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For that entire summer, my cousin Jess was staying with us. Her parents were divorced (as were mine) and she lived with her mom (as did I), but she lived in California and I lived in Pennsylvania. Her mom was going to have to travel alot that summer to try and earn a promotion, and most of Jess's friends would be away that summer. I was 15 that summer, and so was Jess.
Jess was almost always smiling and giggled, but also she tended to cry at the end of Disney movies. She seemed to be completely ignorant to the idea of sexual pleasure. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. Well, I guess it was more of a suprisingly pleasent awakening, like sleeping in late on a snow day.
She was a stunning creature. At 15 she seemed to almost be a woman. She had wavy brown hair that came to her shoulders, but would have reached much further straightened. She had the huge tits that ran in my family. It seemed that she had the perfect amount of fat on her, enough to give her you seductive curves, enough to make her warm to the touch, but it was as thought god had meticulously placed each cell, leaving no space lacking and none with excess. As a younger teen she had suffered from acne, but now her face, in fact, her whole body, was covered in smooth fair skin. She was neither tall, nor short.
As if she wasn't attractive enough, the fact that she was my own cousin, and that I had such incestious thoughts, just aroused me further.
The paticular day this story speaks of was on the first Thursday she was with us. My mom was out to work (she worked every weekday from 10-6). We decided to go out in the woods behind our house. It was a preety large forest, with most of the volume lying behind our house. This made it so our house was relatively close to the rest of the houses around. Jess didn't have any nearby forests were she lived, and she always loved to go in ours when she was over.
She wore a white tank (white no bra, I would later discover) and a pair of absurdly short and tight, jean cut offs. I told her it was nothing to be going in the woods in, but she protested that she would rather scrap her legs than be all stuffed up as I was. I had on a t-shirt, and a plaid button up shirt over top with a pair of jeans.
We wondered through the forest, with Jess occaionally handing me rocks to store in my pockets, as hers were to small to be functionable. We found some fallen sticks of hard wood to serve as walking sticks. Soon we came upon the creek that ran through the wood. It was fairly deep for a stream and down stream there was a pool that wasn't quite big enough to literally swim in, but large enough to take a dip in. Even better was that I had never found a leech on me in all my years playing in it, and the water wasn't crystal clear, but still clear for a pool in the middle of a forest. Soon we were at that vary pool.
Jess was standing on the top rocks on the little waterfall that fed the pool.
"I'm going to laugh when you fall in." I teased.
"I'm not going to f--." At that moment she began to pin wheel her arms, groping for balance, and then flopped into the water. I, as promised, began to laugh. After all, she had missed any surrounding rocks by a long shot. Either way, I asked if she was ok, when she came up and she said she was.
"It feels kind of good. You should come in."
"That's ok. Mabye another time." I said with a laugh. She bathed in the water for a minute, keeping her body beneath the water and then I helped her out. The first thing I noticed when she was out of the pool was there her nipples were hard and I could see most of the surrounding areolae. How she could go bra-less with such large tits was beyond me, but with the way they looked, they seemed to defy gravity. Well, as best as any breast can. She was human after all. From what I could tell, she had light brown areolae about the size of a half dollar. My guess would be confirmed in a moment.
She seemed to not notice how her nipples stood out, or mabye she just didn't care. "Man, I'm all wet now."
I can't tell you how much of a sucker I am for sexy girls. "Well you can wear my socks back. I would offer my shoes, but I don't think were close enough sizes to swap. And you can wear my long sleeve back too."
"Really!? You're so nice Max. I would hug you if I wasn't all wet."
I gave her my socks and then handed her my shirt.
"Hang on," she said.
She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She peeled the wet thing off, her huge tits bouncing into place after it was removed. Her nipples were just as I guess, but even better to see fully nude. Here tits were as perkyand round as they came, and just as unblemished as the rest of her. She put my shirt on, and buttoned it from the bottom up, giving me even longer to gaze upon her heavenly globes.
"Ok, lets head back." She said, as though nothing had happened.
We walked on towards home. I tried to act as normal as possible, but seeing the tits of a godess, on my cousin no less, had been quite exciting. All I could think of was how I could manage to see them again. Or mabye even more.
Then I realized I had to pee quite bad. I might have been able to make it home, but there was no point really when I could just do it there. I told Jess I had to pee and turned away. I pulled out my mostly flacid memeber (it had been hard, but had settled down) and let my bladder go. In a moment, a stream of yellow liquid was splashing on the leaves. I was about half way done when I realized Jess was watching me.
"Wha...what are you doing?" I stammered, realizing in retrospect that I should shut my mouth and let this vixen have her way. Especially when it came to anything sexual.
"Oh, I'm sorry!" She said, genuinely distressed. "I've just never seen a penis before really, especially not in real life, and I've defintely never seen a guy pee before."
"It's ok. You just startled me." It really was ok. It kind of turned me on, having my cousin watch me piss. "You can watch me pee anytime," I added as a joke, but hoped she would take the offer up.
She just winked at me and watched me finish up. We hadn't walked more then ten yards when she said she had to pee too, and I could watch if I wanted. I said sure, that I had never seen a girl pee before, and in honesty, had never seen a vagina in real life. She slid her shorts and panties down to her kness and squatted with her back against a tree.
"You" I wasn't sure if she would get mad if I called it a pussy, or else wise.
"Why wouldn't you? It's so much more comfortable!" I wasn't sure she knew any other reason to shave your pubic area. "Man, I'm going to pee all over my shorts...not that they aren't already wet. I bet you can't even see though!"
I tried to tell her the view was fine, but before I could she threw her shorts and panties aside and spread her legs even wider. "I don't want to pee on myself!" she said and then giggled. I had a perfect view off her cute little slit. A trickle began and then she shot a stream forth from her pussy. I watched as my cousin spewed golden piss from her adorable organ. She mantained the stream for minutes, emptying a probably full bladder. My cock grew larger and larger as each second passed. She finished releiving herself and got dressed again. We headed home. I don't know about her but it was one of the best days of my life. Luckily that wasn't even the begining of our sexual exploration that summer.

Part Two on the way.

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why do we get so turned on by watching someone pee? When I was young my female cousin and I would pee for each other when there was no one around. I would wipe her when she finished and sometimes she would let me rub her pussy. We were young so I don't know if she came or not. I also had a male cousin that would play this game. i would put his tiny dick in my mouth when he finished. we did this for two or three years til I guess we grew out of it. i still love watching people piss.


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