced into marriage with a corrupt knight named Abel. It was to save her father’s land from being taken. All she had was her father and two younger brothers. Her mother died while she was still very young. Abel was ordered to force her father off his land, but changed his mind the moment he saw Edith. He had to have her. So, to protect her family, she married him. She never wanted to marry him because she could see the evil within his heart. It did not shine a bright light, but rather, gloomed a dark aura. He had raped her on their wedding night and had constantly beaten her if she upset him. Edith helplessly took it for she could not do anything to stop him or else her family would pay the price.

However, that all changed when she met Francis. She fell in love with him right away and they had a secret relationship behind Abel’s back. When Edith’s father and two brothers passed away from illness, she decided it was time to leave Abel. Francis sneaked into their home and killed Abel in his sleep, angry for what he put Edith through. The two left together, thinking that everything was better now, but it wasn’t. Francis was one of the “demons” and Edith kept trying to convince him to let her become one. She did not want to grow old while he stayed young. He finally gave in and they have lived together that way since. They endured King Charles’s wrath together.

One by one, their friends had been burned alive, impaled by wooden stakes, or beheaded. Edith and Francis just wanted to live in peace. They didn’t need to kill people to survive. None of them did. They drank from the blood of animals. Unfortunately, there were a few nuts in their community that got the idea to drink from humans.

Edith and Francis feared for their lives every single day, but were happy that they still had each other. However, it all changed the night three bounty hunters came for their heads. They killed anyone that was suspected of being one of them. Both guilty and innocent alike. They didn’t care about evidence. All they cared about was the money and fame that came with the purging.

One day, while Francis was out, the three men kicked open their front door and one shot a bolt from his crossbow before Edith could react. It nailed her hand to the table. Another man shot another bolt that nailed her other hand. The third man waved a flask and holy water stared to hit Edith’s face and arms. It began to burn. She screamed and the man said,

“Burn you bitch!”

“Hey Jean, this one looks nice” said the second man.

“Hey, how about we have a little fun with her first” said the third man.

Edith wanted to fight these men, but the holy water weakened her. She then saw a woman from her town at the door. She begged the men,

“Please stop this! She hasn’t done anything wrong!”

One of the men grabbed her and said,

“Hey Jean, Matthew, looks like we got another one!”

“Let go of me!” the woman yelled.

Jean put holy water on her, but she did not burn. He spoke,

“She’s not one of them Saul, but hey, the more the merrier”

“Sounds good to me. I’m going for the one with the green eyes first” said Matthew.

Saul objected,

“No way! I should….”

Saul stopped talking once he felt a hand impaling him from behind. Edith saw that Francis had forced his hand through one of the attackers. He pulled out his hand and Saul died in seconds. Matthew threw the woman and she quickly came to Edith’s aid. Matthew held up his crossbow, but Francis deflected it, causing it to shoot the wall. Francis dug his nails into his throat and quickly ripped his esophagus out. The woman pulled both bolts out and Edith quickly looked around for a weapon. Francis turned to Jean, who then waved his flask, sending holy water to Francis’s face. It burned his eyes and Jean pulled out a wooden stake. He impaled Francis’s heart and he fell to the ground. He turned to see Edith picking up a wooden stake from Matthew’s dead body. He drew his sword and thrusted forward. However, the woman stepped forward to protect her and was impaled by Jean’s sword. He retracted his sword and Edith went straight for the kill as the woman fell to the floor. She stabbed the bounty hunter right in the heart and he gasped. He breathed his last breath as he said,

“My money… my fame…”

Edith let go of the stake and checked on Francis right away. She called to him,

“Francis? Francis?! FRANCIS!!!”

Tears ran down her cheeks. She continued to hopelessly attempt to wake him.

“Francis! No! Please don’t leave me! You said we’d be together forever!!!”

He still did not move. Edith put her face onto his dead body and cried. She began to yell,


She continued to weep and wish that she was dead with him. She then got an idea. She pulled out the wooden stake from Francis’s chest and held the pointed end against her chest. It was then that she noticed the woman on the floor bleeding out. She recalled her being one of the people who spoke out against King Charles and his ordered purging. She dropped the stake and got back on her feet. She ran over to her and lifted her up.

“Why did you help me?”

“What…they…are…d…doing… is wrong…”

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault…”

“It’s okay… at least… you’re…alive…”

“Please stay with me, don’t die on me too”

Edith and the woman both knew she was going to die. She then asked her,

“What’s your name?”


Renee closed her eyes and began to lose consciousness. Edith then said,

“No one else is dying here”

Edith’s teeth began to form fangs as she moved her mouth to Renee’s neck. She opened her mouth wide and bit down…

“Edith? Edith… I have to talk to Cindy”

Edith snapped out of it and looked back at Mark. She shook her head and responded,

“I understand”

Chapter IX: Renee’s Punishment
While Edith was talking to Mark, Cindy was devising a plan for escape. She remembered Edith saying that they had horses here. She was determined to leave, despite the bad weather. She figured the horses were at the back. She headed back and eventually exited the mansion through a back door. The rain was terrible, but she put up with it. She barely saw a small stable out in the backyard. She couldn’t make out anything else in the heavy rain. She ran towards it and was soaked in seconds. As she reached the inside, she looked around only to find two horses. They were both beautiful brown ones. She held her hand to the first one and it reacted hostilely. She retracted her hand quickly and tried the second horse. It appeared to have accepted her hand and she smiled, knowing she was going to escape this God forsaken mansion.

Mark and Edith were both fully dressed and the room was silent. Edith was about to speak to him when she heard galloping. Was that her horse? She quickly walked over to the window and looked outside. She saw Cindy on one of her horses, leaving the mansion.

“It can’t be!!!”

“What’s wrong?!”

Edith didn’t want to tell Mark that his wife just left, so she thought of a plan to set in motion.


She was starting to form something.

“Edith, please say something!”

She got it! She said to Mark,

“Your wife just stole one of my horses!”

“What?! Please tell me you’re joking!”

“I’m afraid not”

“I have to go after her!”

“I only have one other horse, I can lend you my other horse, but you have to promise me that you’ll bring both of them back to me. They are mine and Renee’s only means of transportation”

“I understand! I promise! Now please, I have to catch up with my wife!”

“The stable is in the backyard. Let’s go there”


As Mark travelled with haste downstairs, Edith held out her hand to the window. She was directing it to the sky. Her hand began to glow white and the heavy rain stopped. The clouds cleared and the sun shined its face upon the mansion. She joined Mark and he was soon riding on the other horse, chasing after Cindy. He yelled as he rode away,

“Merci Edith, I promise to bring them back!”

“Good luck Mark!”

Edith watched as Mark rode off and she could sense Renee inside the house watching him leave. She went back into the house and the two were soon in her study. She sat at her desk and Renee began to speak,

“Mistress, the woman is too much of a problem. Why did you let the man take our other horse?”

“Trust me Renee, I have a plan”

“Please Mistress, it’s not too late…”

Renee pulled out the dagger that she held to Cindy’s throat and unsheathed it. She continued to speak,

“I could still kill them and then…”

“NO!!! We are not like that anymore Renee! This is not the 15th century!”

Edith looked inside the locket. She looked upon the face of Francis. Renee was concerned for Edith. She decided to be blunt with her mistress. It was for her mistress’s own good,

“Mistress, please, that is not Master Francis…”

“SHUT UP!!! You think I don’t know that?!” Edith yelled defensively.

Edith’s green eyes began to turn red and the canines of her teeth began to elongate and sharpen. Renee remained silent. Edith noticed that her emotions were getting to her. She took a deep breath to calm herself. Her eyes soon turned back to their natural green color and her teeth returned to their natural size and shape.

“I’m sorry Renee…”

“Mistress, please forgive me… I did something…”

“What did you do Renee?!”

Renee pulled out a strapon and answered,

“The woman stole our horse to leave here because… because… because I had some fun with her…”

Edith walked up to Renee and slapped her.



“I… I apologize Mistress”


Renee was quiet now. She was afraid that saying anything else would only serve to further anger her mistress. Edith’s eyes became red again and her teeth returned to its more sharpened form. She then turned away and thought about what to do now. This just complicated things. It now made sense why Cindy had left the mansion. Edith was very angry at Renee, but she did not want to lose her temper and become violent. She had murdered so many people out of anger. When she lost Francis, she took her anger out on any human she came across. She kept the heads of bounty hunters as trophies, which she still kept to this day in her cellar. However, she later vowed to live in peace. She knew Francis would have wanted that for her.

Edith took deep breaths to calm herself again. That violent, bitter woman in the past was not who she was now. Her anger descended by every deep breath she took. Renee was her most loyal servant and best friend and she couldn’t stay mad at her. She apologized,

“I’m sorry Renee”

“No Mistress, please, I’m at fault”

Renee kneeled before Edith. She put her hands on the ground and then moved her face to Edith’s left boot and kissed it. Renee looked up to Edith and begged,

“Please forgive me Mistress”

“Renee, please, it’s okay. I lost my temper”

“I understand. You’re afraid my actions might ruin your chance with Mr. Clark”

“Yes, but let’s be honest…”

Edith smiled at Renee,

“…she had it coming”

“I think she actually liked it. Her pussy was without a doubt wet”

“Hm, what a putain”

Edith brought Renee back up to her feet. She then said to her,

“Renee, you do understand that I will require you to ‘take care’ of Mark every now and then if we do end up together, don’t you?”

“I will gladly Mistress, if it is your wish…”

Renee felt extreme guilt for possibly ruining Edith’s chance at finding happiness again. She owed her everything. She gave her a second chance at life while giving her super strength and super speed. Since the day Edith brought her back into this world, she vowed to be her loyal servant until the end of eternity. She saw Edith turn to her door to leave. She begged her,

“Please punish me!”

“I forgave you already Renee, its fine”

“No, please, at least do something”

Edith thought it over and then got an idea. She knew that the time it would take for the two to reach civilization would be more than enough time for her to administer Renee’s punishment. She commanded Renee,

“Put your hands on my desk and bend over”

“Yes Mistress”

Renee did as Edith commanded her. She then felt Edith lift up her skirt. She hooked her fingers into Renee’s underwear and then pulled them down to her ankles. Renee blushed and her pussy began to moisten as she knew what was coming. Edith held her hand in the air and then let it fall to Renee’s ass.


“Mmm” Renee moaned in pain and pleasure.


“Oh Mistress! Punish me!!!”


“Harder! Punish me!”



“Now for the other side” Edith forewarned her.

“Yes Mistress!”


Renee wiggled her ass once Edith stopped spanking her. She begged,

“Please Mistress, at least one more!”

“Alright then… HERE IT COMES!!!!!”


“AHHH!!!! YES!!! OH YES!!!!”

Edith then stuck her finger in Renee’s pussy. She stated,

“Ha! Just as I expected… wet!”

Edith turned away and picked up the strapon and said,

“You’re going to put this on now Renee”

“Yes Mistress”

Renee lifted her feet so that Edith could put it on her. However, when she looked down, she noticed right away that Edith made it inside out. Edith raised up the strapon and stuck it in Renee’s pussy. She immediately screamed,

“Oh Mistress!!!”

Edith secured the strapon and made sure it wouldn’t slip off. She then instructed Renee,

“I am pressed for time. Until I return, you are not to touch the strapon or your pussy”

“Mistress! How cruel! Please, allow me to cum!”

Edith was already walking away. Before she stepped outside her study, she turned and hinted to Renee,

“You and I both know that you don’t need to touch your pussy in order to cum…”

She smiled at Renee and then morphed into a bat. Edith flew away and Renee understood what she meant. Renee desperately looked around for a phallic object. She saw the candles, but she knew better than to use them without her mistress’s permission. She could not wait anymore. She stuck her pointer in her mouth and began to sensually lick and suck on it. The sensation of sucking on her finger just made her want to cum even more.

Renee pulled out her finger and reached back. She pressed it against her asshole. She rubbed it to tease herself initially. She then pressed in with a bit more force and the first knuckle went in. She began to imagine that the strapon was Mark’s cock and her finger was Edith’s. She fantasized that Mark and Edith were together and that Edith called her to service her new master. She moaned,

“Oh Mistress, your putting your finger in there again. Mmm, it feels so good with Master’s cock!”

Renee forced her finger even deeper now. She got it in as deep as it could go. She then pulled it out and put her middle finger in her mouth. She took her finger out of her mouth and then pressed her pointer and middle finger against her asshole and both fingers went in all the way.

“Oh Mistress! I feel so full with Master’s cock and more of your fingers. I’m going crazy!”

She fingered her ass faster and stuck the pointer of her other hand into her mouth. She imagined that Mark was ordering her to suck his pointer.

“Oh Master!!! Mistress!!! I’m almost there!!!”

Renee was about to cum, but she pulled out her fingers and imagined that Edith was commanding her to beg before she cums.

“Please!!! Mistress please!!! Please let me cum! I beg of you!!!”

She imagined Edith granting her request and stuck her fingers back in her ass. She fingered her ass fast and cried out as she climaxed. Her pussy hugged the strapon tightly and her sphincter squeezed her fingers. Renee felt wonderful as she was panting, recovering from her strong orgasm. It had been a while since her ass had been played with.

Once Renee recovered. She put her panties back on, but left the strapon inside her as instructed. She decided to rest her body by sitting down. She left Edith’s study and walked to the kitchen. She sat on the counter, which caused the strapon to be shoved a little deeper inside her. Renee gasped and then sighed,

“Great! Now I’m horny again…”

Chapter X: History Repeats Itself
Cindy had made it back to the hotel. She plugged in her phone to charge and immediately texted back Alexandre.

-hey sorry, the car broke down, but I ditched my husband
-come fuck me in my room, 438
-I’ll reward you for your patience

-not a problem
-I’ll be right over :)

Cindy giggled in excitement and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Edith flew as fast as she could, desperately searching for Mark. She saw him standing with her two horses next to a convenience store. He appeared unsure of what action to take next. Cindy had ditched the horse at the store by the looks of it. Edith lowered herself down and quickly morphed back into her humanoid form. Mark turned around and saw her,

“E… Edith! How did you get here?!”

Edith looked into his eyes and said,

“Go after her, I’ll take care of the horses. Please forget that you saw me here”

Mark began to feel that hypnotic state again. His body moved towards the payphone outside of the store. He called a cab and waited for it. Meanwhile, Edith looked each horse in the eyes and commanded them,

“Return home”

The horse immediately started to head back to Edith’s mansion. Edith morphed back into a bat and followed the taxi cab Mark rode inside of. Once Mark arrived at the hotel, Edith let go of her control over him. She followed him in, but she was immediately met with hostile employees trying to shoo her out of the hotel. She decided to stay outside and search around through the windows.

As Mark made it to his room, he slid the card key into the door and opened it. There, on the bed, he watched in horror as Cindy was getting fucked by the waiter. Alexander or whatever his name was. His heart had stopped at that moment. Cindy was riding Alexandre on the bed and then she looked at Mark. She smiled at him and moaned,

“Oh yes! Alexandre! You’re way better than my husband!!!”

“Oh yeah baby!!! Don’t you know it!”

Mark’s eyes began to water as he turned around and ran out the door. Cindy continued to fuck Alexandre as she said in her head,

‘Ha! Serves you right for taking the side of those bitches!’

Edith continued to search until she finally saw it. Cindy was on top of another man. This alarmed her,

‘Oh no! I didn’t expect this!’
‘Where’s Mark?!’
‘I hope he doesn’t see it!’

Edith looked down to see Mark crying and running out of the hotel. She then looked back in the room to see the man leaving and Cindy laying on the bed, smiling. Edith’s was pissed…

Cindy sighed happily. She was glad she finally got to fuck Alexandre again. She wondered if she could fuck another French man before returning home. It would be great to have Mark see it, what he saw wasn’t enough punishment in her opinion. She knew that if she said sorry and gave Mark some time, he’d come around.


Cindy sat up and saw the door fly across the room and crash into the wall.

‘What the fuck happened?!’ she wondered.

She got off of the bed and then saw Edith giving her the death stare. Her eyes weren’t green like they were in the mansion. They glowed the same red glow of the monster that raped her. She gasped,

“It was you!”

In a split second, Edith was in front of Cindy. She held her by the neck as she lifted her up with one hand. She began to squeeze Cindy’s neck and she was starting to lose air. She then threw Cindy across the room. Her body hit the wall and she fell to the floor. Edith lifted her up with one hand again and opened her free hand. A ball of fire started to appear on it. Edith said angrily,

“Give me one good reason why I should spare your life right now!!!”

“Please! Please don’t kill me! Please!”

Edith tossed Cindy to the corner and shot the fireball to the window. It exploded and the glass shattered. Tiny pieces of glass flew all over the place. The wind began to travel through the room.

“You fucking evil bitch!!!”

Cindy saw Edith’s canines sharpen and elongate into fangs. She screamed,


Cindy covered her face and Edith formed another fireball. She held her hand up and was ready to use it to obliterate Cindy. Cindy started to pee herself. She urinated in her underwear and onto the carpet. She knew that this was the end of her life as she knew it…

Mark walked and wondered why he was still trying to live. His family that he was close to all passed away or no longer talked to him. He had no close friends. The most important person in his life wanted to screw other men. What was he still doing here? Living, why? He stood on the sidewalk and watched the cars drive by. Life just wasn’t worth living anymore. It really didn’t help that he was next to the restaurant that started everything. He watched as the cars zoomed through the street. He knew that the speed would be enough to kill him…

Edith flew around to find Mark again. She had to do something to cheer him up. It was her fault for sending him to the hotel. She was the cause of his current pain. She had planned to hypnotize Mark and fuck him in front of Cindy, but it back fired and now Mark was the one suffering. She saw him on the sidewalk staring forward into space. She flew into an alley where no one would see her morph. Once she was back to her humanoid form, she ran desperately to Mark. As she got closer, she slowed down, not wanting to look like she had followed him. She was almost there…

A man dressed in a waiter’s uniform with a short black ponytail stepped in front of her and greeted her,

“Bon après-midi, mademoiselle! I am Alexandre!”

Edith didn’t recognize him. She didn’t get a good look at him from the hotel. She ignored him and continued onto Mark. She could clearly see that his heart did not give off that same bright light Mark’s did. He grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“Let’s get to know each other a little better” He said with a charming smile.

Edith smiled at Alexandre and he knew he had her… or so he thought.

Edith bent his thumb backwards, breaking it. Alexander cried in pain,

“AH!!! You crazy bitch!!!”

Edith lifted him by his shirt and threw him to the dumpster of the restaurant where he worked. She tossed him where she felt that he belonged. He hit the lids of the dumpster which were leaning against the wall. His body fell inside the dumpster and landed on top of the trash. The lids then closed on him. She turned around and continued to walk towards Mark. As she did so she said,

“Not in a million years…”

Edith approached Mark. He was just ten feet away, but then, he leaped forward and a car honked its horn.



Edith watched as Mark’s body rolled on top of the car and fell to the ground. The car stopped, but then sped away a second after. Edith ran to him to check the damage.

“Mark! Please don’t die!”

Mark opened his eyes. He spoke weakly,

“E…Edith? What are you doing here?”

“Oh God! Mark!!!”

Edith immediately held both her hands out and they started to glow white. Mark healed, but his wounds were still too severe. She had just bought him more time. She yelled at him,

“Why did you do that?!!!”

“I… I’d rather be dead…”

“It’s because of her isn’t it?!”

“I have no one else in life…”

“You got me. I’ll look out for you!”

“Please… don’t waste your time on me…”

Mark was on the verge of death. Edith decided to ask him a very vital question,

“Mark, I need you to answer me this, if you could erase all your memories of Cindy, would you do it?!”

“…haha… if only that were possible…”

“Just answer the question!!! Would you?!”

“Nothing…wou… nothing would… be more perfect… than to… forget her…”

Mark closed his eyes and was ready to accept death. Edith began to cry,

“NO!!! Not again!!! I… I won’t let you die!!!...”

Edith knew that her magic wouldn’t be enough to save his life. There was only one other way…
Her fangs came out as she lifted Mark. She opened her mouth and bit his neck.

Conclusion: Six Months Later…
Mark stared outside the window of his room. He had met a lovely woman by the name of Edith. She was kind to him and very beautiful. The first time they had met was on the streets of Paris. However, he couldn’t remember anything earlier than that. She invited him into her home, a beautiful black mansion. It was there that she confessed,

“I’m a vampire… and so are you”

He found it to be quite laughable until she showed him her fangs and her eyes turned crimson red. She added to the confession,

“I’m also a witch… a very powerful one”

Edith showed that she had the ability to create and manipulate fire, manipulate weather, do mind control, heal and other forms of magic. Edith had never confessed being a witch to anyone but Renee and Francis. Not even her deceased family knew. She could only guess that her mother was a witch. Since she died when Edith was still very young, she never had the chance to prove or disprove her hypothesis. Edith explained to Mark that she had been searching for other vampires nearby, but failed to sense any. That she and her servant were the only ones she knew that currently existed up until now. She finished with,

“For your own safety, I’d like for you to stay here. It wouldn’t be bothersome for me. I haven’t had company in so many years and there is plenty of space here. We vampires have to stick together”

Mark really had no choice. He couldn’t recall a place of shelter he had here in Paris or France all together. The two bonded after that and he took interest in her and her in him. It wasn’t long before they became more than friends.

He turned once he heard the door close behind him. It was Edith. She charged at him and kissed him lovingly. She broke their kiss and smiled at him saying,

“Happy Birthday my love”

“Merci darling”

“For your gift, I got you a pet”

Edith turned to the door and said,

“Renee! Bring in the dog!”

Renee walked in with a leash in her hand and a paddle in the other. Then a naked blonde woman on her hands and knees crawled in. She gasped as she saw him. Edith informed Mark,

“Darling, this is Cindy, she’s your personal sex slave. I’ve been training her for the past six months to be an obedient dog. It wasn’t easy, but we broke her and she follows any command you give her. ANY”

Cindy thought back to the day she thought she was going to die, back in the hotel suite. Edith held a fireball in her hand and she thought she was a goner for sure. However, she saw Edith’s fireball dissipate and her fangs return to normal teeth. Her eyes returned back to its natural green. She then said to her,

“Killing you would be too easy… I have something far worse for you instead…”

That ‘far worse’ was being forced to become a sex slave for Edith and Renee. However, she never expected to see what she was seeing now. She watched as Edith kissed Mark. She stuck her tongue in his mouth and he gave back the same passion. Cindy growled and began to crawl to them. Renee swung the paddle.


Cindy yelped at the sudden pain on her ass. Renee yelled at her,

“Bad dog! Very, very bad dog!”

Cindy had no choice. She stayed there on her hands and knees as she watched Edith unzip Mark’s pants. She got to her knees and put his cock in her mouth. Cindy wanted to stop them, but did not want to be punished again. Throughout the past six months, she had been slapped and spanked, forced to lick Edith’s pussy and asshole along with Renee’s, forced to take things in her butt, trained to beg for an orgasm and so much more.

“Renee! Tie that dog and come here and help me!”

“As you wish Mistress”

Renee tied Cindy to the bed post and got on her knees next to Edith. Cindy had no choice but to watch as these two women sucked off her husband. Edith sucked Mark’s cock as Renee put his testicles in her mouth. She gently massaged them with her tongue. Mark moaned,

“Oh Edith! Renee! You two make me feel so good!!!”

Cindy had not seen her husband for six months. When she finally sees him again, what does he do? He cheats on her and pretends that he doesn’t know her. She couldn’t take it. She yelled at him,

“You fucking asshole! I don’t see you for half a year and you completely ignore me! I see you again and THIS is what you’ve been up to?!”

Edith was about to get up, but Renee got up instead saying,

“Don’t worry Mistress, I got this…”

Cindy saw Renee coming to her. She immediately stopped talking and looked to the floor in cowardice. Renee said angrily to her,

“You don’t like the show?! Fine! Turn away then, face the other direction!”

“I’m okay, please Mistress Renee… I’m fine…”



Cindy immediately turned around and pointed her ass to Renee. Renee then pulled out a butt plug with a furry dog tail attached to it. She was amused to see Cindy shaking in fear. Cindy knew what turning around meant for her. Renee pressed it into Cindy’s ass and she yelped, but soon quieted down. Cindy hated anal because it was so dirty… yet she curses herself since that day Renee and Edith forced a strapon in her ass. She actually climaxed from getting fucked in the ass. Renee and Edith never left her back door alone after.

Cindy moaned as she felt the butt plug slip in. It was not properly lubed on purpose so she could feel a little bit of pain. Renee said to her,

“Now you truly do look like a bitch. Back on your knees!”

“Yes Mistress Renee!”

Renee pulled the leash and shortened it greatly. Cindy was forced to lean to her side due to her leash’s shortening. Now she couldn’t physically turn away from the Mark being pleasured in front of her. As Renee returned to Mark, Edith walked to her. She saw Renee sucking Mark off and Edith swung her open hand.


“You thought that your training was your punishment? No, THIS is your true punishment. You like fucking other men in front of him? Well today is the day you find out what it’s like to have it the other way around!”

Renee popped Mark’s cock out of her mouth and added,

“Welcome to your new life, bitch!”

Edith walked away, flaunting her ass to Cindy, emphasizing that it was better than hers. Showing that her most attractive body part was inferior to hers. Cindy wanted to hit Edith and beat her up along with Renee, but she couldn’t. They were much stronger and faster than ordinary women. So she just leaned against the bed and remained silent as she took her punishment.

Renee stood up and began to strip while Edith did the same. Soon, both women were naked in the room. Their pale bodies stuck out in contrast to the black, white and red of the room. They both kneaded their breasts, reminding Cindy how small hers were compared to theirs. They stripped Mark and Cindy saw the body that she had missed so much. The body she truly took for granted. She was horny. Edith had purposely tied her up for a week prior to this and prevented her from masturbating. She began to touch herself.

As Renee returned to sucking Mark’s cock, Edith spoke to him,

“This woman had killed her husband. She made him so miserable to the point where he jumped in front of a car”

“That’s terrible!”

Mark somehow felt this deep sense of anger and resentment towards the slave now, as if it had always been there and had just now awoken. He was going to do whatever he could to help punish her. His only wish was that her husband could have been the one to enjoy her punishment instead of him…

Now Mark understood why his lover and their servant disliked her so much and he couldn’t blame them. Mark didn’t like mistreatment of others, but he came to realize that there were different statuses here in this mansion. He and Edith were at the top and Renee was right below. This slave girl was obviously the lowest if she called the servant ‘mistress’. He gradually accepted that this was how it was here.

When he did something wrong, Edith forgave him. When Renee would make a mistake, she’d get spanked by Edith or other things. Renee gladly accepted it and actually enjoyed it. He figured it was the same for this slave since she was masturbating right now right after being slapped around and being forced to take a butt plug in her ass.

Cindy rubbed her clitoris as she watched Edith kiss Mark and Renee suck his cock. She could do nothing but touch herself. Mark moaned,

“Edith, honey, I’m gonna cum now!”

“Cum my love, shoot it down Renee’s throat. You know she’ll gladly swallow”

Edith let Mark and Renee keep eye contact as she kissed his neck lovingly. Renee worked on Mark’s cock harder and he began to squirt into her mouth. Mark moaned in pleasure as she swallowed every last drop. Edith turned his head as he finished and kissed him. She said,

“I love you”

“I love you too…hey Edith…

“Yes darling?”

“Can you and Renee do that thing I like…”

“Mark! You are just so dirty!”

Edith kissed him and smiled saying,

“Of course”

Renee laid on her back on top of the bed. Edith then climbed on top of her, getting into a 69 position. She put Renee’s legs behind her arms, exposing her pussy and asshole more. Renee started to lick at Edith’s asshole. Edith did the same to Renee’s. Mark couldn’t explain it. There was just something sexy about two women being in a 69 position giving each other rimjobs. It was kinky and he loved Edith for being so.

Mark got behind Edith and joined Renee. He spoke to her,

“Rest your head Renee, I’ll take over”

“Yes Master”

Renee stopped licking her mistress’s ass so her master could take over. However, she’d be damned if her mistress was pleasuring her while she did nothing. So she licked Edith’s pussy.
Edith moaned and continued to lick Renee’s asshole.

Mark spread Edith’s butt cheeks and stared in arousal at her tight little anus. It was tiny and pink and so adorable. He put his face to Edith’s ass and began to force his tongue into it. Edith cried out as both her holes were being penetrated by the tongues of her lover and her best friend. She then turned to see Cindy not looking. She called her,

“Hey! Slave! Turn over here and watch! Also, keep touching yourself!”

“Yes Mistress Edith!”

Cindy turned as much as she could with her restricting leash on. She continued to masturbate as she was forced to watch her husband pleasure these other two women. Edith purposely moaned to Mark aloud to degrade Cindy further.

“Oh Mark! You’re so good! Tell me that you love my body!”

“It’s so delicious my love! I love it! Your body is perfect!”

“Is it better than that slave’s body?”

“Yes! You have bigger boobs and a nicer butt!”

“Oh Mark! Mark!!! I’m cumming!”

Cindy was humiliated by those words. What made everything worse for her was that her pussy was leaking from her masturbation. She wanted to stop, but she couldn’t due to Edith’s command. She didn’t want to be punished. Edith’s pussy leaked into Renee’s mouth and she swallowed whatever came out. Mark could feel Edith’s sphincter clench around his tongue as she came.

Edith panted as she released Renee’s legs. She got off of Renee and sat on the bed. Mark sat next to her and they kissed each other passionately. Once they broke their kiss, Edith looked Cindy right in the eyes and smiled evilly towards her. She then said to Renee,

“Renee, untie that dog and have her watch me and Mark make love”

“With pleasure Mistress”

Renee walked up to Cindy and untied her from the bed. She then let Cindy onto the bed. She was on her hands and knees. She crawled to Mark and slapped him.




Mark slapped Cindy back with the back of his hand. His eyes turned red and the canines of his teeth shaped into fangs. He said in an angry tone,

“You strike me like that again and I’ll kill you!!!”

Cindy, for the first time, was afraid of Mark. He had those same red eyes that Renee wore that night she raped her. He had never hit her before and she now knew why he acted as if he didn’t know her. Cindy couldn’t believe that he hit back. She thought that he’d yield to her. For so long, she had made him her bitch. Now she had a feeling that the tables were going to turn… permanently.

“Renee!!! You dare let your guard down and allow her to do this?!”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I…”

“It’s alright Edith, it’s not like it actually hurt. Renee, to make up for this, I want you to punish her for us”

“Yes Master! I’m sorry”

Edith then felt Mark caress her body. She quickly began to smile again. Mark showered her body with kisses. She giggled from the tickling touch of his lips. As Mark and Edith were preoccupied with each other, Renee was forcing Cindy’s chin into the bed saying,

“You’re gonna pay bitch! While you bow before your Master and Mistress!”

Renee held up the paddle and was about to spank Cindy again. Cindy forced her eyes shut and tensed her butt cheeks, readying herself for the hard swat. However, she did not feel anything. She opened her eyes to see that Renee was off the bed. She took one of the candles from the room and wore an evil grin as she walked back to her.

Edith got on top of Mark and aimed his cock at her pussy. She sank down and looked at Cindy as she was having her head be forced down onto the bed. She moaned and kissed Mark in front of her. Renee held Cindy’s head in place to make sure she would not turn away. She then tugged on the tail of Cindy’s butt plug and pulled it out fast. Cindy cried out from the sudden re-stretching of her ass. She tried to turn her head to see what Renee was doing, but her head was held firmly by her hand.

Edith rode Mark’s cock and enjoyed him squeezing her breasts as she did so. She smiled at Cindy, knowing what Renee was going to do to her. Cindy was getting nervous from the look on Edith’s face. She then felt something press into her sore asshole. Renee had an evil grin on her face, along with Edith, as she forced the candle into Cindy’s ass. Once she felt that a good length had been inserted, she left it there for it to melt. Mark and Edith enjoyed the sight of the slave being punished. Renee was extremely horny and asked Edith,

“Mistress, may I please touch myself!”

“Of course Renee! Cum to your heart’s content”

Cindy thought it was a dildo, but she soon realized what it was. Hot wax began to stimulate the areas near her anus and she begged Renee,

“Ah! Mistress Renee! It burns! Please take it out! Please!!!”

“Quiet slave!”

The wax then traveled down to Cindy’s pussy. Cindy continued to moan and beg. As Renee stroked herself, she stuck a finger of her other hand into Cindy’s pussy. She was very wet. She informed Mark and Edith,

“This bitch is getting off to this!”

Edith responded,

“Hmm, I have an idea Renee… Slave! You are not to cum while we are having sex! If you do, then Renee is going to punish you severely after this. Is that clear?!”

“Ye… mmm… yes… yes Mistress Edith… mmm”

The minutes flew by as Edith and Mark enjoyed their love making along with watching the slave’s struggle to not cum. Renee held Cindy’s head in place with one hand and used her other to stroke herself. Cindy had no way out and was struggling not to cum while being forced to watch her husband fuck this other woman. Edith was then ready,

“Oh Mark, I’m gonna cum!!!”

“I’ll cum with you my love!” Mark responded.

“Mistress, may I cum with you two?!” Renee moaned.

“You can cum Renee! But not you slave!”

Renee then got a sadistic idea from seeing Cindy’s body quiver from her desperately trying not to climax. As Edith rode Mark faster, Renee started to rub Cindy’s clitoris. Cindy yelped and begged,

“Oh! No please!!! Please Mistress Renee!!! Don’t! I’ll cum if you do that!”

“Well, I guess you better just fight it then” Renee said with an evil grin.

“Oh no! No!!!”

“Mark! I’m cumming!!!”

“Edith!!! Me too!!!”

Renee stroked herself and Cindy faster and was not too far behind. Cindy couldn’t fight it anymore. She moaned as she began to climax as she saw Mark’s cum leak out of Edith’s pussy. Renee saw the candle move from the clenching of Cindy’s asshole. She knew she was cumming.

When the four had finished, Edith got off Mark and commanded Cindy,

“Clean us!”

Cindy crawled to Mark and Edith and began to suck Mark’s cock. She cleaned up both Mark and Edith’s cum. She swallowed whatever ended up in her mouth. She then turned to Edith, who spread her legs and pussy lips with her fingers. Cindy licked at Edith’s pussy and Edith pushed Mark’s cum out. Cindy felt a large gush of cum spilling into her mouth. She quickly swallowed it and continued to clean Edith.

Once Cindy finished, Edith asked Renee,

“Renee, can you take this dog out? Mark and I are going to rest now”

“As you wish Mistress”

Renee put her clothes back on and pulled Cindy by her leash and the two left the room with Cindy still crawling like a dog with the candle still in her ass, but unlit. When the two were out, Cindy kept moving, but felt that Renee wasn’t moving with her. She turned back and her eyes widened. She saw Renee holding an extremely large butt plug. She once again gave that evil smile of hers and said,

“Looks like you still need a lot more discipline if you struck the master like that and came without permission…”

Edith and Mark snuggled on the bed and kissed each other. Edith smiled at Mark once they broke their kiss. She was happy that she had spent the past six months getting to know him. She didn’t want to call him Francis as they made love. She wanted to fall in love with Mark, not stay in love with Francis. She was happy that she knew it was the face of Mark Clark she was looking at, not Francis. She had successfully moved on and she knew Francis would have wanted that for her. She said to Mark,

“I love you Mark”

Mark smiled back at Edith and responded,

“I love you too Edith”

They closed their eyes and continued to kiss again, not caring about anything else in the world at the moment. The two vampires had finally found something that they had lacked in a very long time…

True Happiness


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To Reader below,
Thank you for the constructive criticism. I will take your advise into consideration when writing again.

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The writing is quite muddled imo, with too much dialogue, and too many short sentences that don't connect very well. You could do with developing a more advanced way of structuring your sentences.

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awesome, more please

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