This Fictional story is about the rape of a transgendered young girl, her Hero and the beginnings of New Lives for the three principal characters.
Sex is a great way to wake up!

Awakening the next morning, Bobby felt the hard point of Bobbie’s small dick pressing into his stomach and responded immediately with his own full-blown erection.

Bobbie was leaking pre-cum and had formed a sizable puddle on Bobby’s navel. Bobby picked up his transgendered, soon-to-be-adopted daughter and brought her up to where he could slip her sweet little 3 inches into his mouth and begin to suck and lick her into a very quick orgasm.

Bobbie awakened to her usual slow peaking, but mind blowing, girl-like release. She squealed her emotional explosion as she filled her daddy’s mouth, proclaiming her love for him and thanking him for making her a woman the night before.

Her squeals of pleasure waked up her mother, who watched in fascination as her fiancée finished making love to her only child.

When Bobbie had completed her first orgasm of the day, Janet went down to Bobby’s extremely hard 6½ inch erection but before she began to take care of it, she noticed the puddle over Bobby’s navel, and thinking it to be his, she licked it up. Then she put her lips around his throbbing tool and started licking and sucking it. As he leaked pre-cum into her mouth, she pulled off and sheepishly asked if that was, indeed, Bobby’s fluid that had been on his navel.

Bobby grinned and quietly informed her that it was not.

Janet did the deepest blush that she had made, saying, “Oh, I can’t believe what I just did!”

“You just committed Involuntary Incest,” Bobby smilingly informed her.

“I had no idea,” Janet lamented, “well, it’s too late, now, but I do understand why you love it when she does it in your mouth.”

“MOM, what are you talking about?” Bobbie exclaimed.

Janet, completely defeated and ashamed, could only manage to whisper, “Bobbie, please don’t make me answer that.”

Bobby, ever the life saver, quipped, “Janet, it’s OK! I suppose that if we are going to be making love to each other, right before each other and even with each other in threesomes that these things are to be expected. We are pretty new to all this, you know, and I, for one, think it to be supremely enjoyable. Don’t let it bother you, there was no harm done. I can understand that you may not want to have direct sexual contact with our daughter, but I’ll bet she would love for you to kiss and suck her boobies while I do. Remember that ours is a very special relationship and we must expect distinct differences to be experienced.”

“Mommy, are you going to tell me what you did that upset you so?” Bobbie persisted.

“Bobby, will you tell her? I just can’t,” Janet begged.

“Bobbie, your mom licked up your pre-cum that you had apparently leaked onto my belly before I woke up. I wasn’t aware of it being there but your mom saw it and thought it was mine. We will have to get used to tasting, feeling and smelling each other in our close-knit relationship. She hasn’t done anything wrong, just something that she wasn’t expecting,” Bobby explained.

“Mommy, I tasted you on Daddy. I knew what it was but it didn’t bother me. I knew that it was what my Mommy and Daddy taste like together. Please don’t let it upset you,” Bobbie pleaded with her mom.

“This is all so new to me, and I think it is the most wonderful thing in the world. How can I be upset that I made a simple and harmless mistake?” Janet mused.

“I think our relationship is wonderful, too Mom, and we ARE different and I’m glad,” Bobbie stated proudly, “and are you going to finish what you started doing for Daddy?”

“Yes, I am, Baby. Thank you for being so understanding and comforting, Bobby. I want to taste you, now,” Janet cooed as she resumed her oral assault on Bobby’s now aching erection.

Bobbie kissed her daddy long and deeply as her mom made love to him below.

Bobby felt Bobbie getting hard again and pulled her tightly against him, ravishing her lips and tweaking her tiny boobies. Bobbie started moaning and thrusting against his stomach, her hard dick about to punch a hole in him.

Bobby released her head and pulled her up to, once again, position her and put her little dick in his mouth. He sucked, licked and got her completely in his mouth along with her little jewel bag while licking as far back as he could manage toward her boi-pussy. Bobbie went into orgasm immediately, screaming and causing Bobby to flood Janet’s mouth. Janet swallowed his cum, never changing her rhythm.

When they were all three satisfied, Bobbie lay down, snuggling into Bobby’s right side as Janet moved onto his left. Janet kissed him and was instantly aware that she tasted her daughter’s cum in his mouth, blending with his already in her mouth.

“MMMMmmmmm! That’s a taste that I’ll never forget,” Janet said, impishly.

All three laughed and hugged each other.

Bobby realized that Janet had not been taken care of and began kissing and fondling her small sweet breasts. She then began moaning, thinking of what was just ahead. Bobby found a fountain flowing between her legs and went down to partake of its nourishing deliciousness.

He found her clit reaching out to him, begging to be sucked and licked to a joyous climax. He acceded to the demand and started with his tongue flicking and licking it gently and rapidly. He licked down to the bottom of her slit and back to her clit dozens of times, causing her to pant, moan and push up into his assaulting face, mouth and tongue with a sensuous rhythm.

As she came closer and closer, he raised her up and pushed her legs back alongside her body, raising her very small rear hole up into accessibility. His tongue found that tight little rosebud with its tip and traced circles around it causing Janet to have a small orgasm. The fluid that she let out came down to where his tongue was tantalizingly teasing and stimulating her rear entrance.

With the added lubrication, he was able to actually get the tip of his tongue inside her as she pushed outward with her anal sphincter. That sent her into another, more intense orgasm. As that one faded away, he went back to her clit, lips and pussy cave, licking, sucking and kissing, finally putting his middle finger inside her and sucking gently on her clit as he finger-fucked her.

Janet was wailing, crying, shaking and up-thrusting into his hand as he moved her into a very intense and earth shattering orgasm. Bobby maintained his rhythm and sucking/licking with no variation. Janet let a long, piercing scream out for the whole duration of her orgasm.

As she started coming down, Bobby lessened his fingering and clit sucking. Opening his eyes and looking up at her face, he discovered that Bobbie was finishing sucking one of her mom’s nipples and tweaking the other. He was pleasantly surprised and delighted.

When Janet finally had recovered, she kissed Bobby very long and deeply, thanking him for the mind-blowing sex. Then, with a quizzical look, she asked how he had been able to do all the things that he had done simultaneously. Before he could answer, she looked at Bobbie, who was grinning like an elf.

“That was YOU, wasn’t it,” she directed to Bobbie.

“Yep, Mom, it was little ol’ me,” Bobbie admitted, laughing out loud.


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