The story plays out over three days separated by lines of dashes (-). The control/manipulation elements come in to play more on the second and third day. Even if you only finish the first day or so, feel free to comment or PM with any feedback positive or negative. I'm sure it goes without saying but the following is a work of fiction from top to bottom.
My name is Anna, and I want to tell you about what I would call my first sexual experience. It took place about ten years ago, when I had recently turned 13 years old. At the time I was living with my mother, my stepfather, and his daughter. My stepsister, Lillian, who will be playing a significant role in this story, was 16 years old at the time. Lillian was a beautiful young woman. Though she did have a thing for dark clothes and short, dyed-black hair, she was very fit and she took care to look her best every day before walking out the door. With her perfect curves, and C-cup breasts she was the kind of girl everyone was interested in, but most were too intimidated to talk to. I absolutely adored Lillian when I was younger. Looking back I suppose she was kind of a bitch in many ways, but all I saw was a girl who knew what she wanted and was not afraid to take it. Because of her confrontational personality she could often get in fights with my mother, and more often than not my mother was the one to back down in the end. I think this is part of what made Lily so compelling to me. She way she could stand up to adults, it was like some kind of superpower.

Ever since my mother and I had left my home state to live with Lily and her father Steve two years prior, me and Lily had been growing ever closer. When we would sit in her room in the afternoons and talk it would always be the highlight of my day, no matter how meaningless the conversation was. Lily had a number of close friends she would have rather hung out with to so I knew she didn't feel the same but I didn't mind.

Then one Thursday when our parents were out of town for a long weekend, my relationship with Lily and my entire life changed drastically. Our parents left Thursday morning after I had left for school, and I remember coming home and finding Lily already there, watching TV. She had left for school and come back about an hour later when our parents were gone.
- This is going to be so great. A whole weekend with no rules, and without your bitch mother to try and boss us around, Lily said.
I was happy so see her in such a good mood, although I did not appreciate the insult aimed at my mother. "Yeah", I said enthusiastically as I started toward the kitchen. I was starving.
- You know, Lily said in a soft voice that caught me by surprise, I was thinking we would have a movie night tonight, what do you think?
- I would love that! I exclaimed just a bit to eagerly.
- Great, it will be just the two of us then.
Lily gave me a smile that stunned me as I was standing with the refrigerator door open. I smiled the biggest, dorkiest smile right back, not able to contain my happiness. I was wracking my brain for a good response when Lily interrupted me.
- But grab a sandwich and fuck off upstairs for a while would you, I have a friend coming over.
A little surprised by change of attitude, and the foul language that she would not have used if our parents were home, I came back to life and did what she had asked. Halfway up the stairs I realized I was starving and the sandwich I had made was hardly going to fill me up. I chose not to turn around or even say anything. What if it annoyed her and she didn't want to watch movies with me any more? Tonight was going to be great.

Still hungry after eating my sandwich I was confined to my room, as my stepsisters friend had already arrived. From my room upstairs I could hear their conversations pretty well. When Lillian's friend Sarah told a story that caught my attention, I stood up and pressed myself against the door. Sarah was telling Lily about a boy she had spent a night with the weekend before. A boy with a very big cock. I had heard the word "cock" before of course, and I had seen pictures so I knew what they were talking about, but what I didn't know before then was how very exciting a big cock could be. They were not holding back on the bad words, as I heard "cock", "pussy", and "fuck" were being thrown around more than I had ever heard before. And then there were those words that I didn't understand at all; those were the most interesting.

When Sarah finally left I stayed put in my room for a good long while, not really doing much. I didn't want to leave my room just as she left in case Lily would suspect I had been eavesdropping until then. So I just sat there thinking about what Sarah had said. But also about how interested and excited my stepsister had been to hear the story. I would have given anything to tell her a story that enchanted her like that. Every so often during the telling I could hear my stepsister laughing or interjecting with "You dirty slut!" or something of the sort. Eventually my contemplation was interrupted by Lily as she called me down to the living room.
- You ready for our movie night? You are excited, right?
- Yes! I practically screamed as I came down the stairway. Embarrased at how needy I sounded I tried to reel it in as I continued in a subdued tone; I'm ready.
- I thought you could pick the first movie. What do you want to see? said Lily.
- I don't know. Anything really. I said. I hadn't really considered what we would watch, I was so excited to watch anything at this point.
- Oh, come on Anna just name a movie. You should know it bothers me how indecisive you are.
- Sorry, uh... how about... Harry Potter? Chamber maybe?
- Ugh, again?
- Sorry, we don't have to.
- No, no. It's your choice. I'll watch your movie. But I get to choose the next one and you'll watch it with me.
- Of course! Thanks sis!
- All right, I'll get the DVD loaded up, grab me a beer from the fridge would you?
- A... beer? I don't think we have any. Your dad emptied the house before they left, remember?
- Just get it dummy. Sarah brought some for me. You want one?
I had heard Lillian get in trouble over beer before so I knew I wasn't supposed to.
- No thank you, Lily. Steve said your not supposed to have any either you know.
I quickly started walking toward the refrigerator to show that I was going to get the beer anyway.
- Well my dad isn't here, we can do what we want.
I got the cold beer and set it down on a coaster as Lily pressed play on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Lily grabbed the coaster and threw it on the floor, looking at me like I really wasn't getting this home alone thing. We sat at opposite ends of the couch as the movie started playing.

About halfway in it was getting dark outside as my stepsister had me fetch her another beer. I came back to her lying down, leaning against the armrest. She told me to cozy up to her as I handed her the beer and she cracked it open. Lying down next to Lily I stifled a huge smile, feeling I was growing ever closer with my stepsister. I was a bit put off as I could smell the beer on her breath when I was this close. She must have been drinking before I came down. It didn't smell good, but when she put her arm around me and I could feel her chest moving with her breath I was put at ease. Her breath was steady and slow, and I never wanted to leave her side. After a while of cuddling together, enjoying the movie, she offered me some of her beer once again.
- No thanks, I don't think I should.
- Oh come on, Anna. Our parents aren't home. You should do what you want, and what you want is to try it. Just a few sips.
Her voice was soft but I sensed that she wasn't just playing around.
- Um, no thanks, I said.
- You are such a prissy Anna. You can't always do what our parents say you know. They don't know everything. If they did we would be rich and we wouldn't be living in this shitty little house, right?
- I... it doesn't smell good.
- For fucks sake Anna. Never mind what it smells, just drink it! God, you can be just as boring as your naggy bitch of a mother. If you don't at least have some beer you can go upstairs right now 'cause I intend to enjoy this fucking weekend and I don't want some uptight nerd slowing me down.
- OK, OK. Give it here.
Lily poured the beer in my mouth. I swallowed everything down, even though it was more than I was expecting. It left a bitter taste in my mouth but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Lily calmed down and we went back to enjoying the movie pretty much. I was still a bit on edge, but when Lily put the can to my lips and gave me some more I didn't bother fighting back. The rest of the movie went by pretty quickly as my thoughts were racing around my head. After Lily had let me finish the beer little by little I found it more difficult to focus on the movie. Lillian was a calming influence behind me, arm steady around my stomach and her cheek against my neck.

As the end of my movie approached I felt Lillian's breathing picking up a bit. Her arm around me fidgeting for no reason. When the credits started playing she got up quickly. I would have said she seemed excited if not for the blank expression on her face as she stepped toward the kitchen and got us more beer.
- Now it's time for my movie, she said in a calm but assertive voice.
My head was still swimming a bit, and I never thought to ask what movie she was going to pick. Before I knew it she had put it in the DVD player and assumed her position behind me again. She had opened two beers, making it clear that one was for me, but I didn't know if I should have any more. I was feeling a bit weird. Lillian pressed play on the DVD remote and set it down somewhere I couldn't see. Again she put her arm around me and I felt completely tranquil in her grip.

I didn't recognize any actors in the movie. In fact, it didn't seem like a normal movie to me. It was... different. Like worse-different. I didn't really follow the plot as I was getting a bit tired, but it was something about a number of women living together who really needed to have their shower fixed. But when the plumber arrived the movie took a turn. As the plumber was working on the shower one of the girls took notice of something. He appeared to have a very large package in the front of his pants. As she watched him work, herself wearing nothing but a pair of panties, she started touching herself. Meanwhile on the couch I was just noticing what was going on and I asked my sister what movie this was.
- Just watch it now. I watched your shitty movie so don't complain.
I couldn't argue. Lillians breath was picking up. I was getting uncomfortable and instinctively tried to slide away a bit but her arm around my abdomen held tight. I could feel her chest, her hips, her cheek against me as we were watching the movie. The plumber had now noticed the almost naked woman and was more interested in her than the shower. She stroked his cock through his pants and asked to see it. He kindly took it out for her to see and before I knew it she was sucking it like she couldn't possibly restrain herself. I was starting to put things together. This was sex, which meant this was a "porno". My sister was very wrapped up in it and I didn't dare to speak a word. This was by far the dirtiest thing I had ever seen. I had seen penises and vaginas before but this was far beyond that. Before long the lady in the movie was naked and begging to have the mans large member inside her. "Fuck me" she cried. "Fuck me hard". And he did. He took her from behind, he slapped her ass, pulled her hair, he called her a bitch, and she loved it. More than that I could hear by stepsisters breathing that she was loving it too. She took a big swig of beer and I followed her lead just to calm my nerves. After I settled in to what I was seeing and the fact that Lillian was OK with it, loving it in fact, I could calm down and just observe. I felt something stirring inside me. I could understand what Lillian was enjoying about the video. Then after some amount of fucking and name-calling the man got the woman by the hair, pulled her to her knees and she, without asking, opened her mouth for what was to come. As he blew his load all over the girls face I felt my stepsister behind me exhale deeply and I knew it was over for now. The screen faded to black.

The movie continued with two girls in another room, arguing. I think they were arguing over who borrowed who's underwear without returning them. I could feel Lillians hand start to move over my stomach at this point. It felt nice and comforting, as I had a sense of being in the eye of the storm - the movie was not over yet. The girls argument over the underwear subsided as yet another woman walked in and started undressing. "God, I'm tired", she said. Apparently she was just in from work and needed to relax. One of the women laid the busty newcomer down on the bed and told her she knew just the thing to relax her. As she started licking the busty womans nipples, caressing her body and her breasts, I felt Lillian start to work her hand under my t-shirt. My mind slowy drew parallells between what was going on under my shirt and what was going on on screen, and I froze. I didn't know what to do as I barely understood what was happening. On screen the busty woman had her lacy black panties removed by the third woman, a butch red head with with a nose ring. As she removed the underwear she started licking and caressing her way up the thighs. Meanwhile something else was going on behind me. Lillian's free arm had made it's way in to her sweatpants, and I could feel every move of her hand through her arm as it touched my back. She moved her hand slowly, still using her other hand to caress my body under my t-shirt. Moving further up and down with each passing minute. I could feel her on my thighs and it just graced my breasts at its highest. On screen the busty woman was on her back in the bed getting her breasts and pussy thoroughly seen to by two beautiful women. I had never seen anyone licking a pussy before, much less a woman doing it. The red head was slow and methodical working her tongue for the camera. Lily liked these shots, I could tell as her hand moved faster. She started moaning in my ear as she stroked.
- Are you enjoying this little Anna? Lily asked.
- Uhhh, I don't know. I responded, highly surprised and honestly still in a bit of shock at the whole thing.
- Come on you little slut. You don't have to lie to me 'cause I can tell.
- I...
- You don't have to rub your little slit for me to know... that it's wet, Lily went on; panting as she did.
I was quiet as I tried to absorb what was being said. Neither of us spoke for the rest of the scene as apart from the heavy breathing and the moaning. On screen the red head used a vibrator to finish the busty woman off, after which she got in a 69 formation with the other woman while the busty woman got behind her and licked her ass. I think it was during this part that Lily finally climaxed right behind me. It wasn't hard to tell of course, she cried out as she spasmed and clenched me tight against her body. Then we lay there in silence as the scene went on and eventually finished up. At this point I was confused and aroused, and I didn't know how to handle it. When the next scene started up I asked Lillian if it was OK if I went to bed and she got a little bit miffed, although she seemed temporarily whiped out by her orgasm. Eventually she said it was OK, but I was admitting I was a prude bitch if I did. I apologized profusely but I did go to bed, needing to collect my thoughts in private.

Upstairs in my bed was the first time I realized how loud the volume had been. I could hear the characters in the movie having a conversation at normal volume. It was impossible to ignore. The scene inevitably picked up towards the sex and I felt the excitement run through me again. It was a man again, and two women. Under the covers of my bed I stripped naked and caressed my body. I had done it before, but this felt different. I had never been this excited before. Never this horny. I could hear the man moan as I understood the women were sucking his cock again. "Suck it bitch". I was masturbating now. I was rubbing my pussy with my eyes closed, and moaning quietly to the ceiling. I could hear the man fucking the women silly as I worked up to my first real orgasm ever. When I was getting really close I was surprised by one of the women who cried out "Oh yeah, fuck my ass! Stretch me out!". I paused at this comment and parsed it a couple of times before I understood what must have been happening on screen at that moment. I couldn't stop at this point, and the truth is that I started going at it even harder after that. I came very soon thereafter, and it was the most intense thing I had experienced up until then. I bucked and moaned and it wasn't until after I realized my bed may have been bumping against the wall, sending the waves of my orgasm through the house. In the aftermath I started touching myself again hoping to repeat it one more time, but the movie ended too soon and with the house quiet once again I was convinced that Lillian would hear me. As I was lying on my bed falling asleep after the sound of the pornographic film faded from the house I reflected over the events of the last couple of hours. I don't know if it was the guilt of being naughty, shame at being manipulated so easily by Lillian, or maybe even happiness for having gotten closer to my stepsister and discovered a very interesting side of myself and life in general, but I cried myself to sleep that night.


The following morning when my alarm clock woke me up as usual I was feeling pretty knocked out. It was a very pleasant feeling except I also had a mild headache. The events of the night before coming back to me, I lied still staring at the ceiling questioning if they really happened. A few minutes I stared in silence thinking until I remembered that I had school to get to. I got up and tip-toed to the shower. Strangely I couldn't hear Lillian at all, even though she should be getting ready for school as well. In the warm shower I was still thinking about last night. As I did I couldn't help but start touching myself again, only to stop when I once again realized I was running late. The morning was surprisingly uneventful as I realized Lily had no intention of actually going to school today so I would not be running in to her. At school I did my best to focus on class but during recess I couldn't think of anything but my stepsister, and what had happen last night. In hindsight it all seemed like an amazing and unique night. I was pissed at myself that I left Lily so annoyed with me, but touching myself in my bedroom had felt incredibly good I couldn't quite regret the decision. Nevertheless, I had to make amends with my stepsister. Our parents were gone for three days still and I really wanted to use that time to get on Lillian's good side in a more permanent way.

When I arrived back at home I was pretty nervous about encountering my stepsister. As I stepped through the door she was on the couch, watching tv again.
- Hi, Lily. I said in my high pitched voice.
- Oh, hey Anna, she replied.
I had hoped Lillian would be in the mood to talk but the short, flat reply indicated otherwise. On the way home I had been psyching myself up for this and I knew if I snuck up to my room like I would normally do, I could potentially be missing out on something I really wanted. I had to keep going.
- What's up? I continued, still keeping it casual to gauge her mood.
- Watching some tv. It's fucking hot out.
- Heh, yeah.
I was nervous. I felt like my throat was going to close up on me.
- Hey... I enjoyed our movie night, Lily. I finally squeaked out.
- Oh, really? Well you had a strange way of showing it.
Lily looked at me. On her face was a distincly disinterested expression that I had seen many times before. Could she really be this blase about what happened?
- I'm sorry, I was just... tired you know. But I really want to thank you. I really like spending time with you.
- You're welcome. But you can be very dull, Anna, so don't start thinking it will be a regular thing.
My heart sank at this comment. I don't want to be "dull".
- Really? 'cause, you know, I was hoping maybe... we could maybe hang out tonight again.
- Haha. You wish. Just 'cause you don't have any friends doesn't mean I have to put up with you all the time you know.
Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes, a sort of panic slowly grabbing hold of me. I couldn't stop myself; I started begging.
- Please? Please, Lily?
- Geez, you are really pathetic. All right, Anna, maybe I can give you another chance.
Whiping away the approaching tears I pulled myself together at this piece of good news.
- But there will be conditions obviously, so I know you won't waste my time again, said Lily in a dark - almost commanding - voice.
- Of course. I wouldn't. It's going to be great. I'm sorry I begged. Sorry.
- Hold on there. I'll give you another chance, if you swear you will do what I say without question from now on until our parents come back.
- OK, I quickly replied.
I then spaced out as my mind worked overtime to try to figure out if there was something she could realistically ask of me that would be bad enough to say no. As I did she had gotten up from the couch and taken a few steps toward me. When I looked up again it felt like she was towering over me. Her brown eyes seemed unusually dark as she stared me down.
- Think about it, because if you accept I will not allow you to back out. You can decline now and go up to your room to spend the weekend in silence while me and my friends take over this place, or you can say yes and I might let you spend some time with us, but you will have to be my willing. Little. Bitch. If I say to drink beer, you chug until I say stop. If I say to watch the movie, you keep your eyes peeled until the credits are long gone. And if I tell you to jump off a bride, you jump off a fucking bridge, you understand?
The intensity of Lily's words gave me pause. I knew I wanted to say yes but I couldn't blurt it out lightly. Once again my brain was scrambling trying to comprehend what this deal meant and if it was a good idea, but it was futile.
- Yes, I said concisely.
- That's good, said Lily tauntingly. So stand on one foot.
- What do you mean?
Lily grabbed my top in her fist, constricting it and pulling me closer to her.
- You swore you would not question me. Stand on one foot.
I lifted one foot off the ground and balanced as Lily still held me tight. She released me with a push and I fell backwards so I had to catch myself with my other foot. But once I regained balance I immediately lifted it again. Lily smiled at me, again with a taunting, almost sinister smile.
- You're funny, she said. Here, take this money and go get us a pizza.

It took me about thirty minutes to go buy a pizza on my bike, and when I came back we shared it on the couch watching some crummy sitcoms. Then my stepsister had me go up to my room for a while which I didn't mind. I read a few chapters of a book, and I had some time to think about things. Lily had said that I could come down to spend some time with her by the tv again that night, and as time went on I was getting more and more excited. I wondered to myself if we would watch more of my movies or if she would show me another porno. The thought of a potential repeat of last night got me very excited. I almost couldn't keep myself from getting under the covers of my bed and getting naked again, but I thought it would be better to wait. I didn't want to get carried away.

When Lily called me downstairs I had been in deep thought of what sexy things might happen, but I quickly snapped out of it and made sure I was presentable before I ran down. When I entered the living room, Lily was there, sitting in an armchair that was sat perpendicular to the couch. I sat down on the couch, trying not to show how nervous I was. At this point I was so worked up at the thought of watching another porno that I almost couldn't bear the idea of watching something else.
- So, Anna... let's watch another movie like you wanted. Did you have anything in mind?
- Well, maybe. Maybe we could watch, you know, like, one of your movies?
- Haha, I knew you would like watching a porno with me. You act all prude and stuck up, but as soon as you get a look at some big juicy cock you come back begging for more the next day.
- No! I just thought... we don't have to.
- I know we don't have to. But we can. If you just say precisely what you want. Tell me.
- What do you mean, Lily?
- Tell me you want to see some lovely, sexy, naked men and women fucking each other silly.
- I, uh... I want to see some lovely, naked men and women...
- Yes?
- ... fucking each other silly.
- All right, well if that's what you really want. But answer this first, when you went upstairs last night, did you rub one out?
- What?
- Come on. Last night when you went upstairs you touched your pussy, right? You flicked your little bean, didn't you?
- ... yes.
- I fucking knew it, you little slut. You couldn't keep your hands off and that's why you had to go. I can't believe your mother thinks you are such a good little girl when I could tell from a mile away that you were a horny little bitch. Haha!
I didn't know what to say, I was ashamed and couldn't look Lily in the eyes. I could feel her staring at me, a wide grin on her face, but I didn't look up. Then she stood and fetched her laptop. She plugged it in to the tv and faced it against the couch. The silence in the room was only broken by Lily's gentle taps on the keyboard as she opened a video for us to watch. As it started playing Lily went to fetch us beers from the refrigerator again. I noticed the film had no story this time, just a woman on a couch who said her name, her age, and stated how horny she was. She answered one or two questions about herself before a man strode in and she began sucking his cock. I was surprised at how abrupt this was and Lily must have noticed as she came back and handed me one of the beers.
- Yeah, I thought we would skip right to the good stuff tonight, she said.
The man grabbed the womans hair as she was sucking feverishly on his dick. "Fucking horny bitch", Lily mumbled as she eyed the screen and took her first sip of beer. We sat in silence and watched this go on for a couple of minutes and I was starting to get in to it. At the time I thought it was a bit rough but I didn't have anything to compare with so I just accepted it. As the man leaned the woman over the armrest of the couch and started fucking her from behind I was really feeling it. Just then, Lily looked at me and saw that I had not opened my beer.
- Anna, open your beer and drink, she said.
I hesitated for a moment but recalling my promise I opened the beer and took a large swig, looking at Lily for confirmation that I was doing it right.
- No, remember our agreement? When I say drink, you don't stop until I say.
I looked at my beer, and then back at Lily. She was serious. So I took a breath and started drinking, I figured she would stop me as I took two or three full swallows from the can. But aside from looking at me intently she did nothing. I continued drinking, although I found it hard to keep taking such large swallows. With each new swallow I spilled some beer on my light-blue top. Finally Lily told me to stop and then she quickly turned her attention back to the tv. I took a few panicked breaths and set the beer down. I must have swallowed down at least 3/4 already. I sat back and felt just a little bit queasy again. The man on screen was pounding away at the womans pussy, and just then he turned her around so that she was on her back on the couch. He grabbed her legs and forced them far above her head as he started fucking her pussy again. My heart skipped a step as I thought he was going for her ass, and I wondered after if it had been out of concern or excitement.

Watching the video, I must have subconciously started touching my thighs, because suddenly Lillian paused the video and turned to me.
- Now Anna. I don't want you to run off again to touch your horny little pussy like you did yesterday, Lily said.
- OK, was all I could manage.
- And I think I know a way to keep that from happening. Take off your pants now, little sis.
- Why? What do you mean?
Lillian moved from her armchair to the sofa, sitting down next to me. She grabbed my hair firmly with one arm and stated clearly right in my ear:
- Remember our agreement now. No questions. You are my slave.
"I told you so" floated through my mind about a hundred times in the next couple of seconds as my stepsister held my hair in a tight grip. I edged my jeans down around my ankles and kicked them off.
- Now remove your cute little top, slut.
I slowly lifted my tank top up to reveal my B-cup bra and Lily released my hair so I could pull it off and put it on the floor with my pants. Lily unclasped my bra and pulled that over my head as well as I held my arms up. I felt very exposed now even though I crossed my legs and covered up as best I could with my arms.
- Good, said Lily and unpaused the video again.
There I sat in the living room of my parents house with almost nothing on, watching this pornographic video I had asked my stepsister to play for me. At least the shades were all drawn, so it was just for me and Lily to see. As the video went on, the man would occasionally stop to finger the girls pussy, but he didn't rub it, or tickle the clit like I did when I masturbated. No, it was more like he would shove a couple of fingers in there and furiously bang her pussy, pulling and smacking it like he owned it. I wouldn't have admitted it then but this really excited me. I was starting to get very aroused again after having been forcefully stripped of my clothes. My breathing picked up, and my hands started to wander. Lily then turned to me and told me to spread my legs. I complied immediately as I didn't want to upset her again, and quite frankly because the request itself excited me.
- Now, so you don't run away upstairs just to rub your needy little cunt I want you do to it here. Start touching your wet panties for me.
It was clear from the tone of voice that this was not a joke, or a request that could be argued with, so after a moments consideration I skipped the unnecessary "whats" and "whys" and did what she said. In a way I was hoping to see her enjoying the sight of me but if she did like anything she saw she didn't wasn't letting it on. She looked at me with that indifferent expression and told me when to go faster or harder, and when to slow down. Finally she asked me to take of my panties as well, which I did with glee. I think I smiled as she told me to do it, which then made me a bit embarrassed. I thought it was a very dirty, slutty thing to be smiling about. As I was really getting in to it, and my legs were spread wide for Lillian, the video ended with the woman taking a load in her mouth and swallowing it. I was really hot and wet at this point, and I was expecting my sister to play another video. But she just sat there and continued watching me. Finally I had to ask.
- Could you play another video, please?
- What kind of video?
- You know....
I paused as I remembered what she had asked be to say earlier.
- I want to see a lovely, sexy, naked, man with a big cock fuck a woman silly. I said.
I couldn't remember exactly what I was supposed to say but I did my best and embellished a little, hoping Lily would appreciate it.
- Oh really. You sound like a bitch in heat. Are you a horny slut, little Anna?
- Yes!
- Tell me you are a horny slut and you can't get enough porn.
- I'm a horny slut and I can't get enough porn.
- Good. Now look in the camera on my computer and it.
- Wha- Camera? What do you mean?
As if anticipating this answer, Lily flew up from her chair and got behind me and the sofa. Once again she grabbed my hair, but she angled my head toward the computer on the coffee table and repeated herself.
- I said, look into that camera right there and say "My name is Anna, I'm 13 years old and I'm a fucking horny little cunt".
- M-My name is Anna. I'm 13 years old. And I'm a... horny little cunt.
- Lily, is that thing recording? I said, very frightened and on the verge of tears once again.
- Of course it is. I was going to ask you about it but you would have been forced to say yes anyway so what would have been the point. Anyway, it's not like I'm going to put it on the internet or anything. I just wanted something to trade with Bobby for a video he made with Sarah.
She had released my hair now. I was crossing my legs again and I was feeling anxiety and shame creeping closer as I glanced at the computer and thought of what I had been doing. My stepsister then started another video, and again it got pretty much right in to the action. Except this time the woman was on her back and the man was kissing his way up her thigh, working his way toward eating her out. I couldn't help but glance at the video and get a little horny once more, until I looked back at the computer. The man buried his head between the womans legs, reaching his arms up to caress her body, including her natural, supple breasts.

After a few minutes of silence my sister spoke again.
- There, there. Uncross your legs, I told you I need something to trade.
- I'm not sure if I'm OK with this.
- I don't give a fuck, Lillian laughed. You already agreed to it you little nerd so get to fingering your pussy, now.
I carefully spread my legs and moved my hand down with my eyes lowered toward the floor. As I started to work my pussy Lillian got up and left the room. I felt somewhat relieved, even though the camera was still there watching me. She disappeared into the master bedroom while I started to glance at the tv again, stroking my pussy in earnest. I could hear Lily laughing from the bedroom which unnerved me a bit but I still glad to have her in another room. It didn't last long however before she came laughing and smiling into the living room from behind me. I kept my eyes on the video as I had started to get going again, and I was getting closer. I suddenly remembered my half drunk beer and chugged the rest to numb my anxiety as I kept on rubbing my pussy, now also slipping a finger in there. When Lily sat down she was staring at me until I looked over at her. She was holding up a vibrator in her right hand.
- Look what I found in your mothers nightstand. Here, you look like you could need it.
It was a simple symmetrical plastic vibrator. It couldn't have been more than four or five inches and not very thick. Lily turned it on full blast and handed it to me. I was surprised as I had never used one before, and didn't know what to do. I just sat there looking at it, feeling its vibrations, until Lily gave her next decree.
- Suck it a little. Get it wet in your mouth.
Seemed simple enough to me. I licked the tip a bit, and slid it in my mouth. I got the tip wet and as I started to move it further in I found it was not so easy. I thought about the women in the videos we had been watching and how easily seemed to be able to swallow those great big cocks. How was I stuck already? I did my best and kept going, but even at my deepest I could only get a little less than two thirds in my mouth. When I wouldn't give up, Lily eventually told me to stop sucking and start using it on my pussy. I brought it down between my legs and let it touch my thigh. The vibrations felt good. Intense, but good. I moved it around, afraid to dive right in. I saw Lily was now busy with one hand down her pants, looking at me and the tv alternatingly. She was off to the side so she would not be on camera where she sat. Once I found a way to lower the intensity of the vibrations I started using the vibrator on my clit and pussy. I had to start moaning loudly at this point as it was like nothing I had felt before. When I positioned the vibrator just right I couldn't imagine a better feeling in the whole world. Lillian reacted to my moans and started going faster and harder on her end. I could tell she was being quiet for the video but she was enjoying it.
- Now stick it in. Put it in your tight little pussy, Anna.
I had already considered it when she said it. I put the vibrator against my opening and pressed it in. About one inch was all I could take before I had to pause because it was so tight. As I stopped for a moment I could feel the amazing vibrations inside of me.
- Turn it up! said Lily sounding out of breath from the excitement.
Even though I felt it might be easier to get it in at lower intensity, I complied and increased the intensity on the vibrator. Then I took a few deep breaths and maneuvered the vibrator further in my pussy.
- Fucking push it in already, said Lily - her voice cracking.
I pushed harder and was once again able to get around two thirds in. Lillian was moaning loudly now, no doubt it would be audible in the video but she seemed unable to hold it in any longer. She slowed herself down and told me to pull the vibrator almost completely out. Just as I had done so she told me to push it in again. I did, but it took me a few seconds to get it as far in again. I was squealing now. I couldn't control the sounds I was making, especially as I was not even in full control of the vibrator. She tells me to pull it out again. And push it back in. As it starts to get easier and smoother, she has me do it rythmically, at increasing tempo. Suddenly Lily stands up, pulls her t-shirt off, showing that she has no bra on underneath. She comes up to me, placing her right in front of the camera, she grabs the vibrator from my hand and looks back toward the computer.
- Fuck it. This is for you, Bobby. I'm Lillian, 16 years old, and I am a fucking horny slut.
She starts ramming the vibrator in me. Faster and a bit harder than I was going and I moan out loud. I'm practically screaming as the fucks me harder with my mothers vibrator. Her pace is irregular as she slams me like she was in a frenzy. When she gets the whole length of the vibrator in me it hurts. Each thrust ends in a little bit of pain but the penetration, the vibrations and Lily's steady hand holding me down has me so aroused I can't help but to love it. When she slows down I feel like my pussy has been violated, and maybe I should be upset about it. I glance at the camera and the shame creeps up on me again. But I am so fucking horny. I grab the vibrator still sticking out of my pussy and I hold it against my clit. It takes less than a minute for me to go from leaned back and panting to crying out in extasy as I climax from the touch of the vibrator. Lillian looks at me with a smile, touching herself through her sweatpants. As I'm winding down I collapse on the couch, and I almost pass out instantly. I was tired in every possible way, and some parts of me were aching.

- Oh no you don't, I heard Lillian say as I my eyes closed.
- Come over here with that thing.
Stumbling I get up from the couch, grab the vibrator and sit down on my knees in front of Lily. Lily leans over and grabs the computer. She stops the recording and puts the computer away again.
- You're my slut now. I need you to finish me off. Use the vibrator but be fucking gentle. And first you need to clean it off. Suck it again.
I turn the vibrator off and put it in my mouth again. I start sucking it as deep as I can immediately as I'm so tired I just don't want to waste any time. When I have sucked all I can, I make sure to lick the rest before I start caressing Lily, moving the vibrator slowly toward her well-shaven vagina. Lily gives me directions as I proceed.
- Turn the vibrator on. Put it against my outer lips. Ooh, yeah. Now put a finger in. Slowly.
I follow her directions carefully, perking up a bit as I can tell she is enjoying my treatment. Soon I have the vibrator inside her, working her slowly and carefully. In my head I'm comparing the treatment she is getting to what I got, and though most would say I got the short end of the stick I feel that it makes sense to me. She teaches me how she wants her clit to be pinched when she is cumming, and it's not long before I get to try it out for real. She can't help but to buck her hips, and it feels like she is screaming at me but I know it is in a good way. She has me take the vibrator out as she is cumming, and I put it against my pussy instead. When she comes down from her orgasm she asks me how I've enjoyed our evening. With the vibrator on my clit, thinking I think about how I just brought the most beatiful, perfect woman to orgasm. Unable to think straight from my arousal, and unwilling to think of anything that doesn't bring me closer to another orgasm, I tell her in a moan how much I loved it.
- Figures. Only a fucking slut like you could be bossed around and mistreated an entire night and still end up loving it. Hah, if our parents ever say you are a good girl again I'm glad I have this video I could show them if I really wanted.
- Since you are enjoying yourself so much being a slave piece of trash, how about you wake me up tomorrow with breakfast in bed? How about if you don't I will get fucking evil on your ass for the rest of the weekend? I will be sleeping in the master bedroom. See you tomorrow.
Lillian gave me a pat on the head before she grabbed her computer and walked off to the bedroom. As she was walking away I came for the second time that night, and pressing the vibrator hard against me I cried out in pleasure until I fell over from my legs buckling under me. I couldn't process anything after that so I just left the vibrator on the floor with my clothes and stumbled upstairs, set my alarm clock, and passed out on my bed.


All to early saturday morning I found myself cooking eggs and bacon for myself and Lillian. I had set my alarm clock for 7 am, which I realized when I woke up might have been too early. But on the other hand Lillian hadn't said a time and I didn't want to risk being too late. I plated the scrambled eggs and some bacon with a piece of toast and quietly brought it to the master bedroom. The bed was disheveled and Lily's upper body was exposed as she lay halfway under the covers. I was nervous as I tried to wake her up with my softest, kindest voice.
- Hey Lily. Wake up.
- Ugh...
- I have breakfast in bed for you, sis.
- What time is it?
She still hadn't covered up and when she started slowly stirring to life her exposed breasts enchanted me.
- Uh, quarter to eight.
- You fucking idiot, get out of here. Come back in two hours.
Lillian turned over to lay on her stomach which snapped me out of my trance and disappointed I turned to walk out of the room.
- Wait, she said, looking up for a second. Next time bring coffee.
I turned around and left again. Back in the kitchen I sat down and had my breakfast alone. I discarded the extra food as I didn't dare heating it up again later. Then I took a shower and got dressed before heading out on my bike to pick up some more eggs.

A little more than two hours later I was on the bed next to Lily. She had deemed my breakfast acceptable and I has happy as she seemed to be in a good mood. She put the dishes on the floor and turned to me, still not fully clothed. She lifted the covers and told me to climb in. I didn't hesitate long before getting in, just about a foot from my stepsister and her half-naked body. She stared straight in my eyes with a mischievous, almost evil, look that would have frightened me except I was getting a bit used to it. But it did grab my full attention. She put her hand far up my thigh and inched a bit closer to me.
- You're a virgin, right?
- Y-Yes.
- But you're not a prude, right? I mean you're ready to get fucked if you find the right guy? We both know how horny you are getting.
- I... guess... No, I'm not a prude.
- So you want to get fucked?
- Yes.
- OK. I just wanted to know.
Lily's hand was over the crotch of my jeans, stroking slowly.
- You know, I've seen you stay home far too many weekend nights for a girl your age, particularly a wannabe slut like yourself. You are never going to get laid going on like this.
- You know I don't have that many friends here. I'm not invited to any parties, I told her.
- You don't have friends anywhere. Face it, you've lived in this town for two years. If you were going to make friends it would have happened by now. You need to change things up.
I let out a moan as I was distracted by the touch of her hand between my legs. She pinched my thigh to get my attention again.
- Uh, change things up, yeah. But I don't know how.
- Really? It's so easy. I mean, I know how. But I can see how it's maybe not that easy for a born loser like you.
- Could you... could you help me? If you wanted to I mean.
I reached out to put my hand on her hip, but she grabbed my arm and put it back at my side. Then she started unbuttoning my jeans, slipping her hand inside my panties.
- Don't get carried away, keep your hands to yourself. I know how you could get a bit more of a social life, of course I do. And I could help you along too. The problem is everything about you just screams loser, so you would have to pretty much start from scratch.
As she played with my pussy I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself. I didn't know how to respond to her statements about me anyway.
- Look at me, she demanded.
I looked her in the eyes, and a soft moan escaped my lips.
- If you are ready to tear your old life up from top to bottom, I am willing to tell you how to get started on a better one. How would you feel about that?
- I would love that, I moaned, my eyes fixed on my sister's, looking right back at me.
- Well I'm having a party here tonight. I won't have to lock you away then if you want me to give you a makeover instead.
- Yes, yes! I cried as Lily was rubbing my clit just right.
- All right, well I'm going to take a shower, she said, standing up and walking toward the open door.
- You're going start cleaning this place up. Make sure you pay good attention to all the bed rooms. I want everything sparkling.
With that Lily walked out, still wearing nothing but panties, and slipped upstairs and into the shower. Meanwhile I was still on the bed and a bit confused, wondering if I had time to stay here and finish myself off. In the end I decided I had better start cleaning to be certain I wouldn't be throwing away this opportunity to attend a party with my older stepsister.

Later in the day I was cleaning the last room of the house, the downstairs bathroom, when my sister came home from some errand. I could hear the refrigerator opening and the clinking of glass bottles being put in as I left the room with my cleaning supplies, content that every room was pretty much spotless.
- Hey, Anna, said Lillian as she stepped into the hallway and saw me standing there, drenched in sweat.
- You done with everything?
- Yes. Every room in the house is squeaky clean, I was glad to announced.
- All right. Let's go upstairs to your room, I want to make some quick changes.
Curious what she could mean by that I followed her up the stairs. Lily stood in the middle of my room surveying everything from my wardrobe, to my bookshelf, and my bed crammed in the corner.
- We need to get rid of some of the nerdy shit in here, Lily said suddenly.
- What do you mean?
- Like these stupid books. And these space magazines or whatever. And who in the fuck is this old guy? Lily asked, looking at the only poster on my wall.
- That's Albert Einstein, he's a famous scientist who...
- He can fuck off, she said curtly as she tore the poster down.
- Take this shit and put it in a box with your Legos and... just all this nerdy shit, OK?
- I guess so, I said, looking around my room wondering what I could keep.
- And change the sheets on your bed. There are red ones down in the laundry room, use those. Tonight you will have to sleep somewhere else, just so you know. I will be in mom and dads bedrom, and I'm sure my friends will want to borrow the ones up here. Maybe you can have the couch, we'll see.
- OK.
- When you are done, take a shower 'cause we need to get you ready before any people show up.

The doorbell rang, it was time. Lillian's closest female friends were the first to arrive. Lily went to get the door as I was looking myself in the mirror one last time, I was so nervous. Lillian had chosen my clothes, styled my hair and done my makeup for tonight. I could barely recognize myself. She had curled my hair with a curling iron, and I think it was the first time I ever wore eye shadow or eyeliner. Honestly I felt she had gone just a little bit heavy on the makeup, with caked on foundation and bright red lipstick. But I had to defer to her judgement on this of course, and I did look pretty glamorous. I had a tight white blouse on with some reasonable cleavage, although I didn't think my breasts were big enough to attract much attention. Underneath I wore one of a white bra, the contours of which you could see through the blouse here and there if you looked closely. For the first time in years I was also wearing a skirt. It too was tight, and red, and it reached about halfway down to my knees. In fact it had been so long since I wore a skirt I had spent a bit of time that afternoon practice sitting to make sure I wasn't accidentally revealing too much. Though my sister had been out to buy me these clothes while she was out throwing away by box of "nerdy stuff", she unfortunately didn't have time to get me shoes so she had to loan me some a beautiful red pair with a low, steady heel, but they were a bit too big for me. When my stepsister had invited the first guests in and sat them down in the living room I decided to make my entrance.

They all saw me coming when I approached the living room from the hallway and I got some smiles and even a snicker from one of the girls. God I was so nervous. Lily introduced me to the others as soon as I got close enough and they all greeted me politely. There were four of them, one being Sarah who I knew a little bit about already. Everyone but me was drinking one thing or another already; I saw Lily holding a glass of wine. For a long time I just stood there listening to them talk about things like their drinks, the boys who were supposed to come by later, etc. Still quite nervous I was starting to feel awkward about just standing there as the girls had taken up all the available seats. Finally I asked Lily if I could have a glass of wine and she said I was welcome to get myself one. I made my way to the kitchen, stumbling once or twice in the ill-fitting heels, and got myself a wine glass. As I was pouring it I could hear one of Lillian's friends, I think she told me her name was Desirée, asking Lillian quietly what I was doing here. I was a pretty disappointed that I was already standing out like a sore thumb among her friends, but I pretended not to hear her as I slowly filled about half my wine glass.
- Oh, that's my little sister. She's sort of my slave this weekend so I'm having a bit of fun with her, said Lily, seeming not concerned at all about me potentially hearing her.
- Check this out. Hey, Anna, come over here.
A chill ran down my spine as she called me over. My hand shook as I took a sip of the wine, momentarily surprised at how much better it was than beer. Then I turned around and put on a smile as I pretended I hadn't heard them just then, and I went back to the living room.
- What's up, sis? I said and looked around the room at the girl's faces, smiling at me.
- Are you my slave this weekend, Anna? Will you do whatever I want?
- ... yes Lily, I said, almost choking on my words.
- Get down on your knees, little sis.
I didn't know what to say. I had feared she might order me around tonight while there were guests present but I never imagined it would be like this. I didn't look anyone in the eye as I carefully got down on my knees, my clumsy shoes and glass of wine not making it any easier. As I did I could hear the girls cautiusly laughing at me, not quite understanding what was going on.
- Why does she do that? Desirée asked, as if I wasn't sitting right there.
- Oh, she's just like that. A wimp looking for attention, answered Lily.
- Go ahead and drink your wine, Anna, Lily commanded.
I brought the glass to my lips and was forced to look up as I tilted it back, pouring the bitter wine in my mouth. I looked at Lily with pleading eyes, hoping she would tell me to stop. But she just looked at me with a hint of a wicked little smile as I chugged the glass I had poured for myself. The girls were staring at me now, flabbergasted at how I was mindlessly following my stepsisters directions.
- That's awesome! Haha! Can I try?
One of the girls named Catherine suddenly chimed in, excited by the display..
- Sure, said Lily, go ahead.
- Hmmm, what can I tell her to do? Catherine asked.
- Anything you want.
- Tell her to slap her face, suggested Desirée.
- No, tell her to down a bottle of fucking vodka, laughed one of the girls whose name I had forgotten already.
- I know, I know, said Catherine.
My eyes were watering, I was really afraid now. Catherine grabbed my wineglass and poured just a swig of beer in for me. I looked at it questioningly, whereupon she proceeded to drop a big ball of spit right in the beer. Then Catherine sat back and the girls started laughing and making disgusted exclamations as they understood what I would have to do.
- Now drink that, Anna, said Catherine in a taunting voice.
Their eyes were fixed on me as I brought up the glass to level with my mouth, and the first tear rolled down my cheek. I put the glass to my mouth and emptied it, swallowing everything as quickly as I could. Some of the girls were repulsed at my actions and through the blur of laughs and quips I could hear at least one person calling me a "nasty-ass bitch". I wanted to get up and leave but I couldn't find the strength. And besides, maybe this was just a type of hazing ritual. I didn't want to blow my chance with Lillian.
- This was fun, Lily said as the laughs subsided. I think just for tonight your slave duties should extend to the rest of the girls as well, what do you think ladies?
Lillian's friends voiced a unanimous yes, just as we could all hear a car playing loud music pulling up to our house.
- All right then, it's settled, said Lily as she looked out the window to see who had arrived.
- Get on your feet, Anna, and get yourself another glass of wine. The guests are arriving.

The guests did indeed arrive, one car after the other until about two hours later when the house was absolutely packed. I was feeling all right, having fetched a bunch of drinks for the girls in the past two hours, but I hadn't received any other orders. The music was loud and I had a buzz on from the wine I was drinking. In fact I was more than buzzed, I was pretty drunk. Aside from the beer I had tried in the past few days I had never really had alcohol before, so after starting the evening by chugging a glass of wine, and a glass or two after that my vision was a little blurry and my hips were grooving to the music. There were some seriously hot guys at the party, and I had been getting some smiles here and there. I even danced for a while with a cute guy who got handsy with me, which I liked, but he was pulled away by his friend eventually. Approaching nirvana as the music and the alcohol was taking over me, I found myself dancing by myself in the crowded kitchen, even though I had never really had any practice or interest in dancing before. Then, while I was shaking my groove thang, emulating what I had seen here and there in music videos, I was approached by Desirée and a super hot beefcake on who's arm she was hanging.
- Is this the girl? The man asked in a lovely deep voice.
- Yeah, Desirée giggled girlishly, looking deep in his eyes.
- Girl said you would give me your underwear, said the beefcake with a smile of derision.
Surprised that Desirée had told someone else I shot her a shocked look without thinking. She tore her eyes from the man for a moment to look at me with an angry expression, wordlessly urging me to get to work.
- OK... OK, I'll be right back, I said starting toward the bathroom for some privacy.
- No, no, no, Desirée was quick to interject, grabbing my arm.
- Give them to him now.
My eyes immediately shot down toward the ground, the sudden onset of grave anxiety paralyzing me for a moment. Hoping this would be the low point of my night I quickly inched my skirt up a bit and pulled my underwear down to my feet in one motion. Scurrying to get the out of my hands and into his I pulled on my panties a bit too early as was stepping out of them, causing me to lose my balance. I fell backwards and everything felt like it was moving in slowmotion, like I was Frodo in The Prancing Pony. I lost control of my wine glass spilling most of it on my upper body and face but I was able to keep it from smashing against the floor. So I ended up on my back on the kitchen floor with my skirt hiked up and wine on my face, clutching a wine glass in one hand and my panties in the other. I looked toward Desirée and her man just to see their back as they walked away, Desirée laughing uproariously. Other people started laughing as I stood up with tears in my eyes and left my panties behind as I walked toward the stairs, intent on hiding in my room for the rest of the night. As I walked off people turned away and went back to drinking and flirting.

I never made it out of the kitchen as one of Lily's friends, the one whose name I had forgotten, stopped me mid way. I could barely make out her face through the tears, but I was sure it was her.
- Please let me go, I said, wanting nothing more than to crash somewhere noone would see me.
- Don't be silly now. I want you to have a drink with me, Anna.
She dragged me back in, standing me next to my wine stain on the floor.
- I was just about to get another drink. Give me your glass and I will pour you one.
She took my wine glass from me and disappeared for a moment to the fridge. I took a second to whipe away my tears. Looking around to see only a few people glancing at me and snickering still. Strangely it comforted me a bit that even such a terrible faux pas was so quickly forgotten. Most people was drinking and having a good time around me like nothing had happened. And that girl had volunteered to fetch me a drink and wanted to spend some time with me. I felt a tinge of hope that maybe she was the kindhearted one out of the bunch. A protector. When she returned she was carrying a drink for herself that looked like redbull, and in my wine glass she seemed to have poured water, a bit discolored from the wine.
- Here, I got you some vodka, she said and took a sip from her own drink.
Eyes clear of tears and a bit calmer I noticed she was a quite drunk as well. She was giggly and slurred her speech ever so slightly.
- Thanks. Uh. Vodka?
- Yeah, she said, giggling.
- Try it, have a sip.
Getting comfortable with this girl I didn't take her words as an order, but as friendly encouragement. I sipped the vodka and started coughing as I did.
- Wow, that's strong, I laughed and looked at her.
She met my stare and laughed with me. She took a sip of her drink, looking me up and down with a smile.
- Now finish your drink, she said seriously.
My face hardened and I looked at her expecting to see her break into a laugh like it was just a joke. "Of course it isn't" I thought to myself as her expression stayed a steady, impatient smile. I looked at my drink which was a little less than half a wine glass and wondered if I could do it even if I wanted to. Now my drunk self wasn't thinking about my health or how much alcohol was too much, but rather about how bad it had tasted. I soon decided I had to do it quickly and after looking once more at the girl beside me to verify that she hadn't softened on her request, I quickly turned up the glass of vodka. By god it was disgusting. One swallow, two swallows, three. Then it tickled as I tried to inhale and I started coughing violently. Once again I caught the attention of the crowd as I spilled another drink all over myself.
- Goddamn girl, you've had enough, someone said from out of sight.
This comment got a couple good laughs before everyone once again returned to what they were doing. I turned back to face the girl who had given me the drink.
- You are going to be so drunk, she stated amusedly.
I had no reply. I just waited to see if she would ask anything else of me. But she turned to walk off and left me with one last comment.
- By the way your mascara is running.

For what must have been ten minutes I just stood reeling from the vodka I had just slammed down. I noticed I now stunk of vodka from top to toe as a result of my spill. In the corner of my eye I saw my panties still on the floor. It looked like a few people may have stepped on them. I grabbed them and held them in my hand for a moment for no particular reason, just trying to pull myself together. I was feeling the vodka coming on, and it was going to be too much for me. Not looking anyone in the eyes I stood with my head hung low, leaned against the counter hoping for this queasy feeling to go away. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. Then the feeling intensified and I shot off toward the bathroom. There were people in the way but they hardly registered as I pushed my way through. I quickly reached the bathroom door but found that it was locked, and there was someone outside waiting in line. I think he said something but I couldn't hear it. I just scurried away toward the stairs. People turned to look as I stumbled by as fast as I could on wobbly legs. Once upstairs I noticed voices coming from my room but I didn't stop to investigate because I saw the bathroom door stood open. I rushed in, closing the door behind me but fumbling with the lock. As I did the sickness overcame me and I threw myself at the toilet, dry heaving over the bowl with my wavy hair hanging down. I must have passed out for a second right then because when I came to I heard the click of a lock from behind me. I turned around and saw a woman approaching me with an open beer in her hand.
- Hey there little thing, you feeling all right?
I recognized the voice, it was Lily's friend Catherine.
- I think I had... too much...
- Yeah, I think so too, haha. You look like a trainwreck, poor little Anna. You got yourself in quite a jam, huh?
- Jam...
- Hahahaha, fuck, you are drunk out of your mind. Let me get a quick picture, Catherine said, pulling out a digital camera from her purse.
She held my hair to angle my face toward her as the flash of her camera went off a couple of times.
- Say cheese.
I unintentionally interrupted this photo session by dry heaving one more time, putting my head face down over the bowl to do so.
- Hmmm, I didn't quite get the pictures I wanted. Let's try something else. Pull up your blouse.
Without objection I started lifting my blouse, clumsily getting it caught on my bra.
- Here let me help you.
Catherine used both hands to quickly pull my blouse off, leaving it on the floor behind her. I maneuvered away and leaned back against the bath tub, eyes half closed and hair in a mess as Catherine took some more pictures. My mind had slowed down to a crawl, and I was completely unable at the moment to consider any positive of negative effects of being photographed like this.
- Give me your bra, Anna, Catherine said in a low, commanding voice.
I slowly moved one arm up behind my back to unclasp my bra, arching my back to reach it better. As soon as I got it unclasped Catherine grabbed it off me and threw it to the side.
- Nice, she said, snapping some photos of me as I brushed the hair out of my face.
- Push your breasts together, Anna. That's good. Squeeze your nipples now. I said squeeze your fucking nipples, bitch! Nice. Now pull on them. Just pull your breasts out by your nipples. Good. Good.

Catherines breathing was getting heavier in that familiar way. I was collecting my thoughts a bit as I savoured a momentary respite from feeling like I was going to throw up. Although I was feeling pretty good I was now conscious of the camera and the implications of it flashing away. Catherine told me to pull my skirt up and for the first time I hesitated. She kept insisting and said she would call Lillian so I relented, closing my eyes again as I could barely see anything with them open anyway. My skirt was thrown in the pile behind Catherine with the rest. I had my legs together, and when Catherine moved them apart with her hands I instinctively used my hands to cover my vagina.
- Move your hands, slut.
I slowly pulled them back. Sliding them over my stomach as I did. Catherine got closer now, she was between my spread legs and put her hand on my forehead.
- Tilt your head back, Anna. I'm going to give you a nice refreshing drink.
I tilted my head back and with her hand pushing against my chin I opened my mouth wide. Catherine gently filled my mouth up with beer from her can and I gulped it away. We repeated the process once more and then Catherine gulped down the rest of the beer and threw the can in the bath tub. Catherine brushed my cheek as she moved back, and I tilted my head down again, hair falling back in my face.
- Now... Catherine said calmly as she snapped a few shots of my exposed pussy.
She grabbed my panties, which I had dropped on the floor as I entered the bathroom, and handed them to me.
- I want you to put these, up your snatch.
I wasn't really thinking at the time, but I had a bad feeling.
- No, I said, followed by a drunken hiccup.
- Yes, Anna. You are going to put your panties all the way in your pussy, because I think it would make for a funny picture. Now do it bitch.
Catherine held my hand in hers and moved it between my legs. When I felt my fingers and the fabric of my panties touch against my labia I just decided to do it, and I used a finger to push the first little bit inside. I had my head tilted forward and was breathing through my mouth now. Not feeling so well from that beer. I kept pushing a more and more of the panties inside me with one finger, until it was getting too difficult and I had to use two fingers to get more force behind each push. The camera flashed a couple of times and it was about the only thing I could register with my eyes closed.
- Fucking shove it in there, said Catherine impatiently.
- I'm too tight, I can't. It's...
I stopped in the middle of a sentence as I thought I was going to be sick. The feeling subsided but by then I had forgotten what I was saying or that I was saying anything at all.
- You're not too tight. Let me do it then, slut.
Catherine moved closer again, putting her camera down for a moment. She got between my legs and used one arm to keep me pushed me against the tub while she used the other to rough the last third of my underwear into my tight, dry pussy. I flailed with my arms, clamped my legs around her and threw my head back when she invaded me, but I didn't used my arms or legs to push her away. I didn't want to back out, I just wanted her to be done. She touched me cheek again.
- There, there, I almost have what I want.
Leaning back, she grabbed the camera and got some more intimate, close-up shots of me before moving back again.
- Now move your ass forward a little bit. Good. And spread. Lift your legs up and spread your legs as far as you can, Anna. Good, now look in the camera for me. Oh fuck that's good. Hold that smile. One last thing now, use your hands to spread your pussy open for me so we can see a bit more of your panties in there.
I gave a big smile and looked toward where I saw the gray blob that was probably the camera, then I did what she asked, and spread my pussy lips for her.
- That's it, Anna. I have everything I need.
Catherine grabbed my clothes and walked up to me. She put my skirt back on and made sure it covered everything. Then she grabbed my blouse and got that on me as well.
- I'm going to go ahead and keep the bra. You look cuter without it.
That was the last thing Catherine said before she unlocked the bathroom and walked out. As she did I leaned back toward the bathtub again, almost passing out immediately. Then I jerked up and threw myself at the toilet bowl again, and I finally threw up. That's the last thing I remember of that night.


The next morning is a little bit of a haze but I remember waking up in the bathtub with a massive headache. I was still feeling sick from the night before, and my clothes were all wet. Someone must have showered me off in the tub. I noticed my blouse was quite see through when it was wet, and as it clung to my breasts you could clearly see everything. I also noticed my panties on the floor of the bathroom but I didn't bother to pick them up as I left. I took off my uncomfortable shoes and walked over to my room only to find a couple sleeping on my bed. I quickly closed the door to my room again and slowly made my way down the stairs, trying not to wake up anyone as the house was dead quiet, and I think it was pretty early, although I could see the sun was coming up. I stepped into the kitchen to get a glass of water. It turned out to be easier said than done as all the glasses were had been used and were strewn throughout the house by now. Pretty much all the flat surfaces in the kitchen were covered with empty cans, bottles and glasses. I found one that seemed lightly used and I filled it with water. I was so thirsty I drank it all and filled it again. I started going through what I could remember of the night before. Meeting my stepsister's friends, dancing with that cute boy, etc. I cringed at my embarrasing moments in the kitchen. Falling over and spilling my wine, drinking way too much vodka, and... oh my god, Catherine. Catherine had her camera in the bathroom with me. The thought of it was too much and I forced the thoughts away, emptying my glass of water again. I was still tired, and very uncomfortable in my wet clothes, so I decided to peek in on my stepsister in the master bedroom. With the door cracked slightly I could see she was asleep under the covers in the bed, and that there was a boy in there with her. He was also asleep it seemed. I thought about turning back but there was nowhere to go. My room was occupied and hers would be too. So I snuck in anyway, tip toeing to the wardrobe and pulling out one of my stepdads old sweatshirts with a hood. The thing was way to big for me, which made it comforting and warm and just the thing I needed. I wanted to lie down next to Lillian but there was no room as she was close to the edge of the bed and the boy was lying next to her on the other side. I snuck over to the other side of the bed and quiet as a mouse I slipped out of my wet clothes and into the sweatshirt, then I got under the covers and fell asleep again.

When I woke for the second time that day my stepsister and her gentleman friend were gone. I felt a lot better although the headache was still there. It must have been about midday already as I could hear a neighbour mowing his lawn. Taking it carefully, step by step, I sat up and got out of bed. I didn't have any underwear on but I didn't really want to borrow any from my parents. After considering at least grabbing pants I figured the sweatshirt was big enough that it wasn't going to be an issue. Hopefully I would get into my bedroom soon. I exited my parents bedroom and carefully moved into the living room, checking around each corner after people I might want to avoid. When I got to the living room I saw my stepsister lying down on the couch watching TV. She turned around as she heard me approaching.
- Hello, Anna. Come here and sit down. Everyone has gone home now, it's just you and me.
Relieved, I had a seat in the armchair where Lily had sat watching me two nights ago.
- How are you feeling? You had quite the night yesterday.
- My head is pretty much killing me. Your friends can be mean.
Lily smiled at me. And not a sinister or plotting smile, but what seemed like a genuine smile of contentment and happiness.
- Yeah, I know. That's why I like them. So how did you like your first real party?
- It was OK I guess. But I don't really remember everything.
In this evaluation I hadn't factored in being taken advantage of by Catherine in the bathroom, but I still wasn't thinking about that. Maybe tomorrow.
- At least you met some people instead of spending the night in your room as usual, right? And in case you don't remember it all, don't worry, you're still a virgin. I was keeping my eye on you.
- ... thanks, Lily.
- You're welcome. Now you understand that you will have to clean all this up, right?
I looked around at the war zone that was the living room. Bottles everywhere, one or two must have been broken as people were leaving. Spills everywhere.
- I hadn't thought of that, I said.
- Well you will have to start thinking about it soon, because our parents will be home tomorrow.
Lily moved over on the couch, getting as close to me as possible.
- Now I need to give you something else to think about.
- What, Lily? I asked.
- You swore to do whatever I said for this weekend, right? But I think we are just getting started.
At this point Lily reached out and put her hand on my knee.
- You have a slut in you that's begging to come out, Anna. And you haven't even had sex yet.
- So what do you want me to do?
- It's like this, all right. That video we made the other night, I haven't sent it to anyone yet. If you want to, you can just clean this place up and then that's it. You can have your old life back, except for the stuff you boxed up, I actually threw that out. But I would delete the video, you wouldn't have to take my orders any more, and we stop hanging out again.
- No!
- ... or we can agree that you will continue to be under my rule until I decide to call it off. In this scenario the video is for me to do with as I please, and as are you for the foreseeable future. I would control your life, meaning what you do, what you say, how you look, what you wear... and eventually who you fuck and how you fuck them. You understand that?
- Yes.
- So I figure I should give you the day to decide then...
- I don't need it. Can we do the second option please?
- Very good, Anna. Yes we can.
Lillian stood up and grabbed her computer which was on the coffee table. She walked over to the front door and on her way out she said:
- Goodbye for now, I'm heading over to Bobby's house. Tonight at ten pm we will meet in my room for some intense tutoring. See you then.


Meant to be continued but I don't know if I will ever have the time.
Feel free to contact me through PM if there's something on your mind.

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