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Hailey applies for a job...
I’ve worked for the same small company for over ten years. I was hired right out of the Army and worked my way through college in an entry-level position. Once I finished my degree I stayed on and worked my way up until I became a department manager. One advantage to working for a small company was the multiple hats I wore within the company, including “acting hiring manager.” This was the job I loved the most. I always made sure to hire the most qualified candidate I could find. But I considered it a bonus when the most qualified candidate ended up being a beautiful female. That was how I met Hailey.

I had put out a job posting for a new secretary for my department. Someone to help me with my day-to-day tasks since my old secretary had finished college and decided to move on. At least, that was the official story. Unofficially she was getting married and had decided to end the affair we’d been having.
I had caught a glimpse of Hailey when she picked up an application and was struck by how beautiful she was. When I had seen her resume that she had included with the application I had been very impressed. Prior Navy, experience working around high-ranking officers, extensive management experience. She had even run her own company for a few years. She was also my age. I knew I wanted to hire her but I still had to go through the proper process and make sure she was the right person for the job.

I called her and set up an interview for the end of the day. That way I could be sure we’d be alone in the office fairly quickly. She showed up wearing a fairly low-cut purple top that hugged and accentuated her large tits nicely, a dark pair of tight fitting bejeweld designer jeans and western-style harness boots. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was lightly curled and she wore red lipstick and fingernail polish as well as plenty of other make-up that, while I bit heavy, really only made her look more beautiful.

I went through the standard questions and schpeels that I had gone over dozens of times interviewing candidates. Every time she opened her mouth to answer or respond she continued to impress me. Of course, it helped that her mouth was so pretty. Finally I got to the question I’d been waiting to ask and that would determine how the rest of the interview would go.

“You definitely have and impressive resume,” I told her. “So impressive, in fact, that it almost begs the question, why apply for this job? With your experience surely you get something more lucrative?”

Hailey looked at me for a moment then took a deep breath and said, “That was what I though too. But a year ago my business folded and I went through a divorce. I don’t know how many jobs I applied to but no one would hire me with the exception of one part-time “moonlighting” job, if you will. But even that didn’t work out because there were so many other people trying to do the same thing so I was let go. I moved out here to be closer to my boyfriend and hopefully find some work but I haven’t found anything in six months. My savings has dried up and, to be completely honest, I’m desperate.”

As excited as her answer made me I forced myself to maintain a professional demeanor as I asked her, “I didn’t notice any moonlighting work on your resume. What exactly did you do?”

Hailey hesitated and bit her lower lip nervously. That alone made me want to peel her clothes of and fuck her over my desk right then and there but I maintained my composure. Finally she answered, “I worked as a stripper.”

“I see,” I said coolly. “And how did you end up loosing that job?”

She took a deep breath before finally answering, “With the economy there were a lot of pretty girls looking for work in my home town. With so many to choose from the owner came to me after a couple weeks and told me the only way I’d keep the job was if I slept with him and the VIP customers. I wasn’t comfortable with that at the time so he fired me.”

I looked at her for a few minutes. I could see the fear and desperation in her eyes. The desperation to not be turned down for another job. The fear of what she might have to do to get the job. And I knew I had her.

“Alright, Hailey, I’ll make this simple. If you want the job, suck my dick.”

Hailey’s eyes widened in surprise to my bluntness, then she lowered them in shame before quietly saying, “Please don’t tell my fiancé.”

“Get on your knees,” was my only response.

Hailey did as I said and reached over to undo my belt and trousers. I lifted my hips so she could pull them down freeing my already hard 7-1/2 inch dick. Hailey started to reach for me but I stopped her. “Use your left hand,” I instructed. I want to feel that pretty engagement ring against my cock. She tenetively wrapped her fingers around my cock and started stroking before gently licking from the base to the tip then sliding me all the way down her throat. She then pulled back and focused on the tip.

She continued this for some time, focusing on the tip for a while then deep throating me for a few minutes before going back to the tip. The whole time she kept stroking me and I could feel the cool metal of her engagement ring against my shaft. It was definitely one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had. I could tell she had a lot of experience sucking cock and she was way better than my wife! I reached over and grabbed my phone off my desk. She hesitated when she realized what I was going to do. “Don’t stop. And look at the camera,” I ordered. She again did as I said and I snapped a few sexy pictures of my cock in her mouth.

I set my phone down and reached down and started rubbing and caressing her massive tits through her blouse. “What size are your tits?” I asked. She pulled my cock out of her mouth just long enough to answer, “36DD” before sliding my dick back between her beautiful red lips. After a few moments of caressing her tits through her purple blouse I reached down and started pulling her blouse up. She stopped sucking me long enough to raise her arms and allow me to pull her blouse all the way off. Then she continued as I snapped a few more pictures of her in her purple lace bra. I reached down and undid her bra and freed her beautiful, massive tits. I took a couple more shots of her now topless body as I continued fondling her tits with my left hand. I could feel her nipples harden a little each time the cool metal of my wedding band brushed against them. She kept sucking me until I finally pulled her off my cock.

“I’m going to titty-fuck you now,” I said and she immediately wrapped her tits around my cock though I noticed a small tear in her eye as she did. I felt a little guilty about what I was making her do but I was too turned on to stop. I reached down and held her tits together while I thrust my cock between them. As good as it felt after a few minutes I wanted more so I made her stand up. I pushed her back against the wall and undid her designer jeans before pulling them and her matching purple lace panties down to her ankles. Then I helped her pull her boot and sock off one foot so she could step out of her jeans and panties before doing the same on the other side. I slid my chair back from her and grabbed my phone so I could take some more pictures of this beautiful, sexy 5’9” tall blonde standing naked in my office before sliding back to her and wrapping my hands around to grab her ass. Then I leaned in and licked her pussy. One slow, long lick from back to front. I felt her body shudder slightly as it betrayed her in response to my tongue. I took one hand off her ass and started fingering her as I ate her out, playing with her pussy and her clit. Her breathing started to become heavier and more erratic as her body welcomed my assault. She tried to keep it in but before long soft moans were escaping her lips and she started whispering, “yes. yes. oh, god yes. oh, god that feels good.” I barely heard her as she whisper “my fiance’s never done this to me.” I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second and her body shuddering more and more and made up my mind that I was going to push her over the edge. I ate her out with everything I had until I felt her come undone as her body convulsed in orgasm around my fingers and tongue. But I wasn’t about to stop there.

I let her enjoy her orgasm for a moment before sliding back from her a little and pulling her towards me, causing her to fall on my lap. I immediately positioned her over me and pulled her down on my aching cock, burying myself in her tight, wet pussy. I was lost in carnal lust and started fucking her with everything I had. And, somewhat to my surprise, she started fucking me back. I wrapped my hands behind her back and onto her shoulders and pulled her down each time I’d thrust up into her. I kissed her neck and throat as I impaled her before kissing her lips. I tasted her lips with my tounge and she readily opened her mouth to me. Our tongue’s intertwined like the rest of our bodies as we tasted each other. I pulled out and kissed her neck again before moving down to kiss and suck on her amazing tits. As she rode me a felt myself getting closer and closer until I couldn’t hold back any more.

I pulled her down as tight as I could as I found my release and pumped her pussy full of cum.
We sat there for a few moments, both exhausted, before she quietly said, “I shouldn’t have done this.”
“Now that you’ve got the job, do you regret it?” I asked. As I grabbed my phone and took pictures of my cock still buried in her pussy.

Hailey thought for a moment before answering, “No. It was…nice”

“Good.” I smiled. “Because if you want to keep the job we’re going to be doing this again. A lot.”

Hailey allowed herself to give me a shy, slightly embarrassed half grin before saying, “I think I can live with that.”

I kissed her again and the thought crossed my mind that right now, at this moment, I liked this girl more than I had intended to. And it seemed like she liked me. I couldn’t help but feel that she was going to turn out to be more than just a fuck-toy. I just didn’t know what yet. We cuddled as best we could in my chair for a while longer before we both got up so she could get dressed and I could pull my trousers back up.

We kissed goodbye as I said, “I’ll see you in the morning, Hailey.” She smiled and replied, “Yes, you will.”

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Please continue

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You gonna continue writing about Hailey?

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Red nails are ugly

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In this form it's just another shallow macho fantasy - an unattractive guy can get laid and the girl likes being bullied, how lucky ;)

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