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I love her
Ms. Baker was not exactly what anyone would call smoking hot. None of the boys ever thought of her in any other way other then just another teacher, but I was different she was just wonderful. Her figure was not what you call an hourglass figure, she was pretty tall I’d say 5’11 and pretty skinny with big eyes a oddly shaped nose, she was probably a 38C, but the best thing was her smile it was breath taking. She had probably been teaching at my grammar school as long as I had been alive. She was probably 40 when I was in eighth grade, so I was like 14-15; she was old enough to be my mom.

I had never ever imagined that I would ever have any kind of sexual feeling for her. My class had been split in half, and well it was the smart kids and then the average kids. My group was a smart bunch of kids that always wanted a challenge and Ms. Baker was able to give us one.

The whole thing start when my friends and I (bunch of horny teenagers), start taking dirty and pervertedly about certain teachers. Seeing how Ms. Baker was our teacher for most of our classes, naturally she was the one to top our list. I was the lucky person who got the chance to be “involved” with her in our little sex driven make believe world. At first, I had thought nothing of it, just making a few jokes and memories with my friends, it was just a phase, so I thought.

After a few months or so, I began constantly thinking of Ms. Baker. I just thought it was just the stupid thoughts my friends had put in my head, but then I could not get them out of my head. I began constantly talking about her; every little thing about her fascinated me. I started having constant hard-ons, just thinking of her, god I just wanted to fuck her pussy so badly. The worst part is I did not even know how she felt, true I always talked to her, and she was nice to me, but she never gave any hints.

I had always perceived her as a person that followed the rules, and kept her private and school life completely separate, maybe that is why I was drawn to her. From what I knew and had found out she was an independent woman, did whatever she wanted. She left a lot for a person to ponder upon; she was a challenge, one that I was aching to solve.

I always was bad at math, and surprisingly Ms. Baker was my math teacher. I would make any excuse to go back to the class just so I could get some one on one time with her, she did not seem to mind, and I loved it. I was easily one of her favorites, and sometimes she could not stand me, it was a love-hate relationship.

We used to have these little subject nights at our school, like science night to display our science projects to parents and students, history night to do the same for our history projects, and so forth. We always had math night in May. Ms. Baker was in charge of math night, and always made her students help out, in anyway possible. Of course, this year I wanted to help out as much as possible and even try to be one of the last kids left to leave, so I could talk to her yet again. My friends and I were fortunate enough to be the kids to be asked to clear the gyms of the tables and put things back to where they belonged. There were probably a few teachers left including Ms. Baker, and just three kids. One of my friends had to leave because her dad was picking her up. So then, it was just me and my other friend left.

Unexpectedly it had started to rain hard outside and seeing how it was May and hot, easily became overly humid. It took us about 30 minutes to clear out the tables and put all the chairs away, by that time there were just three people left, Ms. Baker, my friend, and I. It was overly hot and we were all very hot. While we had been putting away the chairs, she had subtly pulled me aside and whispered in my ear, the best news I could not have imagine to hear, she just simply said,

“I want to talk to you in the class after everyone is gone.”

My heart probably skipped a few hundred beats as well as my dick becoming instant stiff, but I kept a straight face, and kept on working. When my friend and I were leaving through the main entrance, I made a quick excuse that I had left my CD player in the school somewhere and it might take me a few minutes or so to get it, so he could just leave. Thankfully, he agreed without arguing about it, and I was left to alone to find out what exactly Ms. Baker wanted.

As I walked through the hall, it was somewhat dark, because the main lights had been switch off, just a few were left open for anyone left to be able to move around and leave. The entire walk to her room seemed like an eternity, my mind was racing with thoughts, like why she had asked me to stay, was I in trouble, was this the day I was going to find out how she felt? My dick was aching to be release from the confines of my boxers. As I turned the corner, there was just one light open in the hall and I knew it was Ms. Baker room, I knew she was in there waiting for me.

I stood outside the door for a minute or so, deciding whether or not I should go in or just run for it. I heard her shuffling some papers inside, so I knew she was in there. I still do not know today, what compelled me to knock on that door, that one knock that changed my whole life.

“Come in, Anthony”, I heard Ms. Baker call out.

I stepped in, and there she was just standing there, she had a big smile on her face, almost devilish looking, but I did not care I just melted away. I just stood there staring at her, I did not know what to say or do, and I just stood there. She giggled and walked over, I though she was going to stop right in front of me, but she walked right passed me slightly brushing my hard-on, I was in heaven. She looked outside into the hall and closed the door. I like an idiot I just stood there, I was glued to that spot, my throat was completely dry, I had butterflies in my stomach, it might have been the humidity but I was starting to feel a little light head. While she had been at the door she had closed the lights, and the only visible light was the streetlights pouring in through the window.

The fact that the lights had just been turned off, snapped me back to reality, and I quickly turned around. Before I knew what was happening, Ms. Baker grabbed me by the shoulders and quickly shoved me up against the white board. I could barely make out her face, the streetlight was reflecting in my face. She leaned in and whispered something into my ear.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this, I know you’ve been waiting just as long, I’ve seen it in your eyes, the way you ache for me, GOD I WANT YOU!!”

It took a moment to process this in my head, I was speechless, and my mind was racing back and forth. I managed to call out her name:

“Ms. Baker?”

She looked into my eyes, I knew what I was about to do was wrong but at this point I didn’t care, the heat, the passion, the aching had completely taken over my senses. I just leaned my head into her, and our lips connected. It was like magic, her lips were so soft against my lips, her fragrance filled my senses and I was completely intoxicated by it. I pulled away; with whatever non-sexual driven sense I had, and waited to see if she wanted to go through with this. She showed no resistance, so I kissed her again, with more forced, she slowly opened her mouth and our tongues entwined together; we kissed for what seemed to be hours. I was in heaven, my every fantasy was being fulfilled, and I had Ms. Baker to thank.

My hand began to wonder explore her body, I slowly slide my hand down her backside, and lightly squeeze her arse. I turned her around, and pushed her against the board. She just looked at me, with a lust in her eyes that was driving me crazy. I kissed her for a moment or two while trying to unbutton her blouse, and slowly slid it off her shoulders. She was wearing a white lacy bra, and I grabbed her right breast and slowly kneaded it. She moaned at my touch and I could feel her nipple poking through the fabric. I could feel my dick stir in between my legs, and I was aching for it to be relieved, but first I wanted her to cum as if she had never cummed before. I began kissing her neck, and lightly bite on her ear lobe, making her giggle. I worked my way down her chest planting little kisses down her stomach, and then licked her back up again. She sharply inhaled when I licked up her stomach. I kissed her one last time, as I picked her up and walked to the back of the room, to her desk. Seeing I was more built then she was, I had no problem carrying her. She had obviously been prepared for this, because there was not anything on her desk, just a blanket had been laid out.

There were a few unlit candles, she had put near her desk, and I took the liberty to light like five or six of them. She just sat on the desk silently watching me, light the candles. For a second or two I got lost in just looking at her, and burned my finger with the match. She quickly took my finger and sucked on it, this wait was driving me crazy, all I wanted to do was to stick my dick up in her pussy, but I restrained my-self. She pulled me to her and began taking off my t-shirt, which was half soaked from all the heat. She marveled at my muscles and six-pack, and began licking my nipples, and tugging on my nipple piercing. I had been with girls before, but this was different, this was not just easy fuck, I wanted to make love to her.

Ms. Baker had gotten of the desk and made me sit down while she gave me a raunchy strip tease. She slowly removed her bra and gave me my first glimpse of her breast, gosh they were great. I was about to grab them and suck on them, but I waited until she finished her strip tease. She then took my hands and placed them on her sides, and told me to take her skirt off; I did not waste a second, and yanked them off, revealing a white lacy thong to match her bra. I almost came in my pants right there, but it killed me to stop myself. I grabbed her and kissed her again, with an urgency she sensed, because she started to unbuckle my pants, and pulled of them off. She got on her knees and my boxers were the only thing between my dick and her face. She rubbed my shaft through my boxers, and all I could do was moan. She slowly took my boxers off, and gasped when she saw my dick.

It is not as if my dick was long, it was only 8 inches but it was thick. Ms. Baker grabbed it but could not fit her fingers around the entire thing. My precum covered my entire head, and she lightly licked the tip, sending shockwaves through my body, I wanted to cum so badly but my body did not allow me. She licked on the underside of my shaft, and sucked on my balls, while pumping my shaft with her hand. I had to lean against the table because I had completely lost all feeling in my legs. She then took my entire dick into her mouth on the first try. I lightly grabbed her head and she began bobbing back and forth slowly at first and then fast. I was completely lost in lust. We were both moaning, when I felt my orgasm build, I was barely able to tell her that I was going to cum, but she had sensed my dick get bigger in her mouth and kept on going. I was completely surprised that she was going to eat my cum, when most of the girls I had been with were not very pleased to give me a blowjob in the first place.

With one final grunt, I released all my seeds into her mouth. She just kept on sucking, I heard her gag a few times, but she managed to swallow most of my cum, while some leaked down her chin. She sucked ever last drop of come out, before getting up and watching me regain my senses. You would think after a blowjob like that I would not have anything left, but I surprised both myself and Ms. Baker and was hard in a flash. I grabbed her and laid her on the edge of the table. I got on top of her, knelt down, and took her left nipple in my mouth, and began sucking and licking on her nipple. I used one hand to balance myself on top of her and the other to play with her right breast. Ms. Baker began to moan like crazy and squirmed around a bit. I kept on sucking on her nipples and took one hand and placed it on her pussy, she froze for a second, and I slowly took off her thong and began running my hand up and down her pussy.

She was so wet that I was easily able to slip my fingers into the folds of her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her pussy and slowly slid two of my fingers into her fuck hole. She moaned loudly and arched her back to allow me deeper access. I tried my best to pump my fingers back and forth while still sucking on her breast. She began calling out my name:

“OH ANTHONY! Yes that’s it fuck me, fuck your slutty teacher, Anthony make me cum!”

I was more then happy to oblige, and moved down, off the desk and solely began finger fucking her faster and faster. I began rubbing her clit with my other hand; she could not take this and began cuming profusely, I could feel her pussy milking my fingers, and I kept on pumping them in and out, causing her to have multiple orgasms. I fingered her through her entire orgasm, and I was rewarded with fingers soaked in her juices. Instead of licking my fingers, I spread her juices all over her nipples, and then sucked them clean. Boy, did she taste great and with that, I moved my head in between her legs. From the candlelight, I was able to make out her glistening swollen lips, and her juices leaking down her ass. I slowly kissed my way down her inner thigh, and I could smell her pussy, and I did not want to waste anymore time I needed to taste that pussy. I slowly licked her starting at her ass hole and going all the way up to her clit, she tasted great I knew I would be forever hooked.

I kept sliding my tongue up and down the entire length of her pussy, and occasionally stuck my tongue inside of her. I made sure I came close to her clit, but never touched it with my tongue; I was saving that for last. Ms. Baker was close to cuming seeing how she was giving off a lot of pre cum, which I did not mind. I reached for one of her breast and began massaging her nipple, between my thumb and index finger. This was too much for her and she arched her back and screamed pretty loud, thankfully, there was know one in school. I quickly took her clit in my mouth and began sucking like crazy, which send her into multiple orgasms again. I kept on sucking until she was somewhat calm, and began licking up all of her juices that had began leaking down her pussy. My entire mouth and chin were covered in her juices.

I got up and slowly picked her up and laid her properly on the table, and positioned her legs on either side of me. I leaned down and kissed her once before asking,

“Are you sure?”

She grabbed the back of my neck and lightly brought my face down to her, and whispered,

“ I love you”

This took me by surprise, and I just stared at her face. She lifted her head and lightly kissed me, and smiled her breathtaking smile. That was all the encouragement I needed, I slowly pushed my dick past the folds over her pussy lips and fully into her pussy. We simultaneously moaned, her walls just engulfed my penis. To this day, I never felt so blissfully happy. I just stayed there for a minute or two for the both of us to get comfortable, and to absorb the sheer enjoyment of it all. I was slow at first just letting her pussy get used to the size, and trying to make this the most magical sex either of us had ever had. I fully pulled out five or six times and drove it back in, making her gasp. I kept a slow rhythm so she could pick up the rhythm as well. Neither of us were in a rush, we both wanted this to last as long as possible.

I leaned down to kiss her a few times, and then I started to go faste. Ms. Baker began meeting my every thrust with her own. The only sound was the rain outside, and my balls slapping against her ass. I started pistoning in and out of her at a pace that surprised me. I looked down at her face and her eyes were closed but she had a smile on her face that was indescribable.

I kept going faster and faster, she began moaning repeatedly. I could feel her juices running down my balls, and with one final thrust I exploded inside of her, she climaxed at the same time, and it felt like the time had just stop, like there were only to people in the world, me and her.

She opened her eyes and smiled her beautiful smile.


2006-06-03 21:41:18
“OH ANTHONY! Yes that’s it fuck me, fuck your slutty teacher, Anthony make me cum!”

I was more then happy to oblige, and moved down, off the desk and solely began finger fucking her faster and faster. I began rubbing her clit with my other hand; she could not take this and began cuming profusely, I could feel her pussy milking my finger


2006-04-22 08:17:55
y with a ugly teacher u dumbass, find a hot class mate!


2006-03-18 14:37:07
Good Shit Nigga


2006-02-26 04:23:06
Awesome. 10/10.


2006-02-25 01:21:07
Oh my gosh this sotry was excellent. It reminded me of an experience like this I had with someone. It made my pussy wet too....

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