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By Cuckold for Kelley

Another weekend had arrived and this time I found myself sitting in Tracy’s living room waiting once again for Kevin the stud to come screw Kelley. It was afternoon, sunny and warm. Kelley and Tracy were dressed, as usual, in shorts and t shirts, both bra-less. While they chatted about TV shows and neighborhood gossip, I took the opportunity to watch their breasts. Kelley’s stood out as firm points on her almost flat chest. I thought I could see a hint of her dark areolae through her shirt. Tracy’s were classic knockers, large, firm with nipples that seemed to rise and fall depending on her movement, emotion or the slight breeze that sometimes wafted through the room.

I had no idea what their plan was, at least not the details or my place in it. I assumed that the essential part was that Kevin would fuck my wife Kelley, Tracy would play the role of my girlfriend to allow both of us some opportunity to watch, and in the end I would go down on one or both of them. There was a lot of teasing and humiliation directed at me, but all the same, it was a very sexy game. It also was as much sex as I had been able to have with Kelley for nearly six months.

So I sort of knew what was in all this for me, but I had begun to wonder what made it so compelling for Tracy. Though she was, to all appearances, a slutty blonde party girl, I had begun to believe that she was in love with Kelley too. Not that she was a lesbian, at least probably not, but there was something special about Kelley.

Whatever that was about Kelley, it turned out that Kevin didn’t appreciate it. The phone rang some time after he was expected. Tracy answered and passed it on to Kelley. The call was short and while she stepped into the next room to take it, I could hear only short words from her.

“uh huh…ok…yeah, I see…”

When she brought the phone back, I could tell she was pissed.

“Fucking asshole! He has some lame excuse why he can’t make it. All the time, I could hear some bitch in the background! Fuck him anyway!”

She sat down hard, unhappy and sulking.

I had mixed feelings. The games were off, but at least Kelley was finally seeing Kevin for the stupid, arrogant asshole he clearly was. This would have been the third weekend running that he fucked her and I was a bit worried about that relationship getting to be more than just a fling.

Maybe Tracy had similar feelings.

“Hey, don’t complain. At least you got to have him a couple times. I haven’t had a hard dick inside me in over a month!”

“Yeah? Well it’s not like…”
Kelley was about to go off on her when the doorbell rang. Kelley got up quickly to answer it. I think she hoped that it was Kevin and that the previous call had been a joke, or something.

Instead, it was a young guy, maybe 16 or 17. He was blonde with shaggy, longish hair and a slightly stoned sort of appearance. He looked at Kelley, and then did a little double take.

“Uh, I was uh like here to see if the lawn needs mowing.”

Tracy rose and went to the door. Kelley stepped aside slightly to let her by, but stayed close.

“Hi Jason! Yeah, go ahead – it looks like it needs it.”

“Cool. I’ll uh let you know when I’m done.”


The short exchange between Tracy and this kid Jason was almost a parody of a conversation between a stoner and a dumb blonde. I did notice that Jason wasn’t too high, because he managed to get a good eyeful of both Tracy’s and Kelley’s boobs.

The mower started up outside as Tracy and Kelley sat back down.

“So if you’re so horny, why not fuck him?”

“Who, Jason? Are you fucking kidding?”

“Why not? I mean, he’s kinda cute. Besides, he’s got a nice bod.”

“Well yeah, but…”

“But what? Did you see that bulge? I bet he’s really hung!”

“But he’s a kid! Besides, he lives around here.”

The argument went on for a while between them with no apparent acknowledgement that I was even there. They even went to several windows and spied on Jason as he mowed.

“See? I told you he has a nice body!”

“Well, I guess so…”

Meanwhile, I wondered why Tracy even paid a kid to mow for her. Her lawn was not large. I figured it would take about a half an hour to finish it. The girls argued and spied and then, to my discomfort, seemed to plot for about that much time. They came back into the living room.

“So, get ready.”

Upon that direction from Kelley, Tracy took her clothes off and sat down on the overstuffed chair across from me. I was not able to avert my eyes – in fact, I bet my jaw dropped. Kelley slid onto the couch beside me and grabbed my ear. It really hurt as she used her grip to direct my face toward hers.

“What the hell do you think you’re staring at?”

The words were hissed at me with as much venom as I had ever heard from her.

“You just sit here, mind your manners and do what you’re told.”

The mower stopped and a moment later, the doorbell sounded. Kelley rose to answer it again. As she did, I was rebellious enough to take a subtle glance at Tracy. She sat with her arms on the arms of the chair. She was breathing a little rapidly, making her fine breasts rise and fall. Her pink nipples were hard and her legs were slightly open, giving a glimpse of her trimmed bush.

I realized that Kelley was bringing Jason into the room to Tracy so she could “pay” him. She escorted him to Tracy, and then slid back onto the couch beside me. As Tracy stood, I could only imagine the expression on Jason’s face. Kelley moved closer to me.

Jason looked to be unsure, but Tracy’s hands steadied him and she moved close to him. She appeared to be whispering in his ear as she reached down to undo his shorts. The shorts dropped to the floor and Jason managed to step out of them. One of Tracy’s hands reached between his legs and I thought I heard her gasp slightly.

Kelley’s mouth was beside my ear.

“Just watch your little girlfriend have a good time.”

I was thinking that Tracy was neither of those, but I did watch as she slipped to her knees in front of Jason. I don’t know if she meant to do it, but she moved slightly to one side so we had a side view as she took Jason’s hard cock in her mouth.

Jason looked to have at least 8 thick inches to give her. He moaned softly as Tracy licked and stroked and sucked his cock. I thought he might come right then and there. Maybe Tracy thought the same because she slowed her pace and took a minute to just tease his cock with her tongue and lips.

Meanwhile, Kelley seemed to be fascinated watching Tracy and Jason. She stayed close to me and, at one point, even grabbed my hard dick through my shorts. It was the first time she had held my cock in months. After a brief moment she let it go, but I realized how aroused she must be. I was tempted to try to take advantage of that, but just then Tracy pulled back from Jason and sat back down on the chair. Her legs were wide open and even a young stoner like Jason knew what to do.

As he knelt in front of Tracy, Kelley found her voice again.

“Watch that kid fuck your girlfriend. He’s gonna give her more cock than you ever could.”

Her voice was ragged with desire as she whispered in my ear, only confirming how hot this situation made her.

Jason thrust forward and Tracy let out a cry as he entered her. From where we sat, Kelley and I could only see Jason’s back and ass as he humped Tracy. However, we could hear Tracy moan and pant as he fucked her. From the sounds she made, Tracy came once early and then was building to a second climax. At the same time, Jason began to breathe hard and his thrusting got harder.

“He’s gonna come in your girlfriend’s pretty pussy.”

Kelley’s voice in my ear betrayed her excitement.

“And when he does, when he pulls out, you show your girlfriend how much you really love her, know what I mean?”

I didn’t respond. Jason and Tracy were both getting loud and coming.

“You make her come again. With your mouth.”

She grabbed my hard cock again.

“She needs something better than this. Eat her pussy – you’ve done it before.”

Tracy and Jason climaxed. His ass thrust toward her five or six times with long pauses between. There was another pause, and then he pulled away. As he stood and turned, his cock was still half hard but also large. A thread of cum hung off it. Kelley rose from my side and stepped to him. I moved off the couch as she led him back to where I had just been sitting. I watched as she knelt between his legs and licked the juices from his cock, still mostly hard.

Tracy sat in the overstuffed chair, her legs spread. I knelt between them and approached her cunt with my face. I stoked her open thighs with my hands and Tracy opened wider for me. As she did, a drop of Jason’s cum appeared on her pussy. Tracy put both hands behind my head and pulled it to her cunt. As she did, the cum began to flow out of her. I ate her cunt, fingering her clit and pussy while the thick juices covered my face.

Tracy started pushing her cunt against my face and I fucked her with my tongue as she came. I guess it was her third orgasm that afternoon. As I eased off her with my mouth, I became more aware of the cum in my throat, the throb of my own cock and the sounds from behind me.

There had been a slurping, sucking as Kelley licked all the cum off Jason’s cock. That stopped. I pulled away from Tracy’s gaping cunt and turned to look. Kelley had apparently cleaned Jason’s cock and had gone on to get him up and ready for more. I looked just in time to see her straddle him and guide his big hard cock into her wet cunt.

Kelley was in control, moving up and down along his shaft. Her cunt lips widened each time she took it all inside her and soon she was breathing hard, beginning to pant from the exertion and her building lust. Jason began to thrust back, at first having a little trouble matching Kelley’s movements. His cock slipped out of her and waved behind her ass. It was hard and wet with her pussy juices.

Kelley groaned and reached behind herself to grasp his cock. Lifting up her ass, she guided it back into her cunt, moaning as he thrust into her. They found a rhythm that worked and bounced against each other, both panting and moaning. Kelley’s moans got louder and then her movements got more frantic as she came.

Kelley stopped thrusting and collapsed slightly on Jason. He kept pushing up against her. After a moment, she revived a bit. She rode Jason, but with more control and less energy.

“Did you ever do it doggie style?”

Kelley got the question out between thrusts. I knew that whether he ever had or not, he was about to. Kelley rose up off him and again his big hard dick swayed in the air. She moved to all fours on the couch. Jason followed her lead and knelt behind her. His cock in one hand, he guided it to her waiting cunt and thrust it in.

Kelley closed her eyes and cried out involuntarily as he shoved into her. From behind me I realized that I could hear Tracy breathing hard. I glanced back at her, my eyes still at the level of her crotch. She had a hand on her pussy and was masturbating as she watched Jason fuck Kelley.

I looked back at Kelley, and just in time. Less than a second later she seemed to pull herself together. She opened her eyes and turned her head to look directly back at me. As Jason fucked her, she looked me in the eye.

“Oh yeah… oh yeah… oh God I love it… so fucking good… I love that big cock! Oh yeah…give it to me. That’s it! Give it to me!”

Jason was doing just that. He was fucking her hard, his hands clutching her ass. Kelley kept staring at me, her mouth hanging open slightly.

“Oh yeah honey…fuck me hard! Fuck me hard! Oh Jesus yes! Yes!”

Kelley was winding up toward another orgasm but Jason beat her to it.

“Oh shit! Oh fuckin’ shit!”

He thrust hard a few times, and then half collapsed across Kelley’s back. He gave a couple more slow pushes, the moved off her. His cock drooped almost as soon as it pulled out, a drop of cum hung off the end of it.

They seemed to just hang there for a minute, though I doubt it was really that long. Then Jason moved off the couch and stood up. He began to gather his shorts from the floor. Kelley had closed her eyes, now they were open. I thought I heard her mutter “selfish bastard”, but it really could have been anything. Meanwhile, Tracy came back to reality behind me and got off her chair. She stepped over me as she did so and I got a brief look up into her pussy. I had been closer a while before, but I hadn’t been looking. I realized that she had a really nice looking twat.

Tracy guided Jason out of the room. I looked back at Kelley and saw her staring at me again.

“Get over here!”

Her voice was an urgent hiss. I understood exactly what she wanted from me, so I moved over to lie under her on the couch, my face under her crotch. Kelley rose up to kneel over me. For the second time that afternoon I saw Jason’s cum smeared on a pussy. And again, a thread of it began to roll out as I pushed my face upward.

Kelley pushed down at the same time, rubbing her wet cunt against my mouth. As I licked, tongued and sucked, she came to the climax she had missed when Jason blew his load inside her too soon.

After a while, Kelley got off me. As I sat up, she was gathering her clothes. Tracy was back in the big chair across from the couch. She was still naked. Kelley stood up and stepped over to her.

“C’mon girl, lets go shower.”

I watched them walk toward the bathroom, both still naked. I was feeling a little left out and resentful. Kelley put an arm around Tracy’s waist, and then looked back over her shoulder at me.

“Oh yeah, you can go jerk off now.”

They both laughed as they walked off. I went back next door and did as I was told. Several times.

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Story story!

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Have the bull rape him

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this is fucking sickening........... if my wife treated me like that I'd kick the shit out of her no matter how much I loved her and then kick the shit ot of tracy too............ then I'ds go home and throw all of here clothes out on the street and never let her back in the house again and as far as divorce he had enuff evidence so that she wouldn;t get anything........... this fucking pig needs a good fucking beating


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no MAN would stand for this

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In other stories she threatens him with leaving and paying alimony. In this story she is his girlfriend. Girlfriends don't get alimony. In part 4, Kevin should fuck another woman in front of her then tell his "girlfriend" to hit the road.

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