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me and niki throw a party. austin and johnny catch us playing and then punish us
After being dominated by Niki and Dave I new needed more. I would always hook up with guys but never go all the way. I quickly dumped my bf and began.

After Nikis brother Austin found us playing together he threatened to tell everyone about us if we didn't do what he wanted.

Me and Niki one night got a bit too drunk at the party we were throwing after all the people left and the usualls were still there we decided to retire to her room.

we barley made upstairs to her room, she was kissing me in the hallway to the stairs, I wanted her so bad, I could feel her wanting me even more. " heather please let eat you here,I can't wait any longer" I didn't want to wait, her house was huge and even two minutes was to much time. "fuck me then Niki, right here right now" Austin and his Johnny were showing people were to sleep downstairs in the guestroom. We had plenty of time to just drunkenly fool around right there in plain sight right? No wrong.

She was kissing me and pushing me on the stairs, her pelvis was grinding on mine, she was kissing down my stomach
" please Niki please" she finally went down. Fuck her tongue is like magic on my body, every inch she flicks, sucks and likes feels like fire after.

There's a photo flash. My eyes spring open and there standing in front of us is Austin and Johnny
"girls you really must learn to contain yourselves if you want to act like you don't eat each other out" Austin says with sarcasm laced breath "you know Austin we could really put this blackmail to more use than having them do your chores and homework, I mean personally I can think of alot." I'm still laying there on the stairs with my skirt pulled up Niki is in front of me, just looking at them with wide eyes.

Now Niki and Austin are step brother and sister, there parents married when both of them were about 2, they actually didn't even know that till about one year ago, ever since then they haven't been as close as they used too.

"mmh Johnny I think I know where your headed with this." he smiled at his friend devilishly. Johnny picked Niki up ny her arms "hey wait stop, you guys cant do this" she was pissed, we both knew what they meant...was it bad that I wanted it?

Austin looked at me and pulled me up by my arms "walk up the stairway heather, be a good girl and go in my room" he whispered in my ear. I didn't know what else to do but start walking up the stairs, Niki was behind me.
"heather, should we go threw with this?" she whispered to me " I dont know Niki, should we?" by that answer she new what I wanted. "your such a slut" she says to me making me walk faster to his room, all four of us got in there and they both went to lock the doors.

"heather, Niki sit down" so we sit down on the couch in his room. " now both of you strip each other" Johnny says as he an Austin sit on the chairs facing a couch.
I have no clue why we both are being si submissive and in a way robotic. I know I was super drunk and horny. I have dreamed and had fantasies of two guys taking control of me before now Niki was pussy couldn't get any wetter. The look in her eyes was telling me the same thing, she was alot more into girls than I was but she want this s much as I did.

We slowly began to peel each others clothes off. My shirt her shirt, my skirt her skirt. Soon we were naked and standing there facing the boys. They were smoking a blunt and staring at us. "pretend like were not here Niki and do what you want with her." Austin said confidently, he leaned in and smacked my ass hard, I squealed. "well then brother first off no touching my slave without asking, heather on your knees." I loved it when she took control of me, it made my knees week. It was also kinda funny how she kept referring to him as brother instead of his name, which could only mean she wanted his dick. This was going to be a perfect night.

Niki sat down on the couch " now boys this is how you dominate a girl, heather on your knees and eat me,now." I got on my knees in front of her as she opened hr legs wide for me. I was so horny and drunk I lunged for her sweat pussy, I wanted to taste her so bad, for her to be in my mouth. She held my head down by my hair, her moans echoing in my ears. I put one finger in her then two, as i suckled away at her swollen clit.
I could feel her body quiver and stiffen as she came, I wanted to taste her so badly I shoved my tongue in her and started lapping up her juices. "see boys, she can make you cum like that if you make her." Johnny and Austin were both playing with themselves when I turned around to look at them. Both of them had gigantic cocks for there age, there both look like the might attack.

Johnny stands up and begins to get naked, Austin fallows his lead. "ok now I get first pick, and Niki I want you" her brother says " mmh ok brother but just so you know I am in charge." Austin laughs a big bellowing laugh "no no my dear sister that's where your wrong. I have wanted this for to long" she looks shocked I have never seen Niki speechless. She gets up to try and protest. But Austin is quicker,
He has her by the wrists and pulls her closer to the bed then throwing her on there, she's not saying no but I know here and this isn't ok she needs to be in control.

"Johnny help me tie her up"" they get her tied up to the bed, spread out. Johnny turns to me and walks closer.
He has a scary look in his eye, also predator like.

"I have been dreaming of this for way to long Heather, now sit on the couch and put your hands behind your back."
I did as he said, but why? I didn't really want this anymore, he was scaring me. I have never seen him like this.
I just wanted to be in bed with Niki at this point, her body wrapped around mine.

He tied my hands together very tight. Then he grabbed the back of my head by my hair and yanked it back my mouth fell open and he shoved his hard dripping cock in my mouth.
God I didn't want this, is it rape? Why am I not doing anything
" be a good girl heather and suck, now."
So I did. Despite my brain telling me no my pussy was screaming yes at this point.

His cock was gigantic, I had to open my mouth as wide as I could to barley get it in there. He was precumming everywhere. It tasted amazing, he was shoving my head back and forth making me choke on it. I wanted more, his cock tasted delicious, everytime I would lick his balls he would moan a little and tighten his grip on my head and hair.

I could hear Nikis squeaks and screams, I opened my eyes and tried to focus on the bed. Austin was on top of her, pumping in and out of her pussy. I could see her cum on his dick, harder and harder he was ramming into his sisters tied up body.

Johnny pulled his cock away from my mouth and flipped me over, I stuck out my butt for him begging with my body. He then shoved himself in my pussy I could feel it stretching and tearing. The pain was crazy, but he started pumping in and out, faster and harder with every pump.
"god heather you are such a little cum slut whore" "mmh Johnny fuck me harder please" I could feel my cum on his dick.

He was pounding into me and squeezing my breasts, punching my nipples very hard. He was pulling himself into me by my boobs. Leaving bruises all over my body. He was going harder, it started to hurt. I was moaning but I needed him to stop, I couldn't handle anymore.

"please Johnny please stop, it hurts." he slapped his hand over my mouth hard stunting me a little "shut up and take it like the slut you are heather" I could feel my pussy tearing. He shoved is thumb in my butt. I screamed into his hand. No one heard. My pussy was starting to bleed I was sure of it. Harder he pumped into my pussy and butt. My hands were starting to hurt from being tied so hard,I couldn't move or do anything.

Finally he pulled out and flipped me over to cum all over my face and then shoving his cock in my mouth to squirt the last remaining nit down my throat. I gaged a little which made him push farther.

He threw a towel at my lap and untied my arms. After I cleaned all the cum off and adjusted my eyes I noticed he was just sitting there in the chair across from me smoking a blunt and starring. There were bruises from where the rope was. Finger marks all in my hips. My boobs were black and blue nipples all puffy and swollen. Johnny was smoking and staring still.

I focused in the back ground and Austin was eating Nikis pussy out, she was still tied up, even more so, there were ropes all over her, criss crossing all over her, Nikis boobs were tied up. She was moaning and withering in pleasure. I focused more and realized there was cum covering her face. I watched her climax, it was beautiful. He lapped up her cum making her moan even more.
Finally he released and left her breathless.
He started untying her then came over to smoke some of the blunt.

He looked me over and smirked "do you want to switch now?" Austin said looking at me still,I couldn't tell what he was thinking at all. " sure I am ready for some new meat, sorry if I used her a bit too much man" Johnny chuckled and stood up Austin gave me his hand and I placed mine in his as he pulled me up. He held me close to him and kissed my neck.

Austin didn't look like Niki at all of course. He was very tall and had pale white skin, surfer blond hair and blue eyes. The perfect picture boy. He was lean and muscular but not to buff. Where Johnny was shorter and very buff, he had buzzed black hair and piercing green eyes. Very sharp features.

Niki was still on the bed recovering Austin pulled her up and whispered in her ear, she nodded and looked at me sympathetically. Niki then kissed me and went over to Johnny. I wonder what that was about? Austin led me onto the bed and told me to lay down. I did. I felt safe and secure, his eyes were passionate and loving. "heather" he whispered in my ear and started kissing my neck " I'm sorry he was so rough with you darling, the truth is heather I have always though of you so highly. I should have paid attention.." he was looking at me as we were laying next to each other. I wasn't upset, I mean it hurt and I did want him to stop and he didn't....its wrong...but...i liked it.

"its not your fault" I say not knowing really what else to say, he kisses me, its electrifying he move closer to each other our bodies colliding tying to become one.
"heather, let me make love to you." he says while kissing down to my sore breasts" I will be gentle, I will pleasure you the way your goddess body should be." I was speechless he was kissing and massaging my breasts. they were so sore and swollen but it felt amazing, a trail of desire felt behind from his fingertips circling down slowing to my hip bones.

"let me show you what a real man and master should treat you like. Do you trust me?" he asked in between kisses on my stomach. "why would i not?" he looked up at me and grinned. He went lower and lower to my bruised and sore woman hood. He immediately starts eating me, so slow and carefully. He was massaging my clit with his tongue, my fingers curling in his wavy hair. Mg god he is going to make me cum already. My hips were grinding into his face, his hands moving up and down my legs sending tingles up my spine. I groaned out for him which made Austin eat me even more
"your so tasty heather , I need more" he kept lapping at my pussy, I couldn't handle it, he just made me cum so hard, I needed a break I was trying to push him away and he grabbed my arms by the wrists and held them down, my legs were shaking from the pleasure. "darling stop" he said looking at me with intense yet loving eyes. " you know I won't hurt you, just give in" I wanted to but I was so sore from Johnny. He suddenly stopped and grabbed the rope.

Austin then proceeded to tie me up. The way the rough rope felt on my skin as he tightened it and bound my body was indescribable. By the time he was finished my arms were tied together to my legs, pulling them up exposing my pussy. My breasts were somehow tied up as well, my nipples squeezing between rope and flesh. He was standing over me accomplished, he pulled me up by the rope connecting my arms and legs. "look my pet, see what Niki has done for you."

In the couch Niki had Johnny handcuffed and gagged. She was spanking his ass with a w, I could see the anger and frustration in his eyes. But there was also pure lust and devotion in his face. His cock looked like it was going to exploded with cum. I between spankings she would suck his cock right when he would almost cum she would pull away and spank him.

Austin then pushed me to lay down on the bed, he then produced a small vibrator and with out warning shoved it in my butt and turned it on. My god...
He leaned down and flicked a nipple with his tongue,his finger playing with my dripping wet pussy and circling the hole.
"my pet, my darling, are you ready?" no I wasn't, I just wanted to sleep at this point. I was so drunk and high I couldn't comprehend what was going on. Slut over load.

"Austin please" he knew. We have known each other for too long, but he shook it away. So he then leaned down and kissed me. Long enough and passionately enough to make my body react. Once that happened he entered me. I was shocked and gasped.

He started pumping slow long stokes in and out of me, it hurt...but it didn't. His hips were gyrating on me and he was getting his leverage from the ropes tied on my body. Very slowly he started to go faster and harder. I was sweating. I couldn't move, but i wanted to fuck him back. It was so frustrating. The pain the restriction and the lust was so much to handle at once. It felts like hours of him pounding in me and me just cumming all over his dick. I felt his dick bulge as he came in me, filling my pussy with his cum.

He took the vibrator out of my butt and place it on my clit Niki walked up out of know were and started eating the cum out of me. My god I really couldn't handle this. I came so much within hours. I screamed and came everywhere, close to squirting but more creamy? Niki kept eating me clean as Austin untied me a bit. My heart felt like it might explode.

I soon passed out from pleasure, I woke up in Nikis bed, to her body wrapped around mine. She muzzled her face into my neck and whispered in my ear "heather, Austin is our master now, and you are still mine. You were amazing tonight now sleep we have school tomorrow" she kissed my neck and cuddled closer.

I fell asleep wondering on how I could get Austin to fuck me at school the next day.
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