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My name´s Andrew, I´m 34 years old and just the typical average guy. However, there´s one thing that´s special about me - my girlfriend. Her name´s Marina, 28, 5´ 7´´, nice tits, long brown hair and with a little fat at just the right places. She was born in Hungary and like many of her fellow countrywomen, she´s got a hot temper that just a little spark is enough to ignite it. Luckily for me, she has the same temper when it comes to fucking. We´re both working shift, so when we´re able to see each other, we nearly tear the other one´s clothes apart and start fucking for the rest of the day/night. That happens 3-4 times in a week or so.

On one occasion, we went out to a club for a party before screwing each other, because she wanted to introduce her best friend to me. That´s how I met Josie for the first time. She´s the same age as Marina, a little smaller with short blonde hair and a good set of tits, a bit larger than Marina´s.

Usually, I don´t go for this type of girl, but there was something about her that aroused me greatly. Maybe it was the sleepy look in her eyes or the readiness with which she shared her personal details after a few beers. She is married to a bloke which after three years of marriage started to ignore her completely, as long as dinner is ready when he comes home from work. She even told us that she hasn´t been fucked for months and desperatetly tried to seduce her husband, but to no avail.

Later that night, as we three were dancing, Marina excused herself to the ladies restroom. Josie immediatly started to move closer to me. I let her come. Her perfume smelled good. Gently, she started rubbing her firm tits against my body. I put my hands on her ass und pulled her hips to mine. She seemd to enjoy it. My cock was getting hard and she felt it. Slowly, she started moving her body back and forth, as if she´d fuck me on the dancefloor. Suddenly she recoiled and moved away from me with a confused look in her eyes. When Marina returned some minutes later, none of us mentioned anything.

I was ready to dismiss the whole thing as I thought about it a few days later. I was alone in my apartment - Marina had to work. Yes, she was acting like she wanted me to fuck her, but maybe she´s got second thoughts about her husband and my relationship with Marina. So what, I thought, at least I´ll see Marina tomorrow evening. While I was thinking about fucking her tits and shooting my come right into her face, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Josie, giving me a line about just dropping by to say hello. I invited her in and offered her a drink. She accepted and I opened a bottle of champagne. As I entered my living-room and saw her sitting on the sofa, I decided that this time, she would not get away this easy.

After a small conversation and a few sips of champagne, she became relaxed. I decided to push matters a little further.

"Why are you here, Josie?", I demanded. She looked at me with her blue eyes and said nothing.

I continued: "You stand here in the doorway, bullshitting-" her eyes opened wide "- me about just dropping by to say hello, but you live halfway across the city and my flat is not even near your workplace. And a few days ago, you turned me on on the dancefloor as Marina was gone. So I´m asking you again: Why are you here, Josie?"

She turned to me and asked:" Is it true that you and Marina fuck the whole time when you see each other?"

"Yeah, that´s what we do. She´s a randy bitch, your best friend."

She seemed to be taken aback by the language I used, but continued:" And what do you do when she´s not here?"

"I fantasize about her and try to imagine new ways to make her come again and again. And I think about me shooting my load into her face and into her mouth."

My plain words made her blush and she stuttered:"Would y-y-y-you d-d-do this ..."

I couldn´t stand that stuttering, grabbed her chin and pulled her face to mine. " To cut a long story short, Marina told you that we screwed each other´s brains out when we meet. Your cunt got wet by the thought of it, and now you want me to do you, too. Is that it?"

She nodded. I grabbed her chin again and said in loud tones:"Tell it to my face! What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to fuck me," she said meekly.

"Not bad for a start. So tell me, bitch, how long haven´t you been fucked?"

"Don´t call me that," she pleaded.

"You want me to fuck you, so I´ll call you anything I want. Answer me!"

"I don´t remember. Six months at least."

"Your bloke must be really stupid to let your pussy steam in its juices that long. How often did you play with yourself, slut?"

"2-3 times a day last week. And when I heard Marina speaking of you, I couldn´t wait any longer. On the dancefloor, I was about to seduce you, but then I got second thoughts about Marina. But now ..." Her voice trailed away.

I put my hand on her head. " Listen well, slut. I´m going to fuck you. But I´m going to do it my way. When I give you an order, you´ll do as I say. Understand?"

She nodded. "Tell it to me, whore! Understood?", I shouted.

"Yes. I´ll do anything you want, but please fuck me!", she begged.

"That´s what I wanted to hear!", I said and pressed her head against my crotch. My cock was throbbing hard against my jeans. I started to move my hips and held her head there."Do you feel my cock, bitch? Does it feel good?"

"Yes.", she gasped.

"I thought so." I moved her head up, opened my belt and pushed my trousers down. My cock was fully erect. "Here´s something for you to suck on!", I said and pushed her head down hard. My cock slid into her mouth. I let her head go and she started to blow my rod. She was good, I had to give her that. She would move up until only her lips touched me, twirling the tip of my cock with her tongue. Then back down, sucking on it. Her cheeks folded inside and she took it all the way down. First she did it slowly but soon she picked up speed, as her own lust started to carry her away. I enjoyed what she did, but decided that the bitch was getting away to easy. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back.

"That´s what you call sucking a cock? I´ll show you how it´s done!", I shouted and slammed her head down. This time it went all the way down to her throat. She gagged. I pulled her head by her hair up and down, fast and hard.

"That´s the way you like it, slut? Wait, I got some more for you!" I took her head in both hands and shoved my cock into her mouth. I face-fucked her even faster and harder. My balls touched her chin and several times, she had to gag. Her wet, warm mouth nearly made me come, but I was going to give this slut the fuck of her lifetime.

"Enough of that!", I ordered. I stood up and pulled her with me into my sleeping-room. There I threw her onto the bed, sat next to her and pulled up her skirt. The bitch was wearing no underwear!

"Didn´t bother about panties, did you? Knew you were going to be fucked real good and hard? ´cause that´s what you get right now!" I forced her legs apart and lay between them. Without mercy, I hammered my cock into heI dripping cunt and started to ride her hard.

"Your cunt is dripping wet, bitch! Enjoy the ride?"

"Yeeeeeeees, fuck me! Fuck me real hard! Damn, how I missed thaaaaaat ... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, I´m coming! I´m coming! YEEEEEEEES!" She bucked and arched under me, it was hard to keep her controlled. Her cunt twitched and she screamed again, she screamed her first real orgasm for nearly six months into my ear. She dug her fingernails into my back, I still have the marks. All along, my cock slammed into her hard and fast. She raised her hips against mine so that she could take more of my cock in her.

"Make me come again, please!" she begged as I let the pace of my thursts slip a little. "Ride me as hard and fast as you can! I need to get fucked! I need to come!"

"I`m not here to fulfill your needs, cunt, you´re here to fulfill mine! But as it is, I want to do that to you, too!" And I picked up my pace, thrusting my cock even harder and faster into her pussy. She screamed and came again almost immediatly, biting my shoulder. The ride went on. Again and again she came, screaming her lungs out. I started to wonder what my neighbors were thinking. She even tried to match my rhythm for a while, but I was to fast for her. So she just had to take the pounding I gave her. After quite a while, I started to tire a little - so it was time to finish. I saw her tits swinging in my fucking rhythm and her nice face - that´s where my come will land, I thought. I pulled out of her.

"What are you doing? Fuck me!", she said.

I kneeled over her, her upper body between my thighs. "You´re not giving orders here, I am! Don´t you get that?" I asked, pinching her boobs.

"Ouch, ouch, that hurts! Yes, yes, I got it. Stop, please!"

"Okay, that´s the right spirit." I placed my cock between her tits. "Now push your boobs together, so that I can fuck them!"

She obliged, and I started to rub my rod between them. It was tight and warm there, nearly as good as in her cunt. But I missed the wetness, so I took her head up and ordered her to open her mouth. She did and now I slid into her mouth every time I thrusted forward. She sucked on my cock as I entered, and when she started that twirling thing again, I knew I would come.

"Yeah bitch, that feels good! Lick my cock! I´m coming soon and I´m going to squirt into your face! Like that?"

"Yes, I like it! Let me feel your sperm in my face. I want to lick it up. Shoot all over my face!"

I shoved my cock into her mouth. Hard. Once, twice. On the third time, I couldn´t control it any longer. I aimed at her nose and shot my load into her face. "Here it comes, bitch! There you got what you wanted!"

When I came down from my orgasm, I looked into her face. There was come on her eyes, her cheeks and her chin. She had already started licking that off.

"You´re a good fuck, cunt.", I said. "Now here are my last two orders for the day. First, don´t tell Marina anything. I´m happy to have two randy bitches in my life and I don´t want to change that. And second, ..."

"What´s second, Andrew?"

"I want you to come here the day after tomorrow at noon, Josie. Marina is on duty then. We´ll have a nice three-hole fuck together. Don´t forget to forget your underwear!"


2006-08-05 00:08:21
WOW that story is pretty fuckin gay...


2006-02-23 10:41:48
I think guys who write such stuff r truly n basically retarded both physically n mentally. Thanx


2006-02-15 17:24:05
Don´t understand what the last "reader" meant by that. Part II is already posted. Name´s "Two bitches in my life".


2006-02-14 17:26:56
Don't like to abuse my pussies. Prefer to make them love my cock. 3-way sounds good in the near future.


2006-02-01 03:16:14
short and sweet story! i'm bloody wet just reading it!

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