oh shit ... yeah ... UGH!
Brian is a normal 15 year old, 7 in long dicked, 6ft, brown eyes, blue hair guy. Well maybe not so normal. All he ever did was ride his bike with his friends. A vigin.
June was a curious young 5'6 ft girl with a smallish sized rack (still somethin you could onto) and fit. She is a cheerleader for Brain and hers high school naturally meaning blonde blue eyes.
They say opposites attract.

It was a cool and lovely breezy afternoon, you could feel it because it was the month of june. the sun was shining and shcool was out. Brain called his buddies up to go for a ride.
"hey is eric there?"
"hey what u doing today?"
"nothing just chilling. Nice day though"
"lets hit the trails then"
"ya umm ill call nick and ollie and steve"
ya meet you at the park in tweenty"

Brian was peddling toward the park where the five boys usually met. Passing the big oak tree two blocks from the park he noticed June. A cheerleader from his school. She was struggling getting her big sherpard dog to move as he was barking up the tree at a cat in the other tree. Seeing this as a pretty stupid dog he thought it was a good time as any to introduce himself to June. she was not the prettest girl on the team but she was still pretty.
"looks like your dog is barking up the wrong tree" he say braking his bike.
"oh har har har an everyday jim carrey" she rolled her eyes in reply.
"hey im just trying to say hi"
"want help? i am pretty good with dogs"
"could you? please?"
Brian brushed the dogs neck and grabed it by the collar bone making it yelp and jump down wimpering. But June still could not move the dog. Brian grabed the dog leash and asked her where she lived.

They walked together to her house talking about how good a cheerleader she was how he had seen her dance and that they were in the same english class last semester. After delivering the dog to her house Brian was about to leave when June did something she did not expect.
"you um wanna come in for something to drink seeing as how you probaly missed your friends?"
"um yeah sure that was a preety big dog you have"
So inside he steped leaveing his bike on the lawn. She lead him down to her room in the basement where she had some coolers. They sat on her bed drinking getting tipsy. She hid them easily, as her parents were at work and she was out of school. they sat there drinking for a few mintues. Brian having read stories on woman could tell she was attracted to him even if only slighty. He let her talk about her self and as she did she would bite her lip ever so often or brush his leg and blush he knew if he was going to get at the most a rim job he would have to act soon. He placed his drink down and leaned in and kissed her on her lips. She blushed and was about to say something when he did it again! This was a line he should not have crossed he was unknown and she was a cheerleader. But in her heart she knew this was right.

SEX STARTS HERE SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She kissed him back slicking her tongue in his mouth. They both knew that they were in.
He reached up with his left had and grabed her right tit and started to fondel her on her shirt as his other hand went under her shirt to find her bra. He knew he did not know how to unclapse a bra so he had time with his left. Using both hands she reached into his groth and unbuttoned him and pulled his hard cock out. She had giving handjobs before so she started stroking him slowly. He broke the kiss for at that moment her bra gave way and he lifted her shirt and bra in one motion her perk pink nipples erect like his dick. Brian took her left tit in his mouth and started sucking while he fonded the other. She moaned but took his jeans off and his boxers. June stood up and brain did as well he took his shirt off so he was standing naked and she her pants. June told brain to sit down. She stood over him and bent down to give hinm a blowjob. Licking up and down his shaft slowly tugging on his balls and lower shaft. She licked his rim and made his the rest of his dick slopy wet.
"s-stop .. stop .. lie down" he panted
She did as she was told and lay down. Brian proceeded to suck on her protuding clit and stuck a finger into her pussy. He slid it in and out, in and out making her progessively wetter. she moaned and bucked into his face.
"oh man" biting her lip "enter me please i need it" she moaned. Brian kissed and sucked his way o each tit sucking each nipple till he was slighty higher than her face she grabed his fuckstick aiming it into her pussy. He felt her labia on in his prick and being a virgin he rammed his dick into her. She screamed. He got stuck.
"ow fuck ow slowly please" she murmuded.
He slide his dick in slowly inch by inch. It took five minutes. All the while he was caresseing her and they were kissing only breaking when she would gasp in slight pain. when he was fully in he started to pump he going slow in part of the tightness and in part of he did not want to hurt her.
Her pussy grew slack and he started to pump faster.
"ohhh fuck this is better than a blowjob... it feels so great"
"mmmm i love your big cock inside me! oh fuck faster go faster!"
Brian as to not tire himself out kept in a steady pace pushing in and out his balls slaping her pussy. June's pussy was creaming and Brian's balls were begging to swell. They were moaning loadly now touching and kissing each other passtionly when he exploded into her box.
"OH FUCK S-SHIT I-IM ...AHHHHHHH ... ... im spent" brian panted as his dick finished spasming and began to soften.
"OH FUCK IM CUMMING" june screamed as her liquids spilled out of her box.

Brians cock and cock juice lay on his stomach as they lay together holding hands. Then out of the corner of the room a choking sound arose. Then a thud.
"oh fuck! the dog just choked to death on your sock!" sreamed June.

the end

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2009-09-05 01:33:37
the end ... wtf lol !

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2009-02-10 19:51:19
>:( I hate endings like this.
If a person dies, it's ok.
If a dog or other cute animal does it's a bad story. Sorry, that's the way it is.
Ok story other than that, lack of details leaves me wondering what's going on though.


2007-06-22 12:18:33
the end rocks


2007-06-12 14:42:10
That was AWESOME. The Ending was just......WoW


2006-10-19 12:04:24
that was the worst peice of shit ive ever read, stop writing imideaitly

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