Love, lust, and technology gone wrong
Some notes before beginning the story...

Anything in Italics is either someone's thoughts or someone's fantasy. Obviously, ANYTHING c an happen in a character's fantasy....

Also, this is a wok of FICTION, and, as such, just about anything can, and probably will, happen, including oversized genitalia an the apparent ease with which said genitalia can enter partners' holes.

In later chapters, the viewpoint can jump around a little. This is because things are happening in two locations at the same time, and both sides need to be told. Please bear with the story as written.

Now, on to part three.....

* * * * *

The Players:

Katherine Banks (Kat): A non-descript, plain, short, no-figure, Coke-bottle-bottom glasses, very horny, 25-year-old, VERY sexually imaginative woman. Virgin because no one has wanted to take her virginity away. Also a MMA Champion in four weight classes, including Heavyweight. She weighs about 100 pounds, soaking wet.

Caleb Whitaker (Cal): Kat's male counterpart. Similar story. Doesn’t know any martial arts. Had a MAJOR crush on Angela Newman.

Peter: Kat’s favorite vibrator; also Cal's Avatar

Angela: Kat's Avatar.

Angela (Angie) Newman: Kat's Best Friend Forever, and Cal's elementary school days crush. She also had a crush on Cal that lasted through her Senior Year in High School. At 25, she still thinks about him occasionally.

Susan Simmons: A tech at the Finkelman Cyberspace Research Center; has the hots for Cal and Paul Brighton.

Melanie: Susan's Avatar. Wants to take Cal’s virginity.

Paul Brighton: A tech at the FCRC. Has the hots for Kat and BIG TIME for Susan.

Simon: Paul's Avatar. Also has the hots for Susan and Kat.

Keith Jenson: A tech at the FCRC where Angela Newman lives. Really likes fucking her.
Jack: Keith's Avatar. Can't get enough of Angela Newman.

Let the story continue....

* * * * *

Kat opened her eyes. A robot was mopping up a mess. Paul said, “It must have been really good. You squirted a lot, almost a quart, I think. Poor MAC will be mopping up for quite a while.”

“Mac?” Kat asked. “Who’s Mac?”

“The robot: Maintenance And Cleanup, unit 001. MAC, for short,” Paul explained. Kat could hear the capital letters in his voice. “Now, do you want to talk about your experience in cyberspace?”

Kat was a little embarrassed about the mess. It smelled exactly like her ejaculations when she used her favorite vibrator. “Oh, my gosh,” Kat said sheepishly, “did I do all that?”

“Yes, you did. Thank you for warning us that you have female ejaculations. It allowed us to have MAC on hand, just in case something happened. And something did.” Paul gestured at the puddles all over the floor and the table. “You’ll probably want to have a shower before leaving the Lab.”

“Definitely. What do you want to know about what happened?”

“Just tell me how it went. If you prefer, I’ll turn on record mode, and you can tell the computer, and I’ll leave the room.”

“No, you can stay,” Kat said. “I think I’d rather tell a human.” Kat told the whole story to Paul, and Kat saw Paul’s bulge begin to grow. At the end of her tale, Kat asked, “Were Simon and Melanie supposed to be there? I thought that it was only going to be the male test subject and myself.”

“Well, Melanie couldn’t resist the possibility of having the first male test subject, and Simon jumped in to keep Melanie under control. Fortunately, Melanie likes Simon’s endowment in her orifices. So, she settled for you eating her out. She likes sex, and she doesn’t care how she gets it.”

“She is one hot Avatar, and I liked the smell of her pussy and the taste of her juices. But I really liked the feel of the cock in my pussy.” She still felt as if she couldn’t stand up. Her legs and knees were weak.

“I told you that you would feel everything your Avatar feels,” said Paul. “I would like to set up another session for you, tomorrow, same time.”

“Works for me,” Kat said, already feeling a warmth growing in her vagina.

* * * * *

Cal opened his eyes. A robot was sponging up a mess. Susan said, “It must have been really good. You squirted a lot. MAC hates cleaning up male cum.”

“Mac?” Cal asked. “Who’s Mac?”

“The robot: Maintenance And Cleanup, unit 002. MAC, for short,” Susan explained. Cal could hear the capital letters in her voice. “Now, do you want to talk about your experience in cyberspace?”

Cal was a little embarrassed about the mess. “Oh, my gosh,” Cal said sheepishly, seeing the large glob of guy goo on the table. “Did I do all that?”

“Yes, you did. Thank you for warning us. It allowed us to have MAC on hand, just in case something happened. And something did.” Susan gestured at the big glob on the table.

“What do you want to know about what happened?”

“Just tell me how it went. If you prefer, I’ll turn on record mode, and you can tell the computer, and I’ll leave the room.”

“No, you can stay,” Cal said. He didn’t want another hot looking woman to walk out of his life so soon. “I think I’d rather tell a real person.” Cal told the whole story to Susan. At the end of his story, Cal asked, “Were Simon and Melanie supposed to be there? I thought that it was only going to be the female test subject and myself. By the way, don’t tell Melanie, but seeing her getting her ass reamed by Simon’s pecker and watching her tits bounce helped make that blob of goo.”

Susan smiled wickedly and leaned in towards Cal. “That’s too bad, Cal. Melanie would love to know she helped turn you on like that. She likes you.” Susan’s look turned serious, and she leaned back in her chair. “To answer your question, Cal, no, they weren’t supposed to be there. Melanie couldn’t resist the possibility of having you, and Simon jumped in to keep Melanie under control. Melanie’s plan was to have you dance with her at the club, and she would have had your penis in her pussy shortly after your dance began.” Cal started to protest. “You see, Cal,” Susan continued, “Melanie likes sex with hot men, and she doesn’t care where she has sex, as long as a hot man is screwing her. And she considers YOU a hot man, Cal, not just your Avatar, and not only because you were, and still remain, a virgin.”

“WHAT??” Cal exclaimed. “How could I still be a virgin? The sex was so real. I saw a smoking hot woman; no, TWO smoking hot women. I felt Angela’s body; I smelled Melanie’s and Angela’s readiness; I fondled Angela’s ass and tits; I sucked her nipples; her cunt was slick, hot, and wet; I FUCKED ANGELA’S BRAINS OUT!!!”

Susan’s eyes were smoking, but her face showed compassion. “I told you that you would feel everything your Avatar feels,” she said. “Would you like me to set up another session for you, tomorrow, same time?”

“Works for me,” Cal said, thinking about another session with Angela, and his pecker was responding accordingly.

* * * * *

Kat was getting very worked up on her way home. She didn’t know if she could wait until tomorrow’s session; she needed to get off, now. She also wanted to talk to her friend, Angela. As soon as she got into her apartment, she dialled her friend.


“Hi, Angie. It’s Kat.” Kat had two fingers rubbing her panties.

“Hey, Kat. What’s up? Did you check out the Finkelman spam?”

“Yes, I did, and it’s NOT spam! You’ve got to check it out. I bet they’ve got offices where you are! They’ve figured out a way for you to have sex and not get pregnant OR any disease!” Kat was rubbing her panty-covered pussy harder.

“So, what do you do, Kat?” Angela asked.

“Just call their number, and make an appointment. You’ll find out everything, and then you’ll cum like there’s no tomorrow. This was made for you, Angela!” Kat said. “You might even get enough fucking for once!” Kat slipped her fingers under her panty and started massaging her wetness directly.

“Are you playing with yourself, Kat?” Angela asked. “I can hear squishing sounds.”

“Sorry, Angie. I got so turned on during and after my session, I needed to play. I’ll call you back!” Kat dropped her phone and came all over her fingers.

“Kat? Kat? Did you cum?” Angela asked, pinching her own hard nipples. She held her phone to her ear, and all she could hear was heavy breathing and sighs. Angie hung up.

I guess I’d better check out Dr. Finkelman, thought Angela. If his place could make Kat cum twice in one day, it must be legit. She fired up her computer, and when her e-mail program loaded, she opened up her spam folder. She found Dr. Finkelman’s message and opened it:

“Hi. I’m Dr. Peter Finkelman, and my staff and I have developed a way to make computer sex more realistic and fun. We’ve gone as far as we can in the lab, and we need a few good men and women with great imaginations to continue our research. If you are interested, call our office at 1-800-555-COCK if you’re male, or 1-800-555-TITS if you’re female, and the receptionist will set up an appointment. It’s first-cum, first-served, so call right sway.”

Angela dialed right away.

* * * * *

A sexy male voice answered the phone: “Thank you for calling the Finkelman Cybersex Research Center. What are your name, age, phone number, and sexual status, please?”

“Angela Newman, 25, (414) 555-7825, horny as hell.”

“Miss Newman,” he asked, “may I call you Angie?”

“Only if your cock matches your voice,” Angela said.

“Thank you, Angie. Do you have an active sexual imagination?” the sexy voice asked.

“I’m imagining you sucking on my nipples and playing with my pussy, Jack,” Angie said, pinching her throbbing nipples, her pussy getting warm and damp.

“Wonderful. Can you come to our offices right away? I think you’ll be perfect for this next phase of testing.” He gave Angela an address on the North end of town. “When you arrive, ask for Keith, and say you’re case number 20010-F, all right?”

“You bet, Jack. Did you mean C-O-M-E or C-U-M, because it wouldn’t take much for the latter,” Angela said.

“I meant C-O-M-E, but the other is just as valid,” the voice said, “and more fun, too. See you soon, Angie.”

Angie hung up and got her favorite tiny vibe, turned it on, and stuffed it into her sopping quim. “Might as well enjoy myself,” she said, hurrying to her car.

* * * * *

Angela arrived in an industrial park on the upper North side. She went in and almost creamed her panties. The receptionist was almost wearing clothes, and he was built. He turned his fascinating eyes on Angela and said, “Hello. Welcome to the Finkelman Cybersex Research Center. How may I help you?” He smiled, and Angela nearly exploded.

“Hi, Jack,” said Angela, her electric blue eyes ablaze. “I’m supposed to see Keith, and my case number is 20010-F. Keith can wait. I have some unfinished business with you, first.” Angela shed what little clothes she had on and climbed over the desk, kissing the receptionist and slamming her hot, wet pussy against his crotch.

The receptionist tried to push Angela away, but that only served to make her hornier, if that were possible. She got off of him and unzipped his pants, pulling his limp member out and starting to suck on it. The limp penis responded very favorably to Angela’s ministrations, becoming hard quite quickly. Angela pulled the mini-vibe out of her pussy and impaled herself on the now-hard cock, and proceeded to fuck both of them to a magnificent orgasm, milking his cock with her cumming pussy, pulling every drop of cock cream out of him.

“Thanks, Jack,” Angela purred. “That was the best quickie I’ve had in a long time. Sorry about the strong cum-on, but when I get started, I can’t stop.” She looked into his eyes and saw lust there. “I’ll just clean you up a little, then you can call Keith.” She sucked his cock until all the juices were off of it. “One more thing, Jack,” she said. “What’s your real name?”

“In truth, ma’am,” the man said, “my name is Jack. I shall let Keith know that you are here.”

“Thanks. And you can have these,” Angela said, tossing her saturated panties to Jack. “I don’t think I’ll need them anymore.” She picked up her mini-vibe and clothing, got dressed, and took a seat.

Keith walked in as Angela was putting on her other shoe. He took a long look at her very shapely legs, and his crotch rocket started to rise. “Hello, Miss Newman,” he said.

She looked up and smiled. Keith had a very athletic build, and his bulge was getting even bigger as her 48GG cleavage had its normal effect on the male member. Even though she had just cum really powerfully, Angela began to heat up again. “Hi, Keith. Like what you see?” Angela asked, flashing Keith a glimpse of her sex-besotted pussy. “Jack liked it,” she purred, winking at Jack. Jack blushed.

“Did you like Jack?” Keith asked.

“He was really good, even though he DID try to push me away,” Angela declared. “His Mr. Happy was very happy to see me naked, though.” She looked at Jack again, flashing one huge tit at him, then giving a long look to Keith as well, baring both to him. “I see you’re happy to see me, too,” she purred, slowly covering up her magnificent mammaries.

“Jack is one of our Avatars,” Keith said. “He’s a fully tactile holographic projection, capable of many things, including getting it up and getting it on with a female guest. And he knows that he’s not supposed to do that.”

“Don’t blame Jack,” Angela said. “I wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. I sort of ‘forced’ my attentions on him, and he responded in the only manner a man could when faced with a nude woman with huge tits sucking on his cock. He didn’t have a choice.” Angela looked at Keith with her smoking eyes.

“Well, I guess you’d better follow me,” Keith said, “before you try to rape me in the waiting area.” Keith walked off to a research lab. Angela followed, removing her halter top and rubbing her hot, wet pussy lips with one hand and gently pinching her engorged nipples with the other.

“The first thing we are going to do,” said Keith, “is create an Avatar for you. Please strip and step into the resolution chamber.” Angela dropped her halter top in Keith’s lap as she went by, sliding her skirt slowly down her legs and kicking off her shoes. She entered the chamber, her tits aimed right at Keith, and she was smiling wickedly. “Raise your arms out to your sides and place your feet at least 10 inches apart.” Angela did as she was bid, her large breasts lifting slightly. “Perfect. Now, stand as still as you can. I am activating the resolution chamber.” First, a mist filled the chamber; then a radiation wave pulsed over her. “Great. Now, slowly step out of the chamber and put on the jumpsuit.” Angela exited the chamber and sat down.

“That was perfect,” Keith said. He looked at Angela, sitting naked and looking innocently at him. His bulge got even bigger. “Ahem,” he coughed. “Now, we’re going to fine-tune your Avatar.”

“That won’t be hard to do. Make her just like me,” Angela said. “Just make her aureolas eight inches across, super-sensitive, and make her nipples two inches long, one inch thick at the base and ¾ inch at the tip, very easily aroused. Her pussy will follow suit, of course,” Angela said, spreading her legs slightly, giving Keith a glimpse of her blonde honey pot.

“What name do you want for your Avatar?” Keith asked.

“Angela, of course,” Angela replied, leaning in toward Keith, her tits gently swinging to and fro.

“I’m sorry, but Angela is already in use,” Keith said, “by a client in our other facility. What other name would you like?”

“Hmmm…” Angela mused, “how about…” She said the first name that popped into her head. She won’t mind too much, Angela thought. “Katherine. With a ‘K’.” She put her hand in his lap and gently squeezed his bulge.

“Ahem,” Keith coughed. “Katherine it is, then. Since there won’t be any significant changes from your scan, just go over to Lab 2 and I’ll meet you there in about five minutes, all right?”

“Lab 2, five minutes. See you there, Keith,” Angela said, grinning wickedly. She picked up her shoes and skirt and left.

* * * * *

Keith entered the lab and found Angela lying naked on the table, waiting for him. She sat up as he said, “Angela, I’m glad you stayed. I have some things I need to go over with you. Now, lie down and put your arms out to your side and spread your feet about five inches apart,” he said. “I am going to put a helmet on your head. This helmet contains cranial neural connectors that will interface directly with your brain.

"While you are in the helmet, you will have direct control of your Avatar. You will control what your Avatar does. Whatever your Avatar sees, you will see. Whatever your Avatar feels, you will feel. EVERYWHERE. Here in the Lab, you will only be connected for 30 minutes at a time. If things work well here, you will be paid by receiving a full hookup in your home, at absolutely no expense to you, ever. From your home unit, you will be able to connect with our labs and interface with any willing Avatar. I will caution you that we here at FCRC have determined that a two-hour limit should be used in the home units. I realize that that could cramp your style, especially if you like to have long sessions with your natural partners. You could literally lose yourself to your Avatar. Please observe the limits on your home unit. Are there any questions?”

“So, what my Avatar feels, I will feel? And what my partner’s Avatar feels, he will feel? Will I actually feel his Avatar’s penis in my pussy?” Angela asked, pussy dripping.

Keith answered, “Exactly, Angela. Your Avatar will make him cum, and his Avatar will make you cum. And you will feel his penis in your pussy. You will be having real sex with a cyberspace partner.”

Angela said, “Wow. All the sex, none of the risk. Except for time, of course.”

“Correct,” Keith said. “I am now placing the helmet in position. Please lie down.”

Angela lied down, arms out to the side, feet about five inches apart, helmet secured to her head. “Ready,” she said.

“Connecting to computer and neural networks… Connection established,” said Keith.

* * * * *

All became dark. A sexy male voice sounded in her ear: “Katherine, can you hear me? Say yes if you can.”

“Yes,” Katherine said.

“You are in Limbo right now, Katherine. Think of a place; I would suggest your bedroom. That place will appear around you. Then, imagine what you want, and you will do it.”

“Keith, is that you?” Katherine asked, apprehensively.

“Yes, Katherine. I am unhooking from the network. You have 30 minutes from now…” The voice went silent.

* * * * *

She walked to where her nightstand would be and turned on the lamp. There in the light, she could see her bedroom. She pulled out her nightstand drawer and found several dildos and vibrators. “Nice collection,” she said. “Better than my own.”

She went to her dresser and opened her undies drawer. An array of matching sheer, lacey bras and skimpy panties met her view, all in her size. There were also some bras, front closing, with nipple cutouts. Those bras had matching crotchless panties. She opened her closet drawer and found dresses, gowns, outfits that barely covered her tits and ass, shoes that matched everything, sexy boots, just about anything she could want to seduce a man… or a like-minded woman.

She quickly chose her outfit and got dressed, mindful of the time. She thought about the perfect place to find a man; a singles bar she knew, downtown, about two miles from her place. She firmly set that as her destination, and left her apartment to get in her car.

She walked right into her favorite meat bar. Jack was alone at a booth. She went over to join him.

“What happened?” Katherine whispered. “One second I was in my apartment, the next I was here. I was trying to get to my car.”

“I’m sure Keith told you,” Jack said, ”that what you imagine, you will do. You imagined yourself here, and when you exited a room, you entered here. A great time saver, if you ask me.”

“Cool,” Katherine said. “And the detail is perfect!” She took Jack’s hand and placed it up her skirt. “I’m glad you’re here,” she purred, leaning on his shoulder. “I feel safer here, already.” She looked at him with her big, lust-filled blue eyes.

Jack gently pressed his hand up under her skirt, reaching for her honey pot. Katherine shifted a little and opened her thighs for his questing fingers. He could feel her heat through the sheer silkiness of her wet panties. As he explored further, he found that they were crotchless, and he had direct access to her womanhood. He stroked her vaginal lips gently.

“Ooohhh,” Katherine moaned gently in his ear. “That feels nice.” She took his other hand and pushed it into her top. He took his cue and gently squeezed the enormous mound of tit flesh, finding her nipple becoming aroused. “I like that, too,” she hoarsely rasped, “but I like both better when there’s nothing between my body and my man’s,” she said, lustful desire dripping from every word.

Jack kissed her gently on the lips and took his hand off her dripping quim. He took her hand and put it on his growing bulge and said, “Your place or mine?” as he returned his questing fingers to her sweet nether mound. “Or perhaps right here?” he continued, pressing one finger into her sopping hole.

“Mine,” she lustfully said. “I usually don’t fuck in public, unless I’m too hot and horny, like at the Center.”

“Let’s go,” Jack said, extricating his hands from her body. “You’ll have to let go of my woody, too,” he said. “Then think of your apartment, or better, your bedroom. We’ll go right there, as long as you lead.”

“OK,” Katherine said, breathing rapidly, making her impressive chest heave. “I’m pretty sure I have the picture in my mind.” She slid out of the booth, and Jack followed, his hand on her ass, one finger unobtrusively questing for her love pocket. They walked to the door, opened it, and went through.

They entered her bedroom, just as she had left it. She quickly peeled off her top and bra, turned around, and gave Jack a long, lusty look at her 48GGs. He took off his shirt and pulled her against him, crushing her lips with his in a passionate kiss that left both of them breathless. His hand was playing with her tits, turning her on even more than she already was. She responded by grinding her hot, wet, ready crotch against his bulge, getting the front of his zipper wet.

She broke the embrace and pushed Jack onto her bed. Katherine undid his belt, unzipped his pants, removed his shoes and socks, then pulled his pants off, watching his bedsnake leap up. She leaned over his body and laid her tits in his face while she handled his cock, teasing his cockhead with her hot pussy lips. She slowly moved down his exquisite body, kissing and licking, making her way to his penile extension. He writhed under her, trying to invade her honey pot.

She wrapped her 48GGs around his manhood, and it instantly responded. It grew another two inches longer, reaching its maximum length of eight inches. It was also three inches thick, and Katherine knew it would taste terrific in her mouth. She made her way to his cockhead and gently licked it, kissed it, and drew it into her waiting facial hole. She took Jack’s entire length into her mouth, and down her throat, right to the base of his pecker. She fucked his cock with her mouth for a good five minutes, always stopping him from cumming. She popped it out and said, “MMmmm, Jack, you have a tasty one here. I can’t wait to fuck it.”

She sat back, unzipped her skirt, and shimmied out of it. She kicked off her shoes, giving Jack a look at her crotch. She then very slowly removed her saturated panties, saying, “Now there’s NOTHING between me and my man,” as she tossed the juice-soaked underwear onto Jack’s chest. “I bet these smell better than the ones I gave you in the office,” she said.

She never heard Jack’s reply, because she got up on her knees, straddled Jack’s weapon, and impaled herself on it, taking his whole cock all the way into her cunt in one stroke. She then began to fuck him like her life depended on making him cum in her twat. She went faster and faster, forcing him deeper and deeper into her. She leaned over his face so her massive tits could swing in his face. “Pinch my nipples,” she cried, trying to cum. “Pinch them hard!” He pinched her nips, and that made her even closer to exploding on his cock. “Again!! Harder!! Bite them!!!” she screamed. He did it all, and soon she was screaming in sexual delight.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhh, GOOOOOOOOODD!” Katherine screamed. “I’m cuuuuuuummmmming!!!!” She creamed all over his cock and her sheets. She did keep the presence of mind, however, to pull off him before he could start jetting his own cream into her pussy.

“NONONONONONO!!” he cried. “I need to cum, too!!!” She responded by turning away from him and spreading her ass cheeks.

“Put it in there,” she commanded, “and I’ll fuck you until you scream.” He lifted his cock to her asshole, and she slammed herself back onto his thick, slimy cock. He slid all the way in with no problem.

“AAAAAAggggggggghhhhhh,” she said. “You’re huge for back there.”

She began fucking him slowly, then started picking up her tempo. Soon, she was slamming him as hard as she was with her cunt, and he spewed his hot cream into her willing ass.

He popped out of her poop chute, and she looked at her spent lover. “God, that was good, Jack. You were the best I’ve had in a long time.”

“Hey, you’re no slouch, either, Katherine,” Jack said. “I haven’t had a woman as hot as you in a… well, never!”

“You know just what to say to make a woman feel good,” Katherine cooed, laying her head on Jack’s chest. “I wish you could spend the night with me.”

“You know the rules, Katherine. I wish I could stay with you, too, but your time’s just about up. I have to go.”

“I’ll see you around, Jack,” Katherine said. You and Keith, Katherine thought. I bet Keith’s bigger than Jack, and every bit as horny. Katherine gently tweaked her still-engorged nipples, the twinge jetting straight to her throbbing clit.

* * * * *

Angela opened her eyes. A robot was mopping up a mess. Keith said, “It must have been really good. You squirted a lot, almost a quart, I think. Poor MAC will be mopping up for quite a while.”

“Squirted?” Angela asked. “I don’t squirt. I never have. And who’s Mac?”

“The robot: Maintenance And Cleanup, unit 201. MAC, for short,” Keith explained. Angela could hear the capital letters in his voice. “Now, do you want to talk about your experience in cyberspace?”

Angela looked at the puddle on the table, ran her finger through it, and tasted it. “Yup, that’s me,” she said. “I don’t know how that got there. Sorry.”

“Well, it’s lucky we had MAC on hand, just in case something happened. And something did.” Keith gestured at the puddles all over the table. “You’ll probably want to have a shower before leaving the Lab.”

“If anything, I’d like to take my juices with me. Unless you want to taste them, Keith?” Angela asked wickedly. “I bet you’re a little thirsty.” MAC brought a paper cup to Angela, and she carefully scooped some of her goo into it and held it out to Keith.

Keith drank it down in one gulp. “Very tasty, Angela. You and I will have to see about further taste testing.”

“I’d like that,” Angela replied. “Now, what do you want to know about what happened?”

“Just tell me how it went. If you prefer, I’ll turn on record mode, and you can tell the computer, and I’ll leave the room.”

“No, you can stay,” Angela said. “I’d rather tell a live person.” Angela sat in Keith’s lap and told him the whole story. She felt Keith’s bulge begin to grow. At the end of her tale, Angela asked, “Was Jack supposed to be there? I thought that it was only going to be a male test subject and myself.”

“After what you did with Jack in the reception area, he wanted more, and since Jack is my Avatar and you also came on strong to me, I wanted you, too. So I reconnected myself in another Lab and joined you. The rest, as they say, is history,” Keith explained, his boner getting longer.

“If I’d known you wanted me, too,” Angela said, wiggling her bare ass against Keith’s crotch, “I would have taken you, too. Next time, let me know.” She took his hand and placed it on one of her massive tits.

“Do you want me now?” Keith inquired.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she purred, standing up, taking off his pants, and straddling him, impaling herself on his manhood in only one stroke.

* * * * *

Angela dressed herself in what was left of her clothes, leaving Keith and Jack to “battle it out” for her soaked panties. She placed her mini-vibe where it belonged, in her tortured pussy, on its lowest setting so she wouldn’t cum while she was driving. The last two hours were ones for her personal record book; she hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time, and it felt wonderful! She had to call Kat and tell her.

By the time she arrived home, her pussy was again sopping wet, but she didn’t yet feel the need to cum. She pulled out the mini-vibe and called Kat.


“Hey, Kat. It’s Angie. I just got back from the Finkelman Cybersex Research Center. And you were right!! It’s completely legit! I want to tell you all about it, face to face. Now. Can you come here, or should I go there?”

“Wow, Angie, that’s great! Do you know that Laundromat about a mile from my place? There’s a little club across the street. We could meet there in, say, about an hour?”

“Yeah, I know the Laundromat. What’s the name of the club, just in case there’s more than one?” Angie asked.

“You won’t believe it. It’s called ‘The Club Across the Street.’ It’s a nice place,” Kat said, her voice trailing off.

“You’re right; I don’t believe it. Who would name a club THAT?” Angie said in disbelief. “Anyway, I’ll be there in about an hour. See you then!”

“See you then,” Kat said dreamily, and hung up.

I wonder what’s up with Kat, thought Angela. It sounded like she was daydreaming. “Oh well,” she said. “I’d better change.” She chose an outfit that almost covered her very ample chest, and a sheer, lacy, red, bra with matching tiny panties that didn’t really cover anything. She made sure she washed her pussy before dressing, and inserted her mini-vibe before putting on her panties. When she left, she was ready for anything, male, female, or both.

* * * * *

Her huge tits were bouncing with every powerful thrust from his gigantic cock. They were both close to cumming; just a few more strokes. He pulled out of her as she began screaming in orgasmic release; he stroked his massive pecker with his hands until she calmed down. She looked at him with lust-filled eyes and pressed her massive breasts together. He fucked her boobs hard; she kissed his cockhead each time it appeared from between her tits. Soon, he pulled his thing out and spewed a wad of cream all over her tits and face. She eagerly rubbed his sticky offering into her tit flesh, and licked his cum off her face.

Caleb was whacking his pecker to the scene on the screen, so close to finishing it wasn’t funny, and yet he couldn’t cum. The first feature had ended; the second feature in this XXX theatre would start in about five minutes. Caleb put his slowly deflating pecker back in his pants and went to the bathroom.

He sat in his seat and watched the opening of the second feature, Mighty Melons Saves the City. Caleb’s cock immediately responded, getting harder and harder as the starlet slowly changed from her civvies into her superhero outfit, a skimpy, sheer bikini and cape that didn’t hide anything, and five-inch spiked heels. She flew out the window in response to a call for help.

The familiar feeling was back; Caleb was close to cumming, but just couldn’t get over the top. “Looks like you need some help,” a husky female voice whispered. “May I be of assistance?”

Caleb looked around; a short, non-descript woman with thick glasses was sitting right behind him, wearing a full-length coat. “I think I can help quite a bit,” she said. “Let me try.”

“OK,” said Caleb. He had nothing to lose; it just wasn’t happening today. She came around and sat next to him, leaned over, and began slowly sucking his wand. Her mouth felt exquisite; warm, moist, almost like a pussy. She darted her tongue all over his cockhead, and pulled his pecker deep into her throat. He was getting even closer than before, but still not finishing.

His cock made a popping sound as it came out of her mouth. “I don’t want you to finish in my mouth,” she said, and took off her coat. She didn’t have much of a figure, but she was totally naked under her coat. Her nipples were sticking out, hard and proud, and her pussy was warm and damp. She climbed into his lap and faced him, her nipples at his eye level. She slowly lowered herself onto his weapon, his manhood getting harder and longer the deeper he penetrated her. She began slowly, stroking herself with long, slow, deep strokes, taking her time. Her tempo gradually sped up, and soon her fucking was frantic; short, hard, fast strokes, pushing herself down hard each time, taking him all the way into her. Caleb began fucking her back, matching power and speed for power and speed. She wanted to scream as she exploded on him, but she couldn’t. He began jetting his cum into her love chamber, creating another wave of sexual pleasure to flow through both their bodies.

“I knew I could help,” the woman said. “Thank you for letting me.” She collapsed onto his torso.

“What’s your name?” Caleb asked. “You seem familiar to me.”

“My friends call me Kat, Mr. Whitaker. Any man who fucks like you do can call me anytime.” She gave him a wicked smile as his member deflated and slid out of her juicy hole. “Now I’m thirsty,” she said, getting down between his legs and licking his pecker.

* * * * *

Oh, my God, Cal thought, where did that one come from? And who’s Kat? Cal looked at his bed. “Damn!” he said. “I’m going to have to clean up my bedding AGAIN!!!” There was a large blob of man goo in the middle of his sheets.

Wait a minute, Cal thought. Only a few women call me “Mr. Whitaker.” Those would be every female teacher I ever had, my mother when she’s mad at me, and that woman I met at the Laundromat. What was her name? Cal pondered for several minutes, reforming his mental picture of her: 5-feet-2-inches tall; short, flat mouse-brown hair; hazel eyes; not much of a figure; not exactly pretty, but definitely not ugly; thick glasses, like him. Her name was… Banks… Catherine Banks. Cat, for short, to her friends; to Cal, she was Miss Banks. Now he had it. He also remembered the orgasm he had in the Laundromat bathroom after talking with her; this one was almost as big as back then.

“Maybe my mind is telling me I need to date her,” he said. “Well, it certainly couldn’t hurt. And maybe I’ll finally lose my virginity.” Although he definitely wouldn’t mind Susan from the FCRC to relieve him of that. He always wanted a big-breasted woman to do that job.

“I’ll ask Angela at the FCRC tomorrow,” Cal decided, happy with that decision. “I’ll tell her somewhat of how I really look. Maybe she won’t be too disappointed.”

* * * * *

Angela arrived in town about five minutes later than she expected. That cop who stopped her at the edge of town simply would not take a BJ and forget the speeding ticket. His cute lady partner, however, gave Angela her name, address and phone number. Too bad her uniform hid her figure, Angela thought. It would have been nice to imagine what was there for later. She turned off her mini-vibe and parked by the Laundromat. She looked across the street: sure enough, the club was named The Club Across the Street. She got out of her car, locked it, crossed the street, and went in.

Kat was wondering where Angela could be. Normally, Angela wasn’t late to any kind of date, especially when there was the potential of meeting a man or six to have sex with. The bell above the door rang as Angela entered. Ten pairs of eyes scoped out the incredibly sexy woman who walked in, the owner of each set hoping she would spill out of her top. Well, I’m not getting laid again tonight, Kat thought. She waved at Angela and motioned for Angela to join her at the table.

Angela sat with Kat, and they talked about the FCRC over a couple of drinks. Kat couldn’t believe Angela screwed the receptionist right there, again in cyberspace, and then the Avatar’s human in the Lab. “It was great fun,” Angela said. “I hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time. About the only things that come close are my fantasies about a certain young boy/man who shall remain nameless.” Kat remembered that Angela had wanted Caleb to relieve her of her virginity. Kat would like Caleb to relieve HER of her virginity, as well.

* * * * *

“Hey, Angie,” Kat said, a little embarrassed. “Do you remember that night when I took those nude pictures of you?”

“Yeah,” Angela replied, feeling just a tiny bit hornier.

“Do you remember what happened afterwards?” asked Kat.

“What about it?” Angela asked, moving one hand under the table.

“Would you like to do that again? I got a reminder of how sweet a woman’s juices are, and that reminded me of you and that night,” Kat said, feeling that pleasant warmth beginning to grow between her legs.

Angela’s hand slipped up under Kat’s skirt, and Angela said, “I’d like that a LOT! I remember how sweet you tasted, and how I felt sorry that your figure didn’t match up with your horniness. It’s still that way, I see; I can feel your heat, and my hand isn’t that close to your pussy. I bet it’s all wet and drippy, just waiting for me to taste it.” Angela licked her lips in anticipation.

Kat shyly smiled and whispered, “Let’s go, before all the guys here decide to try and forcibly take you all at the same time.” Kat smiled wickedly at her friend.

“Sounds like that might be fun,” Angela whispered back. “Wait just a minute.” Angela stood up and spoke in a loud voice. “Hey, boys. Here’s what you hoped to see when I came in!” Angela pulled her top down and revealed her mammoth boobs to the crowd, giving everyone a long, good look. “I’m on Fuckbook, AngieSlut48GG, and there’s more there to see. Maybe even one or more of you could get lucky and win a date with me!!” She shook her tits at everyone, covered herself back up, and whispered to Kat, “Let’s go. I’ve always wanted to do that.”

* * * * *

They went back to Kat’s place and went straight to her bedroom. Soon, they were naked, and Angela’s huge tits were hanging over Kat’s face. Kat eagerly sucked her nipples, making Angela juicy and hot. Angela moved down a little and sucked on Kat’s twin towers of lust, causing a rush of heat to come from Kat’s pussy.

Angela went further down on Kat and began kissing and licking Kat’s bare pussy lips, drinking in all her juices and inhaling her exquisite aroma. Angela reached down between her own legs and rubbed her sensitive clit, making her own cunt wet and hot.

Kat pulled away from Angela’s tender ministrations and pushed her friend down onto the bed. Kat then proceeded to lick her friend’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Angela moaned in pleasure as she relished the action, and she remembered the intensity of that night when Kat ate her out after taking those nude pictures. Angela squeezed her massive tits and pinched her nipples. She needed to cum all over Kat’s sweet face, but she couldn’t quite make it.

Kat moved up to Angela’s massive tatas and began to kiss, lick, and suck her tits and nipples, bringing Angela to the very brink of sexual release. Then Kat turned around and put her twat in Angela’s face and said, “Eat me, Angie. Make me cum!!”

Angie ate Kat’s pussy and clit like Angela’s life depended on it, and Kat played with Angela’s pussy lips and clit like Kat would die if she couldn’t make her friend cum. Soon, both women were exploding in orgasmic ecstasy, Kat’s ejaculation almost drowning Angela, and Angela’s explosion making Kat feel even sexier.

“Damn, woman,” Angela said, when she had recovered her breath. “Warn a girl before Lake Kat comes streaming out. I almost drowned there.” Angela licked up all the girl cum juice that she could. “It tastes great, though. Do you do that a lot?”

“Only when I cum with Peter,” Kat said, licking Angela’s pussy clean. “And now you,” Kat continued, after cleaning up Angela’s twat.

“Oh? Who’s Peter? Are you holding out on me?” Angela “jealously” demanded, winking and smiling wickedly at Kat.

“No. Peter’s the name I gave to the vibrator you gave me on my 18th birthday. I’ve worn out a lot of batteries over the years,” Kat said.

“Glad I got you the super-heavy-duty version,” Angela laughed. “I use a 10-inch version, myself. I’ve had to replace it three times already.”

“Damn, woman,” Kat said, in a passable imitation of Angela’s voice. “Are you as rough on your men?”

“Nope… rougher. They can’t walk for days after a night with me,” Angela said light-heartedly. “Now is the time when I say that I have to go. But one last thing, Kat; don’t be afraid of getting laid for real. When the right man comes along, you’ll know. I envy you the chance to voluntarily give up your virginity. Oh, I used your name for my Avatar. If you ever want to try this again in cyberspace, let me know.” Angela got off Kat’s soaked sheets.

“I used your name for my Avatar, Angie,” Kat said. “I didn’t think you’d mind too much.”

“I thought it might be you. I tried to use my own name, but the tech, Keith, said it had already been taken.” Angela looked at her friend, love and lust filling her body. “That’s why I used your name.” Angela finished dressing, leaving her saturated panties with Kat. “You can keep these. I’ll take yours,” Angie said. “It’s a fair exchange. And send me a bucket of your cum, OK? I like the taste.” Angie winked at her friend and left with a newfound respect for Kat’s sexuality. Angela was sure her friend would soon have a man doing what Angela did to Kat, and more.

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