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My friend askes to go riding, she doesnt know what she asked for.
My name is Adam, I had just turned 14 and I never really got into sex that much. I was 5' 10" and had about a 7 inch cock. I liked it, and I thought it was a pretty good size. I had never seen a girl naked. Well thats not what I meant. Sure, Ive had my share of Masturbations a few times, but
nothing very serious. I dont find myself very attractive that much, but I have had a few
Girlfriends. It was a little after Christmas and I had Gotten a few gifts. Id been working
out quite a bit lately and I had developed some impressive muscles.

Anyway I had gotten caught up in talking on the phone with all my friends repeating
all the "WHAT DID YA GET?" conversations. Yeah I felt like a happy little 8-year-old. All my
Friends had gotten Dirtbikes and were all riding them outside (I already had one from 2
years ago but its broken). The girls in my nieghborhood didnt get one, but they rode on the
back of them. I had slept in today and it was around 4:30 PM when I awoke. Yeah, I slept
late. I heard the doorbell ring and I scrambled around to grab a good shirt. I grabbed one
and ran to the door. It was Dave, Ashley, and Josh. They were begging me to go riding with them (dirty thoughts heh). So I went outside for a while. I always tried to impress Ashley and Kathryn (the only 2 girls worth looking at in my nieghborhood). Ashley was about 5' 5" and had some real nice tits (around 36Cs). Her ass was a nice size too, nice and round. Kat (Kathryn) was a nice burnette and had hair down to her breast. She was around 5' 7". She had huge tits. I never knew her actual size but i sware they were almost DD. She had perfect figure, but she had a less-nice ass. I fantized about them ALL THE TIME.

We all got hot and sweaty and all hung out in my friend Marks garage. He had a pretty crappy TV in there, but we spent more time talking than watching. We talked a long time untill it got untill about midnight. Then we all headed home. I got lucky and got to walk Ashley home. She said thanks for walking her home (she was scared of the dark) and gave me a hug. I could feel a slight lump in my jeans. She walked next door and I made sure she got in safe. Then I
stepped inside, and took off my clothes and stepped in the shower, washed up, and went to sleep.
A few days passed and we did the same things every day, ride, hung out, walked her home, untill one day we went to Kats house instead of Marks. We hung out in there and talked like any old night. This night when we walked home, it was a much longer walk. and I walked Ashley home. We took the woods so it would be much quicker. We walked and talked, and she looked beautiful in the moonlight. We came behind my house and she we stared into each others eyes. She was wearing a flimsy shirt and I could almost see down to her tits. I was scared she would catch me. I stared into her eyes too. Then something happened, she moved toward me. I instinctively met her lips. This was the first real contact I had with a girl. I instantly got a erection. I hope she didnt see it. She said she will see me later and I went inside and blew off a load.

The next day I stayed in my room. I didnt go riding with my friends. The doorbell rang about once every hour. My parents werent home so I couldnt go riding anyway. About 4 I went to the door. It was Ashley, she, as I predicted, wanted me to go riding. I told her I couldnt because my parents werent home. She then had a lustful smile on her face. She stepped inside and wrapped her arms around me. I shut the door and locked it. She walked into my den and sat on the couch. I quickly followed.

"Adam, Ive always wanted you alone with me," she said. She took my hand and set it on her breast. "Please, Ive always been horny around you, and Ive always wondered how big you were."

She then reached her free hand down and started to touch the rising bulge in my pants. This send my cock into a wild rage. It started throbbing and she could feel it. She let go of my other hand and took off her shirt. She unhooked her bra and let it drop. I slowly started massaging her tits in my hands. She let out a few moans of pleasure. I bent down and started sucking on her nipples, which were now becoming hard and erect. She unzipped my pants and out came my cock, ready for anything she was willing to do.

I almost fell off the couch trying to get my pants off, and when I turned around she only had her pantys on. My prick throbbed when I saw her. She slowly moved forward and wrapped her fingers around my member. Boy is she beautiful.

"Sit Down" she said. I obeyed. I was her puppet, her slave, she had total control over me. I layed back as she started slowly stroking my penis. She teased me by just kissing the head. She then bend down and started to suck it! Taking in all 7 inches, I could have came right then and there. I moaned, loudly. She picked up her pace and kept stroking whatever she didnt have in her mouth. After about 2 minutes she asked if I was ready to cum. I was in pure bliss and with a mix of emotion and pleasure. I let out the slightest, yes, as a grunt almost. She quickened her pace even further! When I came I could feel my legs collapse then all I felt was pleasure. She sucked every last bit of my cum out of my throbbing prick. She lustfully looked at me.

"Get on the ground" she said. She straddled my chest and told me to fufill my lustful desires. I
immediately tenderly grabbed her hips and layed her down. I moved to her tits, and started kissing down from her breast to her belly button. I licked down to her pantys and pulled them down. They were so SO wet. I started licking her clit and fingering her wet pussy. I pulled my fingers out and tasted her juices myself. Her fluids were really pumping because she really started to moan. Then, I dug my tounge as far into her as possible. "Ohhh Adam... Ive dreamed about this so long! Please! PLEASE! DIG DEEPER, DIG DEEPER! AHHHH" She came with incredible force, and it shook the house, and my mouth filled with her pussy juice, it tasted so so sweet. She layed there panting.

She sat up after about 3 minutes of panting. She told me she had to be fucked NOW. I told her to get up against the wall and lean over. She was breathing loudly and quickly as I stuck my 7 inch member up to her cunt. She pulled her hand back and guided my cock into her so long waited cunt. I pushed with all my might, but I only got 5 inches in at first. "Ohhhh!" She yelled, "Not so hard! PLEASE! OW! Oh, there you go, oh yess, ohhhhh." I pulled out and thrust in slowly and softly. She kept moaning and moaning. I threw my pace into overdrive. I was going and going. She screamed as she had her orgasm. She started moving her pussy back and forth as she came so it would milk my cock. I kept moving my cock as I came closer and closer to cumming. Then It happened. My cock erupted like a volcano of jizz. I felt the cum hit the sides of her pussy. I fell backwards and sat on the table in the middle of the room. She just sat there, bent over on the wall, with cum and pussy juice dripping out her cunt. She turned around and said I was the best and we would have to do that again some time.

When she was heading out, she gave my a kiss on my cheek, and now that was part of our routine like everything else.


2008-02-27 08:48:03
It made me cum lol


2006-01-16 02:21:45
Good story for a first attempt. It was somewhat short, and had a few errors in it. These are to be expected in a first post. A story that would show experience would have multiple encounters in different places, no spelling errors, and a good deion of all the characters involved. For the two you missed, try using Microsoft Word. For the spelling and writing longer.


2006-01-15 13:09:39
It isn't bad for a first attempt, and unlike other contributions there i no need for a re-write, although if you go through the story you will notice a few things to improve. I recommend you look at some of the stories posted by Gail Holmes.

The last sentence makes it difficult for a sequel collection.


2006-01-15 02:02:41
sorry, this is my first post. tell me everything about it u like and dislike and ill make my next one 110% better


2006-01-14 19:21:19
its great but too short

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