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Hotel Room Discoveries

Last time I arrived here, I had to take a taxi at the airport. Now,
the city had opened a brand-new light train system and I could save
my company some money. When doing business trips to the USA, I always
arrive on Saturday. The flight is much cheaper and there's one more
day to recover from the jet lag. I was very tired when I entered the
train heading for my hotel downtown. With all those passenger checks
and screening, you have to be very early at the airport, especially for
international flights to the US. You can't possibly sleep in a plane, at
least not in economy. The light train seats were not comfortable either,
but I could at least stretch my aching legs.

A group of youth was chatting and kept me from dozing off. It took
me some time to get into understanding the language again. They were
teens and they were on the topic that obsesses you at this age. First,
they did more or less obvious hints. But their talk got quite explicit
when some passengers left the wagon at a station. They thought I was
sleeping. "You've heard about this party they had at the house of Doctor
Flint? It must have been a real orgy.", a nice red-head girl said. "Only
we will never be invited to the parties of those people. Did you ever see
that house? It's not a house, it's an estate!", replied the tallest of
the boys. "And our parents don't make oversea trips and leave the house
to us.", sighed a second boy who looked a little less sportive than the
first. They continued to lament about their lack of privacy and their
lack of a place where they could have the special kind of parties they
had in mind.

I was tired and wanted to end this. "If you need some place, you can
join me in my hotel room", I told them. They looked a bit startled at
me. "Did you hear us talking?", the black haired girl asked with wide
eyes. "Yes, it was hard to overhear. Don't worry, I am from Europe. I
am not prudish and was in the same situation some years ago. Come to my
room and do what you like.". The tall boy looked at me and said after a
while: "Thank you, but mother told me not go with strangers." I laughed
and assured him: "Boy, I have been through no less than six security
checks in two european airports and through US immigration today. If I
wasn't harmless, I wouldn't have made it to this train." The boy looked
at his friends. The girls nodded and the black-haired said: "OK."

For the rest of the trip we talked about travelling and their problems
at school. They affirmed that they where all 16, though I had some
doubts about this. We arrived at my hotel and while checking in,
I asked if it was OK to have a small meeting with my 'project group'
in the room. The five were deeply impressed by the luxury of the lobby.
The boys took my baggage and we entered the glas lift. Their amazement
suffered a bit when we walked through the hallways, which were a lot
less shiny. The room was acceptable, though. "Here we are.", said I,
"I desperately need to shower. Make yourself comfortable".

The shower brought me back to life. After drying, I shaved. Not only my
face, but the private parts, too. There had been that incident with that
gorgeous blonde. We had a great one night stand but some weeks after, I
discovered some specimen of pthirus pubis crawling down there. They are
not dangerous, but -- yuck! Since then, I am shaving there. It not only
prevents those little beasts from settling, but it looks good, too. And
yes, shaving there is arousing. So my dick wasn't exactly flaccid when
the bathroom door opened and one of the boys came in. It was Steve,
the skinny and quiet one. "I'll be ready in a minute", I told him and
he left immediately.

I gathered my clothes and put a towel around my waist. The youths were
lying on the wide bed and they had obviously discovered the adult video
entertainment program. If only the reception desk puts that stuff on a
separate receipt or else my boss would kill me! However, the damage was
done and at least the boys enjoyed the show. I walked around the bed and
got under the sheets, where I removed the towel. It was quite hot in the
room. I am always confused by Fahrenheit and Centigrade when adjusting
American air conditions. 90 F are standard room temperature, isn't it?

For some reasons, it was sweltering hot, though. I closed my eyes and
expected to fall asleep any moment. This did not happen. It wasn't
the room temperature, nor the continuous groaning of the porn movie
on TV, or the chatter of my guests. It was a boner that kept me awake.
Wondering what might linger beneath the girls' sweaters didn't help in
that matter. Steve was the first to put off his pullover and Sheldon
instantly sneered at him: "Steve's wearing pink, who would have
thought." Zach, the tall boy and black-haired Kylie were sniggering
a bit and got rid off their sweaters, too. Steve blushed and removed
the offending pink shirt. His small chest gleamed of sweat. Mary gave
Sheldon a reproachful look and stripped down to her bra. Sheldon took
his arm around her and pointed at the TV screen were a well-hung actor
shot a load on his partner's tits: "Look at this shit. Whow!".

Zach followed Steve's example and exposed his nicely built body. He
did not stop with the shirt but removed his baggy jeans, too. He wore
boxer shorts, which concealed whatever happened in there. Kylie didn't
want to stand back and retained only bra and panty. Steve hesitated,
but soon removed his trousers. Unfortunately he payed more attention to
the TV screen than advisable, and accidentally removed his underpants as
well. When Mary started giggling, it was too late and a huge boner became
visible. It was no more than 6 inch but unusually wide. Mary blushed,
but when Steve tried to readjust his clothes, she shook her head. So he
removed pants and trousers and was completely naked.

"Look at our little perv'.", said Sheldon. Mary tapped him on the shoulder
and pointed to Zach, who was struggling to remove his boxer shorts. Zach's
boner was impressive. "You should help Mary with the bra, Steve.",
I told the skinny boy. Mary looked at me and at him but she was more
excited than shocked. Steve walked around the bed and knelt behind her.
Carefully he fumbled with the fastener but wasn't successful. After some
time, Mary reached behind her to help him. His hands trembled a bit when
the bra finally got loose and exposed a pair of gorgeous tits. Not too
big but with excitingly puffy nipples.

Mary took his hands and made them touch her boobs. He stroke them
so carefully as if they could explode. Accidentally his cock touched
her back. This sensation was too much for him and he ejaculated. He
looked puzzled, but I told him: "Don't worry, this could happen to
anyone. You'll recover in no time". Mary turned to see what had hit her
and saw the white sticky trail, leading to Steve's member. She touched
the fluid and smelled at her finger: "So this is cum, isn't it? Weird!".
Part of the sperm had poured down on her trousers.

After being told how persistent this kind of stain can be, she quickly
walked to the bathroom. When she returned, she was naked and carried her
clothes to the bed. "Some of the stuff got on my panties, so I had to
put them off.", she explained and sat down at Zach's side. Despite their
size, her tits were firm and in perfect shape. She wouldn't have needed
a bra at all. Sheldon realized that he was the only one left in full
clothes. He stripped rapidly, but placed his arms in a way that concealed
his private parts. We boys had our eyes on Mary's wonderful body and
had horrible boners.
"That reminds me of something", I said and went to my baggage. After
some searching I found the package I was looking for. I opened it and
produced something from it. "Did you learn about those in school?", I
asked. "Rubbers? In school? You're joking, Phil!", Sheldon answered. I
handed a black one to Mary, a dark red one to Kylie, and took one
myself. "OK, ladies. Here's how they are used. Look at this mark and tear
the bag. But be careful with your fingernails. Now, you take the condom
out and grab it by this bulge, like this. OK. Now put it on the cock and
roll it down, like this.", I explained. While talking, I demonstrated the
necessary actions at my own erect penis. "No, Mary. You've turned the
in side out, that's why you can't unroll it.", Zach explained her as she
applied the thing on his dick. Kylie took care of Sheldon who looked very
pleased. "Some condoms have some lubricant that doesn't taste very well,
just wipe it off with a kleenex. Kylie was lucky, flavoured ones usually
aren't lubricated.", I explained. Steve handed the Kleenex box to Mary.

She wiped the gleaming stuff off and put Zach's prick in her mouth. She
didn't move and after a while, I asked her what she was doing. "I'm
giving him a blow job!", she answered innocently. We had a good laugh.
"You should've better paid attention to the videos", I remarked. Kylie
demonstrated with Sheldon how a blow job was done. Sheldon breathed
heavily, but somehow managed not to come yet. Now Mary tried it again.
To Zach's delight, she was learning quickly. He soon gave a groan and
filled the black condom. Mary sat up and looked curiously at the result
of her effort. The reservoir was too small for the amount of jizz she had
milked from Zach. The white fluid found its way down the shaft behind
the rubber. The boy removed it slowly. Mary tried to help him but a
pubic hair got attached to the condom and made Zach scream when she
pulled it off.

"Well done, girls. Can you show us now, how you do it to yourself?",
I asked, They giggled and layed down. Mary had one hand at her tits,
playing with those amazing nipples. Her other hand stroke her thighs
and eventually got upwards to her clit. Kylie had both hands down
there. One finger explored the deeps inside while the other hand rubbed
the outer parts. I approached her and helped her to remove the panty
to get a better look. Only Steve was watching. Zach lay near the wall
and recovered. Sheldon still tried to cool down and avoid premature
ejaculation. I told Steve to help Mary and after a while we fingered
the girls who were getting wet quickly.

Only Kylie and Zach had had sex before and so I gave Steve some
advice. First, Mary had to put a condom on his pulsating dick. Its head
was already glittering with pre-cum. "Her hole is much lower than you
think. And be careful, she's still a virgin and you will hurt her.".
He tried to insert his penis and Mary screamed. He immediately got
off her. After Mary begged him, he tried it once more but it went no
better. So I took over. I caressed her fluffy cunt with my dick and
stroke her boobs. With very careful movements of my dick, I stretched
her hymen a little. Then I retreated and Steve tried again. She still
screamed, but this time Steve had finallly broken her virginity. He rested
in her until she asked him to continue. His ass was bobbing quickly up
and down, and after quite a while Mary made little screams. She had more
than one orgasm before Steve had his.

In the mean time, I took care of Kylie. She finally took of her
bra. Her breasts were bigger than Mary's but her nipples were less puffy.
Though she wasn't virgin, she was pretty tight and fucking her with deep,
slow thrusts was sheer pleasure. She was awfully wet and even squirted
when she had her climax. I pulled my prick out of her and removed the
condom. Then, I placed my dong between her boobs and tittifucked her.
She immediately understood the concept and pressed her twins around my
erection. I had one hand between her legs and made her wet again. After some
marvellous minutes I covered her with a load of jizz. We rubbed it about
her tits and kissed each other. Zach, Mary, and Steve -- still between
Mary's tighs -- were watching. "You had quite some pressure on them balls,
didn't you?", grinned Zach. Steve kissed Mary's nipples and layed down
at her side. She looked down and told him that she needed a shower.
"Good idea", said Kylie whose boobs were covered with my drying cum.

Steve and I followed the two girls to the bathroom. "Can I join
you?", asked Sheldon and slipped into the room. Kylie smiled at him
encouragingly when she saw his hard erection. Steve, Mary, and I got
into the tub and turned on the shower. It was a bit dark behind the
curtain, but we could enjoy the sight of water bubbles streaming along
Mary's beautiful curves. She wanted some shampoo, which I had left on
the basin's panel. Steve went to fetch it. After a while, he retracted
the curtain and we could see Sheldon and Kylie. Kylie was sitting on the
panel and Sheldon was shagging her, standing. Obviously, the cum on her
breasts was turning them on. Steve entered the tub again and we closed the
curtain. We covered Mary's skin with soap and shampoo. Suddenly, Mary
started laughing: "Look, this shampoo looks exactly like cum. I just
can't use that in my hair after tonight!". She was right and we jokingly
wondered how they would fill all those bottles in the shampoo factory.

We boys rubbed the shampoo all over her body, making sure that no part of
her beautiful skin would remain dirty. She returned the favour and took
the opportunity to grab our asses and dicks. The hot shower streamed over
our bodies and filled the room with steam. She was standing between us
and one time, I wanted to stroke her ass. It was hard and less big than
I had thought. In an instant, I realized my mistake. In this unsure dim
light and with all the steam in the air, I accidentally grabbed Steve's
ass. He did not say word and when I was looking at him, his dick was
raising to a hard boner. I decided not to mention it unless he did,
and continued to caress Mary's cunt.

Outside the curtain, the groaning had become louder. Soon after,
Kylie and Sheldon joined us in the tub. "You can remove that now.",
I told Sheldon who had still a filled rubber dangling from his
penis. Embarrassed he drew it off and threw it into the bin outside. The
tub was now pretty crowded and it was less sure than before whose hand
was exploring whose body. When we had finally finished and rubbed each
other dry, the others were quite hot and turned on, but I suddenly felt
an irresistible urge to sleep. It had been more than 18 hours since I'd
slept in a proper bed. My last picture before dozing off was Zach and
Steve taking Kylie and Mary from behind.

Some time later, my full bladder forced me out of bed. The youths were
curled to each other, dozing. Steve was not there. I found him in the
bathroom shaving off the pubescence from his balls and dick. He had a
hard on and looked startled when he noticed me.

"I thought it would look good on me, too.", he explained.

"It does.", I said.

"Can we talk?", he asked.

"Sure", I replied.

"In the shower, when you grabbed my ass..", he began. "It felt weird,
but..", he paused.

"It turned you on.", I completed his sentence.

He hesitated: "Yes, it did. I didn't want it, but it did.".

"What's the problem?", I asked.

"Do you think, I am gay?", he said and looked frightened.

"You know, straight and gay is not something like black and white. There
are all shadows in between. Tonight, you have deflorated a virgin and
made the girls cum for three times. Now, you have boner because you like
the sight of dicks. Nothing unusual. Look at me.", I explained.

He looked at my hard, pulsating dick and seemed to understand.

"I suggest, you take the chance and try out everything that turns you on.
You don't have to decide today.", I told him.

He layed down the Gillette on the panel and looked at me.

"And your friends out there. Don't think they haven't already suspected you
of having those feelings.", I said and approached him.

"There are still some hairs left on that side of your balls.", I
changed the topic and grabbed the Gillette. I knelt down and finished his
shaving. There was no need to shave his ass as it was still smooth. After
putting a flavoured condom on his hard penis, I gave him a blowjob. His
ejaculation was strong and came quickly, after an almost fearful little
scream. Not as if the boy already had several orgasms before. He looked
terrified but instantly got another erection. "Now, do you want to suck me?
Ass fucking is not compulsory, but some really like it", I asked. But he only
touched my dick and gave me a hand job. I caressed his ass and stroke his
dick, too.

After a while, he put a condom on my erection and reached for the
lubricant. He spilt it on the rubber and applied a large blob on his
hand. He rubbed it on his ass and asked me with a hoarse voice to fuck
him right there. I hadn't done this for years with a boy, but it was
great. However, his ass was tight and my penis was big. I told Steve
to relax, but it took some time until he managed it. While pumping the
skinny guy, I stroke his dick with a free hand. He shot his sperm almost
a yard when he had his orgasm. This twink's ass made me soon come after
this. With a smack, I retracted and removed my own filled condom. "Let's
go back", I told him and we left the bathroom.

The others were still lying there. To my astonishment, Steve had already
a boner again. He approached Mary from behind and rubbed something
between her ass cheeks. "Relax, Mary", he said when she turned round
to see who was fondling her. She gave a groan when he pushed into her
ass. He fingered her clit with one hand and caressed her tits with the
other. "Does he thrust in her..", Sheldon began. "Yes, right in her
ass.", I completed. "There's one more hole to fill, guys", I reminded
them as I noticed their erections. Mary seemed pleased when Sheldon
crawled under her. The three moved to the edge of the bed to get
into a better position for this stunt. But when Sheldon felt Steve's
balls touching his, he called suddenly: "No, this is weird, I can't
do it." Zach was less shy but his dick kept flopping out of her cunt,
when Steve moved.

So it was up to me to make Mary happy. She was starting to get impatient
with us boys, but when I slid into her and we started thrusting,
this was soon forgotten. She was screaming fairly loud. Too loud for
a hotel room at 8 pm? Zach had the brilliant idea to muffle her with
his dick. My position was now quite agreeable: Mary's tits dancing over
me, ready to be touched and licked; Steve's ass in my hand; my prick in
the world's wettest pussy and handsome Zach's tighs and balls in sight.
It took us some time to find a rhythm and had to start all over several
times. We practiced with much laughter and our performance continually
improved. Mary and Steve had some head start over me and Zach, but we
were rapidly catching up. We managed to keep in the swing longer than
before, when Steve came with a loud groan. At this time, Mary had at
least three orgasms and still wanted more. After Steve left our stack,
it was much easier to thrust the girl. Not much later, Zach staggered
as he had his ejaculation.

This was our opportunity to change position. First, Mary knelt on all
fours, so I could take her from behind. Only after a few thrusts, she
got another orgasm. I made her lay on the side and tuck up her upper
leg. Her wet juices were glittering on her thigh's skin. Without having
to leave her steaming cunt, we got into one of my favourite positions:
my balls were resting on her wet tigh, my hands free to stroke her tits, my
lips free to give her french kisses. She liked it and was shaken by
another orgasm. I continued to thrust her in a fast pace. Her delighted
whimpering went on for the whole ten minutes, until I finally came.

Steve stood still in front of the bed, the filled condom still
dangling from his penis. Kylie sat between Sheldon and Zach and
lazily stroke their dicks. Mary and I lay next to each other,

I don't know what they did afterwards, as the urge to sleep became
irresistible and I didn't wake up before 7 am the next day, which is
quite late for someone travellign from Europe to the US. There were
some more used condoms in the paper bin than I remembered and the
sheets had some more suspicious stains. A phone number was scribbled
on a piece of paper and I found Mary's pantie under the desk..


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I nutted


2006-06-11 10:13:38
i loved this story. you have some good ideas. perhaps you should learn how to use punctuation. keep it up.


2006-04-11 13:16:33
A nice account of helping teenagers realize and perfect their sexual desires. Always nice to have an adult there to help and direct the events! Keep writing!


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yeah, yeah, yeah,... keep them all cumming!


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