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The next morning I got up, headed to work and put in a full day. When I got home, I showered in the mud room then walked naked downstairs to my room. I was just slipping on my gym shorts when Mom appeared in my doorway. "Your Aunt Jessie called. She's wondering if you're available for a massage this afternoon."

"See, Mom? Whenever she's in need, it's 'boy, I need a massage.'" I said.

"Yes, I understand." She replied.

I got my wallet and keys and heading out the door tossed "I'll be back," over my shoulder as I left. Grabbing a Coke on the way out, I headed for my old truck to drive over to Aunt Jessie's. On the way, I thought about it and stopped by the local convenience store to use the payphone. Calling the cafe where Kathy worked, I asked for her. "Kathy, you want to put an end to the speculation and bullshit?"

"What do you mean, Hut?" She asked.

"Your mom called me over to the house for a massage. I want you to quietly walk in on us and catch us in the act. I had Nancy do the same thing last night with me and Mom. I want your mom and mine all on the same wavelength here, no ongoing bullshit about who's doing what, you know what I mean?" I explained.

"OK, Hut, if you think that would work." She replied.

"You can get off work, OK?"

"Yeah, I'll just tell'em I've got a bad headache. They'll be fine with it." She answered.

"See you there." I said.

Back in my truck, I headed to Aunt Jessie's house. Parking in the back yard, I headed up the steps, through the screen door, and into the house. "Aunt Jessie," I called.

"I'm in my room, boy." I walked down the hall and found her lying naked on her bed. Her pendulous tits hung off either side of her chest. "I need you bad, boy. Once an old lady gets used to it on a regular basis, she needs it even more."

"OK, Jessie, I'm here," I said as I kicked off my gym shorts and climbed on the bed. "You know that Mom has the same needs as you, don't you?" I asked.

"I figured that might be the case."

"Yeah, it is," I replied. I crawled up beside Jessie to play with those tits some. Lifting the near one, it was hanging almost to the bed off the side of her chest, I sucked the huge nipple and areola into my mouth, tonguing her nipple as I did. While I had as much tit in my mouth as I could handle, I reached over and retrieved her other tit and lifted it up onto her chest. I dropped the near tit from my mouth with a smacking noise, raised myself up and sucked her other tit into my mouth as far as I could.

Reaching down I began to lightly finger the insides of her thighs up near her pussy before letting her tit drop from my mouth. "Do you have any oil, Jessie?" I asked.

"On the bedside table." She replied. I leaned across her to reach it and while I was stretched abover her she reached down and grasped my penis to stroke it slowly. "I need this bad, boy."

"I know, Jessie." I assured her. With the baby oil in hand, I applied some to my hands as I straddled her thighs. I leaned forward and began to lift each tit with an oily hand, allowing each to slide through an oily hand before repeating the lift. I did this over and over then I reoiled my hands and slipped further down her legs so I could comfortably work on her pussy. I repeatedly ran my oily fingers up and down her lips, inserting them a little deeper on each pass. Her hips began to move slightly by the time I'd done this for a few minutes. Raising myself up off her legs, she automatically spread them and I got between them.

"Give me the oil." Jessie told me. I handed it to her and she put a little on her hands before reaching and grasping my penis in one hand and my testicles in the other, stroking my penis and gently massaging my testicles. "My young stud ready for servicing this old cow?" She asked.

Rather than answer, I just pulled away from her hands, lowered myself, and entered her easily in our oily state. I began to plunge in and out, faster and harder until I was really pounding her. Her tits flopped back and forth and her belly jiggled in time with my hammering. I was keeping up a pretty good rhythm and Jessie's hips began to rock in time with me as I heard "Mom!" from behind me.

I continued to hammer and Jessie began to moan as her hips moved faster and she began to shake all over. I kept up my pace as she made her way through her orgasm then slowed as she came down from it. I heard "Mom! What are you doing?" Behind me again as I slowed to a stop with my penis buried as deeply as I could in her.

"What the hell does it look like, girl. I'm getting screwed by your cousin." Jessie said forthrightly.

"I can see that, Mom, I'm not stupid." Kathy retorted.

I rolled off of Jessie to lie next to her, my still erect penis flopping out of her with a smacking sound as I did. Jessie said, "Hut takes care of me, Kathy. You don't understand, I need a man to take care of me occasionally and Hut's nice enough to do it even though fucking this old hag of a body must be pretty ugly for him."

Kathy said, "No, Mom. I understand completely. Hut takes care of me, too, Mom." Jessie's eyes got wide as she looked back and forth between me and Kathy.

"You two? How long has this been going on?" Jessie asked.

"That's irrelevant, Mom. The fact is, he is, and we enjoy it. And we'll keep enjoying it as long as we do." Kathy told her mother. With that she turned on her heels and left the room. By this time, I'd gotten up off the bed and was wiping myself off with one of the towels Jessie had placed there for us. Jessie was still lying there, looking at Kathy's depating back as I started to pull my shorts on.

"You're not leaving already are you, Hut?" Jessie asked me. She held her arms and legs up, beckoning me back to the bed.

"Do you want me to close the door, Aunt Jessie?" I asked.

"Doesn't seem like it matters much now, boy." She replied as I dropped my shorts back on the floor and crawled onto the bed. "You lie down, boy, and let me on top." I laid down on my back and, sitting next to me, Jessie oiled my penis and scrotum up and proceeded to pump until she'd raised a full erection on me again. Lifting herself on her hands and knees, she swung a leg over to straddle me, took my penis in her hand and guided it into her already oily and wet pussy as she sat down on me. Stretching out she laid down on me almost full length, her shoulders supported by her hands on the mattress on each side of my head, her legs up against mine full length. Her pendulous tits were hanging off each side of my chest as she began to rock her hips on me. I wanted to get to those tits so I pushed her shoulders to raise her up.

"I want to suck those big tits of yours, Jessie." I said as she raised up, worked her knees up under her and sat up leaning toward me, tits lying on my chest. I picked up her right breast and sucked most of the four inch aereola into my mouth, squeezing it between my lips as I suckled and ran my tongue around the nipple, pressing it into the roof of my mouth. Alternating back and forth, I suckled each tit that way until I felt myself rising to orgasm. Though Jessie wasn't like Mom with her four or five orgasms, she generally could have a couple and this time was no exception. As I felt myself about to cum, she began to move her hips faster and began to tremble. Just as she finished trembling, she stopped her hip movement and I could feel her vagina alternately squeezing and relaxing on my penis. As I continued to suckle the breast in my mouth I went over the top and my whole body shook as I lifted my hips to jam my penis into her as far as I could and lost what felt like a pretty good load deep inside her.

"That was a good one for you, wasn't it boy? I could tell. I could feel the semen hitting me deep inside. I can tell you'll do good when it comes time to breed your woman, boy." She said. She was right, it was an excellent orgasm. My first fuck had been with a forty-something year old lady down at the feed store when I was seventeen. Honestly speaking, I'd found that the older women were a better lay than the younger ones, once you outgrew the childish need to be fucking a "perfect" body. Jessie laid down on me full length and gave me a kiss on the cheek before rolling off of me leaking wetness on my thigh as she rolled off. She picked up the towel I'd left on the side of the bed and wiped me off with it before jamming it between her thighs and standing up to put her house dress on. As she raised her arms to work each into a sleeve of her dress before buttoning it up, I watched each pendulous breast lift slightly but still lie on her protruding belly, big four inch aereola and nipple staring down at the floor. As she buttoned up the dress, the thin, patterned cotton material did very little, of course, to hide the outline of tits lying on her belly. Sitting up on the side of the bed, I reached out with both hands to lift them away from her body and cup the rounder, ball shaped ends in my palms. Through the cloth I could feel the nipples were both still firm and let them go after giving the nipples a gentle squeeze. "You actually like these old udders, don't you, boy?" She asked.

"Yeah they're nice in their own way." I replied as I stood up after leaning over to pick up my shorts. Pulling them on, I stood up and said, "I'll see ya' later, Jessie." And headed toward the door.

"Thanks for coming over, Hut." Jessie said behind me. I just raised my right hand and let it drop as I walked out the doorway into the hall. As I looked up, I realized that Kathy was standing at the far end of the hall. When I reached her, I turned and looked back toward Jessie's door and saw that from her vantage point she had an almost unrestricted view of the bed where I'd just participated in a great fucking with her mother, my aunt. She turned and followed me through the kitchen toward the back door.

Out on the porch I asked "You watched us, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did. I thought it would bother me but I actually got turned on by it." She replied.

"You little pervert." I joked back. She punched me in the shoulder and I said, "I'll leave you two alone, now."

"Did you see the look on her face?" She asked me as she grabbed my penis and testicles through the front of my shorts.

"Yeah, that was good. Now, everybody knows just about everything." I said as I headed out the door. "See you later."

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2016-03-02 21:13:19
WTF, where's the houseboat? You've got to finish these out. Otherwise great stuff.

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2013-04-15 01:21:10
Hutter James what happens when you and the 4 women whent to the houseboat? All the readers want to know. You can't leave us suspence if you are not going to finish a story don't fucking put it and I know some people agreed with me.

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2010-07-16 02:27:57
A hot story. Fucking 4 women constantly must really fun. In future stories get mom, sister, cousin, and aunt all pregnant at the same time and have their children at the same time so they can grow up as siblings. When I was fucking my mother and sister at the same time only the first babies had diferent birth month, cuz I got my mother pregnant about 3 months before gitting my sister pregnant for the first time.


2007-06-07 21:45:38
still no ending why can't you finish your stories you never finished this one or christmas break don't leave us haning please finish them now as for reader 4-29-07-23:46 if you read the whole story you will find his father died


2007-04-29 23:46:58
lol the next one is going to be hut butt fuck his dad

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