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Lust and horny
Katie moved to New York from California after her divorce. Katie's father is a high powered divorce lawyer in New York, he handled the divorce. I became friend's with Katie's father in Harvard Law school, I was called to arrange the move to my apartment in New York and provide 24/7 security for her and her young daughter. While in New York I took Katie out for dinner and we went to my other apartment. Katie shivers as my hands trace a slow lazy path over her naked body. She is lying in bed with her arms clasped tightly above her for what seems like an hour as I stroked and touched and pinched her body. My fingers roaming from her ears and face, down the hollows of her throat, stopping lightly to press on her windpipe, cutting off her breath for a short, exciting moment. I hold tightly until she can't resist struggling just a little as a tiny thread of panic threatens to overwhelm her. Finally, she tossed her head sharply to the side, and I release her, my hands continuing their downward path as though they had never been interrupted.

Her nipples are hard and erect and my fingers slowly trace circles around them, not touching, teasing. Katie lets out a pleading cry as she pushes her breasts up into my waiting hands, willing me to touch her, to hurt her. I obliged her by slowly pinching one nipple, squeezing just a bit too tight, and then loving it with my tongue. Katie shudders, feeling it all the way down to her clit. Her body shifted on the bed, the chain holding her arms in place jingled obligingly. My hands left her breasts roaming further, running down her stomach with a light feathery touch bringing her body to a tingling peak. She feels my hands run down her thighs. She shifts again, whimpering, growing impatient, and with that movement she feels my hands clamp down hard on her legs, squeezing, hurting, holding her still. Katie has not been with a man since her divorce and has never dated or mad with with a older man.

" Shhhhhh," I whisper, my fingers pressing tight into her flesh, it made her want to writhe, or kick, but she didn't dare to try. Not yet. With slow movement, I slide my hands to grip the insides of her thighs, pressing them outwards, spreading her legs wider and wider until she feels the muscles strain to their limit and she can't possibly open them more. I hold her there, legs as wide open as they can go, exposed to me as I stare at her. One hand slides higher, and lightly runs along the length of her slit. Katie is wet and trembling. Waiting for whatever pleasure or pain I want to give her. Carefully, I slide one finger deep into her cunt again, curving it to caress the walls inside of her. " You like that baby?" I whisper to her as my fingers start slow circles inside her, she murmurs her consent as she settles into my stroking. " I like to feel you like this, all tight and wet. You like it." I said, this time it wasn't a question. Katie shifts her hips as I continue to stroke her.

I slide another finger inside her, this one going in easier since she has already been stretched, but it is still tight. Katie squirms, and I smile. " Yes... you like that." With no further play, I shove another finger to join the other two, it hurts, feels like I'm splitting her in half. Katie lets out a soft cry that turns into a moan as I push my hand hard up against her cunt, twisting my fingers in slow quick circles. " See how I work your cunt? It's mine to do with as I please. I will fuck you, if it pleases me," I snarl. I fucked her cunt hard with my fingers but sensuously stroked her clit. Even though Katie trusted me and loved the feeling she begs me over and over to stop. Katie needed to relax. Her body shuddering and shivering uncontrollably. She is going to spasm violently if I keep it up. As I finger fucked her, my other hand came down slapping her thigh. Katie jumps, that small move grinds her body closer to my fingers and hand.

" Would you still like to know why they call me 'The Stallion'?" I whisper in a low, low voice. The sound filled her ears like an audible orgasm. My gaze is in her eyes again. "" Katie can't speak. Katie is petrified with lust. She strains and finally get out, " You told me earlier." It is barely a whisper, not even a mutter. " I told you about the rumors, but I didn't tell you the rumors are true. My wicked grin comes back. Katie is intrigued now more than she thought. " I will have to show you. Do you want me to show you?" My voice is husky. I know what effect I'm having on her. All she can do is nod, which she did sheepishly.
I step back and she feels herself lean forward desperate to still feel me. I slide my fingers into my shorts. Katie knows this is wrong, but now we are about to cross a line: a line that if I crossed there is no going back. Katie isn't sure what is going to happen, but whatever it is, it will change her. It seems to take forever for me to slowly start to lower my shorts. Katie isn't sure whether I'm doing it so slow or she is seeing in slow motion this surreal moment.

My shorts lower and she sees my pubic bone. It is as hairy as my chest. Katie bites her lip knowing what is about to come out. My shorts lower more and that's when she sees it. The base of the thickest cock she has ever seen. It is like her forearm is growing out of my pubic bone. Katie feels her jaw drop with my shorts. It lowers more and more. It is just as thick all the way down, but it just keeps going. It can't be real, it just can't. My shorts drop to the floor and the whole thing is exposed. It is the longest, thickest cock she has ever laid eyes on. It is still soft and it is longer than her ex- husband's when fully erect, even when he was younger. It must be 9" just hanging there. Katie is transfixed and can't take her eyes off of it. Her pussy is on fire with lust.
" They call me ' Stallion' because of my cock. Because of my horse cock." My hand reaches down to it and holds the base of it up. Even with my large hand holding it, there is just as much sticking out as is hidden. " Would you like to see me hard?" I ask, not waiting for her reply. I slowly start stroking it. It seems to take forever to get to the fat head and back down. Katie notices for the first time I'm looking hungrily at her.

After two strokes I'm fully erect. My God! It is even bigger. It would take three of my hands just to cover it and no telling how many of hers. It is even thicker now, a little bit smaller than a soup can. It is protruding straight at her face, like it is staring at her. Katie sees the shaft has ugle veins snaking around it leading to the head. Katie never in her life wanted to put her lips around a cock so badly. She wants to feel its warmth. She wants to stroke it. She wants to suck it. She wants it in her throbbing pussy. Her pussy is soaked now. She feels some of the liquid dripping down her leg. Everything about this naked man in front of her is intimidating and she wants to feel like my Goddess. " Do you want to stroke it?" I ask with a smile. Katie nods, reaching her hand out for it tenderly. When she does, I step back so she can't grasp my glorious piece of meat leaving my shorts on the floor. Katie takes a step forward like a little toddler and tries to grab it again, and I step back once again.

I laugh, and she looks up at my eyes full of lust, pleading to let her feel my manliness. " Tell me what you want," I whisper, my voice growling. Katie tries to say " I want it," but she mutters something incomprehensible. Her breaths are sporadic. She can't tell how loud she is breathing. She doesn't care. " What, Katie?" I smile at her. I'm enjoying seeing her like this, complete putty in my hands. " I want it," She mutters. She looks back down at my huge cock, she sees the blood pulsating in each vein and it twitches. Katie gasps at the sudden movement of my thick, veined cock. " What do you want?" I say just toying with her now. My eyes are on fire. I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing her lust, her desperate desire. " I want your horse cock!" Katie whispers. Oh my god, did that just come out of her mouth?' " What about your ex-husband?" I ask looking deep into her eyes again. " Fuck my ex-husband," She mutters. Katie can't believe she is saying these things, but this older man, this cock in front of her. She has to have it. " I need your huge cock." She feels her pussy throbbing at the thought of trying to fit this giant cock all the way inside it.

It was time for a closer inspection of the subject at hand, so I move in front of Katie. As I move, my huge cock sways from side to side. " Touch it," I said. As if in a trace, Katie reaches out and took hold of my huge cock. She scoots closer on the couch as she moves in for a closer look. She can barely get her hand around the girth of it. All she can say as she holds it is " wow." She reaches out one hand to cup my giant hairy balls as she continues to stroke my column of flesh with the other. " Put your mouth around it," I tell the dazed young divorced woman. Katie leans forward, slowly begins to lick the broad head. Then she spits on it working the saliva around the dark red knob. When it is wet enough she tries to get her mouth around the head. Slowly working back and forth she is able to get the head and about another inch into her hot mouth. She licks and sucks but that is about as far as she got. She pulls my massive cock head out of her mouth, and a long strand of saliva came with her mouth as she pulls away.

The giant knob glistens with her saliva, and she see stares at it in awe. Not giving her time to think, I press the head against her lips pushing it past her teeth. On my first thrust I sink about 3 inches into her mouth, and she starts to gag and tries to pull off of it. I grab her head between my hands to hold her still. I pull the long, thick cock out of her mouth until just the head is inside her hot wet mouth, then I thrust again sinking 6 inches back into her throat. She places her hands on my thighs to push me away, but I'm to strong for her. I pull out again then drill 9 inches of hard cock down her throat. I pull out again and all 9 inches went crashing down her throat. Her nose is buried in my curly public hair, and my balls bang into her chin. Her gag reflex kicks in as her throat muscles tried to cough my giant prick out of her mouth. I hold her head in place and as she chocks. Just when she thought she would pass out for lack of oxygen, I pull my giant cock in one quick motion. Long strands of saliva are attached to my cock as I pull away from her face.

" That should make it wet enough," she hears me say almost to myself. Katie fell back on the couch coughing and gagging. She stares in disbelief at me as I grab her legs spreading them wide, I lean down between her legs and jam a finger up into her pussy again, up to the first knuckle. In spite of how rough and savage I have been with her so far, her pussy is tingling and incredibly wet as I drive my finger deeper into her cunt and wiggles it around. " OOHH, that hurts," she groans. " That's just the start, Katie." I pull my finger out licking off her cream. " Hmmm, tasty." I hold my giant saliva covered cock in my hand, guiding it to her moist slit pressing down with all my weight. It didn't seem like the giant head can get past the tight mouth of her cunt, and the strain of the pressure is starting to hurt her. Suddenly, the whole huge head pops into her burning cunt.

" UUUUUNNNHHHH!" she blurts out. No giving her any time to adjust to my size, I start to thrust myself into her tight cunt hurting her in the process. Little by little, half-inch by half-inch, I work Katie onto my massive cock. Nothing has ever filled her so completely. I continue to slowly move my shaft in and out of her over-stretched pussy, and with each stroke my cock penetrates her deeper and deeper. After about half of my cock is stuck up her straining cunt, the flood gates of lubrication opens in her channel greasing the way for my continued thrusts. Her tight cunt is loosing up and the pain is starting to turn to pleasure. I place my hands on the back of the couch and start to thrust harder into her. Inch by inch now, the giant thick cock works its way deeper and deeper into her smoking pussy. She slides down further onto the couch opening her legs wider, giving me a straight shot in her womb. She groans when she feels the tip of my cock battering her quvering cervix.

" OOOOOhhhhhhh, that is as much as I can take!! No more please!!!" she wails as I slam into her again and again. " Katie, there is still two inches to go." I pull back thrusting down again into her bruised sore pussy again and again. In and out, in and out, always trying to drive deeper into her. The mixture of pain and pleasure is unbelievable! In her delirious state, she wants every void filled. I continue to drive downward and at the bottom of each thrust would rotate my shaft in her boiling cunt to get maximum penetration. She has never done anything remotely like this before. She has her eyes closed so that she didn't have to look in my face and be reminded that she is being taken. I continue to thrust up and down into her clutching cunt. She is throwing her hips back at me wildly as she is impaled on my cock with each thrust. The pleasure that she is receiving is building. There had been a lot of pain before, but her cunt has caught fire and now the only thing that will put it out is cum, lots and lots of cum. I'm slamming into her now, in and out, in and out; I manage to wedge another full inch of hard cock in her famished cunt. I know she is close and with one more powerful thrust, her cunt locks down on my invading shaft and explodes around it.

" OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH GGGGOOOODDDDDDD!!!! FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKK MMMMMMEEEEE!!!" I reach down grabbing her face. I made her open her eyes and stare at where my giant, thick long cock is plunging into her tiny cunt. To see the lips of her pussy stretched to the limit around my thrusting cock. I thrust deeper and deeper on each stroke trying to bury all 9 inches in her creaming cunt, and she continues to soar from climax to climax. The pleasure that she is receiving is far beyond anything that she has ever experienced. As she watches me drive deep into her cunt time and again, she stares with shock and disbelief as my cock impales her. She feels another giant orgasm coming deep inside her. I continue to drive my shaft deep into her liquid heat. The pace and intensity of my thrusts increase, and the intense feelings increase as the end of my rocket rams against her cervix. With one final thrust all 9 inches buries itself in her cunt, and she explodes again as I fill her womb with each thrust of my plunging cock. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

At the crest of her orgasm, I extricate myself from her rippling climaxing cunt forcing Katie up and on to all fours so I can mount her from behind. With my knee I force her thighs wide and raise her splendid ass up in the air. I place my giant cock head just inside her parted labia. Her snatch is so soaked with her juices and blood from her orgasms; it feels like butter as I slam into her cunt again with a single stroke. She screams breathlessly as I pull back and thrust my massive cock deep into her convulsing cunt again. I feel her cunt muscles enveloping my rigid shaft like a velvet glove. I drive into her again and again with my prick, banging against the back of her vagina with each thrust. She is groaning and moaning, bucking and thrusting under me. I can tell that she is building to another massive orgasm. As my phallus pounding her gushing hot pussy, I reach around grabbing her swinging tits in each hand. When I pinch her nipples, she screams in pleasure. " OH, FFUUCCCKK! IT FEELS SO GOOD!! BABY! GIVE ME ALL YOU'VE GOT!!!"

Katie is bucking wildly with nine inches of wrist-thick cock up her cunt. My cock surging up her cunt again and again. Her nails are clawing at the sofa cushions in mindless passion as I rode her like a bitch in heat. My pace is furious as I repeatedly thrust my full length down into her sizzling cunt then pull all the way out until only the fat head is left inside. Her cunt juices are flowing every where as they coat my shaft and balls, and run down her thighs in little streams. After never ending thrusts, and one more powerful surging thrust up her bucking cunt, and suddenly her pussy explodes like a nova. " OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH ...I...I...I... CCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!"

As her cunt closed down on my shaft like a vise, her rippling cunt muscles pulling my sperm from my throbbing shaft. I unloaded deep inside her burning cunt as shot after shot of hot white sperm splashes out into her uterus. I shot over and over as my cum started leaking out of her overflowing pussy. It drooled down her legs in thick rivulets of pearly cream. My hard tool kept thrusting into her as my cum pours from my head, wad after wad firing deep into her womb. Finally, she slumps down on the couch exhausted and I pull my deflating cock from her. A big spurt of cum fell from her leaking pussy and dropped to the slip-cover below. I swept everything off the coffee table with one swing of my arm, dishes and cups and pictures and magazines crashing to the floor. Her eyes pop open. What is going to happen now? She is exhausted from the endless climaxes my cock gave her. I kneel behind her thrusting two fingers up her pussy covering them with the copious juices dripping from her cunt and reinserted them up her ass. " OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," she cries out.

I twist them around to open her wider as I fucked them in and out of her tight ass. She isn't really ready for me, but I didn't care. Time to fuck her tight virgin ass. I pull my hand out of her ass and took my shaft in my hand. I place my bulging crown against her tiny anus and start to press. " NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!" she screams. It is going to be a very tight fit, and a struggle to get my cock into such a small asshole. I lean into her with all my weight, the pressure put on her anal ring starts to force it open and slowly the head shoves its way inside. " OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!" Katie feels the walls of her rectum stretching as the head forces its way into her. It feels like an enormous log is being driven into her. I pull out half an inch, then forward again, repeating until I had about 4 inches of hard thick cock crammed up her tight asshole. Katie is crying and shaking and trying to pull away from me. I reach out grabbing her by the hair pulling her back toward me, as I flex in and out of her slowly. I push in further, and press an extra half inch, then another inch up her ass. She cries out from the pain but also from the intense pressure on her. My prick is stretching her in all directions. To ease the pressure she tries to relax her ass muscles, but that only allows me to slide a bit more cock into her. The incredible tightness of Katie's tunnel is so erotic for me. I want to thrust deep into her ass and blow an enormous load up her ass, but I had to complete my mission first. Her anal passage has tensed so much that it is like a vise, and my cock is stuck.

I spit on my cock and her ass several times using the lubrication to make my cock more slick as I slowly move it in and out. Her entire body is trembling. " Ohhhhhh... oh my god... aaaaahhhhh..." she moans in pain, but I can almost detect a hint of pleasure. It spurs me on, I increase the rhythm of stroking my dick into her tight ass. I reach around Katie rubbing my fingers across her pussy and clit, and she moans this time in pleasure. Her anal tunnel relaxes, and I'm able to shove two more inches of throbbing meat into her. " UUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" she moans in a low voice. She is slowly relaxing as I move in and out, going deeper and deeper until I'm fully embedded inside her asshole. She is shaking with the effort of taking me, I had awakened something dormant in her and it is about to be released. I fuck her slowly at first, then faster and faster. She reaches down rubbing her pussy. I watch as my cock fucks her ass, burying itself deep inside on each thrust. She is so tight. The pressure on my cock is unbearable. I slam into her harder and faster. Katie is rubbing her pussy rapidly with her fingers. Her breathing became faster. Her mouth is open. She is going to cum. " OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Her mind went blank. She feels my cock against the tight walls of her ass. I buried myself deep inside her on each thrust. Katie stiffens and bucks up against me. Her fingers dig into the couch. She screams in a piercing shriek as her body shakes with an orgasm. We buck together in a wild, uncontrollably frenzy. " OOOOOHHHHHHH GOD... FUCK ME... FUCK ME... FUCK ME IN THE AAASSSS!!" I ride her hard, driving her climax to near impossible heights. She is bucking and thrusting against me, and I continue to slam into her ass. She is uncontrollably. She can't stop cumming. She finally sags beneath me beaten. I thrust deep into her once more pulling her with me as I sat back on the coffee table. All 9 inches crammed up her ass. " OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, FUCK!!!" " Katie, whose cock do you love? Tell me?"

" OH FUCK, YOURS!!" " I'm better then your ex-husband?" " OH GOD YES!! PLEASE FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK!!!" " Why? Tell me!"
" BECAUSE YOUR COCK IS BETTER THEN HISSSS!!! MY GOD!!!" I urge Katie to slide up my shaft, she stares in amazement as inch after inch of the thick shaft came out of her asshole, then she sank back down driving my towering prick up her ass. She begins to bounce up and down onto shaft. Each time she slides back, she takes more and more of my cock deep inside her. It split her open, filling her body, making her shake as waves of agony and ecstasy crashes over her. When the entire length is slid up inside her, the sensations are incredible. Each plunge up and down that long, thick shaft is heaven never experienced before. The head feels like a fist moving up and down inside her. My thick shaft is stretching her beyond belief. She is building to an intense orgasm.

As she rose and fell on my cock, she is screaming obscenities about my cock and how I'm the best and how I'm better then her limp-dick ex- husband. I'm thrusting up into her ass with powerful strokes. Her body is bouncing around on my cock. She is hot, sweaty, and panting, but wanting more cock. She is a bitch in heat, wanting more and more. I'm sending it her way. As she plunges down hard on my cock, I arch my back driving my cock back into new depths inside Katie. The savage thrust ignites another massive climax, and she went berserk riding my raging cock with her own gut-wrenching orgasm.

" AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! MMY GOD...MY GOD...MY GOD... OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The pressure and pleasure is too much for her and she faints as she almost fell off my impaled cock. I caught her before she fell, and let her rest for a second. I slowly pull my cock out of her plundered ass, stood up with her in my arms. "MMMMmmmmm. oooohhhhhh." She is still in a daze and barely conscious. Her limp body weight supported by my arms. I lean her back until she is at a 45 degree angle to me, and then look at the camera. " Hey Tom, this video is for you! Watch how I fuck your ex-wife into submission. She's a very nice piece of ass!!"

I lay her lifeless body on the couch. Her eyes are open but glazed over as she stares at me with her arms loosely draped over my shoulders. Katie begins moaning softly and then looks at me with glassy eyes. I'm finger fucking her wet pussy hard and deep. Katie is gasping and moaning as she nears another orgasm. "OOOHHHHHH... OH GOD... AAAAHHHHHH ... NO MORE...OOOOHHHH!!!" Her juices are again pouring down her legs. As my fingers slam into her, I feel her tight cunt grabbing my piston like fingers as they slide in and out of her. I continue to fuck her pussy and wink at the camera. I feel her pussy grabbing my fingers in a series of spasms, and her cunt explodes for the sixth time tonight. " UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Her cunt squirting juices as I pull my fingers out, then slam my cock back into her. She keeps cumming and cumming as I thrust again and again into her cunt. I grab her by her hips fucking her harder and faster as she screams and thrashes about under me. I feel Katie's body tense as she throws her head back and then she looses consciousness again. Her tight pussy feels so good as I hammer her several more times until my cock swells, and explodes a powerful blast of cum into her belly. Jet after jet spewing into her womb coating the walls of her cunt with sticky white jizz. I had already cum four times tonight, but it seems my balls have an endless supply of cum as it pours from my cock filling her cunt. After what seems like an eternity, I stopd thrusting and pouring sperm into her overworked cunt. My cock is buried inside her twitching cunt, and I'm breathing hard and dripping with sweat. I let her tight cunt slide off my softened cock, and she drops to the floor in front of me.

When I'm done, I took a long time shaking out my penis. I look at the camera and talking quietly said, " Don't ever fuck with Katie again, you little cocksucker, or I will deal with you. Katie belongs to me now you limp-dick bastard." I turn around seeing Katie on the floor. She is slumped in a heap and white strands of cum mixed with blood seeps from her abused pussy. After about a mile or two, I pull over near a coffee shop that I knew had wireless service. I open my phone sending Katie a message.
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