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"Ok.. well ill see you girls tonight" I smiled, turning away from my two best friends. We had been through so much together. Tiffany, a thin athletic brunette with small perky breasts and a perfect toned body has been my best friend since kindergarten. We experienced all of our firsts together, our first day of school. First field trip... and so on. My other friend, Rachel, is a tall thin redhead who looks like she belongs on the runway. She too has smaller breasts, but i don’t think anyone seems to mind after just one look from her... Tiff and I met Rachel at the beginning of junior high, and I befriended her because she was the new girl, at first tiff was jealous, but after we had a huge fight by the end of that year... we worked it out. Now we are all juniors in high school and the three of us have been inseparable ever since.

So anyway, back to the show. The three of us had decided to get together and have a sleep over, nothing out of the ordinary, but we landed on having it at my house because my parents are going out of town for the whole weekend and we will have the entire house at our disposal. What would happen that night completely took me by surprise... so sit back and enjoy the show.

It was about 8:00 when Rachel arrived with her usual sleepover gear and a secret bag of "tricks." "Come on Rach, tell me what’s in it..." "Oh you'll see..." Rachel was openly bi and Tiff had done some with girls, but i had never have... I always turned down the idea saying how weird it was to kiss another girl. But secretly i was kind of curious, but I'd never say so...

About ten minutes later, Tiffani showed up and flashed a strange look to Rachel. "What’s going on you two?" "Nothing." Tiffani replied.

We started off in the living room and sat down to watch a movie that Rachel had brought over. Rachel went to the bathroom to change into her pajamas. She entered the living room wearing her loose fitting cotton pink PJ pants and a spaghetti strap pink top with no bra. Of course she didn’t have a lot up top so it wasn’t that revealing. "Ta da!" She joked as she struck a pose in the entrance way." "Lovely... now will you come on so we can start this already?" I feigned annoyance.

So the movie started and it was not what i expected. Rachel had brought over a porno! And not just any porn lesbian porn! It started out as two girls making out with tongue and everything! I pretended that it grossed me out, but deep inside, i felt my pussy twitch. I shook away the idea and made an excuse to get out. " I’m gonna go make some popcorn..." I started to get up when Tiffani slapped my ass.. Not hard, but playfully. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have even effected me... but seeing how they were watching lesbian porn, it weirded me out. Now in the kitchen, i could hear the girls on the screen moaning loudly as they pleasured each other. I couldn’t help but be aroused on some level, but refused to give into the idea.

I finished cooking my popcorn and brought it in a big bowl to the big couch the three of us sat on. I sat down between them and began to feed popcorn into my mouth. one of the girls on the screen started kissing down the others neck. "Don’t you want to know what that feels like, Jamie?" I lied, "No not really..."

"Look, just let me show you how it feels and if at any moment you aren’t enjoying it, just tell me and i wont bother you again."

"Ok.. ill give it a try."

"Just sit back and take it all in." Rachel tilted my head back and leaned down to kiss the bend in my neck. Her soft lips felt so nice to my warm skin. She continued to kiss down my neck to my shoulder and from my shoulder down to my chest. I am pretty busty, bigger than the both of them, just a little fyi. I was wearing a button down blouse and Rachel kissed t wear i had the first button.. With her hand closest to me, she began to undo the button. I started to resist, but she whispered, "Just go with it, you’ll love it, i promise..."

Still a bit tense, i relented and she began unbuttoning my blouse revealing my white plain bra. "So virgin of you!" she cracked. Soon my shirt was completely off and i was now in my bra and jeans. Rachel kissed in between my tits making me quiver. "You liked that didn’t you?" I didn’t answer. Out of the corner of my eye, i could see Tiffani with her right hand down the front of her jeans pleasuring herself to her friends having fun. Rachel now was at the top of my jeans and started opening them up. My uncertainty started to fade as i felt her breath through my black lace thong. "Well this isn’t very virgin of you... i think we can make a sex kitten out of you yet!" She giggled as she slid my jeans all the way off into a heap by the door. I felt her hot breath creating goose bumps all over my body... Rachel ran her hands the length of my body and found the snaps to my bra. With a magician like move, my beautiful breasts bounced free and i saw a smile, or a lust break across my friends face... again she kissed between my breasts... but this time she cupped them in her hands, gently massaging them... my body quivered with delight... my friend now took one of my breasts in her mouth and ran the length of her tongue in circles around my nipple... I felt my body convulse uncontrollably at her touch... and i was now completely hers.

Rachel kissed her way down my toned stomach to my panties... she slipped her fingers underneath the top of them and coaxed them down my silky legs... I now lay on the couch completely naked in front of my two friends and i was completely hers to do what she pleased with...

I spread my legs wider to give rachel more access to my pussy... she only smiled and ran one finger up the length of my pussy. "Later..." she said in a soft moaning voice.

Just then Tiffani, who had been occupying herself to this point, reached over and grabbed my face and kissed me hard on the mouth. I felt her tongue break apart my lips and began exploring inside. By this time i was resistant to nothing and could think of no one better to share my first lesbian kiss with than her. i placed my hands on her neck in an attempt to bring her even closer to me. We kissed long and hard for several minutes when she broke the kiss... she looked over at rachel and then they both moved in for the attack. each of them took one of my breasts in their mouth and sucked on them long and hard with heavy slow circles around my nipples...all i could do was moan and quiver beneath my friends wondrous loving... more and more and harder and faster they sucked until i could not take it and i came for the first time ever... "Unnnnnn..." was all i can manage..."

"Already... wow.... this is gonna be fun..." Tiffani teased...

"Ok you sit this next one out and learn from the pros..." rachel instructed as if she was my teacher at school...

Tiffani and Rachel rose up off of me and began kissing each other deeply on the mouth... as they made out their hands explored each others wonderful bodies... and soon began stripping each other of their clothes till they both stood beautifully naked in front of me... the sight of their naked bodies alone was almost enough to make me cum again. Rachel cupped Tiffani’s small breasts in her hands and then took one of them in her mouth and began sucking on it... Tiffani threw her head back in ecstasy taking in the pleasure now coursing through her body... Rachel kissed down the middle of her stomach until she found her cleanly shaven pussy. "You were expecting me weren’t you honey?"

Tiff only smiled... Rachel then kissed her pussy before sucking on her swollen clit... "Mmm... you really are a pro..." She continued to suck her clit hard never relenting... and then shoved one finger hard into her pussy... Tiffani gasped... very slowly, she began pumping her finger in and out of Tiffani’s snatch... i could see Tiff starting to rock her hips to the motions of Rachel’s finger... after a number of pumps, rachel added another finger and another and another until she had four fingers inside her... Tiff was now moaning loudly as i could tell she was getting close... "Oh yeah come on faster! Damn it do it faster" she screamed... encouraged, Rachel pumped as fast and hard as she could and Tiff screamed in ecstasy as she came all over Rachel’s hand.. Tiff collapsed onto the couch behind her right next to me and i could smell her sex like a sweet perfume... Rachel got up and was licking her hands of tiffs cum... "want a taste?" she asked me... I nodded my head... she put her fingers in my mouth and i sucked it all in my mouth... I held it there for a moment savoring it until i allowed it to slid down my throat... "mmm... so good..."

"Now... your turn... " Rachel knelt down in between my legs and lowered herself to my flaming hot pussy. I could tell she wanted to do the same thing she did to tiffani to me... She connected to my pussy with her tongue and began licking around its entrance. I thrusted my hips to try to get her tongue to slip inside. "ah ah ah not yet oh impatient one."

She smiled and went back to work licking my hot pussy... she rested one hand on my knee... and the other went to work fingering her own pussy... Tiffani had now caught her breath and leaned over to my succulent tits... She took my right one in her mouth and went about her business sending shivers down my spine... and with one hand she twisted and fondled my other boob... one of my hands went to her tits and played and tickled them... my other hand found her wet hot snatch aching to be touched... I started by massaging her clit in soft circular motions, then changing to up and down... i mixed up my motions causing her to moan into my chest... suddenly Rachel plunged her tongue deep in my hole causing me to gasp and moan aloud...She alternated rhythms as she pushed into her own, she pulled her tongue out of me...all the while Tiff was working my tits with pure magic forcing loud moans from my mouth... back and forth Rachel went and the more she did it the more intense the pleasure became... over and again, Rachel flicked her tongue around inside my hole until it pushed me over the edge.... i came on her wanting tongue as she lapped up all the juices of my amazing orgasm... as Rachel finished her work down below, she crossed over Tiff, who was still hard at work sucking my tits, and kissed me on the mouth, as our lips locked, i could taste my sweetness on her tongue as it hit mine... the two of us continued our hard kisses as i progressed in bringing Tiffani to orgasm... i rubbed my fingers harder and faster over her pussy until i felt it tighten and her juices soaked my fingers... tiffani continued sucking on my tits like a ravenous infant, and i broke my kiss with Rachel to feed her the juices off my fingers... after a moment we all just laid in a heap atop each other just panting like wildcats..."well rookie, you ready for the next level?"

"Next level? what level?"

Rachel climbed off of me and walked over to her "bag of tricks." seeing her sexy naked ass made we want to fuck her so bad...

she plopped the bag on the coffee table behind us... she unzipped the duffle type bag and reached down inside... from out of the bag, rachel pulled out a number of dildos and other sex toys... but being the virgin that i was i wasn’t quite sure how to take them.. rachel handled two dildos... one a large pink dildo and another red dildo which she handed off to tiffani...

again, Rachel knelt in front of me... this time slipping in the pink dildo inside... "my goodness you’re tight..."

"I’ve never been fucked before... She nodded and progressed in sliding the length of the dildo into my pussy... at a certain point, it hurt real bad... but after a few seconds, the pain turned into intense pleasure... this feeling was unbelievable... out of the corner of my eye, i saw Tiffani lubricating her dildo with some sort of oil or lotion or something... seeing how i already had a dildo in my pussy i asked, "where’s that gonna go?"

"You’ll see... open up..." Tiffani coaxed my legs further apart and grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wider till my ass hole was gaping open... with a free hand rachel held one cheek open while Tiff manned the other... and then Tiffani brought the red dildo to the entrance of my ass..."Its going in there, but wont that hurt??"

"Well a little, but after a while you wont even notice... "

They leaned me back to where my pussy and ass were right in front of them one on top of the other my legs to either side of me as wide as i could get them.... In one swift move, they plunged both toys deep inside of me... it hurt at first and i even screamed, but soon the pain subsided and all i could feel was the two toys working in and out of me... they felt like they almost touched inside of me... between my legs never felt so full... yet it felt unbelievably fantastic... every inch of my body stood erect, i had goose bumps all over me... this pleasure was growing so intense i couldn’t stand it... my body tightened around the toys as my friends continued to pump my holes... i felt it come and i spilled my juices upon Rachel’s pink dildo... they didn’t stop though... they continued to pump and i came again and again until i was limp with ecstasy...slowly they withdrew their toys and as they exited my body, i gave a shudder of satisfaction... rachel and tiffani went straight to work cleaning up my mess... my cum had trickled down my pussy and onto my ass hole... tiff and rachel swapped spots and tiff went to work licking my pussy licking inside and out with precision and accuracy not missing a drop... rachel was down and was licking the length of my crevices stopping to tongue my asshole just enough to make me shake... after a few minutes, they were done cleaning up... and they came up to share a nice three way kiss... again i tasted my own sweetness.. and enjoyed the subsiding feelings of pleasure and satisfaction with my friends... "thanks you too.. we gotta do this again sometime..."oh the night is young honey..." Rachel smirked with a sexy sensual smile... i had a feeling there might be more in store for me tonight, as well as many times to come...

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