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Another half battle and a surprise
Awakenings 8

Natasha was bored, the doctor had totted on for the last 4 days, how great he was
and that this plan would finally pay that traitor Tahir, back for all the pain he had put
the doctor through. Natasha didn’t really care all she wanted was to get Tahir in bed,
if his ability sex was that good, Natasha trembled, thinking about how it would be with
the real thing. Still not feeling that strong yet, Natasha just hoped that she had given
herself enough of the rads coats, shit she hadn’t used it in over twenty years.

With still 3 days to go the doctor had already reassembled the machine, although
his first two tests had been complete failures, he had hope.
“Natasha,” he started, “What was the reading on the first test?”
“I had a reading of only negative 10%, hardly worth mentioning.” She replied
“And the second?” he said looking at the energy flowing through the machine.
“Ah! It saw an increase to 25%” starting to get excited she turned to look at what the
doctor was doing.

“Good it appears that I am finally on the right track, that was where I was all
those years ago when the leader had me start on the awakening pulse.” Smugly he looked
down on Natasha after all these years he had the upper hand on her damn it felt good!
At this point Natasha really didn’t care what credit he took, she was tired of the ass
hole anyway.
“I have missions for the leader to complete,” she said as she stood to leave.
“Yes, yes,” he waved her away again pissing her off, but she could feel her power growing
a first for her.
AH! Soon doctor, she wouldn’t have any need to be his or anyone’s little lap dog, a mere
messenger girl.

Tahir had spoken on Helena’s behalf and she and her daughters had been released
to the inside of the building only.
“Tahir?” Helena asked timidly, “I wanted to thank you for all you have done. The girls
are my life and that bastard Romotine knew it. “ hanging her head, just as Kim walked up

“Miss Kim I wanted to apologize to you also, had it not been for me you would never been
in danger” Helena had started to turn and walk away when a gentle hand on her arm stopped
her.“Helena you have nothing to apologize for, I Have met your wonderful daughters. I can
see why you would do anything for them.” Kim paused thinking a moment “If you don’t mind I
would be honored to call you a friend”

Helena’s mouth hung open, here she had done what she had and they wanted to accept
her and be her friend? Looking over at Tahir he was gently shaking his head yes, this
causing Helena’s eyes to stare even more. “For all that I have done to both of you, how can
you still want me around let alone want to be my friend?”
“Well for me,” Kim started, “It was easy, anyone who raised as respectful and delightful
girls like yours, has my vote of confidence.” Helena started to cry as she grabbed Kim and
hugged her close.
“I found it a lot easier to believe you when I captured you,” chipped in Tahir, “when you
showed no
concern for yourself and only screamed at me to help your daughters, I found it a lot
easier to believe you.”
Suddenly engulfed by soft, crying female flesh hadn’t been his intention, but hey he could
definitely get used to it.

Captain Roberts had been watching the whole time from the door. He had to admit
Helena and her daughters were more than a welcome change around here. Even though they had
no abilities at the moment, they were fast becoming friends with his daughter, something
she hadn't had in a long time.
Running up to him the youngest of Helena's daughters look up at him waiting.
Looking down he smiled big, "How can I help you young lady?"
Ever shy she opened he mouth and squeaked! "Sorry sir, I was wondering if my sister and I
could go outside with Tina?"

"Well, that depends on two things." as he watched her face fall he thought she was
adorable. “First you have to ask the Captain,"(Leaning low and close he whispered) that's
me “her smile made it all worth it.”Second you have to have permission from your mother"
Smiling a huge smile she kissed him on the cheek, he actually blushed! Then she ran to her
mother to ask her.

Natasha had hated to lie to the doctor but she was finally feeling stronger. Once
outside away from the doctor's place, she opened herself up and felt everywhere for Tahir.
After an hour she began to get a faint feeling of him very far to the west. Cursing her
luck she had only been a few miles to the west. Sighing she thought of a small farm she had
been to 30 miles west of the city. This time it only took a minute for her to appear.
Reaching out again she could feel Tahir but he was still very very far to the west. Sighing
she guessed she'd have to do it the hard way, so she started walking, west.

After an hour, she found the main highway and started west on it. As luck would have
it a passing truck asked her if she needed a ride and where was she going. She just replied
west climbing in they set off. Natasha tried to remember every detail she had seen that if
she hadn't been there then she couldn't go there. A day later they were more than half way
across the country, when her phone went off, damnit it was the doctor.

Luckily they were at a truck stop on the far side of Kentucky, she had gone into the
bathroom and just didn't come back.
Answering her phone the doctor was in a state, "where are you? I need you here!" he shouted.
"Oh, now you need me? you were so smug and demeaning, I had thought of going to the leader,
Then I thought he’d be angry if I did and would probably punish us both.” She could hear the
doctor sputtering on the other end of the phone.
“You seem to forget that I am a doctor also, and it was I that brought you the basis for your
drug Remember that before you piss me off next time. Give me a few hours I am a ways from you,
see You soon.”

Sighing again, she thought of the doctor’s place and reaching for it pulled herself to
it.This time it was only 2 minutes and she was back. Thinking of a place on the other side of
town she was there in only a minute. Hmmm interesting, it seemed that the more she used it the
stronger it got.Though the trip back from this Kentucky had been exhausting, she’d still made
it in just a few minutes.So obviously, she had a lot more power and it might grow stronger,
till she saw different, she was going to assume that it still had limits.

Sitting she ordered her usual, she had just started to eat when her phone went off
again.Damnit, she was about to scream at the doctor when she saw it was the leader.
“Natasha” he started,” I have need of you again”
“Yes leader, I can be there in an hour I just got back, looking for new recruits” she lied.
“Good, with any luck we’ll have the city by night fall,” he smiled evilly, all those tasty
morsels out there, his brain could feel them and his hunger was starting to increase.

The leader finally had a plan; this time there wouldn’t be any Tahir to interfere.
Hell, if the doctor’s invention worked he’d never have to worry about Tahir again. Looking
through his numbers he started calling all his lieutenants, the message Be ready, we take
the city in two hours.Calling the last number he waited till the line answered, “Consolidated
Unlimited,” came a young woman’s voice.
“Yes,” the leader said as he lapsed into the code, “the forest is dark,
The river is deep, the road is long, the hills so steep. My eyes they close, the feeling fleet,
To journey’s end, but I have miles before I sleep.” The leader smiled at what came next.

On the other end a young woman her eyes glazed over, spoke in monotone,
“Yes master I await your command,”
The leader started issuing different commands for the many situations she might come up against.
Hanging up the phone, the leader knew that by the time the chaos was over there, he and his
army would control the city. Laughing evilly, he thought of the many tender young cunts that
he’d fuck tonight and maybe for once his hunger might be slated. Preparing to move out he called
the doctor and told him that Natasha would be helping him for a time and to make do without her.

Tahir, Kim, Helena and her daughters were sitting and eating when Tina came in from outside
screaming that there was a crazy woman out there. She had explosives all over her and was saying
that all of the capitalists pig were going to die. Tahir reached out to touch her and felt her
tighten up on the bombs release. She obviously had abilities as each time he went a little deep she
tightened more. He gently looked around finding that she was a sleeper agent from the old cold war.
After an hour Tahir had only began to get her to relax.

After two hours he was finally starting to get somewhere. He had eliminated some of the deep
Commands but it was the deep, deep commands that he was worried about. Plus he found that if she
held the releases too tight she went boom. If she relaxed too much or let them go, she went boom.
Estimating from the amount around her body she had enough to take out several city blocks possibly
more. Finally after along three hours Tahir had frozen her, thinking of the bombs or any explosives
on her they vanished.
Laughing the woman said,” Before you destroy me I have a message from Romotine”

“I wish to tell you that you have lost and the city is mine! You will never win now
And with all the cunts here I may never be hungry again. “ Laughing a half crazed laugh the woman
started in on her tirade, “you will never win! The leader is all he is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”The
dying personality could be heard all over the block. Tahir’s face held a look of disgust at what he
had seen and heard in her mind.
“Captain,” Tahir started, “Can you confirm what she said?”

Grim faced the Captain started the report he had just received, “They are reporting 30,000
missing, that’s a lot of minds he has to play with”
“What of the casualties?” Tahir wasn’t too sure he was going to like the answer to this.
“Of the 150,000 there, it was reported that 100,000 got out. Of those left 20,000 fought back,
They took the city with just 3000, maybe 200 at the most were killed on Romotine’s side.”
Tahir was steamed at his self he should have seen this coming. Vanishing he appeared near a road out
of the city looking at the 20 or 30 men they had there, his anger high he walked toward them.

The whole lot of them began to laugh at him pointing, saying he had a death wish. That was
till the first one died in a fiery plume of smoke. They all got serious faced and began to fire at him.
Tahir just smiled as he cut each down , their cries of agony and screams of death were music to Tahir’s
ears.Finding a group of about 60 people he pointed and they were gone to the other side near the army
posted there. Walkingon further he found another 40 and sent them. After an hour he had sent over 10,000
people outside ofthe city, but he had only had to kill maybe 200 of Romotine’s men.Shaking his head
something wasn’t right here. Nearing his old house not too far from the doctor’s old and new place he
felt them before they attacked.

There were only about 500 of them not really that many, so Tahir knew that something was
different this time. As they started to send their waves at him he felt a very strong presence, it was
almost as strong as the woman they had sent out at the battle not long ago. Reaching out he felt Natasha,
ah! < so you have finally figured out what you did to me and repeated it in yourself I see>

<No Tahir, actually I did this to save myself but I didn’t expect it to have the same effect on me as it
did on you. I didn’t want to die from a second dose of the radiation. By the way the doctor has a device
that can take abilities away you might want to avoid it>
Surprised that she was turning on the doctor he felt and saw the machine, the energy it held was different
than anything he had ever felt. Raising it the doctor fired at what looked to be Tahir. The beam merely
sliced through him as he faded. Tahir standing nearby had felt theenergy go through his image.It almost
felt like the energy he used to seal areas where a power was.

Snapping his fingers, he knew just what to do. The doctor was a little confused but considering
how strong Tahir was he wasn’t surprised. Looking for his target , the doctor vowed not to miss again.
The 500 began to fire everywhere trying to flush him out. AH! There he was firing, the doctor was shocked
when the beam split then double split, soon there were too many to tell the hit Tahir and began to bounce
back. Each man was hit precisely each and every one! Holy SHIT! What the hell was it going to take to kill
this little bastard.While each man was screaming after the beam hit them, the doctor once again ran.
Dragging Natasha after him he jumped into his car and sped away.

<Don’t you dare forget that I helped you> Natasha thought to Tahir.
<I am very grateful but why?> He asked more curious than just wanting information.
<I can’t tell you all right now, I don’t have time suffice it to say he is holding several somethings over
my head to get my cooperation> she had spoken this low almost as if she was afraid that someone else might
hear. Watching them speed away Tahir was extremely intrigued now. Turning his attention to the 500 men he
soon found that 400 of them had been drugged and made to help as soon as the beam had hit them they had been
freed taking them he sent them also to the army camp. Walking on for another hour getting as close as he
dared to the headquarters of the doctor’s army he had saved another 5000,Sighing he was happy that he had
eliminated at least half.

Pulling back to the west coast office, the Captain was waiting, he really wanted to scream at
Him but after the reports he had gotten he was thinking more a medal. Plopping down Tahir rubbed his
temples, suddenly he felt the presence of 6 females. Too tired to even look up he felt each as they
began to rub his temples and neck. Finally looking up at the woman from the battle.“You know in all the
excitement, even though I have been inside, I still don’t know your name”Laughing, a fabulous sound from
her lips, she replied, “It’s May, I am glad you are alright. It wouldn’t do to have the man who saved my
life and all those here, die when I could have helped.”

“How?” he queried, “You can’t move like I can”
“True,” she said, “but I could go with you I am as strong as you in different aspects, you know I can
hold my own in a fight.”
“That’s not why I didn’t take you” he stated, “Your energy was so slow to
rebuild especially after the battle and healing yourself, I finally figured out how you did it and that
was why you were so drained”
“Oh, I thought I had hidden that fact away deep enough, that even you couldn’t find it.” She replied
biting her lip.
“Yes,” he said almost whispering, ”isn’t it dangerous to use ALL your energy including
your life energy to heal?”
Nodding her head, “Yes but with that one area that you healed, I had gained
almost complete control over my healing that’s why I took over ,had you remained in I would have
drained you also. As it turned out the small amount that you had healed, had kept me going long enough
to heal a sufficient amount That I felt sane again.

The leader was feeling almost light headed the last bitch he had fucked ,he had actually enjoyed
using the shit out of her pussy before he sucked her brains from her useless, pathetic, American pig body.
He looked at thethirty women and young girls that were tied naked and spread eagled all around the room.
He wasn’t thatpleased that the device had failed but he had taken the city, and now he had enough snacks to
feed and fuck all night long.
Looking over at a slender 18 year old he could feel her youth and energy.
Fingering her hole she screamed, ah! A virgin! This one was going to be the most delicious one of all.
Dropping between herlegs he became more excited than usual, thrusting into her dry hole she screamed
louder, not caring his cock grew faster than he had ever felt it grow.
Thrusting in and out only half way he enjoyed her screams, this was where all lazy American women deserved
to be. With a final thrust he penetrated her andlicked his lips as he felt her youthful brains slip from its
cavity, ah now that was youthat it’s finest. Laughing at his own sick joke he withdrew as the dried up husk
that was a young woman slipped from his cock.


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