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Im trying to keep these stories fresh and interesting while at the same time attempting to develop some skills as a writter, any feedback would be splendid!!! PM me :)
God, it was so delicious I couldn't help but drive my face right into Michelle's dripping wet pussy.
"Mmmmm, James, good boy. Keep licking mommy's pussy..."
There was no way in hell I was going to stop. I started licking and sucking her smooth pussy lips like my life depended on it!

Michelle pulled herself away from me, ripped off my blindfold, looked me right in the eyes and kissed me deeply. "hmm, I love the way I taste. Do you, Jamie?"
"I do so much Michelle."
Michelle looked disappointed, reached down slowly and squeezed my tender balls. I winced in incredible pain. Biting my lips so as not to scream out!
"Call me Mommy, James"
I took the hint. "Yes mommy!"
Michelle's disappointment faded and she released my testicles from her grip.
"Good boy. Oh wow, Jenny really does like her accessories, doesn't she?" Michelle eyeballed the cock ring I was sporting and the handcuffs that were restraining my hands behind my back.
Michelle produced a key and released my hands. "Let’s see what your little cock can do..."


Michelle plopped her stunning body down onto the couch beside me and wagged her finger at me in a "come here" motion. Giving me one of the sexiest "do me" faces I have ever seen on anyone, I moved between her legs and pushed my cock deep into her tight pussy.
"Oh fuck mommy it's so tight!"
As I started pumping in and out of Jenny's mom she started riding me upwards matching my pace.
I leaned down and kissed her. She shot her tongue into my mouth and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs hooked behind mine, ensuring that in every thrust I went all the way in before she let me pull out.

In no time I was fucking her like a jack-hammer. It was the first time I had been "on top" in a long while. I missed the sense of power I had. I missed the feeling of a wet pussy wrapped around my dick. I missed being able to look into a woman's face while I was fucking her and knowing that I was giving her all that pleasure and pain with my own swollen cock...
I missed it all...but only for a minute...
Between moans of pleasure Michelle had decided to flip the .
In a flash I was now on my back on the couch while Michelle rode me like a bull!


"Fuck mommy! I can't cum with the cock ring on" I moaned

"Shut up, baby!" Michelle replied as she pushed her tit into my mouth. I sucked it violently as she screamed and continued to ride me like there was no tomorrow.
Jenny's mom brought the pace down a gear and started riding slower as she started alternating boobs in my mouth. She'd let me suck the right one for a bit, then she'd let me suck the left one. And I was all too happy to suck away...

"I want you to cum all over my face James!" Michelle moaned as she pulled herself up off me, spun around and replanted her soaking wet cunt on my face. I didn't care that half the juices dripping out of her were probably mine. I especially didn't care when I realized the while I was licking her pussy she was fighting to get the cock ring off me...

After a few minutes of struggling I felt the ring being finally forced over my swollen head and while I started kissing and licking that magically soft patch of skin between her pussy and asshole, Michelle was going to work on my knob. Polishing my head like the slut I finally knew she was...

"Baby! I'm going to finish!" Michelle screamed as she sat up forcibly grinding her perfectly shaved mound against my face. She screamed in delight as she violently jerked my poor cock off.

"MOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!" I wailed as I felt the most powerful orgasm rocker through my body and out my cock. There is no doubt in my mind that my cum hit the ceiling of the basement!

Michelle still breathing heavily effectively stopped the geyser by swallowing my cock down her throat.

Now dripping with sweat and other fluids, Michelle rolled around and was lying on my chest. Remnants of my cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. While at the same time, her juices were dripping off my ears and chin and pooling around my head.


Michelle nestled her head comfortably under my chin and gently massaged my cock and balls as she closed her eyes. No doubt exhausted.

I looked over and saw Jenny smiling in the door way.

"You were gone for way longer than 40 seconds, Jenny" I said with a smirk.

Jenny sauntered over to where her mother and I lay. She kissed me on the lips, smiled and said "I figured you wouldn't hold it against me."


I awoke the next morning on the basement couch. All of Michelle and my combined bodily fluids had completely hardened on my crotch, chest and face. I needed a shower some badily...

I stumbled up the stairs and into the kitchen where a beaning Jenny and Michelle sat. "Morning sleepy-head" Jenny chimed. "Morning everyone" I managed to grunt.

"Why don't you have a shower Jamie and Jenny and I will have some waffles out for you when you're done?" Michelle kindly offered. "Thanks, I'd like that a lot actually"
"Glad to hear it, everything you need is laid out in the bathroom"...

Sure enough when I walked into the bathroom there were towels laid out already and I lost myself in a good 25 minute, hot shower. Just wondering how I could have gotten this lucky...this is quite possibly the weirdest, greatest relationship in the world! ...But I won't complain...

After I got all cleaned off and redressed I went back downstairs to the kitchen and on the counter was a plate off waffles...god I love these girls...


Oh god, i thought to myself...they're probably watching porn down there or something...I don't know if I can handle another erection for the next while I thought to myself, becoming more and more aware of how sore my cock was.

Finally downstairs I sat down on the couch between Michelle and Jenny. "All comfy? Mom and I stopped the movie at the best part for you..."

When Jenny pressed play there on the TV, there I was! Dressed as a cheerleader getting fucked in the ass like a bitch by Jenny's 7 inch girl-cock! I almost chocked on the piece of waffle I was looking forward to enjoying... My moaning sounds particularly loud coming out of a surround sound system...

The screen had a perfect shot from the side of Jenny railing the hell out of me. My cheerleader uniform skirt hiked up over my ass, my cock and balls bouncing each time Jenny rammed herself home. Her moaning in delight and me moaning in pleasure as my ass hole takes every inch of her...
"This was my favorite part, baby..." Michelle cooed while she reached into my lap and grabbed my dick...

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