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So I hear Navy guys always get the girls.
One day, while I was shopping at a local electronics store, I caught a glimpse of a nice looking young lady.
She had long waves of rich black hair,a smooth tan and a body like,"BANG!"

Now,I wasn't the only one who noticed. Brumfield and Vick (my room mates) got pissed as I caught up to where they were waiting for me. I must have been blocking there view.;P

When I turned around to rear-view my golden find, we all agreed that this chick was hot,hot,hot! Then one of them got this crazy idea of me using my camera-phone to capture a keep sake of this unforgetable moment, by sneaking up and getting a shot of her booty-ful booty. At first I thought Vick was playing. But then Brumfield jumped in a encouraged me as well. I couldn't believe it. "That's insane,what if I get caught?",I pointed out. How you gonnah get caught?", Brumfield wrenched in a sarcastic jamaican accent. Vick, all giddy and stuff, happily added that all I had to do was walk by kind of slow and "CLICK"!

They both made it sound so, well and good, but my conciance kept gearing in my head. I looked back and almost turned green (thats pretty tuff to do as Chocolate Person, ie. darker skin). I now was sure I was going to do it. I retraiced my steps almost to where she was still standing. I then made a quick detour to the other end of her isle and slowly moved in. Man was I a wreck! " Don't get caught, Don't get caught", I coached myself. I already had my phone ready, so I just snapped away. Every two snaps, I would check the picture on the little screen on the outside of my phone.

The quality wasn't great, but if I could just get a little closer, I could have a real trophy of a pic on my hands. Something to show the jar-heads and squids back at the base. No harm, but quite a bit of foul. But I just kept snagging shots. Okay , now I was beeing greedy and my cover was seemingly blown. I was about 9 or 10 feet away when she turned to me and started asking about some song she heared on the radio. I still don't know what the heck she said. All I could think about was, if I was caught or not.

She insisted that I must know what she was talking about, and that it was the latest hit. "Nope, can't help you", I whimped. "What is she doing?",I thought. I really wanted to run, but my whole body was in grid-lock. She quickly introduced herself as Christina. She spoke knd of fast, but not really(I'll explain latter). Then introduced her son. Now I knew coming into this conversation, that the littl guy in her shopping cart was more than likely her offspring. But like we established earlier, I was just doing some freelance photography. Rite!? Wrong!

Miss Thing had to go and complicate things even further by asking Me about Me! "I'm 25 too!", she squeeked. It was almost orgasmic, yet sweet. " My name is James", I stamered. Dang it. I shouldn't have given her my real name. Well James, I don't realy have any friends around here. Most of them have moved away. And evry sence my sons' father and I separated, I haven't really gotten out much. Would you like to hang out some time. Oh crap!

This can't be happening. This chick, who is really attractive I might add, is asking me to hang out!? Wow!

Okay, before I answer her question, I gottah bring you up to speed. Me James. Me in Navy. Me no have car in training base me live in. Me pay $20 go to mall in cab. Me pay $20 go back to base in cab. Me no buy thing in mall cause all money gone to pay cab. That make me sad.

I am truely sorry if reading the above paragraph caused you to lose brain cells. In a nut shell, Christina had the potential to save me $40-$80 a weekend. So this was kind of a big deal to me and the fellows. I mean I was going to be there for ( months! Lets do the math, shall we. 9X4X$80=$2,880.00 I dont know about you, but I aint spending three grand on cab fees!

Okay, so she asked if we could hang out. No biggy. Except for the fact that theres' a band of gold that symbolizes a very real marage, nesting round about my finger. Did she not see it? I don't know. I don't think she knows I'm married. But she really didn't seem to want much more than friendship, so I guessed it was ok. ( Don-Don-Donnnnnn!)

We exchanged phone numbers and I kept my ring out of view to keep the ball rolling. Christina finally stopped talking and let me go, after I insisted on catching up with my room mates.
And we went our separate ways.

"What was that!?" Brumfield snaped with a silly grin on his face. "Oh nothing", I spat, "Now lets go!" I still had my ring on and didn't want to jack up our/my chances at more freedom.

I hurryed out to the front of the store followed by the other two stooges and they looked confused." Didn't you get the picture?", Vick asked, "Let me see,let me see!" "Yeah I got the crummy picture",I interupted. They kept asking why the shots came out all blurry or miss-aimed and what did I say to her. But I just kept walking. I didn't want her to hear us talking(boys will be boys,you know). .........................................................

I have to break it here, so as to let you all know that yes it dose get very hot. I thank you
for reading this far. For those of you who choose to read parts 2,3,.... Thank YOU in advance.
If you realy want a great story and not JUST looking for a list of words related to sexual acts then I'm
sure you will be more than pleased with what my own encounters with Christina -- The girl in port.

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2010-07-16 23:51:07
What happened to the story? I can't belive you just cut it like that. Negative rating from me.


2007-09-07 15:40:17
im sorry but i didn't get it


2006-01-26 23:41:21
I hope part 2 is sexy. :) And I hopr u r 2!


2006-01-22 16:13:30
Great first sotry James..I know there is moe to cum..It sounds great..One Hot Stud


2006-01-19 19:36:47
this is The Real James. I have submitted the rest of the story for those of you who want to get to the sticky parts. Just waitn' for it to pop up. :)

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