So here's part 4. I hope you guys enjoy :)
I woke up the next morning and like yesterday, Christy wasn't next to me. She was probably making breakfast again. Of course I couldn't stop thinking of last night. I still can't believe my sis and I lost our virginities to each other. I should have been ashamed, but I was madly in love with her. Of course I could get a "normal" girlfriend, but what's the point now? I have two amazing ones that love me unconditionally. I assume Amanda is also taking birth control so I can cum inside my baby sisters' pussies all day long and never knock them up. How could life get any better?

Anyway, I decided to check my phone and saw Steve texted me. It read, "Dude, I'm so sorry about walking in on you guys last night. Were you guys about to fuck? I see you took my advice. Oh shit did I cockblock you? Sorry bro."
I sent back, "It's cool man. I did sleep with Christy last night. It was epic bro."
After a few minutes he sent back, "Nice! We should all get together and have some fun!"
I sent him, "I don't know man. I don't think my sisters would like me fucking your sis."
He replied,"Well talk to them about it. Maybe they'll like the idea."
"Ok, but I can't make any promises."

I sat there thinking about his proposition. Sarah, his sis, was gorgeous. If I didn't have any sisters I would definitely be trying to fuck her. But I honestly don't think my sisters would want to watch me fuck another girl. I now that I thought about it, I don't know if I liked the idea of watching Steve stick his dick in my baby sisters. Well, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

I finally got out of bed. I didn't even bother putting clothes on. I was loving this 'no clothes' rule. Might as well enjoy before mom comes back. I opened my door and was greeted by the smell of bacon. Good times. I heard Christy talking downstairs. Amanda must be up too. I couldn't help but smile. Pretty soon I would be inside both of my sisters!

As I walked across the hall to the bathroom, I could hear what Christy was saying. "It was amazing. I've been waiting for that moment for a year and he definitely didn't disappoint. Uh, it was as big as some of the guys in the videos I saw online, and was even bigger than a few. He has a really nice cock." She giggled. Then she said something else I couldn't make out. But I couldn't hear Amanda. Why was she just sitting there not saying a word? There was silence, then, "No, it was just me. Amanda was asleep." My heart sank. Who the hell was she talking to?! A friend? Damnit who was she talking to?
"I know, I can't wait either. Love you too." My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest. Was she talking to Mom? Maybe it was a friend, but why would she say 'love you'? But why would she be telling Mom? Fuck, what's going on? My head was spinning from that. I sat down on the floor against the wall for several minutes. I decided to shower and clear my head. I turned on the water, and jumped in the shower. Damnit, I was on cloud 9 just minutes ago. Why was she telling other people about what we did? If word gets out, I'm screwed. I loved my sisters to death, but no one wants to be friends with a guy who fucks his sisters. I know, I shouldn't have told Steve, but he was in a sexual relationship with his sister. And he was my best friend. I highly doubt he would tell anyone else.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I came out of the bathroom, took a deep breath and walked downstairs.

"Hey, sleepyhead!," Christy exclaimed. "I made breakfast help yourself."
I could see Amanda was up too. "Good morning, big bro!," she yelled.
I was still in disbelief. They could see something was wrong and both asked if I was alright. I didn't answer and sat down. Christy asked, "Joe? You alright?"
"Who were you talking to?," I finally asked.
"What are you talking about?"
"I heard you talking to someone when I was upstairs. It sounded like you were on the phone. You were talking about what happened last night."
"Oh, well I was telling Amanda how amazing my big dicked brother is." She said, looking at Amanda and they both grinned.
"No, I heard you say, 'It was just me, Amanda was asleep'."
Christy had a scared look on her face. "Please don't be mad at me."
"I'm not mad, I just want to know why you were telling other people about what happened last night."
She started crying. "It was Mom. I told her about my feelings towards you a few months ago. I had to tell someone."
"No. Come on, don't cry it's alright." I said as I went over to her and held her.
After a few minutes, she stopped crying. "I'm sorry I lied to you," she said.
"No, it's really not a big deal at all. I'm glad you did tell someone. Who, knows what would have happened if you didn't. What did you guys talk about, exactly?"
"Well, I told her about how I didn't like any other boys at school and how much I liked you. She said it was normal to have feelings like that. She also said most brothers and sisters experiment with each other, but most wouldn't admit to it. She gave me the birth control in case anything happened."
Amanda, who was silent this whole time, finally said, "We both talked to her about it. I talked to Christy first about these feelings and we both talked to Mom. We've been on the pill for a month now."
Christy began to talk again, "Mom also said she used to fuck her brother."
"Uncle Jim?!," I said, shocked. "Holy shit..."
"Yeah. I know, I was shocked too. She said they still meet up and get a hotel room every once in awhile."
"Is that where she is now? What about dad?"
"Yeah, she's with him now. And well, she was going to tell you all this when she got home, but I might as well now. They are getting a divorce."
"Wait, what?" I couldn't believe it. They were together for 20 years. "Why?"
"She said they just fell out of love. He had no idea about Uncle Jim and still doesn't. He's at his friend's house until he finds another place. But as of right now, they are separated."
Damn, I couldn't believe it. Separated? Divorce? They seemed happy. Well, this sucks.
"Mom said she'll be back tomorrow," Christy said. "She said we'll still see Dad, but only on the weekends."
It was silent for awhile. Amanda broke the silence, saying,"We should probably eat breakfast before it gets cold."
I couldn't help bit crack a smile at that. She sounded so cute and innocent. We started eating, but something was bothering me. "So Mom is cool with us fooling around with each other?"
Christy looked at me and smiled. "Well, she's a little more than 'cool' with it. In fact she encouraged it. She wanted us to experiment with each other. She said all siblings should do it with others so it's not so awkward when you do it with someone else."
"Well it's hard to argue with that logic," I said, laughing.

We finished eating, then cleaned up. Then, Christy said, "Ok, let's go upstairs. I want fuck you guys all day long."
I watched her amazing ass bounce up and down as she walked up the stairs, and I was hard as a rock. We were at the top of the stairs, and I saw Amanda staring at my dick.
"Wow, it looks even bigger than it was yesterday. Did it grow?"
Christy also looked at it. "Yeah, she's right. It was already pretty big before, but it looks a little bigger than last night."
I looked down, and she was right, it did look bigger. Not alot of course, but it did look a little bit bigger than it did yesterday. I've measured myself before and I clocked in at 6 inches. It looked about 6.5 inches now and it was definitely a little fatter. "You're right, it looks a bit bigger. Maybe it's because I'm somehow even more turned on than yesterday and there's more blood in there? The skin feels tighter or something, too. It kind of hurts to be honest."
"Well, I'll relieve it in a sec." Christy said, smiling.
She turned to go into our parents' room. "Why are you going in there? Don't you want to go in my room?"
"Mom told me their room is sound-proofed. That's why we never heard them have sex before."
She was right. I never heard them before even though their room was right down the hall. "Oh, good idea."
We went in and closed the door. My hard on was really starting to hurt at this point. It was like it wanted to rip through the skin or something. What the hell was wrong with me?
Amanda looked at it again and said, "Can I suck it first, big bro? I want to swallow your cum again. It tastes SO GOOD!"
"Of course. Someone needs to before this thing explodes or something." It had started to turn red.
Amanda got on her knees and started to suck me off. I thought I would have exploded at the touch of her mouth but I surprisingly held out for several minutes.
She pulled her mouth off of me and said, "It definitely feels bigger in my mouth. And fatter, too."
She resumed sucking and I finally had enough. My legs started shaking as I filled up her mouth with my seed. Of course she swallowed it all.
I noticed my dick went back to normal. "I guess it really did just need a release," Amanda said, giggling.
"Ok, my turn," Christy said. She grabbed my dick and started to jerk me of. I was hard in seconds. She let go of me and said, "Ok, now it looks even bigger."
I looked down, and sure enough, it looked a little bigger again. Well, it looked alot bigger since yesterday. Like, a full inch. This is fucking weird.
"Hold on, I'll be right back," Christy said. She left, and several minutes later returned with a ruler. She put it against my cock and sure enough, it was almost 7 inches. "Have you ever measured it before? How big was it?"
"About 6 inches," I said.
"Holy shit. An inch? I heard about pills and creams that make a man's dick bigger. Are you taking anything like that? I mean, you dick was great the way it was, but, wow, you really are our 'big' bro now." They both started giggling.
"No, I'm not taking anything. I heard that crap doesn't work anyway. And it still hurts. There could be something wrong with me, you know."
"I'm sorry. Really," She said, still laughing. "But most men would kill for your problem."
"Yeah, it's cool and all I guess, but what if I have a problem?"
"Unless it gets so big you can't fit it in our pussies, it's not a problem." Christy said.
"Speaking of which, I want that yummy looking penis inside me," Amanda said.
My cock turned red again, and was throbbing. Amanda lied down on the bed, and spread her legs. Christy jumped on, too. "I was watching a video earlier and it showed a girl licking another girl's pussy. Can you do that for me, Amanda?"
Christy put her cunt in Amanda's face and she started eating her out. "Make sure you get my clit too, sis." Christy started moaning and turned towards me and said, "You can join any time, tiger."
I jumped on the bed. I started to rub my dick against Amanda's pussy and I heard her moan. As I put the head in I heard a muffled cry from Amanda. I put half of my cock in her pussy, and asked Christy, "Is she alright?"
"Yeah. She's got a smile on her face."
I put the rest of my dick in Amanda's pussy and she screamed. I pulled out and she started bleeding. I must have broke her hymen. "Are you alright?"
"Yeah. I'm alright. That really hurt though. What happened?"
"I broke your hymen. You're officially not a virgin anymore."
"Oh, really?" Amanda said, smiling. "Did that happen to you too, Christy?"
"Well, I broke mine a year ago horseback riding."
"I'm fine now so you can put it back in if you want," Amanda said.
Christy put her pussy back on Amanda's face, then I put my cock back in my sister's pussy. I started slow and with every thrust I heard Amanda moan as she was eating out our sis. As I was fucking her, Christy turned to me and said, "Can you put your finger in my asshole? I want to see what it feels like."
"Of course," I said. I took my middle finger and shoved it up her butt. I started to play with her and she squealed with delight.
"Wow, that feels good," Christy said. "You're so putting your cock in there later."
So now I was pounding Amanda's pussy and fingering Christy's asshole. I'm so glad I can multitask. Christy couldn't take it anymore and came all over Amanda's face. She got off Amanda's face, then took my hand and put my finger that was just in her ass in her mouth. She sucked on my finger with the sexiest look on her face.
"Now it's your turn, sis," Christy said. She started to rub Amanda's clit as I fucked her. Amanda's hips bucked, and she screamed out, "Holy shit!" as she came. Then I busted almost instantly after that, filling up my baby sister with my cream. I pulled out, and we all were lying there catching our breath. My cum was dripping out of Amanda, and Christy licked it up as it came out.
"Wow, guys, that was amazing," Amanda said, still out of breath.
"What made you want to try anal?" I asked Christy.
"A porn I saw. It looked fun." She crawled over to me and started licking my cock. "I need to taste Amanda's juices." She licked my dick clean and I had a raging hard on again. She grabbed the ruler again and said, smiling, "Let's see how big it got this time." She put the ruler against my cock. 7.5 inches. It shot up half an inch again. This is fucking crazy. Of course I want a big dick, but I don't want a 20 incher.
Her and Amanda squealed with delight. "This is un-fucking-believable," Christy said. "I thought maybe those first few times were flukes, but this thing really is getting bigger and bigger!"
"Maybe our pussies are so awesome they make men's cocks bigger after they fuck us!" Amanda said, and they both giggled.
"Or maybe there really is something wrong with me? What is it just get's bigger and bigger and skin rips or it explodes or something?" I said.
"Oh, stop it," Christy said. "I'm sure it will stop. But, this is amazing. You are probably the first man ever to just grow a bigger dick. But who knows, it might go back to normal tomorrow. Enjoy it while you can."
"You're right," I said. "Like you said, most men would kill for this problem." I looked at it again, and it wasn't red anymore at least. But it still hurt. It felt like the skin was stretched out or something. I should want a bigger dick, but if this keeps up I could have a serious problem. But it did look massive compared to yesterday. I still can't believe it's 1.5 inches bigger and it was definitely fatter, too.
"Ok, Amanda, now get on the bed and spread your legs," Christy said. "Now it's my turn to eat your yummy, little cunt. Can you eat my asshole this time?"
"Yes, ma'am," I said. Amanda got on the bed, and lied down, her head on the pillow and spread eagle. Christy started to eat her sister's pussy and had her ass up, waiting for me. I grabbed her ass and stuck my tongue in her asshole. It was a strong, pungent taste but there was something about it I loved. Both of them were moaning from the pleasure they were receiving. As I was eating out her asshole, I started playing with her clit. It wasn't long before she repeatedley yelled, "Oh fuck," and came on my hand.
"Sorry Amanda, I have to stop for a sec," Christy said, catching her breath. She turned to me and said, "Ok, now I want that big, fat cock in there."
She resumed eating out Amanda. I started to tease her asshole with the tip, then put it in. Only my head was in at first, then I slowly slid the full length of it in until my whole cock was in her ass. I pulled back about halfway and started to fuck her ass. Everytime I went in I heard a muffled moan.
"That feels amazing when you moan like that into my pussy, sis," Amanda said.
I started to fuck her faster, and her moaning intensified. Eventually, Amanda came all over Christy's face. With one last thrust I filled up her asshole with another huge load. I can't believe I came like that three times in a row. I had to be close to empty by now. I pulled out and my cum was seeping from her asshole. Amanda hurried over and started to eat it as it poured out. Holy fuck, my sisters are great. We all sat there again, catching our breath.
"I think it's time for a break," Christy said.
"Good idea. I think I'm about drained, anyway," I said. We went downstairs and decided to watch TV. We ordered Chinese for lunch. I put some clothes on when the food arrived, but then immediately took them off.
As we ate, Amanda was staring at my cock. "What is it? You want to go again?"
"No. Well, yeah, but it's not that. I was just thinking how it looks normal when it's soft, then when you get hard it gets a little bit bigger. Wouldn't the skin get stretched out or something? It looks normal."
"Yeah, I thought so too. It doesn't hurt now, but when I'm hard it does and the skin does feel like its stretching."
"Let me try something," Amanda said. She came over and started to jerk me off. I was fully hard and she asked, "Does it hurt?"
She went upstairs and came back with the ruler. She held it up against my rod. 7.5 inches. Both her and Christy looked disappointed. Hell, I was too. But, maybe it was for the best. I didn't need a 20 inch cock.
"Well, I'm a little disappointed. I wanted to see how big it was going to get. It's still a magnificent penis, big bro," Christy said.
"Maybe you need to cum first?" Amanda asked.
"I've already came three times today, so it probably won't be much, but go for," I said. She started jerking me off again. "Can you play with my balls, too?"
"Of course!"
She started to rub them, then she put my balls in her mouth and sucked on them. Even though I already came three times, the sight of that was too much. I told her I was about to cum and she put her mouth on the tip and jerked me off until I busted in her mouth.
She swallowed it and said, "Damn, four times and you still came that much? How much more do you have left in there, big bro?"
"I don't know but that felt like the last of it." My cock went back to normal. She let a minute pass then started to jerk me off again. It took longer than usual but eventually I was fully hard. Again, it didn't hurt and it didn't look any bigger. Amanda measured it again. 7.5 inches.
"Oh well. It's still huge. I can live with it," Christy said, smiling.
We ate the rest of our lunch. Since there wasn't anything good on we decided to go to mall. We got dressed and left.
"Hey guys, what's up?" It was Steve. He had a huge grin on his face.
I told my sisters that I would catch up with them. "What's up with that face?," I asked.
"Well, I think I know what you guys were just doing."
"What? We were just watching TV and decided to go to the mall," I said, grinning.
"Yeah, I'm sure. So did you talk to them about you-know-what?," He said, whispering.
"No. I will tonight. I'll talk to you tomorrow and tell you how it goes."
"Ok, dude. I'll see ya later then."

I ran and caught up with my sisters. We just looked around mostly. But we walked by Macy's and Christy dragged me in. "Hey, I don't want to watch you look at clothes for hours." I said.
"I think you'll like this," she said, with that devilish grin of her's.
We walked around and she looked at the pants and grabbed a pair. She grabbed my hand and led me to the dressing room.
"I think I know where this is going," I said.
She just looked at me and smiled. We went into the dressing room, and she told Amanda to watch the door. She hung up the pants on a hook, then looked up to see if there were any cameras. There weren't any so she started to undo my shorts.
"Damn, my sis is so fucking naughty. I love it."
She simply giggled as she pulled down my boxers. She got on her knees and started to suck my cock.
"You didn't happen to bring that ruler with you, did you?"
"No. It doesn't look any bigger anyway," She was sucking me, then she started to suck my balls and jerk me off like Amanda did. I was able to hold out for about ten minutes this time. I warned her and instead of putting her mouth on it, she stood up, and kept jerking me off. I busted and shot some onto the wall and the rest got on the floor. We both laughed.
"The next person that comes in here will get a nice surprise. What made you do that?" I said.
She shrugged. "I don't know. Just came to me and thought it would be funny."
I pulled my shorts up and we decided to get the hell out of here. We left the mall and started to walk home.
"As much as I would love to fuck when I get home, I'm exhausted," Christy said.
"I don't think I got anything left anyway," I said.

We were approaching our house, when I noticed a car in the driveway. Who the hell was here? As we got closer I saw it was Mom's.

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