"And ye shall seek and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart" Jeremiah 29:13
My rest was unsettling and fitful, half-formed dreams swirling in my brain and desperately trying to make an impact. I had impressions of faces I knew, events that had happened or might happen, before they all came crashing together in a maelstrom of color and muted noise. It was like a pastel painting being drenched in water and all the colors mixing together into a cacophony of color so vibrant, it had its own sound. I couldn’t tell whether it was a pleasant sort of dream or not but the effect was so unsettling and vibrant that it startled me awake.

For a few moments, my brain struggled to remember where I was. This obviously wasn’t my room and I was not in my bed. Connections were made and memories slid into place as the events of Homecoming night came together. The dance…the fight with Craig…blood…

And Kayla.

The thought of Kayla shuffled everything into place and I came fully awake, energy coursing through my veins as the sound of her name in my mind kick-started my heart. I had told her I loved her. She said she loved me too. And we had…we had made love.

My heart fluttered and I heaved a huge, contented sigh. It wasn’t just the fact that I was no longer a virgin that made my heart swell. It was the fact that she and I had been as close as a boy and a girl could be, sharing ourselves with each other in the most intimate…God, I didn’t even know what I was saying at this point. I think my brain was still on overload from the sheer weight of what we had done.

There was a soft moan and I felt a shift in pressure at my neck. I glanced down and saw Kayla, still sleeping on my shoulder. Her naked body gleamed in the dim moonlight that streamed through the window, pale and as beautiful as I could have ever imagined. One hand lay on my stomach and she had curled one of her legs around mine in her sleep so she was half-lying on me. Her flat stomach pressed lightly into my side every time she inhaled and each exhale fluttered lightly on my skin.

I gazed at her for a while, marveling at the delicacy of her face. The way her eyes seemed perpetually at the point of opening as she slept. The cute little gap her lips made as she breathed lightly onto my chest. How relaxed and serene her gorgeous face was as she slumbered against me, looking like she had never known anything like adversity or pain her entire life. In that moment, I fell in love with her again. Even if I hadn’t already fallen in love with her, just looking at her now might have been enough to do it.

I wanted to hold her closer, to stroke her hair, to caress her velvet skin with all the love my hands could muster, but I couldn’t bring myself to wake her. Instead, I managed to tear my eyes away from her body (no easy task, trust me) and searched for a clock of some kind. I remembered seeing a digital clock on her bedside table but I couldn’t remember which side of the bed it was on. I twisted my head as slowly as I could to check the side nearest to me. Nothing.

Shit, that meant it was on the other side of Kayla. Which meant I was going to have to move my body. I sucked in my breath and leaned my head up as slowly as I could, peering over the top of her still-styled hair (well, mostly styled. Sex had a way of mussing it up in the sexiest way possible). There was the clock, flashing the time in red that pierced the inky black of the room.

2:13. Shit, I had been here a while. What time were our parents supposed to come back tomorrow?

I exhaled, slightly harder than I wished, and the breeze ruffled her hair. She stirred and moaned, her eyes sliding open tiredly. “Jack?” she muttered, nuzzling further into my neck.

“I’m here, sweetie,” I replied, kissing the top of her head.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in pleasure, stretching her legs. The effect of this was that her gorgeous breasts became unstuck from my body and were revealed in all their glory, milky white mounds of Oh-My-God in the moonlight. Seeing them stirred my flaccid cock from its resting place against my thigh.

“How you feeling?” I whispered, allowing my fingers to trace along her skin.

“A-may-zing,” she said with a slight squeal, leaning up to give me a kiss, “I could get used to this.”

I grinned. “Me in your bed?”

“Yes,” she said, thinking, “Although your current attire would be an added bonus.”

I pulled her in for a long, deep, lingering kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed my head to hers, breathing long and low as our lips set off sparks around us. Our bodies molded together and the feeling of her nakedness against me only served to recharge my member so it lifted off my thigh. She felt it and pulled out of the kiss with a saucy grin. “Well, hello,” she cooed, glancing down my body, “Someone else is awake.”

I grinned guiltily. “Not my fault,” I said, “He’s not used to sexy naked girls.”

“Awww,” she sighed, kissing me again, “Did you want to? Again?”

“So much, baby,” I replied, sitting up, “But…I might need to be getting home.”

She sat up as well, her breasts swaying ever so slightly as gravity shifted. Fuck me, that was hot. She was pouting. “Can’t you spend the night?” she whined, putting a finger to her lower lip.

Fuck me, that was sexy as hell!

“Kayla, I would love to, but if I spend the night here, we’re going to have sex again.” Her eyes brightened at that. “And again and again and—”

Jack,” she whined, “Stop teasing me!”

“Sorry,” I said, with a grin, “But the last thing I want is for your parents to come home and say, ‘Gee, it smells like sex in here!’”

“They won’t be back until late,” she replied, crawling across the bed like a cat, “And I have plenty of Febreze.”

“I think that may be the first time anyone made the word ‘Febreze’ sexy,” I said.

She giggled and put her hands on my shoulders. “Please, baby?” she asked sweetly, “Please spend the night? I promise to kick you out as soon as you wake up.”

“Then I won’t wake up,” I said, crossing my arms.

Nooooo, I want you to wake up! How am I going to play with you if you don’t?”

“I’m sure me being asleep isn’t a barrier to that.”

She laughed and nuzzled her cheek against mine. “No, it isn’t,” she agreed softly.

I wrapped my arms around her and just held her for a while, reveling in the feeling of her skin against mine. Everything about her was soft and comforting, like an extra blanket your mother places around you during the winter when you were a child. It didn’t even matter that we were naked. Not really. I didn’t care if we were naked as jaybirds or packed in winter clothes just as long as I was as close to her as I could possibly get.

“I hope Alan and Amanda made it home safe,” she said.

“Me too,” I replied, thinking about how happy they would be when they got home to discover it empty.

“Are you worried about Craig?”

“Not really. If he wants to come after you or me again, he knows what will happen.”

“My brave, strong knight,” she said, looking up at me with a grin. She lightly touched the bandage on my head. “I hope he stays away.”

“I’ll make sure he does.”

“Hopefully, without having to fight him anymore.” She shuddered and put her head on my chest. “Watching him hit you…it made me want to throw up. I know you wanted to fight him on your own but…I…”

I tilted her chin up so she was looking me in the eyes. “If you hadn’t stepped in, my brains would be a skid mark on the sidewalk. I’m glad you did, baby.”

She sighed. “Thank God you aren’t one of those guys who needs to compensate by beating the shit out of everyone.”

“You dated one of those?”

She shook her head against my chest. “No, but they’ve wanted to date me. It’s…well, distressing might be too weak a word…”

“I get the picture,” I said, kissing the top of her head, “But I’ve got you and I’m not letting you go.”


I breathed in deep, my chest raising her head up so her hair tickled my nose. “I’ll stay,” I said, “But I’ll have to go home early.”

She reached over and grabbed her alarm clock. “What time do you want me to set it for?”

“Maybe seven?”

“Sounds good.”

She punched in the time and slid it back onto her bedside table. She pushed the hair out of her face and leaned up to kiss me sweetly, running her hand up my chest to cup my head as our lips pressed together. Again, my cock started to twitch and I had to mentally beat it down. We actually did need some sleep.

She pulled back from the kiss and snuggled up to me again. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” I whispered back, stroking her silky hair. She was snoring lightly in moments but I stayed awake for a while longer, just looking at her. Here she was…the woman I would love for the rest of my life. I know, I know, you’re probably pointing out that, “Oh, you’re only sixteen! What do you know about the rest of your life?!” Well, it’s true. I don’t know about the rest of my life. But one thing I was certain of, so certain that I was willing to stake my life on it, was that Kayla was the one I would give my heart to for the rest of my life. Come what may, she is the girl I love. I can’t rationally explain it, I can’t give you a list of reasons why…I just know.

And that’s enough for me. I lay my head back against the pillow and was asleep in seconds.


Kayla’s fist beat mine to the alarm clock when it went off, sending it flying off the bedside table. It crashed to the ground, mercifully shutting off as it did. She stretched against me and moaned in protest, not opening her eyes.

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was that my cock had…woken up quite a bit more than the rest of me had. As in, it was standing up stiff and straight, harder than I had ever felt it before. Noticing it sent a surge of energy through my body and my blood began pumping harder, awakening my sleepy limbs and filling my thoughts with lust. I looked at Kayla, flames of desire boiling my blood. I had never felt a desire like this before. I had to have her.

My hand slid up her naked belly toward her breasts, one of which was squished sexily against my abs. She squirmed at my touch, a contented sigh escaping her lips and a smile forming on her face. My fingers lightly ran along the swell of her breasts, barely touching the exposed nipples. Her lips parted and she gave a long sigh. Her lower body shifted as her eyes opened, fixing on mine with the same look I knew I was giving her. She was just as horny as I was.

I continued to stimulate her nipple as our mouths crashed together in what developed slowly into a passionate make-out. Not to be outdone by my teasing, her left hand ran down to my cock and her fingers slowly curled around it. I gasped. I had thought that our sex yesterday may have dampened the sensitivity of my cock but just the feeling of her hand around its length was enough to shoot sparks of pleasure into my groin. I moaned as her hand slowly started to glide up and down, not squeezing too hard but enough to coax out the last reserves of hardness that had been holding back. I felt like I could have pounded nails with it.

We continued to kiss, stimulating each other as the need and desperation in our kiss had us panting and moaning louder and louder. She finally pulled back and looked at me, biting her lower lip and giving me a look that basically said, “Now!”

“Jack…” she whispered, sliding her body on top of mine. As she lined herself up with my cock, I watched her boobs sway gently with each move. Seriously, they were…as perfect as breasts could ever be. And no, it wasn’t just because they were the first boobs I’ve seen in person. If you’re a guy and you see the perfect pair, you know it right away. They’re the kind of boobs that, no matter how many times you see them, instantly get you hard.

If I had a picture, and her permission, trust me, I would be showing all of you.

I rested my hands on her hips as she gently lifted my cock (eliciting another moan from me) and lined it up carefully with her slit. Once the head was inside, she slowly slid down onto it and all the memories from last night came flooding back in vivid detail as I experienced them again. Her pussy was still as tight, wet, and warm as it had been last night and my cock trilled with pleasure as it sank into her depths. I could feel her muscles twitching and flexing around its length as she sank lower, her hands on my chest and her head thrown back.

It took her about a minute to sink all the way down to my groin. We wanted to take it slow, savoring the feeling of coming together so intimately. I would like to say I had a little more confidence, slid it with more assuredness because of last night. The truth was that I was just as nervous as the night before and I watched her face intently for any sign that I might be doing something wrong.

I finally bottomed out inside her and we were motionless for a minute, staring into each other’s eyes as we took deep, shuddering breaths. My hands were still on her hips and I brought one up to her face to cup her cheek. She nuzzled into my palm, holding my hand in both of hers.

“I’m still sore from last night,” she said, “So…can we go slow?”

“Of course,” I whispered, tapping her on the nose. She giggled and kissed my knuckles.

Very slowly, she began to rock back and forth, moaning lightly each time my cock slid its full length back inside her. The deliberate pace was teasing the hell out of my cockhead and I was almost panting from the waves of pleasure surging from her warm walls into my stiff rod. I moaned loudly and brought my hands back to her hips, gently pushing them back and forth in time with her.

She licked her lips and closed her eyes, using only her hips to move while the rest of her remained still. My eyes were locked on her breasts, quivering and shaking ever so slightly each time I thrust back inside her. Her fingers clenched on my chest, squeezing my pecs as the nails dug lightly into my skin. I’m not one for pain during sex (in fact, the thought of it kind of freaks me out) but…I have to admit, that felt pretty damn good.

Slowly, so slowly you would hardly be able to tell, Kayla started to shift away from the rocking into light bouncing. I sat up on my elbows so my cock had better leverage inside her. She was moaning in earnest now, squeaking every time she slid all the way down on me. “Oh, Jack…” she gasped as I started thrusting up slightly every time she came down.

“You like it?” I asked softly, caressing her taut stomach with one hand.

“Oh my God, yes…baby, you feel…oh my…so good.” She opened her eyes and stared at me like a tiger through her hair. She ran her fingers through mine, gently so as not to damage me but with enough force to let her know who was in charge.

Despite the intensity with which we were fucking, we still managed to take it slow like she wanted. Instead of rapid-fire pounding, each thrust was given a calculated weight and intensity. When she descended, she would thrust her hips into the motion and we would both moan breathlessly. I could feel her ass rubbing against my legs and I couldn’t resist reaching a hand around to cup it and move it into each thrust. She bit her lips and gave a soft scream.

I squeezed her rear and gyrated my hips so my cock moved around inside her. She was shivering and shuddering now, a motion that was mirrored deliciously in her tits. Those gorgeous pink nipples were staring at me and I couldn’t look away. Every jiggle, every bounce, every slight movement was tantalizingly sexy, lighting fire in my loins to keep making love to Kayla.

“See something you like?” she asked with a grin, shaking her chest so her gorgeous breasts swayed.

“Oh, God, yes,” I said, continuing to stare at them.

She took her hand out of my hair and cupped her breasts. Either her hands were very small or her breasts were very large (a combination of the two, probably) but her hands barely curved over the swell, a sight so sexy that I had to fight down the urge to roll her over and pound her until neither of us could move. She rolled her breasts around, licking her upper lip.

“Yeah? You like…oh…you like my tits, Jack?” I knew she could swear as well as any guy I knew but her saying ‘tits’ was so unexpected and sexy, my lips lurched up to give a more forceful thrust. She gasped and her tits bounced in her hands.

“Oh, fuck yes!”

“Yeah? You want them in your…fuck…your face?” She was grinning coyly but the question didn’t anticipate a negative answer.

“Yes…oh, yes,” I moaned, my dick leaping with pleasure at the thought.

She leaned forward, wrapping her hands around my head, and pressed my face into her breasts. She didn’t mash my face into them but rather caressed my face with the sides, allowing my cheeks to rub against their swell. I felt her hard nipples touch my lips and my tongue snaked out to flick them. She giggled and cooed. I did it again, sucking it gently into my mouth. My hand was stroking her rear now, squeezing her and there softly whenever she slid down into it.

Her hands were running through my hair as I nuzzled her beautiful breasts, pressing my face into them and between them, savoring the scent of her body that increased with her arousal. My nose was filled with her scent and the tangy, sweet smell of our sex and it was because of that smell that I felt myself getting closer.

I wasn’t that close so I didn’t say anything, instead focusing on making sure she finished first (it’s courtesy, guys. Come on). I lifted my face, reluctantly, from her bouncing breasts and looked into her eyes. They widened as her orgasm came closer and her mouth fell open, inviting mine to join it. I stretched my face up and our lips met, tongues fencing lightly.

Her pussy was already tight but I could feel the muscles clamping down even more as she got closer. My cock was in Heaven, savoring the pleasure of her warm depths as I thrust him against her walls again and again. We were sweating lightly and gasping for air, our orgasms near.

She pulled back from our kiss and moaned, “Jack…I’m gonna…oh, Jack, baby…I’m gonna cum…oh, shit…”

I pressed my cheek against hers and gritted my teeth. “I’m gonna cum too,” I hissed, my balls churning and my hips moving of their own accord, “I’m so fucking…shit…close…”

We kissed furiously, our hips accelerating. I squeezed her rear and thrust it against my cock as my hips thrust forward, driving me in even deeper. She had been gripping me by the shoulders but now seized my head and pressed me to her breasts again. She was squeaking and silently shrieking now, her breasts heaving with the motion of her body and the deep breaths she was taking. I loved the feeling of her gorgeous, soft breasts in my face, but I think I would have loved it a lot more if I wasn’t lightheaded from my incoming orgasm.

Jack!” she shrieked, her fingers claws in my hair, “I’m fucking…Ho...lySHIT!”

She slammed down and her pussy clamped down on my cock, releasing its flood of juices that coated my cockhead in warmth. That was enough for me to thrust up with a strangled grunt, my cock erupting inside her. My groin quivered as my balls emptied and I gripped her hard against me. My teeth were grinding almost audibly and I unclenched my jaw with a gasp, my nose feeling swollen. She was pressing her cheek into my hair, her arms around me squeezing the life out of me as I continued to shoot inside her.

Again, I swear I saw God for a second. He didn’t stick around to say hi.

Shuddering and gasping and dripping with sweat, we came down from our orgasmic high and gently released our death-grips on each other. Our foreheads rested together as we caught our breaths. We opened our eyes at the same time and grinned exhaustedly at each other, sharing a sweet kiss.

“Oh, God…I don’t know if I’m going to be able to walk today,” Kayla sighed, wiping her forehead.

“That means you’re gonna want a piggyback ride, aren’t you?” I asked with a wink.

She laughed breathlessly and kissed my forehead. “I’ll let you off your chauffeur duties for today, if only because…wow.”

“You said that last night.”

“Well it’s the same today,” she said, digging a finger in my abs.

She gingerly pulled herself off my cock and collapsed next to me, her face still flush with her orgasm. My entire cock, as well as most of my groin, was soaked with our juices and I said, “Someone was very excited today.”

“Mmmm, you do that to me,” she cooed, kissing my arm, “And how could I resist when you were so…insistent?”

“Well, a part of me was anyway.”

“I noticed,” she said with a saucy grin, “But I didn’t think the rest of you would mind.”

“Hell no,” I replied, leaning in to kiss her. She wrapped an arm around my neck and kept me there for a good minute. Not that I noticed. Being lost in her kiss was enough to fill up days without me caring.

I pulled back and gave her a sad smile. “I think I might need to head out.”

She rolled on her back and folded her arms. “Men,” she huffed.

I stared at her boobs, which had been squished up above her arms and were just begging to be given attention. I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth. She gasped and shuddered as I swirled my tongue around her areola. She tried to grab at me but I held her arms down, alternating between breasts as she tried to form protests through her gasps of pleasure.

“What about men?” I asked when my ministrations had her squirming like crazy.

Free from my assault on her nipple, she shuddered a few times before answering: “I was probably going to make a smartass comment about how men always bang and then leave but…God damn, Jack, that was fantastic!”

“You’re welcome.” I kissed each nipple in turn.

She pouted and put a hand on my cheek. “I really don’t want you to go,” she said, “I wish our parents were gone for an entire week…no, an entire year, just so we could have all that time together.”

“Me too, baby,” I said, stroking her stomach.

She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. “But I guess you should get back. Check on the twins…give me some time to get your stank out of the room.”

I tried to look offended. “Stank? Have you sniffed yourself lately?”

In response, she grabbed my balls and applied pressure. It wasn’t enough to hurt but it was more than enough to make me bite my lips and squirm. “Shall I squeeze harder?” she asked conversationally.

“No,” I groaned, pounding the mattress with my fist.

“Do I stink?” she asked, her fingers twitching.

“Never. You smell gorgeous. Always.” It was starting to hurt now and I begged her with my eyes to let me go.

She smiled and released my balls. “I’ll kiss them better,” she said, keeping eye-contact as she slid down my body. She reached my groin and lightly kissed my aching balls. She kissed them multiple times, enough that my cock started to twitch and lengthen. She giggled as she watched it get harder, then stuck out her tongue and lightly licked all the way up to the top.

It felt amazing. No, it felt phenomenal. I was ready to lay back and enjoy whatever she was planning on doing next. Two things stopped me:

First was the fact that I knew if she continued on with whatever she was planning to do (blowjob, blowjob, blowjob, blowjob), we were going to stay in bed all day and wouldn’t that be nice and awkward to explain to her parents. She was right: I stank. And the whole room stank, come to that.

The second was, I hate to admit, an image of Amanda doing the same thing popped into my head and I involuntarily shuddered. I wasn’t trying to think about her when I was with Kayla but it was a traumatic enough event that I took Kayla’s hand and pulled her up.

She looked confused as I stroked her cheek. “Baby, I would love that. So much,” I said, giving her a kiss, “But if I don’t get out of here soon, you aren’t going to let me leave.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled. “Darn you! You foiled my plan!”

I rolled out of bed onto shaky legs. Kayla noticed I wasn’t quite steady on my feet and wrapped her arms around my waist. She leaned into me and I enjoyed the feeling of her lips on my neck and her breasts pressed against my back as feeling returned to my legs. Even when I felt strength in them again, I allowed myself to remain still for a bit, enjoying her embrace.

But I couldn’t stall for long. I gently removed her arms and bent down to grab my boxers. It was only when I was picking them up that I realized I had made a serious mistake. Just as I thought that, two hard smacks followed my stinging pain on my rear jolted me up with a yelp. Kayla giggled.

“Sorry,” she said, a finger to her mouth, “But your butt was just too cute to ignore.”

I pointed glanced as her gorgeous rear and she slid back against the pillows, wagging her finger at me and sticking out her tongue. God, was there anything she did that wasn’t boner-inducingly sexy? I had to look away quickly before my dick got a recharge.

I slipped on my boxers and my pants, the fabric feeling odd and confining after a night of nakedness. I slipped my arms into my shirt but didn’t button it; after all, it was only twenty seconds to my house and I could use the cool morning breeze on my skin. Kayla’s eyebrows wagged when she saw my exposed torso.

“Mmmm, you’re so sex-ay,” she squealed, stretching and thrusting out her chest.

“I got nothing on you,” I said, leaning over to kiss her.

She returned the kiss eagerly and wrapped her arms around me, clinging to me desperately. “I’m gonna miss you,” she said sadly.

“Baby, I’m just a house away. And I promise I’ll see you later today.”

“I know,” she said, pulling back with misty eyes, “I just…Jack, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby.”

“Good,” she said, pecking me on the lips, “Can we just make a small house or something for us? And stick it between our parents’ houses?”

“And what would we do in this house?” I asked, slipping on my shoes.

“Hmm,” she said, turning over on her stomach, “Make love…eat…make love…”

“A sex shack, basically.”

She giggled and put on an innocent face. “Jack, you have such a dirty mind.”

I reached over and swatted her rear. She squeaked as jumped, making it jiggle more. Damn

“And there are more spankings to come,” I said, grinning evilly, “You’ve got quite a backlog I need to work through.”

She covered her ass with her hands and said, “That stung!”

“Awww.” I leaned over, gently moved her hand off the cheek I swatted, and kissed it. “Better?”

“Yes,” she said, smiling, “And I won’t even mention to the guys that I had you kiss my ass.”

“I do that all the time.”

“Mhmmm,” she sighed.

I stood there awkwardly, not wanting to go but also knowing I had to. She saw the indecision in my face and stood up to give me a hug. I held onto her tight, burying my face in her hair and losing myself in the feel of her body and the familiar comfort of her scent. It was a long time before I was able to let go.

“What are you gonna do now?” I asked.

“Go back to sleep,” she replied, laying on the bed, “I’ll text you when I wake up.”

“Going back to sleep sounds like a great idea,” I replied. She patted the bed next to her teasingly and I shook my head. “Later, baby.”

“Well, I’m gonna have you back in here as soon as I can.”

“I will be happy to oblige.”

I leaned down and kissed her one last time. We let it linger, letting all the love we felt for each other and all the things we want to say fill the kiss until we truly felt like one being. It’s a feeling that, if I never felt it again, I would have remembered until the day I die. She put a hand to my cheek as we broke apart, staring deep into my soul. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” I replied. Knowing I had to leave now or I wouldn’t be able to resist staying, I walked to her door, turned to blow her one last kiss, and closed it behind me.

The air outside was refreshingly cool in that early-morning way where dew hangs in the air like decorative crystals. There may have been a light shower last night, for the cars were moist and the street was damp. Hey, all the better. The moisture flicked my bare skin, cooling it down from the heat of the sex I had had this morning. And last night…holy shit, I actually had sex!

The weight of it crashed down on me. But instead of pressing me down, it was like two giant eagles grabbing my shoulders to help me do the highest, most epic victory jump of all time. I just had sex! And it felt so good! (Yeah, that sucked, but I was riding high, man). And it was with Kayla! Holy shit, the most beautiful, most wonderful, most perfect girl I had ever met in my life…and we had lost our virginity to each other! Fuck my birthday! Fuck Christmas! What was yesterday? September 29th? Yeah, that was the greatest day of all time! We had lost our virginities to each other!

And…we had confessed our love…

The thrilling feeling energizing my veins remained but I no longer felt like flying. I felt like falling on the grass and just spreading my limbs, soaking up the wet grass with a big grin on my face. I was in love. And she was in love with me. My heart trilled at the thought of it and I couldn’t imagine a feeling better than this.

God is real. Whatever religion you follow, there’s somebody up there who just did me a solid. Believe.

I slid off my shoes as I unlocked the front door, trying to be as quiet as possible. Alan and Amanda were probably still asleep, after a night of partying and a highly likely post-party pounding. I crept up the stairs, holding my breath the entire time, but I was so gleeful and light-hearted, I swear I was being carried up the stairs by joy alone. I slid across the floor, trying to avoid that squeaky board that Amanda had told me about. Their door was closed but, as I had discovered, that wouldn’t stop them hearing any noise I made outside.

I got to my room without making a sound. Unless it creaked so quietly only those named Amanda could hear, I had managed to avoid it.

I closed my door and leaned against it, breathing out a long, deep breath. My room was eerily empty and quiet, my bed looking sad and lonely without Kayla stretched out on it. I dropped my shoes in my closet, took off my unbuttoned shirt, and collapsed on my bed. It was already about 8:30 but the clouds were dampening any effort the sun made to shine through. It was the perfect time to snooze.

My phone buzzed and, with more effort than I would like to admit, I pulled it out of my pocket and opened it.

Kayla: I miss you already. I love you <3

I smiled.

Me: I love you too. :) So much.

And I did. The feeling was so strong that all other emotions like anger, sadness, embarrassment, and all the others felt like afterthoughts. It warmed my body like a hearty fire in the middle of winter. It filled my heart like a balloon of joy and kept my lips smiling as I closed my eyes and drifted off.


Try as I might, I couldn’t slip fully into sleep so I just dozed for a couple of hours. I awoke feeling more exhausted than when I lay down but with the sense that I was going to be up for the rest of the day. Damn. I really wanted to get some sleep in before school cracked its whip and forced us from our slumber earlier than human beings were meant to get up.

I sleepily pulled myself out of bed, stretching with audible cracks. Youth has its advantages but a night involving dancing, a fight, and two unbelievable sex sessions is enough to make you feel three times your age. I did some stretches to loosen up my body, breathing into each ache until it loosened.

I glanced out my window over to Kayla’s. The curtains were still drawn. I imagined her still lying in bed, her eyes closed in their almost-awake way, her mouth slightly open as she breathed softly…I wanted to go back over. Heck, if our parents were going to be gone for another day, I probably would have gone over. As it was, I was just going to have to settle for the mental image of her beautiful body stretched naked on her bed.

Then that mental image started giving me a boner. It wasn’t helping.

There was a soft knock on my door. Stretching one last time, I went over and opened it to find Alan standing out in the hallway. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey, Alan.”

He looked up at my face and grimaced. “You all right?”

“Bruised and stiff but it doesn’t hurt,” I replied, “What’s up?”

He shrugged. “Amanda’s still asleep and…well, you wanna go shoot some hoops?”

It was something we hadn’t done in a long time. There was a small basketball court not too far from our house where Alan and I used to go, usually with our dad, when we wanted to just get out of the house. It had been a couple years since we had last been there but…well, I could use some time away from the house.

“Sure,” I said, “Just give me a couple to change.”


I slipped out of my dress pants into a pair of gym shorts and a muscle shirt. I thought about leaving my phone at home but I’m really anal about missing messages so I slipped it into the waistband of my shorts. There were no messages but I didn’t want to miss anything from my parents or, more importantly, Kayla.

Alan was waiting for me downstairs, bouncing the basketball in his hand. “Ready?” he asked.


We were silent for a bit as we walked down the empty road, occasionally bouncing the ball between us. The satisfying sound of hollow rubber echoed up the street a good way, breaking through the softer sounds of insects and birds that were keeping the street from being completely silent.

It was strangely quiet for a Sunday. Sure, there were a couple people out and about, but usually you saw a good dozen people outside doing lawn work or something. I mean, sure, the sky wasn’t exactly the most welcoming sight for being outside, but still…

Ah, well.

“So what happened after we left last night?” I asked, dribbling the ball a couple of times.

“Nothing much,” Alan replied, “Everyone just went back to the gym. A couple of teachers asked what had happened and we just said two guys got in an argument. No names.”

“Thanks,” I said, “Did Craig come back?”

“Hell no. I think Joe and Brad would have taken him apart.”

Oh, damn. “Hang on,” I said, tossing him the ball and pulling out my phone. I sent a message to the guys.

Me: Hey, guys. I’m all right. Bruised but alive.

“I should have texted them earlier.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, trying to spin the ball on his finger, “Hey, has Brad mentioned anything to you about wanting to date Amanda?”

I blinked. “No. Why?”

“Come on, Jack. Last night? He’d be more subtle if he just ripped off his pants and yelled, ‘Do me!’”

I laughed. “Brad does that with most girls, Alan. Don’t worry.”

“Yeah, well, I do. I mean, it’s not like…” He glanced around and lowered his voice, “It’s not like she can tell him she and I are kind of together.”

“Yeah…that would be a tough one to explain.”

“So you see my problem. She can’t exactly turn him down without making him suspicious.”

“He’ll just think she’s not into him.” I said it only to reassure Alan. Brad was a good guy but the elusive ‘clue’ was not something he could easily get.

Alan wasn’t fooled. “Jack, Amanda’s hot. And Brad…okay, I’ll say this as a guy, he looks good. Like, if I were a girl, I’d be into him.”

“And Amanda basically is you as a girl,” I replied.

He hurled the ball at me and I caught it. “Come on, Jack, I’m worried! I don’t want anyone finding out but…losing Amanda’s worse.”

I understood what he meant. Poor guy. “I’ll talk to Brad, okay? See if I can deter him.”

Alan relaxed, but just a little. “Thanks, Jack.”

“No problem, bro.”

We got to the basketball court. I was setting my phone down by the hoop pole when it suddenly buzzed with a message from Joe.

Joe: Thank God, man! The party got lame after you left. Get less hurt!

I looked over at Alan. “Did Joe or Brad give you a ride home last night?”

Alan was tossing the ball in the air and catching it. “Joe,” he replied, “Brad…you know, I don’t know what happened to Brad.”

I shot Joe a text.

Me: Thanks for giving Alan and Amanda a ride. What happened to Brad last night?

Joe: No clue. He told me to go without him and then he disappeared. I’ve been trying to message him.

Me: Let me know if he texts.

I dropped my phone and came out on the court. Alan tossed the ball to me and said, “Nice job with Craig, by the way.”

I tossed the ball at the basket and managed to swish it through. “Thanks,” I said, “Would have been better if he hadn’t got any hits in.”

“Why didn’t you fight him before?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, tossing the ball to him.

“I mean, when he nearly broke your face with the dodgeball, when he attacked you in the cafeteria, stuff like that.” He tossed a clean shot that didn’t even hit the rim. “I’m just saying, you could have kicked his ass any of those times.”

“Maybe,” I replied, retrieving the ball and dribbling absentmindedly.

Alan watched me for a bit, then swiped the ball from me. “Jack, why didn’t you?”

“Didn’t fight him?”

“Yeah. I’m not saying you needed to kill the guy but, I mean, at least throw a punch or something.”

How was I going to explain it? It was just something I had known in my heart was right but when you try to put it into words… “If I fought him, then what?” I said, “Then we have a fight and we bleed and maybe I put him in his place. What got accomplished? He doesn’t mess with me again? Is that how I’m going to solve all my problems?”

“Not all of them. Just him.”

“Well, he isn’t worth the effort. I don’t care if he does bruise me with dodgeballs or whatever. If I fight him just because he annoyed me, what good does that do me?”

“It gets him off your back.”

“Yeah, for a bit, then he just works out some more and comes back. And then it happens again. And again. And again.” I sighed and crouched on the ground. “Maybe I’m a pussy but…Craig isn’t worth beating up if all it does is make me feel good that he hurts more.”

“That didn’t matter last night,” Alan replied, tossing the ball and missing the rim.

“Anyone goes after Kayla, I’m laying them out,” I said savagely, “They come after me, I can put up with it up to potential death. They lay a hand on Kayla, they won’t have that hand anymore.”

“So it’s okay to hurt him then? It’s not just violence?” he said, retrieving the ball.

I saw what he meant. “I didn’t like hurting him, but I had to. He comes near her again, or you or Amanda for that matter, and I will lay him back out. I don’t care what happens to me, he won’t get back up for a long time.”

Alan dribbled the ball back, chewing a lip. “Why do I feel like I’m the younger brother here?”

“You are,” I replied, “Ten whole minutes, little bro.”

He hucked the ball at my head and I caught it one-handed. “I mean, how exactly are you so much more…I don’t know, mature? We’re the same fucking age.”

I shrugged. “Well, you beat me to sex. You got that going for you.”

I didn’t even realize what I had just admitted to until Alan grinned at me. “I knew it!” he cheered, raising his hand for a high-five.

I tried to play dumb. “Knew what?” I asked innocently.

“Dude, you can’t fool me. You had that look on your face this morning. That look that says you got laid like pipework last night.” He waved his hand a little bit more, still hoping for a high-five.

“What if I didn’t?”

“Then you would be saying, ‘No, I didn’t’, instead of, ‘What if I didn’t?’. It’s the same look I have after Amanda and I get done. I’ve seen it a million times. Now, come on, this really needs to get taken care of.” He waved his hand in my face and I reluctantly raised my hand to meet his.

“Is it really that obvious?” I asked as he whooped and tossed a shot that bounced off the rim.

“It really is,” he replied, “So how was it?” He took a look at my face and laughed. “I’m just kidding, Jack. There’s no way to describe it, is there?”

“No, there isn’t.” He was right. I had been fumbling for any adjective that might accurately describe the experience but human language unfortunately hasn’t evolved to that level yet.

“Damn, man. Great job. You’re fucking lucky, you know that?”

“Every second of every day.”

Alan passed me the ball and said, “I’d be jealous if I didn’t have Amanda.”

I made a basket and a question popped into my head, one I realized I should have asked a while ago. “How exactly did the whole you-and-Amanda thing get started anyway?”

I had expected Alan to blush and stammer a little, recalling his first sexual experience (with his sister, let’s be clear), but he seemed completely at ease talking about it: “Let’s see…it was about two years ago. I mean, we did everything else together, so when we were learning about sex-ed in middle school, we just got curious. I’d like to say we had an epic, thrilling romance like you and Kayla have but it was really just a ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ sort of thing. We’ve had plenty of time to work out the finer details.”

“I’ll bet,” I said, a little disappointed that the explanation was so simple, “And now you love her?”

“Well, I always loved her, but it was only recently that I knew I loved her loved her.” Now he was starting to blush a little, a coy grin on his face. “When I thought she and I weren’t going to be together anymore, and not even just for the sex…I felt like I was losing my mind. I just couldn’t imagine life without her always there, always ready to do whatever. I…you know?”

“Yeah, I do,” I replied, looking back to our houses, “I told her I loved her last night.”

Alan stared at me. “You love her?”

“I do,” I said, feeling the same kind of coy grin spreading my face, “I think I had known for a while but I wasn’t ready to say it.”

“And what did she say?”

“She loves me too.”

“Wow.” Alan tossed the ball from one hand to the other, looking up at the cloudy sky. “That’s…fantastic, man. Great job.”

“Great job?” I asked, laughing, “What the hell does that mean?”

“I don’t know! It’s just…you two love each other and that’s fantastic! It really is!” He was gesturing wildly. “I’m happy for you two. It’s amazing! It’s wonderful! It’s fill-in-the-blank-with-every-positive-adjective-ever!”

We both laughed heartily. “I’ll take that last one,” I said, still chuckling.

“But Jack, seriously, I’m happy for you. Thank God she left fucking Craig and chose you instead.”

“Thank God.”

“So…you planning on telling mom and dad?”

Huh. Now that was something I hadn’t thought about yet. “I mean…if they ask, I won’t deny it. But I can’t exactly see something like that coming up naturally in a conversation.”

“Fair enough,” he said, shrugging, “I would probably also leave out the whole sex part, too.”

“Oh, hell to the yeah.”

We shot some more baskets, not really playing for score, just for the fun of it. We talked about school the next day and how everything was going to really mellow out now that Homecoming was over and there wasn’t anything exciting happening until around Halloween.

“Oh, and just so you know,” I said, retrieving the ball after a very near miss, “Halloween in high school is lame. Anyone says to come to school dressed up, ignore them. Nothing sucks more than being the only kid to come to school in a costume.”

“How would you know?” Alan asked, “You didn’t do that last year.”

“No, but I know kids who did.”

“Well, then they weren’t the only kid, were they?”

“You want to start actually playing for points? I’ll cream you.”

We played for another fifteen minutes before we decided to pack it in. I picked up the phone to find I had one new text message from dad.

Dad: Hey, Jack. Just want to let you know we’re going to be heading out soon. Probably be home around 4. If I have a house to come home to, that would be nice.

I showed the text to Alan, who rolled his eyes. “He’s milking that for all it’s worth, isn’t he?” he said.

“Yeah,” I sighed. I was a little disappointed there was no message from Brad yet. What the hell was he up to? I shot him another message, just asking what he was doing, and hoped I would get a response soon. Then I decided to message Kayla.

Me: Hey, baby, did your parents message you?

A minute later, I got a response.

Kayla: Yep. Just five hours to get my room looking as prim and virginal as it always has.

Me: Mmmm, virginal ;)

Kayla: Watch it, mister. Remember your balls?

Me: Yeah, they’re still attached to me.

Kayla: Let’s just hope nothing happens to them with you being a smartass ;)

Me: Lol I love you too

Kayla: Awwww <3

Me: I miss you.

Kayla: I miss you too! Maybe we can hang after dinner tonight?

Me: I’d love that.

Kayla: Me too :)

Alan tried glancing at my texts and I jerked my phone away. “Why don’t you text your own girl?” I said.

“Don’t have to,” he said, grinning, “I get to go home and give her my own special ‘hello’.”

“Alan…don’t try innuendo. It’s freaking creepy, man.”

He laughed and rolled the ball on his finger. “Hey, you should have her over for dinner!” he said suddenly, “If she can handle mom’s experiments, you better marry her right now.”

I grimaced. “You really want to make her work through something like that the first time?”

“Hey, as long as there are no more gummy enchiladas, how bad could it be?”

I stopped him in the middle of the road with a hand on his chest. “Take that back,” I said seriously, “Right now. Don’t fucking jinx it.”

He realized what he had said. “I take it back, I take it back. It can definitely be worse.”

Amanda was eating breakfast when we came in and she dropped her spoon to run over to me with a look like she was going to cry. She hugged me tight and said, “You’re not hurt, are you?”

“I think the bandage could answer that for you,” Alan joked.

She swatted at him and said, “I’m serious! You weren’t hurt too bad were you?” She looked at the bandage and the bruises on my face and she bit her lip, fighting to hold back tears.

I pulled her in for another hug. “I’m fine,” I replied, “I promise. It looks worse than it is.”

She held onto me for a bit, then pulled back with a delighted look on her face (bi-polar, much?). “You’re going to be popular now!” she said excitedly, “You’re the kid who got in a fight on Homecoming!”

“They’ll have to be hard-up for popular kids if that’s all it takes to become popular,” I said, popping a couple pieces of bread into the toaster.

“But it was Craig,” she said, undeterred, “Come on, Jack, they’re going to give you a medal for that.”

“I’m sure.”

“They are!”

“What do you think, Alan?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I’d give you one if I was in charge.” He stretched and looked over at Amanda. “I’m going to take a shower,” he said in what he must have thought was a casual voice, “You want to join me?”

She grinned. “Of course.” She put her cereal bowl in the sink and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m glad you’re okay, Jack. We were worried about you.”

“Thanks, Amanda,” I replied, giving her a smile. Hard to believe that, only a couple of weeks ago, this same girl had me handcuffed to my bed and was ready to ride me to oblivion.

She was almost out of the room before she turned and said, “Oh, by the way, congratulations.”

“For what?” I asked, confused.

She grinned and winked. “You have the same look Alan gets after we have…well, you know.” She giggled.

I blushed and said, “Is it really that obvious?”

“Absolutely. Great job, Jack!” She tossed me a high-five through the air, then skipped out of the room. Wonderful. If mom and dad also picked up on this ‘look’ I had, I could kiss the peace of home goodbye. I’d never hear the end of it.

I munched on my toast and shot Kayla a message.

Me: What you up to, beautiful?

Kayla: Just about to take a shower.

Me: Tease.

Kayla: No, THIS is teasing.

There was a few seconds’ pause before my message bleeped with a picture message. She had sent me a picture of her, naked, with a towel just barely covering her nipples. The swell of her breasts, as well as the naked curve of her body and rear, were completely visible. She had a saucy grin on her face; she knew what this would do to me.


Kayla: Hehehehe bet you wish you were here with me ;)

Me: I do…

Kayla: Awww. Soon, baby. Muah

Me: Muah. I’ll let you take your shower.

Kayla: Love you!

Me: Love you more!

Kayla: :)

Come to think of it, a shower does sound like a good idea. As soon as the Wonder Twins were out, I planned to take a nice, long soak. But what to do in the meantime…

I shot Joe a quick message.

Me: Anything from Brad?

Joe: Not yet.

Shit. I scrolled through my other messages to see if there was anything I’d missed and realized, with a slight pang of guilt, that I had not messaged Tara in a while. We’d texted on-and-off for the past couple of weeks but her new boyfriend had been taking up a lot of her time. We barely had time for a ‘hello’ and ‘how are you?’ before she had to run and do something with him.

Well, hopefully she’d be free or I wouldn’t have anything to do.

Me: Hey, Tara :) how are you?

To my surprise, her response was almost immediate.

Tara: Oh, pretty shitty, coz. How are you?

Me: Oh no :( what’s wrong?

Tara: Cheating fucking scumbag ex-boyfriend, pretty much.

Me: WHAT?!

Tara: Yep :(

Me: What happened?

Tara: Apparently he felt like sticking his dick in one girl wasn’t enough so he needed THREE more.

Me: Did they know?

Tara: No, but they as hell are going to now.

Me: I’m so sorry, Tara <3

Tara: Not your fault. Nothing you could do.

Me: I know. I’m still sorry.

Tara: And I’m sorry for not messaging you much. He didn’t like me talking to anyone else.

Me: What a guy.

Tara: Ugh, don’t remind me. How have you been?

Me: Oh, pretty good :)

Tara: How was Homecoming?

Me: Oh, the usual. Dinner, dance, got into a fight with Craig.

Tara: WHAT?!

Me: Oh, and Kayla and I told each other that we loved each other :)

Tara: Well, well, you had a busy night ;)

Me: Lol kind of.

Tara: Did you…seal the deal?

If this was going to be the rest of the day, I might as well start every conversation with, “Yes, Kayla and I had sex. It was amazing. Let’s move on.”

Me: …Yes.

Tara: Awww, good for you :)

Me: Yeah, about time I caught up with the crowd.

Tara: Hey, I would have loved if my first had told me he loved me before we did it.

Me: I’m sorry.

Tara: Seriously, Jack, you’re such a good guy. Why can’t I meet a guy like you around here?

Me: He’ll come along.

Tara: Yeah…maybe :/

Me: He will!

I heard the shower upstairs shut off. Wow, that was surprisingly short…unless they planned on continuing in the bedroom. And here I was, almost surprised by that idea.

Me: Hey, Tara, I gotta go hop in the shower. Message me more, okay?

Tara: I will. Enjoy your shower ;)

Me: Lol sure thing. Love you lots!

Tara: Love you too, Jack. And thanks. This helped.

Poor Tara. She’s been having a bad streak of luck with boyfriends recently. I don’t know if she just attracts the wrong kind of guys or if losers are just her type because she thinks she can fix them…I don’t know. None of her past few relationships have lasted longer than a couple months and then she gets super depressed, something that is downright criminal with a girl as sweet as her. She’s the kind of girl everyone wants to be friends with, not because she’s a Queen Bee or anything, but because she’s fun and adventurous and no matter what you’re doing with her, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. I’d be tempted to drive out to be with her if she didn’t live three states away. If only we had a teleporter or something.

Seriously, future generations are going to have it awesome. Me? I’m always stuck in the fucking present.

Just as I was stripping off my clothes, my phone buzzed.

Kayla: All done with my shower. I may or may not have played with myself thinking about you ;)

Me: That ass is going to be red by the time I’m done with it.

Kayla: Yay! :D What are you doing?

Me: About to get in the shower.

Kayla: Really?! Send me a picture!

Me: I don’t know…

Kayla: Not fair! I sent you one!

Me: Hmmmm

Kayla: I love you so much, baby <3

Okay, that one I couldn’t resist. But I wasn’t planning on going straightforward either. I was just going to take a picture of me blowing her a kiss, but I made sure to angle it with the mirror so she could see my bare ass in it. I took the picture and sent it off.

Her response came as I was turning on the shower.

Kayla: Nice butt!!! :D So sexy!!!

Me: Lol thanks.

Kayla: But I prefer the handsome face :)

Me: Awww, thanks baby.

Kayla: Enjoy your shower! Think about me ;)

Me: We’ll see lol Love you!

Kayla: Love you too <3

I didn’t end up playing with myself in the shower, if only because I needed to give my equipment some time to rest. He was in Heaven after two amazing sessions with the girl of my dreams and he deserved a break. That’s not to say I didn’t imagine Kayla in the shower with me, her warm, naked body pressed up against mine. I imagined kissing her and stroking her skin, our excitement growing as we groped each other. I could almost feel her hands on me, her soft lips pressing against mine as we…

My dick twitched a little and a wave of soreness made me wince. Yeah, probably good to think about something else.

Fifteen minutes later I emerged, clean and refreshed and feeling like a million bucks. I shot off a text to Kayla telling her I was done and got dressed. Call it strange but I was starting to not like the feel of clothes. Maybe it was because more interesting things happened naked that I was finding the prospect of clothes, even something as loose-fitting as my basketball outfit, confining. When I had my own place, it was going to be nothing but birthday suits. Don’t look at me like that, you know you’d do it too.

Alan and Amanda’s door was open, allowing anyone passing by the sight of Amanda laying flat on the bed with Alan on top of her, thrusting into her with all his might. I checked my phone for the time. Almost two o’clock. I knocked on their doorframe and said, “Only a couple hours until mom and dad get home.”

Alan looked up. “Thanks,” he gasped before going back to plowing Amanda from behind while she moaned blissfully. I walked away, wondering how weird it was that I could just walk away from something like this as calmly as if I had walked in on them doing homework.

I sat down on my beanbag chair and fired up Skyrim, figuring that was probably the best way to kill time until mom and dad came home. My phone buzzed right as I was beheading a draugr.

Kayla: All clean, dirty boy? ;)

Me: Only until I’m with you again.

Kayla: Ohhhh, sounds like you’ve got plans ;)

I chatted with her while playing for the next couple of hours. I wanted to invite her over but I knew she wanted to get a head-start on homework for the next week and besides, Alan and Amanda were going to be going at it as much as possible with the little amount of free time they had left. I thought back to her small house idea. Ah, if only that was possible.

The combination of text messaging and dragon-slaying helped eat up quite a bit of time. I was scouring a riverbank for some clay (I was trying to build a house but you need a surprising amount of clay to do that) when Amanda knocked on my door. “Mom and dad are home,” she said.

“You two probably dressed?” I asked, not looking up from the television.

“Yes,” she said, slightly perturbed.

“Good,” I replied, shutting off the system and standing up. My phone buzzed again.

Kayla: My parents just got home so I’ll text you in a bit. Love you!

Me: Love you too! Tell them I say hi.

Alan and Amanda were waiting at the garage door when our parents came in. “Hey guys!” they shouted, pouncing on our parents as soon as they got in the door.

“Whoa,” dad said, fumbling to return Amanda’s hug, “Since when does this happen? I’m lucky if I get a grunt out of you guys when I come home from work.”

“We missed you,” Amanda replied, turning to hug mom.

“Well, this is sweet,” mom said, hugging the twins. I was standing in the background, waiting my turn.

Dad looked up at me, glancing at my bandage with an expression that seemed anything but surprised. “Jack,” he said seriously, “Your mom and I need to talk to you.”

Alan and Amanda looked at our parents with confusion and not a little alarm. “Jack was great,” Alan said quickly, “We had a great night and—”

“Yes, it seems like a great night always ends up with injuries,” dad cut through, gesturing me to the dining room. My heart sank. He must have somehow heard about what happened with Craig. My parents were great but fighting was one of the things they were really strict about. Sure, they’d joke about it, but I recall mom smacking Alan and me with a ruler when we got into a wrestling match as kids.

I wanted to say something to lighten the suddenly-serious mood, maybe something about how good mom and dad were looking after being out in the country (honestly, they could have been coming back from the grocery store and they wouldn’t have looked any different), but my tongue was heavy and my brain wasn’t working properly. I had been in the right when I fought Craig; he had hurt Kayla and I had to defend her. I knew that. But I was having a hard time thinking of a way to say it convincingly.

We sat around the dinner table, Alan and Amanda hovering in the background, and dad laced his fingers together. “So,” he said slowly, “What happened with Craig?”

“He was—” Alan started but dad held up his hand.

“I want to hear from Punchy McGee over here.”

I swallowed hard. “He tried going after Kayla last night,” I said, trying to stop my knee from twitching, “He slapped her and…we got into a fight.”

“Who won?” dad asked.

I blinked, confused. “I did. If he had won, I’d be in the hospital.”

Dad nodded slowly. “We got a call this morning from Craig’s parents. They said you and Kayla beat him within an inch of his life.”

“What a load of bull—” Amanda started hotly but dad held up his hand again.

“How badly did you hurt him?” mom asked stoically.

“Some cuts and bruises. He was able to walk away.”

Dad nodded. “And if we ask Kayla, she’ll tell us the same thing.”

“You can ask us!” Amanda snarled, stamping her foot, “We were there too!”

Mom and dad looked at her. “We know,” dad said, “I just want to make sure we’re getting the right information.”

“You are!” Amanda was almost frothing at the mouth. “Jack would never hurt someone just for fun! You know that! Craig tried coming after me to distract Jack so he could move in on Kayla! We watched the whole fight! Jack was just trying to put him down, not kill him! And you didn’t even say anything about the injuries he got!” She pointed at my bandage. “If the rock Craig threw had been any bigger, Jack would have lost an eye!”

Mom and dad were keeping calm, letting Amanda vent. “Honey,” mom said soothingly, “We believe you.”

“And if…you do?” she asked.

“Yes,” dad said, taking a deep breath, “You’re right…we know Jack would never hurt anyone just for shits and giggles. But if someone actually got hurt badly, we need to know just how badly so we can react accordingly.”

“Did the Carters threaten to sue?” I asked, a wave of guilt coming over me.

“No, they just demanded I keep you under control,” dad replied, smiling a little, “I figured you hadn’t hurt him as bad as they were letting on. They’ve always been a bunch of whiny pricks.”

“So how exactly do you react accordingly to something like this?” I asked cautiously.

Dad thought for a second. “Well,” he mused, “If you were of age, I’d get you a beer. As it is, I’ll just give you a pat on the back and tell you that you did a good job.” He got up and patted me on the back. “You did a good job.”

I laughed in relief, my stomach freeing itself of knots. “So you aren’t mad?”

Mom got up and gave me a hug. “We’re relieved, Jack. Relieved you aren’t hurt and relieved you only fought for a good reason. We’re just mad that he managed to get a few good hits in.”

“Well, he won’t next time,” Alan piped up, “He wants another fight, he’ll be taking on two Harrison boys.”

Dad rounded on Alan. “There will be no more fights,” he said sternly, “At least, not for the sake of fighting. If you need to defend yourself or defend someone else, then fight until the other person can’t get up. But don’t go looking for a fight.”

“Okay. I wasn’t serious.”

“Good,” dad said, clapping his hands, “Now, we need to unpack. Your mom has promised an exciting meal tonight.” ‘Exciting’ really meant ‘eccentric’.

“Oh, Jack,” mom said as they went to retrieve their suitcases, “Why don’t you invite Kayla over?”

“But her parents just got home.”

“We talked with them about it and they agreed it wasn’t really fair that you were the only one who was invited to dinner. Give her a call and invite her over.”

“Or I could just text her.”

Or,” mom said pointedly, “You can do it with your own voice like a good boyfriend.”

I blushed and said, “I am a good boyfriend.”

“I know. Now stop gabbing with me and go invite Kayla over for dinner!”

I sighed and pulled out my phone. I dialed her number and waited as the dial tone purred in my ear. After three rings, she picked up. “Hey, handsome!” her beautiful voice said cheerfully.

“Hey, beautiful. How you doing?”

“Really good. Glad my parents are home. How are you?”

“Well, they came in looking like they wanted to give me a whooping for last night.”

“Yeah, my parents mentioned Craig’s folks called to complain about you. You’re not in trouble, are you?”

“Not at all. They were just sorry I didn’t get away unscathed.”

She giggled. “I don’t know. You can really rock the sexy bad-boy look.”

“Yeah, yeah. Hey, my parents wanted to know if—”

“I’d love to!”

I stammered. “I…uh, you wha…wait, what?”

She giggled again and said, “Oh, sorry! My parents already mentioned it might be a good idea for me to go to your place for dinner. I’d love to.”

“Awesome,” I replied, “I’ll be over to get you in a bit.”

“Sounds great!” She gave me a kiss through the phone. “Can’t wait to see you!”

“Can’t wait to see you too, beautiful. I love you.”

“Awww, I love you too.”

I hung up and noticed Amanda watching me with an amused expression on her face. “What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she replied sweetly, “It’s just cute.”

“Yeah, like you and Alan never get cutesy.”

She shrugged. “We do. But it’s different with you. It’s…well, I don’t feel like I need to tease you about it.”


“No problem,” she said, turning around. “By the way, did Alan say anything about Brad?”

I sucked in my cheek. Brad was one of my best friends and I didn’t want him to end up being a problem. “Just that he seems really into you.”

“He does,” she said thoughtfully, “Too bad I’m already taken.”

“Well, you’re going to have to let him down some other way. He’s going to want to know who you’ve been taken by.”

“Maybe. Thanks, Jack.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was being thanked for. Ugh, even when everything was going well, I felt like I was adrift in other peoples’ motives. I hope when I move out, things get a lot less complicated (hey, a guy can dream).

Mom and dad unpacked and mom set about almost at once to preparing dinner. I was almost afraid to ask what she was making for, as usual, she was fetching a wide range of meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, and, for some reason, ice cream. She flashed me a conspiratorial grin as she started throwing everything into a giant bowl. I quickly left the kitchen.

I found dad sorting their clothes for laundry. “Need a hand?” I asked.

Dad looked up, shocked. “What did you do?”


“What did you do? You must have done something horrible to offer to help sort our clothes.”

I rolled my eyes. “I just want to lend a hand.”

He shrugged. “I almost got it done but you can bring your laundry and sort it.”

I went and got my hamper and started separating out the whites, colors, and heavy material. “So how was it?” I asked.

“Pretty fantastic,” dad said, leaning back on the bed, “I think we’ll start saving for our own cabin up in the hills.”

“Don’t want to start saving for retirement?”

“Oh, I’m counting on you kids to provide that.”

“Count on that and you can count on ending up in the nursing home when you turn fifty. What’s that, like, five years away?”

Dad narrowed his eyes at me. “Anyone ever tell you that you’re a huge smartass?”

“I learned from the best.”

Dad grinned in a self-congratulatory manner. “Yes you did.” He sat up and motioned me closer. “Jack, just between you and me,” he said in a low voice, “I think you did a fantastic job.”

“With what?”

“With Craig. Look, I know I’m not supposed to encourage fighting, but I’ve been waiting for you to kick his ass for a while now.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Well…no, not really, but he had it coming. Smacking Kayla…I’m surprised he’s still able to walk.”

“Yeah, well,” I said, wondering why everyone seemed so keen on getting me to fight, “Hopefully that’s the last time he tries to mess with us.”

Dad put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t let your guard down. If you ever need any help, you let me know.”

I grinned at him. “You want to hold his arms while I work the stomach?”

“No,” dad said, trying not to grin as well, “I just want to give Jeffery Carter a good punch on the nose if I can. Smug piece of—”

“Honey!” mom called from downstairs, “You’re not trying to turn Jack against Craig’s father, are you?”

“Of course not!” he called back. We shared a look.

How do women do that?


Two hours later, I was knocking on the door of Kayla’s house. Mom had kept me out of the kitchen all afternoon so I was a little nervous about bringing Kayla over. It would either be a resounding success or we would have to call in the Hazmat team to clean up the leftovers.

After a few seconds, Mrs. Hannigan opened the door. “Hello, Jack,” she said with a friendly smile, “Kayla’s still getting ready.”

“Did you want me to come back in a few minutes?” I asked.

“No, actually, I wanted to talk to you. Sit down.” She gestured at the same seats where Mr. Hannigan and I had chatted not too long ago. “Kayla told us about last night. Thank you so much.”

“Well, I should thank her too,” I said, sitting down, “If she hadn’t clocked him, I’d be looking at getting a new face right about now.”

“It’s hard,” she said, “Having to leave her alone for work so often. It really means a lot that she has you next door to hang out with and look after her.”

“Trust me, she doesn’t need me for that.”

“My husband told you about the boy she had a crush on at our last house, right?”

“…Yes. And so did Kayla.”

Mrs. Hannigan ran a hand through her hair. “We were worried that she would end up being one of those girls who throws herself at every boy who gives her a compliment. With Craig…well, that’s exactly what she did. But she got out of it right away with your help. And that’s something I can never thank you enough for.”

I blushed. “I’m…well, I’m just happy I can make her so happy.”

She considered me for a moment. “Did you two have sex?”

Okay, I was going to have to look at my face in the mirror every time Kayla and I had sex from now on. I needed to know what this look was that was giving the game away. At least my parents hadn’t noticed it…hopefully. “I…weh…we, um…”

“Jack,” Mrs. Hannigan said in a piercing voice, “The truth, please.”

I swallowed a lump so big, I think my vocal chords went with them. Blushing furiously and coughing, I managed to mutter, “Yes.”

“Was she your first?”


She nodded, looking out at the street. “I knew she was interested when she asked to be put on the pill.” She looked back at me. “You realize that the pill doesn’t necessarily work right away.”

What? “What?”

“Doctors usually recommend at least a couple of months before going unprotected, just to be sure.”

Oh, fucking hell. “Well…um…”

“If it actually happens, are you going to be there?” Mrs. Hannigan was sweet and charming most of the time but, like her daughter, she could get deathly serious when she needed to.

“Absolutely,” I replied, my voice regaining its confidence. I meant it. As sucky as that would be, there was no way I was going to leave Kayla all alone if something like that happened.

Mrs. Hannigan looked into my eyes, as if weighing my honesty. Finally she nodded and said, “My girl has picked a good man.”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

“Honey, is Jack—” Mr. Hannigan stuck his head out the door and, when he saw me, he lumbered over and swept me up in a bear hug that would have cracked me like a twig if he squeezed any harder. “Jack,” he said gruffly, “You are a gentleman and a warrior. Thank you for looking after Kayla so well. And a personal thank-you for giving Craig a solid beating.”

“Don’t encourage him, dear,” Mrs. Hannigan laughed, “Is Kayla ready?”

“Yes, I am, mom,” Kayla said, coming out from behind her father. She gave me a huge hug that was so joyful, it made me wrap my arms around her and lift her up. She squealed and giggled, her feet kicking as they came off the ground.

“Separate them for a few hours and this is what they’re like,” Mr. Hannigan sighed, “Honey, remind me to prepare if we go on vacation for a week.”

I knew he was kidding but the prospect of being away from Kayla for a week was so depressing, I let her slide out of my arms. Kayla turned on her father with her hands on her hips. “Dad,” she said hotly, “Don’t talk about stuff like that now! We were having a moment!”

“Yes you were. And a few more were going to follow, I expect,” Mrs. Hannigan replied, standing up and taking her husband’s arm, “Well, have a good time at dinner, Kayla. We’ll see you in a few hours. Jack, take care of her.”

“Of course he will,” Kayla said happily, looping her arm through mine.

She was wearing a bright yellow sundress that stopped just at her knees. She had removed all of the makeup she had worn yesterday (which hadn’t been much to begin with) but her face still gleamed like sunlight reflected off a mirror. Her hair was still glossy from whatever product she had put in it yesterday but she had tied it up with a blue hair bow. I loved her look last night but nothing could compete with her classic look.

She noticed me staring at her face and narrowed her eyes. “What?” she asked with a smile.

“Nothing,” I replied, “You’re just beautiful.”

We were walking across the lawn between our houses. She didn’t respond until we were on my front porch, where she looked back at her house before pushing me into the corner where the side of the garage met the front of the house. She mashed her lips to mine and pressed her body to me. I wrapped one arm around her and held her close as we made out, our bodies unconsciously grinding together. My hand slid down her back to cup her rear and press her harder against me. She gasped shortly before returning to the kiss, her hands gripping my shirt like she wanted to rip it off.

It was a minute or so before we broke apart, red-faced and slightly out-of-breath. “Okay,” she said softly, fixing her hair, “Ready to go in?”

“Honestly, sweetcheeks, I’m ready to take you to a motel and just have my way with you.”

She closed her eyes and shivered. “Mmm, sounds so good,” she sighed, “But I’m getting kind of hungry.” I wondered how hungry she would be if she knew exactly what we were going to be having.

Amanda was waiting for us in the entryway. God, I hoped she hadn’t seen us outside. “Hey, girl!” she said loudly, throwing her arms around Kayla.

“Hey, Amanda!” Kayla squealed, “Did you have a good night?”

“Aside from the fight it was awesome,” Amanda said, taking Kayla’s hand and walking into the living room, “So glad I got three more to go to.”

“And two proms,” I added, following them.

“That’s right!” Kayla cheered, “We have prom!”

“Not until next year,” I replied. She pouted.

My mom came into the living room, drying her hands on a towel. “Welcome, Kayla,” she said happily, pulling her in for a hug, “I’m so happy you were able to come over.”

“Me too, Mrs. Harrison,” Kayla said happily, “Thanks for inviting me.”

“Of course! I’m just wondering why it took Jack so long to get you over here.” Mom turned to me with a raised eyebrow. I threw up my hands, not daring to pick up the cudgel.

“Alan!” Amanda called up the stairs, “Kayla’s here!”

Alan tromped down the stairs with a sound like bowling balls hitting pavement. He came into the room, grinning awkwardly at Kayla. “Hey,” he said weakly, jerking his hand in a little wave.

“Hey, Alan,” Kayla said brightly, pulling him in for a hug. He hadn’t been expecting that and it took him a few seconds to figure out where his hands needed to go. “I’m glad you had a good night aside from…well, what happened.”

Alan tried to look serious. “If he gives you any trouble and Jack isn’t around, let me know.”

Amanda laughed. “Watch out, Jack. I think Alan’s trying to go for Superman status too.”

“Well, don’t forget who can kick all of your butts without even trying,” mom said, folding her arms, “Now, come on! We’ve got a table to set. Kayla, would you like anything to drink?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you. Did you need a hand, Mrs. Harrison?”

“Oh no, sweetheart,” my mom replied, escorting her to the dining room, “Please, take a seat. You don’t need to do anything.”

“Hey, mom!” I called from the kitchen, where I was getting out the plates, “Since she’s a guest, she’ll probably need one of us to keep her company, right?”

“Good point, Jack,” mom said. She took a seat at the table. “So, Kayla, how was Homecoming? Aside from Craig?”

We kids were left to set out the utensils, plates, glasses, and, under mom’s direction, the food. The sides were a fairly innocuous collection of rolls, mashed potatoes, and buttered asparagus, but the main dish was something else altogether. Mom had made a beef dish akin to a stew: she had tossed in chunks of flank steak with various vegetables and let them simmer for a while. Fairly straightforward, except she had topped it with a sauce made of melted ice cream and fruit. That’s right…it was meat topped with a fruity cream sauce.

If your gut just had an involuntary lurch, I apologize. Trust me, it didn’t help being there.

Dad had come down while mom was talking with Kayla and they had a cheerful conversation while Alan, Amanda, and I were left to do all the work. Kayla continuously offered to help us but my parents talked her down gently. I resolved to make them work extra hard for my birthday dinner (which, unfortunately, wasn’t until next July).

Finally the table was set and we all sat down to eat. “Go ahead and help yourself, Kayla,” mom said, passing the meat dish across to her.

Kayla accepted it with a smile and speared one of the odd meat pieces on her fork. She didn’t bat an eye at the fact that it was covered in ice cream and fruit. Either she is an angel or she’s eaten way stranger food. I’d have to ask her about it. She cut off a small piece, making sure there was a piece of strawberry on it, and ate it. We were all watching for her reaction, me ready with a napkin in case she wanted to spit it out.

Her eyes lit up in delight. “It’s delicious!” she said excitedly, cutting herself another piece, “Wow!”

That was all the motivation we needed. Hands and forks flew through the air as we piled food onto our plates. Kayla had been right: odd though the combination was, mom’s concoction was a resounding success. Seriously, try it sometime. I know it sounds nuts but fuck me if it isn’t tasty.

Kayla, as politely as she could, had managed to clear her plate long before any of us had and asked, “Do you mind if I have some more?”

“Go ahead!” mom said, pleased that everyone liked her meal, “Have as much as you like!”

“So, Jack,” dad said, cutting up his meat, “Are you going to have a reputation now?”

“For what?”

“Being a brawler.”

Alan laughed. “Don’t say that around Joe and Brad. They’ll demand you prove it to them.”

They would at that. “It was one fight and it’s the only one I’m planning on having for the rest of my life.”

Dad snorted so hard, I wanted to advise him to check his food for boogers. “Jack, do you know how many fights I got into in college alone?”

“Uh…none?” I said hopefully.

“Twelve. At least. And that’s not counting scuffles.”

Mom leaned close to Kayla. “Now ask him how many he won,” she said softly. They giggled.

Dad heard and blushed. “My point is you can’t just shut out the possibility of it happening again.”

“I’m not. I’m just not going to look for any.”

He nodded. “Good man. But if you have to fight—”

“Make sure they don’t get up,” I finished, watching Kayla scarf down yet another piece of ice cream beef (eesh, even saying that just feels wrong).

Amanda noticed as well. “Do you eat that much normally?” she asked in awe. Kayla nodded, her mouth too full to answer. “Damn…I wish I had metabolism like that.”

“What are you talking about?” Alan asked, “You look fine!”

Amanda looked down at herself. “I could stand to lose a couple pounds.”

“No, you couldn’t,” Alan and I said together. Ladies, you look fine the way you are. Seriously, unless you’re just fishing for a compliment (which you will get once our minds start functioning), be happy with yourself.

Amanda blushed and put her hand on Alan’s arm. “Awww, thanks guys.”

“Did women do this in your day?” I asked mom and dad.

Mom choked on her milk and dad looked scandalized. “In our day?” he snarled.

“You know…couple million years ago? When everyone lived in grass huts and put on their tiger skins to hunt triceratops?” Oh, I was going to pay for this one.

“Kayla,” dad said, turning to her, “How do you feel about a boyfriend without the use of his legs.”

She looked shocked. “No,” she whined, clutching onto my arm, “Hasn’t he been hurt enough?”

“Not by people who love him,” dad replied, leering at me.

“Well, I love him and I say no,” she said with finality.

It took a second for what she said to sink in. She didn’t seem affected by it (if anything, she seemed proud of the fact. Did I mention she’s the best ever?) but my parents’ jaws dropped to the table and they shared a look. “What was that?” mom said, even though there was no way she didn’t know what Kayla said.

“She said she loves me,” I replied, putting my hand on Kayla’s, “And I love her. So deal with it.”

Kayla beamed at me. Alan and Amanda were trying to conceal grins. Mom and dad…well, they looked like I had just ripped off my face and revealed myself to be Santa Claus. I’d never seen them stunned into silence but it was a practice I could get used to. Point for me.

“Well…” dad said, trying to think of something smart to say, “I…um…honey, do you have anything?”

She shook her head. “When did this happen?” she asked.

“Last night,” I said, trying to be careful just how much I revealed about what happened after the dance.

Dad nodded. “No quicker way to a woman’s heart than with a few scars and bruises.” Mom swatted him upside the head.

“Mr. and Mrs. Harrison,” Kayla said, letting go of my arm, “I know it might seem sudden to you but…it’s something I know for a fact. I’ve never been surer of anything. I love Jack. With all my heart. And having his love in return is the best feeling I’ve ever had and I can’t imagine living without it.”

A tear rolled down mom’s cheek and she came over to give Kayla a hug. “Well,” she said wetly, “I don’t know exactly what to say in this sort of situation but I’m happy you’re the one he gave his heart to.”

Kayla’s eyes started to water as well. “Thank you,” she said softly. Across the table, Amanda was biting her lip and clutching Alan’s hand.

“So Jack,” dad said, leaning around the hugging women, “Now that you’re in love, does that mean we have to start looking for rings?”


“I’m just saying…get the families together, get a couple of rings, skip the whole waiting-until-you’re-done-with-college thing…” He grunted and jumped. Mom had kicked him in the shin.

Kayla looked at me and smiled. “And I would have loved him even if he hadn’t fought Craig. I knew before then, I think, but I wasn’t ready to say it. At least…the feeling hadn’t fully formed yet.”

“When did you think you first knew?” Amanda asked.

“…I don’t know.” She was lying. I’d have to ask her about it later.

We finished up the meal with no room left for dessert. Mom, probably still on a joy-rush from the news that Kayla and I were in love, excused me from helping to clean up. Kayla and I went out onto the back porch and took a seat on one of the benches by the covered-up pool.

Kayla looked at the pool and giggled. “What?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m just remembering when I showed you my bikini,” she replied, licking her upper lip.

My cock jumped at the memory and I crossed my legs. “Ah, yes,” I said, leaning back and pretending to think, “We did something else, didn’t we?”

“Hmmm,” she said, pretending to think as well, “Something…What could it be?”

“Something to do with you straddling me,” I said, sliding my hand up her leg.

She shivered and looked at me pleadingly. “Jack…Your parents…”

“I’m not doing anything.” I stroked her thigh. “I’m just touching your leg while thinking about how you grinded on me.”

She bit her lip and groaned. “Jack…don’t do this to me.”

“Why not?” I leaned in and kissed her behind the ear, “You just bring it out in me. It’s your fault for being so…” I nibbled her earlobe, “…sexy.”

She clamped her hand down on mine and looked at me fiercely. “I am so going to get you back for this,” she snarled through gritted teeth, “It isn’t fair how wet you make me.”

“Just like it’s not fair how hard you get me,” I said, grinning at her, “That picture you sent me before your shower?”

“Mmm, I thought you’d like that. Well, what about the picture you sent me with your cute ass.” She tried to wriggle a hand under my rear but I caught it and brought her hand to my mouth and kissed her fingers.

“Kayla…I can’t even tell you how amazing the last few weeks have been. When I started this school year…I was ready to quit. I didn’t think there was anything worth caring about anymore.”

She smiled and threw her arms around me. “You better get used to me, buddy,” she whispered in my ear, “I’m going nowhere anytime soon.”

“Your mom’s job isn’t going to make you guys move?”

She looked at me and gripped my head. “Don’t even say something like that! Don’t jinx it!” She kissed me hard on the lips. “Nothing could take me away from you.”

I pulled her in close again. “I love you so much,” I said, feeling tears coming on, “And I don’t ever want to lose you.”

“And you won’t,” she replied, sounding like she was fighting back a sob.

We held each other close for a while before I said, “You know, if we were alone, this dress would be great for teasing you with.”

She laughed. “Hey, I’m gonna go take a quick trip to the gutter and bring back your mind, perv.”

I stuck my tongue out at her. “I’m serious,” I said, putting my hand back on her leg, “All I have to do is run my hand up…under the dress…between your legs…”

She seized my hand and dragged me off the porch back to where our shed lay huddled against the back fence. She looked around but we were out of sight of any windows. She turned back to me, biting her lower lip, and said, “Why don’t you show me?”

I swallowed and ran my hand up her leg, lifting the hem of the dress as I went. She kept her hands on my shoulders, looking me steadily in the eye as my hand slowly traveled up to the space between her thighs. I could feel the heat before I got there and my fingers touched the edge of her panties to find them soaked.

“You weren’t kidding about being wet,” I said, gently running a finger along her covered slit.

She sucked in her breath and shook her head. “Oh my God,” she breathed as my finger gently traced the lips of her pussy.

My cock may have been too sore earlier to get hard comfortably, but a few hours relaxation time had been sufficient to recharge him. My pants steadily became tighter and I continued to rub back and forth along her covered slit, taking great care not to apply too much pressure. She was rocking back and forth along my hand, her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazing over.

As I started to rub faster, she dropped one of her hands onto my covered erection and grinned. “And you weren’t kidding about being hard,” she whispered, rubbing her hand along its length. I could jack myself off for an hour and not coming anywhere close to cumming but the feel of her hand along my shaft, even through my pants, was unbelievable.

She moaned and kissed me, grinding harder on my hand. My other hand was firmly gripping her ass, keeping her grinding to a steady pace as I put two fingers on her pussy and rubbed them back and forth. Her hand on my cock squeezed tighter and she sped up her movements, making my hips thrust into her hand each time her hand glided along its length.

She pulled back from our kiss and moaned, “I’m so close.” In response, I moved her panties aside and slid a finger up inside her. Her eyes flew wide and she had to clamp down on her lips to keep from screaming. My fingers moved gently inside of her, stroking the silky wet flesh that flexed and shifted under my movements. Kayla was now thrusting up and down on my fingers as her breath grew higher and higher in pitch.


She took her hand off my cock and slid it inside my boxers. Her fingers wrapped around my hard cock and started pumping faster than before while still keeping gentle pressure. My breath shortened and I felt that familiar tightness in my balls. I leaned my head against hers as our hands moved desperately to bring each other to orgasm.

Sliding another finger inside her, I brought my thumb to the top of her pussy and found the small lump of her clit. As gently as I could, I rolled the small nub around with my thumb. The effect was immediate. She crashed her lips against mine, screaming into my mouth as her pussy tightened on my fingers and soaked them in her cum. Her free hand squeezed my shoulder as she continued to fuck my fingers, her orgasm continuing and growing in intensity.

Her hand on my cock squeezed harder and tugged the entire length up and down. It only took about three pumps before my hips jerked and I came hard on her hand. We both moaned into the kiss as we shuddered from our mutual orgasm. I felt lightheaded and clutched onto her to keep my balance.

We pulled back from the kiss slowly and took our hands away. Both of our hands were soaked in the others cum and we shared a glance and a smile before bringing our hands to our mouths and cleaning them off. Her cum actually had a somewhat pleasant taste, something like a mixture of strawberries and pineapples. I didn’t know what mine tasted like (strangely enough, I was never inclined to taste it) but she didn’t seem to mind the taste.

We fixed our lower garments and shared one last kiss. “I think you may have a new calling,” Kayla said as we walked back to the house hand-in-hand.

“What’s that?”

“Making me go crazy.”

I laughed and pinched her butt. She jumped and attempted to spank me but I dodged away.

We entered the house to find mom and dad lounging in the living room, deep in conversation. “What you guys talking about?” I asked as we came in.

They looked up. “Nothing that concerns you right now,” mom replied, glancing at the clock, “We’ve been keeping you late, Kayla. Do you need to get home?”

“Yes,” she replied, sadly, “Thank you guys so much for having me over. I had a really great time.”

“So did we,” mom said, giving her a big hug. She winked at me and I blushed. Please, God, don’t let them know what we did out back.

Dad gave her a hug as well. “Well, now that you two have said the L-word, I hope we’ll see more of you around. And not just for dinner.”

“Absolutely,” Kayla replied happily, “Where are Alan and Amanda?”

“Alan! Amanda!” mom called up the stairs, “Kayla is leaving! Get your butts down here!”

They came trampling down the stairs and threw their arms around her. “We’re so glad you came!” Amanda said excitedly, “We’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Of course,” Kayla replied, throwing an arm around each of them.

Amanda slid up to my ear while Alan was saying his goodbye. “We saw you two,” she whispered in my ear, “You weren’t hidden from the upstairs window.”

I stammered but Amanda held a finger to my lips and winked at me. I knew she wasn’t going to say anything but still, you never feel good that someone caught you doing naughty things.

With a final wave, Kayla and I left my house, her holding tight to my arm. “I had such a great time, Jack,” she said, “I’m sorry we couldn’t spend the whole day together.”

“I know you need your personal time,” I replied, “Homework and whatnot.”

“Fuck homework,” she laughed, “I need to keep practicing Super Smash Bros, just in case you’re practicing behind my back.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone knows you kill at that game. How about we try a new fighting game? You like Tekken?”

“Never played it.”

“Then that sounds like the game to play.”

“No fair,” she said, bumping me with her shoulder, “You’ve had lots of practice.”

“Yeah, just like someone else we know.”

“But I’m innocent and gorgeous,” she said, leaning against my shoulder and batting her eyelashes.

I poked her nose. “And a devious little girl.”

“Uh huh!”

I walked her to her porch where we shared a last kiss goodnight. We held each other for a little bit after, still astonished how hard it was to leave each other even for a few hours. I stroked her hair. “Sleep tight and have sweet dreams.”

“You too,” she replied, kissing my cheek, “Ready for school tomorrow, fighter man?”

“As long as Craig stays far away, I’m good.”

“Me too. Jack…really, you’re the best ever. I’ve never had anyone fight for me before.”

I cupped her cheek and brought our foreheads together. “I don’t want to fight,” I said, “But I would die for you.”

She looked up at me quickly. “Please don’t.”

“I didn’t have any plans to.”

We kissed again and, with great difficulty, she opened the door and went inside after blowing me one last kiss. I caught it and sent one back. She smiled and caught it.

“I love you,” she said, leaning against the door.

“I love you too, sweetcheeks.” She smiled and closed the door.

I heaved a long sigh and leaned against the porch railing. Back to school tomorrow…after everything that happened this past weekend, it was going to feel like coming back after a vacation. Back to a set routine. Joy.

I closed my eyes and leaned back, soaking in the cool night air. At least today had been a good day. I would have liked to spend it all with Kayla but what time we did spend together…if this was the last time we would see each other for a month, it would have been a good day to go out on. And I got to spend some quality time with Alan, have Kayla over for dinner, ignore potential schoolwork for a little while longer…

I smiled. This was the kind of day I needed. Just a low-key day with nothing but happiness and relaxation.

And it was good I enjoyed it because the next day, the troubles began.


Author's Note:

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It was a great one.
Regarding the time it took for this chapter, it was yet another case where I finished the chapter, didn't like it, and started from scratch. Initially, I had this chapter containing the day after Jack and Kayla first had sex and the next couple of school days. I realized I was trying to cram in too much and couldn't give events the attention they deserved. Besides, I figured Jack (and you readers) deserved something a little more low-key before the big stuff starts.
But don't worry, plenty more to come. Strap in, because it's going to be a bumpy ride. Hope you all continue to enjoy!

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The big problem with this is that your making out the main character to be infallible. He is as human as the rest of us. He has always been honourable and upstanding. Real people aren't like that all the time. Let him give in to temptations once in a while man.
He is a grade A student with a near photographic memory, Has two of the hottest girls in school after him, if the leader of his group of friends, perfect at his job. It's just unbelievable.
It is a great story though and the first few chapters were awesome.

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2014-08-19 21:02:55
This has been A wonderful story, I hope the next chapter doesn't include pregnancy.

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2014-08-15 17:01:59
Liked it a lot feel like they hooked up too fast though should've drawn it out more but still great work as always

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