A story of love, lust, and technology gone wrong...
Some notes before beginning the story...

Anything in Italics is either someone's thoughts or someone's fantasy. Obviously, ANYTHING c an happen in a character's fantasy....

Also, this is a wok of FICTION, and, as such, just about anything can, and probably will, happen, including oversized genitalia an the apparent ease with which said genitalia can enter partners' holes.

In later chapters, the viewpoint can jump around a little. This is because things are happening in two locations at the same time, and both sides need to be told. Please bear with the story as written.

Now, on to part two.....

* * * * *

The Players:

Katherine Banks (Kat): A non-descript, plain, short, no-figure, Coke-bottle-bottom glasses, very horny, 25-year-old, VERY sexually imaginative woman. Virgin because no one has wanted to take her virginity away. Also a MMA Champion in four weight classes, including Heavyweight. She weighs about 100 pounds, soaking wet.

Caleb Whitaker (Cal): Kat's male counterpart. Similar story. Doesn’t know any martial arts. Had a MAJOR crush on Angela Newman.

Peter: Kat’s favorite vibrator; also Cal's Avatar

Angela: Kat's Avatar.

Angela (Angie) Newman: Kat's Best Friend Forever, and Cal's elementary school days crush. She also had a crush on Cal that lasted through her Senior Year in High School. At 25, she still thinks about him occasionally.

Susan Simmons: A tech at the Finkelman Cyberspace Research Center (FCRC); has the hots for Cal and Paul Brighton.

Melanie: Susan's Avatar. Wants to take Cal’s virginity.

Paul Brighton: A tech at the FCRC. Has the hots for Kat and BIG TIME for Susan.

Simon: Paul's Avatar. Also has the hots for Susan and Kat.

Keith Jenson: A tech at the FCRC where Angela Newman lives. Really likes fucking her.

Jack: Keith's Avatar. Can't get enough of Angela Newman.

Let the story of love, lust, and technology gone wrong begin....

* * * * *

Katherine was thinking about Caleb and what had happened at the Laundromat. She couldn’t believe that her massive orgasm was triggered by a real man. She started to feel pretty… sexy, even. Then she dismissed those thoughts. She could never pass for sexy, not after being friends with Angela. Angela personified sexuality; shoulder length, wavy blonde hair; electric blue eyes; impish smile; 48GG-25-35 figure; 5-feet-10-inches tall; long, shapely legs; tight ass; hot pussy. Angela couldn’t get enough sex; at least, not in college. Katherine wasn’t sure if Angela settled down. When they met, Angela was sad because she had lost her best friend, a boy that didn’t seem to care she was about 10 years older physically than she should be. He just liked her, and she liked him.

Katherine looked up Angela’s number; she hadn’t talked to Angela in a year, so she hoped Angela’s number wasn’t out of date. She dialed.


“Angie? It’s Kat. I need to talk.”

“KAT???? What took you so long to call??? I mean, e-mail’s fine, but I like to hear the voices of my friends…”

“Angie… I met a man. He…”

“Kat, you can’t be kidding me! That’s GREAT!!! What’s his name? What does he look like? Do I know him? Would he like to fuck me? Would I like to fuck HIM? Tell me TELL ME TELL ME!!!”

“Slow down, Angela!! His name is Caleb; he’s sort of plain; I think you might know him; of course he’d like to fuck you, who wouldn’t; I don’t think you’d want to fuck him, though.”

“Oh, I see… you want him all to yourself… wait… you said I MIGHT know him? Caleb… Caleb… Caleb… short, skinny, stringy hair, thick glasses, last name Whitaker?”

“Yes. No; kind of pudgy. Balding. Thick glasses, like mine. Yes.”

“Do you remember that day in senior year of high school when I had you take those nude photos of me? I sent those to Cal Whitaker. I wanted him in me SSSOOOOO BAAAAAAAAD!!!!”

DAMN! thought Katherine. I bet she’s fingering her cunt right now. “That was a long time ago, Angie. How could it be the same guy?”

“Kat; you never forget your first crush. And he’s fueled a few fantasies of mine…”

“Well, I need your advice, Angie. I don’t know what to do! I’ve never had a man so much as look at me, let alone actually talk to me. And I had to run off to the bathroom because he triggered a whale of a fantasy for me!”

“Good thing I live 50 miles away, then, Kat. I might steal him away from you! Just kidding; I know how you feel about things like that… Hey, wait a minute! I bet you got a spam e-mail like mine! Check your in-box, and see if a Dr. Finkelman sent one out. It might be worth looking into for you. And maybe for Cal, too.”

“Thanks, Angie. I know you wouldn’t deliberately steal a guy from me. And I’ll check and see about this Dr. Finkelman. Talk with you later!!!”

* * * * *

Angela and Caleb were dancing at her cousin’s wedding reception. She liked slow dancing with Caleb. She liked holding her body close to his; he made her feel tremendously horny. She had planned on having him take her virginity tonight; maybe she would have to let him know she wanted him in “that way.”

She gently pushed his hands down to her hips, then moved them to cup her ass cheeks. She could feel his wonderment as she put her arms back around his neck and rubbed her crotch suggestively against his. He pulled her ass in closer. She kissed him gently on the cheek. He started to lift the hem of her short, tight dress. He squeezed her tight ass; she quietly moaned in his ear.

The song ended. Angela whispered, “I’ll be in room 305 in 10 minutes.” She smiled impishly at Caleb and aimed her considerable cleavage right at him.

She’s smoking hot and she wants me, thought Caleb. Maybe I should just wander up to the third floor and see if room 305 is unlocked. Caleb made his excuses to his friends and went up to his room on the fifth floor. He waited 10 minutes and then called room 305.

“Hello?” said a female voice.

“Hi. This is Caleb. Is Angela there?”

“This is Angela. Why aren’t you here?” Angela said, in a very sexual manner.

“I’ll be right down,” Caleb answered, his boner beginning to grow.

He knocked on her door; she said, “Come in. It’s unlocked.” He opened the door, and she was standing in the middle of the room, swaying slowly to some romantic music.

“Thanks for coming,” she said as she walked over to him and drew him further in to the room. She put her arms around him and began dancing slowly with him. Caleb swayed with her in time to the music. Angela looked at him; she was taller than he by about five inches, and Angela was barefoot. He wasn’t very handsome, either; his glasses took away from whatever looks he had. But he still had that goofy smile that made her feel warm and safe. And now she was feeling much more than just warm….

She kissed Caleb deeply and passionately, gently thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He returned her kiss with equal ardor. She maneuvered Caleb to the bed and made him sit on it. She turned around and started to unzip her very tight dress.

“What are you doing, Angela?” Caleb asked. “SShhh, Caleb,” Angela replied. “You’ll ruin the moment and everything.” She slowly lowered her dress, showing him that she had on no bra and very skimpy panties. She wiggled her ass at his face, let the dress drop to the floor, stepped out of the pile, and turned around, showing her 48GG tits and fully erect, inch-long nipples to him.

Caleb’s erection really grew at that sight. He was feeling very uncomfortable, sitting on her bed. Angela noticed the bulge between his legs and came over to him. She undid his belt and slipped his trousers down to his ankles. “I wanted you to notice me,” she said, “back when we were in school together. I wanted to take you someplace private and kiss you. I wanted you to kiss me.”

Caleb said, “I didn’t know. We were only 12 back then.”

“I know,” Angela replied. “That didn’t stop my feelings, though. And then, after my family left, those feelings got stronger. Now, I have a chance to show you what I wanted.”

“Please don’t think that all I ever wanted was to take your virginity and run,” said Caleb. “I would never have done that!”

“I know that too,” Angela said. “But I still wanted you to take my virginity. Has any girl done this to you, Cal?” she asked, slowly stroking Caleb’s hard-on. “Or this?” as she gently kissed and licked the head of his growing love weapon. “Or this?” as she took his penile head into her mouth and began sucking it with vacuum cleaner force.

“NNN-oooo,” Caleb moaned, wondering how he ever got into this situation. Her mouth felt so good around his penis; he had never even considered the possibility that a girl would do all that to him, let alone one as hot as Angela.

She stopped sucking him and lifted her massive chest up to wrap his cock in her tantalizing tit flesh. She began fucking her huge boobs with his cock, and he couldn’t believe how good it felt. He was soon very close to cumming, and he said as much to her. “Not yet, lover,” she purred. “I want you to take my virginity as I take yours.” She stood up, stepped back, pulled off his shoes, socks, and pants, moved in close and took off his shirt and underwear. “Now, we’re almost completely naked,” she said, smiling at him impishly. “All you have to do is divest me of my panties.” She turned around and shook her ass in his face. He saw that her panties were lacy and soaked. He couldn’t help noticing the aroma of her sex; it fired his brain and made him almost rip off her panties.

“Very good, Cal,” she purred. She pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him. “Now, here’s where we become real lovers,” she whispered as she kissed him deeply.

Cal’s erection became rock hard at that, and Angela slowly impaled herself on his weapon. She raised and lowered herself slowly until his whole length was deep within her inner recesses. “Do you like that, Caleb?” she asked. “Now, we are no longer virgins. You are having me, and I am having you.” She began bouncing up and down, her massive tits bouncing in Caleb’s face.

Cal reached up and grabbed those massive milk jugs and squeezed them gently. He pulled one nipple into his lips and sucked on it, while pinching the other one. Angela responded with a deep, throaty groan of pleasure, and sped up her rhythm. He began fucking her with the same urgency that she was fucking him. Soon, Caleb and Angela were sweaty with the exertion of their sex.

Caleb bit down hard on Angela’s nipple. “OOOHHH GOOOD!” Angela moaned. “Do that AGAIN!!” Caleb bit hard on her other nipple; Angela screamed, “OOOHHH YYEESSSSS!” and began cumming all over Caleb’s hard ramrod. Caleb pushed one last hard thrust into Angela and released his pent up passions in a torrent of man-cream. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” he screamed, and gave Angela all he had.

* * * * *

Wonder where I came up with that one? thought Angela. I’ve never before fantasized about taking Caleb’s virginity and giving him mine. I remember my cousin’s wedding; the guy I fucked wasn’t Cal, but the best man. And he was the best man… Am I supposed to go fuck Cal? She immediately dismissed that thought; Cal was her friend Kat’s man. “But, if he ever wants a gal with huge hot tits, I certainly won’t say no.” She tweaked her engorged nipples and felt it right down in her clit

* * * * *

Caleb opened his in-box and saw a message from Dr. Finkelman. Normally, Caleb junked his spam, but this time he read it:

“Hi. I’m Dr. Peter Finkelman, and my staff and I have developed a way to make computer sex more realistic and fun. We’ve gone as far as we can in the lab, and we need a few good men and women with great imaginations to continue our research. If you are interested, call our office at 1-800-555-COCK if you’re male, or 1-800-555-TITS if you’re female, and the receptionist will set up an appointment. It’s first-cum, first-served, so call right away.”

Caleb thought about it for a while, then dialed the number.

* * * * *

Katherine hung up the phone and fired up her computer. After opening her mailbox, she spied a Dr. Finkelman in her in-box. She opened the message:

“Hi. I’m Dr. Peter Finkelman, and my staff and I have developed a way to make computer sex more realistic and fun. We’ve gone as far as we can in the lab, and we need a few good men and women with great imaginations to continue our research. If you are interested, call our office at 1-800-555-COCK if you’re male, or 1-800-555-TITS if you’re female, and the receptionist will set up an appointment. It’s first-cum, first-served, so call right sway.”

Katherine thought about it for a while, then dialed the number.

* * * * *

A sexy female voice answered the phone: “Thank you for calling the Finkelman Cybersex Research Center. What are your name, age, phone number, and sexual status, please?”

“Uh, hi,” Caleb said weakly. “My name is Caleb Whitaker, I’m 25, my phone number is (707) 555-8765, and I’m…”

“Mr. Whitaker?” said the woman. “I didn’t get that last little bit.”

“I tried to say that I’m a …virgin,” Caleb said, whispering the last word.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed about, Caleb,” she said. “It actually makes you a better candidate for our test. May I call you Cal?”

“Yes, please,” Cal harrumphed into the phone.

“Thank you. Do you have an active sexual imagination, Cal?” the woman asked.

“Very active,” said Cal, wondering what was going on.

“Perfect, Cal. Can you come to our offices right away? I think you’ll be perfect for this next phase of testing.” She gave Cal an address on the East side of town. “When you arrive, ask for Susan, and say you’re case number 10001-M, all right?”

“Sure thing,” Cal said. “How much is this going to cost me?”

“Not one thin dime, Cal,” the female operator said. “Susan will explain everything. And if you’re still confused after that, ask for Melanie. She’ll show you everything.”

I hope so, Cal thought, as he went down to his car.

* * * * *

Melanie pinched her nipples through her clothes and began rubbing her pussy. She picked up the phone and dialed Dr. Finkelman. “We’ve got our first guy, Dr. He’s on his way to the East side office. If no girls call before he gets here, I want him. He’s a VIRGIN.”

“Perfect, Melanie,” said Dr. Finkelman. “I’m sure you’ll have your chance, but later.”

* * * * *

A sexy male voice answered the phone: “Thank you for calling the Finkelman Cybersex Research Center. What are your name, age, phone number, and sexual status, please?”

Katherine was taken aback. She expected the first three, but not the last. “Um, ah…“ she stammered. Katherine swallowed hard. “Let me start again,” she said, more in control of herself. “I’m Katherine Banks, 25, (707) 555-0154, and I’m a virgin.”

“ ‘Catherine’ with a ‘C’ or a ‘K’?” asked the sexy male voice.

“Uh… um... a ‘K’,” said Katherine.

“Miss Banks,” he asked, “may I call you Kathy?”

“Kat, please,” Kat said, she said, her pussy beginning to drip.

“Thank you, Kat. Do you have an active sexual imagination?” the man asked.

“Sometimes I think it’s too active,” Kat said, rubbing her nipples through her blouse, making them stand up hard.

“Perfect, Kat. Can you come to our offices right away? I think you’ll be perfect for this next phase of testing.” He gave Kat an address on the West side of town. “When you arrive, ask for Paul, and say you’re case number 10001-F, all right?”

“Sure thing. Are you Paul?” Kat inquired, hopefully.

“No, I’m not, Kat, but thanks for asking. Paul will explain everything. And if you’re still confused after that, ask for Simon. He’ll show you everything,” the sexy voice said.

“Thank you,” Kat replied. “I’ll be there shortly.” Kat hung up and rubbed her panty-covered wet pussy. Damn, but his voice is sexy! Kat thought as she ran out to her car.

* * * * *

Simon stroked his penis through his pants. He picked up the phone and dialed Dr. Finkelman. “We’ve got our first girl, Dr. She’s on her way to the West side office. She’s a virgin.”

“Perfect, Simon,” said Dr. Finkelman. “Perhaps you and Melanie can show our new guests how pleasing a foursome can be, in or out of cyberspace.”

* * * * *

Cal arrived in an industrial park on the East side. He went in and almost had a heart attack. The receptionist was almost wearing clothes, and she was built like a stripper. She turned her electrifying eyes on Cal and said, “Hello. Welcome to the Finkelman Cybersex Research Center. How may I help you?” She smiled, and Cal wished his boner would show.

“Uh…, “Cal stammered, “I’m supposed to meet with Susan? I’m, uh case number, uh…” Cal couldn’t concentrate on what he was supposed to say, she was so alluring. “Uh… case number … oh, yeah, 10001-M.” Cal finished and imagined her nude in front of him.

“Mr. Whitaker, have a seat over there and Susan will be right out,” she said, flashing that gorgeous smile at him. She gave him a business card.

He sat in the indicated seat and looked at the receptionist; 5-feet-9-inches tall, legs to her chin, tight ass, 38C-24-34, red-brown hair artfully coiffed. She smiled at him, and he looked away. He glanced at the card; “Finkelman Cybersex Research Center, where cybersex and real sex meet!” He flipped the card over: “I do, on every date. I get off 10-15 minutes after you enter me. (800) 555-FUCK” it said. He looked up, and the goddess at the desk flashed a boob at him.

Susan came in, wearing slightly less than the smoking hot receptionist. She was no slouch, either; 5-feet-11-inches tall, 42GG-25-36, sexy legs, long straight black hair, pretty face, and brown eyes that could see into your soul. “Mr. Whitaker? May I call you Cal?” Susan asked.

“Huh? What?” Cal stammered. “Oh, yeah. Cal is just fine.”

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Susan asked, indicating the receptionist.

“She’s gorgeous,” Cal drooled, his manhood seriously beginning to rise.

“She’s one of our Avatars,” said Susan. “When you’re all hooked up, you can have her.”

“She’s not REAL??” Cal’s eyebrows went up into his hairline in complete surprise.

“She’s as real as you or me, Cal. She’s the woman that answered the phone when you called. Her name is Melanie, and she’s a holographic projection that is totally tactile.”

“Wow!!” exclaimed Cal.

“‘Wow!!’ indeed, Cal,” Susan said, taking him by the hand and leading Cal to a research lab.

* * * * *

Kat arrived in an industrial park on the West side. She went in and almost creamed her panties. The receptionist was almost wearing clothes, and he was built. He turned his fascinating eyes on Kat and said, “Hello. Welcome to the Finkelman Cybersex Research Center. How may I help you?” He smiled, and Kat’s panties were soaked.

Kat swallowed hard and said, “I’m supposed to meet with Paul. My case number is 10001-F.”

“Paul will be right out, Miss Banks. Please have a seat over there.” He gave her a business card.

She sat where she was told to sit and looked at the card: “Finkelman Cybersex Research Center, where cybersex and real sex meet!” She flipped the card over: “I do, if you do. I get off 10-15 minutes after I enter you. (800) 555-4SEX” it said.

Paul came in, and Kat nearly exploded. He looked almost exactly like Peter. Kat hoped he was hung like Peter, too. “Miss Banks? May I call you Kathy?” the dream asked.

“Kat’s fine,” said Kat. “Will you sire my children? It may take a LOT of attempts to get me pregnant…”

“Do you like our receptionist?” Paul asked. Kat nodded, looking at the receptionist. “He’s one of our Avatars. When you’re all hooked up, you can have him.”

“Can I have you instead?” Kat asked, her pussy dripping juices.

“Not yet, Kat,” Paul said, and led her to a research lab.

* * * * *

“The first thing we are going to do,” said Susan and Paul, “is create an Avatar for you. Please strip and step into the resolution chamber.” Cal and Kat each did as they were bid, Cal with his miniscule hard-on, and Kat with her hard nipples and soaking wet pussy. “Raise your arms out to your sides and place your feet at least 10 inches apart.” Again, they did as they were bid. “Perfect. Now, stand as still as you can. I am activating the resolution chamber.” First, a mist filled the chamber; then a radiation wash pulsed over them. “Great. Now, slowly step out of the chamber and put on the jumpsuit.” Kat and Cal did so.

“That was perfect,” Susan said. “Have a seat. Now, we’ll fine-tune your Avatar.”

“Height of Avatar?” Cal: “6’-3”” Kat: “6’ even”

“Erection?” Cal: “Variable: 10-inch base, +2 inches if breasts bigger than 38 inches; +2 inches if cups bigger than DD; and +2 inches if taller than 5’-3”, additive; thickness ¼ of length“

“Measurements for your Avatar?” Kat: “44EE-24-36, very sensitive breasts and pussy, aureolas 6 inches across and as sensitive as my tits, nipples ¾-inch thick”

“Hair?” Cal: “Yes” Kat: “Auburn, wavy, waist-length”

“Eyes?” Cal “Brown” Kat: “Green, electrifying”

“Avatar name?” Cal: “Peter” Kat: “Angela”

“Anything special we should know?” Cal: “I can cum often and hard, sometimes four or five times in the same session, squirting twice or three times the normal amount each time.” Kat: “I squirt when I cum; about a cup and a half; and I cum really hard.”

“Okay,” said Paul, “I think we have enough. Come back tomorrow at 3:00 pm and we’ll see what we see.”

“I’ll be back,” each said, as they left. Melanie winked at Cal and flashed her tits; Simon kissed Kat’s hand.

* * * * *

Kat arrived at the West side Finkelman Cybersex Research Center about five minutes early. Simon was behind the desk, smiling grandly when Kat came in to the office. “You’re a little early,” he said in his very sexy voice. “Paul will be with you shortly.” He came around front and walked her over to a seating area. All he had on was a Speedo, and it showed a massive bulge in his crotch area.

Kat swallowed hard. “I always like to cum a little early,” she said, gazing at the crotch monster growing before her eyes. “I find it relaxing to wait a bit before an appointment.” Her nipples began to grow, and her pussy was warming up.

“Maybe we’ll see each other later,” Simon said, lightly kissing her on the lips. “Right now, here’s Paul.”

“Hello, Kat,” Paul said. “I see Simon’s been making passes at you. Or were you seducing him? It’s all right if you were; Simon is my Avatar.”

“Your Avatar?” Kat gasped in astonishment. “When do I get to meet him for real?”

“Cool your jets, Kat,” Paul laughed. “First, you need to find out how the Avatars work. Then, the sky’s the limit!” He teasingly roughed up her hair. “Come into Lab 2 with me.”

* * * * *

Cal arrived at the East side Finkelman Cybersex Research Center about five minutes early. A new receptionist was behind the desk, smiling sexily as Cal came in to the office. “You’re a little early,” she said in her extremely sexy voice. She came around front and walked him over to a seating area. All she had on was a very skimpy bikini, and it almost hid massive growths in her chest area.

Cal couldn’t help but stare. Her 46GG boobs were about to fall out of that teeny, tiny bikini top, and her bottom was looking like it was getting wet. “Uh…” Cal drooled, “where’s Melanie? And I’m here to see Susan…”

“I am Melanie, Cal,” she said, giggling. “I’m an Avatar, and I can change my appearance. Well, my human can change my appearance. Do you like it?” She wiggled her ass and chest at Cal. “And they feel real, too,” she whispered, placing Cal’s right hand on her left breast. “Squeeze it.”

Cal squeezed her boob, not even realizing it. Melanie moaned a little, and the wet spot in her bikini bottom grew a little. “I’ll see you later, Cal. We can get it on then,” Melanie said huskily, indicating a seat for Cal.

“Uh-huh,” Cal said, not believing that wasn’t a real girl.

“I see you like the new and improved Melanie, Cal,” Susan said. “She asked me to make her more sexually appealing to you.” Cal jumped. He hadn’t heard Susan come up to him; he had been daydreaming about a naked Melanie doing things to him and with him. “By the way, Cal,” Susan continued, “Melanie is my Avatar.” “Wow!” Cal replied, looking from Susan to Melanie and back to Susan. Melanie smiled and waved at Cal, her massive tits falling out of her top. Susan was wearing the same type of bikini as Melanie, and it showed off all her curves, too.

“Don’t worry about Melanie’s lack of decorum, Cal,” Susan said. “She just has the hots for our first male virgin test subject. She wants to take your virginity. And, since she is an Avatar, you would still be a virgin, because you wouldn’t have had sex with a female. Let’s get you set up in Lab 2.”

* * * * *

“First things first,” said Paul and Susan to their respective clients. “Strip down to your nothings and sit on the table.” Kat and Cal did as requested, Kat leaking a bit and Cal dripping a little, both in anticipation.

“Good. Now, lie down and put your arms out to your side and spread your feet about five inches apart,” said Susan. “I am going to put a helmet on your head. This helmet contains cranial neural connectors that will interface directly with your brain.”

“While you are in the helmet,” Paul said, “you will have direct control of your Avatar. You will control what your Avatar does. Whatever your Avatar sees, you will see. Whatever your Avatar feels, you will feel. EVERYWHERE. Here in the Lab, you will only be connected for 30 minutes at a time. If things work well here, you will be paid by receiving a full hookup in your home, at absolutely no expense to you, ever.”

“From your home unit, you will be able to connect with our labs and interface with any willing Avatar,” Susan continued. “I will caution you that we here at FCRC have determined that a two-hour limit should be used in the home units. I realize that that could cramp your style, especially if you like to have long sessions with your natural partners.”

“You could literally lose yourself to your Avatar,” said Paul. “Please observe the limits on your home units. Are there any questions?”

Cal: “So, what my Avatar feels, I will feel? And what my partner’s Avatar feels, she will feel?”

Kat: “Will I actually feel his Avatar’s penis in my pussy?”

Susan answered, “Exactly, Cal. Your Avatar will make her cum, and her Avatar will make you cum. You will be having real sex with a cyberspace partner. ”

Paul replied, “Yes, Kat. You will feel his penis in your pussy. You will be having real sex with a cyberspace partner. And afterwards, you will still be a virgin because you will not have been penetrated by a real male penis.”

Cal and Kat: “Wow. All the sex, none of the risk. Except for time, of course.”

“Correct,” Paul and Susan said together. “I am now placing the helmet in position. Please lie down.”

Kat and Cal lied down, arms out to the side, feet about five inches apart, helmets secured to their heads. “Ready,” they said.

“Connecting to computer and neural networks…” Susan said.

“… Connection established,” said Paul.

* * * * *

All became dark. A sexy male voice sounded in her ear: “Angela, can you hear me? Say yes if you can.”

“Yes,” Angela said.

“You are in Limbo right now, Angela. Think of a place; I would suggest your bedroom. That place will appear around you. Then, imagine what you want, and you will do it.”

“Paul, is that you?” Angela asked, apprehensively.

“Yes, Angela. I am unhooking from the network. You have 30 minutes from now…” The voice went silent.

* * * * *

All became dark. A sexy female voice sounded in his ear: “Peter, can you hear me? Say yes if you can.”

“Yes,” Peter said.

“You are in Limbo right now, Peter. Think of a place; I would suggest your bedroom. That place will appear around you. Then, imagine what you want, and you will do it.”

“Susan, is that you?” Peter asked, apprehensively.

“Yes, Peter. I am unhooking from the network. You have 30 minutes from now…” The voice went silent.

* * * * *

Angela walked towards the door of her bedroom and turned the light on. It was just like her apartment! She went into her bathroom and turned on the light, there. She closed the door, closed her eyes, turned around to face the full-length mirror, and opened her eyes slowly. She couldn’t believe what she saw; the reflection was incredibly beautiful and sexy; full, heavy 44EE tits; beautiful face; electric green eyes; full, kissable lips. She reached up and cupped her tits; she felt a twinge in her nipples. She reached down and felt her mound; it was wet, and warm. This was she, in all her imagined beauty and sexual appeal.

She ran to her dresser and opened her undies drawer; lacy and sheer bras and matching panties; bras with nipple cutouts, their matching panties crotchless. She opened her closet and found evening gowns, cocktail dresses, sun dresses, strapless numbers, and tight, short, slinky dresses with tiny straps.

“Well,” she said, “I’m here to get laid, so let’s go for it!” She chose a form-fitting, light blue, low-cut number with spaghetti straps, and a crotchless panty to go with it. She also found a pair of light blue, one-inch heels that matched perfectly. She quickly got dressed and thought of a place to go; the Laundromat.

* * * * *

Peter walked over to his bedroom door and turned on the light. He looked down and saw a ripped body, and an impressive package at his crotch. “I wonder what I have to wear?” he said, going over to his dresser and opening his underwear drawer. There were several Speedo-type briefs, several boxers, and all his size. He opened up his closet and found a couple of suits, casual slacks, dress and casual shirts, shoes to match each outfit.

“Well,” he said, “I hope she likes it. I know I do!!” He chose a nice, casual suit, and no underwear. He also found a pair of shoes that matched perfectly. He quickly got dressed and thought of a place to go; the Laundromat.

* * * * *

She was a knockout; tall, long legs, wavy auburn hair, huge boobs. Peter’s crotch rocket began to grow before he even realized it. She also looked a little lost. He approached her, slowly.

“Hello, ma’am,” Peter said. “You look a little lost. Can I be of any help to you?”

Angela turned with a start. She saw a very well-built man, handsome, piercing brown eyes, and a bulge in his pants to rival Peter’s. “I’m supposed to meet my boyfriend here,” she said, her resolve dissolving away as her pussy began to respond to the handsome stranger.

“It looks like you’ve been stood up,” Peter said. “There’s a nice place across the street with a view of the Laundromat, if you want to get inside and have a drink. I’m buying.” Peter hoped she would say yes. “They have a cool band, and there’s a small dance floor.”

“Sounds nice,” Angela replied. “I would like to get inside. I feel a little like a hooker, standing out here dressed like this.”

Peter took Angela’s hand and together they went to The Club Across the Street. When they entered, Peter spied Melanie, and Angela noticed Simon. They were sitting together at a table for four, and the other two seats were empty. “Cum over here,” said Simon, waving at Angela. “We’ve room at our table.”

Peter looked at Angela; Angela looked at Peter. They shrugged and joined the couple from the FCRC. “What brings you two here?” asked Melanie, her giant milk-jugs threatening to overflow her tiny top.

“She got stood up, and I’m filling in for her missing boyfriend,” Peter answered, gently squeezing Angela’s hand under the table. “We came in for a drink and maybe a dance while she waits.”

Angela looked at Simon and Melanie. “That’s right,” she said. “We came here primarily because of the view out of the front window.” She squeezed Peter’s hand back, then slipped it between her thighs.

The band began a slow song, and Peter asked Angela to dance. They went out on the floor, and Simon and Melanie followed. Angela liked the feeling of Peter’s arms around her; she also liked the feeling of Peter’s bulge against her crotch. Peter whispered, “What’s your name? I’m Peter.”

Angela slipped and almost fell. Peter grabbed her tight and lifted her back up onto her feet, and held her close. Angela whispered back, “I’m Angela, and I’m sorry about falling. Thank you for catching me. By the way, your hands and my butt haven’t been properly introduced.”

“Maybe we need to introduce them,” Peter whispered, sliding his hands under the hem of her little blue dress. Her ass felt tight and fine, and she obviously didn’t mind his hands being there, his boner getting longer and harder.

“You’re right,” Angela said, rubbing her crotch against his bulge. “But where can we go?”

“You two obviously need to get a room,” Melanie giggled, her nipples clearly showing against her tiny top. “We know a place, if you don’t mind. It’s not far from here.” She smiled at Peter and Simon.

“Yeah,” Simon said. “It’s just a little bit away.” He slipped a hand into Melanie’s top and pinched her nipple. Melanie squeezed Simon’s bulge.

“All right,” said Peter. “Lead on!!”

Simon and Melanie went out the door, Peter and Angela following. They went right into a huge room with two beds, thick, soft carpeting, and a swing in the middle of the room. “Melanie likes it here,” Simon said. “The big beds allow for three- or four-somes, the swing provides some variety, and the carpeting cushions even the hardest pounding while fucking.” While Simon was speaking, Melanie stripped all the way down, showing off her 46GG tits, slender waist, and hips just waiting to take on a huge pecker. She also began to strip Peter, much to Angela’s dismay. Angela pushed Melanie away, and she took over where Melanie left off, slowly removing Peter’s shoes, socks, and pants. His penis, full and ready, stood up to its full 16-inch length and 4-inch thickness.

Peter reached behind Angela and unzipped her dress, sliding the straps down as she pulled out her arms. He gently pushed the dress down to her waist, and then she shimmied herself out of it, tossing the dress over to the bed. She kicked off her shoes and knelt down in the carpet in front of the giant cock she wanted in her mouth.

Peter gently pushed his cockhead against Angela’s lips; she licked the eye, a drop of pre-cum oozing onto her tongue. She took the massive rod in her hands and gently stroked its length, rubbing the head against her full, sensuous lips. Another drop of liquid came out; Angela massaged it into the straining head. She opened her mouth and sucked in his penis. It smelled and tasted so good!

Melanie and Simon were getting it on 69, and Peter could smell the sexual arousal from both women. Peter pulled his cock out of Angela’s mouth and laid down on the carpet. Angela took the hint and got on top, her ass over Peter’s waiting mouth, his cock before her eyes.

Simon said, “Angela, have you ever tasted a woman’s juices? Melanie would like you to eat her while I fuck her ass and Peter reams your cunt. Would you like that?” He looked at her with smoking eyes, and Melanie looked up from her mansicle and smiled wickedly at her.

“I’d like that,” Angela replied, “but first I want to get a taste of this.” Angela showed Melanie a huge cock, way bigger than Simon’s. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Angela took Peter’s cockhead into her hungry mouth and began blowing him with a fierce passion and drive. Peter returned all her passion into her pussy, licking and eating her with relish. Soon, she was close to cumming, as was he. By mutual unspoken agreement, they stopped and changed position; she on her knees, with her head down by Melanie’s beautiful, hairless quim, slimy with her juices.

Melanie’s juices were running to her asshole, slicking it up for Simon’s pecker. Simon was under Melanie, his cock pressing against her asshole, ready to push inside as soon as she was slick enough. He rubbed her back door with his head, spreading the flowing juices all over the rim. She began relaxing her sphincter, and his head slipped easily into her ass. She settled her ass cheeks down, and he filled her Hershey Highway with his monster cock. Angela licked and kissed and sucked and ate Melanie’s pussy, Simon and Angela bringing Melanie to the verge of orgasm. Peter rammed his cock into Angela’s sopping cunt, forcing himself all the way in with just two strokes. Angela cried, “YES YES YES!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!” Peter obliged, stroking his cock in and out fast and hard, reaming out Angela’s cunt with his own monster cock.

Peter reached around Angela’s waist and grabbed her wildly bouncing tits in both hands, pinching her nipples with all his strength. “OOOHHH GGOOODDD!!!” Angela cried. “Make me CCCCUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!” Peter tweaked Angela’s clit twice, throwing Angela over the top. She began screaming and crying and laughing as she exploded all over Peter’s massive rod. Peter reciprocated by giving one last massive thrust to send his cock all the way into Angela’s cunt, releasing all of his pent-up passion in one mighty gusher.

Angela bit down on Melanie’s clit as Simon pinched her nipples, making Melanie writhe and buck into Angela’s face as Melanie orgasmed, and Simon filled Melanie’s asshole with his cum as he creamed up her Hershey highway.

They collapsed together in a bundle of sweaty, sexually drained bodies, Peter’s cock still deep in Angela’s pussy and his face looking at Melanie’s very pleasant cleavage. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to leave,” Simon said. “Technically, we weren’t supposed to be here, but we felt you might need a little help.”

“Yes,” Melanie continued. “It was a little disorienting for us when we first tested the equipment. We just wanted to make sure you found your way together.” Melanie reluctantly released Peter. “But now we have to go.” Melanie extricated herself from the mass of flesh and stood up. “Cum back and see us anytime.” She smiled at Peter.

Simon also got up, took Melanie’s hand, and, together, they walked, naked, out the door. Their clothes disappeared.

“Mmmmm,” Angela purred. “That felt really, really good.” Angela could feel the stirrings of passion in her vagina.

“Yeah,” Peter replied. “I just wish we had time enough to do it again.” Peter hadn’t softened up in the least, and his pecker was still buried in Angela’s cum-soaked twat.

“I really enjoyed this, with you,” Angela said. “I’d like to do this again, but just you and me.”

“Ditto,” agreed Peter. “The foursome was nice, but I wanted it to be only you the first time. Maybe tomorrow? Same time?”

“Sounds good. Let’s make it a date. Your place.”

“My place,” Peter agreed. I got to get cleaning, he thought. She’ll never come back if I don’t.

He pulled his woody slowly out of her still-tight fuck hole and stood up. “Shall we go?” he asked Angela, holding out his hand to her.

“In just a minute,” Angela said, rolling over and seeing Peter’s huge, slimy bed snake. “There’s something I need to do first.” She wrapped her massive tits around Peter’s cock and began slowly fucking his cock. Peter couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to have female flesh like that wrapped around his penis. She bounced her boobs faster and faster, and Peter felt the beginnings of another orgasm. She pulled one last time with her tits, then grabbed his sex tool and stroked it with both hands, aiming the head at her open mouth, begging for his cum. Peter obliged, and stuffed his swollen head into her waiting lips, cum jetting out of his penis, filling her mouth to capacity, forcing her to swallow over and over. She didn’t miss a single drop, and she licked his penile eye and sucked the very last drop out of his pecker, and swallowed it all.

“Now we can go,” Angela said. “You tasted wonderful.” She kissed him full on the lips, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, giving him a taste of his cum mixed with Melanie’s juices.

Peter took Angela’s hand and headed for the door. They went through.

* * * * *


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