A small tale about a family discovering themselfes
My first story here, so be gentle!!

A little introduction, my name is Jack I am now 32 years old I’m married to a beautiful girl named Marie 29 years of age, blue eyes blonde hair a great big pair of tits D cups and an ass to die, for about 11 years now, yes we did get married to soon but I love her now maybe more than 11 years ago. The reason we got married was because I got her pregnant and it was like a shotgun wedding! But I have no regrets, now we have our girl Paige she is 11 also blonde but with green eyes her perky little ass that I used to call my little heart because of the shape and she is starting to grow some tits. I consider us a happy family, both of our families are wealthy so it wasn´t that big of a deal to support us in the early stages, I now have a small company and it’s going pretty good.

Let’s get to the story

There I was sitting on the couch with my wife on one side and my daughter sleeping on the other, I never had any fantasies about her in a sexual way and it was my wife that called my attention to it. See my wife when she is home always wears just a shirt that covers her to her thighs no underwear no nothing and my daughter caught that from her so her bald smooth pussy was showing

Marie: Look at that pussy, pretty soon there are going to be a lot of guys drooling for that
Me: Why do you think i bought that shotgun? Maybe she turns out to be a lesbian!!
Marie: You would like that wouldn´t you? I remember your reaction when we decided to have that threesome and you saw me licking Ashley´s pussy (a friend of ours and another story). You never fucked me so hard. You would like to see another girl touching your daughter´s pussy wouldn´t you?
At that point my hand was touching my wife´s pussy ever so gently
Me: Common Marie that’s our baby girl don’t say that
Marie: Admit it!!!
Me: Ok I can never lie to you yes I would like it
I was starting to get really hard and going up and down my wife’s pussy stronger and stronger her t shirt was already at her waist.
Me: We should go to bed before she wakes up and catches us, I want to fuck you so hard,
Marie: Yes lets go take her to bed and I will be waiting for you at the room. But first let me kiss her goodnight. (She kissed her right in the pussy)
Me: What are you doing?
Marie: You should try it, it tastes so sweet.
Picked up my daughter and took her to bed, she is really a heavy sleeper. When I was putting her in bed I was thinking if I should kiss her pussy or not and I couldn’t t resist I just had to do it. Now in my room
Marie: Did you do it?
Me: Did what?
Marie; Kiss her goodnight?
Me: Yes.
Marie: And?
Me: And you were right, it tastes good!!
Marie: See I told you.
Me: Have you ever done it before?
Marie: Yes when I was bathing her, she said it tickles her and she liked it
Me: Hmmm I have to have you right NOW. Let me taste that pussy.
We had the best sex we had in months. A couple of weeks had passed since that and the winter finally arrived. We had severe thunderstorms everyday it seemed, now my daughter was scared of lightening so she used to go sleep with my wife and I.
That night I was so horny and had a raging hard on so I started to kiss my wife I was going to go down on her when a knock on the bedroom door it was Paige I quickly covered myself.
Paige: Mommy, daddy can I sleep here tonight? I am afraid!!
Marie: Of course. Get in the middle
At that point I gave my wife the look saying "I am so horny I want to fuck you!!" She just frowned her face. Now my daughter was in the middle, remember she was only wearing her t shirt, like mother like daughter I thought. After I calmed down we finally went to sleep.
Now in the middle of the night I started to feel something strange. So I woke up and realized, I had a hard on my dick had escaped from my boxers and was now touching my daughters ass, she had taken off her shirt off and was completely naked. I panicked "Holly shit!! Is she awake?" I wonder, then I looked better and both her and my wife were sound asleep. "Thank God for that” I thought. But now the problem, without realizing I started to grind up and down the crack of her ass and it was feeling so good I couldn´t stop after a few moments I was at a stage I didn’t really care, was gridding that ass faster and faster, but then it happened she opened her legs a little and my dick was now pressed against the full length off her pussy, and her thighs now closed trapping my dick I thought I was in heaven. Just another quick look and she was still sleeping, and I continued very gently just gridding against her thighs and pussy. In the middle of that I didn’t realized my wife was now staring at me.....

If you guys like it I can continue give me some good comments and positive votes and I will continue it
Sorry if I made any mistakes my first language isn´t English I tried and I hope you like it and I have few stories of course the next one or two are the continuation of these one and others like how jack and Marie lost their virginity something like that (rewritten edition maybe now there’s a few less mistakes)

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2014-08-21 22:55:01
Great story. A little short but all in all a very reasonable attempt considering English isn't your first language. I Would've liked a little more detail also, as well as deeper backgrounds for your characters. Thumbs up from me.

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2014-08-21 04:19:03
Fantastic story idea writing is good need more please


2014-08-21 04:03:06
To the first anon thank you for your input and I will be sure to do a better job on the next one, but did you liked it? To the second anon thank you and like i said 200 positive votes and I will. Keep in mind that the story was something I wrote on the spot in like 20 min before posting it

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2014-08-21 01:22:35
Keep going no objections here.

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2014-08-20 06:34:34
Get someone who is literate in English to proof-read and edit your story BEFORE posting it.
Better hold off on part 2 until you learn more about writing - this story has quite a few errors.
The letter "I" is ALWAYS capitalized when used as a personal pronoun. People's names (i.e. John or Mary) and the names of places (i.e. Texas or London) are always capitalized.
Use quotation marks at the beginning and the end of all spoken dialog. You only used them three times.
I realize that English is not your native language, so keep on trying, but don't post until the story has been proof-read and all errors have been corrected. Good Luck - I hope that this helps you.

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