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Fun Games
I found a much better rewritten version of this story once online, and regretted erasing it from my computer. Here's the origanal written by someone else....I take no credit it for this, but thought many of you might like it. I only which I could get my hands on the rewritten copy so if anyone has it or knows where to get it, much apreasiated.

That had been five weeks ago, and since each weekend since then
had been perfect weather, the family had returned to the resort. Twice
since then we fucked in the tent...and each time I knew that Mindy
watched us. One of those times had been like the first...but the other
had been with a naked Sue on top, straddling me as she fucked me with
abandon...her little tits bobbing as she rose and fell.
I woke later that night with a full bladder and slipped out of
the sleeping bag to take a piss. I glanced over to where the girls
were sleeping and caught my breath when I saw Mindy sleeping on top of
the bag. She was naked, lying on her back and the moonlight spilling
into the tent flap lay across her belly like a spotlight. The harsh
blue light gave her naked mound an aura of unreality...and the deep
slit between her legs was blacker than any black I'd ever seen. My
penis filled and lifted...stiff and hard it aimed at the stars as I
stared down on my naked daughter. Her legs were parted just
enough to let me see all of her slender, rounded outer lips in that
odd moonlight.
I stared and stared...and then made an insane decision. My hand
lifted and trembled when it moved. As though with a life of its own, I
slipped my hand toward the sleeping Mindy, lowered it to cover and cup
that juvenile pussy. The softness was indescribable...and the warm
moist heat that flowed from the virginal cleft brought a gasp to my
lips. Afraid of being caught, I forced myself to lift my hand from her
crotch and leave the tent.
Standing cock still as hard as it had ever been...I
thought of what I'd just seen and done. Pissing was impossible for
several minutes... my erection was so powerful that it couldn't be
overcome. All I could think of was that incredible cunt! At last I
calmed down enough and was able to empty my bladder. Returning to the
tent I lay down beside my sleeping naked wife and finally drifted off
to a confused sleep.
We had spoken several time about Mindy's watching our lovemaking,
but Sue seemed to be unconcerned and refused to make an issue of it.
The only really odd thing that I noticed was the fact that Mindy grew
very rapidly less inhibited at the resort as the weeks passed. On
nearly a dozen occasions I surprised her pissing...half squatting,
always with her rump thrust out in my direction as her yellow stream
spurted from that delicious little hairless slit. It happened so often
that I quickly doubted how accidental it was to see her pissing so
The other thing she did more and more had to do with her
sunbathing. Like most of the other women and girls, she often lay on
her back...and like them, her legs were generally together. A number
of time when I walked up to where she and Sue lay, Mindy appeared to
absent-mindedly raise her knees, spread them apart and let them drop
back so that she was lying with her legs spread widely. Her fat
hairless cunt lips were entirely exposed all the way back to her
anus...and her inner slit was open half an inch of so, exposing
her wide inner pussy lips and giving me a slight glimpse of her inner
darker pink pussy floor.
There seemed little doubt that she was giving me a special
view...and I wondered whether she was somehow competing with her
mother. The bolder behavior continued at home also, and I found her
bedroom or bathroom doors ajar often with her doing something the nude.
Things sort of came to a head yesterday at the resort. The place
was built in a wide expanse of woodlands with a series of small lakes.
The girls were playing at the pool when Sue and I took a walk in the
woods. We went further than we usually did and Sue was behaving like a
silly girl...laughing and teasing sexually. Finally we found ourselves
in a little grassy clearing beside a small pond. We were quite a long
ways from all the paths and Sue turned abruptly to me, spread her feet
apart and rested her hands on her hips. Her belly has so little hair
that I could clearly see her slit. "I feel super horny...and I want
you to do something about it right now," she said with a broad grin.
"This is hardly the right place," I protested.
"I said...right now!" Sue half growled, a lewd smile playing over
her lips as she stepped up to me and grabbed my flaccid penis with
both hands. I wasn't in much of a mood to protest, but she gave me no
time before dropping to her knees and slurping my penis into her
mouth. It didn't stay flaccid very long. In just seconds I was as hard
and stiff as I ever got and she was giving me a great blowjob! I
protested weakly for a moment of two...then just gave up and enjoyed
what her mouth was doing to me.
"OK...enough," Sue suddenly said, letting my prick slip from her
mouth and jerk toward the sky, "now it's your turn...fuck me, stud!" I
stared down at her as Sue turned and dropped to her hands and knees.
Her fine ass was aimed at me, her knees wide apart, and her nearly
hairless cunt area between her thighs open to my eyes...and visibly
Not thinking too clearly, I moved between her legs and dropped to
my knees. I spread her soft buttocks apart to expose that delightfully
raised little pink-brown anal doughnut and opened her cunt slit. Sue
has narrow inner lips and it didn't take too much spreading to leave
her entire bright pink cunt floor open to my view... from her large,
protruding clit down under her belly to her slightly gaping vaginal
I moved up closer and pressed my cock tip into the depression at
the mouth of her hole...nestled it in tight...and thrust hard. She was
ready and my prick slipped smoothly inside her...all the way inside
with one movement. It felt great and I began fucking her with the
longest strokes possible...just barely keeping the tip of my cock
inside her on the outstroke. My fingertips played first with her clit,
reaching around her belly, then I toyed with her firm little
tits...and finally I rubbed and probed the pucker of her anus.
"Yesssss...yesssss...yesssss..." Sue gasped with each powerful
stroke...and then squealed with delight as I pressed my fingertip into
the center of her anal bud. I knew she liked me to play with her shit
hole...but I seldom did so because of the mess...but today I thrust my
finger inside that tight hole to the hilt. As I fucked her vagina with
my cock...I fucked her ass hole with my finger.
Sue had just come once under me and we were riding toward her
second orgasm when I thought I heard something. Looking around in
surprise, I spotted Mindy standing in the shadows of the trees to my
left. Knowing that she'd seen us fucking before...and too far gone to
stop now anyway...I kept right on pounding Sue.
The naked little girl in the shadows seemed oblivious to the fact
that I was staring at her. One of her hands was rubbing the nipples of
her titless chest...and the other hand was between her legs. It was
very obvious that Mindy was masturbating as she watched us...and it
looked very much like she was fingering her own vagina in time to the
thrusts of my cock into Sue's tight hole. Confused...disturbed...and
definitely excited...I came to my own orgasm. I remember crying out as
I felt myself soar over the top...and felt the semen ripping from my
Suddenly it was over and Sue and I slumped to the grass, pulling
apart and laughing as we enjoyed the after fuck glow. I looked over to
where Mindy had been standing...but she was gone. Somehow it didn't
seem to matter any more and I just lay there happily enjoying Sue's
hands as they stroked the softening semen covered tube of my spent
We left the resort about six in the evening and headed back to
the city. We had played hard all weekend and the others slept while I
drove. Sue was nestled against my side and the two younger girls were
in the back of the station wagon. Mindy was lying on the back seat and
I could just see her in the rear view mirror. We had been on the road
only twenty minutes when I glanced in the mirror. Mindy had slipped on
a simple shift dress at the resort for the ride home, and she was now
lying there on her back with one knee up and resting against the back
seat cushions. The other knee had fallen to the side so that her legs
were widely parted.
The thing that had caught my attention, however, was the fact
that the shift dress had ridden upward. Mindy wasn't wearing panties!
Her body was bare almost to her waist and I had a perfect view of her
brown belly and her exposed pussy mound with that exciting slit. For
some ten miles or so I just took lots of peeks into the mirror and
enjoyed the sight...but then I saw Mindy's hand move to her belly. I
craned my head just a bit and saw in the mirror that her eyes were
still closed and her mouth was slackly open. If she wasn't asleep, she
was doing a great job of faking it.
Hardly daring to breath...and struggling to watch the road...I
stared as much as possible into that damned mirror and watched my
eleven year old daughter's fingers stroking her slit as she slept!
Within minutes Mindy's index finger was pressed deep between her soft
pussy lips, spreading the thin inner lips and was obviously stroking
her hidden clitoris! For nearly ten more minutes she rubbed herself
and then just as suddenly as she had begun masturbating...she stopped.
Seconds later, she rolled over on her side and the view was gone! Dusk
was far advanced by that time and the light was fast fading anyhow.
My cock was like iron! I had nearly come in my pants watching
that incredible scene in the back seat. I hadn't known that Mindy was
without her panties, but I did know that Sue wasn't wearing any. I
dropped my hand to my wife's lap and slowly pulled her dress hem
higher till it barely covered her cunt. She seemed to be still
sleeping as I moved my hand between her legs and cupped her warm pussy
mound. Finding no resistance, I pressed my fingertip into her damp
slit and began kneading her clit. A few seconds later she
woke...muzzy...and giggled to find me playing with her.
"I thought I was the horny one," she whispered, pulling my hand
from her crotch, "are the girls asleep?"
"I think so," I answered, and felt her slip my already stiff and
hard cock under the leg band of my shorts.
"Well, they better stay asleep for a little while yet," she said
softly and moved down to kneel on the floor of the front seat. Even
though I suspected what she was going to do, it caught me by surprise.
Sue slipped her warm lips over my prick and began gently and slowly
sucking me off!
"You're insane!" I whispered urgently.
"I know," she answered in a muffled, mouth-full voice...never
stopping her sucking. On and on she worked my cock and it was all I
could do to keep enough attention on the road to drive safely.
A little movement in the back seat told me what I was half afraid
was going to happen...a glance in the rear view mirror showed me that
Mindy was awake and sitting up. Seconds later I knew that she was
quietly watching over the back seat. The dashboard lights were more
than enough to let someone watching see Sue giving me a
see the thick wet length of my bare cock as it slipped in and out of
her mouth. The fact that the watcher was my virgin young daughter made
the event even more erotic...and after only another minute or two I
came massively into Sue's mouth!
Sue cleaned my cock with her lips and sat up, pleased with herself. I
had already seen Mindy lie down again and feign sleep...resuming the
role of innocent. A giggling, happy Sue nestled in tightly under my
arm and played with my still erect cock as we drove on through the
What was happening to me? I spent the remainder of the drive worrying about the changes over the past few weeks in myself and my family. Before then I had never even considered that my daughters might be sexually appealing. It had never occurred to me that I might want to fuck a girl that small...and now I seemed to be becoming obsessed with learning more about Mindy's body... about her cunt. Was I becoming some sort of pedophile monster like the ones the papers always seemed to be talking about?
Home at last, I parked the car and unloaded the camping gear as the others went inside and got ready for bed. I was hardly surprised when I walked down the upstairs hallway and found the door widely ajar
to the girl's bathroom. Mindy was standing at the sink, stark naked,
one foot resting on the toilet lid as she washed her cunt with a wet
washcloth. Her eyes were closed and she was just standing there,
rubbing and rubbing and rubbing.


2017-06-29 18:58:36
Pammy and I found our own grassy spot away from the campground. My wife and our son had gone into town to shop so Pammy and I hit the woods. She had on a skirt, no panties, and a tshirt, no bra. I had stripped off my underwear at camp so we were close to cammie. Once in the woods and out of sight, we'd stop and kiss and stroke each other. I pulled her tshrt up to nibble on her little tits. She reached into my shorts to stroke my cock. I got down on my knees and licked her sweet twelve year old pussy. We went a bit more and found our spot. Pammy lay down on her back and spread her legs so I could finish eating her cunt. After she came, she climbed on board my cock and began to ride me. Up and down, up and down, I sucked her tits and kissed her. She wanted to finish me doggie ( my fav) so on her knees she went. I slipped inside her and fucked her cunt hard. I came in buckets deep inside her perfect pussy. Can't wait until the next time. Love you, Pammy!

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2013-09-04 22:59:53
Hi, would you happen to remember the name of the original copy?

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Hi, would you happen to remember the name of the original copy?

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2011-03-27 03:38:11
ya...he should have fucked her. One nite when fucking my wife, our small daughter wanted to sleep with us. We let her.
Marla is just 6....we let her wach us fuck. Her first time.
While my cock was all the way in her mom's cunt, I reached over to Marla...and slid a finger..under her panties.and was rubbing her clit while fucking her mom. Her cunt got wet while I was shooting a load of hot jizz into my wife's cunthole.I loved it.

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i like pancakes.

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