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Kelley at the Beach by Cuckold for Kelley

It was Kelley’s idea to spend a day at the beach. I had no problem with that, in fact it seemed like a nice change from her more nasty recent behavior. The doctors had said that she was impulsive and lacked inhibition due to her head injury, but it often felt like she was very deliberate in her efforts to humiliate me.

Anyway, I was happy to see her dressed in her bikini, even though she had to wear a little white robe over it. Though she complained about being out of shape after her time in the hospital, her petite body still looked great to me. Though we had not had sex in the usual sense since her recovery, I still got turned on by her perky little tits and nice firm ass.

The nearest beach wasn’t too great but it usually wasn’t crowded. It was popular with younger kids, a lot of preteens and a sprinkling of high school kids. Kelley fit in pretty well, youthful as she looked. I stood out a bit more, as I am 10 years older than her.

I hadn’t stopped to think about the effect young kids would have on Kelley, now that she couldn’t have any herself since the accident. The accident she blamed on me. Her happy mood soured shortly after we set up on the beach and she once again began to find ways to humiliate me.

At first it was just verbal. Any time a girl over 14 or so came by, Kelley would accuse me of staring at her and make comments about me wanting her to be my girlfriend. Gradually the familiar refrain came up…

“So what do you think your little girlfriend would say when she saw that tiny dick of yours? I bet she’d just laugh at you, the way I do.”

Now my dick isn’t all that tiny – it’s about average, maybe a bit on the short side, but not unusual from what I can tell. But Kelley loved to make fun of it.

“I don’t know if I want to have anyone see me hanging around with some baby dick loser. Look at you! There isn’t any sign of a dick at all!”

That’s when things really began to go downhill. Words began to change to actions.

“I bet you could get a boner and no one would even notice. Come on, get it hard. I want to see if you’ve got anything there.”

Of course I couldn’t touch myself in public and Kelley’s taunts didn’t do anything to arouse me.

“Hah! Still nothing to look at! Maybe you need some help!”

Kelley sat up and to my horror, wriggled out of her bikini. She did manage to do it while keeping her robe more or less in place, and I suppose that no one really saw what she had done, but all the same, she was now naked under the skimpy robe. Sitting, facing me, she opened her legs and flashed her pussy. Even as she closed her legs, a faint outline of her brunette pubic hair was visible through the robe. The nipples on her little breasts also made faint dark outlines.

She stared at my crotch.

“So even that doesn’t do it for you. I guess you are a dickless wonder.”

I was more worried about other people seeing my wife’s shameless exhibition than I was turned on by it. And as fate would have it, just then an older teen boy walked by very near us. I relaxed as I saw that he didn’t seem to notice Kelley’s barely covered body. But then Kelley noticed him.

“Now that’s a real dick!”

Kelley blurted out her comment just as the guy got close to us. Fortunately, a girl yelled nearby at the same time so and he turned his head to look. He also stopped briefly to watch as the prepubescent girl shrieked at her brother for pouring water on her. He didn’t seem to notice us or hear Kelley.

But Kelley was checking him out as he stood there. He was fairly muscular, probably about 17 and I had to admit to myself, he appeared to be very well hung. His bathing trunks were small and snug and the bulge at his crotch was impressive. As he walked on, I followed Kelley’s gaze as she checked out his ass.

She was quiet for a moment, then glanced down at my crotch and snorted derisively. She shook her head and didn’t need to say anything more. The comparison had been made.

Though I knew better the moment I did it, I couldn’t help myself. As the kid walked away, I turned to Kelley and said “I bet he’s gay.”

“Yeah, and I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You can’t stand the thought that some teenage kid has a way bigger dick than you! That he could probably give me something you never could! I even bet you’d love to suck him off! You’re such a baby dicked little cock sucker!”

Kelley was beginning to rant and I worried that she would make a public scene. But just then, the kid turned and headed back our way. Kelley saw him coming and shut up. For a moment.

“Here!” she thrust her discarded bathing suit into my hands. “Take these up to the car and wait for me.”

I knew better than to ask questions. This wasn’t a new thing, but still I was filled with powerful mixed emotions. I got up and did as I had been told. As I walked away I glanced back and saw the kid getting nearer to Kelley. I could fairly well guess the moment he noticed that she was naked under the robe. Her legs were open slightly and she faced his direction.

I kept moving, but a bit slower. I thought I saw Kelley’s mouth move, no doubt greeting the kid. A second later I was sure I saw her pull the top of her robe aside slightly. She was showing him her tits.

I climbed the stairway up to the parking lot overlooking the beach. Fortunately it was fairly empty and no one was hanging around. I’m sure I had a really strange look on my face as I went over to our SUV and tossed Kelley’s bikini into the front passenger seat. Then I moved away and managed to look fairly bored as I stood not far from the top of the stairway.

It was only a few minutes, but it seemed like forever, when Kelley came up the stairs with the kid. She had a small arm wrapped around his bare waist. They were both laughing. I moved away and put another car between me and them. Kelley led him to our SUV and before entering, she kissed him long and deep. His big hands squeezed her tight little ass. Then they got in.

I slid over to get nearer to the SUV. I was startled for a second when two of the windows lowered part way, but that only gave me a bit of a view . I think Kelley did that on purpose. Inside I could get a glimpse of her making out with the kid.

I got low and came even closer – right up beside the car. I could hear Kelly moaning.

“Oh God yes! Give it to me! Give me that big cock!”

I slid back and rose slowly to try to see what was happening. Through the partly opened window I saw my wife mounting the kid. His cock looked huge and Kelley gasped as she took it between her open thighs. He was on his back and couldn’t see me peering into the car, but Kelley looked right at me.

“Oh my God yes! Oh fuck me! Fuck me!”

From the way she bounced, I could tell that the kid was thrusting up into her hard. Kelley kept her eyes on mine as long as she could, but after a minute or two her head rolled back and she started coming.

“Ohhh! Fuck Yeah! Fuck yeah! Ooohh give me that big cock! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Over her yells, I heard the kid start to grunt and moan himself. I could see Kelley react to about a half dozen hard thrusts as he shot his load inside her. She collapsed on top of him and I couldn’t see anything for several minutes.

I was agitated and excited, my heart raced. I was a ball of mixed emotions – lust, anger, fear… I collected myself somewhat and moved off a ways from the car.

Good thing I did, because a short time later the door opened and the kid came out. He looked around, adjusted his trunks and then walked off as if nothing had ever happened. As he left, I walked up to the car. As I got there, Kelley stepped out – totally naked.

She was flushed from her sex with the kid. Her nipples were erect and as I glanced down at her crotch, I saw a dribble of cum trailing from her cunt down her leg. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the car.

Inside, the smell of sex was overpowering. Kelley lay back in the rear and opened her legs. The kid’s cum coated her cunt lips and continued to run down her thigh.

“Clean me up.”

I only hesitated briefly, then knelt between Kelley’s cum covered legs to lick up the semen so recently deposited there. I was happy when I felt her shake through a small orgasm as I ate her cummy pussy.

I was about to suggest that we call it a day and go home, when we both heard voices outside the car. Kelley perked up and looked outside.

“Oh yeah!”

Her voice was breathy and sexy. Before I could say or do anything, she clambered over me and again stepped out of the car naked.

This time she was greeted by two young men who had just pulled their car up next to ours. They were surprised to have a horny naked little brunette show up like that, but they didn’t need much coaching.

Kelley was kneeling between them and alternately sucking each guy’s cock. Neither of them were as big as the kid, but each had a respectable sized dick. Kelley seemed to be enjoying herself.

Meanwhile I was watching to make sure that no one would come across my wife as she was naked in a public place giving head to two strangers. I looked back in time to see that one guy had moved behind Kelley and was thrusting his hard cock into her wet cunt. As he did so, she continued to suck off the other guy.

It didn’t last too long. The guy fucking her started coming almost right away and as he did, the guy she was sucking came too. Kelley had a hard time keeping his dick in her mouth as the other guy was thrusting so hard at her from the other end. She swallowed what she could, but he sprayed a lot of cum all over her face and in her hair.

After they came, both guys seemed to realize that they were in a pretty public place and they stammered apologies as they backed away. Kelley got back into the car.

For the first time in a long time, she held my head in her hands and kissed me deeply. The only problem was that her mouth and face were smeared with some other guy’s cum.

Then she guided my head down again to her cunt. There was a fresh load of cum there that she made sure I took care of. Kelley had her third or fourth orgasm of the day as I sucked some stranger’s semen out of her pussy.

After she came, she seemed almost tender, cupping my face with her hands.

“Poor baby! I’ve had so much good sex, and he’s still horny!”

It was true. My cock was rock hard.

“Well Kelley won’t let her little man be frustrated!”

I had real hope that something good was going to come of all this.

“No, I want you to get out there and jerk yourself off!”

Alright, not what I wanted, but at least I’d get some relief. I started to get up, but Kelley put a hand on me and said “wait – not yet.”

She clambered over to the driver’s seat while I waited in the back, cock in hand. I assumed that she wanted to be able to make a quick exit after I came. What I didn’t think about was that from her seat in front, Kelley had a good view of the parking lot.

“OK, Now!”

I stumbled out the door and stroked myself. As I was coming, I realized that Kelley had timed things such that a small group of 11 year old girls had a perfect view of me jerking off and coming.

“Eeww! Gross! Oh my God!”

Meanwhile, Kelley had started the car and was backing away. I had to run hard just to catch up and climb inside. She was laughing maniacally.

And for weeks after, I had to endure Kelley’s accounts of the big cocks she had that day and her vision of my little dick spraying at grossed out little girls.

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I like when she kisses her hubby deeply with her face and hair smeared with another guy's cum.

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he should kick the shit out of that dumb pig........... fucking women are all fucking sluts who will cheat on their husbands eevery chace they get........... this pig needs a good kick in the ass


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Don't give up your day job


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