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I was 13 and my cousin 17. It was my first time
My name is James. This story began when I was 13. I have two younger brothers and one older brother. My brother lives at the college campus where he studies. My parents thought it would be a good idea to invite my cousin Peter to live with us for a while and share my room and my queen size bed with me. I thought it would be fun. By the way, I was 5’4” blonde, into sports. I consider myself cute and have a nice body. At the time I had a 4.5 inch circumscised cock. My cousin was 17 and he was fun to be with. He was always in a good mood and after a couple of weeks we became very close.

One night when he arrived, I was getting ready to take a shower. I said hi to him and went into the bathroom. A couple of minutes later without asking he went into the shower with me. I was surprised since it was the very first time I saw him completely naked. He was very nice looking and started to chat as if everything was normal. He told me he would teach me the proper way to clean myself. He put shampoo on my head and then started soaping my arms, then my chest and back. He started to rub my butt and then he told me to bend over. I felt a bit embarrassed since nobody had ever touched me there before but I did as instructed. He told me to open my legs and said that it was very important to clean that area very well. He started rubbing soap in my anus and then he introduced a finger inside. I felt weird but at the same time it felt good. After a few times of pushing in and out he continued with my cock which was fully erect. He rubbed it with soap making me moan a bit. He finished and then told me that I could stay and enjoy the water while he washed himself. I saw how he cleaned his cock which was between 6 and 7 inches. And then when he was cleaning his butt he turned around allowing me to see how he opened his cheeks and with one soapy finger, he introduced half of it into him. I was pretending to be enjoying the water but I was looking at his nice ass. He finished and we both dried ourselves and then he told me that when possible we should sleep in the nude because it was healthier. I just complied and we went to bed naked. I liked to talk to him because he was very open and we had made an agreement to keep to ourselves everything we talked about or did with each other. I asked him if he had ever been with a girl and he told me he had but only a couple of times. Then we discussed masturbation and he told me that he did it almost every day when he took a shower but that he preferred to do it in bed but he had not done it lately because he did not know if it would bother me. I told him that I didn’t mind. He asked me if I ever did it. I told him that I had actually started a couple of months before and that I usually did it when I got home from school. He told me that he would do it only if I did it at the same time. I agreed and we both did it. I found the experience very cool and exciting and I was thankful to have him with me.

We did it a few times and one night he asked me if I had ever done anything sexually with friends to which I replied that I had not. He then told me that if I ever wanted to invite friends over he could get beer and we could have fun. I liked the idea and I invited Tom, my best friend over the following Friday. Tom was irish, redheaded and about my size in everyway.

We played some video games and had smoked meat sandwiches for dinner. We went into our bedroom and Peter had gotten a couple of bottles of Tequila. He told us that he was not able to get beer. We started playing cards and the looser would take a shot of tequila. After about an hour, Tom and I had taken about 5 or 6 shots each. We were buzzing. Peter told us to take a shower before we fell asleep. Tom told me to go first but Peter told us to go together to save time and that he would take it with us also. He started undressing us and we went into the shower. It was the first time I saw Tom naked and we were just giggling. I told Tom that Peter was really good in cleaning me up and that he should try it. When Peter got in, Tom looked at his cock and said “Wow that’s really big”. Peter said that it was normal size but that the alcohol had given him an erection. We laughed and I asked Peter to soap Tom. He took the soap and started, I waited to see Tom’s reaction when he got to the “private parts”. When Peter asked Tom to bend over and spread his legs I got behind Tom to get a view. He had a very cute butt and hole. Peter stuck his finger in his hole and Tom just said “ooh, that feels good”. I told him “I told you he was good”. Then Peter told Tom that it was his turn to wash me. He proceeded doing exactly the same thing Peter had done to him. His fingers felt good in my ass and when he washed my cock and balls I had a very stiff cock. We laughed and waited for Peter to finish washing himself we got out and went to bed naked since we told him we slept that way. After a couple of more tequila shots each, Peter asked us if we wanted to play truth or dare. We just said yes. Peter started asking me to French kiss Tom. I accepted and we kissed for about one minute. Then Peter asked Tom to suck my dick for one minute and after some hesitation he did. It felt great. Then it was my turn so I asked Peter to suck Tom’s dick which he did, Tom was in ecstasy. When Peter finished he had a string of precum from his lips to Tom’s dick. It was my turn and asked Tom to French kiss Peter while jerking him off. He stood up and kissed Peter at the same time that he grabbed and jerked his cock. He was also rubbing his own dick on Peter’s leg.

It was Tom’s turn and I really though he would ask something easy but he asked me to fuck Peter for a minute. Peter and I asked him to explain what he meant and he said he was daring Peter to lie on the bed facing down and for me to fuck his ass. We were surprised to hear Tom since he had been a bit shy most of the night. I just stood there waiting for Peter’s reaction. Peter just said “a dare is a dare” and he went to the bed and facing down he opened his legs and pushed up his ass. We could see his hole with some hair around it and his balls hanging. It was awesome. I got on top of him and he asked me to put saliva in his hole. I did and so did Tom. I pushed my dick slowly and then started going at it faster. After about two minutes I asked if it was enough and Tom said it was so I pulled out of Peter and got up. Peter got up and we noticed he was leaking precum and had a big erection. Tom asked him if it felt good and Peter told us that it had felt wonderful. Tom said he wanted to try it so we fucked each other and finally Peter fucked both of us. It was the most exiting night Tom and I had had. When we were exhausted we fell asleep. Tom’s last comment was “your cousin is really cool”. That was the start of a very nice relationship with Tom and Peter. I will tell you more about our experiences in my next story. I hope you liked it because it was a true story and the next day we all had headaches and a hangover. Luckily none of us vomited.

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2011-03-07 16:36:33
i cant believe you guys posted phone numbers...i used to suck my cousin off all the time


2011-02-05 14:32:43
what an exciting story. That Peter is something else. He lives up to the name peter.

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2011-01-06 12:15:54
Pretty hot! I'm a 16y/o white guy. Always horny. Text me for a chat ;)
619 537 8092

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2009-04-24 13:10:59
fuck all you faggot store -0


2009-01-01 18:17:42
GREAT story!!

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