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It’s been a while since you (readers) have heard last from me (hubby came home for the Christmas vacation but has left again), so I guess it’s ok again to share my adventures to you all re
Adventures of Louise continues… ( Asian slut from Manila )

It’s been a while since you (readers) have heard last from me (hubby came home for the Christmas vacation but has left again), so I guess it’s ok again to share my adventures to you all readers , as I had read most of your comments to hear more, well here it is …the adventure continues…

Aaron used to pay me a visit once or two times a week after that first encounter (first adventure), I was excited and satisfied every time we would have sex in every corner of the house, I felt I was falling for this 47 year old man (Aaron is my husband’s uncle , for those who haven’t read my first adventure).He told how good I was in sex and how it would be nice if we try something new. I ask what would it be and he said it’s something he wanted a long time ago, I got so excited and just nodded in agreement.

One day he was talking to someone on his cell phone and I heard him said that we are coming to this someone’s house later in the night , I thought “ We? “ , then he told me to get dress as we are going, he also told me to wear a sexy dress. I asked him “Was it a party?”. He just nodded and smiled, so as soon I got my self ready we set off to old city of Manila. We got earlier to the city ( we’re 50 kms away in a local town ), it was 4pm and Aaron told me it’s a little bit earlier and that he misses something and told me we’re going for a movie first. Confused I just tagged along but I got a little surprise when the moviehouse we went to was an old one which I knew shows banned local rated R movies. I turned to him and was about to ask when he cut me short and told me “You’re gonna love this , don’t worry , it’s a part of you’re training , let’s have you ready for the party later”.

We got inside and went straight to the balcony seats located on the upper corners , all the while I notice it was all males inside! , mostly some had their pants unzipped and jacking off , I did also notice some with male companion with their heads bobbing up and down on their partner’s shaft as they watch the movie. Aaron smiled as he looked at me , grinning then told me to relax and put his arms around me, put his hands on my boobs , caressing it while giving me kisses on the back of my ear. I started to feel hot on what he’s doing and while watching the silouhettes of those males on their reactions whatever they are doing , to add the movie shown is so hot too. I could hear groans and moans , slurping sounds , Aaron unzipped his pants and told me to go down on it. At first I was reluctant to do so but after he convinced me I did. I took a hold of his cock and put it in my mouth , sucking as the others did , Aaron laid back straight enjoying every moment of it as my pussy started to become wet from the action. “Yes that’s it my dear Louise, work on it, deeper, yeesss..” I heard him moan. I was on his shaft for a about 10 minutes when I heard him said “ Hey buddy , you’re not going to sit there ,watch and jack-off eh?, come here pal”. I was startled and tried to fix myself up but Aaron cautioned me not to moved and told me it’s going to be alright. “ It’s ok honey , I want to see this”. The man probably in his 40’s transferred to my side staring and grinning at me. “You like what you’re seeing eh?”, I heard Aaron asked him , he just nodded “ My dear , why don’t you help our friend here? , go down on him”. I was shocked to hear that! I tried to reason out “But ?”, before I could say anything more Aaron told me “ These is one of those new things we would be trying out , now don’t disappoint me , would you ?, show him how good you are”. Before I knew it Aaron is guiding me down on the man’s lap where I saw he already unzipped his pants and his stiff cock hanging up.”I’m going to enjoy this” I heard Aaron said in a low voice.

The man got a hold my hair and head and guide my mouth to his cock , I heard him groan as it slips inside my mouth.” Uuuhhh, yeah, you’re gonna love it baby” I heard him said. All the while Aaron was watching as he caresses and fondled my boobs from the side, his hands slipping between my legs. There’s so much movement in there that I swear that we are being notice. I continue to suck that man for about 20 minutes or so , Aaron was just watching closely on the man’s facial reactions and what I’m doing , I could bet he was jerking all the time while enjoying all the action going on. I licked and sucked that man’s cock for all it’s worth , he’s so lucky he’s the second guy whose cock I put in my mouth since I was married to Roy ( my husband ), 2 months ago now. His cock became bigger and harder then , I knew his about to come , his breathing more heavily and moaning much wildly , suddenly he came , hot liquid came gushing inside my throat as I held momentarily. “Swallow it ! , don’t miss a drop ! yeah , oh baby , that’s it , your so hot!” I heard Aaron as his face goes nearer to mine , then I continued to sucked bobbing my head up and down , sucking whatever’s left, held my lips around the shaft , going deep to the hilt then moved up to the purple head and make e deep swallow before releasing it in my mouth , sticky semen still clinging my lips forming a connection to the tip of his half limp cock’s head

The man just laid back and gasped. “Thank you , you never stop , you quite got a nice slut , hey! , can I fuck her ? let’s take to the men’s toilet “ the man told Aaron. But Aaron replied “ Sorry old timer, we’re just killing time , we need to go somewhere else” as he checks his watch. Aaron help me up as I fix myself , it’s only that I notice most men have their heads turned towards us , talking while we passed by “Bring that whore in here!” ,”How about quick blow job baby?”, “Let me have that slut!”, “Cocks for you baby , get in here” I heard shouts as I walk in my sexy skirts across to the exit. Outside the moviehouse , Aaron gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “You’re wonderful”, I told him I need some bottled water to clear out my throat and a cigarette, after which we proceed to our next destination.

We arrived on his friend’s house , his name is Raul , in his early 40’s , they are five of them and having a drinking session inside the house. I was introduced as Aaron’s girlfriend and was asked to joined and drink with them. I was the only girl and after some heavy shots I was tipsy , laughing , joking and even tried a short exotic dance for the boys. It was almost 4 hours of that , Aaron got up and told everybody that Raul was his best friend and that since it was Raul’s birthday that day , what was his he can share with Raul , and that I was his birthday gift to him. Raul got up , make me stand up also and pull me closer to him and told the guys “ I need to check-out my gift “. Everybody cheered in agreement as Raul guided me to his room , we walk thru as I looked to see Aaron nodding telling to go on. Once inside the room , Raul asked where have I met Aaron and from where am I , I responded by giving him a kiss on the mouth , he responded by giving his tongue as I did in return , I took off his shirt , lick at his nipples as he took off also my tube-shirt ,removed my bra and fondled my boobs. I got down to my knees , unzipped his pants and pulled out his now hard cock and greedily suck on it, probably the booze has something to do with my behavior. He let me suck him for about 15 minutes standing up before he motioned me to the bed , taking off my skirt and undies and him also his pants and underwear , I could hear the guys still cheering and shouting jokes.

Once in the bed , Raul worked on my boobs, sucking and fondling until he arrived between my legs and eat my pussy , I twist and moan , he positioned us in a 69 and we did that for a about 20 minutes , I was on the bottom so I did get to manage the full length inside my mouth , he know how to work his tongue as I swallow his cock deeper, pushing in and pulling out my tight lips on his shaft. He then mounted me as I cling to his shoulders . “Yeah, fuck me , yes, more ! “ I said , he responded , telling how good I felt , pumping my pussy heavily with each thrust , after 30 minutes he came inside me , I could feel the gush of his hot come. He laid back after that for about a minute , I then took a hold of his half limp cock and started to suck , I made sure he got a full view of my face while I work on his shaft , he started to go hard ,I would deliberately had the cock’s head form on my cheeks , which he likes most. When he’s cock has fully grown I started to mount him until I came , humping up and down as he fondles my boobs. He had me in a dog style position then and pumps away , holding my buttocks firmly all the while slapping hard at my ass-cheeks. He tried to put it in my ass but I told him I never been had there before , he just grinned and force himself inside , I shouted in pain , he manages only half of it inside soon he pulled it out and put it back in my pussy . He continues to doggy fuck me while slapping my ass-cheeks hard and pulling my hair back , even had my both arms held by his hands he pumps away “That’s it you hard-fucker, fuck me with dick !, let me eat your come , I want you in my mouth “I shouted. Raul’s pumping began to go faster , getting more wilder, then he stand-up grasping tightly his swollen cock “Get your mouth in here , open up !” , I could see the head is much purple then , I immediately got to my knees and open my mouth. He release his tight grip and hot come started to spurt inside my mouth, around my lips, nose, eyes and cheeks .” Aaaaaah, take it you slut! Yeah ! “ he shouted. I tried to catch each spurt and drop , then he put it inside my mouth and told me to clean it good. He would pull it out , scattered most of the come across my face then put it inside my mouth again.” Clean it , you love it ,don’t you? “, I just nodded and continue to suck it clean.

We got back to his friends and Aaron , and Raul told them how good I was and thanked Aaron fir such a wonderful gift. The group continued to drink and after half an hour of resumed drinking I excused myself for the toilet. I was just finished and about to leave the toilet as I opened the door , another man ( I didn’t got his name ) , push me inside. “ Blow me , I need to get off , don’t worry I get off quickly , on your knees”. Before I knew I was sucking another man’s cock , he’s right because as I put his cock in my mouth it’s almost swollen to it’s full and in 3 minutes or so , he came in my mouth.
He held my head firmly as he came. I swallowed it all , making sure not mess up my face and dress with his come. It tasted more of the booze we’re consuming so it’s ok. He immediately fix himself and left , back to his drinking buddies , I took a tissue wipe out what is left on my lips and followed as well. Nobody seems to notice even Aaron is busy chatting with Raul , we decided to leave at midnight and one guy asked Aaron if I can be left behind , he told him in a joke, he would when his birthday comes next year, all laugh while we left .

We hailed a taxi , inside Aaron told me how wonderful am I and asked if I enjoyed it well , that he felt hot all the time while everything is going on , I answered yes I did , I told him he hadn’t yet come-off since the moviehouse action . He told me he still have a hard-on pointing the bulge in his pants , I immediately placed my hands on it caressing. The taxicab driver was watching us on the visor mirror so we cautioned him to focus on his driving and asked if it is ok. He nodded , Aaron immediately open up his fly let out his swollen prick and guided my mouth to swallow, I sucked immediately , not minding the taxicab driver or people outside the taxi. All the while Aaron was moaning telling me to go deeper and bobbed my head up and down. It was after 20 minutes of the cock-sucking action Aaron came in my mouth , the cabbie directs his visors on us getting a full view of my me with a cock in my mouth , Aaron starts to pump up and down even fixing my hair as not block any of the picture the cabbie is watching. At the same time we arrived in my apartment. Aaron and I fixed ourselves up , paid up the taxi fare , I didn’t know Aaron still have some ideas up his sleeves . “It’s been a wonderful night honey , we don’t have any left for the tip , I guess should be more kind and give the old man a nice blowjob for a tip”. Aaron said as he leaves the taxi leaving me behind with the instructions , he winked at me and tell the taxicab driver “ It’s your lucky night my friend”.
With the vehicle’s all light off , only the air conditioning was running , I transferred to the front seat and obeyed Aaron’s instructions , I was still a little bit tipsy as the taxicab driver and I kissed , I sucked on his nipples and worked on his cock , it was already hard and swollen , sticky liquid in small amounts goosing out as I licked it , I put it my mouth , the taxicab driver laid back and let me worked on him. I licked and sucked bobbing my head up and down , saliva dripping to his briefs and pants which he doesn’t mind , instead told me to go on. With a cock in my mouth I did see Aaron on my apartment window upstairs watching us. Deliberately I sucked more hungrily , showing my tongue as I licked until the guy could not hold it any longer that he came , spurting hot come as I stroke it with my hand while trying to catch the semen with my mouth and tongue. I manage to swallow most of it licking some on my hand and cleaning the almost limp cock with my mouth. I clean my face with a tissue and bade the cab goodbye with the taxicab driver smiling as he sped away.

Inside the house , Aaron and I fucked for another two until 3pm , It excited him more as I talked about how good it was having sex with strangers , I even told him of that guy I sucked on his friend’s house toilet which he has no knowledge of until I told him. I told him how good it was sucking those cocks and it excited him more , we lay exhausted and sleep that night , it left me wondering what Aaron would be trying out the next time. I guess it would be surprise to you all readers huh? , more strangers ?, gangbang? , even with a priest !( it’s good for the soul as they say ) watch-out for it!...have fun !

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2009-02-08 20:09:39
dum ass slut. that's why ur husbands never home


2006-12-20 21:57:20
Wow, I got off good to that one!


2006-10-15 15:30:00
why you should be ashamsed of yourself little girl.
Married and acting like that. Your husband will divorce you and then you can go fuck all of Manila.

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