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As they always say payback is a bitch
Awakenings 9


The Captain read the reports with tight lips. He had counted at least
30 bodies or what was left of them. Thank god Tahir had rescued half of those
left but the body count was starting to mount. Washington wasn't that pleased
but after the horror stories of those he had rescued they weren't that unhappy

Tahir wasn't that pleased either, still perplexed at Natasha's words
he was wondering what in the hell was going on. Reaching out he found Natasha
wondering if she could talk now.
<Natasha> he started, <don't react can you talk now?>
<Yes, but not for long, I wish to explain.> she sounded low almost a whisper if
she had actually been speaking. <Twenty two years ago my family and I came to
this country to get away from Russia>

<I thought you were Russian> Tahir broke in
<Yes, at that time my father took a job teaching at a university, as did my
mother. I was just a little girl, my older sister and younger brother were left
alone in our apartment. We went to school and were alone for 2 hours each day
till our parents got home. Hold a minute>
Waiting, Tahir went over the reports again there had to be some way he could
beat this bastard. Sighing, Tahir saw that he had the upper hand but there were
flaws to every plan and he had to find them.

<I am sorry for the history lesson, it is needed, 15 years later I
accepted a position back in Russia. My father had been killed in an auto accident
mother was devastated as we all were. Mother begged me not to go but we needed
the money it was a substantial amount. The hours were long but I was concidered
to be brilliant, very far ahead of the doctors that were there. It was there that
I developed a medicine that we called Rad Coats.> stopping Tahir was afraid that
she had been discovered 'talking' to him.

<Don't talk, so I take it that's what you used on me and yourself. I am
feeling the same growth of power in you that I feel in me.> he informed her.
<It's ok now, I am alone. The Rad coats was a radical radiation absorption
it not only block the harmful but let the body take the good and use it.> here she
was quiet a minute gathering her thoughts.
<I kept in contact with my family the whole time. When our projects were cancelled
by the government I was allowed to come back to the US. I took a job with the
doctor he was a pioneer in genetic research and was going where I had been, I really
didn't want credit for the work, I had seen horrible results from experiments that
had been done.>

<Do you know how long the power will grow? is there a limit? so far mine
hasn't stopped but I have noticed that there are a few limits I can't go far
beyond.>Tahir was anxious to find out all he could.
<In the previous experiments, we found that it depends on the potential of the
individual, that is the more latent abilities they have the more they can grow. Have
you found anything that you can't do? Anything you have tried and it didn't work?>
she was anxious herself to know, Tahir she felt, was the most powerful ----- what
the hell should they call themselves?
Tahir thought for a while, an individual time <the only thing I can think of was
trying to kill someone by crushing just their brain, but then I found that I didn't
have to afterI learned to enter minds and destroy abilities there.>

Natasha's mouth dropped open, she had heard and seen alot of abilities all
that Tahir displayed at one time or another but this was totally new to her. God!
she wished she could work with Tahir directly.
<I wish I could work with you directly, continuing on the doctor had ideas and the
money at the time to continue the research. What I didn't know at the time was that
he was even then working for the leader. It wasn't long after that when the doctor
developed his own medicine. You might say that put an end to my helping him as a

<So tell me, why are you still so loyal to him then? It is obvious that he
conciders you beneath him.>
Sighing Natasha continued, <about 2 years ago my mother and sister became sick. The
doctor had a radical new cure that could help them, but refused to use it unless I
helped him. He therefore put them into stasis till he gave them the cure. I have
searched everywhere but he has hidden it away, till I find it I have no chose but
to be his lackey>
Tahir wasn't happy again, <I could get the location from him with no problem> thought

<How?> thought Natasha, <He'd feel you miles away>
<I don't think so,did you forget I can watch and no one really see me?>
again Natasha's mouth hung open. She had forgotten that he could do that also.
<Alright> she thought, <if you can but that still doesn't solve the problem of where
they are. Romotine had them moved when he found out and I know you can't get that close
to him>
<Yes, you are right there. He does seem somewhat more attuned to his own mind than most>

Sitting back he told Natasha he'd contact her in an hour to let her know.
Concentrating he gently reached to the doctor, finding him asleep was a bonus. As
he searched making sure to not wake him he made several startling discoveries, first
was the medicine, the second was the fact that it had been the doctor who had infected
Natasha's mother and sister. The third fact was that he HAD cured them as they would
have died in stasis. Searching further he found that the doctor was the only one that
could awaken the abilities of others with the drug and radiation.

The only thing he couldn't find was where they had been taken.Thinking harder he
remembered the doctor mentioning the sight. Keeping the doctor asleep he went to where the
the women were kept, as he slowly started to roll back time, he found that it was an
exhausting task. He was almost back two years when he saw them being moved. Slowing down
and going forward took almost all of his energy, he wasn't sure he'd make it before he
passed out. May and Kim were walking by about that time and saw Tahir's distress, reaching
out May told Kim "we have to help, he is depleteing his self. Give him what energy you can
he is in very deep concentration."

Tahir was afraid he wasn't going to make it, he was so close, suddenly he felt a
surge of energy shoot through him, AH! May and Kim had found him. Following the two women
he saw the leader order his men to be careful. they were taken to an underground bunker
miles outside of the city. Slowly Tahir began to move forward faster, a year then 6 more
months, then he was up till today. The women were still there, they were obviously
important to the leader as they were very well guarded. Damnit! from what he had gotten
from the doctor he would have to be there in person to release them. The thing that sucked
was that if they weren't released in a precise manner they'd die.

Contacting Natasha he let her know, <Natasha can you talk?>
<Yes Tahir, I am still alone.> she replied
<I have found them and they are alive, still in stasis but alive. I can save them but...
I'm going to need help, also I found out that they were cured years ago it appears the
doctor had to cure them or they would have died.>
Natasha started to growl at this <That little fake! how did they get sick, don't tell me
HE infected them also?>
<Yes, it would appear so> Tahir could feel her anger and held her still so she wouldn't
<Release me, so I can kill him slowly and painfully> she growled at Tahir.
<No, if he dies before they are gone, the leader would know, they were very important to
him.> Sighing Natasha calmed while Tahir told her the plan.

The thirty men inside and outside the bunker were bored but tried to take there
duty seriously. In the control room the three men there were playing cards, Tahir and
Natasha appeared behind them just as they went to sleep. Motioning to her, Tahir reached
out to the five in the hall as they crumbled. Next he started down the hall deeper. Upon
reaching the chamber each man crumbled at almost the same time. Reaching the stasis tubes
Tahir removed 4 vials from his coat. After the first two injections he knew it'd be an
hour before they could be moved. Damnit! everything the doctor had done was always in a
hurry except this. Now the bastard did something right.
<Ok Natasha, we have an hour to wait till I can open the tubes and remove them. Any
movement from outside yet?>

Natasha looked at all the monitors <No, not yet but from what I saw with you, they
are supposed to do an exchange in 30 minutes. can you manage that?>
<Yes, I looked through all their minds it shouldn't be a problem.> Watching the two women
he began to search for the right men. With only 5 minutes to go Tahir had programmed each
man and had them at the door ready to go. After the exchange, the ten that came in went to
bed (per orders from Tahir)
<How long do we have now Natasha?> he asked.
Looking at the monitors again she replied, <We are good for another two hours. Will that be
enough time?>
Sighing Tahir shook his head, <That will barely be enough. After I remove them I have to
inject them again, this one will take an hour and a half to restore normal functions.>
Natasha shook her head finally she'd be free, for now.

The time was fast approaching, after the second injection, Tahir had monitored the
women watching as their vital signs increased.with 5 minutes to go each started to stir.
Letting Natasha know, she was there when they opened their eyes. At the appointed time Tahir
sent them to a predetermined place then he went after the doctor. Still unable to awaken the
doctor was fighting the sleep with everything he had, he had almost overcome Tahir's sleep
command when he felt his self move. At the west coast branch the doctor awoke 2 hours later
in a sound proof cell his head very fuzzy.

When the door opened his eyes got huge in walked Natasha's mother, sister, Natasha and
Tahir. Tahir held up the doctor's weapon he had made to use on Tahir. Smiling Tahir fired point
blank causing the doctor to jump retreating to the back wall.
"You can't do this! I have information!" he screamed
"No, you DID have information. For what you did to Natasha and her family, I will let her
punish you. Oh yes, incase you didn't notice Natasha has more abilities than she had. When you
sent her to your old lab, she used HER Rad Coats. Her power has been growing for over a week now
she is far stronger than she was."

"Natasha," Tahir said as he and her family left the room, "Try to not take all week ok?
we still have that debriefing to go to"
Smiling sweetly, though Tahir could see the rage and hatred behind her eyes when she spoke, "I
will do my best but I have two years of frustration to make up for"
"You can't let her do this!" the doctor screamed, "It is against the Geneva convention!"
"Doctor," Tahir stated alot calmer than he felt, "This is war, you are an american who commited
treason, the penalty is death by firing squad. We are foregoing this but rest, assured you are going
to die, I just can't say when or how. I am sure your punishment and execution will be befitting of
your crimes."

The door started to close as the doctor screamed and a dull thud was heard. Escorting
Natasha's mother and sister to their rooms Tahir went to see the Captain.
"Captain, I suggest that you keep Tina and Helena's daughters away from the back holding cell.
I am afraid we may not see Natasha for a week." Tahir sat in the plush chair god he was tired!
"She's that pissed? Did she happen to mention how she was executing him? How long it might take
to clean the cell?" The Captain wasn't that un happy that the doctor was going to die, He just wished
that it had been the traditional way. Oh well, he had been given permission to let her and he
didn't go against Washington.

"You know of course that the loss of the doctor, will cripple his plans quite a bit"
Tahir told the Captain.
"No, why is that?" the captain asked a question on his face.
"From what I got from his mind, he and Natasha were the only one's that could awaken and turn
anyone. So basicly unless he can do it himself with his mind, he is out of options. I do know
that I will have to face him again, there won't be any escape this time, I will crush him." Tahir
slammed his fist on the desk to emphasize his point. Captain Roberts wished he could be there to
see it.

Alarms were going off all over the building, Romotine jerked awake what the fuck was going
"What is this noise," he screamed at a passing guard.
"There's been a breach in the bunker" the frightened man mumbled out.
"WHAT!!? have the car ready to go NOW!" he shouted as the terrified quickly ran yelling the
leader's orders.
At the bunker Romotine ran as fast as he could to the chamber, NO! they were gone! Reaching out
he killed the two men in the room crushing their heads as easy as a grape. Grabbing his phone he
called the doctor, when the doctor wouldn't answer, the four men by the door died just as fast.
Running to his car he felt his intelligence slip just a bit.
He was afraid of that, at least they didn't have the brother. Reaching out he connected
with him ah! better not as good as the women but better none the less.

A knock at the door startled Tahir and Roberts.
"May I come in?" a female voice called
"Yes please," Roberts replied.
Natasha's mother walked in and sat next to Tahir. "I am Tatyanna, I wish to help you stop my brother"
Roberts and Tahir both answered at the same time, "Your Brother!!??"
"We thought he was Romanian," Roberts said
"He is," she replied, "He was the only one of the family born there, he hated the fact that he was not
born in Russia. When we went back, they would only let him come to us in Russia 4 weeks out of the year.
Growing up he was an extremely bitter child and had to stay with our cousins. He had often vowed to
take revenge on Romania for seperating us."

"So you want to help us take him down? Why?" the captain asked
"While I and Marina slept he tapped our minds and draw our intelligence into his self, We could
also see many of the things he did, not all thank god but enough. He has to be stopped. I believe I
am the only one that get you close enough, yes I realise that it is dangerous but as my brother,
I believe I still hold a place deep in his mind."Tatyanna waited for their answer, not sure if
they were going to go for it.

"The thing is," Tahir started, "If he sees you, I believe that he will think it's a trap.
He is your brother after all, from what I have seen, siblings can often sence each other."
"That's what I am relying on," she replied, "the distraction should be enough for you to slip in
and put an end to this."
Tahir wasn't that sure, even with him losing some intelligence, he still had his abilities and
left unchecked, Tahir, was sure he would descend into savagery.
Talking quietly to the Captain a moment, Tahir just shook his head and looked back at Tatyanna.
"Alright, but we do this my way. I have the most experience fighting him. When I say anything
you do it understand?" Tatyanna nodded her head as Tahir layed out the plan he was

Going to the last cell, Tahir needed to talk to Natasha, He had all his shields and guards
up as he opened the door. Sitting in a chair near the door was a very tired natasha. Across the
room, blood spattered everywhere was a mass of living flesh. The arms were broken in at least 30
places. The legs (or what was left of them) were in no better shape. The only part that was
untouched was the head. Looking closer Tahir could see the doctor's cock and balls nailed and
hanging from the wall.
"Natasha," Tahir spoke softly, "we need to end this, we are going after the leader and we...."
"NO!" Natasha screamed, "He hasn't suffered enough!
"Natasha," Tahir replied, "It's been 5 days now, end it we need you"

Blinking Natasha looked up at Tahir. "5 days? Is mother ok? My sister?"
"Yes they are fine they want to see you, not like this though, end it then we can clean you
up and go see them." he said as he gently reached for her.
Melting into his arms the tears flowed freely, unashamedly standing she looked deep into Tahir's
eyes. "Thank you for this" she whispered, with a final glance at what was left of the doctor,
Tahir felt her abilities surge. What was left of the doctor suddenly was flattened as if from
a great weight, then it was over. Collapsing into his arms Tahir carried her unconscious body
to her room.

Undressing her Tahir marveled at her lithe body. Undressing his self he carried her to
the shower, there she stirred not even concerned at her nakedness. Tahir massaged her tight and
tired muscles paying special attention to he neck and shoulders. Gently carressing her, he soaped
her up and lovingly washed the blood from her hair and skin. Smiling she leaned into him
enjoying his touch. Leaning forward she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him with a
passion she had never known. Leaving the shower they made their way to her bed. Tahir looked
at her questioningly, "Yes I want to have the real thing, no I am not too tired." she whispered
in his ear.

Laying her down he looked at her body, it was beautiful, kissing his way down her body'
he worshiped each of her breasts. Her breathing quickened more as he drew closer to her core,
stopping only long enough to swirl around her belly button. Nearing the thick thatch of her
pubic hair Tahir inhaled deeply of her women's scent. His head almost spinning he reached her
womanhood sucking on her clit drawing a quick gasp from her. After a few minutes she was pushing
him away.
"Tahir I need you in me please!" she begged trying to pull him up to her lips. Moving slowly
back up her body he reached her lips which he hungerly devoured. Reaching down she grabbed his
manhood positioning it at her opening. Allowing only the head to enter her, he began to tease her
to excite her more. Finally unable to take any more she wrapped her legs around his waist and
pulled him as deep as she could.

With a grunt Tahir felt his member slide deep into her warm wet sheath. Tahir thinking
if I were to die this was a hell of a way to go. As they both began to thrust deeper, Tahir and
Natasha started to feel the pleasure the other was feeling. Enhancing their love making and
heighting their sences to the fullest. When Natasha began to thrash beneath him it took all he
had not to cum that second. Speeding up Tahir knew that he wouldn't last past the next time she
came. Natasha was floating now, she had never had anyone love her like this.

The feeling was growing in her again, stronger than the first time. Tahir felt his own release
building along with Natasha's.
Soon she was starting to thrash again thrusting back as hard as she could trying to get him deeper.
Natasha's second orgasm washed over her like a flood as she climbed the peak, she felt Tahir empty
his seed deep with in her womb like it had meant to be there. The feeling was so intense that for
a moment, Tahir thought he had died. Empting his seed, he felt her shaking, coming down from her
Moments later laying there holding each other Tahir looked deep into her eyes, "I think I am
falling for you."
Not shocked she stared back at him, "I know, as I am falling for you" smiling she settled next to
him as they both drifted off to sleep.


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