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Hi. My name is Alexandra but everyone calls me Alex. This is my life story and I wanted to share it with you all and get some feedback. I love it and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

It started about two summers ago when my mom filed for divorce. My mom was a weak woman. She let my dad beat her and abuse her and she never picked herself up. He was dominant and she was submissive but not in the good way.

She got half of everything and moved to Florida and my dad had to sell the house and with my two brothers, we moved to a small apartment in the city.

Living with three men, two of which were teenagers, was pretty difficult until I realized I was trying too hard. They didn’t care what I did or where I was, they were all men and men only wanted one thing, it didn’t matter where it came from. That’s when I learned that I was not going to be my mother. I was going to be the dominant one by playing the role of the submissive little slut. And I was going to rule all men, one dick in my tight little girl pussy at a time.

My dad and my younger brother shared one room while my older brother and I shared the next. My older brother wasn’t really home that much so it made sense to room with him. I’d get as much privacy as I could get, or that was the plan at least.

My older brother is 16 and my younger brother is a year older than me, 14. Rocky (name change) was the standard older brother, protective, aggressive, played video games, loved watching porn and fucking girls. He wasn’t too shy about his body and was in good shape. Dylan (name change) was more private but he was ruder with his friends and really cocky after he hit puberty. Pretty much taking after my brother, I saw him getting a blow job from some little hoe down the street a couple weeks ago after school one day. My dad was the regular asshole, thought he was the king of everything, treated everyone like shit, except when you have beer or money or pussy to share. He and my older brother started getting along real well after they started sharing pussy. He pushed my younger brother down the same path and called him “faggot” and “pansy” if he even thought he was being a little bitch. He treated me fairly okay though. It was what it was.

Last summer, I was sleeping in my bed when my older brother came in high off weed. I could smell it even before he came in and he would usually just come in and jerk off or bring a girl with him. This time, no girl, so he clicked the laptop on and started jerking his dick. I never really looked at him before but that night I was tempted to finally take a peek at my big bro’s cock. He was lying straight back with his legs spread apart and his jersey pulled up. His eyes were fixed on the screen and with his cock shooting through his zip hole, he started stroking his long, thick cock up and down. He was packing serious meat and I was impressed. It was even bigger than my uncle Tony’s cock when he cornered me that time I visited my cousin Megan and pushed it up against my pussy and asked me if I like big dicks.

I lay looking for a while until I saw him move a bit and then covered my eyes. I felt him move in the room and come across to my bed and sit down at the edge. I pretended to be sleeping but I could feel him watching me. He slowly pulled off my covers and touched my little bites of breasts. I quivered. He slipped his hands into my panties and started rubbing my pussy. It felt so natural and so good I opened my eyes out of pure pleasure but his eyes were closed with the other hand furiously stroking his cock. I wonder if this had been the first time he did this but he seemed really horny.

I moaned and he opened his eyes and stopped. He seemed taken aback but he was too high to be embarrassed. Or too ignorant. I don’t know. He pushed his hand back and started moving it against my pussy. He smiled. I grabbed his fat cock and tried wrapping my fist around it. I could hold the entire thing. He loved that my little hands made it look even bigger.

He told me to take my panties off and he walked over to look the bedroom door. I could see his massive cock bouncing up and down as he walked. He was going to fuck me. I knew it.

He asked me if I had ever seen a cock before and I told him about uncle Tony and about Dylan’s blowjob. He laughed. He asked me if uncle Tony fucked me and when I said no, he smiled an evil grin. He didn’t seem to care that uncle Tony had tried to fuck me, as you know, he was just being a man. He was just glad he was getting my virginity, something Rocky really prided himself on. He loved making virgins scream his name.

He got on top of me and started fingering my tight pussy and started spitting and licking it in between. After about five minutes, he got impatient and spit on his roaring hard, thick cock and started pushing against my virgin hole. It hurt like a motherfucker.

I tried to hold back the screams but the pain was too much so he put his hands over my mouth. He kept pushing til he finally broke into me and I went numb after the pain. I bled a little but that didn’t stop Rocky from pushing his 8 inches into with brutal force.

He fucked me like a rag doll using his toned weight to hold me down while he arched his back and rammed his heavy cock into my splitting little hole. He must have ripped me three different places but I couldn’t feel a thing by then. All I knew is that I had my sexy, dreamy, disgusting, horny, weed smelling brother, on top of me, diving in and out of my pussy, making me his next victim.
He kept fucking me deep until he was ready to cum and then stopped and asked me if I had gotten my period yet. I said no. He smiled again and started fucking me with intense force. I could feel rope after rope of cum flooding my insides and finally he pulled out of me. I think I passed out then.

I woke up the next morning and I was bathed, clean but in intense pain. Rocky was downstairs in the kitchen and had made me breakfast and was taking me to see the ballgame, something he usually did with my younger brother. A reward perhaps but I didn’t care. I went. But next time, I was choosing my reward. And so it began…

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