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This a real True story I hope this give you the wet dreams I have had.

The first time I met Bobbie was when I went to fix her computer at her home. She older
married woman and she was so hot. She was wearing a tight low cut top and white lace bra
that cradled her stunning milky white tits with her magnificent cleavage. She had long
legs and tight body and the softest shapely arse I had ever scene. Her short shirt had
a split up the side that gave me a peek at creamy thighs.

After spending several hours restoring her computer and trying not to get caught
looking at her tits, she paid me. Then she gave me a kiss the gave an instant hard on
like I have never had before. I thought I was going to cum in my pants right there. I
had to find a secluded place on the way home to masturbate because she made me so horny.

It was about 6 months before we crossed paths again. The computer was playing up but I
had to go her husbands office this time. It turned out her old man was screwing anything
that wore a skirt while she was running the office but she didn't know. On this particular
day, her husband and his 18yr old assistant were supposedly with clients across town. In
fact they were at her apartment fucking their brains out.

When I arrived there wasn't any problem with the computer, what she wanted was someone to
talk to because her old man had not made love to her for many months. After a lot of chit
chat about the weather and so on she turned to me asked

"Is their anything wrong with me, you can be honest".

I replied "why do you ask ?

She replied "Well, my husband has lost all interest in making love "
"There was time when we made love 3 and 4 times a day. Lately he is always
to tired or got work to finish."

Well this really got my attention. She was wearing a short skirt, no bra
and tight fitting top that really showed off her stunning tits and made her nipples hard
and erect. Her outfit made me so hard which I hoped see would not notice.

I replied before I even thought about was I was going to say and said

"If it was me, I would make love to you until I dropped in my tracks"

To my embarrassment I then realized what I had said. I started to think I was just about
to get my face slapped when she walked up to took my face in her hands and gave me another
mind blowing kiss and the said

"You are so sweet".

Well the computer was fine and I had other calls to make and she gave another big kiss when
she paid me. That night masturbated 5 times fantasying about screwing Bobby. I was another two
weeks before I got another call from Bobby. She was in the office and the computer was down
again. Just the thought of seeing her again gave me hard on. By the time I got to office
I was about ready to cum in my pants. I keep saying to myself that nothing is going to
happen she's married.

Well I went up stairs to the office, there was no receptionist and heard crying coming from
the office. When I entered the office Bobby was sitting on the couch crying. Not wanting to
intrude I said

"If this a bad time I can come back later"
and she replied
"Please don't go I don't want to be alone. Could you have a look at the
arsehole of a computer again".

As before there was nothing wrong. I asked what the problem was and she said it is expense
files are gone again. Well I had a close look and found they all hand been deleted. So I
Recovered them and Bobby started going through them. While she was doing so she said

"That arsehole" and "You fucking arsehole"
with tears streaming down her face. When see finished she turned to me said

"I am sorry and I had better explain, I came into work today, now I don't
normally come in today but I needed the expense reports for the accountant.
Well I caught my fucking cheating husband fucking the receptionist on my desk.
We had the no holds bared fight of all time. It turns out that he had got
the receptionist pregnant. We have been trying for years to get pregnant
and he knocks up that slut. He was trying to tell me it just happened, the
expense records show he has been going to the motel down the road for months to
fuck her. No wonder he is always tired or has work to do. Well I kicked him out. "

Well she slumped down on the couch and started to cry. I sat down beside her and tried to
comfort her. She put her head on my shoulder and she put her arms around my neck. I took her
into my arms and held her close. She turned to me and said

" You are so sweet"

and kissed me like never before and this time I could not hold back and started kissing
her back. For the next 30 minutes we made out like teenagers on prom night. I caressed
her form and her arse then I got game and started to fondling her right tit. She did
not object and when I moved my hand away she said

"Please don't stop, I love to have my tits fondled and it has been so long"

Well I undid the zip in the back of her dress all way down to her arse. Then I unhooked her
bra. I could hardly wait to see her tits and suck her nipples. Then I started to ease her
out of her dress by taking down her shoulder straps to give access to her stunning tits.
They were perfect and I reached into her bra and cupped her right tit and started teasing
her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It drove her wild and she tried run her tongue
down my throat.

I felt her nipple become harder and more erect. I longed to suck them. She them let out
a huge moan of pleasure. She took her tongue out of my throat and said

"Please lock the office door I don't want some to walk in on us. I want you
to fuck me and don't stop."

So I got up and looked the door. I had such a hard on that I could hardly walk. I locked
the door and when I went back to where she was standing. She droped her dress and bra on
the floor to show off her firm 36C tits and her big hard erect nipples. Her panties were
clearly a wash and she wanted fucking so bad.

I took here arms and finally got to suck her nipples, they swelled between my lips as I
sucked them. They were so sweet and sucking them made her moan with pleasure. Then she
put her head back and said

"Fuck me, don't stop I am coming"

then let out this huge moan as she had first orgasm for a very long time.

" It has been so long and you are so hot"

I went back to kissing and fondling her tits and arse as she stripped off my shirt and
pants. I kicked my shoes then held her close in just my jocks. Her tits were firm by soft and so
warm as she pressed hard against me. I pushed her back against her desk and started sucking her nipples again and they swelled even more as I sucked and she she let out long


as I continued. Then said cried

" Fuck Me I am cuming again, I am so wet. Fuck me please I can't wait any longer "

I put my hands under her arse and lifted on the desk and removed her panties. She was so wet
and I wanted to go down on her so bad, I buried my face in hottest wettest pussy I had
every tasted. The lips of her pussy where puffed and so sweet and clit was swollen. I teased
and licked the lips of her pussy and sucked her clit for all I was worth and she moaned with
pleasure and very quickly she came again with a

" Ohhhhhh You sadistic bastard I am cuming again !"

But did no stop and started probing her pussy with my tongue and before she had recovered
from last orgasm she came again longer and stronger than before. I went back to kissing
with pussy juice all over my face.

" I have never been fucked like this before "
I replied
" I am only getting started, Iwant to see how many times I cam make you cum "

She licked my face and kissed me while I slipped two fingers in to pussy and put my thumb on her
clit and finger fucked her to another massive orgasm. She creamed her pussy and let out a moan
that would have just about brought the house down. I thought the neighbours would come and
investigate the moaning.

She then begged my for my cock.

" I want to fill me with hot cum, fuck me fick me now "

as she leaned back on her arms on the desk and opened her legs wide. Well that was music to
my ears, my cock was so hard that it just about ripped a hole in my jocks which I discarded
very quickly. I took my cock and slowly inserted in to her creamy wet pussy. She was tight
and moaned and groaned as I slowly fucked and penetrated her pussy even more deeply. When
I finally started rubbing her cervix with the head of cock until she let out a

" A Fucking hell " as she had yet another orgasm.

I fucked her fast and slow and she came and came again and then I came. My balls nearly
exploded as I filled her pussy with my hot cum. But I was horny and that I did not go limp.
I wanted more and continued fucking and pressed deeper so that the head of my cock rubbed
her cervix. It made me come again and she came as well. I just about fainted I came so hard.

She looked up at me and said

"Come here so I can suck you cock."

She slipped off the desk, pulled me around and start to give me my first head job. She
licked and sucked my cock until I just about passed out with pleasure. I though I was going
to loose my mind with pleasure. I came again in her mouth and she sucked up every last drop
and enjoyed thoroughly.

We both went back to the couch and I took her in my arms and kissed her. She said

"I need that so much. It had been so long since I have been fucked. But I have
never been fucked like this and especially not from that arsehole of a husband"

I looked at bobby and replied

"You are such a stunningly beautiful woman and you have the most delicious body.
I have never wanted to make love anyone as much as I wanted to make love to you.
I have fantasized about make love to you since the first day I saw you. That day
after you kissed I thought I was going to cum in my pants. I had to
masturbated after leaving you because I was so horny I could not see straight.
But it does not compare to you. That was the most incredible sex I have every
had. I though I was going to pass out with on several occasion"

She replied
"You are so sweet, I considered my self lucky to a have an orgasm. You made me
come so many times I lost count and they were so intense and last so long I thought
I was going to die. My whole body is still tingling and your touch is electric.
Well, you don't have to fantasize and more."

Then she started kissing me again. We were both exhausted and took more than an hour before
I helped her back into her bra and dress. I kept her panties to remind me of her and give
the opportunity to see her again. We left the office together and watched her drive off home.

Needless to say This was only the beginning. But that is another story.


2006-02-03 21:47:07
good...good...good!not the best i've read...not the worst...gotta work on ur grammar though...i'll give it a 8/10


2006-01-16 05:26:39
Hey, Doc, where in the world were you when they gave English grammar lessons in school? "their" instead of "there," and the list goes on and on. Ruined the whole story for me. 4/10 says the dick slapper.

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