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Dennis doesn't hit his wife Megan, but he abuses her in virtually every other conceivable way until Megan decides she's had enough.

Sometimes it’s the little seemingly inconsequential things in life that are the most meaningful—that have the greatest impact on our lives. I should know. That’s exactly what happened to me just over eighteen months ago. It appeared to have no meaning at the time, but it turned my life upside down.

My inconsiderate lout of a husband had left early that Saturday morning to play pool with his friends at a buddy’s house, taking all our coffee with him—a full can as well as almost another half—how much coffee could six guys drink anyway? I was upset and in a really bitchy mood when I was forced to drive to the supermarket. I hate going there on a Saturday. All the baked goods are at least a day old and the crowds are not to be believed. I had just retrieved my purse and locked my SUV when I turned toward the market. I stopped suddenly, shocked; I couldn’t believe what I saw. A woman (?) was pushing a cart down the lot toward me. I glanced at the attractive and well-dressed woman following her, still unbelieving of what I had seen. She gave me a warm and engaging smile so I felt comfortable approaching and asking, “Was that a…?”

Still smiling she replied, “Was that a…what?” She smiled again, not at all offended by my question.

“Was…is that a man?”

“Well, technically that’s my husband, but he’s obviously not much of a man. Hold on a second. Michelle, leave the cart and come here.” She led me between two cars. “Okay, Michelle, lift your skirt and hold the hem in your teeth.”

“Please,” she begged….

“You’ll get quite the punishment if I have to repeat myself. Your hesitation has already earned you one. Don’t make it any worse.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” she replied as she lowered her head, her face red with embarrassment. He/she lifted her skirt to expose a pair of frilly pink panties and a completely hairless body.

“Now lower your panties.” Red-faced and obviously humiliated he/she complied after only a slight hesitation.


“That’s what’s known as a cock cage—see--it holds her little cock in complete captivity. It’s solid stainless steel and very strong—impossible to break or saw off. She is never allowed to touch her little clit. That’s what I call it. It’s certainly not a dick. Real men have dicks. Michelle here has a cute little clit. It’s all of four skinny inches when it’s hard, not even close to something that would satisfy a woman. This is one of the ways I control her…and her behavior. I let her spurt occasionally, but I control when and how.”

“I think I could use one of those things for my husband,” I replied, still shocked at what I had seen and what had happened. Michelle pulled up her panties and lowered her skirt.

The woman used the smart key to open the trunk and doors of her nearby Mercedes. “Michelle, put the groceries in the trunk and sit in the seat; not a word out of you. I need to have a chat with my friend.” She took my arm as we walked to a nearby family restaurant.

We were just seated and had ordered coffees. She extended her hand, “Joyce.”

“Hi, I’m Megan.” We shook hands—she confidently, me nervously.

“So, tell me about your husband,” she began.

“You mean other than the fact that he’s an incredibly inconsiderate jerk?” Joyce laughed and began an orderly inquisition covering almost everything about my marriage. Surprisingly, I answered willingly and completely. Finally, she asked about our sex life. “We have sex three or four times a week.”

“And, does he satisfy you?”

“No…never, but I fake it; he has a huge ego—thinks he’s the world’s greatest lover. I doubt his cock is any bigger than your husband’s.”

“Ever considered divorce?”

“Only every day, but there’s a big problem—I don’t want to spend half my time earning for him. He’s an accountant, but he’s gotten only one raise in ten years. Last year he earned all of $42,000. I’m an attorney, a partner with Havilland, Perkins. Last year I earned more than $297,000.”

“Sounds familiar--I own a real estate brokerage—worked my way up from the bottom; Michelle was a radio dispatcher for our city. Could you do without his income?”

“Of course, why?”

Then she explained everything, but just as she finished she asked me, “Can you hurt him…I mean, really hurt him, because there’s no point in going forward if you can’t”

“Let’s see…he tried to seduce my sister. He was embarrassingly drunk at my cousin’s wedding, even throwing up on my mother’s shoes. He left me stranded for five hours at the airport, claiming he got the wrong night even though I had just spoken to him the day before. Those are only a few of many reasons—dozens--why I’d consider this. Yes, I can definitely hurt him. He has it coming.” We shook hands and made plans for dinner the next Friday evening. I’d have a lot to do over the ensuing week. I returned to the supermarket, rushing through the dreadful process as quickly as I could. I returned home just before noon with several large and heavy bags. Dennis was already home and he was pissed that I wasn’t there. He made no effort to help me even though I was staggering under the load.

“I had to go to the supermarket. Remember…somebody took all our coffee? I ran into an old friend from college. We’ve been invited to her home for dinner next Friday night.”

“Oh, great, now I get to listen to two broads all evening. Oh, joy!”

“Listen, Dennis…I went out with your friends last weekend even though I had plenty of work to do. I don’t think I’m asking too much, besides she told me she has a full bottle of 25 year old Glenlivet she’s been saving for a special occasion like this. We’re due there at seven. If we leave here at 6:30 we’ll be there on time. You don’t even have to dress up.” I left him in the den so I could put away the groceries. I had yet another reason to be upset with my husband. He worked forty hours a week—minus an hour for lunch and two fifteen minute breaks that he always took daily. I worked a minimum of seventy hours rarely getting any kind of a break, yet he had refused to lift even a single finger around the house. I was expected to clean, cook, shop, and do the laundry because, as he had said all too often, “That’s women’s work.” That was going to change…and soon—although maybe not all that much.


I spent my few spare minutes at work to create four documents I’d need for Dennis’s transformation. I stopped at a post office one afternoon and mailed a letter to myself marked “Personal and Confidential.” I was creating a trail of evidence, not that I thought I’d need one. Inside the envelope was a plain blank sheet of paper.

We left on schedule at 6:30 Friday evening. Dennis had gone so far as to change into a clean pair of khakis although he wore an old pair of sneakers instead of shoes. He drove his new Jaguar F-TYPE coupe, a car he bought with money I had earned. We pulled into Joyce’s long driveway just before seven. She greeted us at the door; Michelle was not to be seen. Once in the living room she shook Dennis’s hand, but kicked the back of his knee as she did. He fell forward to the floor. Joyce was like a cat. Her knee was on his neck in a flash and his right arm was twisted behind his back. I dove to grip his left arm. Using two hands I was able to bend it to his right. Despite his macho ego Dennis was anything but muscular and strong. In seconds he was handcuffed. I moved quickly to sit on his knees so Joyce could attach a set of shackles with an eighteen-inch chain to his ankles. Finally, she used a short chain to join his wrists to his ankles. She forced him into a kneeling position.

Dennis was swearing a blue streak, exactly as expected, when I slapped his face hard. He looked shocked. “That’s just a sample, Dennis. I’ve had more than enough of you—enough to last two lifetimes, maybe even longer I’m absolutely disgusted; apparently you do nothing at work and even less at home. There will be some major changes in our lives starting right now. I suggest you shut up unless you want to be gagged. I’d say, ‘unless you want to be hit again,’ but that’s going to happen anyway.”

“You fucking cunt; let me go now! I’ll get you for this.”

“Really…tsk tsk; well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I held his nose and when he opened his mouth to breathe Joyce shoved a good-sized ball gag into his mouth, securing it tightly behind his head.

“Okay, Megan, we’ve established that your husband is an incredible asshole. Let’s see what he has in the sex department.” She opened his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees. She laughed when she saw his cock. “Damn, girl—this is even smaller than Michelle’s. How often did he satisfy you with this thing?”

I stared straight into Dennis’s eyes as I replied, “Never…not…even…once; I had to fake it to stroke his huge fucking ego.” He appeared shocked.

“Well, that’s changing tonight. Michelle,” she called out, “get your sorry ass out here and bring my box of goodies.” Michelle hobbled out, striding with difficulty in her five-inch heels, her ankles connected by a short chain similar to that which restricted Dennis. She struggled with a large and obviously heavy box. “Come here, girl and let our guest have a good look at you.” Michelle walked in front of Dennis. She wore a white blouse with puffed short sleeves and a very short black skirt, but no panties. Dennis could see everything, exactly as Joyce had planned.

“Okay, Denise…yes, that’s your new name. I’m going to feminize you into a cute little sissy slave once I have you under my control and that’s going to happen in just a few seconds.” Joyce reached into the box, pulling out a spare cock cage.

“You can borrow this one until you can order one of your own. We can do that tonight online once we’ve finished with Denise.” She separated the pieces and I placed the retaining ring around her cock and balls. It was a tight fit—good, it would be more secure that way. Dennis had a small cock, but disproportionately large balls. As small as his cock was it slid easily into the tube.

“Kindly notice the lock, Denise. You can see that it’s made of stainless steel just like the device. Once on and locked there are only two ways to get it off—the key or castration.” Denise’s eyes grew as big as saucers at my remark. I continued, “Michelle has a set of very nice breast forms under her bra. I’ll bet it takes her ten minutes or more a day to tape them in place. I’m going to be extra nice to you and spare you all that wasted time. I’ve made arrangements for you to have implants, really nice big ones. Isn’t that every man’s dream—having a big set of tits to play with?”

Denise shook her head. “Mnphh…mnphh.”

“Oh, no need to thank me. Maybe I’ll let Michelle play with them while you suck her off. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Now, Denise,” Joyce interrupted, “Here’s the coup de grace—you’ll really appreciate this.” She pulled a hinged metal collar from the box and secured it tightly around Denise’s neck, locking it in place. It looked like stainless, about an inch high and a third of that thick. “I’m going to hold onto the key so don’t try anything stupid, not that you’ll be able to anyway. You’ll never have access to the key and you’ll never get out of it unless your Mistress wants you to.” She handed me a small rectangular box similar to a garage door opener. I set it at “one” and pushed the button. Denise fell to the floor shaking and writhing in pain as much as she could in her restrictive bondage.

“That was the lowest setting, Denise so I suggest you cooperate. You’re going to be my slave…my sissy slave, a cute little girl who will be trained not only to do all the housework, but to eat my pussy and even my ass on command. You’ll even learn to suck a nice big cock and clean my lovers after I’ve fucked them. That’s right, you will never fuck me again and you will never touch that miserable little thing either. You’ll get to cum when I’ve decided that you’ve earned the privilege and I’ll do it. You’ll gladly lick the semen from my hand and fingers until they’re spotless. Now we’re going to remove the cuffs. Think before you do something idiotic.” I removed the shackles and allowed Denise to stand so we could remove her khakis and boxers, the last male underwear she’d ever wear. I returned the shackles to her ankles and rose to remove the handcuffs. I followed with the gag.

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

“Thank you, Mistress—you’ll always address me as ‘Mistress’ from now on. Do you understand?”


I removed her shirt and, naked, took her arm and we followed Joyce to another room. There was a chain hanging from the ceiling and the room was obviously soundproofed. I handcuffed her again and locked the cuffs to the chain, her hands tightly bound over her head, before gagging her again. “I’m going to punish you, Denise for a few of the many wrongs you’ve committed over the years. Let’s begin with trying to fuck my own sister. Didn’t you think she’d tell me, or didn’t you care?” I took a hefty wooden paddle, one with numerous holes in it and swung it with all my strength. Denise screamed at the top of her lungs, but the sound through the gag was nothing more than a low grunt. Damn, it felt great to finally get my revenge. I beat her ass for more than five minutes inflicting more than sixty blows. Denise was bawling after less than a minute, but I was unsympathetic.

I put the paddle aside and took a crop from Joyce. “Now let’s deal with you leaving me at the airport for more than five hours. I learned from one of your buddies that playing darts was more important than your wife. He was appalled that you’d do such a thing.” I swung the crop over and over. His ass was beet red and beginning to swell by the time I was done…with the crop, not the punishment. “Now, let’s deal with your drunkenness at my cousin’s wedding. That was totally humiliating; you made such an asshole of yourself. I was so embarrassed, but did you care? No, not at all.” I beat her some more—this time with a cane—until Joyce stopped me.

“There will be other days and other opportunities. You’ll kill her if you continue. Keeping her alive will be much more fun, believe me. Let’s get her into the car and to the doctor’s office. You can pick her up next Friday afternoon.”

I released her and she fell to the floor. “I have some papers for you to sign. Do it now or I’ll put you over the horse and fuck your sore ass until it bleeds.” I had four documents on a clipboard. She signed without hesitation. I’d have several of them notarized on Monday. Technically, a notary was supposed to witness the signatures, but this one would never think to question me. This notary owed me. I’d saved her husband from a lengthy prison term on an obscure legal technicality. The first document was his resignation from his job; I’d mail that tomorrow morning. The second surrendered all his assets to me. The third was authorization for surgery and other medical treatments by the femdom woman doctor recommended by Joyce. Number four was a letter from Dennis to me begging me to make him my sissy slave and place him into long-term chastity. I’d use that to great advantage in the coming week.

Her hands cuffed behind her back, she shuffled to her…oops, my Jaguar. I placed her into the hatchback and drove away, Joyce providing the directions. Once there we met with the doctor. “Just call me Dr. Smith. The less you know about me the better. Ah, here’s my patient. I see you’ve given her a good hiding. That’s excellent. I love the color of her ass. Soon those welts will really sting. Now let’s review the treatment plan.” She continued once Denise had been placed into a small cage for the present. “Remove all her body and facial hair—no problem--we’ll use a permanent depilatory for that. Breasts—D-cup, and enlarged nipples.”

“Unless you think she can take bigger, Doctor.”

“D is about as big as we should go in my experience. Anything bigger, at least for now, will probably be more trouble than they’re worth. Of course, you’ll want her to be beaten while she’s here. That’ll help with her submissiveness. What about toilet training?”

“You mean like pissing in her mouth?

“Of course; many of the mistresses have their slaves do it. She’ll just need a little training and incentive. I’ve done this many times. You will barely recognize her when you come back.”

“Okay…I think I’ll enjoy that. What about payment?”

“Seventy-five thousand in cash; will that be a problem?”

“No, I have more than that in the bank. I’ll go Monday morning and bring the money when I pick her up Friday night, maybe even sooner.” I walked over to where Denise lay uncomfortably. “This is all on you, Denise. You couldn’t even bother to help me around the house, could you? You’ll see plenty of housework when you get out of here. You’ll be my sissy slave. You begged me for that in your letter. I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to read it to you when you come to my home. You’ll suck my pussy on demand and clean me after sex with some big well-hung stud—someone who will actually have a shot at satisfying me.” I rose and walked to the door.

“Welcome to the DWL, Megan.”

“Huh? What’s that, doctor?”

“That’s our club—the Dominant Women’s League. Your slave gives you a lifetime membership. You’ll enjoy our monthly meetings; your slave not so much. Joyce can give you the details.” She laughed sadistically as Joyce and I exited to the parking lot. Twenty minutes later we were back at her house.

“I have a little surprise for you. Obviously, I don’t ever fuck Michelle. Why would I when I have Jerome? He has a really good friend, Samuel. I think you’ll enjoy him. I know I did when they double-teamed me a few months ago. He’s really big and he can hold it a long time. Once we’re done we can have Michelle clean us up. I can see you’re under a lot of stress. You need to relax and this will be a great way.” She told Michelle to make us some drinks while we went online to order Denise’s cock cage and a few accessories—locking cuffs, chains, several paddles, crops, and canes. It was the best $5,000 I had ever spent. I ordered one with dozens of sharp pins that would both severely punish any attempted erections and stop the tube from slipping off her tiny organ.

We had just returned to the living room when the doorbell rang. Michelle scampered to answer it. I could hear her greeting Joyce’s guests. I was somewhat surprised to see two tall black men saunter in. Joyce rose to greet the first one. He was muscular with a full head of thick black hair and dark black skin. His friend was taller and thinner with lighter skin and closely cropped hair. Joyce introduced us; he took my hand and kissed it. I shivered with excitement—the prospect of finally fucking something with some meat on it.

“Feel free to use one of the bedrooms if you wish, Megan, but why don’t we get more comfortable now. Jerome, will you help me with my clothes? He stepped forward and a minute later he had neatly laid her clothes on the back of a chair. Then Joyce helped him out of his. Samuel looked at me for permission, but first I stepped in for a kiss. His strength was apparent; he held me tightly as his long tongue explored my mouth. I didn’t object at all when he slowly unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped my bra. My skirt soon followed and a minute later I stood naked, but at ease in the presence of a total stranger who would shortly give me the fucking of my life.

“Why don’t you remove my clothes now,” Samuel whispered just before gently kissing my neck. I’ve never considered myself a sex bomb, but I do have a decent body. At thirty-three I am five feet eight inches tall and weigh 127 pounds with a 35B-26-36 figure. My breasts, perhaps because they’re not huge, don’t sag a bit and my nipples jut slightly upward, especially when erect. I have a flat abdomen, probably the result of running track in high school and college. My ass is round and firm; my pussy is waxed with only a slender landing strip of neatly trimmed dark brown hair above. Just now as I removed Samuel’s shirt and slacks my pussy had tiny droplets of juice on my labia, a sure sign of my arousal. I did a double take when I saw the bulge in Samuel’s boxers. I knelt to remove his undergarment and, when I did, his semi-erect cock was just in front of my face. Even in this state he was at least four times as big as my useless husband’s. I reached out with my tongue, flicking a tiny drop of pre-cum from his cock. I looked into Samuel’s eyes; I saw neither lust nor satisfaction at my obvious submission. He showed no emotion at all. He was there to fuck me—nothing more or less. I knew then that this would be a one night stand. All the same it was something I wanted and needed. It was a liberating moment in my life as I wrapped my lips around his cock. As it hardened I realized that I’d never get all of this monster into my mouth. I had just managed almost half when Samuel picked me up and carried me into one of the bedrooms.

“I want you to know that I was tested recently and I’m negative for STD’s. Contrary to appearances I don’t fool around very much. From what Joyce has told me you’ve been monogamous. Is that true? Are you on the pill?”

“Yes to both,” I replied. I smiled as he laid me carefully on the bed. Yes, I’ve been monogamous, but no longer. I was free now to take as many or as few lovers as I cared to. I could and would have Denise prepare me and my lovers with her mouth and she’d clean both of us once we were done. I gazed in awe at Samuel’s erection. It looked to be at least nine inches in length and more than two in diameter, just what I needed to fill my little pussy.

Samuel climbed between my legs and wiped his cock head into my slit. It glistened with my secretions. He looked me straight in my eyes as he slowly pushed into me. Oh dear God, that felt heavenly. I felt stretched almost to the limit, something I hadn’t felt ever since I married that asshole Dennis. I could feel Samuel move up my cunt until he bottomed out against my cervix. I hadn’t ever felt that either. “C’mon, Samuel, give it to me hard. I need this worse than I could ever tell you.” He pulled back until only the head was within me then he pushed forward again. We moved together like a well-oiled machine as I wrapped my legs around his slender, but muscular, waist. I could feel his strong back flex as he moved into me with increasing speed and force. We were at it for more than five minutes when I could feel my clit tingle. I was panting as though I had just run a marathon. Suddenly it was there; I shook like I hadn’t in more years than I cared to remember. I came so hard I actually squirted and when I did Samuel erupted into me. I could feel his hot cum coating my vaginal walls. Joyce was right—I needed this badly. Samuel lay gently on my chest while we recovered. He rose without saying a word and left the room. I could hear the door open and close five minutes later. I lay there naked and drained, my pussy leaking badly onto the sheet. I had never felt better.

“Michelle,” I called out.

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” Michelle asked meekly.

“I’m leaking. Get in here and clean me up.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan.” Next thing I knew he/she was cleaning my thighs and labia with her tongue.

“Get your tongue in there and clean me out. While you’re there I could use another orgasm.” A second later I felt a long hard tongue inside me. I had to say—Michelle was very talented. I envied Joyce, but soon I’d have a slave, too. Michelle, having cleaned me completely, switched to my clit. I was so hot I came almost immediately, but Michelle continued to lick and nibble sustaining my orgasm for an unbelievable period. I finally pushed Michelle away.

Looking up I saw Joyce standing at the door with a smile. That was all she was wearing. I thought she might be a few years older than me, but she was in pretty good shape with hard firm breasts and a fairly tight ass. “I’ll bet you’re starving. It’s almost eleven.” I was aghast as I realized I hadn’t eaten in almost twelve hours. “Michelle, turn on the grill and make some burgers. Jerome will have two and I’ll have one. Megan?”

“I think one will do.”

“Okay, Michelle you can make five so you also have something to eat. You’ll eat on the floor between my legs. You can alternate feeding with cleaning my messy cunt. Get moving!” Michelle was on her feet in a second and twenty minutes later we were at the table. Joyce, Jerome, and I were naked; Michelle might as well have been. Her costume was more suitable for porn than anything else. I finished eating around twelve, dressed, and drove directly home. I slept well that night.


I went to the doctor’s training center late on Sunday afternoon. I wanted to see how Denise was progressing. I stood in a dark room behind a window that was really a two-way mirror. Denise was handcuffed to two chains hanging from the ceiling as she was whipped repeatedly by an almost naked female trainer. She dropped to her knees when she was released. Her trainer made her crawl on the hard concrete floor to take her urine and lick her pussy to several orgasms. I could hear Denise croak, “Thank you, Mistress.” I retreated to find the doctor in her office.

“Denise is coming along beautifully. I’m sure you noticed her tits; you asked about double-D’s and that’s what she has. She had some fatty tissue there which I removed to make room for the implants. We used the depilatory right after you left and then wheeled her into surgery. She was finished around one Saturday morning. She was able to sleep with her arms and legs cuffed to the bed frame, but the next night we moved her to a dog cage. I’ll send one to your home during the week. Place it at the end of your bed. It will be humiliating for her to see you fuck men with big cocks. Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one smaller than hers. Something that small should never be allowed near a woman.

“She’s responding very well to her training. She can’t handle pain, not even a little. She’ll be broken within a day—that’s my prediction and I’m rarely wrong about things like that. You’ll have to continue her training once you’re home. She needs to learn to suck cock without hesitation and I can only do so much about that—dildo training. I’m sure an attractive woman like you will be able to find cock without much trouble.

“Also, I suggest you try to humiliate her as often as possible and beat her every afternoon. You don’t need a reason. You’re in charge. You can do anything you want with her.” I thanked her for her efforts and asked about checking in again later in the week. I told her I would pay her then. I was very satisfied with everything she’d done with Denise. I was looking forward to having her serve me.

That opportunity came Friday night when I picked her up. She was naked when I first saw her. She fell to her knees and kissed my shoes until I told her to rise. Her head was down as I walked behind her. She moved her hands behind her back when ordered so I could apply the handcuffs. She walked easily in her four-inch heels despite the short chain connected to her ankles. I took the remote control for her collar from her trainer, attached a leash to the ring and led her out to the car. I had already transferred the title and all of her assets to accounts in my name only. I was fuming when searched her dresser and learned that my former husband had a secret bank account with almost seventy thousand dollars in it. Apparently, he had received a small bonus annually that had funded the account. I closed it, using the proceeds to pay for the bulk of her surgery and training. There was a kind of poetic justice in that. Denise followed me obediently to the car’s hatchback. She climbed in without hesitation. I covered her with a blanket, closed the lid, and drove her home, stopping for some burgers and fries from Five Guys.

I sat in my recliner with my legs open as Denise gently licked my cunt. I occasionally fed her bits of burger and fries from my fingers. I was on my second orgasm when I felt the need to pee. “Move up and cover my cunt. I need to pee.” Ahhh, it felt great to get relief without having to move a muscle. This was true luxury—every woman should have a slave. I finished around ten so I moved Denise to her cage. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and I pushed a long thin butt plug into her ass. “That will remind you of your status here and who you belong to. Don’t ever forget I own you—body and soul. Get your rest. You’ll need it for tomorrow. That’s a promise.” I locked the cage’s door and dropped a sheet over the top before I retired to the shower. In time Denise would bathe me. She’d do everything while I relaxed and looked beautiful.

I slept well, rising in the early morning just as the sun was rising. I opened Denise’s cage, really a large dog kennel about four feet long by three wide and high. “Wake up, Denise. Wake up to our first real day together as Mistress and slave.” She crawled out to kneel at my feet. “You know, Denise I read a story online that’s similar to our relationship. She required her slave to kneel, head to the floor when she snapped her fingers. The slave was required to kiss her ass when she snapped again. I’ve been debating whether to do that to you. My only problem is that I’d prefer you to kiss my bare asshole. What good is it to have you kiss my slacks or panties? Instead, whenever you meet me or leave me you are to kiss my feet. Do it until I tell you to stop. You might as well start now.”
She crawled forward with difficulty, her hands still cuffed behind her back until she had reached my body then she bent forward to kiss each of my toes, first on one foot and then on the other. “While you’re at it suck on my toes. Ahh, yes—that’s so good. Now lick the soles. I can’t wait to have you do this when my feet are hot and tired. Okay, that’s enough. I have to tinkle. You know what that means. When I tell you to ‘attend’ you will cover my pussy and take my urine. Or I might have you take someone else’s as I see fit.” I spread my legs and let the hot acrid liquid flow into her throat. I had Denise make my breakfast then I fed her scraps from my fingers. After cleaning the kitchen I led her into the third bedroom which I had cleared last week to make into a mini-dungeon.

I handcuffed her to a chain from the ceiling. I had a hard time last week explaining to one of Dennis’s friends why I needed these modifications. I stepped back to look carefully at my former husband. Her body hair had completely disappeared. Her breasts were large and conical--heavy, but with no sag. Her nipples had been enlarged; they were perfect for clamping, maybe I’d hang some weights from them when I wanted to hurt her for no reason other than I could. They’d given her estrogen to increase her femininity. I’d give her additional shots every week. I thought that finger and nail polish would be a nice touch and pierced ears and maybe nipples with large hoops. Yes, those would be nice touches for my slave girl, but now….

I picked up a crop from the table. “Twenty, just to remind you who’s in charge. By this afternoon you’ll probably be due for a punishment unless you’re very good today. I’m going to gag you so you don’t disturb the neighbors. Open up!” She did and I pushed a ball gag into her mouth. “Good girl, now let’s begin.” I ran the crop up and down her back and butt. Then I pulled back and let her have it. I spaced them out to maximize the pain from each blow. I was done fifteen minutes later. She collapsed; I left Denise hanging there while I went for a glass of water. I held it to Denise’s lips. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“You can thank me later. I’ll need another orgasm by the time I take you down. Now you can rest for a while.” I had just walked out the door when I heard the doorbell. It was Bruce, one of Dennis’s best friends, although I could never understand why. Where Dennis had been an underachiever, Bruce was just the opposite. Coming from an underprivileged background Bruce had climbed the ladder of success and was now the owner of a very successful contracting company. He had personally installed the chain holding Denise at this very moment. Where Dennis was soft and pudgy, Bruce was ripped. I opened the door to greet him.

“Hi, Bruce.”
“Hi, Megan, I was wondering—is Dennis okay? It’s not like him to miss Saturday morning pool and he hasn’t been there the last two weeks.”

“Well, Bruce I doubt there’s any pool in her future.”

“Uh, did you say ‘her,’ Megan?”

“Yes, Bruce there’s been a huge change in Denise’s life. Here, let me show you the letter Dennis sent me. I retrieved the letter from my purse and handed it to Bruce.

He read the envelope then looked up and asked me, “Why would your own husband send you a letter?”

“I think that will be obvious when you read it.” He opened the envelope and read:

Dear Megan,

Please don’t laugh or ridicule me when you read this letter. I need to come clean with you and I’m not strong enough to tell you in person. That’s why I am writing this.

I have had very strong urges for many years—ever since I first began to understand my sexuality back in my early teens--but my stupid male ego has gotten in the way of my telling you about them. I have always wanted to submit to and serve a dominant strong woman like you, not just to serve as your slave, but to be feminized into your sissy. I long to be completely controlled by you—to be used and abused for your pleasure while being denied until you decide otherwise. I need to be punished daily for whatever reason you have so I will recognize and readily accept your dominance over me. I know I am asking for a lot, but I beg you to understand. Only by serving you as your abject slave will I achieve real happiness.

It was signed and notarized, Dennis Madison.

“Shit, I don’t believe it.”

“It’s true. I’ll show you in a few minutes. Seeing you here now has made me think. How’d you like to help with her training?”

“Training? What do you mean?”

It’s simple enough—she’s becoming a sissy slave. You’ll see exactly what I mean when I bring her in from the bedroom. She needs to learn to suck cock. I can only do so much with a dildo, but she needs to practice on the real thing.”

“I don’t know, Megan. This is one of my best friends.”

“She was one of your best friends. Now she’s essentially a transsexual. Don’t a lot of guys fantasize about sex with transsexuals?”

“Well, yeah but….”

“You’d be doing both of us a big favor and you might be able to help us in another way, too. I’ve always found you very attractive, Bruce and I suspect you feel the same way about me even though we stopped dating years ago.”

“You’re a really attractive woman, Megan. I think any man would be crazy not to think so.”

“There’s not going to be any more sex between Denise and me. For one thing her tits will get in the way and for another I’ve never found her tiny dicklet terribly appealing. It was one thing when we were man and wife, but now we’re Mistress and slave. I’m controlling her orgasms—you’ll see how—and I’m now free to enjoy myself with others. Why not let me show you how she’s changed then you can make up your own mind.” I surprised him by reaching up to kiss his cheek. I also noticed the bulge in his tight jeans. I thought this might work out well for both of us.

I returned to the bedroom and released Denise, but refastened her hands in front of her body. I led her out to the living room by her leash as I whispered, “A friend has come to see you. I expect you to be on your best behavior. I’ll have you back on the chain in a second if you’re not.” She shuffled in her heels, the chain between her ankles jingling as she walked. I could hear Bruce gasp when he saw Denise. Denise blushed terribly, but had the sense to keep walking and to keep her mouth shut. “Greet Master Bruce, Denise. I’ve asked him to help with your training. On your knees girl and ask him if you can suck his cock.”

Denise hesitated then fell to her knees. “Well? I’m losing my patience. Maybe you need a good shock to help you.”

“No, please Mistress. I’ll do it. Please, Master Bruce…may I please suck your cock.”

“Go ahead. Open his belt and his pants. Take it out and caress it. Act like the slut you are.” Slowly Denise did as she was told. In roughly thirty seconds she pulled Bruce’s cock from his boxers. I was a bit surprised to find it hard. As I had thought he had a beautiful meaty cock about seven inches long and almost two thick. Denise was just holding it so I put a hand behind her head and pushed. “Open up, take him into your mouth, but if you bite him you’ll regret it for the rest of your short miserable live.” Denise was crying as the head popped into her mouth. I gripped her hair and bobbed her head up and down until she did it on her own.

I leaned into Bruce for a kiss. His tongue pushed into my mouth with a passion I’d not seen in ages. I broke the kiss to whisper, “Let’s do a different kind of training, okay? Stop, Denise, crawl behind us. We’re going to my bedroom.” I led Bruce by the hand, his hard cock bobbing in front of him. I turned into Bruce once we were there and Denise took him into her mouth again. “Good girl, Denise.” I broke the kiss to strip out of my clothes then I slowly undressed Bruce. His body was rippling with muscles. I lay back on the bed, spreading my legs. “Attend, Denise.” She scrambled to my cunt and covered it just as I was about to piss. “I’m pissing in her mouth. I do it every day just because I can.”

I pulled Bruce to me as I told Denise to stay. Bruce noticed the keys and the remote on the chain around my neck. “What are those for?”

“The keys are for the cage that keeps her little clit secured. It’s a special order just for her, loaded with dozens of tiny sharp pins to keep her tiny dicklet in place and punish her for any unauthorized erections. The remote is for the collar. It’ll shock the living hell out of her. My friend and mentor has the key so she can’t ever get out of it, but why are we talking? Kiss me and fuck me. I need a big hard cock in me.” Bruce moved forward to rub it into my slit. I almost swooned with desire when he began to push in. He wasn’t as long as Samuel, but there was emotion in our coupling. I had always liked Bruce. We had dated briefly before I met Dennis. I was religious in those days and I was determined to be a virgin on my wedding night. What a mistake! I had married Dennis because he was an accountant and I thought he was going places. He didn’t and Bruce who was “just” a carpenter did, opening his own shop just three years after Dennis and I were married. However, it might not be too late.

I inhaled deeply as Bruce pushed home. I looked into his eyes; he was experiencing the same rapture I was. I pulled him down for the best kiss of my life. I could definitely get used to this. My tongue felt like it was half-way down his throat as Bruce began a rhythm. I broke the kiss to tell him, “Put my legs on your shoulders then get back here and kiss me again. I’ve needed this too long.”

My ankles were next to my ears when Bruce leaned back to kiss me again. Every stroke pushed into my cervix. It hurt, but it was the best hurt of my life. I moved back as best I could and as I did I felt Bruce’s finger on my clit. It was just what I needed. I came fast and hard, but continued until Bruce arched his back, growled, and erupted into my pussy. He released my legs as he fell forward onto my chest. I held him for several minutes until I whispered, “Sorry, but I have to get back to work.”

“Denise, up here on the bed; lie on your back.” I straddled her head, my gooey cunt just an inch from his mouth. “Clean me out. Get all of Bruce’s cum out of me. Do it now.” Bruce looked on shaking his head as Denise lifted her head to my cunt. Soon she was actively licking and sucking. I could feel her tongue in my tunnel. Five minutes later I was satisfied. “Okay, clean Bruce.” Denise looked at me with pleading eyes, but once again I had no sympathy. Instead I fingered the remote. Denise couldn’t get her mouth to Bruce’s cock fast enough. She licked my secretions from his cock and balls then finished by licking all around his cock head and pushing her tongue into his pee hole. I pulled her back with the instruction to make our lunch. “Make enough for you, too. I want to talk with Bruce a while.”

“Stay for lunch, will you Bruce? After lunch it will be time for her afternoon whipping.”

“Whipping? You mean you actually whip him…er, her?”

“Sure, I have to reinforce her submissiveness and assert myself as her Mistress. I sent her to a doctor—I don’t really know her name—for the implants and for some initial training. That’s where she lost all her body hair and had her first estrogen shots.”

“Isn’t that the female hormone?”

“Yes, before I’m done with her she’ll be more female than male. She’s already lost any trace of aggressiveness. I think you’ve already seen that. Oh, by the way, I am on the pill.”

“I figured…I didn’t think you’d want to take any chances. Damn, I wish things had been different between us.”

“We can’t go back, unfortunately, but we can go forward…together. I could easily divorce Denise and we could marry. We’re both still young.”

“What would we do with…?”

“Why keep her, of course, until we decide we want to have a family then I think I’d sell her. She’d be completely trained by then. I could sue for desertion. Who would know otherwise? Denise resigned from her job by letter more than a week ago yet not a single person from work even tried to phone her. Tells you a lot, doesn’t it? Let’s go out and see what the slut made for our lunch.” I rose and took Bruce’s hand. Not surprisingly Denise had made sandwiches. We sat together in the living room; Denise sat at my feet remembering at the last minute to kiss each one several times. She moved over to kiss Bruce’s before I gave her permission to eat.

Bruce started to rise. “Sorry, but I gotta go.”
“Don’t leave. Take it from him, Denise.” She moved quickly when I moved my hand between my breasts. Bruce’s soft cock was almost entirely in Denise’s mouth when he let go. On and on it went as Bruce emptied his bladder into Denise’s stomach. She licked him clean once he was done.

“You know, I think I could get used to this.” I kissed him and we continued our lunch. Once we were done I told Denise to clean up and meet us in the punishment room. She was there less than ten minutes later. She walked quietly into position and I locked her handcuffs to the chain.

“I’m giving you thirty—your usual twenty and another ten for hesitating when I told you to suck Master Bruce’s cock. You’ll think twice before you do that again. I’m going to ask Master Bruce to invite the rest of your friends over next Saturday. You need a lot more practice. By then I think they’ll be able to fuck your ass, too.” Denise started to cry. “What’s the matter, Denise? Humiliated? Just imagine how I felt when my sister told me you tried to fuck her. There wasn’t a rock big enough for me to hide behind. Just be glad she told me and not my father. It would have killed him, but he would have killed you first.” I stopped talking and picked up a slender fiberglass cane and her gag. I started in once I had her silenced. As usual she was bawling before I was even up to five. Her ass was covered with welts by the time I was done.

I released Denise and led her to her cage. She backed in and I locked the door. Bruce was seated on the couch still naked as was I when I sat in his lap. We kissed and groped each other for almost an hour until I rose to slide down his thick pole. I rocked while on his lap, my hands clasped behind his neck, riding him until we both were spent. I was about to kiss him again when he spoke, “Did Dennis…uh, Denise really write that letter?”

I laughed, “Does it really matter?”

Now Bruce laughed, “I guess not.” We kissed again and talked about our future plans. He stayed over that night and the next and the next and, well, you get the idea. He didn’t bring over Dennis’s friends the following Saturday; we decided that giving so many people knowledge of Denise’s status would be a bad idea. Bruce officially moved in the following weekend. He was a big help managing Denise. His strength and bulk intimidated Denise and I greatly appreciated his help in applying discipline. Denise learned to take his urine easily and to suck cock as easily as eating a cunt. She was completely trained, doing the cooking, cleaning, and laundry every day of the week when she wasn’t doing more personal services for us.

I was just walking in from the living room while Bruce fastened Denise to the chain. I could hear him in the hallway. “I had no idea you were such an asshole when we were friends, but I’m glad you were. I’ve always loved Megan; I was so disappointed when she chose you instead of me. Now that I have her I’m never letting her go. Thanks, asshole—without you it would never have happened.”

I snuck up behind Bruce to hug him and kiss his neck. “I second that motion. I’m never letting you get away either.” He turned and we kissed right in front of my bawling slave.


I had divorced Dennis on the grounds of desertion. It seemed that he had vanished from the face of the earth. As a trusted officer of the court my petition was granted with a minimum of fuss or bother. The only asset in question was the house and I was already co-owner so that was a no brainer.

Bruce moved in two weeks after our initial fucking. He dominated Denise even more strongly than I did especially after he heard how Dennis had abused me. We kept Denise right up until last month when I took her a DWL meeting. All the meetings were held at a farm about five miles outside of town. Denise was completely broken by then. She’d accept a big cock up her ass as easy as pie. Bruce had often humiliated her by cuffing her hands behind her back then locking them to the chain. He made her lick my asshole and push her tongue all the way in while Bruce fucked her with his big cock. I had her drink the urine of half a dozen Mistresses during the meeting as weights hung from a chain between her pierced nipples. Seeing how compliant and well trained she was another dominant woman asked me if she might be for sale.

“I haven’t really thought about it,” I replied, “Why?”

“I could use another, one who can perform toilet duties—complete toilet duties. My current slave throws up every time, but she was my subby hubby, so I never pushed her. Besides I don’t think I could make her eat shit. I still love her. Denise, however….” I thought about it for a few minutes then called Bruce on my cell. He agreed it might be time. We wanted to start a family and there was no way we could do that with Denise around. Both Bruce’s parents and mine would want to visit. Mine had stayed away because of their feelings about Dennis. I ended the call and told her, “Okay.”

“How much?”

I removed the keys and collar remote from my neck as I replied, “A buck—one measly dollar—that’s all she means to me.” She paid up and Denise was history. I watched her led away to the woman’s car. I phoned my family that weekend to tell them that I had divorced Dennis and that I was marrying Bruce. They were ecstatic. I went off the pill that very day.

I never saw Denise again, but Joyce phoned me a few months later after the most recent DWL meeting. “I saw Denise this afternoon. It was such a pleasure to deposit two big logs of shit into her mouth. Sandra has done such a fantastic job finishing her training. Her tongue on my ass afterward was nothing less than wonderful. I almost wish you had sold her to me, but Sandra did say I could borrow her over the weekend. I’m having a big group of gals over and I know how much they’ll enjoy using her. Want to join us?” I thanked Joyce but turned down the invitation; spending time with my husband was much more important than anything else. I knew Bruce felt the same way. He never went to Saturday morning pool again, preferring to spend the time in bed with me. It was one of our favorite times to make love.

Bruce and I were determined to rid our lives of every trace of Dennis. I traded in the Jaguar first, buying a BMW 5-Series sedan as a replacement. Bruce built us a house—4,000-plus square feet with six bedrooms and two home offices and a three car garage on a lot that measured more than two acres. We sold the old one and gave all our old furniture to Goodwill. Holding hands we went to a simple motel the evening before moving into our new home to take a symbolic shower. We washed each other thoroughly and carefully and Bruce washed my hair. Thus, we rid ourselves of every trace of Dennis. We never mentioned either Dennis or Denise again. I know I never even gave him/her a moment’s thought.

Bruce took me to my OB/GYN this afternoon—the eighteen month anniversary of meeting Joyce that fateful day. It’s a girl! We couldn’t be happier.

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