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Dani has a rough week at work after layoffs
I can’t believe that just happened. I look around the room, and my nose is overcome with the sweet smell of sex. There are five men slowly collecting their clothes, and packing away a pair of video cameras. As I lay back down, I reminisce the evenings events…

I had had a rough week at work, so when Stacy invited me out for drinks to celebrate Finally Friday I gratefully accepted. We had gotten a new manager on Monday, and he was intent on cleaning shop. Several employees had been let go that first day, due to low production on their end. Unfortunately, they were also some of the people who provided key support to those of us who had higher output. Stacy and I had done more than our fair share, but we couldn’t help but overhear some snide remarks that we kept our jobs on our backs, as they were gathering their belongings from their cubicles. This was especially hurtful, considering that the manager got there that morning, and like them, this was my first time meeting him as well.

I’m not surprised though. At 25, I am fairly good looking. I’m 5’6”, 125 pounds with a full C cup chest, with short red hair that I keep in a pixie cut. I hit the gym a couple times a week for yoga, and run religiously. With my looks, I am constantly ogled by men at the office, despite my conservative outfits. I’ve never been self-conscious about my body, but I dress in a manner suitable for office work. And, to their chagrin, I’ve just never been to interested in pursuing a relationship with anyone at work.

So, after five days of having to pick up the workload of those people who were let go, and trying to learn part of their skills on the fly, I was ready to unwind.

“Dani, can you believe what some of those guys said on Monday?” Stacy asked.

“Ridiculous! I guess if they’d decided to actually get to know us, instead of just looking at us like office eye candy, they would know we wouldn’t sleep with the management to keep our jobs,” I answer.

“Right! They would know that I’m a lesbian, and until last week, you had a boyfriend. Speaking of which, why did you break up anyways?”

“He took a job across the state, and we both agreed that a long distance relationship wouldn’t work. Nothing as salacious as cheating on me, or wanting to ‘see other people’.”

We continued to talk while we drank our cocktails, getting more and more buzzed as the evening went on. About six drinks in, we saw Jim, one of the fired employees who questioned how we kept our jobs, and he started walking towards us.

“So ladies, how is the office holding up?” he asks. “Keeping the new boss’s desk polished?”

“Jim, it wasn’t like that,” I say. “I’m sorry you feel that way about us, but what’s done is done. Come on Stace, lets get going.”

We walk out of the bar, and Stacy flags down a cab. “Want to come over? I have the guest room made up, and we can split the fare,” she offers.

“No thanks. I have errands to run in the morning. I’ll just catch the next one.”

“Ok. Stay safe. See you on Monday.”

She climbs in the cab and takes off, and I patiently wait for the next one to pull up. After a few minutes, Jim comes out, and starts talking to me. He is pretty drunk, but he is now apologizing for how he talked to me and Stacy.

“Dani, I’m sorry. I was totally out of line in there. This week has been really rough. When I got home Monday morning, and told my fiancé what happened, she walked out on me. Just threw her shit in a suitcase and left. Kinda glad really. If we had been married, she would’ve tried to clean me out by filing for divorce”

“Jim, you're pretty hammered. I think you need to go home and sleep it off,” I tell him.

“Yeah, you're probably right. Hey, I only live a few blocks down from you. Is it cool if we share a cab to your apartment, and I can walk from there. Maybe work off some of the booze. I’ll even cover the cab!”

“Ok. That will at least make up for you making an ass out of yourself.”

Jim pulls out his phone, makes a quick call to the cab company, and a few minutes later the cab pulls up. When it does, he graciously gets the door for me. I give the cabbie my address, and ten minutes later, we are pulling up to my apartment building. Jim pays the fare, and walks me up to the door.

He looks at the apartment listing while I look for my keys.

“Wow! You’re the only person on the first floor?”

“Yeah, it was recently renovated, and I was the first new tenant. All the other folks wanted a room up high, but I just liked the ease of walking right in. I’m heading in. Thanks for the cab home.”

At that point, Jim grabs my arm and twists it behind my back and forces me into the building and down the hall to my door. When we get to the door, he forces me against the wall, grabs my keys, and lets himself in my apartment. Inside, he shuts the door behind him and pushes me into the single bedroom and forces me onto my bed. I’m so scared, I’m unable to move or even scream for help. I’m helpless as he rips my shirt off me and tears it into three strips. Two of these he uses to tie my hands to the head rail, and the other he uses to gag me.

The look in his eyes says one thing: He is going to fuck me, whether I want it or not.

“You haughty bitch. Think you can fuck your way into taking MY job? Make me lose MY fiancé over it too? Well, I’m gonna show you!”

He pulls out his cell phone again, and makes some calls, each time giving my address and apartment number, pulls off my shoes and skirt, and walks out of the room.

I am terrified. I am about to be raped in my own apartment, in my own bed. After letting me stew, I hear him open the door, and hear voices coming down the hall. When Jim and his buddies come in, I am on display for them. The only parts of me covered are my tits and pussy.

“Charlie, Tom, you bring your cameras?”

“Never go to a gangbang without em,” one of the men replies, as him and another pull out their video cameras. Once they are set up, Jim comes to me.

Sensuously, he begins rubbing my arms and chest. “You can either make the most of this, and enjoy it, or you can fight it. Doesn’t matter to us,” he calmly warns. He reaches behind me, and unclasps my bra, and pulls it up to reveal my heaving C cup tits. “Mmm… look at those knockers. I wanted to see them since they hired you,” he coos, almost adoringly. Then, he licks my left nipple, and sucks it into his mouth. Despite my repulsion, shock, and fear, I feel my body begin to respond to his ministrations. As he suckles my nub, he is lightly biting it, and flicking it with his tongue, sending shockwaves of pleasure to my clit.

My god! I’m getting turned on! How is this even possible? As the other four men begin to undress, part of my mind is terrified that I’m about to be gang-raped, but at the same time, something inside of me is turned on. And that confusion as my body and sub-conscious, and my rational mind war, is turning me on even more!

Jim’s hand places his hand on my thigh, and pushes it down between my legs, and to my horror, they part. Accepting his forced advance. He begins rubbing my mound through my panties, and switches his mouth to my other tit. When he does, he attacks it more aggressively, and I moan as my body and desire begin to take over. As I continue to look around the room, I take in the men before me. Charlie and Tom, with the cameras have impressive 8 inch long cocks, while another man is sporting a 9 inch tool. Then there is the last guy, a bald headed black man, with what can only be an 11 inch dick! How am I going to handle these men? My boyfriend only had a 6 inch dick, and that was plenty to keep me satisfied. But these cocks are longer, and have way more girth than my pussy has ever had! And all these thoughts send signals straight to my pussy, and soon my panties are soaked.

“I think she might be ready,” Jim muses. He stands up and undresses, and when he pulls his pants off, he reveals a monster of a cock. “Now, are you going to play nice, or, are you going to make us work for it?” My mind is screaming “NO!”, but with my eyes glued to his massive 13 inch erection, all I can do is nod.

Jim pulls off my panties, and I willingly raise my hips so he can slide them past my ass, and lowers his face to my dripping pussy. When he licks my wet slit, I could die. I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but my body is on autopilot, and I moan into my gag. As Jim begins exploring my folds, the other men move towards me like wolves toward the slaughter. One of the men with the cameras pulls the gag out of my mouth, and offers me his cock, and I willingly take it. My shame at being gang-raped is all but a shadow, as I am now enjoying my debasement. The other cameraman passes his camera off to the large cocked black man, and takes one tit, while the other man greedily sucks the other. With my hands still tied to the bed, I hungrily lick and suck at the cock offered to me, bobbing my head as far as possible to get as much man meat in my mouth as possible.

I am in heaven! What I thought was going to be a horrible, scarring act has just turned into something wonderful. Jim licking and sucking at my cunt, two men each sucking on my tits, and this amazing cock in my mouth, I am realizing that I just became a total slut.

“Damn Jim, this whore can suck a mean cock! You know how to pick ‘em!” says the owner of the dick I am sucking.

“I told you. There was only one reason her and her dyke friend kept their jobs,” he says, pausing from eating my pussy. “It’s ok, now I see why the boss kept her around.” At that point, he roughly crams three finger in my intimate passage, and I cum almost immediately. “Fuck, Dani! You’ve got the tightest box I’ve ever fucked!” he says as I moan my orgasm onto the dick in my mouth.

Between my moans, and my frantic cock sucking, I set off the camera man. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Drink it, bitch! Swallow my load, you slut! Open up, so I can get my cum spraying your throat!” he commands. As soon as I open my mouth for the camera, the first spray of jizz shoots in my mouth, then another spray coats my face, and the last sprays of ball juice land across my tongue. I should be disgusted, but I just wantonly look into the camera, and deliberately swallow his load.

“Untie her hands, she’s ready to fuck,” Jim orders. As the two men who were sucking and kneading my tits untie me, Jim moves in front of me and presents his 13” dick to my mouth, while his buddies guide me onto my hands and knees. Now that I have my hands, I grab his massive tool and pull it into my mouth. “No, no. Still no hands.” he says, and grabs the short hair on the back of my head, and holds it in place, as he starts fucking my mouth. As Jim is fucking my face, I feel one of the other men use his hands to push my thighs apart, and then a long slow lick from my clit up to my asshole.

Then, I am penetrated for the first time that might. The man who just gave me a cursory lick, shoves the whole length of his cock into my clutching pussy in one go. I cry out in ecstasy around Jim’s member filling my mouth. I have never been this full! My ex’s cock wasn’t as long, or as big around as the one in me now. And on top of that, I have Jim’s horse cock in my mouth too! The other men continue to squeeze my tits, and slap my ass while the stud behind me is fucking my hot, grasping cunt like there is no tomorrow.

Soon, I am cumming all over the first cock in me, and as I cry out, Jim pushes his massive tool past my mouth, and into my throat. At first, I start to gag, but I calm my self down, and allow Jim to slowly push his cock deeper into me. As I am being grudge fucked, I am driven further and further down Jim’s excessive member. When I swallow, I hear Jim moan, “Shit, her throat feels like a cummming pussy when she swallows!” So I swallow again, and smile in my mind as he moans.

The guy fucking me begins picking up the urgency, and I feel his dick beginning to swell. Jim’s cock is also swelling, telling me he’s about to main line his cum straight into my stomach. To my disappointment, Jim pulls his cock from my throat, and the guy fucking me pulls out. He quickly jumps in front of me and nuts all over my face without letting me try to catch any in my mouth. When I raise my hand to try to scoop it up and swallow it, I feel another cock bury itself deep in my cunt, and it knocks me off balance. When I hit the sheets, cum is smeared all over my face and the sheet itself. When I look up, the black guy with the massive cock is in front of me, and rubbing the large purple head of his cock on my lips. Without hesitating, I suck it in while he grabs my hair, and lifts my head to the right angle, and like Jim, starts throat fucking me.

“Mmm… you like that? Sucking on this big black dick, slut?” he asks. Completely enthralled by the fuckings I’m getting at both ends, I look up at his face and moan obscenely around his giant cock. “White girls. They all love a big nigga dick! Suck it bitch! Tell me how much you love my nigger cock,” he orders me as he pulls his pole from my throat.

“God…I love… your…nigger dick!” I cry in time with the man fucking my pussy. “I gotta have that black cock in me! Make me your white slut! Give me your nigga dick! Oh.. god! Fuck… CUMMING!!!” Just saying it sent me over the edge! Finally the guy fucking me pulls out and sprays his hot juice all over my asshole.

Jim lies down on the bed and pulls me to him, I straddle his enormous cock, and start lowering my body, impaling myself on his shaft. I’m in heaven as I feel his large head split my pussy lips and start gaping my canal. I’m desperat to have this massive tool in me, and push myself further, bearing the pain from the giant cock stretching my pussy more than any man ever has before. Before I even have half of his dick in me, I am coming again! The additional lube helps me slide further down his cock. Finally, I have buried Jim’s organ completely in my cunt, and all I can do is lay on his chest as my pussy spasms around it, in one prolonged orgasm. As I lay on his chest, I feel two fingers massing my cum coated rear passageway. When I feel them push into my tight ring, I am shocked. “What’s the matter? Hot little slut like you never get assfucked before?” the black guy asks.

Unable to speak, I just shake my head. “First time fo e’rything,” he says, pushing his two fingers deeper into my ass. At first it is painful, but as he finger fucks my ass, I feel my sphincter loosening up, and he puts a third finger in. Soon I am thrusting back against his hand, causing me to fuck Jim’s cock at the same time. When he pulls his fingers from my ass, I know what is about to happen. He climbs up behind me and presses is glans against my loosened pucker and asks, “What do you want?”

“I want that giant nigger dick!”


“Please, put your nigger dick in my AHHHH!” I don’t even finish the words, and he shoves his large ebony cock in my ass. My orgasm is instantaneous, and he just pushes past my clenching ring, deeper into my bowels. The sensation is amazing, feeling two giant cocks stretching my holes until both cocks are balls deep in my holes. Soon, Jim and his buddy are madly fucking my holes in perfect time. Feeling them rub each other through the membranes of my pussy and rectum is driving me wild!

“Oh god oh god oh god! Fuck me! Fill my holes! Feels…so…good! Fuck! Ah, ah, ah AH! Never… had… cock in ass… or two at once… Fuck….gonna cum…gonna cum…. Oh god! Cum with me!!! Give me your hot seed! I want to feel that nigger dick cum in my ass… Oh god! Oh god! Cumming! AAARGHH!!!”

I cum so hard that I nearly blackout. My convulsing passageways cause Jim and his black friend to cum at the same time. The feeling of two dicks throbbing, as they dump their seed in you is amazing! Both my pussy and colon feel like they’ve been filled with molten lava. As I come down of my oragsmic high, Jim and his buddy pull out, and what feels like a gallon of cum begins oozing out of my spent holes.

I can’t believe that just happened…


Jim is the last to leave, and before he walks out, I collar him about what happened. Turns out, Jim was let go for using company time to set up videography/video editing business. He explained thats what the camera’s were for, so he could test run his editing software. He admitted that he wasn’t going to rape me if I had been a fighter. But because I had melted and been so into it, no harm no foul. He also offered me a job as an assistant, and that he would pay me better than where I was working since he didn’t have any insurance. I told him on one condition: if he needs my help to test editing software, he should try being a little rougher next time.


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mmmmm very hot ty sir

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