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The next morning, mind and body refreshed I told Mom at the breakfast table, "I think I'll go down and see if they need any help at the feed store to make a little money while I'm looking for something else."

She replied, "I'm sure they'll put you back to work. They've always liked you down there." After breakfast, I dressed and went into town and, sure enough, they put me right to work. I didn't get home until after three in the afternoon. When I came in the house, Mom was vacuuming with just her light cotton robe on, which was more than she often wore when doing housework. The light cotton did absoultely nothing to hide her breasts as they swung back and forth in rhythm with her pushing and pulling the vacuum across the rug. "When you didn't come home, I assumed they put you to work." She called out over the vacuum.

"Yeah, just about a full day today." I replied, "I'm gonna' get a shower." With that I started to head down the stairs to my room but then thought better of it and turned around to go to the mud room where I shed my clothes, putting them in the hampers next to the washing machine, then walked naked to my bathroom downstairs. Shower on, temperature adjusted, I pulled back the curtain and climbed in. The warm water felt good as it cascaded down my body and I stood there motionless for a while before soaping up my washcloth and washing up. Done, I rinsed off, stood under the water for a few more minutes, then pulled back the shower curtain. I reached out and grabbed my towel from the rack and started drying off before stepping out onto the mat to finish. I heard Mom out in the family room so I called to her "Wanna' dry my back, Mom?"

She appeared in the bathroom doorway and I handed her my towel as I turned away from her. She started at my shoulders and rubbed my back all the way down to my butt, and then my butt crack as always. She gently turned me around with a touch of her hand on my hip then began drying my scrotum and penis. She always took a long time to dry them and I soon had a full erection which always pleased her. She continued with both hands, one cupping my testicles in the towel and the other wrapped around my penis "drying" it. As she stroked it and fondled my testicles I could feel myself rising toward orgasm. When she felt me nearly there she made sure the towel was over the top of my penis to catch my load and continued to stroke until I came into the towel. Then she wiped off my penis, milked it onto the towel a bit, and said "Later, Hut," as she turned and left. Thouroughly relaxed after my shower and hand job I walked naked across the hall into my room and flopped onto my bed. Laying there naked, I heard someone come down the stairs.

It was Nancy and she came into my room and asked "Tired?" as she approached me. She reached down and touched my penis then said "Did Mom dry your back again?" I nodded my head and she just said "Figures."

"I guess she wanted to welcome me home." I replied.

"Well, I already beat her to it, and Kathy probably did, too, huh?" She continued. I just nodded my head. Nancy sat down on the side of the bed, leaned over and gave me a little kiss on my chest, then said, "See you in a bit," as she stood and left the room. I turned to put my feet on the floor and struggle to a standing position, pulled on my gym shorts, and headed back upstairs to the kitchen. Rummaging in the fridge, I found a Coke then headed down to watch television in the family room. I was down there until I heard Mom beckon for dinner.

Mom and Nancy were talking about the houseboat trip. Mom said, "We can figure out the sleeping arrangements once we get on it. I'm not sure exactly how it's laid out. I'm sure we'll have enough room for everyone to be comfortable." She had a funny tone on the word "comfortable" and her eyes went back and forth between Nancy and me. After cleaning up the kitchen with Nancy and Mom, I headed back down to the family room and the television. Nancy joined me until later when we heard Mom call down the steps, "I'm gonna' get my shower."

Nancy asked with a bit of sarcasm, "Now, why do you think she needed to make sure we knew that?"

"Probably 'cause she's gonna' want my help afterwards," I replied.

"I still can't get over that - your fucking Mom, I mean," Nancy said.

"Yeah, well she enjoys it as much as you and Kathy do. And Aunt Jessie does, too," I answered. "You know, I think it might be a good idea if you just accidently walked in on us. It might clear the air, so to speak about who's doing what with whom."

"Whatever," she replied. When we heard the shower upstairs being shut off, Nancy said, "You're almost on, tiger," as she made growling noises at me. "I'll get outa' your way." With that, she got up and left and I heard her going up the steps.

I decided to just go to bed, make Mom come and find me if she wanted to get laid, so I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a leak, then went into my room, leaving the door ajar. After I pulled my shorts off, I turned off my lamp, crawled into bed, and relaxed.

I hadn't fallen asleep when I heard footsteps on the stairs. A figure appeared in my doorway and the low glow of the nightlights in the hall and bathroom illuminated Mom's naked full but very shapely figure. She came, shut my door, and came over to the bed. "You asleep, Hut?" She asked.


"I need you to tke care of me, Hut." She said quietly.

"Well, come on in, Mom" I replied.

She sat down on the side of my bed, in a moment I felt her hands, obviously oiled well, on my penis and my scrotum. I was fully erect in just a moment as she softly and slowly stroked my penis. "Have you got anything left for Mom after my drying your back and whatever you've been doing with your sister?" She asked.

"I always have something for you, Mom. You're Hut's favorite girl." I said. She laughed to herself then immediately straddled me, directing my penis into her pussy as she lowered herself onto me.

"You just lay there and let Mom do the work, honey, unless you wanna' play with my tits." She said as, sitting straight up on my, she began to drive her hips back and forth, front to rear.

"Give me the oil, Mom." I asked. She slowed her hip action down enough to lean over and pick up the baby oil bottle from the floor next to the bed. As she sat back up, I put some oil in the palm of one hand, closed the bottle, and rubbed my hands together to distribute it. As I wrapped both hands around her left tit she began to speed up. I knew from experience that when she was in the mood for it, she could keep this action going for close to an hour, alternately speeding up then slowing down for a breather, then speeding up again. It didn't matter if I came, even more than once, and cum and pussy juices were running down my balls and onto the bed. She dealt with that afterwards. All she wanted to do was ride my penis like a mechanical bull and come several times.

I was pulling on both tits, alternating between the left and the right, rubbing the oil and catching the nipples to gently squeeze them and really quite enjoying it. I loved her tits, large and sagging, but not really pendulous as they still had enough firmness to stand out from her body some, unlike my Aunt Jessie's which had completely surrendered to years and gravity. Mom was maintaining her rhythm and speed, really giving me and herself a good fucking when I felt myself rising to the point of no return. I said, "Oh Mom, I think I about to cum."

"That's OK, Hut. You know I enjoy it." She replied. I felt my testicles tighten up as my penis throbbed and shot my load deep into my mother. I felt like I didn't have that big of a load, but I could feel us becoming very well lubricated and Mom slowed down and reduced her front to back movements so that my softening penis didn't fall out of her. As she continued she said, "So, you're, uh, in addition to fucking your mother, you're fucking your sister, too, aren't you?" She asked in a bit of an accusatory tone of voice and as she said it, she sped up some and began grinding her pussy harder into me. "You are, aren't you?"

She looked a bit like she had fire in her eyes until she began to cum and her movements lost their rhythm and got jerky while her eyes rolled back a bit and she got a slight smile on her face. She trembled her way through the orgasm without any vocalizations, which was unusual for her in my experience. On the other side of the orgasm she began to move faster on me in an almost animal like way - a little rough. I could feel all sorts of wetness running down my balls and ass as I felt my penis starting to get engorged again. The she asked me again, "You are fucking your sister, aren't you?"

"Yes Mom, we enjoy each other just like you're enjoying me right now and Aunt Jessie enjoys calling me over there for her regular 'massage'." I replied. "We enjoy it, we're closer than ever, and it's not hurting anyone."

I heard the door open. "Mom! What the hell are you doing?" Nancy cried out.

Mom stopped short, looking very surprised. "Nancy! What are you doing here."

"I live here." Nancy replied.

"No, I mean in Hut's room." Mom insisted.

"I think the bigger question is what you're doing in Hut's room, Mom." Nancy retorted.

"Well, from what I gather, I'm not doing anything different than what you're doing with Hut!" Mom sounded sarcastic.

"Yeah, I guess you aren't, are you? So you don't have any right to be snotty about us, I guess." And with that, Nancy turned and left the room.

"I guess everybody knows everything now, huh?" Mom said softly to me with resignation in her voice. "Just out of curiosity, are you fucking Lynette and Kathy, too?" Lynette is my oldest sister, another two years older than Nancy. We'd been fucking fairly regularly ever since she caught me and Kathy at the stock tank.

"Yes, both of them, Mom." I answered.

"Well, well," She said. "The houseboat trip is gonna' be interesting." She began to rock her hips harder again and leaned over to put her tits right in my face. With a tit flapping me on each cheek, I turned toward her right one and took the oily nipple in my mouth. Though the baby oil wasn't the best tasting thing in the world, I soon had the nipple clean of it and began to suckle like a baby. Switching to the left breast I did the same and then continued alternating, one breast and then the other, suckling firmly on each in turn. Mom continued with her hips and I continued to suckle her breasts through two more of her orgasms, both of which elicited several "Oh damn" comments from her in a raspy voice. When I suckled both breasts like that for a long time they frequently began to leak some sweet tasting liquid which seemed to heighten her pleasure even more. I tasted it on my tongue as I felt Mom rising to her fourth orgasm. Her hip rocking became erratic as her entire body began to shudder. "Oh damn, Hut. Oh damn, Hut." She gasped out. "This is the best one yet. Don't stop." I continued to suckle harder and was rewarded with more sweet taste in my mouth as Mom's shuddering lasted longer than usual before she collapsed onto me full length, her oily tits jammed into my chest and squeezed out toward each side. I could feel all kind of wetness running down my thighs and scrotum as she found my lips with hers and kissed me hard, probing with her tongue. "I can taste my milk in your mouth." She said as she broke off the kiss.

She got up off of me, my flaccid penis flopping wetly onto my abdomen. She went out into the hall and returned with a towel and began cleaning me and the bed up. Done, she said, "See you in the morning." And walked out of my room. I heard the tread of her feet as she padded up the stairs and down the hall to her room.


2008-10-31 12:18:22
You have a good imafination. However you should leart the art of short story writing. I mean that in a nice way


2006-10-07 11:20:56
it was good but make them longer.


2006-07-06 21:58:48
i love this story line it is so awesome an if it is really true you had an awesome time growing up


2006-02-25 06:04:35
it was ok


2006-01-28 20:45:48
Very good I love your work.

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