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This is another story about Jane. I won’t call it a sequel because this is just the second of
This is another story about Jane. I won’t call it a sequel because this is just the second of many true stories I have to tell about her.

As you know, Jane and I were very compatible in bed. This is another tale of our cheating. One night, while Jane was still dating Dan, we decided to go out for drinks. Dan was out of town and not expected back for a few days. Anyway, we went to a local bar. Jane had a few drinks and was tipsy (she didn’t weigh much at all), while I was borderline shitfaced. We decided to go home, and Jane talked me into letting her drive me home because she said I was too drunk. While in the car, Jane asked if I would stay with her that night. I agreed but she also said nothing was going to happen. After we got to her place, Jane told me to get comfortable on the couch while she made us a couple of drinks. When she returned from the kitchen, she served my drink to me in nothing but a matching red bra and thong. Her tanned Asian skin looked so soft and inviting.

This girl had just told me that no funny business would be going on, and now she is serving me drinks half naked? I really think Jane knows I can’t resist her soft body, and likes to see how long I can control myself around her. After she gave me my drink, Jane said,"I thought you were going to get more comfortable?” She asked me to take everything off except my boxer shorts, and I complied. Jane sat on my lap and began to stroke my cock from the outside of my boxer shorts while kissing me on my neck. My cock sprang to its full length as she now had it in her hands. She rubbed my dick softly and slowly from the base to the tip with one hand while caressing my balls with her other. I peeled her thong back from the front just enough to rub the outside of her cunt and barely penetrate it with my finger. Her pussy was always so wet. I began to groan and she started to breathe heavily. I cupped one of her size 34B breast with my other hand, which fit perfectly. She leaned back towards me and kissed me intently for what seemed like an eternity. We took the rest of our clothes off and I laid on my back. She placed her sweet box on top of my face. I ran my tongue everywhere in the area except where she wanted, just to tease her. I then sucked her lips and began to eat her out. I would spread her lips with my hand while inserting my tongue as deep as I could into her tight hole. Jane then leaned forward and placed her warm mouth around my throbbing cock. She was in ecstasy with the pleasure I was giving her, which made her suck more feverishly. She began to suck harder and faster making her gag as she tried to take my full length. She could only get about half of it in. Jane began to scream loudly as she came. The orgasm must have taken a lot out of her because she stopped sucking me as she came, just pumping my dick with her hand. Afterwards, she went back to blowing me with a renewed vigor. She played with my balls with one hand while using the other to guide my shaft into her mouth. She now was able to take all of my thick, black cock into her tiny mouth. I began to eat her out again as she deep throated me. Jane said,”I want to taste you.” When she had all 10 inches in her mouth, I held her head down while I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum up her throat. Jane gagged trying to keep up swallowing with the pace and force I was unloading into her mouth. To my surprise, she was able to swallow the majority of it. We decided to turn in for the night.

With all the excitement the night before, I didn’t even get a chance to fuck Jane. I woke up before she did with a massive erection. Jane was still sleeping next to me. She was lying on her back. I had a nice view of her perfect ass. Her legs were positioned slightly apart. I mounted myself on top of her and rubbed my swollen head against her shaven, reluctant pussy. Jane woke up with my prodding her and saw that I needed more. While lying on her back, she grabbed my cock with one hand and guided it into her tight hole. Her pussy was tight but gradually accepted me inch by inch. I fucked her slowly from behind as she lay flat on her stomach. Jane was moaning softly as I fucked her slowly until her pussy was ready to stretch the way I needed it to. After 15 minutes or so, I picked up the pace. Jane buried her head in the pillow and started screaming as my balls were now smacking her ass with every stroke. I started to drive my dick into her harder and harder, faster and faster. I felt myself ready to explode so I turned Jane over on her back. I put my aching cock between her breasts as it extended into her mouth. I began to titty fuck her. With each stroke, she accepted more of my meat into her mouth. I let out a satisfying moan as I shot cum on Jane’s lips, cheeks, eyes and hair. Jane then took my dick and licked it clean, squeezing every last drop she could get out of it. After she cleaned up, she took me home. I didn’t even ask when I could see her again, and she didn’t bring it up either. I think we both like the spontaneity of our situation.

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2012-08-05 02:46:07
sick story and sick fucking white pig fucking a nigger and blowing his to boot............ she should be horse whipped


2006-03-12 11:22:26
I would like for the story to be longer. Also, the sex needs to be more deive. Can that be all there is? Basically, you need more detail. If you do not have the desire to make the store more real then maybe you should not waste your time (and more importantly my time) posting a story. I am giving this story a 7. I think with more effort it could be much better. Think about it... If it is worth doing then it is worth doing right.


2006-01-18 14:19:34
Yes, it is a very good, but short story..Let's see you do better...


2006-01-17 07:08:53


2006-01-16 21:29:42

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