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Plans are made for Michelle and I
That fall semester fell into the almost same routine as every other. One exception was that Kay and I spent all of our alone time wondering at Augie, our infant son. He was such a captivating little guy. Kay and I had a robust sex life before Augie was born, including a vigorously randy pregnancy where Kay’s secret whorish side was revealed. Now that we were both sleep deprived, our mutual sex life had dwindled to nothing at all. I did have a little relief from time to time with the president of the sorority that Kay and I sponsored. That kept me from having to take matters into my own hand to find relief.

As Augie grew, so did his appetite. At three months we started introducing cereal into his last evening feeding and that increased his need for sleep. With Augie sleeping, Kay and I also got a chance to sleep more. With our own levels of rest improved, our sexual appetites seemed to return as well, though not with the same urgent animalistic need of her pregnancy. Kay was a little disappointed with her post pregnancy body. She had a few stretch mark lines near her hips on her abdomen and her high and proud breasts had a bit of post pregnancy sag. She was still remarkably beautiful and desirable in my eyes but she was her own worst critic. Our lovemaking was usually in the dark and if it wasn’t dark enough, Kay insisted we couple under the covers. Even though I was grateful for the sexual release, the disappointment in how much we changed as a couple was weighing heavily on me. I felt like it was my fault that I couldn’t do or say the right thing to help Kay overcome her own insecurities. It seemed the more I tried, the more distant she behaved. There was a new dimension to our life and we weren’t successful in assimilating it.

As Kay withdrew from me, I withdrew from nearly everything else. My lectures were delivered without passion and even my attendance at the sorority meetings didn’t improve my mood. I even turned Kristen down repeatedly as she tried to continue our affair. She was a bright young woman and didn’t let it faze her. After a Sunday sorority meeting, she caught up with me in the parking lot.

“Look Paul, I know you and Kay are going through a lot,” she brought up after a short interval of small talk. “A new baby will do that to you. When I was in high school and babysitting for clothing money, I saw more than one young couple go through the same kind of thing after their first baby was born. But they all bounced back.”

“What’s the solution?” I asked with some skepticism.

“You both need to get out more. Get out of your own house and staring at the same old walls. Go for walks, see a movie, or go on a drive. I know what, why don’t you bring Augie out this Wednesday night? Our basketball teams have a double header and you can enjoy the games while the Sig Xis spoil Augie rotten. First game is at six.”

“I don’t know, Kristen. Kay hasn’t been too into leaving the house. Being out in a crowd might be too big of a step. I can probably get her to go on a walk or something.”

“If you need any enticement, Chelle is still hinting at taking advantage of you and has even asked me to help her devise a plan. And she told me that after a game, particularly a win, she is so horny that she can hardly stand it. You’d better step up Stud, or some lucky frat boy is going to swoop that booty on you.”

I hadn’t been giving Michelle Mason much thought. I had even postponed our weekly confidential conversations because I couldn’t give her the attention she deserved. I realized how much I wanted to see her play.

“We can’t let that happen, can we Kristen? I guess I’ll just have to bring Augie out by myself if Kay won’t come.”

“That’s the spirit! But I know you’ll bring Kay, she won’t let you leave the house with Augie, I’ll bet!” She laughed. Of course she was right.

On that Wednesday night, Kay and I arrived about ten minutes before the tip. Even though our women’s basketball team had a storied and successful past, they still didn’t pack the house. Finding good seats was easy and we got in for free on my faculty pass. We settled in with Augie in the baby carrier between us. As soon as one of the Sig Xis spotted us, we were surrounded by the entire Sigma Epsilon Xi sorority. They begged for permission to hold Augie and Kay finally agreed. Augie ate it up. He loved all the attention by those beautiful young women. He laughed and cooed and drooled and they were beside themselves with affection for our little guy. Kay and the girls went into mutual admiration mode with Augie as the object of their mutual admiration. I turned my attention to the game. Michelle Mason was a beast on the floor. That mild mannered young woman was a dervish on the floor; she attacked their offense on defense and exploited their defense on offense. She had admitted to me that she has both a didactic memory and OCD. She not only could remember each player on the opposition, but her compulsive disorder made her study their tendencies intently. It made it appear that Michelle was flying around on the edge of control when really she was anticipating their actions and reactions with such a high degree of accuracy; she was controlling the tempo both on offense and defense. By half time she had fourteen points, seven rebounds, eight steals and eight assists. Our girls led by twenty points and after a few minutes of second half play, Michelle was benched for a younger, less experienced player. The outcome had already been decided and both coaches opted to let their younger players get a few well deserved minutes of game play.

I focused on Michelle. With my own eyes I watched her transform from “Hell” to “Chelle” again. Her serious game face with knitted brow dissolved and she relaxed all the tension out of her shoulders and arms and a smile crossed her face as she accepted the congratulations of her teammates. She had a game high 24 points and 10 rebounds, 11 steals and 12 assists and was going to ride the bench for 12 minutes of the second half. A quadruple double is pretty rare in the men’s game, but in the women’s game it’s fairly commonplace. Some athletes are just that much better than the others on the court and Michelle was one of those.

I caught Michelle looking up at Kay and I, and I thought from that distance I could see a smile cross her face before her attention was drawn back to the action on the court. She was a good teammate, cheering on the younger players who at times struggled with Division I play. Still, every time I looked at her, I swear she would look at me. Maybe it was wishful thinking.

After the game ended, we hung around until the players came back out from the locker rooms. The Sigma Xis swarmed around Michelle and covered her with hugs and praise. She had the good sense to be modest about it, going so far as to flush with embarrassment. After everyone else had finished laying their praise on her, I slipped in beside her and added my own congratulations.

“Thanks for coming out Professor David. You too Mrs. David. And look! It’s Prince Augie!” She gushed over Augie, insisting that she get to hold him. The Gulf Coast Terror was a cooing mess when it came to a baby. I laughed. “He’s so beautiful, just like his mother!” Kay lit up at the compliment. “How do you do it Kay? How do you look so AMAZING after having a baby just a few months ago? You are a knock out!” Kay tried to play off Michelle’s compliments but I could tell they were having an effect. Michelle leaned in with a stage whisper and asked “Is it because Stud is taking such good care of you? Be honest, it’s just us girls.” The sorority members that heard her comment roared with laughter. Kay looked a little embarrassed as her eyes met mine. I could almost sense some guilt, as if she realized how little sex we’d been having. “You don’t have to answer. But if you want to, Sig Xis have no secrets from each other…..” They all laughed again.

We accepted the sorority’s invitation to go out for pizzas to celebrate the win. As we walked out of the gymnasium, I felt a hand on my ass, rubbing and caressing. I assumed it was Kay and turned to smile appreciatively but she had both hands full with Augie’s gear. I looked over the other shoulder, expecting to see Kristen there, but she was walking on the other side of Kay, carrying our son. My eyes came to rest on Michelle Mason’s upturned face instead.

“Oops!” she grinned. “My hand slipped. Sorry.” She removed her hand from my ass and continued walking as I stopped to see if anyone else had witnessed her boldness in public. Michelle was able to disguise her move with her athletic bag and no one seemed the wiser. At the pizza joint, Kay, Augie and I took a table apart from the sorority and they all grouped around one long table made up of several small tables pushed together. Kay threw a blanket over her shoulder and chest and tucked Augie beneath it to breast feed. I offered her sips of soda and bites of cheese pizza from time to time. After the breast milk, Augie had a little cereal and a nice burp and then he fell asleep in the arms of one of his many female admirers. Kay and I finished eating and she shifted her chair closer to mine, nestling into the crook side with my arm around her. I felt her hand trace lazy circles on my thigh. Just the feel of her touch brought back my ardor and I began to swell. Kay expected this to happen and allowed her fingertips to trace the outline of my cock every so often. This made it even harder, but it was an implied promise of long awaited relief later that night. I looked around. Kristen knew what Kay was doing and didn’t make a big deal out of it, but she did give me that knowing smile and nod of congratulations. As Kay was rubbing my cock I caught Michelle’s gaze as well. I don’t think Michelle knew what effect Kay was having on me, but just thinking about that country girl naked beneath me caused my cock to lurch. Kay gripped it tightly and squeezed, thinking she had caused it. The flash of pleasure that crossed my face should have been apparent to Michelle and maybe she recognized it without knowing. Michelle blushed an involuntary response.

Later that night, Kay honored her implied promise. With Augie exhausted from all the attention, Kay and I focused on each other. I spent the first hour just reacquainting myself with her body and its many pleasure points. Kay laid back on our bed and enjoyed the intimate pampering. I caressed and massaged all of the muscles in her hands and feet. And then her calves and forearms. And then her thighs and biceps. I had her roll face down and gave her a long and deep back rub, finishing with an ass massage. She was purring like a kitten when I rolled her on her back and began a long session of oral pleasure.

She tasted fantastic. All the foreplay had gotten her juices flowing again. Her nipples were taught and her breasts firm from the fullness of the breast milk. I buried my face in her cunt, licking and sucking her sex. I pulled her inner and outer labia into my mouth and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. Kay’s fingers entwined in my hair and she pulled my face even tighter into her groin. She ground her pussy against my mouth and nose, riding her first wave of climax. She held her breath and let it wash over her. As she started to breathe again, I lashed at her swollen sex with my tongue, triggering the second wave. She tried to buck away from my mouth, but I gripped her hips and forced the pleasure on her. She squirmed and gasped as her pleasure mounded up. She throbbed and jerked in the aftershocks as I let her come down. As soon as her breathing approached normal, I let her have it again. I sucked her clit into my mouth and tongue battered it without mercy. She put both hands on my forehead in a vain attempt to separate my mouth from her pleasure center. In response I stuck two fingers into her swollen cunt and one into her slick ass. As I wiggled my fingers, Kay spread her legs as wide as a gymnast could, as if to beg me to fuck her holes. I sawed my fingers in and out to grant her wish. I could feel the shuddering in her legs and she rode her third orgasm. I kept her in the pleasure zone as long as possible.

“Stop Paul, goddamn you! Stop! I can’t take any more. I. Just. Can’t. Take. It. Any. More.” She was nearly spent. “Please.” I stopped. I rolled out from between her legs and moved up the bed next to her.

“What did I ever do to deserve you, Stud?” she whispered into my ear as she molded her body to mine.

“You agreed to marry me, silly!”

“That was fantastic. I didn’t know how much I missed that. You nearly killed me! What a way to go!” I kissed her and caressed her back and arm. “Give me a second for the buzzing in my pussy to stop and then I am going to fuck you silly!”

“Promises promise,” I teased. “Your mouth is always making promises your ass can’t cash.”

She gripped my nearly hard pole and gave it a tight squeeze. It went to full rigid. She moved her mouth over the top and licked the sensitive area under the hood like a lollipop, driving me crazy. Then she swallowed it whole, pressing her nose against my groin with my cock spreading her throat. I nearly came right there. She swallowed with my cock in her throat, milking it. Still I held back. She tickled my balls with her finger tips and I still held back. Finally she pulled my sopping cock from her throat and smacked herself in the face with its stiff length. She rose to her knees, forced me flat on my back and then threw her leg over the top, reverse cowgirl style. She placed the tip of my cock against her pussy and sank the entire length in her vagina. She bucked a few times, and reached back and pulled my cock clear of her slit. She placed it against her sphincter, wiggled her hips to get it started and then sat on it hard. As soon as her ass cheeks came to rest on my pelvis, she started to ride my cock like a pro. I looked down to see my shaft appearing and disappearing in her back hole. She reached between her legs and tickled my balls. They tightened as my juices rose, waiting for release. Kay knew what was coming and increased her pace.

I couldn’t take it. It had been too long since my last release and I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I gripped her hips and locked her in place with my cock fully buried. I pumped rope after rope of cum into her back channel. Kay’s ass throbbed and milked my shaft. She continued to grind her ass against my pole in appreciation as she collapsed, laying back on my chest with her legs over the top of mine.

“I’m so sorry, Baby,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean to make you wait so long. It’s just that I didn’t feel sexy anymore after Augie.”

“How do you feel now?” I asked with a grin.

“Like a well-fucked woman. We can’t wait so long to do this again. You can’t let me feel so sorry for myself. You have my permission to go all caveman on me and force me to take your cock whenever I mistreat or ignore you.” I knew she was mostly joking.

“Deal.” To seal the promise I gripped her hips as I thrust my still hard manhood around in her ass, stirring my cum in her bowels. She bit her lip and moaned.

“I don’t think I can take any more,” she whimpered. “I am too tired to move.”

“Then I’ll do all the work,” I promised, rolling us both over until I was on her back straddling her legs with my cock stretching her tight asshole. With each thrust she grunted in pleasure and pain. She reached her hands out wide and gripped big handfuls of our sheets. I kept her legs pinned together as I slowly shoved my cock deep into her backside. The mixture of her natural lubricants and my buckets of cum made her an easy entry. I put my full weight on her and reached around to her milk filled breasts, giving each a twist and pull. Kay buried her face into her pillow and screamed. Even muffled she was loud enough to wake the baby or maybe even the neighbors. Those primal noises awoke the beast in me and I grunted and thrust until I could feel the rising of my orgasm. When I reached the point of no return, I pulled my cock out of her gaping ass and pumped three long ropes up her back and a weak fourth rope between her ass cheeks.

We lay there gasping for ten minutes before Kay forced her way out from under me and walked naked to our bathroom. As sexy as she is, Kay seldom walks naked anywhere. She even left the bathroom door open while she forced my cum from her ass, legs spread wide on the commode. I walked in and turned on the shower. As I reached into the shower I felt a hand on my dangling manhood.

“Thanks buddy!” she said to my cock in her hand. “I sure have missed you!” She leaned forward and gave it a kiss. I stared wide-eyed while she reached between her legs and wiped her gaping asshole. Then she popped up and rubbed her breasts against my chest as she slid into the steamy water. She was nearly singing as she scrubbed all over, one leg propped high giving me a full look at her cunny as she soaped and rinsed. Without any reason not to, my cock started to stir in appreciation.

“Haven’t you had enough?” Kay laughed from the shower. “Or do you need one more for the hell of it?” I answered by stepping into the shower with her. I let her soap me up, front and back. I didn’t protest as her fingers found my crack. I only jumped a little when I felt her finger enter a little ways into my hole covered in soap. She picked up the bar of soap and coated me well front and back, then rinsed me thoroughly. I could get used to this, I remember thinking. When I was good and clean she grabbed the cream rinse and coated both hands. Her right hand gripped my swollen cock and her left probed my ass crack, getting it slick. As she pumped my shaft with her right hand, she kept working her left hand deeper into my ass crack until two slick fingers were probing the ring of my sphincter.

“Just relax,” she purred, her breasts pressing against my side. “Let it happen.” With a slow exhale I tried to loosen my sphincter and two of her fingers fought their way inside. Once in, she stopped moving her left hand while her right continued to stroke me. It was uncomfortable but not unbearable. I didn’t know what to think. What had come over my sweet little wife?

The pleasure in my dick told my head that the sensation in my ass was also pleasure and I shifted my feet apart, giving her more access. She responded by fucking my ass with two fingers. That’s when she hit my prostate. I’ve been around. I’ve read things. I’ve heard rumors. I have never had the kind of electrifying awakening as when my wife massaged my prostate with her fingers in my ass. Without even realizing I was close I immediately started shooting cum across the shower in painful arcs. I was shooting so hard it hurt! Kay thought it was funny and kept massaging my gland and glans until I could barely stand. I gripped the showerhead with both hands to keep from falling. My legs shook and my knees buckled. I was seeing spots when Kay took mercy on me. She slowly removed her fingers from my nethers and released my cock which had been firing blanks for the last eight or ten pumps. It continued to pump uselessly as it slowly deflated.

“I think we are even now, Stud” she laughed.

On shaky legs we dried off and fell naked into bed, only to wake up too soon to the sound of Augie telling us that it was Thursday morning and he wanted attention. I had never been so sexually spent in my life, including our honeymoon. I wasn’t sure if I wanted Kay to do that again, but I did relish the memory.

That afternoon Michelle Mason knocked on my door during my office hours.

“Come in Michelle!” I greeted her. She smiled and made her way in, taking the seat next to my desk. She was dressed in a tight fitting athletic t-shirt that revealed her bra lines all around. She was also wearing nice fitting athletic shorts, much shorter than normal for her, but not quite booty shorts or volleyball briefs. She was also wearing flip flops, which are common on our campus but I don’t recall seeing Michelle in anything but sports shoes. Of course her pale skin told the tale of her tendency to be a gym rat instead of a beach rat.

“Thanks for coming to my game last night,” she said. “I tried really hard to put on a good show.”

“Oh you put on a show all right. You were amazing! You might be playing the next level if you want to. I’m surprised that you noticed we were there.”

“That’s nice of you to say, but those girls weren’t very good. We’ve got lots tougher opponents coming in league play. We’d like to make it to the NCAA’s though, that would be cool. And of course I noticed right away when you got there because all the Sig Xis were making such a fuss over Augie. When are you going to let me babysit?”

“Is that why you came in today? To ask if you could babysit?”

“No, not really. I came in to apologize for being so forward last night. It’s just that after a game, I get all fired up and aggressive. Sometimes I do things that I normally wouldn’t. Grabbing your butt was something I wanted to do, but I knew that I was really taking liberties that didn’t belong to me. I’m sorry. Still friends? I really want to continue our talks.”

I stood up and closed my office door to just a crack, then I placed my foot flat on the floor behind it, making it impossible for someone to barge in unannounced. I held out my hand and Michelle stood up and came over until she could reach it. I think she suspected what I was about to do. From the sparkle in her eyes, I think she was hoping I was going to do it too. I drew her close, tilted her face up to mine and leaned down slowly. I was giving her plenty of time to freak and then back out. Instead she reached around my neck and our lips met. What began as a soft brush of lips and ended as a brush fire. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer, pressing her breasts against my chest and her groin against my leg. She melted against me and could feel the heat of her sex against my thigh. I allowed my hands to slowly roam up and down her back, from her bra strap to her panty line. Her hands were on my chest, slowly rubbing up and down as well. She had to feel the growing mass in my pants pressing against her as well. After a long interlude, we finally broke it off.

“Do you think we are even, as far as the taking of liberties go?” I asked.

“Maybe for now. But I’d like to take a few more liberties with you again. Real soon. You are such a wonderful kisser. Would you mind if I come back on Saturday morning after your office hours to continue our discussion? We have a game in Lake Charles, but the bus doesn’t leave until three.”

“Certainly,” I replied, kissing her again. “But before we go any further I have to warn you, there will be rules that we both must agree to before anything even remotely like this happens again. Agreed?”

“Of course Professor, I totally understand,” she replied.

“You also have some thinking to do. You need to come up with your own rules so that we are both taking part in the discussion on Saturday. You might want to think about what it would mean to your future if it were discovered you had an affair with a married professor.”

“Oh that’s totally fair! I can think of some GREAT rules!”

“Michelle,” I started, becoming totally serious. “Rule Number 1 is that you discuss this with no one except me. Your sorority sisters cannot know. My job, my family, my reputation are all at risk. Your education, your chance at a top flight medical school, your family, how would they react? I have to know I can trust you completely with what is essentially my life. If you think there is a chance you might have to tell someone else or bust, we can’t start anything and we will call it quits right now. Do you understand?”

“Paul, I know. I KNOW! I’ve thought about this a lot. After I let you seduce me, I am going to have a brief fling with you, and then I am going to go on to my next boyfriend.” I frowned. “Don’t worry! I am going to make it worth your while. I promise. You are going to love being my first boyfriend. LOVE it.”

“I believe it. I have to get home and you need to get to practice. I want to thank you for stopping by though and I look forward to continuing our discussion on Saturday.” I opened the door and she slipped out. Since no one was waiting to see me and no one was nearby, I allowed myself the opportunity to examine her behind as it grew smaller. It was nicely shaped. Not high and firm like a sprinter, but round and taut like a gymnast. Where her legs met at the top, there was a triangular shaped gap that I found extremely sexy. Before she rounded the corner, Michelle looked back and caught me staring. She smiled and kept walking. I broke out of my daydream and gathered my papers and locked my office for the day.

The next afternoon Kristen arrived just as I was locking up for the day. Kay and I had plans to go to a beach front restaurant for supper and it was the first time we were taking Augie out to a sit-down restaurant. Since we planned on eating outdoors, we felt it was safe in case he started to fuss.

“What can I do for you Miss Mitchell?” I asked with mock formality.

“Well Professor, it appears as if our girl has become smitten with a boy and though she won’t tell me who, she is positively giddy. Our sisters have hectored her non-stop, but she hasn’t revealed any information, even a hint as to who has caught her attention.”

“I don’t know what I can tell you. She hasn’t said a word to me,” I said stretching the truth just a little.

“You are such a liar! I know it’s you,” she pointed her finger and poked me in the chest after each word.

“How can you tell?”

“Because she looks just like I felt when I first fell for you. I know exactly how she feels.”

“Are you jealous?”

“Oh heck no! She’s my sorority sister. I love her to death. Between her and you, I’d have to choose her. Sigma Xi for life!” She put her fingers together in the Greek letters and we both laughed. “Have you decided yet?”

“No, I don’t think I have. She wants to stop by tomorrow after office hours and talk. I guess I’ll just play it by ear.”

“It’s a good thing you changed the rules about sex in your office with coeds then I guess. Otherwise there might be three of us crowded in here tomorrow…” she teased. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind before, but it sure did then.

Dinner that night was a leisurely affair. Augie was the perfect baby. Our waitress gave us plenty of attention so that she could flirt with our little prince. Augie even cooperated at bedtime, going down with only a little fussing. When Kay came down the hallway after putting Augie down, she stopped before entering our small living room where I was seated watching the end of the high school football scores. When I realized I was being stared at, I looked up and saw Kay standing nude in the hall, one hand on the wall, one hand on her hip. One foot was on the floor and the other foot was against her calf, creating an inviting opening between her legs.

“Are you done with the scores yet?” she asked. “Come on daddy, you’ve got to tuck me in.” She crooked her finger at me and I scrambled out of my chair and down the hall. As Kay climbed onto the bed she stopped when she was on her hands and knees, her ass pointing right at me. I skinned out of my clothes and dropped to my knees on the floor behind her. I gripped her hips and pressed my face against her crack. My tongue found her clit and my nose pressed directly on her outer sphincter. As my tongue pleasured her bead, the feedback telegraphed by her ass told my nose I was doing well. Kay spread her arms out and lowered her chest to the bed, giving me even better access to her cunt. I was sloppy and noisy, enjoying ever smell, flavor and texture she had to offer. She gripped the comforter as a small orgasm rippled through her.

I spit into my hand and used it to lubricate my cockhead as I stood up. I put one knee on the bed and brought my erection to my wife’s throbbing and dripping cunt. She stiffened her frame to allow me easier penetration. Once I was all the way in, I put the other knee on the bed and slowly pumped her pussy, feeling each ridge and fold of her skin. I put both hands on the top of her ass to gain leverage and got a little higher, which forced my cock down against her spongy g-spot. This opened her juice faucet and she grew even sloppier with each stroke. As I watched, her labia flooded with blood, turning crimson and swollen. They gripped my cock like a mouth as I pushed in and pulled back. It was so damn sexy I knew I was going to be out of control in no time. As my orgasm built, I increased my pace. When I got to the level of pounding her ass, it was all I could take. I let cum flow and flow until there was nothing left but shrunken raisins where full balls had been. Still embedded, I pulled us both over on our sides. Kay reached back and stroked my hair until we both fell into a blissful sleep.

Of course at six a.m. Augie decided to start our weekend and we were up with the dawn. After a breast, some cereal and a clean diaper, Augie was ready for his first nap and he zonked out. Kay and I retired to the bedroom to sleep just a little longer but we wound up naked with Kay straddling my lap, my stiff cock in her cunt. She took her sweet time riding herself to a climax. I just enjoyed the show, watching her milk-swollen breast sway in time with her coitus. She kept her eyes closed to better focus on the pleasure she was taking from me. Her pace quickened until her orgasm burst, then her moves got jerky as she fought the intensity of her pleasure while wanting to prolong them. When she finished she dismounted. Without a word she sucked my cock into her warm mouth and licked every bit of her juice from my skin. She cupped my balls with her hand as her mouth milked my shaft. I felt her fingers probing lower. Just thinking about that fingering she had given my ass in the shower was enough to allow me to climax. Kay drank it all down and then kissed the head before it completely deflated. Kay smiled as she kissed me with her cum flavored lips.

“That was nice!” she gushed. “I need a shower.” She popped off the bed and started the water in our shower. I waited until I heard her opening the door to come out before I got out of bed again. I took her place in the shower and watched her standing naked at the mirror, applying the light makeup she uses to feel “made up”.

My office hours were busy that morning. Midterms were approaching and many students needed extra assistance. The last student waiting to see me was of course Michelle Mason. Instead of shorts and a t-shirt, Michelle wore a pair of tight Lee jeans that defined her legs magnificently. She wore a loose fitting blue ranch shirt with the top three buttons undone. It looked to me that she was going without a bra. In place of shoes, she had on well used cowboy boots that it didn’t take an expert to tell had spent many hours inside of a stirrup. Her short brown hair was pushed back over her ears and I swear I detected a hint of makeup on her cheeks and eyes. She had the clean wholesome looks of a country sweetheart.

“Hey Professor! I thought you might like to see me in my ranch duds. This is how I would normally dress on Saturdays back at home. Life on a working ranch and all. I dress like this for road trips, just to mess with the opponents.”

“Give me a minute,” I said as I left her standing in my office. “Don’t sit down,” I called over my shoulder. I did a quick check of the small building that housed the English department and faculty offices, making certain we were alone in the building. I locked the doors to the building before I went back to my office.

“You look like a model,” I said honestly. “Clean cut and wholesome, but also so sexy at the same time. Are you certain you want to waste all this sex appeal on a married family man?”

“Of course I do,” she answered, missing the jest. “I dressed to impress only you.”

“You did that and more.” She moved closer, circling my neck with her arms. I gripped her waist and held her away from me as she attempted to initiate a kiss. “Before we start on that, we’ve got to set the rules and agree on them. Remember?”

“I do. I remember everything.”

“We’ve already discussed Rule Number 1. Do you understand and agree to it?”

“I do.”

“Rule Number 2 is when one of us decides it’s over, it’s over. You may decide it’s too much to have an affair with a married man. You may decide it’s not worth dating an older man who can’t take you out and show you off in public. You may decide you don’t like the way I kiss or smell or any of a thousand other reasons that make sense to you. I may get worried that someone will find out. I may feel guilty about what is essentially cheating on Kay. I may find someone else.” She slugged me playfully. “You may find someone else.”

“I love LOVE Love the way you kiss,” she replied. “And I agree to your rule.”

“Rule Number 3, if we get to the point that you want to have sexual intercourse with me, we have to practice safe sex every time.”

“Oh that’s for certain!” she agreed. “How come that rule doesn’t apply if YOU want to have sex with ME?”

“Because it’s a given. Of course I want to have sex with you. Many times and in many ways.”

“Ooo I like the way you talk professor. Go on with your rules so we can get to the good stuff.”

“Rule Number 4, you have to be honest about what you like and don’t like. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do and don’t be afraid to do what you want to do. If I don’t like it, I promise to tell you too.”

“Makes sense, I agree.”

“That’s all the rules I have for now. Do you have any rules for me?”

“IF I decide that you are going to be my first, you have to promise to be patient with me. I don’t really know that much about sex except how horses and dogs do it. You have to go slow and teach me how to do it really well.”

I laughed. “OK, I can live with that.”

“WHEN we start having sex, you have to agree to do whatever I want, within reason of course. I think I want to try some crazy things.”

“As long as it doesn’t violate any of the other rules, I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Finally, my last rule is that we HAVE to have sex before Christmas. This Christmas.”

Since we were just beginning October, I thought that was a pretty safe rule to agree to. “I think that can be arranged.”

“Good! Now stop playing hard to get and kiss me,” she ordered. I followed her order and we spent a good fifteen minutes kissing, allowing our hands to roam. I confirmed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I moved my hands to her sides, rubbing her ribs and allowing my thumbs to graze the sides of her medium sized breasts. Since she didn’t object, I moved my hands to where I could feel the firmness of her nipples jutting out against the cotton of her shirt. Pressing my luck, I pulled at the bottom of her shirt until it was loose from her waistband and I slipped my hands under the fabric. I massaged and stroked her swells, feeling them heave as her heartbeat quickened. She moaned into my mouth.

We broke off our kissing. She still had her arms around my neck as I began to unbutton her shirt starting at the top. When I parted the last button and revealed her aroused nipples, she shifted her gaze up to mine. I could sense she was seeking approval.

“They are perfect,” I whispered. “They are so beautiful and perfectly shaped. May I kiss them?” Michelle bit her bottom lip and nodded. I knelt before her, my mouth at the perfect height to enjoy her breasts. I rubbed my nose against her right nipple, and she held her breath. I flicked her left nipple with my tongue and she gasped. I traced around her areolae with the tip of my tongue, feeling the bumps and ridges formed by her darkened as it tightened with arousal. Without warning I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as possible, releasing it with a loud wet pop. Michelle giggled. A spent ten minutes giving attention to her breasts, sensing a higher level of arousal with each minute. I kissed my way down her stomach and unbuckled her belt and then loosened the top button on her jeans. Since she didn’t object, I unzipped her fly and spread her pants open. She was wearing pink satin panties with a little bow in the front, like a 12 year old girl might. I found this to be extremely sexy and a symbol of her innocence. I slipped my hands inside her waistline and with her help we shimmied her jeans down to her knees. As I kneaded her firm ass, I pressed my mouth against her mons, inhaling her wonderful scent.

Michelle was perfectly content with letting me do all the work. She stood there and allowed me to pleasure her without taking an active part. I slowly lowered her panties until the top of her untrimmed pubic hair came into view. It was a thick mat of fine curls. I hadn’t seen a natural woman for many years. This was a treat. I kept moving her panties down until the joined her pants. My face was right there at her virgin pussy. I parted her hair with my nose and flicked my tongue along her tender slit. She gasped. I flicked again and she moaned. I flicked, flicked, flicked, flicked and she started to tremble. I took a firm grasp of her bare ass and pressed my tongue as deep into her sex as it would reach and Michelle began to shake. She was in the throes of her first orgasm with a partner. I let her ride it for more than thirty seconds before I started to ease up, allowing her to catch her breath. Finally the strength returned to her legs and she giggled.

“My god Professor! Is that what I’ve been missing? I wish I had known! Thank you so much!” I slid her panties up and into place, smoothing the elastic waistband with my thumbs. Then I helped her pull her jeans back in place. Before I fastened them, I slowly buttoned her shirt and tucked it back into her jeans. With her pants buttoned and her belt buckled, I got back to my feet and pulled her in for a kiss.

“Call me Paul, Michelle. I think we are past the “Professor” stage now, don’t you think?”

“Paul, I feel guilty. You didn’t get anything out of it.”

“Oh no, don’t think that. I got a lot of pleasure out of seeing and smelling you, feeling your orgasm and watching it firsthand. It shows a great deal of trust and intimacy. I was honored to be here for that. Don’t worry about me, there’s still many pleasures left to share. But you have a game tonight and your bus is probably about to leave.”

“Oh I don’t think they will leave without me. I still have half an hour anyway. But you are right, I should go. Thank you so much!” We kissed again and she left me in a dash for the door. I would have felt slightly used if I thought there as a selfish bone in Michelle Mason’s body. Instead I just sat back and replayed what had gone on over in my head, relishing her lingering scent. I finally locked my office and washed my face and hands thoroughly in the men’s room before heading home to my loving wife and son.

A couple weeks later, at the Sunday night sorority meeting, the plans for the Winter Formal were being discussed. Out of all the duties of being a sponsor, the formals were my least favorite. It was like a prom for Greeks.

“Where are we going to have the Snow Ball this year?” she asked the group of young women who made up the Snow Ball committee.

“We have decided on the Hotel Valencia in San Antonio. It’s ultra-swank. And they are giving us a great rate on the ballroom because we have blocked out so many rooms,” replied Carrie Starr, the chairwoman.

“Why so far away?” I asked. All the other balls had been held in the Houston area.

“It’s the only way that Chelle can join us. Her team is in a holiday tournament in San Antonio and they are staying across the street at the Radisson. We are going to her game as a sorority with our dates and then we are going to PARRRRR-TAAAYYYY!” Everyone cheered and clapped in unison. Michelle just beamed with pleasure. This would be her one and only opportunity to attend the Snow Ball. Basketball had kept her from attending her first three.

The sorority discussed the rest of the arrangements, including who would be rooming with whom. A couple of the girls opted for privacy. Michelle would have to stay with the basketball team and she had a one a.m. curfew. The committee had met with the basketball coach who could hardly deny his star player this one concession after three and a half years of committed effort. I was surprised when Kay and my name came up.

“Of course Professor David, Kay and Augie will have their own suite, courtesy of Sigma Xi!” chirped Carrie. The girls squealed as the surprise was revealed. “And my sister Allison will be there to babysit!” Carrie Starr was from Terrell Hills, a nearby suburb of San Antonio. Kay seemed to be excited about the chance to spend a night in San Antonio.

“There was one small detail I may have forgotten to explain,” admitted Carrie. “The hotel insisted we have our faculty sponsor present for the entire time we are at the hotel.” Now I understood why the sorority had sprung for the hotel room and babysitter. Without Kay & I, the Snow Ball would have to be held at a different venue.

Over the next five weeks, I had sex only with my wife, but I did have some serious petting sessions with both Kristen and Michelle. Kristen wanted to know all the details of my liaisons with Michelle, but I refused to discuss them. My rule about no sex in the office was in serious danger of being violated. I hadn’t figured out a way to get either girl alone long enough to really enjoy them without arousing suspicion. A week before the Ball, Augie came down with an ear infection. Being nervous first parents, we took him to his pediatrician who put him on antibiotics and forbid his travel to San Antonio. I offered to stay home with him but Kay wouldn’t have it. She knew she would be worried sick about the both of us, so she insisted that I go. Instead of riding the limousine buses with the sorority girls, I decided to drive myself. Hearing about our sudden change in plans, Michelle made a bee line for my office.

“You can keep your promise on Saturday night Paul,” she said behind my mostly closed door. “I am so looking forward to getting you alone without having to worry about when you have to leave to go home.”

“What about your curfew?”

“Well, that’s the thing. I don’t really have a curfew. I talked to coach and since I am going to be with the sorority and you are going to be there to chaperone, he said it would be alright if I stay with my sisters as long as I make it to the bus for the team shoot around at 10 a.m. the next day.”

“Do any of the Sig Xis know.”

“No, I guess it slipped my mind,” she grinned mischievously. “Maybe I wanted to be in two places at once or a third place altogether with the man I love and who is going to teach me so many wonderful things.”

“He is one lucky fellow.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

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