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Not my best effort in the Vengeance Series, a little more romance heavy, but still with a good deal of fun. I promise I'll get some better stuff out there.
Vengeance 17

We sat on a blanket on the stones atop the roof of my three story dorm, looking into the small town that was a literal two minute walk away. It was a cold November night, but snow had not yet started to fall. She wore a hoodie over a long sleeve shirt over a black tank top over a black lace bra. I know because I picked it all out. I had a hoodie and an equal number of layers on also.

I sat against the tall chimney and she sat in between my legs leaning against me, her hands and mine in her hoodie’s front pocket. It was a tough, but obviously not impossible journey to the roof. It involved stepping on a window ledge and hoisting yourself onto the 10 foot overhang above one of the exits. Then it was a jump, sufficient arm strength and another eight feet up onto the two story building that connected the two dorms. Finally a ladder went up another 15 feet onto either of the dorms, not too difficult since the buildings were brick and easy to grip with your shoes. I made it easy, Ellie didn’t have much trouble either, several years of softball having done her good.

We just sat there for a while, her head resting next to mine against my shoulder, the light wind blowing an occasional strand of hair into my face. I put her hood up for her and pulled her in tighter as she started to get cold, she snuggled in closer. I continued to hold her there for a while as we just stared off into the night sky

Eventually my hands came out of her pockets and rested under her many layers of shirts on her stomach. She shuddered as my cold hands came into contact with her bare skin, but grew still once they warmed up and she got used to the feeling. I held her close that way for a while before slowly starting to slide my hands upwards. Her shirts rode up, but not too much as I undid the clasp on the front of her bra, allowing me access to her wonderfully firm c-cup breasts.

She left her hands in her front pocket as I fondled and pinched her as I pleased. Every once in a while I was able to coax a gasp or a squeal out of a happy Ellie. Passing over her nipples less and less, I wound down the play, clasped her bra again and settled my hands on her stomach. She sighed, and we sat there for another long while, enjoying the night.

Suddenly I slipped my hands beneath her wind-pants and started massaging her pussy over a pair of nice black panties. She immediately began to regret wearing them as I continued to torture her on the outside of the fabric, rubbing her clit and running my hands up and down her lips.

Her hips moved to accentuate my work, and her teeth clamped down on her lower lip. Again, I slowly wound down my play and brought my hands back up to settle on her stomach. Taking no more, she pushed me over onto my back and slid on top of me, her tongue invading my mouth, and her hands bringing mine to rest on her ass. I slid my hands under her pants for a more personal grip on her firm derriere and made a counter-invasion into her mouth. I pulled her hard into my fully grown cock, grinding against her a couple times before sliding my hands out and onto her back.

Rolling away from the chimney, I put her on her back and continued to kiss her. Breaking the kiss for a moment, I shifted my hands into her hood and behind her head as I again pulled her lips to meet mine. I lifted her shirt, but she started to shiver. It was then that we made our escape from the roof and the cold. It was a series of fairly easy drops down, and we were able to make it to the ground without being seen. We went through the door into my building and headed towards the stairway. After a few steps, I pushed her up against a wall and started making out with her again, letting my hands wander freely. To make it easier, she removed her hoodie.

“Get a room, you two,” some other freshman whom I did not know walked towards us talking on her cell phone. She was a little taller than Ellie with blonde streaks through medium-brown hair, and a petite face hidden behind far too much make-up. Her tight, midriff baring tank top made her B-cup breasts, and belly button ring no secret. To finish the deal, she had ugly tight pink pants with ‘Hollister’ somehow fitting on a small, almost non-existent ass. She gave a haughty disgusted look, and let out a noticeable sigh as she walked past. Ellie shifted out from under me and smacked Hollister right between the ‘L’s

The girl whirled around nearly dropping her phone in the process. She glared at me and Ellie started forward, leering at her. I pulled her back before anything could happen.

“Faked attractiveness isn’t worth it,” I said letting Hollister know exactly what I thought of her perfect combination of insecurity and bitchiness. “Much as I’d like to see you snap her skinny ass in two, you’ve got work to do,” I whispered to Ellie grinning as I led her away. She gave one last look at a fuming Hollister before letting it go, smiling and walking with me.

I keyed my door and we walked into my darkened room. My roommate had been slapped with a third drinking offense the previous week which means he was sent packing. God must love me. I now had two beds, one for sleeping one for…other less scrupulous activities. We did have them pushed together at one point, but we liked to wrap ourselves so tight in each other, it was just wasted space.

She tossed her hoodie on the sleeping bed and we picked up where we left off, my back pressed to the now shut and locked door. Her hands slid up and down my body as she drew herself as close to me as possible, pushing herself against the bulge in my pants. I helped her out of her long sleeve shirt as she took my T-shirt off, her hands running down my bare chest before she moved in to kiss me again.

Her tank top and bra were the next casualties, followed by her pants and panties. Finally she pulled her tongue out of my mouth, dropped to her knees and helped herself to my cock. My pants and boxers slid down and were tossed away, as she quickly deepthroated me. She slid up and down, her lips wrapped into that cock filled smile she got, but her tongue lay still. It was like she could read my mind, this was not how she was getting me off tonight.

I let her enjoy the feeling and taste of my rock-hard dick in her mouth for a few more minutes, then grabbed her hand and guided her to her feet. I kissed her again, my cock pressing into her stomach as I slowly walked her backwards towards my roommate’s former bed. The back of her knees hit the mattress and she fell, backwards and to the side as I took care to guide her onto the bed and not into the wall. She lay there naked, hands above her head, legs slightly spread, looking up at me, grinning.

She spread her legs wider as an invitation. I laid down on my back on the bed forcing her closer to the wall.

“You do the work this time, I wanna lay here and stare at the hot naked chick.”

She laughed and straddled me on her knees. Slowly she grabbed my cock and guided herself down, down until I had disappeared inside of her. She started to ride me up and down as I moved a hand to her clit. She shut her eyes and her hands slid to her breasts, then behind her head, giving me a free and unobstructed view of her gorgeous body.

Her breasts bounced faster and faster in front of me as she quickened her pace as my hand found it hard to keep up with her rapidly moving clit. Finally she took over with one of her own as I slid my hand back behind my head to enjoy the show. Ellie was breathing hard, and really getting into it, thrusting forward as she moved up so my head passed harder over her g-spot.

I slid my hands to her hips, guiding her up and down as she fucked me faster and harder still. She started to give anyone within about twenty feet an audio show as deep pleasured moans flew from her lips. Her eyes flew open and she stared at me as she maneuvered herself through the next few thrusts that brought us both to orgasm.

“Oh god…” she moaned as I came in thick warm spurts inside of her, and her vaginal muscles clenched in a strong orgasm. My dick stayed hard after I finished and I let her continue to pleasure herself on it, as she brought herself to one more strong orgasm before collapsing on top of me panting.

“Thank you…thank you…” she sighed, I lifted her head and kissed her gently before wrapping my arms around her.

My soft dick finally slid out of her as we got up and cleaned ourselves off as best we could before heading to the shower. I grabbed a clean pair of clothes and threw on a somewhat fruity, albeit comfortable red bathrobe. She grabbed some things to change into as well. All her stuff was in my room, her having elected to live with me rather than grin and bear it with her black hair, black nails, black lipped, too depressed for this life, art major roommate. All her classes were clumped together and later in the day, so there was no time or need to return to a room in between them.

We walked towards the guys bathroom with me where she always showered (even alone), completely naked holding a clump of clean clothes in one hand. She’d taken to walking around nude every now and then, the guys in my hall didn’t mind, and by now she knew she had nothing to be ashamed of.

Ellie didn’t flinch one bit as a rather red and surprised Hollister walked past us. Ellie let her have a cocky, “that’s right bitch,” as Hollister hurried off down the hall and we walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was still clean, the drunks not having returned yet from their Friday night binging as we both walked into the third shower stall. We set our clothes down on the bench along side my shower-box and put the appropriate items in the shower, soap, shampoo, etc.

After drawing the curtain closed I surprised Ellie by attaching her wrists to the shower curtain rod with one of a few things I’d brought wrapped in my clothes. I turned on the water and cleaned myself before moving on to her. I did her arms first, taking care not to drip soap in her face, and worked my way down with the soap. I took extra care on her breasts, pinching her slippery nipples, forcing her to bite her lip several times before finally moving down her back.

I took frustratingly little time on her pussy, and instead knelt down to clean and enjoy her legs and ass. It was then that she made the mistake of ever so slightly thrusting her pussy into my face. I humored her with a few short licks before standing and looking at her with an evil grin. I attached the clamps to each nipple, forcing her to hold the chain between her luscious lips. Then I grabbed the vibrator that I’d barely managed to hide in my rolled up towel. I turned the shower head so it sprayed against the wall. She shook her head and began to beg with her eyes when she saw it. Slowly I lowered it towards her pussy, then pushed it up spreading her lips wide and resting it on her clit.

Without warning I turned it on high. Her legs started to twitch and her eyes screamed. Surprisingly she’d managed to hold onto the chain. She tried to pull her hips away, but I slid my free hand around to her back and held her tight. She dropped the chain and moaned loudly as she orgasmed without warning.

“Please…please…” she panted not being able to get any farther. I turned the toy down to a more bearable setting.

“Please stop, I’ll do anything, annnnnnaaahhh!” I turned it all the way up again and brought her to another forced orgasm. Her breathing grew harder and her tired body drooped a little as I turned it down yet again. She breathed a small sigh of relief as she got some respite. I turned it on high for a split second again, sending waves of panic through her body before pulling it away and turning it off.

I allowed her to lick her juices off of the end before setting it atop my towel on the bench. I keyed the cuffs and freed her, she dropped to her knees as I grabbed the shampoo. Turning the shower head back towards us, I enjoyed her mouth on my newly hardened dick as her hair grew wet. Finally I began to wash her hair, occasionally slipping my hands around back to push her down. I rinsed her off and began guiding her up and down full time, as she’d grown so accustomed to what I liked that she had me feeling like I should have cum several times already. Finally her skilled licks brought about my orgasm as she laid her tongue to rest just below my tip while I oozed into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop, and proceeded to continue to service me. I let her enjoy herself as my dick softened ever so slowly.

Finally, reluctantly, she slid her mouth off of a mostly flaccid cock…and slid down to my balls. She rolled them around in her mouth, one at a time, while giving surprisingly pleasurable soft nibbles. My soft dick lay across her face as she continued to work off her knees. I turned the water off and dried myself, and what of her I could reach. Finally she had to get to her feet as I got dressed. She contorted her face in pain as I finally removed the clamps that had been on a tad too long. I took her mind off things by licking her ultra-sensitive nipples for a few minutes.

She pulled on her choice in clothes, a skin tight white tank top that revealed a sliver of skin at her stomach and made no attempt to hide her nipples, a fairly plain black thong, and a sweet pair of baggy sweats. Arm in arm, we strolled out of the guys bathroom.


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hotter and hotter each story! OMG!!!


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