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I am pleased by occasionally checking my stories; and noticing this series is getting more positive ratings than I expected.
intro continued....

I will start part 7 with Jim and Amy in their preparation for Amy’s senior prom. I am sorry about the time spent in between this installment and the last (part 6). When I proofread my previous writing I disliked the storyline. I trashed it and rewrote the entire thing. I want you to pay close attention to this WARNING: THIS PART CONTAINS MALE ANAL STIMULATION AND PENETRATION BY A FEMALE. If this is not your cup of tea, please save yourself some grief and I some frustration as to why I am getting negative comments. CHOOSE ANOTHER STORY PLEASE.


Amy and I agreed to spend Easter with our families so previously set commitments would not have to be broken. Once we returned to school most of the student body would be consumed with SAT testing; the seniors had completed theirs before spring break. Amy’s class happened to be unusually large as compared to the other three classes; using a democratic form of decision making the class agreed to use the counties civic auditorium to host their prom. (Most of the senior proms were held in the gymnasium, it would be woefully inadequate considering the attendance number.) Amy was the class treasurer so she was busy purchasing decorations, refreshments, and securing a live band for the entertainment.

A few weeks before prom night I received a call from Mrs. Jefferson, “Hi Jim, Amy told me this morning you two haven’t discussed the colors of your attire for the prom”. “Ok I have settled on wearing a black tux and any color Amy wants will be fine with me”, I said. Amy had been spending several hours a day, six days a week to get the proper decor ; I even volunteered some time just so I would have an excuse to hang out with Amy (Her idea). In twenty five days the auditorium went from basic white to the elegantly combined colors of silver and copper. The week before the prom my class was scheduled for SAT testing. We were the final class to finish the yearly chore. Friday night had come so slow, I commented to Susan on Wednesday, “By the time Friday gets here, the passing time will seem like two weeks instead of one”.

Amy’s dress was breathtaking she effectively layered a combo of orange and pink to create the illusion of copper. She could have worn an onion sack and looked better than half the class. Of course we had a denim duo that had new pants and jackets for the affair. There were five girls wearing strapless gowns one or more sizes larger than they were; hoping to disguise those few pesky pounds they wasn’t able to lose. Causing wardrobe malfunctions and drawing unwanted attention. Halfway through the dance involving the class members and their dates one of these girls danced right out her dress. She ran out of the building crying her eyes out. During this dance Amy had positioned me away from prying eyes to feel and make sure my anal plug was secure and not showing. We reversed our places and I checked hers too.

I couldn’t hold the toy in any longer when there was thirty minutes remaining for the prom. I sat at a table to rest my tired sphincter muscles. Amy laughed out loud devilishly as I gingerly sat on the hard folding chair. I motioned to her with one hand I wanted to tell her something; she collected a chair from one of the adjoining tables then sat next to me and leaned in close to hear what I had to say. “My toy nearly fell out babe”, I said. “It’s ok if we sit for a minute I am struggling with my toy also”, Amy said. We lasted to the end and beyond while we said our goodbyes to our friends still in attendance. Walking out to the car was an adventure for me as I nearly lost my toy twice; but lost a load of cum in my pants. When I stood by the driver’s door of the car I could have melted into the pavement. “What’s wrong Jim”, Amy asked? My body just violently convulsed as a searing orgasm silently pulsed through me, answering Amy’s question.

Amy strolled around the car and took the keys from me to open the doors. The pants of my tux were completely drenched in come. I sank in the seat of my father’s car after a plastic was set down first. My toy was most of the way out of me and was returned when I sat down. I tried to keep my body under control. A situation I was losing the battle for. “It was a good idea that we ate before the prom Jim”, Amy said. I moaned out my single worded response, “Yeah!” I was feeling the bumps in the road. After the forty minute drive home, I knew I didn’t have the strength to move from the car. Amy patiently waited for me to regain any control over my body I could. It took ten minutes to achieve my goal. We strolled in her house arm in arm and walked to the guest bedroom. I sat on the bed and started to undress from my tux and put on a robe to go shower the sweat and sex from the prom off of me.

“There will be dire consequences if you take that toy out of yourself in the shower”, Amy warned me. Being warned I did exactly what Amy wanted. I nearly blew my load again just walking from the shower to the bed. I collapsed face down and breathing like I just finished a marathon. Amy struggled to contain her giggles but lost out because keeping her plug in was more important. If Amy had any sort of release she never did show it. “You are not going to get my cock tonight if you continue to humiliate me”, I said. I managed to get Amy’s wrist secured in a cuff, before she thought about doing it to me. With the roles reversed I instantly dropped the plug to the floor, I orgasmed quietly as I released it. Amy put on her best fuck me face; it did nothing to change my train of thought. My ache to inflict a large amount of pain on her was overpowering. I simply smirked at her and closed the other cuff around her other wrist.

I started to walk around the bed and stepped on the currycomb (which has sharp points on the top and bottom). Hopping around the bedroom on my good foot and trying to be silent caused Amy to orgasm from bursting out in laughter. I sarcastically said to Amy, “you are in trouble now so shut up”. I was laying the sarcasm and sex on thick to each word I said. Amy responded by sticking her tongue out at me, until I picked up the currycomb Amy continued to smirk back at me. Seeing the instrument of a hundred points firmly held in my left hand she started to pout, hoping this would cause me to relent. Instead I squeezed and massaged her little pleasure seeker out of its hood and rubbed the comb over it. Amy shrieked at the thrilling response her body made to what I did. My narrow belt was perfect to slap at Amy’s exposed mound when I secured her ankles in cuffs also.

“Please be gentle lover”, Amy asked me? “If I feel the need to I will, I have had enough of the learning phase to understand what feels really good and what doesn’t so just trust me”, I said. Once again Amy stuck her tongue out at me, I responded with securing her ball gag into her mouth, and shoving another dildo into her vagina. Amy moaned in response; pinching her eyes as tight as she possibly could, a quick slap of the belt on her bare ass made her open them again to pay attention to what was going on around her. I was enjoying the reversal of our roles and doing the nasty things that Amy had done to me to her.

I collected the plug from the floor where I had dropped it and told Amy I’d return once I washed it off. I could almost see the smile in her eyes when I returned to the bedroom with it coating it well in lube to drive it home where it was. “Don’t be acting so happy babe! I’m going to let you have your fun of course but you will pay the price for the fun you have”, I said. I saw fear in her eyes after I said that. I had no intention of hurting her too badly. I did want her to enjoy what I was doing to her, just like she would do with me; however, allowing her to be comfortable isn’t an option. I avoided looking directly into her eyes so I could keep the guilty feelings at bay. I could tell when I did something right when I would hear Amy squeal or moan past her gag.

I gave her an orgasm she was pleading for after the first couple of hours of torture had gone by. I kept her under a lull of suspense while applying just enough pain to make her squirm. I intended to prolong her orgasm as long as her body would allow me to do so. When I heard her start to wail, signaling she was at a point she would need a few minutes to recover from her pleasure I kept driving her orgasm along. I asked her if she would like to stop or continue in between slaps with my belt and the curry-comb. Amy responded with a moaning grunt that was barely audible. I neither tried to get her to respond again or push her toward another orgasm; but I took one of the dildo’s she had inside her slippery fuck-holes out and replaced it with my throbbing cock. Slowly I penetrated into her and pulled back out just as slow. I still had the curry-comb in my left hand and had half the mind to use it once in a while.

The searing heat applied from my cock give Amy a new sensation. Her body responded with the convulsions from which she wouldn’t recover and broke into another resounding orgasm. As Amy’s orgasm grew stronger her body responded with sharper contractions. Eventually I couldn’t handle them no more and sang out with an orgasm of my own. Unlike Amy my ability to keep my voice down wasn’t helped with a gag. I did keep myself from waking the whole house or drawing too much attractive attention to what Amy and I was doing. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson were asleep upstairs; however, their room wasn’t over the guest bedroom Amy’s was. Amy and I were spent and we needed a break from our roles so we whispered to each other to trade places.

I really felt glad to finally be able to moan all I wanted to as long as I had a gag in. I would bite down on the gag while moaning this action would keep the vibrations inside the room for the most part. Amy took her toys and immediately started slapping every exposed piece of flesh she could find on my body. I squirmed for a bit because Amy was not being gentle at all. I used the safe word and Amy snarled in disgust. Amy looked me over closely and I did have good reason to say the safe word she caused me to bleed. Amy sauntered off to the bath room and collected a wet wash rag and an alcohol prep pad to clean me up. I felt the sting of the alcohol and groaned in displeasure the reaction caused a painful pelting of blows from Amy.

Frustrated as she was Amy stepped away to gather her thoughts. She didn’t want to hurt me she really did love me. Not just because I let her do everything she wanted to do to me; but I felt the same way toward her. “Lover I am sorry I have let my anger get the best of me”, Amy said. I managed to push the gag out of my mouth and said, “Babe you really need to get a handle on your rage if we are going to continue this”. “I will do my best lover”, Amy said. “I don’t try to intentionally hurt you Amy. I just want to create an increased sensation for you”, I said. “I have never tried to hurt you Jim. That is really unfair for you to say”, Amy said. “Twice you have let your frustration get the best of you Amy; so yes you have”, I said. After this exchange Amy let what I said sink in and she realized she did intend to hurt me, just as I had told her she was doing.

When the situation had set in deep enough Amy sit next to the bed and wept silently. I couldn’t console her at all I was tied to the bed in hand cuffs. When Amy got control over her emotions she stood up bent over and gave me a sensuous kiss and asked, “Shall I continue”? “Please continue, or throw a blanket over me I am starting to get cold”, I said. What I had said elicited a giggle from Amy and she said, “Maybe I will just let you freeze a minute”. Of course Amy was outside of my eyesight and I had no idea what she was planning, at least during the conversation we were having. Amy had her largest dildo and was lubing it up to insert into my already loosened asshole. I probably would have objected to the intrusion if I had not had the plug inside me most of the night. I felt the push of it and responded with, “Whoa babe, just take it easy”. “Not a chance lover, take it like a man will ya; or might I say take it like the bitch you are”, Amy said. As she pushed it deeper inside of me she also mashed the gag back into my mouth.

Amy worked the non-vibrating dildo in and out of my tight hole and elicited moans of pleasure I couldn’t control. Even though I had a mouthful of gag I still moaned very loud. Amy clamped down on my mouth with her free hand in an effort to silence me. It worked; however, I was also suffocated a slight bit because she also kept her hand too close to my nose and blocked my nostrils too. Some struggling and Amy recognized her error. Her hand lifted off my mouth and she shook a finger at me a silent warning to keep quiet. I was able to wiggle my tongue out and retract it before Amy got a grasp on it. Amy smirked at me and gave my ass a smack with the curry-comb. Both my eyes got tears in them and then released them to stream down my face. “Oh did I hurt you lover”, Amy said in a mocking tone. I made a mistake by allowing a whine to escape my lips. “Is that a whine I hear coming out of your mouth”, Amy said.

An alarmed worried look combined met Amy’s gaze and she said, “I won’t hurt you for it”. A sigh breathed past the gag. “That doesn’t mean you will not pay dearly for it either”, Amy said. My worried look returned. Amy soothed my frightened feelings slightly and brought out her cat-o nine tails to torture me some. I shrieked every time she nailed me with her whip, she had sharpened the tacks that were secured in the end of each ‘tail’. Amy relented after five strikes. I had a sneaking suspicion Amy would not be done with the whipping as I couldn’t see it but I could hear the bull whip being pulled out of the closet. It made a distinct sound as it was pulled across the short weave carpet that was glued to the basement floor; I shivered at the thought of being slapped as hard as Amy could swing the whip.

Amy moved the dildo that was still lodged firmly in my poop chute and I kept clenching on to it so it wouldn’t fall out. “You are doing so well to keep your toy inside your fun-hole lover; I never suspected you would like this so well”, Amy said. Well I didn’t like it as well as Amy thought. I just put up with it as long as Amy would want to play. I needed to keep Amy occupied with what evil ideas she had in her mind. Amy’s mind would be occupied with how fast to move the dildo or whether to wear the straps so she could fuck me like a man and so forth. Amy was doing her best to maintain a straight face; however she was losing faster than she would care to admit to. I was being pounded and loving every minute of it. Amy put the stirrups on to man the dildo and fuck me just the same as I would fuck her. Disappointment wasn’t an option.

Amy really started to tag me just like a man would and with coaxing from me she actually was building an orgasm within me. All of a sudden my floppy cock hardened to maximum painful hardness and I started soaking the bed. Shortly later the sensations of orgasm rocked me beyond any I have ever felt before. I had to open my mouth as wide as possible to scream as loud as possible. Once again Amy clamped a hand over my mouth controlling the volume of my voice. Slowly she also took the cuffs off; legs first allowing me to buck against her drives. I was really getting crazy. Amy squealed and giggled too. She clamped a hand over her own mouth to silence herself enough to not wake her parents. I managed low moans instead of loud ones. Before long both of us collapsed on the bed spent beyond reason.

Amy had her orgasms and mine were subsiding enough to make the convulsions controllable. “Are you satisfied for the night lover or do you want another go at me”, Amy asked? “Are you kidding me look at the puddle you made me create on the bed. Did you cum enough or do you want more”, I asked? “You gave me enough to keep the edge off”, Amy said. Not a minute later we rolled off the bed to remove the sticky sheets. We had really made a mess. The amount of cum I squirted out was about two ounces; Amy had dripped a good amount to add to it also. The sticky spot we left behind was a foot in diameter. With a clean dry bed Amy and I curled up together to get some rest. Amy’s prom night was over; she would have a few days of zero classes. Including the three everyone would have for awards from all the teachers, locker clean out, and yearbook day. Every ones last day was a half day that was a home room goodbye party.
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