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I've tried to include some multiple points-of-view in this story - hope it's not too confusing!
Chapter One - Under The Table

The hotel dining room had the most marvellous views over the rugged Devon coastline, and during the brief intervals when she wasn’t either taking someone’s order or clearing away the crockery, Susie used to enjoy watching the sun slowly setting behind the rocky headland. There was a spot just beside one of the pillars where she could simultaneously keep an eye on the tables while enjoying the scenery and not get in the way of the other waitresses as they bustled past. That particular August evening there was a particularly fine sunset, and most of the guests were lingering over their food to enjoy it as well. However, one young couple, who Susie had been serving that evening, seemed more interested in each other. They had been flirting outrageously across the table, and as Susie brought them their dessert she was sure she had interrupted them in the middle of a particularly sexual conversation.


“You know what I’d like to do, darling. I’d like to have you right here, on this table, in front of all the other guests. I’d like to rip off your dress and stick my cock up your cunt, and fuck you until you came…”

“Oh yes, dear, I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you come inside me, I want you to make me come too…”

“You’ve made me so hard just thinking about it. I hope I can wait until we get up to our room…”

“Why wait, darling, I’m sure I can do something about it…”

“Shh, Polly, the waitress is coming back with our puddings…”


Susie served the couple, then went back to her post. She hadn’t quite managed to catch what had been said, but the way they sheepishly started looking out of the window as she served the desserts did suggest that they had been getting a little carried away. She wondered exactly what they had been discussing. She had noticed them both in the pool earlier that day, and hadn’t been able to help admiring the man’s firm muscular body. Susie decided that she wouldn’t mind getting him to herself for an hour or three. Not that there was much chance of that: he and the woman were obviously interested only in each other.

Just then, she noticed something else. The woman had removed her shoe, and her foot was massaging the man’s crotch under the table. He was trying – with difficulty - to act as if nothing was happening, but the bulge in his trousers showed that he was anything but un-aroused. Susie’s own pussy began to feel a bit damp as she fantasised about rubbing her hand over his crotch, feeling the outline of the huge hard erection through the cloth, concentrating on the most sensitive area just below the knob… Without thinking, her hand slipped down to her crotch, and she rubbed briefly at her pubic mound, feeling the moisture coating her labia through her damp panties.


I can feel your toes rubbing over my cock. It’s really hard now; if you carry on much longer, I think I’m going to come. You know this, and you’re not going to stop. The thought of my ejaculation is making you hot too; I can tell by the flush in your cheeks. You start to rub even harder against my erection, and I can feel my cum starting to boil up in my balls. I press my crotch against your foot, my whole body rigid as my cum pumps up inside my cock, before ejaculating again and again inside my trousers, filling my boxers with sticky ejaculate. Enough of it soaks through the trouser material to make your foot slightly sticky too, as you rub your sole over my now de-tumescent cock, spreading the spunk around. I can smell the scent of my cum rise up from under the table. The pretty young waitress with the short skirt comes over to clear the dessert plates away…surely she must be able to smell it too…

Susie had watched what was happening, not wanting to interrupt, but she couldn’t leave the table uncleared any longer, not unless she wanted a dressing-down from the manageress. She tried to appear unconcerned as she walked over to the table; the man was clearly embarrassed, and pretended to be very interested in his wife’s wine-glass. As Susie bent over to pick up his plate, she could smell the scent of his cum, sweet and musky, and she couldn’t help flushing with embarrassment.

As she turned to collect his wife’s plate, she caught the woman’s eye. The woman smiled at her, just a hint of embarrassment perhaps, but also a stronger sexual thrill: just that single shared glance was enough to let the woman know that Susie had seen what had happened. The woman smiled at her as she passed her plate across…


I look at the pretty waitress; I can tell by her face that she knows what we’ve been up to – perhaps she could even see it from where she was standing. I wonder if she’d like a closer look … lets see if I can tip this spoon off the plate…yes, there we go…

“Oh, I’m so sorry…how very clumsy off me…” the woman stammered, and leaned over as if to pick it up.

Susie smiled back at her. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it” she said, and dipped down to where she could see the spoon under the table. As she did so, she couldn’t help stealing a glance at the man’s crotch: she could really see the stain on his trousers now. The cum seemed to have oozed right through the thin material with the force of his ejaculation and there was a creamy patch that had been smeared around by the woman’s foot. Susie breathed in deeply, and the scent of fresh semen filled her nostrils. The spoon lay on the floor right next to the woman’s foot, and as she reached to pick it up, she could see the damp marks on her toes where she had rubbed them into the man’s sticky groin as he ejaculated. For one giddy moment, Susie imagined licking it off her foot, tasting the salty flavour on her tongue…


I know what you must be able to see under there…I arch my foot; letting you see my sticky toes…I wonder if you can smell his cum…


To her amazement, a tremor ran through Susie’s body, and she felt her vagina tingling…she had come; she had actually come, down there under the table, at the sight of the man’s spunk-stained trousers and his wife’s sticky foot. Without even touching herself, she had experienced a small but very intense orgasm.

Trying to get her breathing under control, she picked up the spoon, and stood up, trembling slightly. The woman was still apologising, and Susie threw her a quick smile as she hurried off, hoping to grab a quick minute or two to compose herself. As she paused to catch her breath, the couple passed her.

“I think we’ll have our coffee in the lounge tonight” the man said; he had removed his jacket, and was trying to hold it in a casual fashion over his sticky crotch.

“I’ll be with you right away” said Susie; but she looked round to see if Louise was free to take over. Unfortunately, she was busy taking the orders from another table, and the other waitresses were all either in the kitchen or gliding around between the tables. So she took a deep breath and went through to the lounge, where the woman was already seated. The man was nowhere to be seen.

“I’ll have a black coffee, please” she said as she saw Susie coming across, “and my husband will have the same. He’s just popped upstairs to change. He had a slight accident in the dining room – as I think you may have noticed!”

Susie blushed: she had expected the woman to act as if nothing had happened: and certainly was taken aback to be put on the spot like this.

“I…I…did notice something, madam…” she stammered, backing away. “I’ll just get your coffee”.

At which she turned and fled back to the kitchen.

When she returned, the woman stood up took the coffee from her. “I’m awfully sorry” she said. “It was wrong of me to embarrass you like that. In fact, it was wrong of me to make it so obvious what we’d been up to in the dining room, but I’m afraid I just got a bit carried away. Please do forgive me.”

She smiled so nicely that Susie forgot to be embarrassed, and smiled back.

“That’s all right” she said. “I should really apologise to you too. You see, I was watching you in the dining room – I hadn’t meant to spy, I was just making sure I was ready to clear your plates away as soon as you were ready - and I…I…well, I could see what you were doing, and I saw what happened…I saw your husband…” and she tailed off, suddenly embarrassed again.

“You saw him come,” said the woman. “I thought you had, but I couldn’t be sure. And you looked so sweet and demure in your white blouse and black stockings, I just couldn’t resist…I’m sorry again”.

Her relaxed, open manner made Susie confide in her. “Actually, I just had to keep watching” she admitted “And it excited me…” She couldn’t bring herself to admit that she had come herself, and just how much of a turn-on it had been to see the man’s cum on the woman’s foot. She had never thought of herself of a foot fetishist as such: it was just such a sexy sight.

Just then the man came back, wearing a clean pair of trousers. He paused and looked sheepish when he saw Susie, but his wife jumped up and put her arm through his.

“Don’t worry, darling” she said “I was just apologising to this nice young lady for embarrassing her earlier – and she said she didn’t really mind at all, did you my dear”.

“Erm, no, not at all, no” stammered Susie, getting all embarrassed again.

The man smiled. “But I don’t suppose she’s even taken the trouble to introduce herself properly. I’m Don, and my wife’s name is Polly.”

Polly smiled. “We’ve come away for quiet holiday, just to have some time to ourselves - which is probably why we can’t keep our hands off each other” she whispered.

“Have you been working here long?” asked Don, trying to divert the conversation back to more mundane matters.

“No, I only started in July” explained Susie. “I’ve just left school, and before I go off to university I’m taking a year out to travel. But I need to make some money first, so I’m working here over the summer. Then in October I’m hoping to go to Australia for a few months.”

“Just in time for their summer – very sensible!” commented Polly.

Just then another couple came into the lounge, and Susie had to go and look after them for a while. But she couldn’t help glancing over at where Don and Polly were whispering together on the sofa; she caught Polly’s eye and smiled at her again…


“Do you fancy her, Don? Don’t you wish you could run your fingers over those black stockings…up over her thighs? I bet her cunt is really wet.”

“Shit, yes, Poll. And have you noticed her tits under her blouse…just the right size and shape. I’d love to get a feel of those.”

“You randy sod – can’t you ever get enough?”

“Well, you started it…I reckon you’d like to lick her slit yourself.”

“Maybe I would.”

“Do you think she’s up for it?”

“I bet she is.”

That night, Susie stood in front of the mirror as she undressed, removing first her white blouse, then her lacy bra. She admired her firm breasts, stroking them gently, and was pleased at how quickly the nipples became hard and erect. She unzipped her short skirt and stood there in just her tights and panties, noting the damp patch on the crotch where her juices had leaked out as she watched Polly wanking Don under the table. Removing the last items of clothing, she sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, allowing her pink pussy lips to peep out from the light fuzz of hair on her mons. She rubbed lightly at her clitoris, making her pussy tingle again, and slipped two fingers into her vagina as she imagined what Don and Polly were probably getting up to at that very moment. She pictured what Don’s cock might look like; it had made a pretty substantial bulge in his trousers, and she wondered what its length might feel like inside her own vagina. Her fingers pumped in and out of her slit as she imagined being fucked by him, and what his cum would feel like as he came inside her. She came herself with a shudder, and drifted off to sleep after licking her own warm sticky juices off her fingers.

Chapter Two – Breakfast For Three

The next morning, Susie was on breakfast duty. She was torn between wanting to see Don and Polly again, and nervousness at how she would deal with it. She wondered if, in the cold light of day, they would regret their complicity with her the evening before, and would wish to return to a more formal relationship, as appropriate between waitress and guests. In the end, they didn’t turn up to breakfast at all; she wondered whether this was because they wanted to avoid meeting her again – or perhaps they just had more pressing matters in the bedroom. The latter seemed more likely.

By 10 o’clock her shift was nearly over, and she was looking forward to having the rest of the day off. But just as she was getting ready to go, the assistant manageress called her over.

“I’m sorry, Susie, but could you do just one more thing before you go,” she said. “Room 12 has just asked for a continental breakfast in their room. Be a dear and knock them up a couple of croissants and a cafetiere, and take it upstairs. You can go straight off after that.”

“No problem” said Susie. As she was putting together the breakfast, she did wonder whether Room 12 was Don and Polly’s. The thought of seeing them again made her feel rather horny.

When she got up to Room 12, the “Do Not Disturb” sign was hanging on the doorknob, so she knocked gently, and laid the tray on the floor outside the door. But as she did so the door opened, and there was Polly, a flimsy silk dressing gown loosely wrapped around her.

“Oh, Susie, good morning!” she said with a smile. “I was just saying to Don that I hoped it would be you. He said I was being silly, and that there were plenty of other girls who were more likely to be on duty, but I felt lucky this morning.”

“Well, it was just luck,” said Susie. “And five minutes later I’d have been off duty, so you were doubly lucky really.”

“Well, come in and have a coffee then” said Polly.

“Well, I shouldn’t really” said Susie. “But as I’m off duty now, I suppose it’s okay.”

“Don’t worry” smiled Polly. “I’ll leave the sign on the door so the housemaids don’t come in and catch you hob-nobbing with the guests!”

So Susie brought in the tray and put it on the dressing table. Don was nowhere to be seen, but she could hear the shower running next door; presumably that was him. Taking a third cup from the room’s own tea-making tray, she made coffee for the three of them.

Polly scuttled round, rather feebly tidying the bedclothes, which had been tossed around all over the place. As she did so, the gown gaped open and Susie could see that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Polly’s round breasts were crowned with large brown aureole and large nipples, and Susie noted that she seemed to have shaved her pubic area completely. Susie felt as if she shouldn’t really be watching, but she also felt a little thrill as she caught a glimpse of the pink, prominent pussy lips as she bent over the bed. Having done as much as she could, Polly sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the gown round her, squashing her breasts in a delightfully sexy way.

The door into the bathroom opened, and Don walked in, towelling his hair, wearing one of the hotel’s bathrobes.

“Ah, breakfast!” he said, kissing Polly on the top of her head. Then he saw Susie. “Hello,” he said. “I thought I heard Poll talking to someone.”

“That’s right, darling” said Polly, “Susie’s off-duty now, but I’ve kept her away from her hard-earned rest to have a coffee with us. We’ve not been to this part of Devon before” she said to Susie. “Although we really just wanted somewhere quiet and relaxing for our holiday, I was hoping you could give us a few tips about some walks along the cliffs – and Don wants to know if there are any good pubs nearby!”

“Of course” said Susie. She sat on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs and letting her short skirt ride up her shapely thighs. She could see that Don was looking approvingly at her legs, clad in the regulation black stockings. She shifted slightly, making sure that if Don wanted he could see as far up her skirt as possible. She couldn’t be sure, but it looked as if he had an erection under the bathrobe. She was enjoying his attention, and liked the thought that she had made him aroused, but couldn’t help glancing at Polly to see if she was aware. Polly caught her eye, and winked at her with a little smile. Susie involuntarily blushed at being caught in the act – but she was encouraged by the fact that Polly clearly didn’t object, and in fact seemed to be getting as much pleasure out of the situation as her husband.


From where I’m sitting, I can see right up her skirt…I can just see her panties, although those dark stockings don’t give much away…nice thighs, though, firm & smooth...I can feel my prick stirring at the thought…I wonder if Polly was right, and she really is up for a threesome...there’s only one way to find out…


“How are you enjoying your holiday so far?” she asked.

“Really well so far” said Polly. “We’re planning to walk round the coast path to the lighthouse today – if we ever get up, that is!”

“That’s a nice walk” said Susie. “And there’s a good pub in the village. Do you know how to get onto the coast path from the hotel? ”

“No” said Don. “Is it easy?”

“Yes – in fact, I can show you from here”. Susie got up, smoothing her skirt down over her legs (it had risen really very far up her thighs), and went over to the window.

Don walked over and stood behind her. As she pointed, he leant over to see, and she felt with a thrill something hard brushing against her buttocks…


The sight of her sitting there in those black stockings has really made me hard. As I lean over to see where she’s pointing, I can see the top of her tits down the front of her blouse. That black lacy bra shows them off really well…I’m sure she could see my erection pushing against my bathrobe. It twitches at the thought, and brushes against her arse cheeks, so nicely shaped by her tight little skirt. She felt that…she turns to look at me, and gives me such a smile…Her hand brushes against my erection…She speaks “Why, Don…I’d have thought you’d have had enough, what with staying in bed all morning…” I lean over, put my hands on her arms and turn her towards me; we kiss, long and hard…


Susie felt Don’s hands caressing her back as they kissed, then sliding down to cup her left bum cheek, squeezing it gently. Stimulated by this, she ground her groin against his, feeling his erect prick pressed up to her, so long and so hard. She slid her hand down inside his robe, grasping his organ and giving the shaft an exploratory pump.

“Oh, Don,” she gasped, knowing what all men liked to hear, “It’s so hard! And so big!”

Don grinned at her, knowing she was half joking but pleased all the same. At full erection his cock was almost 8 inches long, and he had never had any complaints yet.

He began to undo the buttons on Susie’s clean white blouse one by one. Her firm, smooth breasts came into view, held in place by that small, black, lacy bra. Bending down, he kissed first one, then the other, licking around the edge of the bra. He could see that her nipples were already incredibly erect: undoing the last button, he slid her blouse off her shoulders. Susie grabbed his head and pulled it onto her breasts.

“Oh Don, I want you to suck my tits” she moaned. She reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting it and her blouse drop onto the floor. She was now topless, and Don ran his hands over her gorgeous breasts, before taking first one nipple then the other into his mouth…


I watch my husband suckling on the young waitress’s tits; I know how much he likes a firm pair of boobs, and hers are really lovely. How erect her nipples have become as Don sucks on them; judging by her gasps, Susie is enjoying it very much indeed. I open my silk gown: I’m naked underneath, and my shaven pussy is already wet from where Don has been fucking me earlier. I begin to rub my sensitive clit. Susie looks over Don’s shoulder and sees me. As she watches, I pull my pussy lips apart and let her see up my juicy hole. I slide two fingers up my cunt and begin to frig myself, my fingers making a lovely rude sucking noise as they pump in and out. My juices, mixed with Don’s semen, ooze out onto the bed. I smile at Susie, and let her watch me lick the juices off my fingers.


Susie had never watched another woman masturbate before; she was surprised at how arousing she found it. She un-knotted the drawstring of Don’s robe, and his erect prick sprang out into view. She held it in her hands and stroked up and down its length. As she watched, Polly slipped the gown off her shoulders and, completely naked now, got up from the bed and came over to where Don was still enjoying the taste of Susie’s tender breasts. She pushed him out of the way and kissed Susie directly on the lips. The sensation of Polly’s bare breasts rubbing against her own made Susie draw in her breath with a gasp; her tongue entered Polly’s mouth as they kissed long and hard; she could taste Polly’s own sex juices where the other woman had licked them off her sticky wet fingers.

Susie was desperately aroused by now; her cunt was soaking wet, and she urgently needed some sort of release. She pulled away from Polly and began to drag her skirt over her hips, without even bothering to loosen the zip.

“Hey, slow down” said Polly with a smile. “Here, let me help”, and she pulled the skirt down, letting her hands run down over Susie’s stocking-clad legs at the same time. She then hooked her fingers around the top of the stockings and slid them gently off Susie’s legs, dragging her wet panties down at the same time. The scent of Susie’s sexual juices filled her nostrils as she gazed at the pouting labia, glistening and pink and ripe.

Don watched the two women, his cock in his hand. All three of them were completely naked now, and he looked on as Polly pulled Susie over to the bed, laying her down gently on her back before carefully parting her labia with her fingers and inserting her tongue. Susie had never been licked out by a woman before; she had never imagined herself taking part in such a thing, but the sensation of Polly’s tongue inside her vagina was sending wave after wave of arousal coursing through her body. She arched her back as Polly sucked on her clitoris.


I know how much Polly loves licking out another woman. She says she adores the taste of a fresh vagina – well, who doesn’t? And Susie has a really lovely pussy, a light fuzz of hair around her pubes, and prominent labia that are really juicy with Polly’s licking. The sight has made my cock really hard now, and I really need someone to take care of it. Polly’s busy: I think it’s going to have to be Susie.


Suddenly, Susie was aware of Don kneeling next to them on the bed, his throbbing erection in his hand. She reached out for it, and pulled him towards her. Hungrily, she took it into her mouth, licking around the swollen purple head, her tongue knowingly tickling at the most sensitive point just below the knob. Don thrust his length deep into her mouth; she almost gagged as she felt it pushing against the back of her throat. As he began to fuck her mouth, she tightened her lips around it, using her tongue up and down the shaft.

All this time, Polly was attacking Susie’s pussy, alternately sucking at her clitoris and thrusting her tongue as far as she could up into her vagina, licking up the juices. She gently sucked first one soft warm labia into her mouth, then the other, massaging them with her tongue. She could hear Susie’s gasps as Don fucked her mouth; the sound was very erotic, and she decided she needed to see her husband’s cock.

I take my tongue out of her cunt. I can see my husband’s large thick cock pumping in and out of Susie’s mouth. She’s grasped hold of her tits and is squeezing them tight as she takes almost his whole length into her throat. I can take the whole thing down my throat before he comes in my mouth, but she’s doing very well. I want to watch this.


Don could feel himself coming close to boiling point, but he didn’t want to cum straight down Susie’s throat, not this time at least. He pulled his prick out, and straddled her chest; settling his erection between her lovely breasts, he began to rub it up and down between them. Susie grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them together, encircling his erection so only the purple tip protruded from between the soft pink mounds, as he thrust backwards and forwards.

Polly placed one hand between Susie’s legs and the other between her own. Simultaneously she pushed three fingers deep into Susie’s cunt and three into her own, frigging in unison as she watched Don tit-fucking the other girl, his cock almost smothered by Susie’s gorgeous breasts. The delicious sensation was rapidly bringing him towards his climax, and he began to pump his cock faster and faster. Susie looked down, thrilled by the sight of his cock thrusting between her tits. Don’s body tensed, and with a cry his first spurt of semen hit her in the face, the next splashing onto her right breast, all over her hard pink nipple. As Polly knew, Don always came in huge quantities, and she enjoyed the sight of six or seven copious fountains of cum soaking Susie’s face and tits; even getting in her hair. Don rubbed the last drips of spunk off on her tits, but Susie wasn’t satisfied yet. She could feel Don’s hot cum dribbling down her cheek, and she looked down just in time to see a thick creamy droplet plop from her chin onto the top of her left breast. Her cunt was tingling with Polly’s attentions, but what she really needed was a cock to fill it right up, and there was only one available.

“Please Don, I want you to fuck me” she begged.

Don’s cock was still hard; he rolled off her and grabbed a pillow, which he pushed under her buttocks, raising her pussy into the ideal position for fucking. He looked with pleasure at the sight of Susie’s sex exposed so wantonly, so lewdly, to his admiring gaze. Her cunt was dripping with juices from Polly’s finger-fucking, and as Don placed his cock at the entrance to her slit she thrust her crotch up towards him.

“Please, Don, take me now” she pleaded. “I want to feel your cock inside me”.

Don teasingly slid his erection up and down over her pussy, allowing her pouting labia to fold themselves around his shaft, her wetness allowing it to run smoothly too and fro. The sensation was almost too much for Susie; her cunt was aching to be filled, and the tantalising sensation of Don’s cock tickling her clit was sending her to another level of arousal.

“Stop that, I can’t take any more! Just shove it in!” she moaned.

Don took pity on her, and seductively nudged at the entrance to her pussy with the head of his prick. It was still sensitive from his recent ejaculation, but Susie’s lips parted easily around it, so moist that he hardly had to push before she sucked him into her.

Polly had watched Don fuck another woman before, but never one who was enjoying it as much as Susie was now. For a moment, Polly felt the need to have Don’s cock inside her own pussy, but she knew there would be plenty of time for that later. Instead, she began to lick at Susie’s tits, which were still coated in Don’s semen. She knew the taste well, but there was something very special about licking it off another woman’s naked breasts. Susie’s nipples were still hard, and Polly nibbled them gently in turn, licking round the aureole and running her fingers over the soft warm malleable flesh. Susie moaned and writhed on the bed in a frenzy of sexual arousal at the double sensation of her pussy and tits being stimulated in the most delightful way.

“Oh yes, Polly, please don’t stop…” she gasped, “oh yes, that’s so good, so good”.

But Polly decided she had had enough of merely giving pleasure; her own pussy was well overdue for some attention. Opening wide her thighs, she straddled Susie’s tits and placed her shaven sex in front of the young girl’s face. Susie smelt Polly’s hot, pungent cunt: grabbing hold of her buttocks, she pulled the woman’s slit towards her and buried her face in it.

“Oh shit, yes!” groaned Polly. “That’s so good. Lick my cunt, swallow my pussy, eat it all up!” Susie sucked at her large pouting labia, as Polly’s juices flowed out over her face, sticky and wet. With a man’s cock up her cunt and her tongue in a woman’s pussy, she experienced an orgasm of an intensity she had never felt before, her body arching upwards as a thrilling convulsion powered through her loins. She pulled Polly’s dripping crotch so hard against her face that for a moment she couldn’t breathe. Polly cried out as Susie’s fingernails clenched the cheeks of her arse so hard that they drew blood – then she came too, rubbing her crotch against Susie’s face, smearing yet more juices all over it.

Even though he had just come once, the sight of Susie’s fingernails scratching at his wife’s buttocks gave Don an incredible thrill, and he felt his cum boiling up inside his balls. He ground his crotch against the entrance to her pussy, pushing his cock as deep as it could go, and with a final thrust he came, his cum pumping up inside Susie’s vagina, mixing with her own copious juices. As she felt Don’s cock pulsating as his creamy spunk splashed against the lining of her vaginal passage, Susie came herself; she cried out with joy at the wonderful feeling of sexual fulfilment, of feeling her cunt filled with cum. Her vaginal muscles squeezed at his cock, milking the last secretions, refusing to let him go.

As Susie’s cunt at last relaxed its grip on his cock, Don pulled out of her slit with a juicy pop, and watched with delight as a sticky mixture of their sex juices dribbled out of Susie’s slit onto the bed. Polly crawled over to him and took him in her arms, kissing him deeply. She leant over and took his cock into her mouth, licking at the delicious mixture of his semen and Susie’s vaginal secretions. Susie sat up and saw the deep red scratches on Polly’s firm round buttocks.

“Oh heavens, I’m sorry!” she said. “I didn’t realise I was doing it”.

“Don’t be sorry” said Polly. “You made me come like I’ve never come before – well, except when Don does it, of course” she added, before he had time to say anything. “Just think, if you hadn’t seen us last night, none of this would have happened, I’m sure!”

Susie looked down at the damp patch under her crotch. Her pussy was till tender from the fucking it had received, but she had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long before it was full of cock again.


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