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A Time between battles
Tahir was worried now. He had been searching almost all day. Still he
had searched until he had run out of options. Thinking for only a minute he reached
out and found Helena. Pulling, she was suddenly there next to him. Screaming at
him, she tried to desperately escape screaming that she had to save her daughters.

Intrigued, Tahir, listened as she explained why she had done what she had
and why. Believing her, he touched her arm and they were back in the east waiting
for the man who had contacted her. Looking first pissed, then shocked when he
couldn’t move, Tahir reached deep into his mind. Finding that he indeed had Helena’s
daughter, he snapped all the man’s abilities, leaving him there as Tahir took her hand.

Appearing in a small warehouse, Helena stayed where Tahir put her. Walking
out he began to stun and strip the three men of their abilities. Reaching the small
office he pulled and the girl and the last man were before him.
Grabbing the last man by the shirt Tahir asked, “where is the other girl being held?”
He snarled into the man’s face.
The last man began to laugh, till Tahir reached in his mind and began to cause extreme

Reuniting mother and daughter, he told her he knew where the other girl was,
letting the other man’s body slump to the ground. Searching the area, he found that he
couldn’t find her. It appeared that she was in an old, refrigerated meat factory. After
a few minutes Tahir thought of an idea, reaching out he listened for a slower heartbeat,
praying that he was right. Appearing in the office, the man watching the little girl was
Shocked when he found that he couldn’t move.

Leaving the man there stripped of his abilities; Tahir knew that his friends
would take care of him. Still, he was glad that there was no new news of Kim having been
captured.Grasping Helena’s hand, he pulled and they were back in the west office. Both
girls screamed when the guards pointed guns at the group. Explaining after the captain
walked up, they were allowed to go to her old room but were told that they had to stay

Reaching out again, Tahir started searching in an ever widening circle away from
the airport. The problem with his plan was that it would have been perfect, had Kim not been
captured a few hours before. Shaking, she wondered where in the hell they had taken her,
it was frigid cold here, almost like a cooler. The leader smiled an evil and wicked smile,
at last he’d have the edge on that bastard ass Tahir! He wrung his hands in joy; oh he was
going to enjoy fucking the shit out of this one!

Drawing nearer he felt her defenses snap up, what the hell!? No one told him that
she was this strong, hhhmmmmmmmm this might be a problem. Kim felt what she could only
describe as pure evil approach, a strong, thick, slimy wave of energy swept over her making
her shiver and shrinkaway.Again she tried to contact Tahir damnit! Where the fuck was he? He
had never let her down before.

Tahir was almost out of hope when he felt the first twinge of Kim. Reaching as hard
as he could he still only felt a twinge but he was sure that it was Kim. It wasn’t all that
strong but he was certain it was her. . Listening, her heard her heart beat, then he heard it
start to beat faster, there was another there. Kim felt him getting closer she had her defenses
up as high as she could get them like Tahir had shown her.

Calming herself she concentrated, that was when she felt the man start to falter, then
she felt the rise of his anger as he turned and walked away.The leader wasn’t about to let that
little bitch get away from him, her energy was way too tempting for him to pass up. Damnit! She
was almostas strong as Natasha, shaking he thought that was one bitch he wasn’t about to tangle
with. She might not be as strong as Tahir but she had enough experience that she’d probably screw
his whole damn day up.

Ordering several men into the room, he had Kim brought out and stripped. AH! Lovely
he was definitely going to enjoy fucking this one’s brains out. Struggling to get loose, Kim kept
her defenses high as the strange small man looked over her body. From what she was feeling, she
was about to vomit, the pure evil oozing from him was literally making her sick. It wasn’t until
the others leftand the strange man removed his clothes that she started to snicker.

His mouth dropping open he couldn’t believe that the little bitch was laughing at him!
That was it! Pushing his power up as far as he could, he felt her hang on, growling he began to
push even harder. Kim was at her extreme limit now but kept pushing back as hard as she could.
Kim was afraid that she wasn’t going to make it, the strange; little dicked man was starting to

Laughing as he felt her abilities start to falter from his, he once again felt powerful
as he settled between her legs and tried to cram his little cock in her hole. He was about to
lunge forward and shove his now lengthening and hardening cock through her cervix, when he heard
the explosion from outside. It wasn’t the explosion as much as the blood curdling screams that
were heard that caused him to stop.

Damnit to hell! Wasn’t there anyone that could keep this shit head away from him while
he got a little? He could definitely tell it was Tahir, though for some reason he felt different
this time. Withdrawing all the way(Kim breathed a sigh of relief) he was starting to get dressed
when the whole wall blew out next to him, pushing through it also contained the remains of about
15 of his men. Looking back the sight almost made his heart stop.

Tahir finally found her but something or one was in the way he couldn’t just bring her
back he’d have to go there. Preparing to leave he felt Kim’s distress begin to climb higher that
was when the cold cleared and he saw the leader trying to rape Kim. With a primal roar his anger
reaching new heights, Tahir appeared in front of the building Kim was in. Releasing a huge wave
of searing energy, within 2 minutes there were only dead and dying left.

Rounding a corner 15 men stepped out to attempt to stop him, with a nod and a growl they
were shredded and blown through the wall. Walking nearer Tahir felt Kim’s fears start to ease but
not quite enough to calm him all that much. Walking into the room what he saw enraged him further.
The Leader had never seen anyone’s eyes glow before, he wasn’t sure if this was Tahir or just a
bad dream.

Tahir saw just how close he had been to losing Kim, she was spread eagled tied to the bed,
her hole was slightly stretched but she was alive. Looking at her bonds they were just as easily
dispensed with. Turning his attention towards the leader he almost whispered, "Ar trebui sa te
omor pe loc“ (I should kill you where you stand)

“Nu aveti curajul”(you don't have the balls) the leader sneered

Tahir reached out with 2 fingers and with a snipping motion cut the leaders balls off.
"acum, nici tu," (Now neither do you) Tahir gathered a now unconscious Kim into his arms and
vanished amid the screaming and cursing. Natasha had only just arrived when she heard the leader
start screaming. Shaking her head she thought, the imbecile will learn one day not to fuck with

Having 2 men wrap the leader in a blanket, she directed them to the van and away to the
doctor's lab. Sighing, she had missed Tahir again, maybe it was for the best he never finished her
when he was nearby and that above anything else was the most frustrating of all. Loading everything
up they headed back to the city and the doctor's lab. Once they were on the way Natasha started the
healing process which finall releaved some of the pain of the leader.

Arriving back at the west base Tahir gave Kim to the nurses and doctors and refused to leave
her side. Knowing of his abilities no one even tried to argue with him. When he was finally satisfied
that she was out of danger he went to report to the Captain. Roberts couldn’t believe what Tahir told
him (Though he did have to smile at Tahir’s words)

The Captain was sure that this wasn’t the end of this war, he had known leaders like this
before and he knew that he’d come back madder than before. Sighing, he wished that Tahir had finished
him off. Thanking Tahir again he went to check on his daughter. Tahir walked back to the infirmary,
hoping that Kim was really ok. He was also hoping that she could forgive him.

Walking in he found that she had already awoken and had been waiting on him.
” Hello Kim, feeling better?” he asked prepared for the tirade that he was sure to follow.
“I am extremely better now thanks to you” she replied a wide smile playing across her lips.
“Kim hon, I am sorry I wasn’t there in time to stop him from violating you” Tahir felt ashamed as he
hung his head.

Kim started laughing here she was afraid that she had disappointed him, he was feeling ashamed
that he hadn’t been there as early as he felt he should have been.
“He didn’t violate me, not with that little dick that he had, hell what he had he barely got in” she
replieda hint of laughter in her voice. “Besides I am afraid that he will never measure up to you” Kim
said a sexy smile playing across her face.

Back on the east coast the leader was quickly recovering, though his balls would take many
months to grow back he was in far better shape than he had then night before. He doctor was already busy
gathering more people for the army. Had it not been for Tahir before he felt sure that they would have
won."doctor!" the leader called.
"Yes sir, leader" the doctor said walking up about the time that he had called.
"We need another plan, we have seriously Underestimated Tahir” the leader said his mind already trying
to find something to defeat Tahir.

“Leader,” the doctor started, “ I have been working on a way to destroy abilities. The thing is
that it isn’t near finished”
“Do you think it would work on him? At this point I am willing to try almost anything” the leader replied
starting to like the sound of this.
“I am afraid that it isn’t tested and the potential to wipe out all the abilities of everyone nearby is
a possibility” the doctor was almost as afraid of this as he was of the leader.

“How soon before we can have a test?” the leader inquired.
“I think I can in a week but every precaution has to be taken, we don’t want half the troops wiped out
before they can fight”

The leader didn’t really care, as long as they took out that Tahir bastard. He owed
Tahir for taking the tastiest snack he had ever had in front of him plus the fact that he cut his
balls off. No there was no way that the leader was ever going to let that American pig live after this.

“Alright doctor you set it up but I’m only giving you a week, after that safe or not, if it works like
you say I want it in the field.” The leader said a sick demented smile creeping across his face, After
all we owe that son of a bitch so much”

Leaving the leader the doctor knew he might be on to something, the thing was that all the
researchwas back in his old office and as far as he knew, it was watched day and night. Thinking on it
for over an hour, he finally called Natasha.
“Natasha, do you remember the research we were doing ,in the possible removable of abilities?” the
doctor started.

“Yes and as I recall, not only were you nearly killed, you came very close to losing your own
abilities” Natasha sighed she could almost see where this was going.
“We need the research, the leader’s orders, I am to develop a weapon to use against Tahir”

Natasha could only smile as long as it dealt with Tahir she was in. “Ok doctor, what would
you have me to do?”
“I need you to break back in the underground tunnels, recover the research” the doctor started
“Seems simple enough, what’s the catch?” she asked an odd look on the doctor’s face had a feeling of
dread creeping up her spine.

“I don’t know if you remember but it’s in the same room I used to store the awakening
radiation rods” he said matter of factly.
“So you are saying, “ she started, “ that I could get a second more fatal dose of the radiation?”
the doctor just nodded, “Ok I’m in, bedsides in 3 of 10 cases the subject showed increased abilities
not death after a second dose.” Smiling sweetly at him she departed for the tunnels thinking again of

Making her way through the old sewer drains, she neared her destination. As far as she knew,
this was the only entrance, exit that they hadn’t found yet. Creeping along and reaching to see who
was there she could tell that there was hardly anyone here, that was odd til she almost turned a
corner right in full view of 3 security cameras. Humph! Well that changes things just a bit. Looking
as deep as she could at the operator she found his sleep potential area and set to work on him.

Within just a few minutes he was asleep and she had him shut off all the motion and
heat sensors before she proceeded. Nearing the room she pulled a small needle from her pocket and
injected it in her arm. Walking through the old radiation room brought many memories as she quickly
made her way to the secret file room. Retrieving what she came for she was about half way back when
the residual radiation left there hit her.

Trying not to stop she could feel it creeping up her limbs only slight heat right now but
in only 3 minutes she knew she had to be out or she’d never leave. She was at the last opening to
leave the building when it hit full force, oh great she thought I’m going to die here and no one
will ever know. Getting into the opening was no problem, that is till her head started to feel like
it was splitting apart. Crawling as fast as she could she made her way back out and started to limp
down the street.

She was half way to the doctor’s new place when the pounding in her head hit a new high.
Sitting down on a bench she wished she was home right now in bed that way the pain could go away.
Looking up a minute later she found she was sitting on the edge of her bed. Trying to close her
shocked mouth she finally felt that she had a connection with Tahir, laying back she tried to will
the pain away. Each time she was transported to a different place. It was never more than 10 blocks
but it was still faster than anything she had ever done. Smiling, she wondered if there were any
other abilities she didn’t know about yet.

Looking at the folder in her hand she just sat there letting the abilities soak in still
unsure how far she could travel, she thought of a little restaurant she had visited before. As
she vanished it was slow at first but after a minute she was on her way, 5 minutes later she was
there she was also exhausted. She guessed she was pushing it a little too much today.

Taking a cab back to the doctor’s she began to feel better except for the headache.
Nearing his place she was suddenly aware of almost all the men that were on the grounds, hhhmmmm
this was interesting quite a few of them were gay and they thought she was too, not too surprising
as that was the image she wanted to portray. She was still thinking of a cover story for her
headache when she walked squarely into the gate rising a small knot on her head. Ah! Perfect,
walking in a little woozy now the doctor noticed and examined her head immediately.
“Where’d you get this?” he inquired
“On the way out of the tunnels” she lied, “ last opening isn’t as tall as it used to be slightly

“Be more careful, glad to see that you aren’t suffering any adverse effects from
the residual radiation” he instructed
“As am I, it might have been alright, if there were any and I’d have , had the rad coats that we
developed years ago it was a perfect radiation blocker” she volunteered

Ah yes, but as I remember you developed that and we found out later that it helped the Body absorb
radiation better with no side effects . That was till I developed the new coatas, its potential was
5 times faster” He replied feeling smug and prideful that his work so much better than hers.

Natasha looked on as the doctor’s look of smugness spread across his face. The doctor seemed
to forget that she was also a doctor in her home country of Russia. Well the conceited bastard might
as well bask in the light now. If what she think was happening, was, then she was extremely glad she
had saved some from years ago. Because unbeknownst to the doctor the Russians had been using it for
years. Sighing, one of these days the ass was going to get his, then maybe she’d be free to chase after


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