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Tracey gets sent to New Orleans just as Katrina is hitting, maybe not the best move!
Not for the first time Tracey looked out of the window and wondered if this was a good idea, flying into New Orleans hours before hurricane Katrina was due to strike.

Of course she wouldn't be doing this trip unless she had to but as claims advisor for ABC Insurance at Lloyd's of London duty had called. Well her boss had called actually, at 9.30pm the day before with instructions to get on the plane to the US to help in any way she could to reduce the cost of any claims that might come ABC's way.

Tracey had not been that impressed by the order, for a start she had a scant six hours to pack and to get to Heathrow before her plane took off. Mr Chambers had indicated that her plane was likely to be the last plane allowed to land before the hurricane got too bad and he would not be happy if she wasn't on it!

Apart from anything else she wasn't sure what she could do to help when she got there. After all a hurricane is a hurricane, there wasn't much you could do to stop it doing damage, she wasn't wonder woman after all.

She knew ABC had not had a good year and if this storm caused too much damage and too many claims came flooding in who know, it might be the end of the company, so as well as having instructions to help in any way she could she was also told in no uncertain terms to keep the claims as low as possible and if that meant using any dirty trick to avoid paying out on claims that was okay by Mr Chambers!

As the plane approached the airport Tracey could see it was already raining hard and from the way the plane was moving about in the air it was very windy to. She was very glad when she felt the wheels touch the ground and they came to a slow but steady stop.

It seemed that most of the airport staff had already retreated to their homes because their certainly weren’t many visible at immigration and luggage pick up and as a result it took ages for her to finally emerge out of arrivals and look for her driver that the company had arranged.

When she saw him holding up the card with her name on it she was slightly apprehensive about approaching him. He was around 6'2 or 3 and as black as the ace of spades with a shaved head and what looked like a fairly recent scar running the length of his right cheek. He looked like he belonged in a prison movie rather than an executive limo driver, but he was in a uniform and he was holding up the card with her name and so she walked up and told him who she was and shivered slightly as he gave her a smile and an unabashed look up and down her body!

Within ten minutes they were in the limo, Tracey struggling to stay up with the driver who had introduced himself as Leroy but apart from that had said nothing. Tracey was quite relieved to sink into the back of the Mercedes as Leroy started the engine and drove the car out of the underground parking garage.

As they exited into the sunlight Tracey blinked, she had never been to New Orleans before but she had been to quite a few American cities, all of which were busy busy busy, as soon as you'd leave the airport you'd be thrust straight into a hive of activity on the roads with lots and lots of traffic, usually constructions and traffic lights and honking horns. Today though the road into the city was deserted, well not quite deserted but certainly less than ten percent of what she had expected.

She still hadn't been out in the fresh air and she could see that the rain was very heavy and again she could feel how strong the wind was against the heavy car but even so the sight of the almost empty road leading into the major city was almost unnerving.
Leroy hadn't said a word to her in the car and Tracey was quite happy about that but as they got closer and closer to the city she was starting to realise just how bad the situation was outside. The wind and rain were relentless and Tracey was beginning to wonder how much Leroy could see out of the wind-shield as he slowly drove down the road to the city.

He broke his silence with a “God dam Miss this is bad.” and she had to agree with him. In fact it was so bad she was beginning to become more than a little scared, she'd been through storms before and of course every English girl was more than used to some rain but this was worse, a whole lot worse!

Eventually in the distance apart from the red brake lights of the few cars in front of them they saw the red and blue flashing lights of what seemed to be many police cars, it was difficult to see how many as the rain on the misted glass distorted the lights but Tracey could see it was a major road bock.

They edged closed and closer until Leroy pushed the button to lower the front window a few inches and the noise of the storm suddenly filled the car making it impossible for Tracey to be able to hear what her driver was saying to the policeman who was leant forward as close as he could to the car and shouting something to Leroy.

After thirty seconds the window was raised and Tracey was relieved that the noise and more than a few drops of heavy rain were no longer entering the car, she wasn't so happy when Leroy turned to face her though and said,

“Sorry Miss but they are not letting anyone into the city now, it's too dangerous.”

Tracey sat there a little shocked, she knew the storm was bad and likely to get worse but she had fully expected to be ensconced in her hotel room, maybe in a hot shower, within the next thirty minutes. The company had booked her a room in the Roosevelt and she knew that was still ten miles from where they were, what was she to do now!

As if to answer her question Leroy spoke again,

“The cop told me all the hotels, even those outside the city limits are shutting up right now and some are even being evacuated, your straight out of luck lady.”

She just looked at him, not sure on what to say, she had no reason to disbelief him, even though she hadn't been able to hear a single word the police man had said to him. What was she going to do, she certainly didn't know anybody in this part of the world who could put her up till the hurricane went though. If what Leroy had said was true and she couldn't get into any hotel for at least tonight what was she supposed to do.

Trying not to look at panicky as she felt she said to Leroy,

“Let me just ring my boss.” and she pulled her mobile from her jacket pocket.

“Won't work Ma’am, all the cell networks are shut down.” he said and as Tracey looked at the “no Signal” sign on her phones display she knew he was at least telling the truth about that!

In desperation she looked at him and almost pleaded,

“Well what am I going to do?” she hated herself for sounding so weak but at that precise moment she was weak!

“Well if you got no other folks here I guess I could put you up for a night or two.” Leroy said casually.

For a few seconds Tracey simply didn't know what to say to that. Ever since he had twisted round in his seat to talk to her she knew he had been having a good look at her and from the slight smile on his face he seemed to like what he was looking at. Her smart skirt was quite short and she knew from his position in front of her he would have a good view of her legs. The thought made her shudder inwardly, She wasn't particularly racist or posh but she certainly did feel that her status was above that of her black driver. The thought of being his house guest threw all kinds of unsavoury thoughts into her head!

As if he was reading her mind Leroy smiled again and said,

“Don't worry, my girl will be there to,” and then flippantly he said, “the way I see it you don't have no choice anyway, if we don't get off the road soon we will be blown off it so I'm heading to my place, you can come with me or get out right her.”

Looking out of the window Tracey could see that if anything the storm had got worse in the last five minutes and although the thought of putting herself in Leroy's hands was a scary one it still seemed better that being abandoned by the roadside!

Wondering if she was doing the right thing she nodded her head and quietly said,

“Okay take me to your place if that's okay.” and Leroy turned back round to face the front and started to turn the car around.

The ride took 35 minutes and for the entire time Tracey stared out of the car window wondering what the hell she was doing. The storm was relentless but even through the driving rain she could see that Leroy was taking her to a less than salubrious part of town. The highway soon became urbanised and then down to single lane roads surrounded by shops and houses, dirty shops and dirty houses! Shops with broken front windows and houses that had clearly seen better days.

She knew she didn't want to be in this part of town but what choice did she have, she knew the weather was getting even worse and she had doubts about how long Leroy could even keep the car on the road for, if she now insisted that he take her somewhere else he would probably refuse, after all she couldn't ask him to risk his own safety for her, and he was being kind in offering to put her up, if only she hadn't seen him admiring her legs when he's turned round to talk to her!

Eventually they pulled up in front of a shop and for a second she was confused, surely he wasn't going to go and buy something but then he twisted round and said,

“Okay home sweet home is above this shop, open the door and run for the entrance there and I'll be two seconds behind you.”

Feeling more than a little unsure she did as she was told and opened the car door only to have it almost blow back shut on her , the force of the wind surprising her. She managed to get out of the car and clutching her handbag she ran for the entranceway twenty feet away. Twenty feet was more than enough to get her soaking wet though and she felt like a drowned rat as she stood there waiting for Leroy.

When he did run in and stood beside her she realised again how big he was compared to her, she was only five foot two and he was at least a foot taller, standing in the small doorway beside him just drove the height difference home to her.

He fumbled for his keys and as he opened the door Tracey suddenly squealed,

“What about my luggage?”

With an incredulous look at her he shook his head and said,

“You want it you go and get it lady.”

For a second Tracey was about to get indignant but thinking better of it she quickly followed Leroy into the building. She found herself in a dark and dingy hallway with a flight of wooden steps leading upwards to the right of her. Despite the unclean appearance she was still happy to be out of the wind and rain and duly followed Leroy up the stairs until they reached a door which he unlocked and went inside.

Almost immediately a petite black woman rushed into Leroys arms squealing with delight,

“Baby you made it, I was getting scared.”

Laughing Leroy picked her up and twirled her round before putting her back down when she noticed Tracey standing there, her happy expression changing in an instance,

“Who is this! I told you Leroy no more of your whores back here, didn't I tell you!”

Startled Tracey just stood there conscious of the fact that her long blonde hair was still wet and she must of looked dishevelled.

“Whoa, hold on girl, this is no whore, this is the lady I picked up from the airport, the police have closed off down town and I couldn't get her to her hotel so I said she could stay here tonight, till the storm has gone anyways.”

Tracey stood there hating the way the girl was still glowering at her, hating the whole situation really and feeling really weak and pathetic she held her hand out and said,

“Hi, I'm Tracey, thanks for letting me stay.”

The girl looked at her and didn't make any attempt to shake Tracey's hand before turning to Leroy,

“Is she English?” and on getting the nod from Leroy she turned back to Tracey, “you just make sure you keep your hands off my man lady, understand?”

For a second Tracey almost laughed, she had no intention of trying anything with Leroy, the thought had never even entered her head! In an effort to keep the peace though she nodded her head and she heard Leroy shut the door behind her and she felt like she was now completely in their lair.

Over the course of the next thirty minutes the girl who Tracey now knew was called Macey made them all a coffee and Tracey had gingerly sat on the edge of the dirty old looking sofa drinking it wondering how she had gone from staying at the Roosevelt to staying here!

About the only thing you could say about the flat she was now in was that it was dry, and that was one small comfort as the rain and wind lashed down against the rotted windows making them rattle in their frames.

The atmosphere was excruciatingly embarrassing to Tracey as she sat there sipping her coffee not saying a word as Macey and Leroy cuddled up on the easy chair and smooched for ten minutes ignoring her completely.

Finally she had to do something and so rather meekly she asked if she could use the bathroom which drew a small laugh from Macey as Leroy pointed down the hall. Getting to her feet she clutched her handbag and almost ran down the hall to the pointed door and stepped inside closing it behind her grateful for the privacy it allowed.

The bathroom was small and dirty and consisted of a bath, a toilet and a medicine cabinet on the wall and that was it. She'd probably been in a dingier bathroom before, she just couldn't remember when! To make the whole scene even tackier was the fact that a large black dildo was casually sitting on top of the medicine cabinet in plain sight, and when she said big she meant big, it must have been twelve inches long! Tracey had never seen a dildo before , let alone used one and let alone one that massive and the fact that it was there on display intimated her more than somewhat.

She quickly got her phone out of her bag and almost cried with frustration when she saw there was still no signal and so she did what she had to do in the bathroom and even though she was glad of the privacy the small room offered she knew she couldn't stay in there a moment longer and so she left and nervously walked back to Macey and Leroy who to her surprise were now standing up.

“Macey here says we've got to go down to the basement and sit the storm out, it's safer down there.” Leroy said shrugging his shoulders and Macey with an undisguised sneer said,

“That includes you Princess, your coming with us.”

For a second Tracey almost refused to go, the thought of going down into a basement with these two seemed even worse than where she was now, and that was pretty bad already! But she knew she was committed and so nodding her head she followed the two of them out of the room. She suddenly remembered her purse was still in the bathroom but she had no time to go back and get it and anyway she wouldn't be needing it in the basement!

They passed the main door they had entered the building through earlier and the thought did enter Tracey's mind to make a run for it but that was silly she thought to herself, after all these people were helping her, they were being kind, why should she try to run away. So why did she feel so intimated and uneasy!

The door to the basement was an old steel one that clanked loudly as Leroy pulled it open and first Macey and then Tracey stepped through it before Leroy followed them shutting the door behind them.

The basement was already lit with two naked light bulbs and Tracey was surprised to see they were not alone, sitting in the corner eating a sandwich was an old black man. He was obviously not a stranger to her companions because they all said Hi and she heard Macey call him Jimmy. She saw his eyes settle on her and the way he looked at her did not feel her with confidence and what he said next even less so.

“Been rounding up the white girls already Leroy?” he laughed.
“What do you mean old man?” Leroy smiled back.

“I heard some of the guys are talking about going into the white parts of town and snatching all the white pussy they can find, they going to bring it back here, have some fun with it and then sell it later.” the old man cackled.

To Tracey's dismay Leroy laughed with him before he said,

“The cops won't let that happen.”

“There ain't no cops any more, at least not till the storms blown itself out, it's a free for all out there.” Jimmy laughed.

“That true old man?” Macey asked.

“Sure, Mikey told me an hour ago the cops had pulled out, him and some of his boys are heading up to Carrollton pretty soon to grab as much white pussy as they can.” Jimmy laughed again.

To her immense relief she heard Leroy say,

“Well this lady is a guest of ours, be nice to her.” but her relief was short lived as she heard Macey laugh,

“Well we could always give her to Mikey when he gets back, add her to any he brings back and get a cut of the profits, that's a good idea isn't it honey?” and as she said it she cuddled up to Leroy kissing him lightly on the cheek making it plain she at least thought it was a great idea!

Tracey had never felt more vulnerable, she knew Macey wasn't kidding about giving her to this Mikey and if what the old man was saying was true who knew what would happen to her then! Surely it couldn't be true though, could it, I mean women sold as chattel, not in the 21st century surely.

She had a basic knowledge of the history of slavery and she knew the city she was now sheltering in had played more than a small part in that history, but that was history, the couldn't happen today could it? She suddenly heard Leroy laugh and she saw that Macey now had her hand on a large bulge in the front of his trousers and was blatantly squeezing it as Leroy laughed,

“Dam woman, you always know how to get your way don't you.”

“So Mikey gets an extra white girl to sell?” she giggled.

“Hum maybe.” Leroy mumbled as he buried his face into her neck and Tracey heard Macey give a little squeal of delight.

“You know we need the money.” Macey giggled.

“I said maybe,” Leroy laughed, “but you keep doing what your doing and it won't be my decision, it will be yours.”

That drew another little squeal from Macey and another groan from Leroy as she gave him another squeeze.

She wasn't sure if the big steel door to the basement was locked or not but she knew it had taken big Leroy some effort to pull it open and she doubted if she could do the same herself and make a run for it before she was caught but that was certainly what she felt like doing.

There was no clock in the basement and Tracey never wore a watch so she had no idea of how long they stayed there. She was aware that the storm was going on above their heads from the distant sound of wind and the occasional slight shudder when a stronger gust hit the building.

Macey and Leroy had settled down on the couch and had spent a long time smooching, much to Tracey's embarrassment. The basement was dimly lit but even so Tracey was aware that Macey was doing things to Leroy that should only be done in privacy. Assorted giggles and moans made it even more obvious what the two of them were doing.

The old man was on a chair in the corner and as far as Tracey could tell he had fallen asleep a long time ago. Tracey only wished she could do the same but she was too anxious for that. She knew she had been here a few hours at least, she had not checked in at the hotel, she had no way of contacting anyone as the phones were out and nobody had any idea where she was and to cap it all all her ID and money was in her purse upstairs in the filthy bathroom!

Finally sleep did come, maybe not too surprising as she'd hardly slept on the plane so when she did finally fall asleep she was out like a baby. She was only woken by the clanging of the big metal door as Macey slammed it shut behind her. Luckily she hadn't jerked awake and so she feigned sleep as she listened to Macey talking to the other two.

“It's still a bit wild but you can get around, there's a fair bit of damage to the buildings though, your Limo has gone.” she said mater of factly to Leroy.

“God-damn, I'll get hit for that I know it.” he muttered.

“Another reason to sell the princess over there then.” Macey laughed.

“Yeah I'm still not sure that's a good idea honey.” Leroy said looking a bit sheepish, “ I mean what if someone comes looking for her and it comes back to me.”

“Nobody will come looking for her, she's from England and she came to a disaster area, they will just assume she died, anyway I bumped into Tyrone on the street, you know, Hillary kid, he said Mikey and his gang did pick up a lot of white pussy last night, they've got it stored down the street at that empty warehouse.” Macey laughed.

“You should take this one down there to Leroy,” Jimmy suddenly piped up, “she looks like a good one, make you some decent money.”

For a few seconds nobody said anything until Leroy sighed and said,

“Okay I guess you guys are right and we could certainly do with the money.”

“Good boy Leroy,” Macey suddenly squealed, “All we got to do is take her down there and Mikey will sell her with the rest.”

“How much pussy has he got to sell then?” Jimmy asked.

“Lot's of it from what Tyrone was saying, “ Macey laughed, “he said they were just going house to house and taking what they wanted, no cops or anything to worry about, they are going out again later to get some more.”

“Lucky bastards, I bet they had their fun with it as well.” Jimmy laughed.

“Well let's get this one down to him, maybe he will let you have some fun with her.” Macey giggled and walked over to where Tracey was laying and pushed her shoulder hard,

“Wakey wakey princess, time for you to earn your keep.”

Tracey made a show of waking up but she knew now she was in serious trouble, at least if half of what Macey had just said was true. She looked over to the door quickly but saw that it was firmly shut and seeing where she was looking Macey laughed,

“No escape for you girl, we've got plans for you, now stand up.”

Tracey reluctantly did as she was told hating the way Macey and Jimmy were looking at her, Leroy was hardly looking at all, seemingly embarrassed by the whole thing.

“Okay girl I'm not sure how much you heard about what's going to happen to you but safe to say your not going back to England any time soon, if ever.” Macey snarled, “Now get those clothes off so we can show Mikey what you've got to offer.”

Tracey looked at her in disbelief, surely she hadn't heard the girl right, she knew she'd been talking about selling her into slavery which was bad enough but the idea of actually having to strip naked for them had not crossed her mind!

She must have been staring blankly at Macey for to long because she suddenly snapped,

“Come on then girl, let's see the goods.”

She sensed that Jimmy had now stood up and was edging forward for a better view and in desperation she wined to Leroy,

“Leroy, please, you can't do this to me, your supposed to be looking after me!” she knew she was almost crying and she knew she sounded like a weak and helpless girl and she hated it but she also knew that's exactly what she was, a weak and helpless girl, a stranger lost in a strange land!

“You better do as Macey says.” Leroy replied with no real conviction and Tracey was fully aware now of who wore the trousers in that relationship!

“But I've got family back home, they will miss me, come looking for me.” she said defiantly.

“They won't find anything,” Macey laughed,” your going to be just one more missing white girl, everyone will assume you got killed and swept away in the storm, I'm sure most of the white guys that just lost their girls to Mikey and his gang are filing the life insurance claims already.” Macey laughed.

Feeling even more helpless because she knew Macey was probably right Tracey bowed her head and looked at the floor miserably until Macey snapped,

“So come on, start shucking those clothes or I'll get Jimmy here to do it for you, and I know he'd like that, wouldn't you Jimmy?” she laughed and Tracey heard the old man give a happy grunt in return as he edged closer.

Knowing she had no choice and certainly not wanting to be undressed by the wizened old man Tracey started to undress. She had been wearing these clothes since she'd boarded the plane in London the previous day and she had been itching to get them off but not in these circumstances. She was aware that every eye in the room was on her, including Leroys, as she undressed and carefully avoiding each eye she carried on stripping until all her clothes were on the chair beside her and she stood in the room completely naked.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Macey laughed as she looked the nude Tracey up and down, “I'm sure Mikey can sell her for a nice little amount for us, what you say Leroy?”

Tracey shook as she heard Leroy laugh and he didn't sound embarrassed any more!

“She's a fine piece of white pussy that's for sure.”

She was suddenly aware that Jimmy was now right up close to her and to her surprise he cupped her right breast in his hand and squeezed it none to gently making her yelp.

“I haven’t seen a white girl like this for years, how about I have a go with her before you hand her over?” the old man laughed crudely.

“Keep your hands to yourself old man,” Macey laughed pushing his hand down from Tracey's breast, “we ain’t giving her over with your old man seed leaking out of her.”

Tracey was at least glad that that prospect had rescinded but she was still standing there wishing the ground would suddenly open up and swallow her whole! For the first time since stripping she raised her eyes and saw with acute embarrassment that Leroy and Jimmy were staring at her exposed body with undisguised lust, Macey was staring her her with a slight grin on her face looking very pleased with herself!

“Okay girl turn around, let's fasten you up.” Macey snapped and although Tracey was unsure what that meant she did as she was told and turned around, grateful for the fact she was not facing the two men any more. Her relief was short lived though as she felt Macey quickly tie her two wrists together tightly behind her back before spinning her around again, this time completely unable to hide her nakedness. She gave her knotted wrists a quick yank but she knew she wasn't escaping from her new bonds without help.

“We taking her up there like that then?” Leroy asked confused.

“Yes, Tyrone said all the pussy Mikey has is naked so we may as well give him to her naked to.” Macey replied matter of factly.

“Wow this is going to be fun.” Jimmy laughed, “marching a white girl down the street stark naked.”

Tracey thought it had been bad previously but the thought of being paraded down a main street completely naked and with her hands tied behind her back absolutely terrified her and she couldn't stop herself bursting into tears. This only made Jimmy laugh but to her surprise Macey seemed at least a little concerned and said,

“Don't worry, there's hardly anybody up there to see you anyway, the rain is still coming down and it's still windy as hell, most folks are still sheltered down in their houses, nobody is going to be looking at your bare white ass.” then she laughed, “mind you plenty will be looking at you when your up on the auction block.”

This hardly helped Tracey's mood and it was made even worse when Macey suddenly produced an old leather dog collar which she swiftly fastened around Tracey's neck before attaching a leash and with an experimental tug first she snapped,

“Come on then honey, let's get you to your new owners.”

Jimmy whistled and slapped Tracey's bottom hard to get her moving and in desperation she whined at Leroy,

“Please, you don't have to do this.”

Leroy looked as unsure about the whole thing as he'd ever done but Macey quickly stepped up and snapped,

“Of course we have to do this, Leroy will be hit hard by the limo company for losing their car, we need every bit of cash we can get and your little white pussy should raise us a lot.”

She pulled on the leash again, harder this time and with faltering steps Tracey started to follow her out of the basement. The group walked up the stairs to the ground floor, Macey in front pulling Tracey, Jimmy immediately behind Tracey and Leroy bringing up the rear. Without pausing Macey opened the front door and led the group outside to a scene of devastation.

Macey had been right, it was still raining and the wind was still blowing but nothing like as bad as before, Tracey would of called it a blustery day back home. The Limo was gone as Macey had said, nobody had any idea if it had been blown away or somebody had used the opportunity to steal it, from the damage to a lot of the buildings she could see though Tracey could imagine the car simply being blown down the street!

There was bricks and masonry strewn along the roads and nearly every window they could see was smashed, the glass blown inwards Tracey saw which was a relief as she was bare footed! The others all drew their arms in against their bodies and lowered their heads as the wind and rain attacked them, Tracey though with her wrists tied behind her and completely naked had no protection at all as they started walking along the pavement.

It felt totally surreal to Tracey that she was walking down a main street in broad daylight as naked as the day she was born but the others seemed more concerned about their own discomfort with the weather than they were with Tracey's predicament.

The only thing in her favour was that Macey was right when she'd said there was nobody around as the street were deserted and as Tracey made her way gingerly through the rubble she thanked God for small mercies!

Of course it didn't last and as they turned a corner Tracey saw a white building in the distance with what looked like a group of people standing around a lit brazier outside it. Tracey shuddered as she saw them and although they didn't seem to of seen her yet with each step she knew it was only a matter of time before someone noticed the naked white girl walking towards them!

As it was her fears were unfounded, it didn't make her feel any less exposed but the men paid no real attention to her as they approached the building and with just a cursory nod of the head to Leroy indicated they they take Tracey inside.

Still trembling and scared Tracey was led into what at first glance appeared to be a madhouse. Inside was basically a large open room full of noise and colour and smells, there must have been over 100 people in there, some Hispanic, a smattering of white people and the vast majority were black. They all seemed to be talking and they all seemed to be talking loudly!

Macey pulled on Tracey's leash and as they walked further into the room she saw the cage. That's all she could describe it as, a large steel bar cage that was set against the far wall. Tracey wondered what on earth the building was to have such a cage in it and of course the cage wasn't empty!

Crammed inside were naked white girls, lots of naked white girls! Tracey thought there must be at least fifty, maybe approaching one hundred girls standing there as naked as the day they were born, space so tight they had no option but to stand. Some were tied liked Tracey with their hands behind their backs, some weren’t tied at all. A few were crying and more than a few looked scared, the rest just stood there with almost an air of acceptance on their faces.

Tracey could see that nearly all of there were young and pretty and they certainly were not the kind of white girl that would normally be standing naked in a cage surrounded by men looking at them with lustful eyes!

A large dark skinned man approached the group and Tracey saw him shake Leroy's hand before letting his eyes roam over Tracey's naked body and whistling,

“You've got a fine one there Leroy.”

“Don't I know it.” Leroy laughed, “ you seem to have enough white pussy yourself though.” he nodded his head towards the cage.

“Yes there's a few in there isn't there.” the man laughed , “easy pickings.”

“You going to sell this one for us then Mikey?” Macey laughed.

“That's the idea, going to sell all these bitches, soon to, I'm expecting another batch soon and space is running out here.”

“I got plenty of space at my place, I can store some for you.” Jimmy laughed which made them all laugh, except Tracey!

“I'm sure you have old man but I'm moving a lot of them out soon, got a place just outside the city where we can hold a lot of them till we can sell them all.” Mikey said.

“No problem with the cops?” Leroy asked.

“Not so far, not many cops around, a few know what we're doing and are okay with it providing we don't keep the stock around too long.” Mikey laughed.

“Sweet.” Macey laughed.

“Even going to do some internet sales with the best ones, ship them abroad , a lot of people out there would love to own a white all American bit of ass.” he laughed.

“Well this ones English.” Leroy laughed with him.

“English, well she might do even better then,” Mikey laughed as he handed Macey a red marker pen, “here mark her as yours so I can make sure you get your cut.”

Macey wasted no time in turning Tracey around and she felt the hard tip of the pen scratch across her right bum cheek.

“Okay, put her in the cage, should sell a load tonight.” Mikey aid taking the pen from Macey and as Tracey started to walk behind Macey she shot one last hopeful look at Leroy who looked back at her as if to say sorry but nothing I can do to help now.

Macey led her to the cage door where a teenage boy was standing and Tracey shuddered as she saw him eyeing her up. He opened the door and as she pushed Tracey into the cage Macey snarled,

“Enjoy your new life bitch.” and that was it she was gone and Tracey was standing naked in the cage with at least fifty other naked girls.

In one way she was a little relieved, as she slowly edged her way towards the centre of the cage she realised she was now just one of many naked girls and not the centre of attention any more, in fact as she got further and further inside the cage she could soon not see out, her vision blocked by the other girls, at least that meant though the men outside the cage couldn't see her either!

As she slowly lowered herself to the floor to sit she wondered how it had come to this. Less than forty eight hours ago she was a nice respectable English girl with a good job and life was looking rosy, now she was just another caged white pussy waiting to be sold to the highest bidder!

And wait she did, there were no clocks visible and she couldn’t even see if it was dark or light outside but she knew her time in that cage was stretching into hours. Outside the cage always seemed to be a hive of activity with people coming and going at regular intervals. More girls were bought in and put in the cage with the others and Tracey soon had to stand with no room to sit. In fact there was no room at all and she soon found herself standing facing another naked girl bound as she was with her hands behind her back and with room so limited they were pressed breast to breast against each other.

At one point she did a rough head count, she knew it was rough but she estimated there must have been around one hundred and fifty girls in the cage at the moment!

As the hours passed the inevitable moment came when relief was needed. She knew trips to the toilets were not on the agenda as far as the men hanging around outside the cage were concerned. Tracey has seen lots of the girls urinating where they stood and sometimes worse! She knew they had no choice ad she wasn't sure what was worse, the embarrassment or the smell!

The moment had come for Tracey though as she could not wait any longer and she relieved herself standing with her eyes shut and her legs apart, hearing the pee hit the concrete floor and subsequent smell wafting upwards. The embarrassment was overwhelming, as was the relief she felt although the relief soon dissipated whereas the embarrassment did not!

No more than ten minutes after the deed was done Tracey heard a commotion towards the outer edge of the cage swiftly followed by squeals and shrieks. It soon became apparent to Tracey what was going on, two men, well one man and a boy really, were holding a big water hose and were spraying the freezing cold water over the cage full of naked girls.

“You bitches don't smell so good any more, got to give you a shower.” the man laughed as he directed the powerful jet of water into the frightened squealing mass of naked girls.

The water was freezing and when Tracey fist felt it on her skin she squealed just like her fellow captives but in one was she was relieved that the water was also washing away the contents of the cage floor!

Finally the guys with the hose tired of the job and switched the water off and as he did so the man shouted,

“Good all clean , won't be long before we start selling you off now.” and as he laughed a collective wail arose from the cage.

Tracey stood there shivering, she had no idea who they were planning to sell the girls to, who would buy them, surely somebody must realise what was going on and alert the authorities and almost as if God had been reading her mind she suddenly saw two police officers standing in front of the cage.

Both were black, one male and one female and for a few seconds Tracey's hopes were raised as she saw both cops looking at the cage.

“Mikey you've outdone yourself this time son.” the male officer laughed and Tracey's hopes were dashed as she saw the cop high five Mikey.

“Not bad eh, got over two hundred right now and more on the way.” Mikey laughed with the cop, the female officer giving a little giggle.

“So I heard, that's a lot of pussy but you can't keep them here much longer, getting a few reports in of missing white girls and sooner or later somebody is going to start asking questions.” the cop laughed.

“I hear you, I've got plans, going to move them out to a place outside the city soon, sell them from there, won't be a problem.”

“Okay well make sure you do it quickly and be discrete, don't parade them all over town okay?” the cop laughed.

“Yes Sir.” Mikey laughed.

“And make sure you keep a few of the best ones for me and the boys, planning on having a lot of fun with some of those rich white bitches.” the cop laughed again.

Yes Sir I know, I've got an English one in there somewhere, sweet as a peach, you can have her for starters.” Mikey said looking into the cage as Tracey shrunk back further!

“Sounds good to me, always fancied fucking up some English bitch, smack that snootiness right out of her.” he laughed.

“Well I'll keep her aside for you Sir.” and with a shake of the hand and a final glance at the girls the two cops left.
Tracey wondered what Macey had written on her bottom with the marker pen, if she'd marked her as English she knew she was going to have a tough time ahead of her!
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