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yankees2girl: all right so do you have a scene in mind or just the roles

fucinhigh08: just the roles
fucinhigh08: you got a scene

yankees2girl: ok
yankees2girl: hmmm

fucinhigh08: think

yankees2girl: ok how bout this, mom died when i was young so its just been you raising me, we're really close and you take me shopping for school clothes one day, i tell you everything and on the way to the mall i tell you sumthing that might make you think some bad thoughts bout your daughter. ok?

fucinhigh08: mmm hell yes
fucinhigh08: ok so we are in the car driving, im wearing just jeans and a t-shirt

yankees2girl: ok im wearing a skirt, that tank top that ties in the front, that black lacy bra, and a
black lacy thong

fucinhigh08: mmmmmm
fucinhigh08: as we drive i occasionaly look over at you in ‘aww’ that your my daughter and you are so beautiful

yankees2girl: about halfway there i work up the nerve to say sumthin to you "dad?"

fucinhigh08: i look over "ya baby what’s up"

yankees2girl: "well you kno how you said i could tell you anything”

fucinhigh08: "yes sweety of course"
fucinhigh08: “what is it hun?"

yankees2girl: "well you remember jason right?"

fucinhigh08: “umm ya i think so the funny looking one”

yankees2girl: "dad!" i hit you playfully

fucinhigh08: “ya hun what about him?” say laughing

yankees2girl: "well you know how i said i was going to haley’s?"

fucinhigh08: i look at you serious...”yes" i do remember

yankees2girl: "well, i went to jason’s, and one thing led to another..." i look out the window

fucinhigh08: “oh my god you little slut” i say pulling the car over on the highway

yankees2girl: "what! it wasnt like that!"

fucinhigh08: “erica tell me you didn’t sleep with him”

yankees2girl: "dad…" i start crying a little "he said he loved me"

fucinhigh08: “he said he loved you…he just wanted some teenage pussy” i say looking at you disgusted

yankees2girl: "its not like that, i thought youd understand"

fucinhigh08: “what you mean its not like that”

yankees2girl: "he’s not like the other guys dad" i dont look you in the eyes

fucinhigh08: i grab your chin and make you look at me, “all guys are the same including your dad...we all want one thing”

yankees2girl: i try to shake my head away but your grip is too strong "who cares dad, i wanted it too" i say quietly

fucinhigh08: “of course you did, your just like your mother a horny little bitch” i grab tighter, “and seeing you like to fuck around and be a slut, your gonna have to show your old man what a slut
you are.” i say tossing your chin away as i lean back in my seat

yankees2girl: i look up at you with pleading eyes "your my dad! i cant do that"

fucinhigh08: “why not? you can fuck jason but you cant fuck your dad?”

yankees2girl: "its just wrong"

fucinhigh08: “no it aint” i say unziping my pants ..”and even if it is, your going to do it anyway im
your dad and what i say goes”

fucinhigh08: “you want to dress like that and fuck boys then dad is going to have fun too bitch”

yankees2girl: i look you in the eyes with tears swelling in them hoping youll feel guilty

yankees2girl: i give you the ’sad puppy dog' face

fucinhigh08: "that shit aint going to work erica” i say pulling out my cock

yankees2girl: i look at it seeing how much bigger it is than jasons, i cant help but smile

fucinhigh08: "is it as big as jasons?” i say playin with it

yankees2girl: “its sooo much bigger” i look at your cock in awe

fucinhigh08: i stroke it "come here baby dont be scared you know what to do”

yankees2girl: i take a deep breath and wipe the tears from my face, i scoot in closer and lean
over i grab it and caress it in my hand then then i put the head to my lips and kiss it and then look
up at you to see your reaction

fucinhigh08: i smile big and rub your hair "thats a good girl baby"

yankees2girl: i smile and go back down sliding it back into my mouth
yankees2girl: ((you dont know how bad i want to do this while the car is in motion))

fucinhigh08: i put the car in drive as you start suckin..."keep sucking baby we got to get to the mall before it closes”

yankees2girl: ((your the best))
yankees2girl: i nod my head and start to suck faster

fucinhigh08: one hand on your head and one on the wheel i moan loud as we drive

yankees2girl: as i hear your moans i reach down and subconsciously place a hand under my skirt
and start rubbing hard, i moan loud as i suck you hard

fucinhigh08: i look over at you rubbing your pussy........"see you like dad’s cock don’t you baby?”

yankees2girl: i respond be bringing up a soaking wet hand to your mouth but i dont stop sucking

fucinhigh08: i start licking and sucking your fingers as i drive not really paying attention to the road" mmm erica you taste sooo sweet baby”

yankees2girl: i quickly remove my fingers and start rubbing myself again moaning loud as i start gagging on your cock

fucinhigh08: “mmmm oh my god! yes suck that cock you little slut” i say leaning back and closing my eyes

yankees2girl: i continue to gag myself over and over as spit drools down my chin

fucinhigh08: as we pull up to a red light i start slaming your head up and down...."suck it you little bitch make daddy cum if you want some new school clothes”

yankees2girl: i suck faster and harder trying to keep up with you slaming me, i reach up with my free hand and start rubbing your balls

fucinhigh08: “ya thats it bitch” i say “gag yourself show daddy how much you like it”

yankees2girl: i try to shove your cock as far as it will go and i start coughing hard but i try and leave it there”

fucinhigh08: i hold your head down to help you feeling that you aint trying to get up ...”mm ya thats it baby make daddy i cum” i say as you cough and gag

yankees2girl: i struggle for air and squeeze your balls a little harder, coughing harder and more every second

yankees2girl: ((i just cummed for my second time and im shaking))

fucinhigh08: ((im on twice too"))
fucinhigh08: i shoot a huge load in your mouth as you gasp for air i hold your head as you choke
on my cum

yankees2girl: i cough and spit and cum leaks out onto your legs
yankees2girl: i cough and struggle

fucinhigh08: i hold your head "eat it slut” i say as i slam your head all the way down

yankees2girl: i try to swallow all the cum i can but im still gagging and trying to breath

fucinhigh08: mmm i bob your head as you slurp and try to eat it all and breath

yankees2girl: everytime you bob my head up i swallow more of your cum

fucinhigh08: i get harder and harder again as you suck hard yon slurp up my cum
people are beeping and going around us you gag on my cum

yankees2girl: i continue to eat your cum and suck you harder, as i hear commotion outside i look up at you

fucinhigh08: “dont worry about them bitch just eat daddy’s cock he’s going to cum again”

yankees2girl: i try to smile with your cock in my mouth and i continue to suck harder after hearing that your cuming again

fucinhigh08: “gag bitch” i say pushing my hips foward

yankees2girl: you shove your cock down my throat as far as it will go, i start spasming a little as i gag a lot in a little amount of time

fucinhigh08: mmmm you’re close to throwing up your gaggin so much, i start slaming my hips up and down fucking your mouth

yankees2girl: ((holy fuck, how many times you cum?))

fucinhigh08: ((almost three))

yankees2girl: i try to relax my throat but no use, i let you fuck my face hard wanting you to cum again

fucinhigh08: i slam your face til i cum so much you choke hard

yankees2girl: i gag up a little of your cum and it leaks out of my mouth onto my chin nd your legs

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