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by Cuckold for Kelley

The doctors told me she might not be the same after the accident. Hell, after a week in a coma, I was glad she was still alive and looking normal. And for Kelley, normal was very pretty. A petite brunette of almost 30, she could easily pass for 21.

For the first few weeks out of the hospital, she seemed to be in a fog. Of course the medications caused some of that. As time went on though, her normally feisty personality reemerged, but with a few new twists.

The doctors had said that she might be impulsive and even inappropriate at times. You’ll have that when a small chunk of your brain has been lost. Kelley knew this too and for a while she was depressed. She had to give up her job as a teaching assistant in the local high school. Counseling and more meds seemed to help some.

I tolerated every odd thing and catered to her needs. It was out of a mixture of love and guilt. The first time I tried to make love to her, Kelley responded at first, then froze. I asked her what was wrong and she gave me an icy look.

“Just cause I’m a retard now doesn’t mean I don’t remember.”

I tried to reassure her that she wasn’t a “retard” – she really hadn’t lost any intelligence after all, maybe just some impulse control. But I remembered too.

But life moved on. Kelley didn’t seem all that different, though she needed a lot more sleep than before. Sometimes she would blurt out a swear word – something she never would have done before. She was as cute and funny as ever, but there was an emotional distance. I grew to accept that.

One day, a Tuesday, she called me at work – that was a bit unusual. She said she was going out for a while with our neighbor Tracey and that she might be a bit late for supper. That was odd, as Kelley had never really had much use for Tracey. Tracey was almost a polar opposite to her. She was a busty blonde who partied a lot and seemed to have a new boyfriend every week. Kelley and I used to make jokes about her.

But Kelley’s voice seemed happier and more alive than I had heard in a long time, so I put my apprehensions aside and told her to have fun.

I got home before 6 and there was no Kelley. I looked at Tracey’s house next door, but no lights were on. I watched some TV news and waited around until after 7. Still no Kelley. At that point I was a little annoyed and decided to get some supper for myself. I washed it down with a few beers.

I waited with growing impatience until nearly 11, then went to bed. I was agitated and didn’t get comfortable right off, but I must have fallen asleep. I woke at about 2 AM when Kelley came in and flipped on the lights.

I was dazed at first but as I woke up more I felt a mix of emotions. I was relieved that she was home, but pissed that she had been out so late. And I was worried about her.

To my surprise, Kelley climbed on top of me on the bed and pressed her mouth against mine. We kissed more deeply than we had anytime since the accident. Her tongue pressed into my mouth and I reciprocated. We made out for a minute or so, then she broke it off. As she did, I realized that there was an alcohol smell on her breath. That was something the doctors had been very clear about – booze mixed with her meds and her brain injury was a very bad idea.

Kelley straddled me and looked me in the eye.

“Guess where I’ve been!”

I noticed she was wearing a short skirt and a very thin top. She had a light weight bra on that didn’t keep her erect nipples from showing. She was very sexy, but I felt very worried.

“ I went to Tony’s!”

Tony’s is a local strip club. I had been there, a long time back, but I never let Kelley know that.

“Tracey took me there. She said I could win some money. And I did!”

As I woke up a bit more I remembered that Tuesdays were amateur nights at Tony’s. I drove by there often enough to see the poster outside. Alright, I even admit that I had thought of going in sometime to see the amateurs. But I had never imagined that my sweet little wife might be one of them!

“I won $75! Or I guess I won a gift certificate for $75. I’ve gotta go pick it up tomorrow.”

Kelley was genuinely happy and excited. I was wondering just what had happened.

“Hey! Aren’t you happy for me?”

I guess my ambivalence was apparent

“Lemme show you!”

Kelley slid off me and grabbed a large hand bag that she must have brought with her. I hadn’t noticed it when she entered. She reached in and tossed aside a lacy bit of lingerie. I thought I recognized it as something I once bought her early on in our marriage – before she made it clear that she didn’t wear such things.

Then she pulled out a handful of Polaroid prints.

“See? That’s me!”

She handed me one and I did see. It was Kelley on the stage, dressed in the lingerie she refused to wear for me. She stood stiffly and looked like she was high.

“C’mon, look at these ones.”

Kelley handed me several more pictures. I felt numb as I looked them over. In each one she was taking off her skimpy outfit, until the last two or three in which she was totally naked. The last picture she gave me was a shot of her sitting on the stage naked, her legs spread open wide.

Kelley had never let me look at her fully nude before, and though I had gone down on her many times, I had never actually seen her pussy. Yet here she was, legs apart, cunt wide open, for any guy who had gone to Tony’s that night to see.

And it was clear that they did see. Off to the side in the picture were several men leering at Kelley.

“So ya see… some guys really think I’m sexy.”

That was thrown out as something of a challenge, though it bewildered me at the time. I had never thought of her as anything but sexy. Later I realized what she had meant.

“You like my pictures?”

I gulped and nodded. This wasn’t the time to talk to her about mixing alcohol with her meds and her injury. And shocking as it was, I could live with her appearance in the amateur night.

“How about these?”

Kelley thrust 3 more polaroids into my hand. In the first one , she was open mouthed and some guy’s big cock was next to her face. I realized that the owner of that big dick had taken these shots. In the second, she had the big cock in her mouth. And in the last picture, her mouth was wide open and there was a big load of cum in it.

Kelley laughed as she watched my face while I looked at the last picture.

“Yeah! That was right before I came home! It was nice to have a real cock in my mouth!”

That totally threw me. Kelley had never given me head and she had only commented on the size of my dick once. And that had been to say that it was normal. In fact, when she had mentioned being with a guy who was a lot bigger, she said it was painful and uncomfortable.

“Now aren’t you glad you kissed me?”

I hadn’t thought about it until just then. That guy had come in her mouth just a short while before she had kissed me so passionately.

“Bet you liked the way it tasted! I know I sure did!”

“Why did you do this?”

I had been slow to react, but now I was really upset. I had tried to be patient with the changes in Kelley – hell, I had tried to be patient even before the accident. But this was too much.

“I mean, if you wanted sex so bad, why did you have to go blow some stranger? You know I would always give you what you want.”

“Hah! Give me what I want? You know what? You never gave me what I wanted. I got so I really didn’t like sex. At least I thought I didn’t. What it was was that I just didn’t like sex with you!”

I was blown away and I guess it showed on my face.

“I mean it! I just realized a while ago that I really like sex. I love having a man hold me, feeling his cock get hard for me, sucking on it and getting fucked. Just not by you! You’re cock is too small, you come too quick for me and you just don’t do anything right. Except give me head.”

My anger turned quickly to deep hurt. I didn’t know what to say.

“Just look at that!” Kelley pointed at a picture.

“Now that’s a real cock, a man’s cock. Not some little wussy wee wee.”

“It’s too bad Tony just came in my mouth. I’d love to have him fuck me with that big cock of his.”

So it was Tony himself who had taken the pictures of my wife sucking him off.

“I told him about you and how you can’t satisfy me. I think he felt sorry for me.”

I had nothing to say to all that, so Kelley gathered her stuff together, threw the pictures back in her bag and went to get ready for bed.

It was quite a transformation. 15 minutes later she was wearing a flannel nighty, looking innocent as could be. Her bedtime meds kicked in pretty quickly and in no time, she was snoring softly beside me.

But I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, almost hoping to wake Kelley, but she was out like a light. After an hour or two, I sensed a change in her breathing. She was on her back and I thought there was some movement under the covers. I spoke her name, but she didn’t respond. Then I gently pulled back the bedsheets and saw that she had a hand between her legs. She was masturbating in her sleep.

I put on the nightlight and it was enough for me to see her fingering her pussy. After several minutes, she moaned softly and must have come. As she rolled over, I got out of bed.

My cock was standing up stiffly. I went to the bathroom. In there, I turned on the light and on an impulse, took the Polaroid pictures out of Kelley’s bag. I stroked myself as I looked at shots of her undressing for the audience. I almost came when I got to the picture of her sitting spread – legged on the stage. But I held off, and pathetic as it may be, I shot my load as I gazed at the picture of Kelley with a big load of Tony’s cum in her mouth.

Then I went back to bed and managed to sleep fitfully for the next several hours.

It was really hard to get up for work the next morning, but I managed. My mind was nowhere near the job, but in my position, no one would notice that right away. I run a quarrying company – I inherited it from my Dad. He was a real “man’s man” popular with the workers. I stayed more in the front office and I knew that the guys made jokes at my expense.

That day I was more worried that some of them might have been at Tony’s the night before. I was hypersensitive to any remark about my wife, but I realized that Kelley had always been so shy that probably none of these guys would even recognize her. Still, I turned the picture of her I kept on my desk so no one would see it when they walked in.

I looked at it myself and wondered how that slim little gal with the deep brown eyes could ever have become a cock sucking stripper.

I was tempted to call her several times that day but held back. However, I did leave work earlier than usual and headed straight home.

Once there, I relaxed almost right away. Kelley seemed as cheerful and normal as ever. She said she wanted to go out for Chinese.

That was a good sign. Chinese food was something we had shared early on and it usually meant she was happy.

“Oh, and we have to stop over to Tony’s.”

My expression must have darkened.

“Hey! Give me a break! I’m not gonna dance there or anything! I just gotta pick up that prize I won.”

I wasn’t happy about it, but I wasn’t going to fight about it. So over to Tony’s we went.

It was early and the place was fairly quiet. An overweight stripper was just finishing her set on the stage. I made a point of not looking at her.

Our eyes adjusted to the relative darkness of the bar. Kelley had reflexively grabbed my arm as we entered, a gesture that didn’t displease me. But as she looked across the place, she spotted someone who had to be Tony. She hopped up and down as she waved and called out to him. That did displease me.

Even worse, Tony recognized her right away. Tony was built a bit bigger than me, but not overwhelmingly so. The guy he had been talking to was huge. He looked like he could have played some football. He wore black jeans and a tight black t shirt that said “Security”.

Kelley pranced over to them and I couldn’t hear her, but I saw her nod in my direction as she spoke. Tony looked amused and then said something to Mr. Security. He looked right at me and laughed. Then Kelley accompanied both of them into a back room.

I expected that it would only take a few minutes for Kelley to pick up her gift certificate. A gift certificate to where, I had no idea. As it turned out, she was in there almost 15 minutes. A hostess came by and asked me if I wanted a drink. I lied and said no.

When Kelley came out, she was followed by Tony and Security. They seemed jovial. Kelley had a funny, almost determined sort of look on her face. At first I was worried that something really bad had happened to her. But as she neared me, she embraced me and gave me a kiss very much like the one she had given me the night before. Her mouth opened and her tongue thrust into my mouth.

But I could taste and feel something strange. There was something wet and slimy about her mouth and the taste was a funny sort of acidic flavor.

Then I realized it. She had a load of cum in her mouth. Behind us, I saw Tony and Security laughing. They even high fived each other. I grabbed Kelley’s arm and pulled her out the door.
“Jesus! You sucked that guy off again and then kissed me in front of him?”

“Uh, actually, I sucked both of them off. I had already swallowed Tony’s cum. That was Jake’s load I saved up for you.”

“Hah! Look at you! You should see the dumb look on your face!”

“Look, Kelley, you can’t just go around doing things like this. It’s not right!”

“Oh yeah? Well guess what mister, I’m gonna go around doing all the things I want to. You think you’re gonna stop me?”

I had hopes, but I had to admit, I couldn’t stop her.

More to come.


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