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The fantasy of a middle aged man
She was washing her car next door the first time I saw her. The neighbor’s daughter, she was the stuff that good stories are made of. All I knew about her was that she went to college and was home for the winter break. She was around 20 years old and was wearing a tight tank top and short shorts while she cleaned the car in the driveway. I didn’t think much more about her until the next day.

I was out getting the mail when my neighbor (the hot girl’s mom) drove up. She stopped her little convertible and we chatted for a minute. I really only knew that her name was Susan as my wife and I had just moved in a couple of months ago.

“Hi Susan, how are you?”
“Good, and you?”
“Doing fine. Any special plans for the holidays?”
“Yeah, Jack and I are going on a 3 day cruise tomorrow”
“That sounds fun”, I said. “Do you need me to keep an eye on your house, get the paper, anything?”
“No, my daughter Heather will be here, she’s staying here while we’re gone.”
“Well, tell her that if she needs anything, she can knock on the door anytime.”
“Thanks, I’ll let her know” Susan replied.
“OK, have fun on your trip”

Susan drove off and I’d like to think that I didn’t start planning it then, but I’d be lying…

The next day, there was a knock at the door and Heather was standing there in a white blouse and a skirt. She looked wet and upset.

I told her to come in and I introduced myself. As she walked in, and I was checking out her tight, young body, I couldn’t help thinking about the issues my wife and I had been having lately. I wanted sex of all different kinds all the time, and Katie was a missionary girl most of the time. Every once in a while, after a few glasses of wine, she’d let me do her doggy style or maybe kiss my dick, but she was the typical ‘birthday blowjob’ wife with no need or desire to expand her sexual horizons. I had taken to surfing the net for porn that satisfied my desires, focusing on anal sex, bondage and blowjob movies. It helped me cope with my fantasies, but I still needed something more and Katie wasn’t willing to give it to me. We had not even had ‘regular’ sex in three months. Now I had a girl who was 15 years younger than me standing in my entry way and I was thinking about living in my own little porno movie, but turned my attention back to why she was really here.

“What can I do for you?” I asked
“The kitchen sink is leaking water all over the place, I don’t know what happened. Can you help me?” Heather asked.
“Sure, let me get some tools and I’ll be right over. Why don’t you grab all the towels you can find to soak up what you can off of the floor?”
“OK, the front door’s open, just come in when you get there.”

I went to the garage to get my tool box as Heather headed back to her house. I started feeling a little guilty about my fantasies, but damn. She was 20 years old, with nice sized tits, and small little ass and beautiful long blonde hair. My wife Katie was at least 70 lbs. overweight, with hanging, sloppy tits, a big ass that I rarely got to play with and a pussy that was drying up. How was I supposed to keep those thoughts to myself?

It may have been how horny I’d been for the last three months that made me think about it, but it wasn’t hard to convince myself that I was going to have Heather every way that I wanted. Katie was working an 18 hour shift (she was a medical intern at the local hospital), so I knew I had some time before anyone would miss me at home. Heather’s parents were gone for the next two days, so I knew she was alone. The combination of those things made me think I could pull it off. I got a few other ‘tools’ from my house for use on Heather and started over to her house. Just that quick I had made the decision to rape her.

I walked in, locked the door behind me and made my way to the kitchen. Heather was on her hands and knees wiping up the water. Her white blouse was a button down type and with her bent over, I could see her tits hanging in her bra and knew there was no turning back now. I approached her and set my toolbox down slightly behind her. I opened it and took out three zip ties that were looped together already. I put my knee into her back and grabbed at her right arm at the same time. She went down hard on the tile floor as I zipped her right wrist. I quickly got a hold of her left wrist and now had her hands bound behind her back. I think it was the element of surprise that made it so easy, but now that she felt what was going on, she started to fight. I was still on her back straddling her when she started bucking and kicking. I pulled out the utility knife and touched it to her throat which stopped her movements instantly.

“Heather, this can be hard or easy for you. Submit to me and it will be less unpleasant. If you resist, I’ll make it hell for you as long as I can. Do you understand?”
“Why?, what, what are you doing? Get off of me and take these off of my hands you fucker!”
“That’s not quite what I had in mind when I said submit, bitch.”

I pulled her up by her hair and she let out a loud scream. I was ready with the rag and some duct tape and got her gagged very quickly. I grabbed two lengths of rope from my toolbox and then helped her to her feet. I was still holding the knife close to her face as I led her to her parents bedroom which had a nice four poster, king sized bed. I threw her down on it on her back and sat on her chest to keep her still. I turned around and grabbed her ankle and looped the rope around the sturdy post on the bed. She got in a couple of good kicks on me, but I succeeded in getting one leg tied up. The other leg was much easier now that she had one tied up and her hands under her back. I left her on the bed for a second while I went into the master bedroom closet to find what I was after. I found Jack’s ties and grabbed four of them.

When I got back to the bed, Heather was crying and trying with all her might to get off of the bed. I calmly slapped her in the face to get her attention. She stopped struggling, but the muffled words told me she still wasn’t too happy… I sat her up so I could get at her hands and tied one tie around each of her wrists. I grabbed hold of them hard and took the knife out of my pocket and cut the zip ties apart. I quickly brought her hands in front of her body and got them tied together. I laid her down again and took the other two ties and fastened her hands above her head and to both of the other posts on the top of the bed.

Now Heather was completely helpless, her legs spread and hands up above her head as she lay on her back, but still had her clothes on. I started by unbuttoning her shirt. I got it undone and couldn’t believe how nice her tits looked in her little white, lacy bra. I took the knife out again and cut her blouse off. I left her bra on for a little while as I went to work on her skirt. As I lifted it up, I was thinking of all of the times I had asked Katie to suck me off, play with her pussy, take it in the ass, and all the other things I wanted to do to her. I made me a little angry and I took it out on Heather’s skirt. I ripped in down the side, and threw it away. I then cut her thong panties off of her to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy spread wide from her bonds. I pushed a finger between her folds and found a tight little hole. Heather moaned behind her gag but I knew it wasn’t a pleasure moan, she was pissed. I was over the edge now and wasn’t going to hold anything back. I had made my bed so to speak, and now I had to sleep in it. I kept working my finger in and out of her cunt while staring into her eyes. They were angry, but her pussy was starting to betray her. My finger was soaked and I pushed another into her waiting hole. This time the moan was less angry and a little more erotic. My eyes wandered to her bra-covered tits and I had to see them. I took the knife in my other hand and slipped the blade beneath one of her bra straps. It cut easily and Heather started trying to thrash and grunt in order to stop my assault. I cut the other strap and quickly pulled what was left of her bra over her tits to expose them.

I still had two fingers buried in her pussy so I’m not sure if she was turned on or it was just the cold air hitting her nipples, but they stood up immediately. They were about a half an inch long and very hard. I pinched one hard and got Heather to scream into her gag. That just turned me on more and I started slapping her tits with my open hand. She got the hint and stopped trying to scream, knowing it was egging me on. Katie never let me even pinch her nipples, so smacking Heather’s tits around was a treat to me. Needless to say, by now my cock was rock hard and needing some attention.

I really wanted to shove it down her throat, but I knew she wasn’t even close to being submissive yet, and I didn’t want to take my chances with my cock so close to her teeth. I thought I would try that later. I stepped away, pulling my fingers out of her cunt and slipped my shirt off. Heather was staring me down and I think she finally realized exactly what was happening. A few tears streamed down her lovely face, and as I wiped them away, I had a tinge of guilt. Not enough to stop myself, but enough to make me think about what must be going through her mind.

“Heather, I’m going to use your body for whatever I feel like, but you are in no mortal danger unless you try something stupid. I’m not going to hurt you too much and am certainly not going to kill you. I am a frustrated middle aged guy whose wife won’t put out and you are going to take her place for a little while. Do you understand me? Grunt once for yes and twice for no”
“Good, now I’m sure you’ve had sex before, but never like this. I will do everything I can to make it somewhat enjoyable for you as well, but this is about me and my needs. If you meet those needs this can be over sooner for you. Do you understand me?”
“Excellent, let’s get started”

I pushed my pants over my raging hard on and stepped out of my boxers. I have a good sized cock normally, it’s almost 8 inches long, but today with all the excitement, it seemed to be even bigger.

“Wow Heather, you’ve made my cock bigger than I’ve ever seen it. I hope it doesn’t hurt you too much”

I took a position in between her legs and started out by licking her young, bald pussy. Heather didn’t respond right away, but again her body betrayed her. Her juices were flowing soon after I started in on her snatch. She tasted wonderful. Katie, when she let me eat her out, never tasted good, but I still enjoyed it. She thought it was dirty and never could get over it to have an orgasm. Maybe if I could pull this off, I’d tie Katie up and make her enjoy it as much as Heather seemed to be. Muffled groans were escaping from under her gag and that drove me farther into her pussy. I felt her tense up and start shuddering when my tongue darted into her hole and I kept going making her orgasm hard. Again this turned me on to no end, so I stopped, propped myself over her and stuffed my cock all the way up her cunt. I fucked her slowly at first as I could tell she’d never had a dick that big in her. I can’t even describe the feeling of her tight pussy squeezing my cock, along with the fact that I was taking it from her against her will. I could tell you I lasted a half an hour, but again, I’d be lying. The little slut had me ready to cum in two minutes. She was pleading with me and her eyes told me she was trying to communicate with me, so I stopped (good for me as I was ready to shoot my cum through the top of her head…) and took off her gag.

“Don’t scream Heather, or it’ll go right back on.”
“OK, OK, I won’t scream, but please listen to me”
“I’m not on birth control and I can’t get pregnant. Please don’t cum in my pussy! I’ll do whatever you want, just please don’t make me have a baby”
“Heather, you’re going to do whatever I want anyway. Haven’t you noticed that you’re tied up with my dick stuck in you? What motivation do I have to do as you wish?” I said.
“You don’t have any, but I may be able to give you some. What if I told you I wouldn’t tell anyone about this?”
“Heather, do you really think I’m going to fall for that?”
“I wouldn’t tell if you don’t cum in my pussy, it’s that important to me. Also, I bet your wife doesn’t suck dick as good as I can. I’d suck you off willingly if you agreed to not cum in me.”
Now she had me thinking. A blow job along with getting away with this? Not bad odds, even if she’s lying. I really didn’t care where I left my cum, as long as I had this lithe young thing to play with, it wasn’t important.
“OK Heather, let’s see what we can do. I’m not a truly mean guy so I’ll let you try to live up to your end of the bargain.”
“Oh thank you! I’ll keep my promise, I really will”

I slid my hard, wet dick out of her cunt and decided to test her resolve. I untied her feet, still keeping the knife near me and flipped her over to her stomach. I propped her up on her knees so her beautiful little ass was sticking straight up in the air.

“I thought you weren’t going to fuck my pussy anymore!” Heather cried.
“I’m not…”
“My ass? No, please I’ve never had anything up my ass!”
“Well, I’m pretty sure you can’t get pregnant through your butt, so if you’d like to take your pussy instead, I sure will. Your choice.”
“OK, I’m sorry, just try to be gentle, I’ve heard that it hurts”
“Heather, if you tell me what to do one more time, I’m not only going fuck your pussy, I’m going to go downtown and get a few bums over here to fuck it as well. I’m going to do it how I want, when I want. I get enough rules about sex at home from my fat wife, so knock it off.”
“Sorry, do whatever you want, I’ll let you” Heather conceded.
“Yes you will. I WILL get you some lube to make it a little less painful. Does Mommy take it up the ass?”
“WHAT? I don’t know! Why would you ask me that?”
“I was just looking for some good lube for you baby. Let’s see what’s in the nightstand”
I opened the bedside table and was very happy to see some KY jelly along with some sexy lingerie and underneath the panties a Hitachi Magic Wand. Now we were going to have some fun. I took the lube out and opened it. I dumped a good amount right on her little anus. My finger slid into her ass quickly to get it up inside of her.

“Fuck! That hurts!” Heather gasped
“Honey, that’s just my finger, it will get worse before it gets better, but Mommy might be able to help you out.”

I plugged in the wand and threaded it under Heather’s belly toward her pussy. As I turned it on I touched it near her clit. She jumped up, started to writhe a little and tensed up cumming hard very quickly. I positioned myself behind her and lined up to plug her ass. I found that I couldn’t hold the wand in place and fuck her ass so I dropped the wand.
“Can I use it? If you untie one of my hands, I can use it.”
“Why should I care?” I said
“I’ll be a lot hornier if I can cum when you stick that monster in my ass” Heather purred.
I knew she was working me, but what could it hurt? I untied her right arm and she immediately picked up the wand and stuck it to her cunt.
“Thananank yououu” Heather said. Her voice was buzzing from the vibrations in her body.
I lined up again and took aim at her tight little hole. As I touched my dick to her ass, she jumped a little. I pushed up into her ass, she started to cum from her wand and started to push back into me. I wasn’t going to restrain myself anymore and let her have it all. She screamed at the same time I did. I started pumping and slapping her little ass as I did it. Heather seemed to be in a continual state of orgasm and was really getting into it now.
“Oh fuck yeah! God! Uggh!! Fuck it hard!!! Pound my ass!!” Heather yelled.

I kept pounding at her and started to feel my nuts tighten up. A couple of strokes later I pumped my cum into her ass. I stopped with my dick buried in her bowels and she just kept cumming. She moaned as I drained my dick in her ass. I freed her from her bonds and pushed her to her knees. “What are you doing?” Heather asked

“You told me that you’d blow me, and I want it now”
“Your dick just came out of my ass! I can’t suck it now.” Heather whined.
“Well, there are two choices here Heather. Dick sucking or getting your pussy rammed. Which is it?”
Heather opened her mouth as an answer and I slid my soft cock into her mouth. She wasn’t doing too good of a job yet, but to have this nubile young thing on her knees sucking me off was getting me hard again. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it in until it touched the back of her throat. She started to gag, but I pulled it out in time so she could catch her breath. This went on for quite a while as I’m an older guy and just couldn’t cum as fast the second time. Heather was working hard at getting me to cum and had now started to play with her pussy and tits with her hands. I thought she was just trying to get me hot, but looking back on it, I think she was really enjoying herself. I finally felt that familiar tingle in my nuts as she went really deep one time. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and came all over her face before she realized what was happening.
She looked up at me from her knees, cum dripping off of her face and said “I can’t believe I liked that so much, please don’t leave yet, I want it again when you’re ready”
Heather was turning into the dirty girl I’d always dreamed of having at my disposal. What could happen now?
Part 2 later…


2018-03-30 17:03:10
that was good keep going

Lucky MannReport

2010-08-27 21:14:52
Isn't it amazing how an anonyous critic can bad-mouth a work of fantasy. I always wodner how many of those critics have ever written anything. I liked your story and look forward to part 2.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-06 14:34:56
Yea rape is bad but why the heck r u here and reading this? L2 read the deion and avoid the story or stfu? You are here to Jack off to sick stories....feeling guilty now when you are done being horny? Get lost you self righteous hypocritical pos. Great story btw

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-12 18:49:54
Good story.


2008-01-10 10:19:31
This is sick. An older guy raping a young girl. If a guy tried to do that to one of my friends, I would hunt him down and let give him a piece of my mind!

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