I'd been babysitting her since she was four, tonight was different.
It was spring vacation and she didn't have to go to school in the morning so we were lying on the floor side by side on our stomachs watching television. It was getting late but she didn't want to go to bed, we were alone in the house which was not unusual as her parents often asked me to watch over her while they were out. There was an unspoken agreement she would stay up as long as she wanted. She had flipped through 183 channels of junk, reality shows and sports but nothing appealed to us so she set the remote down and rested her head on folded arms and asked “What do you want to do?”

“I don't know, a blow job would be fun.” My statement didn't offend her, over the years she had used me as her mentor and confidant, asking my opinions and views on every topic she could think of, in the last few months her developing libido had materialized as questions about boys, girls and sex. Just two months prior she confided in me that she had given up her virginity and asked my advice on birth control. Since then she had been getting bolder about her body, bolder with covert flirting and sexual innuendo. She had never hinted at sex but she used me to practice her nascent flirting and seduction skills. I knew my rash comment would not be taken as an insult or a pass.

“I'm not here for your fun, go find a girlfriend for crap like that. You want to play Yahtzee or something?”

“Nah, give me the remote.” I rolled around, pulled a sofa cushion to the floor then laid on my back and started channel surfing again.

I was punching the control, hoping that we had missed something interesting the first nine times she'd run through the channels when I felt a tugging on my pants, I glanced down and saw her unbuckling my belt. She had twisted around so that her body was lying perpendicular to mine, her head was over my thighs. After the belt came apart she levered open the five buttons of my fly then spread my Levis, revealing plaid patterned boxers. She slipped her fingers through the pee slot, found my cock and pulled it out for her view “Not very impressive, looks kind of wimpy.”

I was surprised at what she'd done but I wasn't about to tell her to stop “You should have given me advanced notice, I would have prepared.” As I said that my prick started to swell and lengthen under the delicate pressure of her fingertips.

She smiled easily then lightly pinched the tip of my cock between her thumb and forefinger “I can wait.” It grew longer and stronger until it reached it's full growth, almost seven inches. She rested on an elbow over my thighs until she was certain it wasn't getting any bigger then gripped it firmly and began to slow stroke my boner. She looked into my eyes, hers were full of amusement, “Much better, now I have something to work with” then she kissed the end of it and slipped her mouth over the head. She sealed her lips around the head of my erection and flicked her tongue over the tip of it rapidly while pumping softly.

I let the remote fall to the floor then put my hand on the back of her head, my fingers tangled in her thick dark hair as I put a little pressure on her, urging her to pull my erection deeper. She yielded to the light force and the end of it slipped over her tongue as her lips pursed and pulled. She flicked her deep brown eyes to my face, the corners of her mouth pulled up in a smile as she vibrated the tip of her tongue on across the bottom of my cock. I let my head fall back to the cushion and picked a spot on the ceiling to stare at while she got more enthusiastic on my lap. I couldn't believe she was doing this, my audacious suggestion earlier was just an attempt to elicit some sort of retort, I never in my life expected her to actually do me a job.

I moved my eyes back to her and saw only the top of her head. Her hair was parted in the middle and I concentrated on the pale scalp showing along the part while wondering at the level of energy and eagerness she displayed as she sucked my cock. I knew she wasn't virgin and she spent a lot of late hours with a steady boyfriend, but to learn she could give such an awesome blow job was rapidly changing my opinion of her. Up until five minutes earlier she had been just a young girl, someone inferior to me in age and maturity by ten years, someone that I watched grow from baby to teen but what she was doing educated me quickly that she was in fact more woman than child now. My cock thickened even more as she moved a hand to expose my balls, freeing them from the shorts. The fingers on her left hand caressed my nut sack as she continued her mouthy ministrations.

All of a sudden she pulled off me and sat up “Lets get naked” she whispered. She crossed her arms over her stomach then pulled the hem of her t-shirt up and over her head. The sight of her 16 year old breasts caused my heart to thud. They stood firm and round, the circle of brown skin was puckered, her nipples standing tall in the freedom of no bra. She fell to her back beside me and started on her skin tight jeans. Once the front was open she arched her back off the floor and pushed pants and panties together to her knees. She fell flat to the floor and raised her legs as she wriggled them free of the pant legs. In moments she was lying beside me in her birthday suit, smiling broadly “Get your fucking clothes off or I'm going to bed.”

My mind had quit working, I didn't know what to think. In less than five minutes we had gone from bored and restless to a heated sexual adventure. The blowjob was surprising enough but now she was showing me her awesome young woman's body, waiting for me to strip nude too. I sat up beside her and pulled my shirt off and tossed it over her head. She laughed delightedly and shed the shirt while I pulled my pants off my legs. We sat side by side letting our eyes take in the vista of the others body. She was visually exploring me from toes to head with most of her attention on my erection and balls. My eyes gravitated over her firm tits to the junction of her thighs where I could see the top of her body slit through the dark curls of hair.

I pulled on her shoulder and urged her to lie back on the sofa cushion. When she was down I moved to position myself between her legs then dipped my head and sniffed the scent of her sex. I tickled the top of her slit with the tip of my nose then began to lick the crack which was seeping dew. Like a bee after nectar I began to gather as much as possible with my tongue. I was fucking the floor as I ate her, lapping up the flavor of her pussy and probing into her with the end of my tongue. She was holding my head by my ears, moving it for her pleasure, her hips began to roll, causing her body to press against my mouth even more.

I lifted from her and moved up to put my cock to her entrance but she shook her head, “No, we can't.” She rolled away from my attempt to fuck her then sat up “We can't have sex like that.”

“Jesus fucking Christ! You started all this and now we just have to stop!?”

Animated brown eyes smiled at me “I didn't say we had to stop, you just can't fuck me.” She pushed me to my back again then threw a leg over my chest, her ass was in my face. She gripped my cock, bent down and began more lip work while she positioned her pussy over my mouth. I licked her and got a wordless moan as my reward. We heated up to sweating hot in moments as we gave each other oral sex. She was working magic on my erection, caressing my balls while I explored her cunt with my mouth. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue to find her clit then put a hand on her ass to hold her in place. As she quivered and sucked I pressed the end of my long finger against her anus and felt her butt shiver.

The temperature of my lust was climbing to boil, she flexed her hips causing my finger to penetrate deeper into her ass. She began to rock her body, taking my cock until her throat was bulging from the head of it. I jammed my finger into her, french kissed her clit and let the full force of my balls explode into her mouth. She gagged once then let my cum flood from her lips over my nuts as I spasmed five strong streams of heated semen. Her groans bubbled though my discharge and her pelvis crashed down on my face as her orgasm shivered across her body.

She sat up on my chest with her butt in my face and looked down on me, cum rimmed her mouth, dribbled down her chin “That's better than TV.”

As she grabbed my shirt to wipe off my mess I replied “No shit, you want do a re-run?”

“Goddamn it, that's real fucking charming, you just shot your load all over my tonsils and you're already talking about doing something again? We can't,” she continued' “it would be a little embarrassing if they came home while you had your fingers in me or something.”

“The 'or something' in you would be better.”

“No. I'm going to bed.” She lifted off my chest, dropped my shirt over my half hard cock, gathered her clothes and faded from the room. I watched her beautiful young body as she left, wondering what the hell just happened. I never expected her to do anything like that and I was astonished that she got that hot so fast, especially with me.

I wiped some residual cum off the rug, shut off the television then went to the bathroom. As I stood there holding my dick thinking about where it had been a few minutes earlier it started to levitate and solidify again. I had to try; to me we had opened the door to a fantasy land of sexual adventure and I wanted to step through the door and live more fantasies. I shook the pee drops from my cock then went looking for more adventure.

She didn't seem surprised when I opened her bedroom door and walked in with my erection rising into the night air, I started with “If they come home they won't check your room, we just have to be quiet, they won't find out.”

She was lying over the blanket, on her side facing me “I told you no. I don't need any little visitors swimming around in me tonight, one might think it's okay to find a permanent home, not just visit.”

I opened my hand then tossed the small package I was holding at her. She watched it bounce off her tit then looked back up at me, sparks flared from her eyes “Only one?”

“Only one at a time.”

She shifted on the bed, moving from the middle to make room for me “Shut the door” she said softly.

By the time I had closed her bedroom door and moved to the bed she had opened the wrapping and pulled out the condom. It was a soft blue lubricated Trojan but I was confident we wouldn't need the slippery quality, she was hot to fuck and almost dripped thick slick juices while I was eating her pussy; penetrating her would be swift, easy and erotic. I stopped next to her and stood impatiently while she rolled the rubber over the head of my swollen cock then down as far as it would go. She gripped my sheathed hard-on in a fist and pumped it while she kissed my stomach just over my pubes. I put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her to her back where she relaxed into a pillow then opened her legs, granting me permission to fuck her.

I didn't jump her immediately, I laid beside her, pulled her to face me “I never expected that we might do something like this” then put my lips on hers. Our mouths mated, hands roamed over sensitive skin, bodies rubbed and chafed as we made out. As our tongues dueled for dominance I could only wonder at how much woman I held in my arms. Even though she was just sixteen, she was as wonton and hot as any fully mature woman I had ever been with.

I was on my knees between her legs, my mouth on a breast, two fingers pumping her cunt when she had an orgasm, a small vibration of her hips, gasping for air, hands gripping my arm as she mewed soft sexy sounds. As soon as she quieted I put the end of my cock at the entrance of my desire then pushed into her until she was forced up the bed a couple of inches. She widened her legs then put her heels on the back of my knees and started undulating her back, thrusting against me as I screwed her. Every time our groins crashed together my balls would slap her ass which caused her to yelp with pleasure.

She was getting even more turned on, more fluid as I held her by the hips and fucked her. She grabbed a pillow, pulled it over her head then began to chirp into the dark softness when the next orgasm racked her from clit to tit. I pulled out of her only to urge her to turn over so that her firm round ass filled my vision. I took her pillow and put it under her pelvis, raising her butt then slipped my stone hard cock back into her, she gasped loudly when my stomach smacked her ass.

She had no more control over what we were doing, she had given her body to me to do with what I wanted. I grabbed a hand full of her thick dark hair then pulled her head up, her back was bowed far enough that her tits were no longer mashed on the bed. The sound of my stomach smacking her ass while I fucked her filled the room, there would have been no secrets from anybody, anywhere in the house but we were alone so the noise of our coupling only fueled my fire more. She stopped wailing her pleasure, clamped her mouth shut and let a final, massive orgasm take her on a full flight of rapture. The clenching and heaving of her body against me were the final signals to my balls, my cock seized with contractions as I hammered her cunt, flooding the condom to overflow.

She collapsed limp, almost lifeless to the bed. I pulled my cock out of her and rolled to her side and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “You said you weren't here for my fun, what happened?”

She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue then said breathlessly “I changed my mind, I can do that you know, I'm a girl. You better go Uncle Mitch, before they come home.”

I left my niece in the dark and went back to the front room where I waited until my sister and brother in law came home.

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A second chapter would be nice, too.

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