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Episode 3 - Jessie's & Jenny's First Taste
The farmer’s wife eventually brought herself to her feet, the blacksmith’s cum still slowly oozing out of her pussy. She’s a mess of emotions as she reflects on the events of the last hour, assimilating the length and breath of her degradation, and more alarmingly, her incomprehensible submission to it. She could feel the thick cum smeared all along her insides, coating her violated vaginal passage. She shudders in disgust at her violation as it leaves its intended mark on her psyche, knotting her stomach with uneasy and no means to vent her overwhelming emotions.

She slowly regains her wits and as tears swell in her eyes, she begins to clean her kitchen, attempting to erase all traces of her night’s encounter, all traces but those left on and within her body, in her memory and in the memories of her employees.
Satisfied with sterilizing the scene of her attack, Julie turns her attention to cleaning herself after hiding her skirt and panty that had been soiled and tattered in the assault. Returning to her chambers with a bowl of water and a few rags she wipes the dried stickiness off her thighs and cleans her body, giving tender attention to her reddened, sore pussy that seemed to have no end to it secretion of semen.

She tried to expel the vile liquid from within her body, but as much as she tried she still felt heavy, burdened, physically and emotionally, with the load of spunk issued to her. She prayed she would not fall to another pregnancy following a rape again. Its torture on a woman to bare a child of your own flesh and blood, of your own womb that is yours and to be reminded with your child’s existence of how you savagely abused by his or her father.
Lost in her remorse, she was jolted by the baby who needed his feed. She picked up her daughter and took her darling bundle of joy to her bare breasts feeding him the last remnants of the milk that remained in her breasts, milk that she had been robbed of, all of which rightfully belonging to her youngest daughter.
Her year old baby sucking on her nipple alerted her to how sensitive her breasts had been rendered following being milked into the tin cup. She winced at the pain in her tits and gently caressed her free breast to ease her discomfort and found herself uncontrollably remembering the touch of the milkman, remembering that she had enjoyed the attention he paid to her enormous boobs.
She quickly banished the thought, put the baby down and went to bed.

The next morning she woke as usual and went about her morning almost oblivious to the fact she had been fucked the night before, it was like a dream that you could barely remember, but as she fully awakened, so too did her memory clear. She recalled every gritty detail even though she didn’t want to. Brushing her thoughts aside, she went on as normal so as not to alert anyone to her perplexed state.

Julie went about preparing the communal breakfast as she always did with the help of the kitchen hands. Almost everyone was already seated outside at the two long tables; the blacksmith was busy talking and laughing, she noticed, as she took out the tea. He paid her no attention and behaved as usual, it was as though he had not been her rapist the previous night. She couldn’t believe his nerve, he should have had the decency to stay away from her breakfast table.

She noticed the milkman was absent, but just as she had poured everyone their tea and made her way back to the kitchen she heard the milkman who had just arrived beckon her back asking for his tea.
She stiffly walked back towards him avoiding his smirking gaze, poured him his tea and made her way back to her kitchen. The man sitting next to the milker quickly grabbed the milk jar and finished the last bit, laughing at the fact that the milkman didn’t get any milk.
But the milker was prepared, saying “don’t you worry, I’ve got my own” as he produced a small flask from a pocket.

This exchange grabbed Julie’s attention and stopped her in her tracks as she looked back to watch him empty the flask’s contents into his cup. She knew what it was, the white nectar was hers. She watched in disbelief as he stirred her into his tea and shot a wicked grin at her, she turned pale and went limp as he raised his cup to his lips and drank a sip of her motherhood never breaking his gaze. Astounded by his impertinence, she turned in horror and rushed into the house not to emerge the rest of the morning.
She ran into her bedroom overwhelmed by the situation, thinking about everything that had happened within the last twelve hours, flustered she kept thinking about that man drinking her breast milk.
How could she have let him take it last night?
What had come over her that she gave in to such an intrusion of her feminine dignity?
She kept thinking about the milker drinking that sip of tea, playing it over and over in her mind, watching it in disgust and then thinking about him going on to finish his cup of tea. She was mortified, but thinking about it was doing something to her, the more she thought of that man drinking her juice, the milk of her tender breasts, the more she replayed the image of him gulping her down gazing straight at her, the wetter she was getting. She was being aroused, she could feel tension build within her pussy, but she didn’t know why, she didn’t know that the whole thing was turning her on.
But somehow, on some unconscious level, the act of another human being, this man, drinking the milk produced within her, while he looked into her soul; it excited her, it thrilled her beyond her knowledge and comprehension.

Elsewhere on the farm, her daughters were thoroughly excited about their morning. Wanting to be milked again as she enjoyed the manipulation of her breast, Jennifer paid the milkman a visit accompanied by her sister Jessica who wanted to try her hand at milking him, just as Jen had told she had done.
Entering the barn with a cheerful “Hello!” Jennifer continued “we were wondering if you had time to milk us again so we can milk you, Jessica wants to see how I did it and try her hand at it.”
Jessica chimed in begging him with a sweet “Please” and her naïve smile. The girls had no idea that an open invitation to their tits with a promised hand-job needed no sugar coating, especially looking the way the farmer’s women did. No man alive would not have time for a little of that … and that’s exactly the thought that went through the milkman’s mind, followed by “the mother last night, now these two”. A cheeky grin escaped him as he beckoned them towards him, dropping what he was doing, saying that he would be happy to make some time for them.

He turned to Jennifer first and began unbuttoning her shirt and pulled the hem out of her denim shorts, the unbuttoned shirt exposing her soft young skin to his eyes from the neck down to her shorts. “God, imagine being able to get my hands on these things” he thought, “just given to me … mine for the taking” as he reached into her shirt cupping her enclosed breasts as he ran his hands around her chest to her back, reaching in to unhook her bra.
He then turned to Jessica who was immediately overcome by shyness. Not wearing a bra, he gave her nipple a little pinch through her shirt, which titillated her, “don’t be shy” he smiled and undid the knot she had tied her shirt into showing of her sexy abdomen.
Her navel looked like a small pair of pussy lips and begged to be tongued, but the milker settled for running his fingers up and down the silky smooth slit as he looked at her asking if she was ready. She was.

He told them to get on their hands and knees, he would milk them both at the same time. They did as he said, their shirts hanging open beautifully subjecting the 2 pairs of tits to gravity. They were completely unaware that he was constantly escalating the level their violations, taking it a step further every time. “The best way to do you both ….”he said, as he walked around and got on the floor behind them “… is like this”.
He grabbed onto each girl’s breast reaching his arms forward across the length of their bodies from between their legs. He had his shoulder pressed onto their asses as he groped the firm swaying breasts hanging like ripened fruit before him.
He squeezed, and pinched and teased their breasts, kneading and massaging them. He pinched firmly on their nipples simultaneously and the girls squirmed in unison as the stinging sensation pulsed through the flesh of the scorned breast, moving to the next breast he pinched again and tugged on the nipple, pulling and squeezing it flat between his fingers, knocking the girl’s knockers together, slapping, groping and pressing his fingers into their flesh as he worked, all the while sniffing their tight, tender bottoms, all along working the girls to a sensual frenzy that they were being overwhelmed by.

Once he had started fondling their breasts he raised his arms between their legs pressing forcefully up onto their cunts, every move he made on their breasts passed through their legs first. He had been rubbing his semi-muscular bare arms into their crotches, rubbing them into ecstasy as their virgin clits felt a man touch them for the first time. His biceps massaged their tender pussies as his hands played around on the girl’s chests; he was taking advantage of the bodies that no other man had touched.

The girls were lost in their emotions, waves of heat sent tremors through their bodies and they were feeling something deep and primal they had no comprehension about, they didn’t know what was happening to them. The milker was toying with their sexual youth, they wanted to come, they needed to come, but they didn’t know it and he wouldn’t let them, having that power over the young beauties was a thrill for him, he would keep them coming back for me.
He could feel their entire bodies quiver and pulse to his strokes, the girls were wetting themselves for sometime now, he finally felt the slippery moisture seep through the denim of their shorts and smear his muscles.
They were close to orgasm now so it was time to stop, and he did, but they begged him not to, they didn’t know why they needed him to go on doing whatever it was he was doing to them, but they knew they wanted him to, never realizing that it was his stimulating theirs clits that caused their excitement.

He told the girls that their breasts weren’t developed enough to make milk yet so there wasn’t any point going on with milking them right now. But he also told them it wouldn’t be long and the more that they were milked the sooner they’d be ready and the richer their milk would taste. “If making milk from your breasts is really that important to you girls, then you should both come by as often as you can so I can help you” he said. Of course it was that important to them, especially after being made to feel all that they had felt during the precious few minutes when he stroked them to the verge of erupting onto his arm, snuggly tucked in between their legs.

The girls began to tidy and dress themselves feeling rather disappointed with their massive breasts when the milker, taking off his pants, reminded them that they still had a milking lesson to get through before they could go. “Don’t you want to learn?” he asked Jessica.

“Yes!” she beamed, and he lead her hand onto his shaft and closed her fingers around his width, her fingers only barely able to encircle his rock solid member. “I’m ready for you to milk me” he said as he reached out a hand to Jennifer who in turn gave him her hand which he took to his cock leaving her to take hold of him on her own.
She seized a fist full of his dick and began to stroke him just as she had done the day before, Jessica learned quickly and followed suite, “do everything I just did to your breasts” he said as he sat down on a bail of hay.
Being royally gratified with the double treat of fondling both of these young beauties and now taking advantage of them, making them jerk him off, his cock was drooling slime which only helped the girls in their task as their hands smeared the pre-cum they had inevitably brought out all over his shaft.
A little afraid of the man slime, but noticing Jen’s unwavering composure, “what’s this slimy, icky stuff?” Jessica asked kindly, and was told by the milker that it was just something to help the milk flow out of him more easily.
His erection pulsed under the control of his newly appointed cock teasers. “You girls walk around here with your big boobs, and hot tight bodies “he thought” making our cocks, every man on this farm, beg and crave your sexy asses; from your mother’s right down to yours. Your mother got hers last night, hehe … soon its gonna be your turn, now you just work on my dick, make your payments for every erection you sluts cause, you’ve got your work cut out for you my little unknowing cock whores”.
“Use both your hands” he told them as he lay back on bail with the girls kneeling on the floor on either side of him, their four hands working every inch of his cock through the motions, with a hand constantly twisting around and rubbing on his penis head that they had completely exposed, and were in awe at the sight of.
He reached for the girls and taking hold of them around the thigh he tugged them closer towards him and began fondling their bared breasts again, squeezing on their tits as they jerked him off.
He rested his arms for a while, completely enthralled by the girls’ determination to get him off, to get their milk. He reached his arms out around his cock’s playmates and rested his hands on their asses, gently caressing them through their tight shorts, tracing the outlines of their panty lines all around their firm bottoms, then his fingers followed the seams of their shorts which guided his hands onto ever moistening spots between their legs.

He put his hands in, between their legs and ever so gently began to rub his fingers in circles on the moist area of their shorts.
His member stiffened further with his hands on their crotches and the girls felt the tension start to build inside them again. To the milker’s delight, his apprentices expressed their excitement by secreting more of their juices through their garments and onto his welcoming hands.
Their arousal manifesting in a new found enthusiasm in their task, the milker could feel spasms erupt from his groin bathing his cock in unending waves of heat washing away the walls that held his sperm within him, he could feel his load rushing out to meet his cock’s attendants, delivering to them the ‘milk’ the unsuspecting young things yearned for. Jenny and Jessie felt the force of the burst as the cum burst out of the shaft within the grasp of their hands shooting into the air between them like a fountain. Shocked and excited, they gasped, then giggled and rejoiced at their job well done as the warm load fell onto their hands and his crotch.

Jessica was disappointed at the waste of the milk saying they should have used a bucket, seizing an exciting prospect the milker boldly said “that’s not a problem, look! This isn’t like regular milk, it isn’t all runny, you can still lick most of it up and not waste any.”

“Go ahead!” he urged on still lightly rubbing on their pussies and soaking his fingers in their cunt juices. Slowly, hesitantly, coyly the young ladies lifted their cum coated hands closer to their faces looking at the gooey liquid they made. At another urging of “go on, taste it!”, Jessie was the first to take her fingers to her lips.

Slow and girlishly she lick at them with just the tip of her tongue, taking a tiny amount of sperm into her mouth.
Watching big sister, Jennifer then did the same. They didn’t particularly like the taste, but it wasn’t bad so they had some more of the milky goop. It was their heightened state of arousal, the thrill and sexual excitement of it all, and the fingers still rubbing on their crotches that blurred the taste into something of sublime decadence, they were as horny as hell and had no idea.

The milker lay back with his hands on their pussies watching these two beautiful young girls kneeling to his penis with their tits hanging out, feasting on his cum, he was in ecstasy. Breathless, he watched the stunning young babes play with his cum, take it into their mouth, tasting and swallowing every sticky drop.
“Drink your milk babies” he told them, laughing quietly as he thought about them feeding on his dick for their milk. In a way it was just that, he had drank their mother’s breast milk at breakfast, now in his own way he was giving it back Julie’s babies.

Suddenly, to his surprise, Jennifer lowered her face onto his body to slurp and lick at the last remnants of his cream that had fallen out of their grasp.
Wanting to get her fair share of the reward Jessica’s lips fell to his scrotem as she licked up his milk and traced her tongue all the way along the underside of his shaft licking at a small dribble of semen. She hungrily lapped up the liquid, her tongue making its way to his penis head where she met her sister’s mouth as their tongues wrestled across his head, up and down and in circles, darting at the slit savouring every drop of the milkman’s milk. If he hadn’t shot his entire load at them already, he would surely have come again straight into their open mouths under the attention of their exquisite, playful, velvet tongues.

Continuing to smear his fingers in the juices of their loins, the milkman congratulates them on a job well done, making them really happy by saying that he’d like them to do that again sometime soon.
He withdraws his wet fingers and watches the girls compose and dress themselves, restraining their breasts that were a shame to once again be hidden from view. “Remember, this is our little secret” her reminds them as they scamper of giggling and whispering to each other.

“I hope you liked your first taste of cock, cum and depravity young ladies, because there’s gonna be a whole lot more of it in your futures” he sniggers to himself as he watches them walk their hot, dripping wet asses away from him.
He sniff’s his fingers, first Jennifer, then Jessica, and then tastes them licking at their pussy juices on his fingers, first Jessie, then Jenny, then both sisters together cleaning his hands of their taste with his mouth, savouring every moment of it. He sighs, pleased with himself thinking “not a bad day, tasting the juices of three fine babes … and what a bunch of sluts, this is just the beginning!”

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