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My name is Cindy Mims and I think about sex all the time. Not like a fourteen year old male thinks about it every 8 seconds, but I have a particularly strong libido and I let it get the best of me at every opportunity. I own a small neighborhood café in a little business district in one of the nicer suburbs of Louisville. The benefits of this little shop cannot be over valued. It's in a row of old brick buildings and has three floors, the first two I use for the café and an office. On the third floor I keep a lovely little efficiency apartment with a small, secluded roof garden patio, which since the weather here is quite mild, I can use pretty much year round. The apartment also has it's own entrance off the street, as well as a more secluded entrance around back and one in the office. The advantages of all this should be obvious.

Another plus for a woman in my situation is that I'm located near both a small college and one of the high schools. This provides me with both an ample clientele and numerous employees to hand pick. I like to give my shop an air of class and sophistication, and I keep the look updated with continuous improvements and changes, mostly in an art deco theme. I ask my employees to dress a bit nicer than would be the norm, with which I provide them financial assistance if necessary, and I myself usually don nice skirt and blouse, accompanied by nylons and heels. I keep a cute little frilly apron handy behind the counter to keep myself tidy. I do what I can to make sure the beautiful people show up.

I suppose I should elaborate on my looks. I'm 32 years old now, and my once sprightly firm girlish body is easing its way into a fuller frame. I'm not letting myself go mind you; I keep my machine looking and running well with regular exercise, but I'm softening up just a little, and to be honest I really like the change. At 5' 5", 135lbs, my thighs are a little more supple, my 36B breasts a bit more of a handful, and my sexy bum a little more round. And trust me I know how to wrap myself in a package anyone would love to unwrap.

I'm naturally brunette, with straight dark brown hair I keep just below my shoulders, but I change this up all the time depending on my whim. I redden it up a bit or bleach it out now and again, then take it back to jet black two weeks later. And I love to capture different personalities with the way I style it. Sometimes I like to keep the classy look of a nice tight bun, or a bit more bouncy curl, other times I'll make myself more sporty with a pony tail, or playful in barrettes or pigtails. It all depends on how I feel that day, or who I want to be felt by others.

So, back to the café. I must admit that I'm more comfortable surrounding myself with a flock of young ladies, although it's necessary to have a few strong and eager college boys around to lift the heavy things. As I mentioned, I keep them all dressed well, to the point of my own distraction. It's been my policy not to get involved with my employees, partly because I don't want the unnecessary tension that would spring up afterwards, and partly because I don't want word to get out about my adventurousness. Not that I'm ashamed of it, it's just that the more narrow-minded in my neighborhood might bring a mob down and close me up. My situation is too good to risk that.

I try my best to keep my hands off all the pretty young things who wander into my shop. I have a gentleman friend of mine who is sympathetic to my needs without wanting to make a fuss over a relationship, and he generally can keep my satisfied. Other times the view gets to be too much for me and I have to run upstairs and pop myself just to get through the day. Actually it happens more often than not, and it's usually the fault of my young assistant Stephanie.

Steph is a wonderful college senior who's been with me for three years now. She has long tight curly blonde hair and an athletic 5'8" body that really turns a head. She's also a shameless flirt, with everybody. One of her favorite games to play with me is to give me incredibly detailed deions of her antics with her boys. I've confided enough in her over the years for her to know how riled up it gets me, and I'm sure she does it just to see at which point I have to suddenly "take care of some work in the office." She always gives me a knowing smile and a wink as I'm distractedly removing my apron and leaving the room.

Last week this kind of got way out of hand. It was a fairly slow Sunday, just a few high school girls giggling in the corner under the guise of doing homework. It was just me and Steph trying to look busy and making the usual post-Saturday night small talk, and it was beginning to get to me.

"So Randy, he's the track guy, and I had a pretty wild time of it last night. I absolutely tortured him. I had on my little pink mini and a little baby doll tee, and my favorite catch-me-fuck-me shoes. And I told him before we went to the club that he wasn't going to get a single piece of me unless he was a well-behaved boy. Luckily he knows me well enough now to realize how serious I was, because he did every little thing for me. He was just a prince, and I kept giving him little rewards like rubbing against him on the dance floor, or quick little handies under the table. It was absolutely killing him to watch me bop around in my outfit, and he made no effort to conceal that enormous hard-on of his. God, I couldn't wait to get it into my mouth."

This is how she does it. I'm listening to this trying to act casual, meanwhile I've leaned back on the counter and started rubbing my thighs together without trying to be obvious about it. Steph of course pretends not to notice, and just goes right on.

"You know what I really like about having his cock in my mouth? It's so smooth and tasty, and it's just wide enough to stretch my lips all the way around. And he's so gentle with me when I do it, he never tries to ram it in. I can take it almost all the way down, but he always lets me decide how far to take it. And it's so easy to get my whole mouth full of him."

"I wanna know how to do that!"

We both paused and looked up. One of the girls from the table had come up for more coffee and had apparently been listening to the whole thing. We were both kind of taken aback, and didn't really say anything at first.

"I've been trying to do that to my boyfriend for a couple of months now, but I can't get him in as far as he wants without, you know, coughing and stuff." I'm pretty sure she was a junior named Janie, with short, curly black hair, and actually I was surprised to here all this. She'd never been in with anyone but her girlfriends, and she was the most darling little teddy bear of a girlie girl; she couldn't have been more than 5'2". I had a hard time imagining her cutesy chubby baby face doing anything with a penis. But the thought of it made me melt even further in my panties.

"Uh, I'm not sure you should be…" I started to mutter when Stephanie interrupted confidently, "Nonsense! Every girl needs to know how to give good head. It's real easy, sweetie, let me show you."

Before I knew it, she'd started pealing a banana and was ready to explain. "The trick is to relax. The good thing is since you've already tried it you want to do it, that's also important. You'll find as you grow up your body will do things just out of sheer will," she said, giving me a wink. This is bad, I thought, and I could feel myself getting wetter by the second.

"Oh, goodie!" Janie said, pulling up a stool. "Tell me everything you know about it!" This luscious little butterball was really getting excited, and I found myself thinking the most wicked things about her.

"Well, I like to give it a good licking all the way around before taking it in," Steph began, taking the time to do what she'd described to the stiff fruit. "If you tease it a little first, especially right here beneath the tip and underneath, it'll get really nice and hard for you. I love it when their heads get full and dark, when they're just dying to be in your throat."

She was giving what I must say was expert head right there in front of us, meeting our eyes like it was our cock she was sucking. Randy must have some control not to shoot her right in the face, I thought. Poor Janie was getting a little flustered now, obviously enjoying her learning experience.

"Then when you're good and hungry, just wrap your lips around the tip like this, and let it slide right in. I always think about how easy it would slide into my pussy, and it just seems to go right in. I like to get hold the base of it at first to make sure I can control how far, but then I like to get the whole thing good and slippery, so I can stroke it separately from my mouth. That always gets them moaning." And with that she pumped the whole banana smoothly and easily into her wonderful lips, which couldn't help but smile at the effect she was having on both of us.

"What do you think, Miss Mims? Isn't that the way to do it?"

Really not sure what to say or how much trouble I could get into, all I could muster was a breathy, "Yes, well, that about covers it, I guess."

Stephanie slipped the banana out until just the tip was in, then smiled really big and bit the end off. "Mmmm, and I just love it when they come in my mouth," laughing as she ate it up. Reaching for another banana she said, "Janie, right? You wanna try?"

Janie looked a little nervous, but you could see she was as turned on by it as I was, and I think that's what make her reach out for the phallus without really thinking. And the most amazing thing happened. Without a word she pealed the fruit, and mimicked exactly what Steph had just done, only once she started sucking it, she would pause to lick the sides up and down, and kept switching hands, licking one hand clean almost childishly while she held it with the other. The only way to describe it was innocent and eager. My thighs were forced together as fast as could be, and in one more instant I would have cum right there on the edge of the counter.

When she was done eating the banana and licking her hands clean, she said, "Wow, thanks. That's the best thing I've learned all week. Now I know who to turn to for advice. Well, I better get back to my friends," who were still giggling in the corner. Whether they saw the show or not I couldn't tell,

"What a cutie! Doncha just wanna take her home and cuddle her?" Steph said, eyeing me close. "Oh my yes, she's going to make her boy happy, that’s' for sure. What'll she ask us next I hope, I mean I wonder." Steph laughed outloud at my gaff. "I'm sure she find something, or at least I hope she does, too. Maybe I should just start volunteering information.

I looked at the clock, it was just a few minutes before five when I close up. Damn, I thought, no time to take kitty out for a walk. We started the cleaning up and shutting things down, not saying a whole lot, but focusing on the routine as a matter of habit. Most of the kids had left, and as Stephanie was heading to lock up, Janie was the only one left.

"Hey, thanks again for the lesson. I can't wait to try it. Can you think of anything else I should know?" Stephanie smiled and glanced back at me over her shoulder. "Jane, my dear, there's oodles of stuff to learn about. It just depends on how soon you want to learn it."

"Um, I kinda want to know now, if you can show me."

SMASH! I dropped the glass I was putting away right to the floor. "Oh, sweet Jesus!' I said, both about the glass and Janie's comment. This was simply too much to take.

Without missing a beat Stephanie said, "You know what? I bet Miss Mims has some secrets for us. Let's go ask her," and she locked the door and lead her by the hand right over to me as I was putting the pieces in the trash. They sat down on the other side of the bar and gave me their biggest, most innocent and yearning eyes. "Please, Miss Mims, can you teach us good little girls something naughty?" Steph cooed. "Yes, please," begged Janie right along with her.

"Now ladies," I said, not really sure what I'd say next, "if you both promise to be very good and do what I say, I'll take you upstairs and teach you a few things, although I bet you know much of it already, Stephanie Ann." I was sort of listening to myself say this, not really believing I was going through with it, but happy to be headed that way. "Promise me it'll be our secret, and promise you'll do what I say, and we can have some fun together. No promise, no learning, no fun, understand? Now what do you say?"

"We promise," they chorused. My heart was now fluttering. I had two delightfully opposite and attractive young girls at my willing disposal, and my kitty had been screaming for what seemed like hours now. It was hard to maintain my composure, but I managed. "Steph, get the lights and follow us up to the office, Janie, take my hand and follow me. The little girl smiled and reached tentatively for my hand, it was slightly cool and a little damp, and had such an innocent softness to it. I gave it a warm squeeze and leaned to her ear, whispering, "We're going to make you feel better than you've ever felt before."

Steph came up the stairs and shut the door behind her. Without a word I walked over to the apartment door and waved them up the stairs, then came up behind them, taking the time to admire Steph's nicely shaped ass. My mouth watered a little, and I had to think of what to do next. At the top of the stairs there's a little sitting area with two couches meeting at an angle and a little coffee table I keep some erotica on the table since I'm usually up here to please myself. Behind this is a little kitchenette, and on the other side of the apartment, opposite the sofas, is a king size bed which looks out onto the patio.

"Have a seat, ladies." I walked over to the fridge and poured three glasses of wine, and brought them back to the couch. "I think the first thing we should do is play some show and tell. Hm? Stephanie, would you like to start? Why don't you get up and tell us some things you like as you show us some of yourself. Janie, you can scooch over here and sit next to Miss Cindy, ok?"

Steph got up as Janie did as she was told, nuzzling into my arms and nursing her wine. Steph had been dressed that day in a black pleated skirt which stopped just above the knee, with white tights and a pair of baby doll shoes, and a clingy pink sweater. She swayed her hips side to side a little, enjoying herself in her typical teasing fashion.

"Well, I really like to show myself off. I think I have a really nice body, and I like to make it feel really good by sharing it with others, either by touch or by sight." As she did this she slowly spun around and bent over for us, letting the skirt ride up. She looked back over her shoulder and slid her hands up her firm legs, lifting the skirt up over her delicious bum, caressing it for a bit. "Mmm, I think my ass is one of my best features, and I really like the feeling of squeezing it," and she gave it a nice two-handed grab through her tights.

She stood up and started to unbutton her sweater with her back to us. "But whenever I do that, my pretty titties get jealous, and I have to play with them, too." She lowered the sweater off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, then reached behind and popped open her bra, letting it fall as well. She cupped her breasts and slowly turned around for us to see, playing with her nipples and lifting them up to her mouth. "They're very good girls, and I like to make them happy too." She sank to her knees still fondling herself, then sat back down and spread her legs wide in front of her. "And best of all I have a cute little pussy." Her hands came down across her stomach and over her thighs, then back up, bringing the skirt with it. As she reached under the waist, you could see she had no panties, and her lips were wet and visible through the fabric. The outline of her finger disappeared into her folds, and she gasped a little. "This is my very favoritest part, and she's so warm and wet for me and everyone else. Wanna See?"

"Yes, please,"Janie breathed, but I interrupted her. "I think that will have to wait, Stephanie. Why don't you come up here with me and we'll see what little Janie has for us. Steph crawled on hands and knees over to the couch, right up to Janie and gave her a big kiss on the mouth. "Good luck, cutie," she said encouragingly, and held her hands to help her up, then crawled up beside me where Janie had been, still letting her hands wander.

Janie had on a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt, typical of a young girl dressed for a comfortable afternoon of studying. At first she was a little nervous, but I could tell she really was trying. "Um, I don't think I have too many good parts. I know I'm a little heavier than most girls, but I let boys play with me, and they seem to like that. I like it too." She was just standing in front of us with her hands behind her, sort of passing her hands over her round bum, as if looking for her pockets.

"Why don't you take off your sweatshirt, dear," I suggested. And she grinned a bit and lifted it right over her head in one motion, then threw it to the side. Steph and I both made gleeful little noises of surprise to see she had no bra on, and her little plump peaches were still nice and firm, with stiff little nipples dotting each soft mound. Janie giggled at our reaction. "Do you like them? Really?? I think they're ok, and my nipples feel really good when I touch them." She brought her hands up to each breast as Steph had done, and gave them a light fondling, still a bit awkwardly in front of us.

I was aching to play with myself, but I wanted the moment to last a bit longer, and I really liked the way things had heightened. "Steph, darling, why don't you help her with her jeans." Janie started to unbutton as Steph crawled off the couch and over to her. On her knees in front of her she slowly pulled the pants down over her full hips, revealing a cute pair of blue cotton panties. As Janie stepped out of her jeans, Steph looked back at me. "Yes, and her panties, too. Let's get her nice and naked for playtime." Down came the panties, and she stood there with her full black bush, with her legs apart a bit and her hands on her waist.

"Janie, what I want you to do now is turn around and bend over, so we can get a good look at you. That's it. Stephanie, would you be so kind as to spread her cheeks a little for us. Mmm, that's nice. Doesn't she have a pretty little pussy. I sat forward, with my thighs together, squeezing and pressing them with all my might. "Ok, girls, have a seat on the carpet there and I'll show you something more."

They sat down together in each others arms, Janie naked, and Stephanie still in her skirt, tights, and shoes. I lay back and started to unbutton my blouse. "One of my favorite things to do, and I spend a fair amount of time practicing this, is to make myself cum." I took off my blouse, and worked my bra out from underneath my camisole. "I find that when I get really worked up, like I am now watching you two, it's best if I take some time and let my kitty out to play." I cinched up my skirt around my waist and let my hand dive beneath my pantyhose. Since I wasn't wearing any panties either, you could somewhat see my smooth lips and neatly trimmed bush. My fingers immediately slipped into my wet lips, then emerged again to rub circles around my aching clit. With my other hand I massages my breast beneath the silk and let my hand wander down to my pussy as well. Slipping in various fingers as I played with my button. I could feel myself beginning to cum already, and I wasn't sure if I should hold of. "Mmm,, see how out of breath I am? See what you two naughty girls have done to Miss Cindy?, Ahhh, oh my, yes, see how kitty is cumming already without hardly any help at all? The warmth just radiated out from my loins, spreading a slow soft orgasm as I held my clitoris and slowly fingered myself.

"Oh girls, that was a nice little surprise. Why don't you help my with my next one, hm? Steph, reach into the drawer beneath the coffee table and pull out a toy of your choosing." I keep several dildos and vibrators in there, so I can always find something to play with. She reached in and at first didn't know what to get. "Wow, there's such a nice selection, which one, Janie? Which one should we give her?"

Janie pointed to one of the larger vibrators molded like an actual cock, one of my favorites and perfect for the job at hand. "Let her try that one, it looks so nice, and I want to watch it disappear into her." Steph handed me the vibe and sat back.

"Now girls if you want to play along, the only rule at the moment is that you can't touch yourself, you have to play with each other." Instantly they reached for each other's pussy. Janie spread her legs and Steph shimmied her tights down under her butt then spread her legs over Janie's, and their hands went right to work while their eyes stayed glued on me.

I unzipped my skirt and pulled it off over my legs, along with my hose. Then I sat back into the couch and spread my legs as far apart as possible. Holding the dildo lengthwise against my pussy, I began to rub it up and down on the lowest setting. I instantly began to purr again. "See how I like to please my lips first? It's all about building up to it, letting myself get more and more involved with each orgasm. Ohh, yeah, that's really very good…" I eased the tip of the dildo inside ever so slightly and just let it hover there momentarily. Then began to push it in further. Both of them were transfixed by this, and their hips began to grind against each others busy hands. Watching them diddle each was an incredible turn on, and it wasn't long before I was cumming again.

"Oh, dammit, girls, you're making me so hot I can't stop myself. You're making Miss Cindy cum again already. Mmmm, ohhhh…." And another wave crashed over me as my pussy melted yet again. My hips pressed up and my back arched, and I lifted myself into the toy, pushing it deep within me. Watching this Steph started cumming on Janie's hands, and Janie kept bucking her hips, trying with all her might to fuck Steph's fingers. Steph let out a long low moan and used her free hand to push Janie's fingers into her, holding her there tightly as her orgasm subsided. Janie kept hoping to cum but seemed to fall short of her little avalanche of pleasure.

When I caught my breath a little, I realized the frustration Janie was in, and felt a strong urge to get this little thing off a soon as possible. "Janie, sweetie, come up here on the couch with me." I slid down so I was lying almost flat with my butt on the edge and my feet on the floor. "climb up on Miss Cindy and give her a nice mouthful of you tender young fur pie."

Janie eagerly scrambled up onto me, straddling my face. Her wonderfully soft, full bottom felt incredible sitting on my chest, and her furry little puss smelled like sweet heaven. I buried my face in her slippery lips, sucking her clit into my mouth and running my tongue up and down the length of her slit. Holding her pliant cheeks in my hands, I occasionally lifted her up so I could tongue her ass a bit, which made her squirm delightfully against my face.

"Oh, Miss Cindy, yes please. Please suck on my pussy and my ass. Oh my god, that feels so good. Please let me cum on you pretty face, Oohhhh, ohhh, god yes! The little darling was fucking me hard now, eager to explode against my soaking wet face. I felt Steph's tongue tickling my pussy as well, and started to suck harder in time with her. But the impending orgasm was beginning to distract me, so I lifted Janie up for a second. "Stephanie, get that dildo and give this girl a nice fuck from behind while I suck her precious clitty" I felt the head of the toy on my chin as she positioned it up to Janie's hole, then eased it in.

Janie went absolutely berserk at this point, bucking hard and screaming out ,"Oh, god yes, please fuck me, Stephie, fuck me right there while she sucks my pussy. Ohhhhhhh…," and she came in waves on my face and Steph's hand. The little thing just kept cumming. Steph said, " Oh, Miss Cindy, you should see her little asshole puckering as she cums. It looks so cute I want to fuck it, too." She put her face up to Janie's big butt and slipped her tongue as far as she could into her ass. This made our little nympho go off again, begging, "Oh, yes, there too, fuck me there too, please. Gimme that big toy in my ass, Stephie, fuck my yummy big ass. Ouch!, Oh, god, oooch. Mmmmm!! No, no, no, please keep trying, I want it there! Ok, that's better, yes, oh god, fuck me some more. Please keep sucking Miss Cindy. Please both of you make me the dirtiest girl ever! "

Once our little foul mouthed sex toy had had her fill of being filled, we lay together for a bit and had a few more small orgasms by taking turns sucking on each other. It was several hours later when we all showered and they both finally went home. Things might be a little different at work now, but for me it's just more of the same.


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